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Where is Historic Fort Snelling?

REVIEWS OF Historic Fort Snelling IN Minnesota

Kaitlin Ruppert

My husband and I finally visited Historic Fort Snelling after living in the Metro for 6 months. It was so nice to be so warmly welcomed by all of the staff. I personally enjoy experiencing and learning about history hands on and Fort Snelling does a wonderful job of that. In addition to their demonstrations, visitors have the opportunity to join in themselves like learning how to march or playing baseball with the actors. Super fun day overall!


Awesome experience! The staff was very eager to talk about the fort and very knowledgeable. Lots to see and my kids loved it as well! They did kids games and shot off the canon which was a great time!

Eric Nelson

We love to learn!! They love to teach here. Perfect family outing.

Scott Walmsley

Pretty good site, if you've been to Fort Mackinac, the first thing you will notice is that the pride and upkeep of Fort Snelling is way better, there seems to be a greater investment by the individual volunteers here in Minnesota to keep the Fort experience top notch. We watched the presentation of the soldiers firing the canon which was very informative. Blacksmith producing nails was quite interesting, the smith nailed it (pun).....Colonels house was interesting, and the standard collection of 1800's plains furniture was nice to see.

Marlaina Minear

Easy to follow wether or not you have a guide. The people in the room are very good.

Nancy Gaulke

We visited Fort Snelling on Memorial weekend. It was fascinating and very informative. As he wandered the fort, people in period clothing demonstrated everything from firing cannons to baking bread in brick ovens. I was so impressed with how knowledgeable they were about the history of the fort and the daily lives of those who resided there. There was so much to see and learn that we plan to go back again.

Tina Hager

Interesting, people were treated very badly! Glad I didn't live back then. Wish the battle scene reenactment we're a little better. Bloodier for sure, maybe have a couple guys drop to the ground.LOL

Hanry Berkman

Fun easy Hike! will make sure to grab my pups next time

Laura Fischer

Super fun way to spend a Saturday morning with the kids. My boys enjoyed playing in the baseball game and seeing all the cannons. Lots to learn and see and touch. Fun place!

Mackenzie Powers

I went there fora field trip and it was soooo fun!!!!!

Pete Siemers

Great demonstrations of early Fort daily activities. Fort personnel were knowledgeable on subjects of the day. Great experience.

Sarah Sadique

Great experience with really friendly and knowledgeable staff. Lots of demonstrations and exhibits. Some important but difficult topics were covered well and I appreciate it that they made an effort to communicate to all age ranges. Since it is a self-guided tour you can spend your time in the areas you really want to learn about. I would recommend it for school-age kids up to adults. Small children can definitely experience the whole Fort, but they might not get as much out of it as older children would.


Great place to walk around and explore near the Twin Cities!

J. Lindberg

A great place to spend time and learn.

Alexey Batchenkov

Very educational place. It is the best historical site for kids I've seen so far. Lots of activities. The staff is affable and knowledgeable.

Lisa Moncur

I'm a volunteer at Fort Snelling, and there is always something new to learn.

Chris Prescott

Excellent place to visit to learn US and Minnesota history.

Jane Vanderschaaf

Wonderful history and was so nice to have historians giving you more info along the way!

Frances Albury

I really appreciated how the guides included the history of the Dakota people. A huge improvement from the last time I visited (30+ years ago). The guides were informative and very friendly.

Edward Santillan

Enjoyed the history and the open, tower clock exhibition.

Tanya Johnson

Great Historical place, fascinating!

Karina Marin

Nice staff, a lot to learn, from Dakotas tribe to ilegal slavery. A lot of history. I love it.

Jeffrey Millunzi

Fabulous. Great place to immerse yourself in History, and learn our roots and how our forebears lived and endured.

Chuck Kephart

Very nice place to visit

Tammy Thurber

We were on a field trip so we only had a certain amount of time to explore everything. I wish we would have had more time it was definitely interesting and fun otherwise.

Jason Adams

Fun time checking this place out. Was interesting to learn about some of our state history.

Beth Johnson

Wonderful time talking with the staff and touring grounds.

Skyler Evans

Best place ever, so much of Minnesota history!

