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REVIEWS OF Mill City Museum IN Minnesota

Wesley Christianson

Very interesting museum, there's a lot of interactive exhibits. It is a great museum for all ages. One you are done with the grain elevator experience the view from the top of the building is spectacular! The only thing I could ask to be better is I feel like there should be more signs with bigger letters telling you where things are.

Abigail Miller

An informative, interactive and overall a fun museum for all ages. Worth going if you enjoy baking or a bit of mfg history. Exhibits are fairly static so you may not want to go a second time, but do yourself a favor and spend 2 hours there to see the exhibits. Elevator ride tells the story of milling industry, roof deck gives a chance to see the cityscape of Minneapolis.

Aaron Hanson

This museum is in the Gold Medal Flour Mill that burned down in the 90s. They cleaned it all up, but left the empty shells you can really see the impact of the fire. Highlights of the museum are an elevator ride that is also history tour of Milling in Minneapolis and the museum. Then you spend a few minutes looking out over the gorgeous Mississippi River. My children absolutely love the water table room . They could spend hours in there. Baking lab is okay. kids play with dough and eat samples of fresh bread. The rest of the museum kind of has a hard time figuring out if it's an informational display or something for kids to play with. There's also a really good video about the history of the Twin Cities to watch, but I wouldn't recommend it for small children. Overall it's a really nice way to spend half a day.

Bill Wells

I had a long weekend in the area and a friend recommended this attraction, what a great time. The museum teaches the history of the flour industry and how the twin cities grew around it; the displays, exhibits, movies, and elevator ride are FANTASTIC! This was an afternoon well spent. If you do anything while you are in the area make it this. There are some free areas but there is a $12 admission to get into all the good stuff. The employees and guides are extremely educated in the rich history surrounding the area and anxious to share. There is also an excellent lunch spot and cute gift shop inside; this is a great way to spend a few hours enriching yourself learning the local history.


My daughter loves this place. It was the main reason we became members of the MN Historical Society. Lots of interactive displays and amazing views.

Steven Li

Very informative! The view is good as well.

Jeff Frank

Surprisingly entertaining museum for adults & kids. They do an excellent job of taking a somewhat dry (see what I did there) subject and make it interesting through experiential elements that bring it to life. See, smell, touch & taste what the mill was like during its lifetime. “Minneapolis in 19 mins” film gives you a crash course in all things Mslp in a comfy theatre showing on the half hour. But the highlight is the Flour Tour which, via a freight elevator, takes you on a visceral, experiential historical journey as told through the voices of former employees. Admission: $12 for adults $6 kids 5-17 $10 seniors, military & students Plan on spending 1.5-2 hrs for a visit.

Duane Camitsch

Well laid out and impeccably maintained, the museum is great way to learn about how this area developed. The exhibits work for people of all ages. There's enough detail for the mavens, and the casual tourist can breeze through with ease. The view of the river, even in winter, still has its charm. Ample parking and great choices for food nearby make this a good trip.

Andy Johnson

Great views of the riverfront and a solid history of the early industrial history of the city. The facility is beautifully preserved and updated, providing a great mix of original structure, fire damage, and modern alternations. All and all, a good tour for anyone with an agricultural background or interest in Minnesota history.

Jason Howard

Fascinating museum that tells a great story about Minneapolis. I had no idea that the heart of flour production in the US was located here.

Larry Imperiale

Nice visit and educational. Elevator history ride was fun and different

Brandon Coffey

Fun spot to learn some historical information. Tour of the exploded flour factory was very neat

Pamela Kuhens

I thought we were visiting a museum about sawmills. To my surprise, I found it's about grain Mills. Very informative and fun. I enjoyed the Pillsbury dough boy display.

Michael Holdcroft

Very creative and informative. Loved the elevator tour. The museum film is easily the best museum film I have ever seen. Just very well done all around.

Emily Castle

Wonderful museum! Such an interesting way to learn the history of Minneapolis.

Derek Larson

Must-see for the area, fascinating history of the Milling industry. Exhibits are fairly static so you may not want to go a second time, but do yourself a favor and spend 2 hours there to see the exhibits. Excellent Minnesota themed gift shop as well.

Greer Hughes

Very informative musrum. Great for all ages

Brenda Rohlik

Interesting and fun but not worth the price of admission.

