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36 Reservation Ave, Pipestone, MN 56164, United States

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Where is Pipestone National Monument?

REVIEWS OF Pipestone National Monument IN Minnesota

Natalie Acheson

A very nice National monument with a great history of the native Americans. The rangers were very knowledgeable and friendly. We couldn't spend a lot of time in the museum because we had our dog with us but it was nice from what we could tell. The circle trail was very nice with lots to see and learn about. The junior ranger program was great too. Definitely worth a stop!

Cat Barber

This hole in the wall National Monument is a great place to stop and check out. It's about a half day or less to experience the monument. - There is a short film that gives a brief history - There is a small area to walk around and get a run down of the history - They have a very small shop where you can buy an authentic stone pipe. This is where the stamp for the National Park Passport book is located - There are a few trails to take, this will take you to the actual Pipestone used to make the pipes. To this day only Native Americans can carve the stone for the pipes. - The trails will take you along the water that flows that leads to a beautiful water fall. I would recommend making this a stop if you're able.

K3nrg Kaan

My grandma took me here 20 years ago and I thought it was super cool. The trails are fun and it's honestly neat to see what prairie vegetation is like without the farming. Being able to speak with native stone carvers is something you just have to do. Take plenty of pictures and don't leave without a souvenir, they are too inexpensive and you'll regret it if you don't. Plan on camping in the area soon.

Justin Bonk

Easy way to spend na afternoon if you're looking to see a National Monument or some some time outdoors. Cool rock formations, variety of wild flowers, a waterfall and river. Enjoyable experience. Rangers were very helpful.

Ashley Carpenter

Beautiful place with lots of herbs. Pipe stone all over. Sacred to the Indians. Beautiful waterfall.

Beth Pallai

Unfortunately flooded from recent heavy rains, but a very serene and spiritual place. Enjoyed our trail walk and the Interpretive center..

James Fransen

Interesting displays, good film explaining the significance of the quarry to native Americans....all in all definitely worth a couple of hours of your time spent learning the history of our United States

Vaughn Dodge

Beautiful falls in a very unsuspecting spot. Feels very sacred.

Mimi Shan

Very interesting but not easy to see if you cannot hike. The museum was interesting.

Tammie Thompson

Great park in a nice town.

Tessa Becker

It was smaller than I anticipated, but very beautiful!

Frances Lippmann

Very interesting place. To early for the quarry's to be worked as they have had alot of rain. Will be back at another time for sure.

Savannah Dickelman

The hiking trail is just right for a quick walk especially with kids.

cynthia hoberg

Wonderful place to watch and talk with Native American craftsman working with pipestone inside the museum, watch a 23 minute video, browse museum exhibits including war bonnet, war clubs, moccasins & apparel, tools, peace pipes & effigies; then head outside for a 3/4 mile circular paved trail of the quarries through a tall grass prairie following along a creek and lake, feel the cooling spray of Winnewissa Falls, see the Oracles, the Three Maidens, native american petroglyphs, and some graffiti names of an early Nicolette expedition of discovery. This is a beautiful natural setting and the scattered quarries are small & picturesque as they are worked by hand, so you won't see a large industrial quarry. I've walked it during summer and fall and it's never been busy. Even though the monument is part of the national park service, there was no cost for admission when I visited due to a temporary suspension on fees (it was under-going construction), so donations are gratefully accepted. Call ahead or check out their website to see if they have started charging admission again. The museum store has items for purchase for children and adults. There is no dining facility on site (at the time of this writing) but the town of Pipestone has a number of cute places in a wide price range (Lange's cafe/diner, historic Pipestone hotel, etc). You could also bring your own sandwich & nonalcoholic beverage to enjoy on one of the benches along the trail but be sure to carry everything back out with you as there are no trash cans except at the visitor center. There is a separate 800 foot paved quarry trail which dead ends, so you will return the same way you came. The Three Maidens are a short walk or drive away from the visitor's center, you pass them on your way in and out of the monument property.

Sara Heath

Beautiful and peaceful - a hidden treasure

Andreas Löfgren

Beautiful nature to walk through. God place to get to know the history about the surrounding area. And a must is to get to know about the Pipestone and the hard work they are doing to get it up from the quarry.

Matthew Pillman

A beautiful walk that loops around next to a red, sioux quartzite cliff and Minniwasa Falls. The entire loop is about a mile. The visitor center is free and informative. It includes a 22 minute video on the history of the native pipestone plus live demonstrations regularly.

Sharon Blanchard

Very pretty little park. Cant swim here though

Gina Stillwell

Beautiful, sacred place. Park rangers were wonderfully helpful. Monarch catapillars brought inside to safely go through metamorphosis.

Susan Marrs

Its beautiful! Love the trails.

Dorothea Casey

Very interesting site. There were carvers working on pipes in the visitor's center. The movie gave good information on the significance of the site to Native people.

Donavan Olson

Beautiful scenery a diamond in the ruff of amazing locations too see!

