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REVIEWS OF Minneapolis Institute of Art IN Minnesota

Laura Potter

This is one of my favorite places to go. I love how clean and organized it is. You could spend hours walking around enjoying so many fabulous pieces. The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. I feel so comfortable here. Plus, it's free! It is a great place to bring young aspiring artists to get some inspiration or to see art from all over the world. A must go to for any art lover!

Ben Wu

One of my favorite museums in the world, a gem hiding in plain site. The mix of genres is sometimes harder to find in other museums and the collection is quite extensive in general. Don’t ever second guess spending some money on the special exhibits, it’s always a great time. Contributors week offers a great deal on becoming a member for a year and having pay-as-you-feel entry is a great perk. Happy hours are great too at the coffee shop. I go every once a month or every other month, and there’s always a new exhibit or some piece I never noticed before. All in all, world class museum. Must see in Minneapolis.

Emma Cole

High fives to Minneapolis for making diverse, captivating art accessible. Would recommend grabbing a map and a pen to check off where you’ve been; it’s a little bit of a maze.

Manny Miner

A must visit for for anyone living in or visiting Minneapolis, don't skip out on this historically significant art experience!

Isupzai Khan

This is one amazing place. I highly recommend you take the time to check it out. Fantastic exhibits. Loved it.

Tre Day

Great place to bring family & friends!! Surprisingly lots to do and see for a place with no entrance fee. Worth checking out.

Gab Lobe

This is a remarkable museum! And it's free!!! What could be better. They have interesting and unique new exhibitions they bring in that cost extra to visit, but considering general admission is free it's incredibly worth it. A few months ago I saw the Egypt's Sunken Cities exhibit and I still think of it. Beautiful architecture and a really fun spot to visit regardless of being a local or tourist.

Kellie Gillespie

A wonderful museum with SO much to see, all in a beautiful, well-kept facility. You could seriously just look at the building itself for a few hours. The special exhibits that rotate out every few months do require tickets at about $20 per person, but you fan become an MIA member for free and get a discount. Worth the price though, they are always full of interest. Weekends when the special exhibits open, or are about to close get a little crowded though, but other times are nice and quiet. A very well appointed gift shop, nice cafe & restaurant - though all priced high. Outside grounds with more to see, and a park across the street if you need more fresh air. Paid parking lot(s) and fresh street parking. If you want to make a day & evening out of it, the renowned MN Children's Theatre is attached to the structure. Those tickets can start as low as $15 per person and every show we've seen has been phenomenal.

Andy Nordin

Awesome hidden MSP gem. You definitely need to make this place a stop on your visit to the Twin Cities!


Excellent museum. We were there for work but every evening we hit a museum, this was our favorite the building is in two sections that make is it so cool.

Xena Maki

Amazing art pieces and exhibits to walk through. Definitely recommend if you're a tourist in the city looking to kill a few hours. Price perfect - FREE

Angie Wagner

It's so good I went back for a 2nd day. A wonderful mix of works with many, many places to sit and relax. Admission is free with special exhibition fees. Well worth a visit.

Liz Smithson

Love the MIA. The amount of art and different collections they have is fantastic. It's very easy to spend a few hours here on a day off!

Michael Devereaux

I'm not sure Minnesotans know what they have here. This is an INCREDIBLE museum. The art is exemplary. It's free. And it's never crowded. We just moved back from living in New York City for 5 years. The Met was one of our favorite places to go and I have to say that the MIA reminds me of it. Please go check this place out! Bring your kids. Spend time there. Remember, the earth is just "eh" without "art." :)

Sophia Okotah

The place gave me a feeling of connection to the rest of the world where I haven't been or seen. Was fascinating. I loved it!

Lydia Alberti

This Museum has three levels and is wheelchair accessible. There were elevators and wide passages. The staff was helpful with answering our questions. The exhibits were absolutely stunning and I was surprised to see so many ancient artifacts. The first floor has a cafe and area to spend down time.

James Valasquez

Great place for a date! Wonderful exhibits, always clean and the staff are wonderful.