Doan Truong

A real treat to visit. The Flour Tower lives up to the hype. The cafe offers a delicious lunch (vegetarian friendly) at reasonable prices. As an engineer visiting from out of town, this was definitely the highlight of my trip!

Jer R

Fun place to spend time while downtown to get away from the noise and crowds for a bit.


An interesting museum offering docent lead tours. A chance to learn a little about the milling history of Minneapolis. Elevator provided for those who are stairs challenged. Gift shop and restrooms available on the first floor.

Samantha Rosenberg

This is the most adorable museum. Don't forget to go on the "ride" where you eventually end up at the top of the museum and get to enjoy a great view of the river and stone arch bridge. We had a blast playing at the water tables as well.

Eti Khang

Loved it. Went on the free tour. Perfect mix of information and action. A museum that helps you understand why Minneapolis is what it is today. Can recommend a visit. The one thing they need to change. Get a nice bakery instead of the fast food. This placw shouls smell like bread and not grease.

Jason McNulty

It provided an interesting lol into Minnesota's milling heritage.

Gail Schrooten

Great museum... lots to see and do

Ray Mikesell

An interesting overview of the use of why Minneapolis is at the location it is, and how the flour mills sprang from that. Enjoyable for the kids with the water engineering area and the exploding flour mill show. Nice view of the Mississippi from up top of the building and historical methods used to this day.

Elsa Lankford

Great museum! I didn't realize that flour or flour production could be that interesting. The tower of flour exhibit is well worth the price of admission. It's a very imaginative way to tell history through projection, animatronics, and audio. You really feel like the plant is up and running again as you go through the different floors. Fantastic view from the top of the building, and very informative about how we get wheat flour (and even a little about other flours). The 19 minute film about Minneapolis history is also well worth it. Great gift shop too!

Justyna Janiszewska

Very nice museum with a number of activities. Guided tour was very informativeand interactive - our guide Fred seemed to know every bit about this place!

Aaron Wiese

I am not from Minneapolis, and had no idea that the city had such a proud tradition in milling. This museum taught me a ton in a very short amount of time, and it did so in a succinct, enjoyable way. The Flour Tower Tour is a must, very thoughtfully designed and enjoyable.

Monte Dybvig

Unique Museum. Great to see the largest flour mill in the world at one time. Definitely a good experience. I recommend it for anyone.

Tyler Winter

An excellent history museum. A fascinating view of history from the perspective of the river and the mills they powered.

Joann Stewart

The Mill City museum is an informative, interactive and overall a fun museum for all ages. They have exhibits for all ages, from the history presented in the elevator to the kitchen presentation to the area for the kids. We have gone in the summer and winter. When visiting in the summer, allow for time to go outside and explore the ruins as well as the Stone Arch bridge

Angella Hanson

Nice museum about the founding of Minnesota's flour Mills, build inside the ruins of one of the largest flour Mills in the US. Expect to spend at least 2 hours, to see and read everything. There is a charge for parking, so if the weather is nice, I recommend walking the rest of the Mill District while you are there. Beautiful scenery.

P Limbach

The Flour Tower tour told some stories about the mill. The museum has a lot of information and hand on exhibits. The observation deck has some great views!


Nice little stop. Has some little hands on for kids and 2 nice info video things(one being a ride). Worth going if you enjoy baking or a bit of mfg history.

James M. Gowen

Incredible views from here, it really is a place that I loved quite a lot, I think most people here are enriched by the history of this place.

Shannon Hunter

Beautiful place to learn about the history of our great state with helpful, knowledgeable staff!

Aaron Hall

Friendly staff there to answer questions and advise you on the scheduled tours and movie.

Josh Frash

Free museum with a ton of original structures. Walking distance from many other attractions and right off the main bike path through town. Good spot for student tours and field trips.

Catherine Stewart

This was a fun museum. My 8 year old and I enjoyed riding the freight elevator and learning the history of this old flour mill. There is a synthesized explosion in the flour tower/elevator ride that the kids all said was scary, so be warned (no one cried though). After the ride is over, you get a panoramic view of the Mississippi river. The tour staff are very knowledgeable, which is great for adults. The main level gallery has a lot of interactive exhibits, including a room with water play where you get to try to be a logger or run all the flour mill wheels at once by directing the water flow. It's worth a visit. We spent an hour and a half there, and wished we had more time.

