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REVIEWS OF Nickelodeon Universe IN Minnesota

Essey Asbu

It's fun for the kids and for adults alike. It's worth getting the all day pass for the rides. Amazing how many rides there are in that confined space. It's safe from crimes, relatively cheap and easily accessible. Wish there was a water park in there.

Cat Barber

This place was so awesome! I've never been before and I had a ball with my three year old daughter!! The park is in the middle of Mall of America - There are rides for all ages - You can buy tickets per ride or the all day pass - If your child is too small to ride by themselves you can ride for free - Since it's inside the Mall of America there's plenty to do while the kids are playing - Shops and food all around - located on the first floor This is a great place to go and have an adventure!!

Leah Reynolds

I would recommend waiting until your kids are 36 inches (can ride with a chaperone) or 42 inches (don't need a chaperone). I had 2 under 42 inches and there are very few rides where they will let you be a chaperone for more than 1 kid. But we still had a great time and the workers were incredibly friendly and helpful!

Colin Marcus Jackson

Had a couple hours to kill before a flight, bought a day pass and it was totally worth it! They fit a lot into a small space, plus it's very clean and the staff were friendly. Had a great time!

Josh B

Nickelodeon Universe is a great attraction to go to if you're in Mall of America. For a indoor amusement park, it has many great rides to try (Rock Bottom Plunge is my personal favorite). There is wide variety of rides built for all ages so any age group can join in the fun. The atmosphere may be loud, but that's what you should expect in any amusement park. My only dislikes are that the arcade there has many machines that are almost impossible to win from and even though a wristband there is around $36, the Flying Dutchman high ropes course is not included with the wristband which hurts your wallet even more. Overall this amusement park is a great place to go as long as you're not there just for the arcades and don't care about a dent in your wallet.

Zachary DeHenes

Value for the money? Poor. We had a blast visiting MoA and NU. However, the cost of the ticket should give an experience like most theme parks. Unfortunately half the things that should be included in the price cost an additional $12-$30 each per person. I wouldn't buy a ticket here again.

Muhammad Usmani

I wish we had nickelodeon universe in Dallas too. I so miss this place. I tried almost every ride there and loved it. Damn, Texas should have something like this.

Valerie Anne Sanchez

I like that its an indoor theme park so even when its hot outside, raining or even during winter, you still can have fun. Very comfortable inside. Its huge and has a lot of rides for kids and grown ups too. There are other activities like arcades, mini golf courses. And if your child's height requires a chaperone, they ride for free.

Diana Twarogowski

On a whim, my husband and I decided to drive up to Minnesota to take our son to Nickelodeon Universe for his 3rd birthday. Our son is obsessed with the show Paw Patrol, and one of the attractions at Nickelodeon Universe is a kiddie sized replica of Adventure Bay. Our son had a blast, as we figured he would. He also enjoyed many of the other attractions and rides at Nickelodeon Universe. Note that on the weekends they offer character meet and greets for the kids, so my son met one of his Paw Patrol heroes in person! We had a great time and will return soon!

Christian Barros

A theme park inside of a mall, how cool is that? Super fun rides, had an awesome time there! PS: Fly over America was BEAUTIFUL

James Taylor

It's okay but can be better, most of the smaller children rides, was not open do to staffing

Sunil Pawar

It's a great place everyone from kids to adults. It has some many things for kids including fun activities. Ticket process is nice and you can enjoy. Some rides take a lot of time such as brain surge. I feel they need to staff that ride appropriately...

Katie M

Many activities for all ages. I loved that my 1 year old could still ride the kiddie rides with me even though she is not 36" and I didn't even have to purchase a wristband.

Jim Warwick

It's an indoor amusement park! I live in the area and haven't gone on any rides in awhile because it's kind of expensive, but what do you expect? Rides are great! Nice to go once in awhile and or if you're visiting, do it! The log ride and orange roller coaster are great! They go inside a cave and there are animatronics inside!

Estanislado Bravo

I would recommend visiting for many reasons. While this place is particularly enjoyable for younger kids and families there is something for everyone. Having said this, there are no massive thrill rides, this isn't six flags. But, there are rides that everyone will enjoy. You also have the option of buying individual tickets if you only want to go on a few rides or a day/season pass if you plan on spending longer. Another benefit is that Nickelodeon universe is located in the middle of the mall of America which offers it's own attractions. You can spend hours there visiting the stores and eating at the food court. In short, I definitely recommend visiting.

