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300 Bemidji Ave N, Bemidji, MN 56601, United States Located in: Paul Bunyan Park

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Where is Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox Statues?

REVIEWS OF Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox Statues IN Minnesota

Katie Kelly

Very nice playground! Paul and Babe are great as always, and the lakefront is lovely. Also right near a lot of restaurants and shops in downtown Bemidji.

Justin Wilson

Is as advertised, a fantastic roadside attraction. Not overly crowded in late December on a weekday.

Rubén García Pérez

Pretty place with nice people

Rebecca F

2nd most photographed monument next to Mount Rushmore! Worth the trip!

Deborah Nelson

Add a picture in front of Paul and Babe to your vacation scrapbook like thousands of visitors have done for decades.

Thomas Westbrook

Bemidj is great place to stop and take up time to your self beautiful all day

Alyshea Casey

Awesome park with great views!

sxull askew

Cool place to hang with a great view of the lake and also places to sit and people watching.

Cheryl Barker

Nice newly painted statues cute

Erin Nichols

A classic and historical place to take a special photo.

Brent Byers

Cool museum. Lots of visitor guides and close to shopping.

Nick Wood

Exactly what I remembered from my childhood!


Always fun to stop by and visit Paul Bunyan and Babe, his blue ox. Yes, Babe got so cold one winter, he turned blue!

bah engelbert adzemvemran

So great!. It was a wonderful experience.

Katie Carter

Amazing place to visiting with family and friends

Hugo Hackenbush

Well maintained and plenty of free parking. Accessible 24 /7. Right next to the pretty useless visitor center, but there's an amazing fireplace inside the center.

Jay Smith

Must do Americana at it's finest. Fun photo opportunities. Great visitor center next door with helpful staff also.

Debi Jo Hoffman

You do need public bathrooms tho.

Heidi Lamb Castle

Kids had a lot of fun.

Jen Burck

The statues are well cared for and paint is bright and intact. It's a fun stop with a free "museum" and information about Paul & Babe inside the visitor center. You can purchase postcards inside or across the street at the shop. There are some pretty views to be seen from the trails, picnic tables and a nice park very close/attached.

Marie Messinger

Such a neat little spot to visit, definitely a family affair.

Jim Reeve

Good tourist stop for some selfie pictures. Have fun.

Steven Jones

Nice center. Great place to take s picture znd see the lake.

Mathew Grimm

This is a great stop along your way to something else. It is a fun place to take your kids and tell them stories of Paul bunyan and Babe. It also has a great park next to the statues for people to play and stretch their legs. All in all s great stop for the family

Larry Byrd

Nice park great atmosphere!

Julie f

Recent work to parking and repairs to Paul and Babe keep this a wonderful lakeside tourist stop. I have been couriered times on trips through and to Bemidji. Paul and Babe are next to a museum, a boat launch, and a picnic area. The parking lot is generous and withing walking distance is great food, an ice cream shop and walking paths not to mention the lake view. Come and see!

Michael Tischbirek Sr.

Great place for family fun.

Brenda Kooiman

Brought back a lot of memories. Haven't been there in years.

Lyn Rains

Very cool, especially Paul's house, and large phone..As a little girl, was fascinated by Paul. Fun place to visit. Appreciated my parents traveling to interesting places in the USA, making sure I saw things of interest in America. We went to every state as that was our summer vacations as a family. Nice.

Dan Stull

Nice place to take pictures and view all of the lake

Maggie Headbird

Great place for a family outting at the park

Darion Williams

Great picture spot

Eric Wind

best park in area

Reem Sheikh

Great stop on our way through town

Chad Brownlee

Girlfriend "I dont understand this towns obsession over this behemoth of a man and his blue buffalo" That alone gets 5 starts from me

R Schuler

What's not to love about Babe and Paul? Visited 55 years ago as a kid and again this year. Love the story, love the Babe.

Matthew Reigel

this is a fun park to go to has great view of the lake but the part I enjoy the most is the freedom to take pictures and be around a positive crowd that are also psycho hours in the summertime they have a carnival here that looks like fun I haven't had a chance to try it out but they also do the dragon boat festival in quite a few other activities that are nearby there's always something going on by pollen babe in the summertime so I said just go enjoy yourself and see what's going on

Josh VH

Been on my roadside bucket list since I moved to Minnesota last year! My visit did not disappoint! Check out the lake and visitors center too!

body mod jay

Very nice. Has been around for decades. The updates are so much nicer than what they originally planned. Thank you for all who spoke out against them and made it a clean nice area! It gives easy access to the bike trail following the waterfront and also easy access to downtown.