Brad Tompkins

Fantastic look back into MN history of water powered Mills and general industry

Claudia Lewis

Where else can you visit a museum dedicated to flour milling? What a treat to learn about this part of Minneapolis history. Visiting when the farmers market was open was a plus. The cafe on site makes mean frittata.

Willie Herath

This museum is a must see! The facility is like a gorgeous Phoenix rising from the ashes. Everything about this place was spectacular, except the film about the history of Minneapolis in 19 minutes. Actually, the film was quite entertaining and rich in information. The reason why I'm giving this place one star has to do with the film and how a jab was made toward a certain group of people causing some of the audience to snicker. We supposedly live in an age of equality, where all values and opinions are respected, yet this film clearly communicates that it is acceptable to demean Christians.

Michael Chergosky

Not the most interesting museum in the Twin Cities, but a very cool building with great views.

Alex Kertis

Very interesting and informative museum with a terrific video of the history of Minnesota and Minneapolis, The Flower Tower tour was fantastic too. Great exhibits as well.

Steven Gumeny

Great tour and a well preserved piece of city history. Well worth the price of admission! Plan about 2.5 hours to complete the whole experience. Don't miss the flour tower and baking lab!

Richard Moser

Great tour of the flour mill history of Minneapolis. Gold Medal for sure!

Nicole Botzet

Fun for the whole family. Lots to to see and learn. Great history.

Amy Rager

Love this museum. Have visited many times and learn something each time.

Jeannie Ross

Very informative & interesting l. My husband & I both worked @ a mill & we loved it!

Noah Lucas

Great history, views, and experience. Visited for the Mill City Summer Opera and had a wonderful experience both in the ruins for the show and inside the modern air conditioned museum and building

Lela Dunn

Very clean family entertainment.. Nice views.. Short film, elevator exhibit, small cafe, gift shop... Staff are educated. :)

Roxie Tinher

Awesome sight to see in Minneapolis. Especially if you like history of the city you live in or you like to learn about the city you are visiting. Lots of pride in the people who worked that Mill.

Bo Kapatsila

You need around two hours for this place, and you won't regret a second of it. Elevator ride tells the story of milling industry, roof deck gives a chance to see the cityscape of Minneapolis. Trudge through the galleries, sample bakery goods from the lab and have fun with water props - you'll enjoy it all!

Darlene Young

I really enjoyed this museum. It is not large so doesn't require a lot of time to view everything. I highly recommend the freight elevator tour which is novel, informative and leads to the observation deck where the views of the stone arch bridge is beautiful. It was great to see original machinery and the small bakery kitchen. The staff was super friendly and very welcoming. Make sure to explore the ruins across the street between the museum and the stone arch bridge. It's just a nice little walk and a bonus.

Adam Yost

Very informative museum, while still being engaging to the visitor. The interactive portions where clever and entertaining, and the collections of machinery was impressive to see. As other reviewers have noted, the "flour tower" freight elevator ride is there highlight of the museum, and is included in admission, so don't miss it!

Scott Koester

It was raining heavily outside and we wanted something to do that was dry and could take up a few hours. We went there not knowing a thing about this place. It ended up fascinating both of us. Admission was only 12 dollars. But parking across the street was 8. Once inside the curators were knowledgeable and friendly. It starts off with a great 19 minute video about the history of the area. Then you go on this Tower of Tower looking elevator for a glimpse into what the mill was like when operational. When you finish the tower experience there is a top floor observation deck that provides great views of the city and river. All before returning to the main level where there are interactive and informative things to do for all ages. We had a great time and learned plenty.

Franco Amalfi

This is such an awesome place. I visited for a private event. Really enjoyed.

Paul Rogers

Worth thre price of admission for the view alone! They have an elevator ride that goes among the different floors that would have been in the mill, accompanied by voice over stories. At the end, they let you out 9 stories up and give you an amazing view over the Mississippi River, St. Andrew's Falls, and the Stone Bridge. The actual museum is interesting, but probably more fun for the elementary age crowd.

Steve Schnell

Terrific city museum. Thoughtful and creative educational displays. Great view from the top.

Rho M.

