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REVIEWS OF Minnesota Zoo IN Minnesota

Angela Bauer

The MN Zoo is fantastic any day. They are very thoughtful about the environment for the wide variety of animals and make it as much like being in wildlife as possible. I went to the Jack O Lantern Spectacular last night and they did a fantastic job setting it up!

Megan De Haan

Great zoo. There are many Asian Animals that are fun to see. There aren't African animals such as giraffes or elephants. There is a splash pad (picture below) in the central plaza. If it is a nice day, remember to bring a swimsuit. There are many amazing nature play areas throughout the park and even an indoor playground near the farm.

Justin Graves

Very nice trails and vegetation. I saw only a handful of animals there. Nice staff too, hopefully my next visit will be better.

Dee Jamison

we took the family to the zoo and had a wonderful time. the zoo keepers definitely keep the zoo very clean and we are proud to call this our home town zoo! we took a lot of photos that we want to share with the google community. please enjoy these photos and like the comment if you did indeed enjoy our art. we are very pleased to share these with you thank you so much for all the love. google is great with sharing all these caputred moments with the world!

Manan Miglani

I feel the ticket price is a bit higher for the exhibits this place has. Very limited big animals and covered trails. Zoo is maintained well. The maps are still confusing. If I was to suggest, I would say reduce the ticket prices by a couple of bucks for both zoo and parking else it would just be a onetime visit for many.

Joy Murphy

Such a fun day for the family! Bring suits and towels for the kids to play in the splash area! Plenty of playgrounds, exhibits, and shows to stay entertained all day. Pack a lunch!

Grimm Progress

My personal favorite is this Red Panda they have on the tropics trail. The exhibits are great and educating! Fun for all ages. Each visit I see something new! A secret tip: Go on rainy days and the crowds melt away.

Vanessa Theroux

There were lots of amazing animals and I really enjoyed being at the zoo. It's a great place to bring kids although you have to do a lot of walking.

Karen Garvin

Llamas and little children provided much entertainment, then the small people at play in the water fountains added another pleasure. The Zoo is s great community resource.

Davette Kohnen

Love the MN Zoo -- we've had memberships for over 10 years and I bring my kids monthly. A fun place to see all the animals PLUS beautiful outdoor spaces (especially the newer nature playground) or tropical escapes in the winter. Membership is more than worth it. We love being able to carry in our own food/drinks, free member parking and express lanes, and the neat animal encounter & bird shows.

Chuck Leyda

We've enjoyed the MN Zoo for years. Most of the animals are in decent habitats unlike many zoos. Good food, a nice playground with a splash pad, working farm, and concerts too.

Daniel Warder

Great layout and tons of animals and exhibits. Disappointed that many of the vendors went open. Could've even find ice water throughout the park. $7 for parking and $48 for a family of 3. A little on the high side without keeping vendors and attractions open.

claudia doyle

Nice Zoo with a wide variety of animals. Clean and well kept. Great destination for the whole family.

Ashly Dittus

Our boys love the splash pad and playground. Good food, friendly staff and clean. Lots of animals to see.

Louis Sepulveda

Some venues were closed. No tram or hay ride. The staff was excellent and made up for the venues being closed. The have events in the evening geared toward adults.. Seemed promising.

Daniel Nelson

MN zoo is the best zoo in MN. They are very active in conversation efforts and their enclosure are appropriate for their animals. Always something new going on. I would highly recommend getting a membership.

Fostina What

Really fun and worth the money. You should go if you haven't there is so much to see! :)

Casey Holman

Llama tell you about this place. It's clean for a zoo, it's big, and educational. Parking is pretty easy and close. Total of 25$ to get in for just me. Enjoyed seeing all of the Animals!

Anthony Knapp

Lots of construction, seems a bit run down, price was decent.... but made for an enjoyable senec walk

Emma Underground

Our family LOVES the MN Zoo! Wonderful place for family day trips. You're allowed to bring food in if the stands are out of price range (no thanks to a $13 burger) lots of picnic areas and benches. Facilities are clean and well cared for. The play areas are also super nice. The splash pad is a great spot to let kids cool down.

Mai Vue

Visited twice, once in the winter and once in the summer. Wished more animals was out. I recommend calling and seeing what animals they have out if youre trying ti visit a certain one.

kevin settle

Great zoo lots of walking. A few of attractions are being remodeled but kids had a great time.