Mel Ham

Here is one dead honest review. The location is nice because it’s indoors and air conditioned. The rides are somewhere that is better than a fair but not as good as a theme park. What made this experience so terrible was the treatment by the employees. Most of them are so nasty and bitter towards the customers it ruined the whole experience. I know this wasn’t just my experience as a father and his young son wanted to ride in the front of the sponge bob ride. The male operator said it was fine but when the female operator came she said both sides are the same and they couldn’t wait. He was very sad to have spent $7 on the ride and forced to sit somewhere other than where his son wanted. Our experience was just as bad. We rode the log ride which is primarily slow with a couple drops. My sister wanted to record herself during the ride to show how she was having a good time. She was talked down to by several employees along the ride. At the end, we were confronted by one of the operators where he stated he was watching us the whole ride because my sister had her phone out. I’m sorry but I don’t remember signing an agreement that said no videos or photos were allowed. I also don’t remember seeing signs. Sorry but your ride is so pathetic we were just recording ourselves and not the ride. Highly disappointed that we paid $36 a piece and this was our experience. I really expected more from Nickelodeon but really it was a waste. Save your time and money and avoid this terrible establishment.

Derek Cole

This place is so amazing and so great and it's big and it's really full of fun! Featuring all of your favorite nicktoons!

Jacqueline Telljohann

An amusement park in a mall is a really cool concept. We really came here just so I could say I've ridden a roller coaster in a mall. We rode the Pepsi Orange Streak. I think we made the wrong choice because it was very slow with almost no hills and no loops. The SpongeBob one next to it looked more intense. While it's fun, it's not cheap. A single ride costs about $8. You can do an all day pass too, but that is just under $40. At that price, I'd rather just go to a real amusement park with more/better rides. If you're at the mall with kids, I can see this being a fun thing to do.

Dan Stofka

This was great fun for the kids and I. Good assortment of rides in a small space. It could easily take most of the day to get to everything here.

Gig A

We have used the park several times and enjoyed our experience. We purchased tickets online because of a family injury we couldn't use the tickets in the meanwhile someone hacked or got access to our tickets and supposedly used them. Management would not make I right. We were out over $200 our advice buy the tickets on site so you don't get screwed.

WTDuck 828

It was very fun here. The rides were pretty impressive considering the fact they were in a mall. They were very creative rides.

Kiera Faith

I have always loved Nickelodeon universe. I liked it today in particular, because there were much less people, and it was calm, and fun. Tip for all you solo riders, find a friend. It's so much more fun.

Vanessa Theroux

I loved the rides at the Nickelodeon Universe. It was a thrill and I was able to push myself to try new things like Splatzone and the Fairly Odd Coaster. I took myself to new heights, literally, as I climbed the Dutchman's Deck and I tried Ziplining. It was all a lot of fun.

Stephen Loc Pham

Great fun place still with fun rides. I do miss the Camp Snoopy theme park, but Nickelodeon has done a good job the ING the park and the rides.

Scott Suchyta

We had a lot of fun hitting the thrill rides. They're short and sweet, not that intense as far as amusement park standards goes, but definitely a good time. Being there on a Wednesday, there were no lines which was a big plus.

Alana Perry

The lines were quick and easy to get through. I have the greatest time of the Spongebob ride. Screamed my head off on the vertical lift AND drop!!!

Dana Wagner

What a fun time!!! My son is autistic and kept taking his armband off. The staff were so helpful to help us resolve it to accommodate his needs. We are so grateful to them for doing this for us. We couldn't have been happier. Thank You

Brian Kirui

This place is full of fun things to do and the rides are exhilarating. Some are a little expensive but worth the experience


Super fun place for the entire family. Fun for all generations! Ride for every agegroup and my family and I ranged from 2 years to 63 and we all could partake in something we enjoyed! Highly recommended!

palani venkatesan

Nice place to spend whole day indoor. Better to buy points to use for rides for small kids

Mark McKane

Beware automated kiosks. Kiosk did not spit out tickets and took over 20min for guest services to resolve issue as a manager had to be called to the guest services booth. Also waited 30min for ride and was told son was too short even though he rode several other rides that had the same height requirements

Hanah Ahmed

Super fun for kids, there is less activities for kids or 2 yrs and under but we still use whatever we get

Jrod K

The Kids Loved this place and enjoyed it for hours! There are so many ride options packed into a mall its pretty incredible! Good for family's or people of any age! Rain or shine this place is open since it is climate controlled and indoors:) definitely a place to visit when you're tired of wandering the endless stores of the surrounding mall!