A wonderful museum with films, bake shop, city overlook, and artificats that truly represent late 1800s-early 1900s Minneapolis! The highlight for me was to walk among the preserved burnt area of the original plant that closed in 1965 that was badly burned in 1991.

Curtis Herbel

Well worth the time, tons of Twin Cities history here, terrific views from the top

Ann L

Very interesting history of flour mill. Lots of interactive exhibits and artifacts from General Mills. Views from obsevarion deck are great

Jason Schoolmeesters

Lots of very neat and well put together exhibits. Truly a great experience

A Shen

A surprisingly fun experience. The museum is fairly small but we'll set up, with activities in the back. I would definitely recommend the inclusive ticket so you get to learn about the mill and see the top floor, from which you get great views of the river. The short documentary is also surprisingly interesting and does a good job of not dragging to long. My complaints are that we did not get to do a baking activity, because it is not well scheduled with relation to the other 2 scheduled events; and the outside park was closed, although I have heard this is normal in the winter.

Camille Speck

Wonderful glimpse into Minneapolis's industrial history as the flour milling Capitol of the world. Fun interactive displays for kids and the young at heart, plus an 8 floor multimedia "ride" in an elevator culminating in a trip to the 8th floor observation deck. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. We had a blast.

joshua stadler

Interesting ride in an elevator explaining the history of the roll of the mills in Minneapolis. It seems old and dated. Could definitely use an update. However I would recommend doing it. The view from the top of the mill makes it worth it.

Blitz Viridis

Very interesting. A great way to get a personal understanding of Minneapolis history. The flour tour is very well put together and I could see it being interesting to children as well as adults.

Rebecca Martin

Make sure to take the Flour Tower tour. Very surprising exhibit, very well done. I don't want to give it all away because I appreciated being unaware of what it was like ahead of time. At the top you get amazing views of the river/falls.

Peter Hays

Everything here is great! It's half the science of milling and half the history of Minneapolis. Great views from the top of the observation deck after riding up in the "flour tower". Great information for the adults and fun, interactive exhibits for the kids (and kids at heart!)

Natalie Friede

Great museum! Fun for kids of all ages. They have interactive exhibits, a glorious flour tower, and plenty of info

Mark Rahr

Very interesting museum! Good hands on for the kids.

Butch Groves

If your into history you'll enjoy the museum and tour

Marzella Brown

This was my first time visiting this venue. The architecture was fabulous. And the Carribean band was great. I would just suggest gettibg there early for seating.

Vince Gattinella

If you only have time for one thing in Minneapolis, make it this! Wonderfully engaging and educationally interesting. This museum has a Farmer's Market in the main courtyard on Saturday's, amazing views of St. Anthony's Falls, and plenty of information to keep you busy for hours. Don't miss this historic gem!

matthew Childs

The flour tower is really well done. The museum does a good job of explaining the history and importance of the flour industry.

Niki Niki

Here for 2nd grade field trip. Always great to learn about the history of our city. Staff is very knowledgeable. Go on a day where school kids won't be there

Hamzat A. Koriko

The place grounds nicely the past in the now...

Sherry Jackson

Wonderful place for the whole family, and a great place to start your tour of the Twin Cities.

Kyle Pike

A wonderful snapshot at the intricacy and romance that was the Minneapolis Mill District. Many artifacts and original pieces of machinery still survive and the staff are very friendly and very knowledgeable concerning both milling and the history of the mill district.

Kevin Fitzgerald

Great staff and interesting content! Best for kids, but could make for an out of the ordinary adult trip, too.

Brigit Nicole

2nd time going and still loves every minute of it. Great location to get out and explore after the tour inside.

Graham Parenteau

Great interactive exhibits! Understanding the Mill City of Minneapolis Minnesota, history, the water usage at the dam as well as the history of Saint Anthony falls was also really fasinating! If you are a historic history person or just curious its worth your time to check out!

Davis Turner

Most people we asked didn't recommend the museum, but I highly suggest visiting it when in Minneapolis. It offers insights into the history of Minneapolis—from the impact of mills on the local economy but also on how it incentivized cleaning up their rivers. Lots of old architecture and interactive exhibits on the ground floors make it kid-friendly as well. Great views of the river and the Stone Arch Bridge.