My niece loved going their for the 1st time. She loved seeing all the different animals n loved seeing the llamas

Mary P.

Plenty of parking, so much to see. We’ll have to go back to see more. Great Granddaughter said “that was fun!” (10 yr old)

Pavithra S

This place is just beautiful and vast !! It takes more than a day to visit all of the birds and animals. The zoo is very well kept. in some places, water runs across all aninals dwellings like a river, never stagnant and creating a peaceful setting. There are also many shows throughout the day where people get to interact with birds/animals closely, like the close encounters and bird shows. The zoo also has a splash pad that's open during the Summer. We also love the Wells Fargo family farm!!!

Curt S

One of the most generic zoo's I have ever been to. The setup is nice. The enclosures are nice. You can tell they spent some money and put effort into it, but the animal selection is pretty lame.

Victoria Mallos

What a great place! Went with family and everything was perfect. My sister in law knew the place like the back of her hand so we got the VIP tour. We got to ride on a camel, my boyfriends first time. How fun! You can walk around the llama area under the condition that you dont poke and prod them... Fair, but difficult. They're so precious that's all you want to do! And the baby goats.. oh my gosh the baby goats! We were probably hanging out with them for over a half hour. Some will just climb into your lap and chew on your tshirt while you pet and cuddle them. Great day, great experience!

Justin Sebens

Well laid out. Not a lot of exhibits but the ones they have are well done and great for all ages. Good place to take the little ones for the day.

Ryan Larson

Have loved coming here since I was a child. Great zoo with plenty to see. The standouts are the tropical area and the aquarium part. They kind of lack in the large animal department like lions and elephants. Still very clean and well laid out.

Nicole Morgan

Excellent exhibits. The staff is interactive and knowledgeable. Just saw the bird show for the first time and I was BLOWN AWAY. The ocean area is one of my favorite places. You GOTTA stay for a feeding!

Deb Lien

Llama trek and camels are the best but entire zoo is amazing. Animals are all accessible and easy to see. Petting zoo is so much fun for little ones. We spend much of a day here and even more

Cody Sterzer

The zoo is huge and the animals were all active and visible. Would have given 5 stars but some of the areas were being renovated and we didn't get to see everything we planned.

Tommy G Richter

An engaging and edutaining Zoo! They have a plethora of interactive environments for young children including: cool tunnels, crawl spaces, interactive walkways and a splash pad! Always something to explore and wonder at. Staff are very knowledgeable and great at engaging and bringing animal facts alive for anyone who asks.

Reverend Richard Haahr

As a foreigner it was a mysterious place, monorail track seeming to fall into disrepair, horrid smell at entrance ticketing, IMAX building sitting vacant. Much better group of animals and conditions then our zoo, many seemed to be hurt or sick, medical notices were on at least a third of the exhibits. Some animals were switched out so the signage was inaccurate, though far more educational than we were used to, which was a refreshing change for a zoo. The amount of animal interaction was also astounding, I was not expecting being able to be so close and touch some.

Char R

It was my first time going to the Minnesota Zoo. My son, his wife and my PCA went, we spent 6 hours there and didn't see all of it. I want to go back again. It was so cool to be able to pet a Leopard Shark. They felt like a piece of velveteen. It was nice to be able to have a picnic table and have shade to have a great picnic.

scott schwienebart

It would have been helpful to know that I could only get food at the food court near the entrance before I was on the other end of the zoo. The zoo has a few interesting animals that I've never seen in a zoo before. Most animals have very large areas to live in. Finally give your otters on the Tropical Trail some water. They look and sound miserable.

Garrianne Lam

The zoo is well organized. Beautiful, shady walks between exhibits. Many adventures for the children. Fun play areas.

Andy Soto

You can spend the whole day here. They have a wide variety of animals that look well cared for and neatly maintained spaces. There is usually a closeup space like the kangaroo crossing or the llamas so it makes it a fun experience. The farm animals were also very fun.


This zoo is one of the best zoos that I've been to. It's well thought out layout and variety of animals is great. We will be getting season passes for sure!

Lynn Kamrowski

Great experience with my son. lots of parking. so much to see. Because it started to rain we didnt get to see the while park. definitly need to dedicate half a day for the zoo.