Bryan Peterson

Had a great time with 2 yo toddlers. Lots more rides and playground for that age than we imagined. And adults go free on rides with the kids so not a bad deal.

Amanda Wuorinen

So much fun to bring kids too and watch them get excited meeting Spongebob, or Dora. Love riding the rides with my kids and alone with just my husband! The gift shop has great things to buy too! Definitely get a wrist band for the day though!

Ryan Knott

Great indoor theme park. Some very fun rides with the restrictions of being indoors. However if you are a bigger person beware. You will only be able to get on a couple of the rides.

Dominique Masigan

My kids loved this place. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Earl Shaw

My daughter loved it she met sponge bob the turtles and dora. She also rode some rides and the Ferris wheel. However the lines were long and one of the staff didn't let me ride with my special needs daughter however two mothers did i feel they were discriminatory because i was a male.

Amanda Kottke

Kid rides for under 48" allow roughly 6 riders, so you stand in line a long time. Staff is extremely slow moving, and not personable. We are from MN so is what it is, but if traveling to see the MOA, I would have been disappointed with Nickelodeon Universe. We enjoyed the Paw Patrol kid area.

Leeland C

Went during the week and it was fine. My niece and son loved it. No waiting in lines at all. Found out the do a promo for handicap kids till there 18 years old for free. Son loved it all!!#

Nancy Y

My kiddos from 5-11 years old loves the Pepsi ride... they'll get on there over and over again. Everything there is so entertaining! My kiddos love and enjoy it all.

John Everett

Bring the kids, buy them wristbands and tell them where to meet you when you're done shopping. It's the Mall of America and neglectful parenting can be conducted in this indoor, guilt-free monstrosity. Get your Lego, your perfume, and a nice diabetes sweet treat all in one location. Its something every visitor to the US should make an effort to see.

Victoria Mallos

Lots of cool rides, definitely get the VIP wrist band thing. If you're going to go, ride EVERYTHING. And also go while the kids are in school, the lines are pretty short.

Randall Wanamaker

The rides are fun for the little ones. They have a few bigger rides that adults can enjoy, but the price for admission is steep. Its priced like the Florida theme parks at a fraction of the size. At least it's indoors so always good weather.

danni sanford

Our kids, ages 2 and 5, had a blast! There are only a handful of rides appropriate for this age group, but on the bright side, chaperones were allowed to ride for free. Note that there is a timer on the Paw Patrol attraction...20 minutes. Overall, it's a pricey excursion, but fun.

Lunatic Logan

Pretty good I would say! Went here on vacation thought it would be ok but it was way better. Pepsi coaster was a bit calm.

Anthony Ortiz

Kids had a great experience there. They love going and look forward to returning


Kids had fun, but as a father who hasnt fully grown up yet I enjoy rides too. Unfortunately being 6'3" & 285 lbs I could only fit on 1 ride and that was barely took 2 employees to get bar over me & locked in. Just wish they had rides that where more adjustable or large framed people friendly.

Erika Bw

This is a place for all ages. I really enjoy the log shut e with my 4 year old. Plus when your child goes on a ride you can ride with them for free. Getting the all day wristband is so worth it! It's fun to go at night because the roof is all windows so it's like your outside. But of course days when school age kids are in school. It's way less busy!

Nash Voge

This theme park is a excellent place to bring the kids and a good way for the parents to have fun too with their not so scary but invigorating rides. Your family is going to find something that is for them here. With shopping literaly right around the corner, making the experience uphold the name of Mall of America.

Joey Erdei

Great place for kids, My first ever roller-coaster and I still remember it as an Adult.