Samara Bilyeu-Anderson

Wonderful free museum. It's huge and had three floors so we never see it all on one trip but we go often. There is a free coat check (great in winter). They offer free wheelchair use if needed (found that out when I came on crutches on day). I especially love going to the Second Sundays and Third Thursdays for extra fun things like crafts, musicians, and more. We go to a lot of the special exhibits which DO cost money but members (they even offer a free membership level) get a discount and there are free days for members and sometimes even the general public so keep an eye out for those. Parking can be a bear but you can drop off passengers at the door and thenlook for free on-street parking or there is an affordable lot kiddie corner from the museum. I've also taken a free shuttle from the Wells Fargo building (look into the hours and days for that). Take a look at the map and find your must-see sections or just wonder around. They offer guided tours but I've never actually taken one (bad timing for me). I've listened in on several as they pass me though and they do a great job. The annual Art in Bloom event is always stunning and I've talked to many of the creators during the event. Rock the Cradle is an amazing annual kids event in March that we love attending. The Children's Theatre Company is attached so you can make an entire day of it between the two (or just the museum). There is an outdoor area with a Little Free Library if you want a little break or some fresh air or the kids need to run of a little energy. There is a small cafe inside but it's a bit spendy in my opinion and no real gluten-free options so we eat before and/or after we go. The gift shop is nice to check out before you leave so you don't have to carry purchases around.

Mary Moellenhoff

One of my favorite places to see art. Allow lots of time to go through. I usualy pick a section that I want to see each visit so that I can throughly immerse myself in the experience.

Jeffrey Kurschner

My kid did a summer program here and had a great time! However, a bit spendy. The area that he performed in is a bit confusing to locate if youre not familiar with the building. Need to put signage on doors

Tylor Spillman

Went for the Egyptian tour. They did an amazing job with the audio tour! I learned a lot more than the textbooks teach!


I love this place! It' is a great place to spend a rainy or cold day. I usually spend a couple of hours here. It is free for the main galleries which contain a wide variety of art (there is a donation box by the entrance).

Christoffer Hanson

Saw the sunken cities of Egypt exhibit and I would highly recommend checking it out. There were some amazing pieces on display. Also always love to check out the art, period rooms, and other artifacts. The MIA is one of the best spots in the whole metro in my opinion. Definitely check it out.

Patrick Smith

Incredible museum. Beautiful architecture and exquisite and diverse, expansive collections. From antiquities to the Dutch Masters to Expressionists to contemporary artists from around the world, you can find it all here. You could spend multiple days here (and I have) and still not see it all. Their special exhibits are always top notch and worth paying for, but the most incredible thing about MIA is that the permanent collections are free! It is an incredible resource to the Twin Cities and a must see for anyone who lives here or visits.

Ramona Jeffery

Great place with a wide variety, including the recent additions vinyl that are always a fine adventure. Not everything is exactly cheapo but if you're looking for something specific chances are you're going to find it there. The staff is very helpful.

Jeremy John

Not only had interesting art pieces, but replica or original compete rooms, including and actual part of a Frank Lloyd Wright house! They had period rooms, such as a room in a French castle and other rooms. The Asian section also has several facinating rooms. I would highly recommend! One of the most unique art museums I have ever been to!

Mya Ammar

I love the Minneapolis Institute of art. My friend brought me here. It was a very nice museum. Everyone was helpful.It was free to get into. I was blown away by the art. I went in for a short time and I did not want to leave honestly but I had to be somewhere else afterwards. I will definitely be coming back here and I've told many friends about it. They do have a little area where you can buy beverages

Kimerly Wilcox

Just went through the exhibit of Native American women's art - it is very thought-provoking. Many stunning pieces, and video narrative in various places. I'm thinking of a second visit to this exhibit; it's almost too much to absorb in one visit.

Ian Allen

I absolutely LOVE this museum. I mean for starters, it's free, so you can't complain about that! I live nearby and for a long time didn't have AC so this was my go to spot in the summer to relax and cool down. The collection is really well curated and displayed. They also have fantastic temporary exhibits that are always thoughtfully put together. I was recently part of a focus group on their "Hearts of Our People: Native Women Artists" exhibit and got a glimpse into all the thought and preparation that went into putting on such an incredible exhibit, very impressive. Whether you're visiting Minneapolis or a long time resident, this museum is a great spot to spend the weekend (or day off).

Alec Hill

Incredible and huge array of art for a free museum. Even better than many paid museums I've visited.

Heidi Schreiner

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Love the variety of art. Definitely a multi day experience. Bring your sketchbook! Good coffee spot if you're there long, but not a lot of food options. Plan accordingly.