Heather Carlson

Very helpful staff and the animals seemed well taken care of and happy. I would just suggest cleaning the bathrooms more frequently. I went to three different bathrooms and there was alot of toilet paper on the floor and one bathroom had no toilet paper in any of the 5 stalls

April Jacobs

The aviary area is kinda hard to find but other than that this place is amazing. Its only like $15 to get in for adults and it allows you in the regular zoo as well as the petting zoo, aquatic area, and the aviary area.

Matthew Tack

You can never go wrong with the Minnesota Zoo. Friendly staff and well manicured, clean facilities. Great to see the new seasonal attraction and learning experience for kids and adults alike. Such a shame the IMAX company left, (NOT the zoo's fault). Maybe they can invest in their own projector and show movies, although animals are more of a priority.

Matt Hubert

Fantastic zoo, with animal friendly enclosures. Love the farm in the spring! Lots if activities for kids as well. Great value!

Travis Stone

Good size and good variety of choices. The aquarium section is nice with good touch areas for kids. The Llama trail was neat, though to ride the camel or any other activity is kinda expensive but on par with most zoos. Solid choice for a family day, or half day as you can see the whole thing in about 4 hours. Overall a good experience with the family.

Autumn Mollet

Had a great time at the zoo! Reasonable prices for admission and parking and the amount they do charge is for conservation of species. You can also bring in your own food and drink to picnic on the grounds or they have a variety of food offered at different food courts (indoor and outdoor) There is a playground and splash pad for kids if you need a break from walking around. Plenty of outdoor and indoor exhibits and a different variety of animals than the Como Zoo.

Kacie P

Great place to take kids or yourself. Lots to see. They allow you to bring in your own cooler and have spots to sit and have a picnic. Always enjoy our time there.

David Holmgren

The kids always have a great time, plenty of space for them to run around and play. Short wait time to get in even with a long line it moves pretty steady. The only thing I don't care too much for is the lack of concession stand works and products. I encountered a few stand that were completely sold out of multiple items.

Alanis Viana

Me and my family ha e never been to the Minisota zoo until today and we have to say layout wise it is better the the San Diego zoo. But we were sad to see no birds, no hippos, no pilot bears, no penguin not even giraffes. But we had fun anyway.

Shaun Yonts

This is a very nice zoo in many ways. Its indoor enclosures for the rainforests are great. However, they lack the large animals you often see in major metropolitan zoos. They dont have elephants, giraffes, or rhinos, which are not the only animals people go to zoos for, but they are noticeably missing. Try to go on a day when they are less likely to have school groups and you'll enjoy the animals far more.

Rhianna Peterson

My kiddo and I love coming here whenever we can. We always wind up staying longer than I mean to because it's just so much fun. There are animal feedings and training at different times throughout the day. Members receive discounts in the shops. I prefer to bring a cooler with a packed lunch, food here is pretty darn spendy and not at all worth it.

Phoenix Goodboy

I've come here as a kid with my family and now I come here with my own kids. Like always a great and fun Experience. Always great to come and explore the adventuress. From the sharks, sea horses, wolves, eagles, to feeding goats. Pure fun awesomeness.

Jason Lynn

Climate appropriate animals, reasonable amount of walking, reasonable priced. This a very lovely zoo. Elementary age kids, high school aged kids and adults all had a nice enjoyable visit.

Michael Birkel

Great Zoo with a ton of exhibits. They don't have any large warm climate animals as the Minnesota climate would make that difficult. It's designed like a big look so you can see it all easily. Adult night is great if you want to avoid the kids!

Edgar Muro

I recommend coming here during the week. Fantastic ZOO. Kids love it, parents love it. You can spend a few hours here without being bored. Splash pad and kids playground is a park favorite for kids to spend downtime (not walking around) before heading to another section of the park.

Iris Judd

Perfect day at the zoo. Volunteer staff are plentiful to assist if you have questions. Beautiful environment for the animals.

Patti Oestreich

Love Adult Night at the Zoo. Relaxing to walk around with the smaller crowd. Animals were more active than during the day too, so more fun to see them. Just need cheaper margaritas!