Wayne Mceachron

Great mini amusement park. This is not Cedar Point more like a county Fair The Paw Patrol area is just a playground but my toddler and all the toddlers I saw loved that section. The log ride gets you really really wet it you're in the front not as much in the back, that was a huge hit with my family.


Loved it here. Had a lot of fun. Good internet. Spent nice quality time with my family.

Jessica Wood

Super clean and fun with a ton of happy people. Great looking rides and lots of activities.

Amy Shepherd

The place was great. There were so many fun rides at the amusement park. I loved the spongebob ride and avatar. The food at the mall was delicious and the rides were fun it gave me a lot of nostalgia from when I was younger. Loved the place.

cierra kittrell

So much fun and the lines were quick. Recommend everyone to get the unlimited wristband. My 4 yr old couldnt ride everything of course but she still rode enough to where I was satisfied for what I paid.

Eric Steelman

Great place for the kids lots of fun rides and things to do.

Joann Stewart

Nickelodeon Universe is the big huge indoor amusement park at the Mall of America. There are bunches of rides lot of them for smaller kids but also many rides for older kids or adults. They have a couple of coasters and some other extra cost rides such as Fly over America, a zip line and a ropes/slide/climbing type course. It's not cheap but you get to do a lot for an unlimited wristband for the day - about $40 or so. The nice thing if you are a parent of a toddler you can ride with them on the small rides without having to ride a wristband yourself on most small rides.

Melissa Hulkoff

O...m...g...this was a blast!! Cant believe how many rides they can fit indoors. Great for all ages. So much fun. Would definitely go again.

Kevin McBride

The park and rides were fun. Only thing I would like to see is happier employees.

Austin King

Rode rides, passed out on one. Woke up as it was slowing down. I'm now the laughingstock of my friends. Great place though.

Billie Jo Greenwood

Great place for some family entertainment. The prices are reasonable and there is something for everyone.

Richard Alexander

My kids LOVE it and my wife loves the shopping. MOA has stuff for everyone!

Jean West

Lots to do for a family with 2, 4 and 6 year olds. Good variety of rides snd activities.

Robyn Smith

My daughter age 3 didn't want to leave. It was my first visit to the state and I've never seen a theme park in a mall before. Will be visiting again.

Timesha Beattie


Ashley Johnston

Had a good time. But i wish they had a play area for smaller children. My 18 month old had nothing to do. But my 6 year old had a blast going on rides.

Rachel Meyer

Toddler Tuesday is great. All the toddler rides you can get for 15$ for 5 hours. They allow an adult to ride with child for free. My daughter in s handicap and go thru the exit so she doesn't have ti wait in line forever. She can also ride twice without getting off. They are very accommodating and have been great to us. Also Farris wheel has an elevator so handicap can still go.

Bully Yay

Fun place. Plenty of rides and events for kids. Just a good time.

Jane Warner

The rides here are fun. I like the options of getting enough points for one or two rides vs an all day or two day pass. I love the family friendly vibe too!

Jennifer Tollefson

Aboslute blast today... They brought back Double Dare we did the live challenges.. lines for rides weren't to bad lots of fun activities to do... great fun for the kids

Dave Broscious

The rides are much better than I expected. My crew of 14 and 15 year old boys loved it and that's a tough crowd to please. We bought the single bracelet and loaded it with points that they could share between them. Seemed the best option for the two hour window we had to ride.

Liz Boisjolie

I always love going to Nickelodeon Universe with family. I only gave 4 stars because some of the ride operators tend to not pay attention and only talk to their friends. Otherwise the place is amazing and filled with great memories

Kristina Cook

Super fun place! Our children love it. Lots to do and see and good food is available to eat.

Susan Plummer

Never heard of this until my sister won passes. It was awesome and my most relaxing amusement park experience we have had. Nothing like a climate controlled amusement park with little to no lines (we went mid week) and it was all close together. I think our family favorites were the fairly odd roller coaster and the water log ride. Without paying for the admission, you can walk thru the park and take advantage of getting pictures with all the Nickelodeon characters. Even though we didn't pay for the tickets, they had many affordable options like Toddler Tuesday, buy tickets for one ride, or an after 5 option. Staff was friendly an courteous and the park was clean.

David S

Nice place. If you live in Minnesota you need an indoor amusement park. Definitely consider an all day pass and get them in advance at discount prices.