Rudi Anders

Fun and educational a rare combo

Caleb Thompson

Really cool nice information and demo

Anthony Benassi

Very informative and fun!!

Kenneth Kjeldergaard

Great examples of old military life!

Ian Leighly

Interesting history and scenic views of the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers. Staff was extremely knowledgeable.

Lillie Steele

If your into learning about Minnesota history you should go here.

Heidi Robertson

We LOVE coming to Fort Snelling! The engagement from the staff is great.

Joanne Brockton

Just was there on a field trip. It was fun. But like yeah

Laurel Leder

Lots of fun and interesting. For the history buff, it's a great place. Learn about Dread/Scott and life at the early fort.

Shell Lee

Love this fort and the history behind it. The people there were very nice and helpful. It is different from many of the forts I have visited. I'd go back and explore more. Veterans are free. Worth the visit plus beautiful views of the river!

j k

Kids loved the fort! Lots to see and a good workout walking the grounds. I like that they are teaching at least some of the truth behind the stolen land from the Native Americans.

Jaime Nielsen

Nice way to spend an afternoon. We brought our 4 month old in a stroller and that worked just fine. There’s only a few places that the stroller couldn’t go but the staff offered to keep an eye on it for us. Thanks! I recommend watching the intro video in the visitor center before you head out to the site. Can’t wait for the remodel.

Keegan Lund

Great views when it's open. Nice area to explore on a bike

Bobbie Ackley

Wonderful film. Excellent displays.

Joshua Raider

Awesome fun place great for kids

Ryan Just

It's only open Saturdays but the experience is still exceptional. People from the MN historical society are all around and in every building to answer any questions you may have. A good piece of MN history that's worth exploring. Exhibits in almost every building. An educating experience.

ABL Family

It was an amazing awesome place

Bob Crouse

the fort site is staffed with people in period costumes, all of which can give you more information in the areas where they were working.

Peter Hays

Fort Snelling can hold its own against any historical site in the nation. The guides are as knowledgeable and engaging as those at sites like Sturbridge Village or Colonial Williamsburg. Fort Snelling has a multitude of historical stories to tell from a variety of different angles and does a superlative job balancing the narrative at the site. You'll learn about everything from the Dred Scott decision to the Civil War to the Dakota War to WWII language schools. It is all excellent and I highly recommend it.

William Kucera

Very fun, informative and interesting. The staff was all very knowledgeable and friendly. There is a path that goes for some distance along the river and through the woods, but grandmother's house is no longer there. There is also a small picnic area by the parking lot that overlooks the river.

Angela Ray

Cool place with a creepy vibe. Lots of history.

Anthony Saiz

Very honest, forthcoming, and factual about all the historical aspects of the Fort, including America's complicated history of "dealing" with American Indian peoples. History all Americans should know about (also shows the Fort's connection to the Dred Scott Case and WWII Japanese Internment Camps.)

Andrew Martin

I just did not spend enough time here

Judy Winslow

Interesting history here. It's a self tour which I liked. Also there are lots of benches to rest if you have the need, which we did. Only $10.00 for seniors.

D iversen

Great time. They had the marching band out, an old fashion baseball game, cannon lighting, and musket firing. Good place to go when you have a chance for rain, because there is many places inside to go through

Barb Makela

My sister and her husband were here from AZ and spent their time playing MN tourist. My husband and I joined them for a few days, and one of the things we did was tour Ft. Snelling. It was very informative and neat. I felt really bad about things after we watched the informational video. Very horrible things were done to the MN Native Americans. I did enjoy how much the curators knew and the firing of the cannon was interesting.

Matthew Sproul

There wasn't a whole lot to see because everything was closed down when we got there. The area is beautiful and you can walk down to the river.

Richard Brooks

A surprising crossroads of US history

Kim Meisel

History at it's finest!!

Todd Berke

Very cool. Allow at least 4 hours.

Teresa Patterson

Amazing place to take the family to. Excellent learning experience.

Tami Foote

Excellent experience. The characters were informative and we learned so much. We didn't realize the fort had so much history. Everything was well presented and taken care of. The only complaint is there is no place to get food or drinks except pout of a vending machine or at the gift store.