Andy & Mandy Fobear

The place was clean and the staff was friendly too. Every volunteer with whom we talked was happy. LLAMAS make my family happy!

Jessica Hayden

The pumpkin spectacular at the zoo is a must see. It's the last year they'll have it. I posted a picture of just one of the hundreds of carved pumpkins. It is not scary. Absolutely bring the kids. They have a few Disney pumpkins that are beautiful. It is dark, there are noises and flashing lights, it is one direction and hard to see the ground. Bring an umbrella in case of rain, they didn't have any at the gift shop. Be aware, this is a zoo and with all of the forested areas there is natural wildlife around. Because of the rain there were a lot of frogs on the path. Also, mosquitoes and bugs were pretty prevalent. So, grab your bug spray, an umbrella, golashes, a small flashlight and a good low light camera and enjoy the trail. If you walk slowly it takes about 30 minutes to go through. If you want to enjoy it and take pictures, maybe plan to walk through it a couple of times, one to enjoy and one to take pictures. If you have small children, be prepared that about 2/3 of the way through you have to walk through a gift shop. There's no going around it or avoiding it and there's a lot of items within grabbing range of toddlers and young children.

Jen Kwang

great place for families and friends. visiting during the weekdays in much better than weekends. many different types of animals. not too much of exotic animals, a good place just to have a walk. they do have splash pad, wonderful during summertime, kids can play water. there's playground/tree house for kids. they offer occasions for adults only after 4:00p.m.. many occasions for kids and families.

Lindsey Schreiner

Wonderful experience at this zoo! Variety of animals to see and multiple demonstrations throughout the day. It's super nice because when you enter the zoo you get a printout of the events happening that day. Lots of learning activities for people of all ages! Truly a fun time!

Lisa Behlke

We are members and love coming to the Zoo during all seasons. The splash pad is great in the summer. We really enjoy and take advantage of all it has to offer! If you're going to go more than a few times a year, I recommend membership.

Tamra Roberts

Great clean zoo. Animal habitats are nice yet it's easy to see the animals. No elephants or giraffes, but plenty other animals. Splash pad and mist spikits were great for the hot day -wear swim clothes. Good playgrounds in a few places. Aquarium was amazing with interactive exhibits. You can pet sharks and Sting Ray's.

Javier Barberena

Great place for a family day looking at all the animals at the Zoo. The new llama area is nice as the llamas are free and they get close to you. The Zoo has areas under construction/update, but still a great family to bring the family.

Leah Higgins

Great family spot! We love the zoo and use pur membership all of the time. My kids love the park and the splash pad in the summer, and in the winter its a great space for them to burn off some energy.

Tina D

Fun for the whole family. A good variety of animals in large, lovely enclosures. The bears are always fun and we never miss the farm.

Michael Bocchi

There is more than enough to do here between the multiple trails, playgrounds, shows, and food. Fun tip: if you want to see the wolves howl, go on the Minnesota Trail when the city is testing their sirens. The wolves howl with them every time.

Bill Kantos

A great place to bring the grandkids. They enjoy looking at all the sights and animals.

Lance Truong

The Llama trek was quite good. I will return. The facilities were clean and well maintained.

Jimmy Rentmeester

Nice zoo with lots of different animals! They are very knowledgeable and care for their animals and their livelihood. Don’t expect to be here an entire day if you are without kids though!

Matt Cain

I have been to so many zoos around the world and the MN zoo is still one of my favorites. They put a lot of effort into the animal enclosures to make the animals comfortable. I do miss the train they shut down a while back though. The MN trail there is the best!

Sydney Parks

Great for the whole family. If you are bringing the little ones , make sure to bring a swimsuit and check out the dancing waters. My 2 year old loved it !

Hayden B

Awesome experience! Haven't been here since I was a kid, but it was still fun as an adult. Plenty to see. Refreshment areas are frequently placed throughout the zoo. It was an incredibly hot day, but there are quite a few drinking fountains spread out to keep you hydrated.

Dia Lee

Great services and had a lot of fun. Family events and lots of things to do as a family. Bring a swimsuit for the kids, let them play in the playground, ride the carousel and great selection of animals.

John Tschida

We had a great time! Our daughter & son- in-law have 2 foster kids 2 years old & 7 years old. Also had a friends 4 year old with. Kids had fun


The Minnesota zoo is fun year round! We love it so much we have a season pass!