Megan Fratzke

Great play set for kids with picnic shelter, cute interpretive center/gift shop, fun photo opps, neat lake with trails and beautiful views

Joseph Cajobe

It was an interesting sight to be sure. If you visit the Bemidji area then make sure to check this site out. I can only imagine the level of detail that went into this project.

Bob Ross

Very nice statues, they are huge! They are right next to Lake Bemidji and has a beautiful view and trail around the lake. Perfect photo-op.

Clark Remsburg

It's been more than thirty years since I was here last. The park that now surrounds these statutes is extraordinary. Clean. Open. Beautiful scenery. And, they even have a visitors center with all the brochures you'd ever want. The fireplace and its history are uniquely amazing. Gary was the employee on duty while we were there. He was personable, relaxed, informative, and helpful. Other than Paul and Babe, Gary was the other star.

Tim Bruder

Went to see with my grand daughter

Oosu Yune

Nice family place. Suprisingly few swimming areas.

Lilly Ihrke

Such a good place to bring your family

Lynnita Truesdell

Always love coming to Bemidji to see Paul Bunyan and his big blue ox


This stop is quintessential to visiting Bemidji. You cannot come here without getting a pic with them! One of the most photographed tourist attractions in the USA. They are right by the lakefront, so you'll have beautiful views too. Plus the visitor center next to them has a small museum of Paul Bunyan and babe paraphernalia.

Karina Marin

Nice place to go and visit and relax. Beautiful playground for the kids and picnic tables. The only downside is they don't have bathroom. Some you really need on a park.

Anil Maddimsetti

A must go if you are visiting Minnesota, forget the TV shows portrayal of Bemidji. It's an amazing place to be in. The Pauls statue and the Ox look exactly like the one in Disney's Cartoon. The staff at the visitor center were super helpful. Also if you go there in winter, you get to drive across the frozen lake.

Deborah Carlson

Classic Bemidji kitsch...what's not to love about this giant Paul Bunyan and Babe sculpture? The summer concerts there in the park, the view of Lake Bemidji, the fishing dock are wonderful.

Inacia Martin

I love this park in the summer time.

Pat Wride

Nice but so much better has a child.

Shaina P

What a trip down memory lane!! I faintly remember visiting as a youngster with my parents years ago.. and although the statues don't seem nearly as gigantic as they did then, they are still just as iconic. So nice to see them maintained so well and I love the addition of the metal sculptures nearby. Thank you, Bemidji!!

nathan blomker

Beautiful and fun! Close to lots of stores and restaurants.

Danna Morfenski

Great area for kids and adults. Nice lake

Mandy Schwemmer

A classic MN roadside attraction! Visitors center has fun Paul Bunyan "artifacts" and clean bathrooms (available for use outside of their business hours). Awesome, inclusive playground right there, too!

Bully Yay

Fun little tourist stop. Get out the car, stretch your legs, and snap a couple pictures. ;)

Glennis Dudley

He's 10 years older than me. :)

Max Likes Corgis

It's a statue alright.

Robin Allison

This place was fun! Lots of stuff in visitor center, Paul Bunyan relics, but more importantly home of the Mississippi headwaters!

Blackswamp falcon

It's kitschy but fun. If you travel through Bemidji it is a local right of passage to get the obligatory picture.

Melissa Benson

Attended the water carnival to watch the water skiers. Very entertaining to watch. Very talented individuals

Christopher Vacek

Great kids playground. Very nice park and walking trails next to the lake. Also the Bemidji Chamber. Great for so many uses.

David Murray

Great home town atmosphere

Chelsea Ottman-Rak

I'm tired of Paul and Babe. They represent deforestation and colonialism. Time for an update Bemidji!

Diane Cerven

Nice place to visit. We like to park and look at the lake.

Cindy Hagen

Lots of wandering space in lush greenery with clean picnic shelter

Alexander Larsen

Beautiful local attraction and beautiful stone work and various other statues

denise kalevik

A Minnesota attraction! Always been there, always will be there.

Joe Fisher

Great public place so much fun for families dad can fish mom can relax and the kids can play on a class A playground

Keshia Solem

Iconic picture place! No selfies, you need to get Paul and Babe in there! Ask someone to take a picture.

Jennifer Haugen

Nice new "museum" and visitors center. Clean place. Fun playground and picnic shelter with grills.

David Pederson

I have loved this place for my whole life. My parents first took us there in 1960. I have been back too many times to count.