Taco Wolf

Amazing experience, and it's unbelievable that it's free to enter (suggested donation). Stopped here on a whim while in Minneapolis for the weekend, not expecting much. We ended up wandering around looking at all the art and artifacts for hours. They have "period rooms" which represent what a typical room in a home of a specific time and place would have been like. It is a really effective way to convey what life was like in those times. In addition to the huge American/European history section, there is a very large Asian history section, which was a pleasant surprise.

Shannon Xiong

I love coming here. There's all sorts of amazing art pieces.

Danielle Cozine

The MIA is beautiful, educational, and large enough to get lost in. Every piece they have is unique and awe-inspiring in its own way. You could go every day for a month and still probably not see everything. And it's free!

Marylu Vasicek

It was a beautiful museum. We hope to go again some day. I recommend it if you have an interest in the visual arts.

Ali Ezzeddine

The exhibit on the Chinese bronze age artifacts is probably one of the best put together exhibits I've ever seen. The building is a beautiful piece of architecture situated in the middle of a beautiful neighborhood. Great experience.

Wilderness Productions

Beautiful displays. Huge building with so much to see!! Staff was very helpful and friendly. Loved every minute of my visit and wish I had more time. A must see if you are in Minneapolis.

Julie Faden

It's free, they have ample disability parking, and the site is huge! Bring your camera! There is a store, many permanent displays from Frank Lloyd Wright art , clay ephemera, centuries old paintings, marble statues, oh BRING comfortable shoes to wear! And it's a big complex to see!

Nicholas Berndt

Absolutely fantastic art displays. After seeing how many pieces there were and how varied they all were I'm honestly surprised it was free to view it all.

Max Bumgardner

What a wonderful treasure. Plus, it's free. We did pay the suggested donation out of respect. We had a wonderful time exploring. We found the staff to be exceptionally helpful and kind. This facility is on par with museums in much larger cities than Minneapolis. You will not be disappointed. There isn't much to do for small children, but anyone over the age of 12 will enjoy this experience as there is something for everyone. THANK YOU, Mia!!

Citizen X

Honestly.. I love the old concept design they have on display. The museum feels like it really should be bigger then it is but it holds a significant collection of artifacts from our worlds history. "It's always a pleasant repave to walk through the halls of history & see how far we have come yet how we short-a distance we have traveled on this long road if social evolution." "Me" 2019

Rachelle McCord

Always a good time here. I love the events for children and families it gives my children a chance to explore their own creativity. If you haven’t done so before, take the opportunity for a private tour. They can help curate a tour just for your group. The gift shop is full of quality items you’ll want to browse and buy.

Peng Vang

Take your time, obtain some knowledge from the artifacts, paintings, ans exhibits they have! Knowledge is power! And there's always room for more knowledge.

Claudia Lewis

Wonderful artwork throughout. Free admission is a plus. Friendly and knowledgeable staff and volunteers. Definitely will visit again next time I'm in Minneapolis.

Joe W

My first visit was excellent. There is so much to see and such a variety. I spent over 3 hours here with my wife and 2 grown boys. She is in a wheel chair and everything was easily accessable too.

Johanie Blanchette

The museum is amazing. It's 2 floors of wonderful history stuff. but the gift shop isn't that great. I didn't find anything to bring as a gift for myself and my family because it was not related to the museum or it was to expensive. Like 160$ for earrings.

Larry Nielsen

Toured Hearts of our People by Native American women at the MIA. Stunning, amazing, humbling, instructive in every way. Every kind of art expressing a people. A great addition to the fine regular Native American exhibits. Accessible. Low cost and worth it.

Roger Wiesmeyer

Stunning. Could have spent a week there. Exhibit of indigenous women was overwhelming. Tasted the Chinese, Japanese and classical collections. It was my first time. I look forward to visiting again

Erd Männchen

This is a very nice Muämuseum and overall it is for free. I had some questions at the entrance and the employee was really really nice and helpful to me. Beside things from Europe, Japan and other countries it is very interesting to see the origin of the American culture. For me it was also interesting how the style of rooms like kitchens and living rooms were in the past. I came from Germany for business purposes and I can recommend to go there if you are close to this location.