Marcelo Espasandin

This is a large zoo. We spend an entire day here, I recommend getting there early especially if you are going with children. Lots of food stands. The Birds exhibits are a must see. Wonderful great variety of animals and facilities. All I can say is that was a fantastic time.

Judy Keller

We like the large areas they give the animals and the trails around the zoo are nice with lots of trees. You can picnic there with your own food or buy their food. There are great play areas for kids. Even if it's raining, there's a lot to do inside.

Katie Byers

We got to see piglets that were only a few days old, on top of all the other fun zoo things. The walkways were clean and the day overall was nice (a little chilly but it was April so I think that’s normal for the area). Someone let a bunch of horses into the Canadian Goose exhibit, but they seemed to get along fine.

Kip Christensen

Great for family and friends to enjoy their favorite animals. Lots of informational guides along the way and rain or shine, there is always something to do. Good food and gift shop as well!

Debbie Nelson-Scheffler

What was there was very good and fun. There were an extraordinary amount missing or under construction. The tram is permanently gone due to it breaking down and the zoo cannot afford to fix it. A lot of animal exhibits were empty. It was disappointing.

Mandie Muehlhausen

Great zoo! The habitats really emulate the animals' natural habitats and the animals are predominantly rescues. The zoo focuses on conservation and protection of the various animals. The beautiful natural and native plant landscaping make it a pleasure to stroll leisurely from exhibit to exhibit. Great place for families or individuals..

Sabrina Price

The Jack-o-lantern Spectacular was amazing! Always a fun time when I go to the zoo.

Pam Gackle

Frustrating to have to pay extra for a camel ride or to feed the llamas when we already paid a lot of money for admission. We were excited to see the diver feed the sharks but the viewing area was so full and hot. The diver gave a lot of information but was way too long for the kids so me had to miss the feeding.

Sherri Wallis

Usually love this zoo but this year too many areas under construction and we still had to pay $43 for entry. Last year I like the kangaroo area and this time it was gone?

Jeff Gintz

The zoo is approaching 30 years old so I can no longer call it the "new zoo". It has aged nicely and is a great place to spend a day with the family. Or, take a few hours and go through one of the trails and then came back soon for more. I recommend the Minnesota trail and the penguin exhibit. I heard they are going to repurpose the old IMax theater and the front entrance over the next few years.

linda vang

It's great to come here with my kids when it's not so busy because we can roam around without bumping into others. Great environment with great animals to see here.

Laurel Cheple

MN Zoo is the best! We have a membership and go with our grandson every couple of months since he was a baby. Now he's 4 1/2. And never tires of any of ot!

Ryan Gimbel

Great to walk around. Having a season pass is great to spend a few hours once in a while. Clean and a good place to learn about conservation and helping animals. Great to show the kids why we need to take care of our planet. So much better than seeing the animals on a screen.

Coralyn Maleski

I love this place ! Time and time again I can always know I’ll have a good time here with my daughter. Yes they are rebuilding some spots but FOR THE ANIMALS! So please be patient.

abbey pattison

My son isn't super interested in animals but the couple times we've gone to the MN zoo he has enjoyed himself. He has a great time just walking around and checking things out. I like that there are plenty of places to eat and we always bring our own lunch and snacks to help save a little money. They do a lot of fun events throughout the year too. We are excited to go to the Pumpkin Trail for the first time this year.

Stephanie Miller

Great zoo, really enjoyed seeing all the animals. You really do need All day to see everything. The seal training show was very informative as well as the penguin feeding. I like how they space apart the shows (feedings) so there is enough time to get from one to the next. Restrooms are very clean as well as the whole zoo. Guest services were very accommodating when we misplaced a cell phone.

Rick Padrnos

Had a great day at the Minnesota Zoo. Hadn't been there in years. Wow, what a great place - so much more than I recall. I still think of it as "The New Zoo" as it was referred to for many years starting when it opened in 1978. Gone are the Beluga Whales and Dolphins as well as the Monorail and most recently the IMAX Theater. Even with all those gone, the Zoo is vibrant with so much to see including shows and activities for kids. The grounds are more lush than I remember and thoroughly enjoyed it as an adult. The animals are so accessible and visible; got some great views!