Mason Lugo

Cool little spot, did the tour and it was crazy filled with kids. A lot of tours for field trips going on. The view of the river was awesome. Definitely made the trip worth doing


Very interesting to see an historical reconstruction of a vital industry and the role it played in a city's growth.

Sara Seefeldt

Went on a whim one Sunday and were not disappointed. Minnesota Historical Society does a great job with any of their sites, but I was particularly surprised by how interactive, informative and well-done this museum is. The Flower Tower elevator experience was so fun and a cool twist on a typical museum exhibit. We learned so much about Minneapolis, even after living here for years. Great for any age too!

Cristina Cruz

I love this museum so much my partner has jokingly told me I should move there several times. The museum is small but interactive, fun, and informative. It also hosts the "Flower Tower" ride, which is an incredibly fun and unique way to experience the history of the mill, and also offers an amazing view of Minneapolis. In my very humble opinion, the best part of the museum is the film "Minneapolis in 19 Minutes Flat". Local storyteller Kevin Kling narrates the history of the city, and I will admit it makes me tear up every time. 100% a must-see, especially with children- of all ages!

Kristie Carter

This was such an interesting and engaging museum! The only thing that would have made it better would be having more of an idea about the flow of traffic or direction as to where the onlookers should go. There were fresh cookies made every 10 minutes and handed out in the kitchen where you can learn about the different types of wheat grain and what they are used for. The whole process of making flour is interesting and the unfortunate fire which destroyed most of this building is phenomenal!

Dan May

Great interactive exhibits and tours! Fun for the whole family and great views from the observation deck

Christina Loma

I had always wanted to go to this museum after growing up in Minnesota and seeing the Gold Medal Flour sign my whole life. My husband and I finally went to visit and the museum is much more interesting than we expected and the ride in the grain elevator is so unique! We want to bring any and all out of town guests here. The view on the top floor is spectacular as well, but the amount that you learn here is amazing as well!

Lukas Olson

Nice view of the Stone Arch Bridge and a cool elevator ride/tour that does a pretty good job of recreating the experience of working in the mill. Is it the best museum I've ever been to? Definitely not. Is it more interesting than a "flour museum" sounds? Definitely.

Randolph Maltbia

Great historical tour. Learned some great facts about the wheat industry and how it shaped the region.

Jaklyn McElveen

For the record I was only here once, while working a catered event. The building is gorgeous and by going downstairs you can stand inside the ruins. I would like to tour it some day.

Kaitie Kovach

A great place to stop off you want to learn about the history of Minneapolis. The price of admission is definitely worth it for the grain tower presentation and the view from the top of the building.

John Shannon

One of the best museums I've ever been to. They really put some thought, energy and investment into the place that helped build America. You'll learn a lot!

Austin Hanson

Tells the history of the mill, has a few things to look at with informative descriptions. worth the trip for sure

Jake Kalifornia

We have been here a few times. We see and learn something new each time we go. There are multiple interactive displays that provide insights into the milling process, the river, and the history of the Twin Cities. The views of the river and downtown are also very nice. Excellent place for groups and kids. You will need to pay for parking and finding spots can be challenging. I recommend going on a weekday to beat the crowds.

Todd Morey

If you like history this place is very cool. Has a great history about the flour milling industry in Minneapolis. And there are some nice exhibits. Thought it was definitely worth the time and money.

Mister Jon

Informative for adults and kids alike. Kids 5-9 years old didn't want to leave they were having so much fun. Ensure you do the flour tower. Kids like the water lab. Older kids liked making their own cereal box. Beautiful views of the river and surrounding area. MN historical society members get in free.

Aaron Piper

Walked through, didn't go through the museum. The inside and the surrounding area is very nice and with seeing if you are in the area. You don't need to pay to enjoy the history and the architecture of the buildings.

Shina Alade

Really well done historical museum. Fun interactive exhibits and great storytelling.

Jody Peterson

The guides are interesting and they can provide you with information on SO much of the times then!

Henning P

Visit the highest platform to see the beautiful Mississippi and the Bridges

Patrick Perez

A unique space in an abandoned flour company structure. Fascinating information. Stunning views of Minneapolis. A very friendly and enthusiastic staff.

