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700 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55402, United States

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Where is Mary Tyler Moore Statue?

REVIEWS OF Mary Tyler Moore Statue IN Minnesota

shawn hentges

Cool place nicolette mall great old street newly developed got see its a must

Dave DeSimone

Great photo stop but no place to park as its downtown.

Joan Marketos

She is beautiful. An icon in TV comedy. And she put Minneapolis on the map of beautiful cities in which one might like to find themselves. I think I've seen every show. Twice. Out maybe 3 times. I HAD to come see her.

Amy Jones

Josh Flodin

chris schlueter

Maureen McKirdy


Stu StuartS

Only a statue but makes me remember the TV show

Mary Epperson

So cool

Elizabeth Crescio

david bernstein

Bushey David


Michael Brown


Mr. Mark

I'm From Minnesota.

Jessica Brouillette

Lyn Sibley

Stacey Scarcella

A must see

Cheli Aguilar

Rheanna Schmidt

Good place to get fun pics and do some shopping at the nearby stores!

cindy stewart

We had so much fun this day. There were others doing the same thing and offered to take our pictures.

Ruben Nunez

Its a statue. Its cold and rainy

jack Donaghy

Barry Wernke

Couldn't find it. Was not where the map said it should be.

Brett Johnson

A must stop and see.

Jose Angel Tollens

It's cool

Connie Edberg

Passing by took a quick look at statue!

Erin Joseph

Gregory Norfleet

Casey Kluver

Ryan holmes

John Boehler

Guy Lancaster

William Harkleroad

I love MTM, and I'm glad Minneapolis honerd here for her work.

Kevin Brossart

E Ojeda

Gabe Doro

Very hot


Jirou Oisin

Susan Bernard

You're gonna make it, afterall!!

Denise Hagner

this is quite iconic however with everything being under construction knowing that this is a tourist spot they should do a little better job with trying to hide some of the tarps and scaffolding behind it to make it a little nicer for visitors coming to see it. all of my photos are extremely disappointing with green tarps and scaffolding. For many people this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip and this is the photos that they have. Very disappointing.

Marc Abbiss

Phil Zingsheim

Who can really turn the world on with her smile

Bonnie Sheehan

Ramala Shelton

Iconic street corner

K Hyde

She can turn the world on with her smile.

Steven Gracyalny


Mariann Beard-Goss

Used to be my favorite show as well...watched every episode RIP Rhoda too

Melissa L. Petzel

Bryce Bensema

Ken Black

If you like MTM, TV history or statues it is worth a wander on by.

Janis Froehlig

I'm so pleased with the commemoration. Minneapolis has done a respectful and respectable job of handling and presenting it. Mary Richards (and "That Girl's" Ann Marie, Marlo Thomas) wore pants, to work, on TV... and your're thinking, "So?" If they hadn't, you likely wouldn't be. Now, go get your Men's Studies or Men's History degree.... Do take a few minutes to read her wiki bio if you haven't.

John Ryan

James Chamberlain

Matt Meisch

Feel good icon for everyone.

Ken Seaton


Mark Meyer

Andrew Heisz

Always a delight to walk by.

Michael Gunde

Have to check it out. Brings you back to a simpler time.

Corey Jacobs

What's so wrong with bus stops with a little history? I catch buses here daily and the construction in 2018 was worth it. This area cleaned up nice.

Rev Ronald-Philip Tanner, MDiv MEd

Stanislaw Schmal

Frederick Toran

Splendid IREney

Sheila Cole

jc austin

tourist attraction in minneapolis

Joyce Perrie

The famous "Mary Tyler Moore" statue!

Jacob Jackson

Was there for ncaa got on the news thks mary

Laura Peters

Martin Voight

michael pleva

Charles Ward

An icon best statue I have seen

Anne Chatelaine

Just an awesome reminder of what she gave to the city. People were putting a scarf around her, it was frigid that day.

Burt Perkins

She's finally back!

Chad Fallon

Awesome to see it during the Super Bowl Live event. It had a Minnesota Vikings glove on her hand up in the air!

Lela Dunn

So cute..her outfit was perfect!!!