James Anderson

Neat little place. Was definitely worth the little venture away from the beaten path. Really neat gifts are sold here too as well as live pipestone carvings.

Bryan E

Nice walking trails and an informative visitors center.

Alec Wilson

You would never know that such a place exits in the middle of the prairie.

Robert Moeller

Close to home. Back to nature. Love running the trails.

Maria Annelin

Very interesting national monument and a dive into Native American culture and history.

William Price

Awesome place to commune with nature. Take a walk and enjoy nature and a spiritual Native American site. Go inside the visitor center to see Native American craftsman at work an to learn the history. Highly recommended.

Lucas Tetrick

One of Minnesota's Natural Wonders. This is a sacred place where Native tribes would visit to gather tools and more. A lot of energy here and you can feel it. A remarkable place to visit. With a gift shop. Large parking lot with handicap accessible areas. Great for the kids.

Becky Thomas

The staff was welcoming and informative The self guided tour was so interesting and fun.

Jodie Hofkamp

Sooo moving! A spiritual experience! A must to see and learn about!

jay Saros

The people at this place are amazing!


Very nice park. Maybe I missed it but a map of the trails would be nice.

Linda P

Very interesting and a wealth of information here. Watch the craftsman carve.

Tracy Lynn

I like the hike! Some days the waterfall is blocked off so you can’t go around in a Full circle, but that’s OK specially because I like to walk for exercise there. There are a few places that it might be hard for somebody who Can’t climb but if you stay on the trail you should be OK.

Dean Wathen

Amazing historical information and fun journey through the quarries.

Anil Maddimsetti

It's an amazing place with all the associated history and the natural formation of the stone. They had great people demonstrating the carving and the skill involved in doing it. The trails were easy to go around and well maintained.

Kay Henschel

Beautiful. It's a great place to stretch your legs with a walk and learn about Native American culture and history.

Esther Thorpe

Peaceful... can feel the spirits... calms one's soul

Scott Underwood

Absolutely GORGEOUS scenery and very peaceful and serene!

Edward Pedley

All places historical are fascinating to me. This is like no other. Amazing the way native people used this area. Beautiful place as well.

Jamie Hayward

A place of peace with a beautiful waterfall and a amazing trail to walk, if you're ever feeling down and need to take a walk do so by coming here and if your ever visiting pipestone just stop by and see what I'm talking about you will enjoy it

Austin Butterfield

Extremely pleased to have had the opportunity to visit Pipestone NM. Everyone who works in this park is dedicated in making sure visitors have the best experience they can. Their award winning video is played every ~30 minutes and a Ranger leads a guided walk on the trail every ~2 hours. The trails through the park lead you past a river-sculpted landscape and handcrafted quarries. Be sure to visit the gift shop where the artists and staff can help you learn and understand even more about this sacred site.

Steve Moses

Best to visit in the summer or fall and take the self-guided trail tour. Very interesting. If you visit, be sure to go into the visitors center. They have live demos of pipestone carving and you can buy pieces of the artwork and ask question. Everyone was very nice and willingly answered questions and told great stories.

jeremy white

A fun place to bring the family.

Anupa D.

A small visitors center with loads of information and a couple of very knowledgeable rangers behind the desk. They also have some native American artists working on the pipestone to make items that are sold in the attached gift store. The bridge across the 3/4 mile looping trail was out as some boulders had shifted and hit the bridge, so we were able to complete just half the loop. The trail is a paved pathway that traverses a gorgeous, green area with the water criss-crossing the trail several times.

Kienan Mick

A prairie lover’s delight! The park has more to it though than prairie grasses and wildflowers. You might find the lovely Winnewissa Falls. And yes, Minnesota does have cactus!

Jaden Clark

The atmosphere is very calming. I enjoyed walking, although the bridge was flooded, they cant do anything about it. It's great for taking pictures as well.

elaine tubb

Nice walking trail and very educational.

Sarah Meyer

Beautiful, historical must see!

Tad Pufall

This is the best place in southwestern Minnesota! Pipestone quarries, a trail, Winnewissa Falls. Quarries full of water and creek flooded in spring 2019, but should be ok to hike by summer. Couldn't get to north half of loop trail due to the water. Visitors' Center has great gift shop with books on Native Americans.

Ben Maas

Great place to visit with some really neat history. Also a culturally significant location.

Kara Wagner Sherer

Do not miss this ancient, holy place, that is still a center of contemporary Native American life.

Shawn Kreman

Enjoy Pipestone! We really have an enjoyable each time!

trista fraser

Beautiful, free experience. Great for all ages although would be hard to navigate parts of the trail for older people or people with any limited mobility.