The kids enjoyed themselves so much. I will definitely bring the kids everytime. Just keep a close eye on your party.

D. Perfect

Always a wonderful time here. Love toddler Tuesday’s

Michael Tomars

Our 3 1/2 year-old loves the rides and Paw Patrol's Adventure Bay!

Luis Palma

It's always a good time for kids, if you live in the cities you better get an annual pass,. Best time to visit I will say evenings and weekends. It's a good excuse for exercise

Steven Turner

We went on a toddler special price day, that price point seemed appropriate. Kids enjoyed themselves. Likely will not go back until kids are older, if at all.

Randy Luher

This is just great. An amusement park in the middle of a mall. Does it get any better! There are rides for all ages, a zip line and ropes course, and other attractions that will entertain and scare the bejebers out of you... :)

Salvador Nunez

My kids (5 and 2) love it there. Good place for them to burn off some energy.

Eme Judith

Enjoyed getting on rides as well as doing zip line. Only thing we didnt do was the spongebob plunge after seeing the angle degree of the slope. My family and I had a great experience at this little indoor amusement park

Cristhy Galvez

Awesome place! The rides are really fun! The all day wrist band is probably the best deal. I recommend purchasing online, there's usually coupons that will save you a few more dollars. My favorite rides were the sponge Bob plunge and the fairly odd coaster. We waited in line 15-20 min, but the rides lasted more than a few seconds so they were totally worth it.


This place was amazing!!! The fairly odd coaster was so much fun! We also went on the long ride which was so cute! The mall was air conditioned so even though there was thousands of people it remained cool! The ride waits weren't long at all! All the employees were fun to talk too and gave off good vibes! Would definitely come back here with friends and family! Also there are a lot of rides here! Like a ton of them! If you ever get the chance to should definitely give it a try!

Venkataraman N

Being part of Mall of America crowds throng all through the times. Rides are very challenging. Children rides also are good. Time flies once you are in. Lego and Nickelodeon shops are worth a visit. Eateries also do quite well. Had tasted special ice creams. Unforgettable experience.

Tamra Roberts

Where else can you ride rollar coasters in the air conditioning? Great place for the family to split up and satisfy most interests. More shopping than one could ever need. Bring a compass. I always get turned around in direction!

Allen Otway

Kids loved the rides as usual. Only negative is the layout. Too much walking between rides to get from one to the other.

Hayat J

Cute for kiddos of all ages. Even teenagers and adults can have fun here. And the nightly light shows are always fun.

Ashley Domeier

So much fun! I loved that you are timed in Adventure Bay so everyone got the chance to play. Didn't really experience other areas as my child is only two, but I cannot wait to go back and spend the day just on Nickelodeon Universe next time!

Jeromy Brooks

Wow, this place is crazy. The best part is the fact that it is in the center of the mall. No matter what season it is this place is going full blast. I let me kids burn loads of energy here.


After I purchased 6 two day unlimited wristband Tuesday 21 of MAY at 6:11PM for a total of $331.56. To ride on the (Nickelodeon universe) We were told that if any of the wristband get damage we need to show the receipt and will get a new one, so far so good. Well, on the next day Wednesday the 22nd around 11:00AM did not when to good the fact that a day before after I was told to ONLY show the receipt and everything going fine I was a LIE

Pratik Patil

Awesome indoor park with lots of rides .... Very little wait times and so much family fun

Jessica Lee Swosinski

Really long lines and steep prices. Also they close an hour early on Sundays but still charge the same as normal day for a shorter amount of time. Going in late afternoon not recommended. Some rides we waited over an hour in line. Not really worth going more than once ever.

Logan Lundeen

I've been going here for my whole life. One because its close, but it's also amazing and indoors so weather doesn't matter. it's an awesome day of fun for most ages. They have a paw patrol play ground for younger kids, rides for younger kids such as the semi truck ride. They have the log shutes and Pepsi coaster for middle age (and many more) and the rock bottom plunge is always there for adrenalin junkies. There's also additional fun things like mini golf, and ropes course and zip line for additional cost. And of course is at the mall with many other fun things to do.