Bo Kapatsila

In the times when you have to pay for everything, this free to attend museum is a wonderful collection of art that spans from the prehistoric times to the modernity, from Asia to Americas. The collection of American artists from early to mid XXth century is probably of utmost interest, though the one looking for mainstream names of Picasso, Matisse, Degas and others can also indulge themselves with their works.

Corinna Turner

The art is exquisite and the staff is knowledgeable. I highly recommend spending, at the very least, two days here. There are three floors and simply not enough time in one day to see it all.

Gita Kar

'Hearts of Our People' was one of the best special exhibits at MIA. A standing ovation for the advisers and artists who created this extraordinary experience for us, all the years of thought and planning and detailed work that went into creating this exhibit for us. A pervading quiet power, resilient and life-giving filled the space. As did a deep sense of cultural, generational continuum. It is this rippling sense of trust, and life-giving relationships that we need in the world we want our children to inherit.

Anna Bottila

Always love exploring the Mia. One could spend days checking out the different galleries - there's something for everyone. They have a couple of great food options and a gorgeous museum store. I'd highly recommend visiting!

Brett Patzell

An amazing museum. I spent two hours there and still didn't see everything. It's a very relaxing, quiet place with lots of things to see. They have everything from ancient Greek/Roman statues to modern American paintings. Definitely would go back given the chance.

Michael Ujifusa

Underrated gem, one of the best places to go on a rainy day, gift shop staff are incredibly friendly and always willing to go the extra mile, wonderful selection of coffee-table books and random curiosities

Darlene Young

What an amazing place. I'm still stunned that you can visit the MIA for free or give a small donation. As a Canadian this is a novel concept I've never seen. Open for all is a beautiful thing. I love roaming the different exhibits. So many works of art to view.

Autumn Miller

Nice art museum, not much to distinguish it from other art museums, but the contemporary exhibit was great and the special exhibit about Mexican journalists who have disappeared was powerful.


Love MIA! I spent 3 hours only at the third floor but it wasn’t enough. I enjoyed the special exhibitions as well. Wish I can come here whenever I want.

Benjamin Hubert

The MIA is a gorgeous art museum that you can visit for free in the heart of Minneapolis. There is plenty of on street parking nearby and plenty of pay parking if you so choose. I recommend stopping in for those just visiting Minneapolis and those of us who live here. I personally love seeing the massive piece of jade on the upper level. It's worth finding.

Kara Elisabeth

This my college. Beautiful campus, awesome professors, and both buildings are connected by a little skyway. It's right by the Minneapolis Institute of Art which is an strike museum and super helpful to be near as a student.

joshua taye

It is a great museum. I love that they categorized the items based on the regional backgrounds. There's one section for Africa, one for Europe, and so on.

Zachariah Vruwink

Beautiful location with an extremely large collection of great art. We spent a few hours there on a visit to the city and barely scraped the surface on their collections. Very elegant building and professional employees.

Fan K

So let me tell you what! This place is definitely a place you have to visit if you're in the area. My husband and I made a mistake by starting on the first floor. The amazing paintings and sculptures are mostly on the top. We went an hour before closing and had to rush at the end to be able to see everything. Beautiful place they have there.


This museum is massive and free and incredibly diverse and free and regularly gets new things to see and did I mention free? I'm forever in love with the fact that this huge edifice of art and culture is (aside from some special ticketed events) free entry to the general public. You could easily spend an entire day here. You could spend SEVERAL days here. The cons are- no parking lot. You will need to find street parking and walk. Walking is the other con. You will be doing a lot of it, and while there is an elevator there are also several stairs. You will need good shoes. You will also need an open mind. This is an art museum so you might bump into some nude imagery, which isn't covered up 'for the children.' You will have to decide for yourself what your kids can handle. Personally I recommend becoming a contributing member so even the events you have to pay to see are cheaper.

Leah Iverson

Beautiful museum with folk Americana art along with global representation: Asia, South Pacific, Africa and Central and South America. The second Sunday of the month is a free family event that is super crowded. If you go that day, I’d recommend to come at opening (11am) in order to find a parking spot. That is the biggest challenge with the MIA, parking. There are a couple of small lots and small structures nearby ($10) but they fill up quickly.