Jennifer Sofie

I have not been here in years and was a little disappointed. $45 for admission for two and parking. Half the displays were empty and when there were animals present they were sleeping. The exception was the penguins and the lamas.

James Aukema

I've never been here before but this place is huge!! I loved all the animals and there is sooooo much to see! The indoor tropical walk was amazing.

Timothy Timothy

Great zoo. Family and kids loved it. Recommend taking your hiking boots. Come with energy and lots of time. It's spread out into walking trails. Very scenic. Will go again for sure. Only negative--I wish they wouldn't charge extra for parking.

tina schenk

This zoo has all the usual things you would expect but in addition, they have information at many exhibits about conservation of each animal and suggestions for how everyday people can help. For example, I picked up a seafood guide that gives very specific suggestions for how to support sustainable fishing practices that keep our oceans healthy. This zoo also has many children's programs and some special music in the zoo nights for adults. Visitors to MN may enjoy the MN Trail which highlights our local wildlife and conservation efforts. I would highly recommend this zoo. Enjoy.

Andy Van Houten

Love coming here. Kids have so much fun and it's so big that your can have a different experience every time. It can get pretty crowded some days, but don't let that deter you.

Michelle Mueller

Awesome Zoo Experience. NEW exhi its and upgrades coming soon! Can't wait to see the difference

Kyla Brunetti

This was an awesome and amazing zoo to come to! There was so much to see and so much to do in there! We loved all the different areas you could go into and look at. It was broken up very nicely. They had the llama trek that was a lot of fun to see the llamas roaming around with all the kids running around. You could feed them as well for a price of course. They have a little place over by the farm part where you can eat. Wasn’t much to choose from but it was still good. You can also bring your own snacks and drinks in. Loved that each are had it’s own theme and not just rows of tanks or glass walls.

Maura Brickles

We got a membership this winter and now go every couple weeks and my 2 year old loves it! The Zoo makes it a great time year round with different themes and fun activities. It’s also so educational every time we go because they incorporate so much information into each exhibit.

Petra Johnson

It was a great experience! As always the animals activity level depends on the weather but saw almost everything that they had to see. Only a couple animals were hiding and not visible. Trails are marked very well and all handicap accessible. Very good information and viewing areas. Well worth the price!

Rosalyn Watson

We were there for a wedding and reception. It was perfect. We got to see the animals before the wedding; the sharks and the jellyfish were great fun at the reception. Music can't be too loud because of the animals, which is also perfect

Robert Wicklund

More little children than animals. Pay for parking on honor system. Fog. Farm and stuffed animals in the gift shop $$, no free bag for your purchase. Most people indoors. The little ones (like 2 years old) seem to be the most inquisitive. I had a good sandwich. I enjoyed watching the snow monkeys and the penguins. You can't sit down and really study the animals, it's kinda like stop for a couple minutes and move along or shuffle by. Lots of young parents enjoying their young children. We use to ride our dirt bikes (motorcycles) on this vast property. We were riding here on the ground breaking day, but missed seeing the governor. Lots to see, but close every day at 4 pm. That's sad.

tricia koch

Though the price is a little high my family and I love going to the zoo. It was my 3 month olds first time going and my other two kids second time going and they love it so much. If you have the money and time I highly recommend taking your kids and enjoy the day with them because it's so worth it

Carissa Miller

We truly enjoyed it. They are always upgrading the zoo. Its nice to see the animals have lots of space and greenery around. They also have little hideaways that my daughter loved exploring.

Pad Dog

Always a fun time but expect a lot of walking and to be cranky by the end of it. There was quite a few baby animals there the last time I went. I recommend going right when the zoo opens to avoid the large crowds and hot temps!

Kathryn Hagemeyer

Lots of walking but plenty to see and do along the way. The llama feeding was very enjoyable for even the young kids in my group. If you plan on seeing the farm animals plan on using a lot of hand sanitizer or washing your hands a lot.

ry An

We enjoy this place and like to come here often. Long walk in usually, we like when the secondary entrance is open. Being members is helpful but going through the pay station can get really slow. A team or something to bring you to the farm area would be nice, it's a long walk with the little ones so we usually skip it.

Amanda Naumann

Lovd the zoo for our family. Perfect mix of things to do. Highly recommend purchasing a membership!