Zac Lang

3 year old son loved this place all day pass is a must if you plan on doing more than 2 rids


We got a ticket for all day and it was great. We went in all the roller coasters and even brain surge. Don't miss out and get you ticket when you can. The only thing is that it cost $36.

Steven Bradley

Great place to take the kids. Full pass isnt crazy expensive and if you got during the week lines are fairly short.

Mitesh Mehta

Nice place for kids to enjoy indoor rides. Remember to grab unlimited wristband for kids.

Melissa Garcia

Paid for wrist band, ride. Kinda pricey but had a blast. Love the fact my 7 yr old could ride all the rides and still had enough rides for my 3 yr granddaughter to enjoy herself and fact she met the dog from paw patrol and sponngebob.would do it again. Plenty of food all around the mall.

Gary Kam

Kids and adults loved it. Way bigger than we expected. Loved the Lego store with great huge displays!

Brent Reimer

Cool place just did the rock bottom plunge roller coaster. It was good but short.

Jennifer Torres

A fun way to spend a hot day! Some rides were closed (one less star) butt lines went quick! We had 4 kiddos, age 4-11 and Nickelodeon universe has multiple rides for everyone. As a parent, it's fantastic that "chaperones" can ride toddler rides for free! Love that!

Swetha Mohanakrishnan

Awesome place to spend the day. They have rides for all ages. The lego store just next to it is a treat!!

Jason Diebold

The kid that was with our group was to young, so we did not partake in any rides. We did walk through the area though, and the kid was very happy and excited to see all the cool stuff in this area. Very nicely done

Patrick Elmore

Very fun place lots to do for small kids. The price per ride is fair. Had lots of fun.

Jeff Stewart

Lots of fun for little ones. Its expensive though. Prices need to be better....


This is an awesome place. The best way to enjoy is just get the all day wrist band(all rides are available)

KeMonte T. Wesson Sr.

1st time at the Mall of America. Amazing place! Enjoy all the rides and the food!

Val D

I LOVE rides, and there are some fun ones here! The Spongebob ride was amazing and my kids are 3-7 were all able to find something they liked as well! Prices were reasonable. Easy to find things. Plenty of bathrooms and food around as well. Even an arcade to pass the time!

David Kurisu

A super fun place to experience while at Mall of America. Definitely a kids favorite experience while in town visiting.

Lizbeth Galvan

The staff is friendly, the rides are clean, and overall pretty fun. My favorite rides to go on are bikini bottom plung, Pepsi, and Fairly Odd parents. There are a bunch of little kid rides and rides for older kids to enjoy too. I dont reccomend eating before going on the rides but there is a staircase that connects to one of the food courts for when you need a food break, sometimes it's a little tricky finding a seat but it's usually never full everyday.

da best mom

This place was awesome for the kids. They enjoyed it very much.

Faraz Shaukat

Kids love. Annual pass made it worth it as ended up there so often. Companion ridding for kids is great. Plus right next to food court to make a day of it

Kevin Thompson

Great place for all ages, especially young children. I was pleasantly surprised to find out they have many rides for toddler aged children. Lines move quickly so wait time is minimal. Most rides are taken down on a regular basis and cleaned. Employees were helpful, professional and friendly. Consider buying the wristband with unlimited rides. It's probably the best value if you're going to be there a while. A companion rides for free with small children.

Kira Mandl

Nickelodeon universe is very awesome. We went into mall of America while we were travelling through Minnesota on a summer vacation and were pleasantly surprised by this theme park. The rides are well done and it is impressive how many rides they have managed to fit into that space. The log chute is the best log ride I have ever been on and I have been on a lot of log rides! Will definitely go there again next time I am near the mall.

kacie schlecht

Good bargains if you buy online. Kids have a blast. You make your money back in all the rides you can ride for the all day pass.

Akeel williams

Great place for family. I've been to my fair share of amusement parks. This is great, rides could be longer. But that's just me being picky

Todd Vargo

With having a special needs son (not obvious to everyone) I was VERY IMPRESSED that in every interaction with EVERY employee...the workers took notice and did everything they could to accommodate us. We did not even have to ask once for any assistance. We didn't have to wait in ANY lines and could ride as many times in a row as we liked. This definitely helped our son to feel more special and accepted. We have never been to any place else in any capacity that was as aware of special needs as we experienced at mall of America and the Nickelodeon adventure theme park

Kevin de Szendeffy

Cute little theme park with ride options for kids and adults, located in the kitschy Mall Of America. Somewhat expensive as far as "amusement parks" go, unless you buy a wristband for unlimited rides. If you instead considered it as another part of the larger attraction (the mall itself) it's a clean and well done collection of rides that definitely accomplishes what it sets out to do: give you somewhere to drop your kids as you wander the mall.