Kristine Longfield

I love the Hearts of Our People exhibit. I will visit again when this exhibit is in the building! Please make a donation jar that is specifically for this exhibit. This exhibit is deserves to receive it's own private donations so they can use the donations for the next Mdewakanton generation of artists! We've got to invest in our people, and our culture in every way we can!

Mike Nixon

Free admission and lots of great art in the regular collections. I don't think I have ever made it through the whole collection in a single visit. Definitely pick up a map so you can find the rooms you want to weave your way through.

Takara Taziki Sauce

First of all it is free to come here. It is a great place for children to learn about different cultures, especially the second floor where you can see how Asian culture flourished in terms of spirituality, Art and history. Very beautiful place and can entertain the minds of not only children, but adults for hours!

Ariel rienstra

Went here when I had time to spare and was in the area but the time I spent there was astounding honestly. Looking at all the buddha statues and all the art created in ways that leave me in awe. Would definitely suggest visiting here and taking in all the culture! ♡

micah w

One of the best museums on the country AND it’s free! Well, up to your discretion on a suggested $10 donation. $10 per ticket would be a fabulous deal. The family days are super terrific as well. Love this place.

Jessie Polson

My daughter and I loved our visit. The art exhibits were varied and there were exhibits that both my seven year old and I could enjoy.

Heather Friedli-Ratzlaff

The MIA is doing an excellent job with outreach in the Native community. I was so moved by their current Exhibition, "Hearts of Our People". It's been long due to have such an amazing showcase of both historic and contemporary native women artists, contextualized on their own terms. More of this please! I am also a huge fan of the "Art in Bloom" event that happens annually. Beautiful flower arrangements, paired with beautiful works of art. Fantastic! The Children's Theater does great shows- but my complaint is that they don't do a good job with outreach into the lower income community. Ticket prices are high, and that limits access to the arts by those who need it most. I'm very happy as an artist with the ability to walk into the MIA and see pivotal, historic works for free! Art is for EVERYONE.

Regina Hernandez

We went on a weekday, and they weren't so crowded so we had plenty of space to browse and look at all the different exhibitions. I loved how they had a lot of local art to look at, the chair exhibit was one of my favorites. They have a very extensive Asian art exhibits, and an entire ancient Chinese dining room, which was super cool to look at. They also have Greek, Italian, Matisse, etc. anything that you could possibly want to look at is here. You can spend hours in here, it is definitely a must visit if you are in the Twin Cities.


Something for everyone! Very nice and well versed collection. Highly recommend visiting.

Amber Johnston

A beautiful experience for everyone. If you enjoy art and museums, you will love it here.

Kathryn Poe

Beautiful museum with a stunning collection! I was super impressed by the quality of the art on display. This museum has most of the bigger names in art and a ton of ethnic art from around the world. I would highly suggest!

Chad Lindquist

Great place to visit. Parking is easy if you use the parking garage.

Anna Dentlinger

Have been to visit a few times now and I always feel like I never see everything because it is so large and has so many amazing items. During my last trip I went to see the Sunken Cities exhibition again before it's closing at the end of the week, I'll sorely miss that temporary exhibition. The staff was friendly and helpful in answering a lot of my small questions and the lay out of it all is spectacular. I highly recommend visiting if you are in the Minneapolis area and it's free for permanent exhibits!

Casey Summers

Mia is a really good art museum with no admittance fee- just a suggested donation. There are many great works here from diverse cultures and time periods. I was pleasantly surprised to find a Van Gogh here. It is definitely worth a visit.

Richard Walter

Went to the book talk and was very happy with the docent. Very organized and shared great insight

Skyler Sutherlin

One of my favorite places in Minneapolis. High quality art which is regularly updated, good food options, great views of the city, and a price of $0. You can even become a member for free. Definitely worth visiting many times. The paid exhibitions are worth the money too.

Kristie Carter

The museum's permanent collection is top notch, especially for a city of this size. I absolutely adore the Asian Art collection including Jade Mountain. However, the traveling exhibits of late have been overcrowded, hard to navigate, and very difficult for someone who is claustrophobic. In fact at the Egypt exhibit most recently, I had to skip half the exhibit. Some potential solutions could be to let less people in at one time, or to have times where no audio tours are allowed, they slow people down substantially and make it hard to get in to see things if you want to go at your own speed. I would be willing to pay $10 more to be able to have half the people there.