Eric B

It's history, what's not to like? The staff were very friendly and helpful. My personal favorite was the information on the treaties, Missy did a great job.

Jenna Rheinhart

Hike the trails, enjoy it. Go see the confluence of the rivers. Smile.

Velvet Dove

The fourth of July celebration was amazing! So many fun things to watch and see!

Paul Mazzeno

A fantastic historic landmark with a mix of original and reconstructed structures. You can go into most of the structures and many of the interior spaces are furnished. There were many staff and they all were friendly and helpful. There were reenactments and other participant events every 30 minutes, including ones for the kids.

Nicholas Kiage

Extraordinary experience whenever you visit! Best to visit during major US holidays to get cannon drill demonstrations and rifle volleys! So much history and the guides teach you a lot on what happened here and Minnesota's history altogether. Must see place!

Steve Rawlins

Beautifully maintained fort with historically costumed reenactors taking you back to 1820s


This place is kinda cool and worth visiting once on a nice day if it isn’t too hot (bring water and a hat if it is). What stuck out to me is it is very clean, organized, and well kept which I appreciated. The staff was friendly and pretty knowledgeable (although one did say some blatantly wrong information on Native American warfare before the arrival of Europeans to a group of us). Also, many of the employees there were very young, which is cool to see young people showing interest in history like this and carrying the torch from the older generation. What I didn’t like is that many of the historical buildings on the property are closed to the public, all of them in fact are, except the fort itself. Also it just isn’t terribly exciting, no real historically significant stuff ever occured here. Just minor things. If you visit a lot of historical places/forts around the country like I have, I think you’ll find this one of the most boring ones. But to each is own.

Jonathan Scherkenbach

Went here for the first time this weekend and it was amazing! A great piece of history and you can learn a lot about Minnesota! There were a lot of things to see and experience that let you see how they had to live in the past! They also do themes during the summer months. Great friendly people too! Well be back

Nanette Wilson

We love visiting this historic place! Staff are pleasant and helpful.

Kyle Waites

What a great place! The people there are so friendly and kind especially to kids. Total must see but there is no shade in the fort so try to avoid super sunny days. We should payed baseball and learned Japanese all in all a very Minnesota experience.

Russell Durkee

Way better than I thought it was going to be. Brought a bunch of 5th graders. I have to say the staff was amazing. Where do I send a tip?

little buddy

Learned something new about the history of our Country. Always interesting to see places this old.

hopkin6 aj

Good place for school feld trips


They refused to let my son load a rock he had found into the cannon before they fored off the blank charges. It ruined his day and his biological parents (my wife and her 2nd lover) scalded me for having to take him home early due to his now soured temper. All in all a frustrating experience for the both of us. Loved the reenactments though.

Scot Snelling

This fort has the best name ever given to a fort in the history of mankind.

matthew clifton

They put on a good program for the 4th of July and my family learned a lot about our past. Very cool day spent here.

Ken and Alicia Lund

Beautiful historic landmark with recreated history and actors. Well preserved, historic fort. Easy parking and admission. Awesomely situated near the Mississippi River.

Valorie B.

SO very interesting.

kevin graff

We had a great time touring. Vets are let in free. Thanks.

John Hensrud

Lots to see, big grounds. History we all need to see.

Cyndi Horn

A must see. Informative staff. Beautiful location

Joe Jamato

Nice historical fort

Paul Cooper

I learned so much. It was wonderful.

Neal Lewandowski

Always, all year, any time, rain, snow, sunshine the Fort is fantastic. A great time to get away for a while, disconnect, walk about. Fantastic on the Fourth.

Dean Snyder

So much to do and see. Very knowledgable staff. Some of the staff is in costume, others are not. The experience is very educational. Great for elementary school children and older. I recommend visiting if you love history.

Chad Halstead

I didn't take a tour, but they had plenty of staff to answer questions. The fort is huge plenty to see and l came in the last hour so it was half off.

Andrea Wykoff

Was very interesting. Loved the history. Charlene25

Nice field trips as a kid. Hope they make those housing units for the homeless veterans there.

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