Rose Bittner

Loved being able to have our photo taken at the spot! The surrounding Park and Greenbelt is very nice and a special treat is visiting on the 4th of July when they have a really nice firework show out on the lake!

Luke Nielson

Been coming here since I was a child. One of the best places in the world to me

Nikki Whowantstakno

Great place to take family from out of town. Have gone back twice.

Ron Hamann

The coolest part of bemidji, everybody has to stop and take pictures here. As far as I know these guys are what bemidji is known for. The park they are in os also really nice, there are great views of the lake, and even a playground.

Jeremiah Harbach

Several cities across the United States claim to be the "real" birthplace of Paul Bunyan. Many of them have constructed tall statues depicting the esteemed giant and his furry friend. These are two of those statues. If you have been scouring the web to find the origin and inspiration for 65% of Bemidji's marketing material look no further.

Nikki Bauer

The park near the statues was recently redone and it's great! Paul & Babe is my favorite place in town to go relax. The lake is beautiful, the birds and loons are easy to spot, and the statues are fun to take pictures with!

Melanie Tigner

Beautiful park for kids and families!

Dorian Warner

Well maintained small park nice view of the lake

Rocio Childers

Very informational place to go to learn about bemidji mn

Duane Kamstra

How could you visit Bemidji and not visit Paul and Babe and have your picture taken with them

Anonymous Anonymous

Nice photo op at the shores of lake Bemidji.


awesome place to fo a selfie at and take the kids...

Lilia Faith

Love the inside museum

marie valenta

Picnic tables and a big blue ox!

Mary Young

Fun atmosphere downtown Bemidji, the park and lake are beautiful!

Lighting Archer

Cool place to be and it's near a lake so it's even better

Kay Dubs

We live in Maine where we have a Paul Bunyan statue so I had to come check out the competition! If you can't make it to the one in Maine this is a fine substitute (ours is better though!) Nice park beside the statues.

Rodney Pow

Beautiful waterfront park. I haven't been here in almost 30 years! Bemidji did a great job.

Peter Ribbens

We have been coming through this area for four years, and it is a must do to get pictures with Babe the Blue Ox and Paul Bunyan. We were able to get pictures during the renovation of the park. If in the area, we will be back.

Bob Moore

The Dragon boat racing is a really great event with tons of participants and spectators. There are food vendors with plenty of options available.

Veronica Tucker

Love Paul n babe n their park

Donald Spatz

Nice visitors center that helped with bike paths.

DL 0217

If visiting the area or just passing through.... take the time and stop by. Take pictures and take in the Big Paul Bunyan and Babe.

Haroon Rashid

Good place having historical and tourist value. Worth visiting on a sunny day

Dave Den Adel

I have to quit setting myself up for disappointment. Or do better research before I drive 600 miles to just be let down. Paul is not real, you can't talk to him. Did you know that ?? Babe is fake as well, no rides. They are so tall that picture taking is useless. With that heartbreaking story, Bemidji is a very beautiful town. The Lakefront is nice a place to relax. Check it out for yourself.

nate c

They're falling into disrepair. But a staple in the community for some reason. Probably unsafe.

Peggy Odegard

There are always fun activities down at the waterfront with ample opportunity to take your pictures with Paul and Babe. What a fun place to go.

RyAnne Watson

Been here many times as a kid, it's just like I remember. Wish there were more souvenir shops and more Native American shops.

Ryan Mathisrud

Pretty cool photo op... the playground is also a really nice attraction and the bathrooms are open late... cool place to stop... also there is an electric Vehicle charging station

Margot Kelsey

Beautiful park with an inclusive Playground. Paul and Babe statues are iconic, so fun to visit. The Chamber building has Paul's personal items, as well. Big stuff!

bill sylvis

Good place to take kids and walk around

Snowy Duck

The statutes of legendary wood-cutter and his unorthodoxally colored 4-legged friend are the biggest landmark of Bemidji. They are well maintained, freshly painted, there is a lakeside park around with a modern playground and a visitors center where you can see Paul's artifacts like toothbrush, clipped fingernails etc.

Kelly Rust

Always a nice visit

Erin Murray

Love the little tidbits on the sign, beautifully made statues. Right next the tourist information center.

Dawn McCray

Can't visit north Minnesota without stopping to pay homage to the legend. The statues are huge, as is the tale of the mighty woodsman and his blue pet. If you are in the area, stop here. It's great.

Susan Attaway

Have always loved this spot. Good tourist destination. You can rent boats and fish,get a motel room and visit the sites. There's a trading post with Native American goods fir sale.