Luke Dulgar

Always a great experience, not the same old zoo, more tuned to Minnesotas climate and animals that can survive and thrive in the cold too. We went for adults only night recently and were very pleasantly surprised at the wide age range, good food, and less than US Bank adult beverage cost. Definitely worth checking out, as a couple, or with friends!

Nathan Roelke

Was a wonderful Zoo with plenty to see. They had lots of new construction going on while we were there, so am sure it can only get better. I was slightly surprised that they did not have a Hippopotamus, no Elephants, Zebras, Rhinoceros and not even a single Giraffe... While it was an excellent time for my sons Birthday, I might try another the next time

Joey Larson

I've been going here since I was a kid and I've always enjoyed seeing the animals. The bird show is definitely a great time. It's also a great way to get a walk in. Be sure to go when the weather is nice.

Jalaine Pratt

Alot of the animals that you would normally expect to see at the zoo they didnt have. Overall my 6 year old had a good time though. Food court offerings were pretty good as well and reasonably priced surprisingly.

Stephanie Thompson

Great for family and friends to enjoy their favorite animals. Lots of informational guides along the way and rain or shine, there is always something to do. Good food and gift shop as well!

Anahi Palacios

Very nice place!! I highly recommend to take comfortable shoes. The cool thing about the zoo is that you can take your own food and snacks ... so be prepared with your stroller ,food , and have fun!!


Always a great time! All areas are well kept and maintained. The animals were great to see. Recommended way to pass 4 hours.

Matt Rabine

The MN ZOO is always a great place. The staff are always kind, nice and polite. That is one of the reasons my family are members


Took the kids (2 and 4) and they loved it! We got there early so parking was a breeze and the animals were all awake and moving around before the heat of the day. Food prices were better than I expected. My kids loved feeding the goats at the farm zone. And the fountain in the front was fun for everyone to play in, but bring extra clothes for after. Have fun and don't forget the sunscreen!

Elite Exposure

I came here 14 years ago and then last week. It has a total makeover and has updated itself really well. A lot more fun than 14 yrs ago.

NeXt Level English

This zoo is amazing. I took my 6 year old daughter and she loved it. Thr animals are well-cared for and the staff is friendly and helpful. I would love to go back. I especially enjoyed the bird show and the camel ride.

Barbara Griffin

Absolutely beautiful and creatively designed. Lots of animals there who are in danger of extinction. Lots to see, and lots of information regarding the animals and their habitats. Fun, informative, and beautiful!!

Sheila Scheele

Zoo goers be prepared to walk a lot & bring your water bottle. We had a great day at the zoo. Animals were active. Our toddlers loved cooling down at the splash pad. Clean picnic area too.


Not my favorite but hopefully will improve by the time my boy is older... he's not even 2 yet.

Ben Fadell

Our two year old loves walking around and seeing the animals. Everything is decently spaced out and well thought out. Plenty of parking and the season passes are a great deal if you have kids!

Jenny Taber-Hanson

I've been coming to the MN zoo for years and years and am now finally experiencing it as a mom of an 18 month old toddler. They've really made the zoo accessible to new and newish parents with their 1-3 yr old enclosed play room, nursing areas and family restrooms. I think it's also great how clearly the zoo designers thought about providing visibility to different areas for small children. There are lots of little nooks and passages, plus railings at convenient heights and glass that goes all the way down to the ground for little ones to see through. While the food options have gotten better, I still think the best way to go is to bring all your own food and your own stroller/carrier rather than rely on paying for those items there. We had a great time coming early in the morning on a rather rainy day to beat the big crowds and I'm glad we wound up getting a pass so we can come back often.

Michael Lee

The Minnesota Zoo is one of a kind. There is an amazing variety of animals in the park from the Tropics Trail that amazed me as a kid to the more obscure and fascinating animals like the Dhole and Takin. The park is well maintained with plenty of picnic tables for lunch and plenty of activities to keep kids and adults engaged. My favorite park are the signs that describe each animal, where they are from, and how they are doing.

Jeanna Lowman

Very nice zoo, good variety of animals though not as many as we are use to, knowledgeable/friendly staff. Downside construction of many exhibits and limited food options. Good morning trip for families then grab lunch elsewhere.

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