Heather Hasty

Walking through the park to get there was a bit of an ordeal for two women, we were catcalled, cussed out and threatened. I highly recommend NOT parking in the street and parking in the parking garage. Once inside it was a teensy bit difficult to find what we were looking for but once we got there

Michael Russell

It was my first time there as I am a new resident of Minnesota and i throughly enjoyed Myself Great

A Platt

Love this museum. A fantastic place to see amazing art and special exhibits! A great place for family. They have several play spaces for kids of all ages. Family Day is every second Sunday of each month. Kids gets to do art projects, crafts, scavenger hunts, and lots of fun activities.

Steph Dammen

Visiting from Georgia and saw this on things to do in Minneapolis website. Hands down fantastic experience - great location, free and great parking. Not to mention their absolutely SPECTACULAR collection. Something for everyone. Impressed and will say SCAD has nothing on MIA. Wish more municipalities would invest in the arts like this and make it accessible to all. Well done Minneapolis!

Mahina Reyes

This museum is worth a drop by for art lovers. The staff are friendly and answer questions thoughtfully. The exhibits can be a little confusing especially if you are looking for something specific. They have a pretty neat feature available for patrons to use for a self guided tour via mobile phone. There's a great collections recent and close to ancient. There so much to see that one visit isn't enough.

Jason Wessel

Gorgeous and creative pieces not to mention the wide selection of cultures, styles, and time periods. Friendly and helpful staff as well as handy maps. Makes for a great afternoon for the low low price of $0!

Jaklyn McElveen

I cannot recommend this place enough. Admission is free, I always donate when I am able. Spread across 3 floors, it is a beautiful to lose yourself. It is accessible. It looks like a lot of stairs but there is a ground floor entrance, and elevators. The bathrooms are gendered. Will definitely keep coming back.

Kelsey Thompson

Great place to spend the day! Free admission and a huge gallery to explore. Interactive exhibits take it to another level. The gift shop is a really great place to find things you haven't seen before.

Dwayne Hampton

So much art from all over the world in one location it’s free admission but feel free to put in a small donation before you enter they have a cafe as well as a play room for the little ones they even have a movie theater inside that plays select shows check website for showtimes nice big park across from the art institute and walking distance to eat street win win pay this place a visit ASAP

Allen Shaw

Great place to peruse. Generally free admission. Touring art exhibits are cool.

Gordon Skiba

Very cool, haven't been there it seems for a decade or two but went to view the sunken cities of Egypt exhibit. We were able to see some very interesting things, that you couldn't of otherwise of seen outside of Egypt. Biggest problem was the crowds, and having to wait 5 minutes at each exhibit just to catch a glimpse of the exhibit. If it weren't for the crowds, I would have given this a 5 instead of a 4, and I would had an even better time. Recommend you go during off hours during the day of the week, and leave the weekends for something else!

Kinsey Anderson

One of my favorite place to visit! A wide variety of art pieces from a wide range of places and periods in the world! There is no admission fee so it's an ideal place to visit. The only problem is finding parking, the majority of which nearby is either limited to a few hours or requires payment. Overall M.I.A. is a must-visit for anyone in the Twin Cities. It's my go-to for dates, friends and family visiting from out of town, or even just for a relaxed day out. I highly recommend going here!

Brad Flannery

Huge museum with pieces from every century and every country. Within two visits, I have spent over four hours viewing just one floor out of a total of six!!! Will be visiting again.

Brandi Otieno

I've always loved this museum! We went on the last weekend of Egypt's Sunken Cities exhibit and Art in Bloom was happening at the same time. The Egypt exhibit was so crowded it was difficult to see much as many of the pieces we're small and I didn't feel like waiting in line for everything. It was also hard to read the descriptions and learn when you have to wait in mini lines within an exhibit. On the other hand it's great to see a museum utilized by it's community. MIA is well layed out and easy to follow especially with one of their maps. Staff are helpful with answering questions. I enjoy the Asian, African and Post-impressionism galleries the most. There also seems to be some unexpected modern/contemporary pieces there as well. A great place to visit but be prepared for crowds on busy event weekends including traffic jams for parking. They have a couple smaller parking lots but seem to fill up quickly. Best to walk, bike, or take public transit.

jagmohan singh

Beautiful and impressive. Such a beautiful museum taking through the journey of different era in different parts of the world via art. Introduces different cultures at different times too. Loved the collection of the finest items, some of them are more than 5000 BCE old. On top of that the entry is absolutely free. Wish I had more time to spend.