Jeri C

This indoor adventure is fun for all. We spent several hours here and tremendously enjoyed every minute.

Lonnie Letexier

Went on a Saturday, the park was packed with people. Best to go during a weekday


Nice place to walk. Lots of fun rides. Nothing too Thrilling, the scariest rides are Rock Bottom Plunge, Airbender, and the Drop ride. Lots of rides for little kids if you wanna do that. The all day unlimited passes are good for if you wanna let your kids run around the park for a couple hours while you go do shopping in the mall.

Raj Kanjan

If you like to go on thrill rides as an adult or family rides it's a good place. It was fun and by the way you definitely need 2 days if you want to do all the rides, fly over America, sea life and the Mall itself

Paige Duncan

This is one of our absolute favorite places to go. There's something for everyone to do. The rides range from little one's all the way to the adults. Definitely family friendly.

Jess Colopy

Go on a weekday. It's so dead the ride operators wait for you to walk up so they can run the ride. And definitely get the unlimited ride wristband- if you're going to do any other attractions in the mall get one of the passes that includes those, too, it saves you a ton of money. Surprisingly concessions and souvenirs weren't badly priced, either. The rides were a bit painful but really fun, and the theming was cool for two 20 somethings who grew up with these characters but admittedly, most of the kids around had no idea who a lot of them were.

Cassie Ellis

Had a great time with the family. Got the sea life & Nickelodeon combo package which work out perfect for our family. Wait for rides were not bad at all. Theme park employees were polite and kept rides and lines moving.

Jimmy Treekicker

Fun place to spend time with your kids where their grandparents can spoil them with unlimited rides. The lines for the more exciting rides can be long, but at what amusement park aren't they? My son even talked me into going on a few of the scarier rides with him (it didn't take much). They were fun even for a middle aged curmudgeon. :)

Nanette Wilson

Always a fun place to go to! Rides are fun and the kids enjoy! I love to people watch which is an extremely fun thing to do when the kids are riding.

Ryan Nichols

A great theme park for kids! They had a great deal on a kids' pass on a weekday during the day.

Daniel Fergus

Our 4-year-old loves this place. We parents aren't big fans, but in the dead of winter it is nice to walk around with warm temps and plants growing.

Ken Pike

A bit pricey for the ride access. Maybe I just feel this way because my daughter refused to go on any of the good rides. She wouldn't go on the SpongeBob roller coaster, not the Ninja Turtles attack plane ride, not the Pepsi coaster that is really tame, and she ran off the drop tower ride right before the safety bars engaged. The employee attending to the ride quickly made the area safe and got her out of there... You know what, the problem was my daughter not the rides. I think the park was pretty amazing for the small footprint. Don't buy the all day pass unless your kid will go on more than 4 of the rides.

Blah Blah

Always fun for family and friends. All day wrist bands are decent price. Adults will even have fun so that makes it even better for the kids.

Ewald Kube

Our Kids love to go on there rides. Recommended for small kids and bigger kids. They will have a blast at every age.

Elizabeth Peterson

Good assortment of rides for all ages and the all day ride wristband is a good deal compared to buying a points pass but the lines are long and the ride workers do everything sooooo slowly making everything take even longer. I'd recommend going on a weekday when it's less busy, otherwise it can be hard to get your money's worth.

Dante Brunelli

Kids had a blast. Ticket pricing was pretty fair for a tourist spot.

Sarah S.

Went on toddler Tuesday and enjoyed the short/nonexistent lines. Several rides weren't running or were running partial hours, but it didn't affect our visit.

Stephanie Fjeldheim

Always very busy, but lots of fun! New "Adventure Bay" Paw Patrol play area is great for little ones!