Cindy Riddle

Great place to get out of the car and stretch your legs. Pretty rock formations, and lots of trails. I'd driven through Pipestone many times and had never stopped to think about what a pipestone was. Now I know

Jon Moore

Definitely worth the visit. The museum was closed and being updated but we were still able to watch the film that told of the history of the place. The paved walking path took us through some pretty scenery and was a fun experience. The trail is only 3/4 miles but we spent about 45 minutes walking, taking pictures and enjoying the view. As soon as we walked through the doors to the visitor center we recieved a friendly greeting from one of the rangers and they were very helpful about giving us information about our visit. We went in the morning so we could have a little bit cooler temperatures and I would definitely recommend.

Jim Weimer

Small property, small visitor center. Very quite, very peaceful if you get there early which is much advised as it's a very spiritual place. Watch the video. The casual cruelty is hear breaking but the resilience of the people is amazing. We were there in mid August so we had a nice wildflowers display.

Kayla Doyle

Great people work there. Always answering questions. The authenticity is truly shown through the work of all the natives the put their heart into their work.

Lisa Johnson

Very very cool to see. There were informative staff in the gift shop and at the front desk. Everyone was so friendly and it was really cool to watch people make Pipestone art right in the building. Will definitely visit again someday.

kim alexander

What a wonderful find! Enlighting and beautiful.

Heidi Smilloff

Beautiful place. Great walking paths!

Bob Crouse

I was interested why all the Pipestone comes from this one location. Go there find out. I was surprised to find that it is still being used by the indigenous peoples and is actually reserved for their own personal use

Clint Hetchler

This place is magical. You can see and feel the years of people being in here.

Diana Fowler

Fabulous Native American History. Beautiful walking paths, information readily available as per all the National Monuments I have visited.

Julie Parrish

the absolute love this place and the fact that it is protected by the National Park services wonderful. It's also great that those listed at state of Americans can still mine for pipestone. The Visitor Center was great and had living interpretation there folks making pipes.

Polly Denton

Wonderful and unexpected nature walk in the midst of the prairie.

Robert Steven van Keuren

Memorable part of history. Only place where pipestone is mined for peace pipes.

Kat Finzen

They take your safety seriously and close off any areas that are unsafe. The landscape is incredible and they're always willing to answer any questions you may have! There's a gift shop that sells real items made by native Americans in the area, and you have the opportunity to watch people work with the Pipestone and ask questions!

Ginger Howser

May be about 3/4 mile but it is easy walking and places to sit

Little Lotte

Great adventure! Live working pipe Carver's and cute gift shop.

Julianne Lilholt

Beautiful, easy trail! There's a great waterfall that you walk in front of and can also go up to the top of, too. Beautiful stream along parts. The stone is so interesting and colorful. Really a great spot to check out.

Catherine Hufnagle

We enjoyed the interpretative trail.

Bunneo Q

Beautiful trails, however the bridge was closed at the time I went due to the rivers rising from all the rain. I learned a lot also about the importance of Pipestone! great place for older kids and adults.


Information good. Demos of carving. Lots of carvingsfor sale.

Mary Gregg

Well maintained, interesting history of Pipestone quarry and uses.

Gus Jangula

Cool place to visit.

Sandy Schiebout

We are truly blessed to have such beauty in our own back yard.

Dawn Shepherd

It's a gorgeous hidden gem!!

Tim Hayes

Alot of history, unbelievable the amount of hard work it takes to quarry the pipestone.

Deborah Rijser

Pipestone keeps upgrading their premise. When we last visited in 2010, there was only a dirt path to follow. Now, the path was paved, which was great as my youngest was in a stroller. The normal exhibit room was down, as they are preparing for new exhibits. And, the Junior Ranger program was lots of fun for my kids.

Scott Fornwall

Great place to walk and visit!

Lynne King

Beautiful park and waterfall. The center was great as well. Very informative.

Timothy Perry

The lesson and history you take away from this place is most respectful.

Olga Mackevica

Beautiful trail with unique special story.

Shawna Melnykowski

Beautiful, peaceful place with a lot of rich history. Would definitely go back.

Gaeland Priebe

Wonderful native prairie park with Sioux quartzite cliffs, waterfalls and meandering stream. On site native American pipestone quarries. Live sculpting demonstrations of pipestone pipes and artwork. Great history and geology display and movie in the visitor center.

monica caraciolo

Great history here! Nice that natives are still allowed to quarry!

Rochet Barnett

Just beautiful, and the hiking trail was paved

Denise YellowSolle

Loved it beautiful place to take your kids grandkids family and friends.

Tim Paulus

Lovely park. We found loads of solitude here, you can really find peace here.

Barb Kilpatrick

Good hiking, great history, beautiful scenery

Sheri Legg

Unique..very pretty.

Juan de Dios Miraflores

Outstanding place to visit and learn about Native Americans life and culture

Christine Arason

Very nice visitor center and helpful staff. Short trail loop with a beautiful waterfall.

Ben Kickass

Really cool place, if you're in the area definitely stop by and learn!

Zach Simpson

Great little place to take the kid's to

Austin Haywood

Native American History at it's finest! What a wonderful trail with many historic facts along the trails.

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