ToolMan56 Tenn

The legend of Paul Bunyon and his ox Babe has been around a long time and this is pretty much how I had him pictured.

Smuddge Beaulieu

I go around there just to SIT and SIT

Alexander Novak

Live music was great

Ell Dee

Forget Paul & Blue... go inside the Welcome Center & take a look at the fireplace -built by the CCC or the WPA. I've seen other parks where this Depression Era government work program left behind works of art & this one is just as special. It's made from materials from the other states (at the time.) The attendant was most pleasant. The site has bathrooms, postcards & information/gift books about the Mississippi headwaters.

Spencer Grimes

The statutes seemed a little small. Could be bigger. Great place for selfies though, lots of friendly locals if you don't know how.

Matt Thelander

Fun attraction to have picture taken at

Ben Hest

Small children either love it or hate it, either way it's entertaining.

Shawlyn Fraughton

Great display.

Ashley Laine

Been visiting since I was a kid, near the water of lake bemidji, there is a wonderful new inclusive playground for kids, in walking distance of down town, ample parking, charge station for electric cars, walking/ biking trail that goes around the lake and to the state park. And Paul Bunyan and babe are still there in good condition and have a spot light for night viewing. In winter we go for walks here to view the Christmas lights.


Found an awesome place to get flavored vinegar

Nadine Hanson

Nice place wonderful picture opp

Laurie Bedeau

Kid safe playground. Lots of different play areas to explore

Mister Jon

Always a fabulous spot for a picture. Many end up on Christmas cards and family photo albums. This is a staple to visit if you are rolling through town. Also check out the visitor center, which has some cute Paul Bunyan personal items (eg oversized objects like comb, toothpick, fishing pole, hat, etc.).

Bonny Hanan

Had to get the pic even if it's super touristy. Part of the sculpture walk.

David Arvayo

Fun little stop in Bemidji. Friendly staff and great spot for photos. Wonderful playground nearby and a nice clean ramada for a picnic by the lake.

Robert Lee

Haven't try their Restarant yet

David Hedtke

Share the legendary experience with Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Oxe! Always a great experience, did it numerous times!

Duncan's Poultry

Get your photo taken by this iconic and historic land mark


Great place to have lunch at and enjoy nature. Has a playground for children too.

Will Hart

Big. Blue. White man fantasy

Daniel Gordon

Good tourist spot to take family pictures or even just a selfie. Recommend this stop if you are not from the area.

Jody Wagner

There's one of the nicest parks in northern Minnesota right behind the statues. There's an ice cream place right across the the street. There's a mini Paul and Babe museum also right next to the statues. There's also a live webcam there. It's a great spot to visit.

Jolene Moran

Great view of the lake. Wonderful scenery

Leaf Fael

Cute but not nearly as big as the ones in California. Public restrooms nearby.

Max Cepelak

Grate place and beautiful lake!

Michelle Erickson

My grandkids love the park area. Really needs places for adults to sit while watching the children play. Also needs tables for picnics. Most importantly they NEED a bathroom. The visitor center is not always open and when a child needs to go they need something closer than the visitor center. If you go there with several children you can't take one to the restroom while keeping an eye on the others. Very inconvenient.

Jason Prater

Statues need some upkeep but still nice to see

Kris Ceasar

Beautiful place to stop, before checking out Bemidji

Daniel Purdom

Of you don't get your picture taken here, you haven't been to Bemidji.

J. Jurg.

Iconic Minnesota located in a lovely park on the lake. Family friendly with a playground nearby.

Gail Gustafson

Very nice inclusive playground.

Kaili Simpson

Big ole dude n a cow

Eric Pleiss

The man is taller than the ox, and the ox is really tall. Last time I was there I saw a man attempting to pick the ox's nose. So put that on your bucket list, Bemidjians! Cool statue with a really neat mustache. Access to the adjacent visitor center is a plus, and there are indoor restrooms. Plus there is an ice cream shop across the street (get the ice cream sandwich with sugar cookies and maple nut ice cream).

Marlena Johns

Awesome place for a photo opp lol

Audrey Kim

I like the photo spot, but the real gem is the playground! It has some bouncy cork-type material for the ground. There are tons of interesting swings and playground equipment items. This would be a great place to bring the kids to let them run around and stretch their legs.

Tony Cormican

Pretty cool place to stop and take some pictures with Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox. Nice playground for kids. The entire park and information center is kept very clean. Nice restrooms

Vaishnavi Naidu

I love this place. Simply amazing, the pleasant climate is refreshing and makes you happy here!

Barbara Godell

Beautiful lake nearby

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