Mai Lee Yang

Loved visiting. MIA always impresses me each time I visit. The Asia Exhibit is my favorite. Love that the China and Japan exhibit had architectural structures.

Knight Michael Productions.

Great place to walk around and see cultural artifacts, and such, I got lost inside but I didn't mind since there was plenty of things to look at before I stumbled my back into familiar territory. Fun place to go to learn about cultural art with your eyes.

Austin Hanson

Wide selection of art to look at, place is pretty big, good energy and vibe to it, definitely worth checking out

Noah Patterson

We used an app they provide for free to play a virtual escape room. Very clever. We escaped! A great way to spend a morning with family.

Emma Teal

One of my favorite museums. I have always loved their featured exhibits, along with their pieces they’ve had for a while. The museum is well maintained, with respectful staff, a great gift shop, and an overall expectation of respect and appreciation for the artwork.

Josh E.

There are nicer museums in the world, even the US, but this one is great regardless. You can spend an entire day here, go if you've never been!

Allana Mount

Soooo much to see! Our family loves the different exhibits. The museum is well kept. Only thing I didn't like was the cafe expenses. It can rack up high for a family.

Gary Hill

The permanent installations alone are always worth the trip. The new and traveling exhibits are always extremely well done and fascinating.

Aaron Bogott

What a great free public Art Museum. Lots of variety from many different parts of the world and many different ages. I especially enjoyed the French impressionists or those who copied the French impressionists. There is definitely something for everyone in this museum. We spent over 2 hours and definitely just touched the surface. We will be back.

Joaquin Munoz

Love this museum! Tons of really great exhibits and lots of special features. I would recommend going before Hearts of Our Ancestors closes. It's one of the best exhibits I have seen!


I went with a group to see Matilda the musical and I was extremely impressed. The building was built very nice and the interior is very welcoming. Everything inside the building builds on it being an art institution with its elegance. The people working there were extremely nice to me and were very helpful with all my questions. Great place to go

Melody Morrell

I visited the Hearts of Our People exhibit with a friend on Tuesday and came back Thursday with my daughter. The video interviews of artists were crucial and beautiful. We also enjoyed the other exhibits. It is amazing that this is a free museum (we did pay to attend the exhibit by Native women). You would be hard-pressed to take it all in over just one visit. I also found museum staff very interesting and informative.

Leah Lambart

Very nice art museum with plenty to see for all interests. My kids love coming here when we visit the grandparents. We can take in a little bit each time and not feel like we have to do it all because it's free.

Lilian Shih

This museum is one of the best in America. It collected so many Chinese artworks which is very valuable. Many items are very special and beautiful.

Stephen Tschudi

Astounding collection. Huge. You will need several days. A temple for restoring your soul, no matter what your particular taste in art might be! And admission to the regular galleries is FREE.

J Wytaske

My grandmas friend had a photo of her and her ex girlfriend from maybe the 70s in one of the exhibits!! Was very beautiful. I always enjoy MIA but this visit was particularly cool.


My kind of museum. I can’t wait to go here again this year! It’s very fun exploring the museum. I like the big sun made of blown glass. If the big sun in the lobby is not made of blown glass, then the artist who created it made it look very much like blown glass. That sun is only one of the many cool artworks in the museum. One of the greatest places I’ve ever been to. I hope this place never closes.

Michele Myran

This is an amazing museum that I need to visit more often. Just saw the Egypt's Sunken Treasures exhibit. I was blown away by the beauty and detail of these pieces. The skills of the artists are breathtaking. Truly awesome.

Jessica H

Really neat Egyptian Sunken Cities exhibit. We also got the headphones with narration. It had a nice flow and very informative. The MIA has beautiful artwork in various era's and cultures. It's free and family friendly. The have a nice coffee shop with a cafe to get food. They have a large selection of beverages.

Maria Meyer

Parking on the street was easy, and we could only stay for about an hour. But it was amazing. Beautifully laid out and all the pieces were stunning. We especially loved the Jade Carvings. 10/10. We will be back!!!

Yale Leupold

Fantastic pieces many by the masters. Docents were knowledgeable too. Needed more time than 1 afternoon to truly see it all.

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