Brian Rappe

Byron Blaine

Magdalena Cruz Ramirez

T Remy

It is nice that Minneapolis did a remembrance for her! I think for many of us during the 70's it was the first time we saw the city on TV every week, even if it was the same shots of the more famous buildings.

Angie Schatschneider

Super cool spot right on light rail stop in downtown Minneapolis. We had fun recreating and posing for pictures.


An iconic statue downtown. I always say hello to her on my way to and from work for good luck..... She made it!

Zac Wise

Evance Gayles

Fun to go see !

Cha-Tea TSM

Derek B

Lisa Vargas

Teresa Joyce

Manny Winston

Pamela Gross

Gotta love Mary. I have her on my profile photo. I just moved to the twin cities and feel just like her. I’m gonna make it after all!

Jody Ann

Who can turn the world on with a smile?

Robert Liebsch

Love is all around. Love me Minneapolis and some MTM!

Phong Dang

Not as good as the uncensored version of the statue where she holds up the decapitated head of the Visigoth king. In ancient text, they referred to her as Mary Tyler the Moor.

Randy Pasko

Walter Kaudelka

John Smith

Scott Piercy

Mike Lurins

Kellee ' Krouse

Elizabeth Stephan

Shaun Hurkmans

Everything is good

Tricia LeTang

Ahmad Alaqrabawi

Jim Ryan

John Moss

Becky Groseth

Robin Brindle

Randy Stahr

Trendy bums

Sally Garcia

Kim Kildal

Derek Caplan

Nathan Anton

It turns the world on with a smile. Every once in a while it takes a nothing day and makes it all seem worthwhile. It, of course, did make it, after all... Ding ding ding ding. Meow

David S

It's so cool to see her downtown.

Ольга Демидова

A lovely statue of a great actress

Rainy Boran

Open 24/7. Always smiling.

Becca Peterson

Great memories, great photo op for tourists and residents! Don't forget to go inside the building and see the escalator/restaurant she eats at.

Andy Trawick

fernando vite

Wendy Bradstreet


jonel deboer

A classic! Have to see it as a part of TV history!

Tammy Wittal

We were on a city- wide scavenger hunt! Had a blast even if our teenagers did not know who the statue depicts

Lacey FitzGerald

Awesome tribute to an amazing woman. ♥

Nick Goedert

Paul Ecklund

The statue is inside the Minneapolis visitors center

Meet Minneapolis

MTM statue is at 505 Nicollet in the Minneapolis Visitor Information center.

Gayla Dial

Loved seeing the statue.

Mary Ellen Hochkins

Outstanding experience. Her statue adds flavor to a fantastic city. Minneapolis is a beautiful and welcoming place.



oz Osborne

duane brooks

I remember the show from when I was a kid

Glenn Booker

The MTM show was great, and it actually was one of the things that got people to learn where Mpls was.

PhilosoKey Keyz

I actually used to live up the street from where they shot the original Mary Tyler Moore show that was a nice experience knowing that I lived by such a place..

Leanne Knutson

Not the best likeness of Mary but a nice tribute to her and she is a part of Minneapolis history. Fun to visit some of the places they showed in the theme song.

Tom A

Randall Gaa

You can't visit Minneapolis and not see the Mary Tyler Moore statue.

Elaine Pickett

John Mazak

Loved it. Brought back great memories!!

The Guy

Why is this here?

Bambi Schafer

Drew Laleman


Draper Smith

John M.

Creepy Place...Creepy People. MSP Is...Well...Kinda Creepy

Albino Amy

David Hallenberger

I get to see this 5 days a week and still everyday I see people taking their picture with the statue definitely a Minneapolis icon

ellen walker

Fun to see MTM statue

LaDonna Jacobson

Fun to be on Nicollet Mall and see the statue.

Julia Galloway

Shes iconic. How could we not see her

Yvonne Cloud

Hahaha my bus stop for going home. I'm not even sure if statue still there after the renovation mall stuff. I enjoyed the statue I used to watch her show. I even watched her as child on the Dick Van Dyke show. Yes I'm older now.

Rachel Weston

American classic

P Ariza

Kevin Hallenberger

Rob Rob

Danilo Zambrano

(Translated by Google) Fabulous (Original) Fabuloso

david racher


Shelia Bland

Iconic image from TV show just as Mary tosses her hat into the air.

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