Jillian Kent

Omg first time there and I was blown away. I grew up loving Nickelodeon and let me tell you that I was honestly morphed into my 7 year old self when I walked into the Nickelodeon Universe. I just wish there were more adult rides

Gina Harrison

Ok, they have a electronic kiosk to get tickets. There are other places, like the gift shop and by the Uber doors that may be stand in line like anywhere else to ride, but you're not in the sun. You can enter and exit the area easily.

Faith Holewa

The rides are surprisingly fun for all ages! The Nick theme wouod make you think otherwise, but it is definitely fun for adults as well. If you are a larger person some of the rides might squeeze pretty tight. The prices are reasonable, but definitely on the high end. Definitely worth a visit. No bathrooms within the parks, but there are vending machines and rides of all types.

Kong Vang

I just wished it didn't cost so much. They trick you free adult chaperone, but that is taken into account how much a single kid ride it. Unfortunately for me, my kids love paw patrol, so I got to let them play. It's $8/kid for half hour. Make sure to bring socks for the kids or they won't let you in. They sell $1 socks at the gift shop.

Ebony Simmons

This was so much fun for our entire family. Great variety of rides to suit everyone. I would definitely recommend. If you're in town, you should plan to spend one good day at Nickolodeon Universe.

william mitchell

I took my mom and my boyfriend to Minnesota for the first time and we went to the Mall of America and Nickelodeon universe and we had a great time even though it was super busy I would like to go back when it is a little slower during the week

Halsey Hall Lindquist

This 5 year old loves the rides he can do on his own. Some are quite quick others are just simple. Log ride is always a favorite. The park can get busy pretty quickly and some ride operators are not fast at all.

Miranda Henley

Theme park in the center of MOA. Nice theme park, reasonably clean and well maintained. Staff are typically younger, but this didn't stop a couple of them from chatting with my babbling toddler. They have a nice mix of rides for both older children and younger. I really appreciate that the chaperone doesn't need to pay to ride with the toddler. Toddler Tuesday is also a great way to have a few hours of fun with a great discount. They clean their Paw Patrol play place multiple times a day which was very nice to see given the number of tourists from around the world letting their kids play. All in all a nice diversion for the kids especially if your toddler loves Paw Patrol!

Krystalina Soash

Most enjoyable, fun, and memorable for the kiddos! Definitely will plan to go again and recommend to family and friends. I really liked the variety of rides for the varied age groups.... Something for everyone :)

Striker Reddit

There are no words to describe how awesome Nick Universe is. The rides are incredible and my mind is still blown by the Ferris Wheel. My favorite ride is the bikini bottom plunge. Its the big sky blue roller coaster that goes up and down at an almost 90 degree angle. Its scary, but its really fun. There are also characters from various shows that come out and take pictures.

Kevin S

Facility is new and clean. Rides are themed, and well designed. Ride tickets go by points so you don’t have to buy day pass.

Timon and Pumbaa a.k.a Chris Ruiz

It was awesome. I decided to ride on Nickelodeon Universe with my cousins and little cousins. It was the best theme park ever

Sharla Kraft

Great place for your whole family to enjoy.we always want to go there on vacation

Kanchan Lamsal

Great place to bring in visitors visiting the twin cities! If you buy all day tickets at Costco (and some city Halls) it's $27, about $10 cheaper. I liked that the chaperones on some of the kids ride, ride for free.

Matt Terk

I've been coming here since it was camp Snoopy, definitely one of the main attractions in this area.local businesses often have an unlimited wristband available for a day of rides, definitely take a look online before you purchase points.


Didn't get to experience the rides but I walked around and I know my kids would have loved this place. Roller coasters, zip line, slides, an arcade and a big Lego area are some if the few attractions you will see. If you get hungry, Hard Rock Cafe it's their for food and drinks. It's definitely a place for the whole family.

Joelle Alvord

Loved taking our grandson to Toddler Tuesday! He had a blast on lots if rides!

Meghan Irlbeck

Nice place for shopping, food choices, and some indoor rides. Giving 4 stars because some of the rides are only open for certain amount of times. Still a fun time, though!

Katrina Benjamin

Very fun for toddlers on Toddler Tuesday - $14 for a 5 hour unlimited wristband. One chaperone gets to ride free with your toddler on each ride. Kinda loud though, and too expensive for adults.

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