Jessica Hine

Really cool. Flower tower tour was really neat I recommend you do it and during certain dates during the summer time military is free!

Piper Smith

Amazing! The staff are so nice and knowledgeable about everything in the museum. Would recommend.

Eric Escamilla

Everyone new to or just visiting should take the time to learn how the great city of Minneapolis came to be. Highly recommended and worth the price of admission in my opinion. Not to be missed by history buff and/or museum connoisseurs. (Included pic was taken from the observation deck)

aeromona53221 smith

Really neat museum. Interactive things for kids to do. Very interesting, especially if you like museums. I enjoyed the observation deck and the "elevator ride that has a story".

leen vansteenkiste

very interesting. not that big. we spent there about 2 hours

Yizhar Baumer

Interesting way to know the history of the city. Very good, professional and knowable staff. Interesting theme elevator

Tasha Smagula

Go here! I made it a destination for our trip because of the excellent reviews and really enjoyed it. They put you on a bit of a schedule but it helps keep the pace. The Flour Tower is a really special presentation and the views are spectacular! They also have a lot of interactive exhibits and very friendly staff. My only critique is they didn’t sell flour tote bags and I really wanted one!

Kristen Stacey

Lovely farmers market! Can't wait to bring my son back on a less packed day to learn some Minnesotan history.

Cindy Lilla

Very informative and fun look into the past. My mother used Gold Medal flour. Great look into the past. Great view into the past.

Deanna Van Bruggen

Very interesting museum to tour, and many hands on activities from grinding flour to making bread! Didn't take very long to go through, but it was fun.

Mark Binder

Nice for kids. Not much for adults. The museum is thin. Big on atmosphere, but not much in the way of explanation. The elevator ride is a blend of diorama and narrative from former employees. The Minneapolis in 19 minutes movie was cute and feel good. If you don't already have background, you won't get it here.

Michelle Turtschin

Do not miss this!! History, scenery, great stop.

Irina Vezikov

This place was so cool, can't believe how long I've lived here and never checked it out until now. A lot to see or do in a couple hours, the explosion demonstration and the flour tower tour were really cool. Great for both kids and adults.

Yu He

Best "real life" exhibition ever! Do leave 5-6 hours if you want to go over everything in detail (as each of the exhibition hall rightly deserves).

Daniel LaRose

The building is very important in not only our city's history, but the upper Midwest too. There are interactive displays including a water lab and a baking lab that the kids especially loved. The staff are all very friendly.

Slsclimbhgts Minneapolis

Something for all age groups. Self guided or tours. Great Mpls history here.

Danae Bye

I’ve only been to the museum with an elderly group on an outing but I think the museum is a great place to go. It is fun interesting has things to play with and history to learn. They have a 19 minute Minneapolis video which was actually a really cool history of Minneapolis (I think I learned a better overview in those 19 minutes than my 26 years). They also have this kinda fun elevator ride where you can learn all about what happened at the plant and the down fall. All of the staff there have been awesome and friendly. Also you get to bake!! I personally have not had the chance to yet, but what a cool way to learn (spoken from a good scientist so I could be biased) overall it’s worth it to just come look at and enjoy from the outside. It’s a beautiful building shrouded with history.

Laura Lind

Easy way to learn history. Great 19 min. Show.

Peng Sue Vang

Definitely worth checking out if you've never visted. Groupon/go as a group or as a casual date. Makes you feel like a kid again, going on one of those unexpected field trips. Gorgeous view of Minneapolis once you're at the top floor, great knowledge to pick up about the Mill City museum, and it's close to other attractions/restaurants nearby!

Jonathan Aurand

It's a great little museum in an old mill. Admission is free for Minnesota Historical Society members. Our kids loved the water room and seeing how milling has been done. We got some cool tidbits from the founding it Minneapolis and the role industry, and milling in particular, played in the development of the city.

John Foreman

Nice museum that illustrates the role of the river and milling on the growth of the city. Be sure to purchase extra tickets for the Tower Tour by elevator and watch the free 19 minute movie describing the history of Minneapolis.

Ruby Staging

It was lovely. Loved the restaurant and the little store

Sandeep K.S

An excellent museum for entire family entertainment and education. Dont miss the water themed activities. Views from the observation deck are second to none. Fun filled elevator based explanation by courteous and informative staff.

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