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REVIEWS OF Amazing Mirror Maze IN Minnesota

Mercedes Francia

Shorter then others we've been to, but definitely something fun to do with kiddos here. Most importantly the staff was friendly and the place is well kept very clean.

Victoria Mallos

Super fun, actually! After one run through the normal way we decided to play hide and seek in there, which is a bit more tricky when there are 5 copies of a person. The maze was not the longest all told, but you can have a really good time in there!

the amazing world of Phil

Fun maze definitely love a new experience but it was a little too easy to figure out the path

Amelia Gallo

The kids loved it, great break from shopping!

Josh B

I would recommend this maze because the mirrors there looked so realistic that I even bumped in to the mirrors. The reason why I deducted a star is because there is a way to cheat to get out of the maze quicker which kinda ruins the fun, other than that it is a great attraction of Mall of America!

Matt Haviland

Was fun good for all ages

morgan anderson

Really cool, don't know what one is the other people around u

Andy & Amber Smocke

It's fun but not worth $10 per person. You can go through again if you keep your gloves on and if you go back anytime throughout the day you only have to pay $2.

Amy F

It was ok. Takes like 5 mins to get through tops. Not really worth the money.

Cole Steven

This place was surprisingly fun! You can probably spend approximately 30 minutes in the maze. Remember you can go through as many times as you want. Make sure to follow all the rules if you have kids. We watched two kids smash into the glass. Definitely worth the price of admission.

Jazminee Pastor

Good prices. Very nice guy at the entrance. Slightly cheaper on Groupon. Lasts a short amount of time. But very fun to figure out with kids just have to be careful that they dont crash into the mirrors. Would recommend!

Jacqueline Telljohann

We knew we were going to visit the Mall of America when in Minneapolis. I found a Groupon for this and figured it was worth trying for $4 a person. They make you wear gloves which is a little annoying, but they say it's to avoid fingerprints on the mirrors. It's pretty cool inside the maze with so many reflections everywhere. It might be a little challenging, but if you look at the floor you can easily see which way to go. It's a very very short maze. We got through it in maybe 5 minutes. I'm sure it's a better activity for kids. If you get the Groupon, it's a neat thing to check out. I probably wouldn't pay full price for it though.

WTDuck 828

It was a very good quality maze. Very confising

S J Sch

Fun for kids, but very crowded and sticky for adults.

Keshaun Karn

Good deal if you get on groupon. My elementary aged kids loved going through it over and over at the mall

tracie Walter

This was fun with our 10, 12 & 17 yr old.

Matt Madsen

My whole family enjoyed the mirror maze. We have a 4yr. Old, 6 yes. Old, 15 yes. Old and we all really had a lot of fun. The mirror maze is a little short. Takes maybe 10 minutes but you can go back in it as many times as you want. The kids thought it was super cool and we did the maze 4 times. Everytime you go it feels different and you have no idea where you are going. You start walking and you think you got this but then bump into a mirror. It's super fun and funny!

Rajitha Chimmani

It was just like any other mirror maze. Fun to watch so many copies of you and others and cannot make out which one of others is real. There was not much crowd when we were there and did not stay longer within the maze. Its a lot more entertaining with group of visitors. So, this is one place which you would want to visit when there is some noise.


It was fun tbh but dont go in here if you're high because boy I sure will bump my head so much I'd be scarin myself with my reflection at times..

Michael Jensen

I love bringing my girls here. Listening to them giggle is priceless. We go through it a few times both ways. Hardly ever a line. Groupon has two-for-one deals occasionally which definitely makes it worth it. Without the deal it can be pricey so be ready for that, $10 each and maybe 10 minutes of your time.

Kamal Sharma

This was really amazing. It's like magic and kids loved it a can not actually feel if there is a mirror in front of you.

Nichelle Dowdy-Garrett

It was so much fun we need one in Kansas City!!

Adell Suah

The attendant was great. My experience was amazing..


It's nothing special, just pretty much like any other mirror maze you'd see at an average amusement park. Doesn't mean it's still fun though, although the price seems a bit ridiculous and overpriced for such a standard set-up. To be fair, they do let you go in as many times as you want for free if you finish it the first time around. Definitely worth a look if you like the trippy and complex.

John Guertin

We had a ton of fun here. Get the Groupon to lower the entrance fee.

Joyce Lembcke

Short but fun. You can keep going through too.

Marcos Ortega

This maze was really fun. However something that made it even better was that you could go again and again after you paid for the tickets. However if you left and then came back on the same day it would cost 2 dollars instead of the usual 8.95 to go in the maze. My best personal time was about a minute after multiple tries. I would definitely recommend you to go here.

Billie Jo Greenwood

It was a lot of fun. The price was right, and you can do it as many times as you want while you are right there. My granddaughter loved it.

Nicole Morgan

A fun place, especially if you have little kids that won't listen when you tell them to stop running. BONK! The mirrors stop them right quick!! Lmao

Olesya Dudar

It was amazing, interesting, excited, unique. I found it is interesting not just for the kids but for adults as well. It is about 2500 sq f area and absolutely worth it to see.

Eme Judith

Let's just say, becareful where you walk


Finished too fast for the price even if you can go in as many times as you want.

Andrew Hughes

Great fun for kids and adults

Maggie Ewing

We spent like an hour in here trying to understand what we were seeing and why. Fun and brain tickly.

Gerson Rios

Wonderful experience, you can walk through as many times as you like. Apparently the record is 30 seconds

Elizabeth Solley

Cool mirror maze to spend a few minutes in. Not worth full price, but coupons make it worth while. My kids had never been in one, so it was worth it.

Dan Rice

Pricey for what it is. Was fun for my 4 year old while it lasted.

Dora Aguilar

It's fun and all but I was expecting it to be a little bigger.

Nicholas Berndt

Fun and difficult maze. Although I would keep scaring myself by walking around a corner and seeing my reflection.

David Feierabend

Fun. Once you pay you can walk through as many times as you like.

Becca Pitan

We went here because we had won a couple free tickets. As an adult, it's not very satisfying, and you can breeze in and out in less than 10 minutes. I would imagine kids would get a kick out of it, though.

Ashley Johnston

The mirror maze was fun. Its small but entertaining. The price there is crazy high. I reccomend buying your tickets on groupon instead of $10 each we bought admission for 4 people for only $18. You can go through as many times as youd like.

Sara Bella

Was fun but not worth the money. Was nice the kids could go through it as many times as the wanted.

Scott Bowman

Great experience! We enjoyed it as a family. Even my five year old had a blast. Make sure you use Groupon to save a few dollars.


Fun for the first time. You will get disoriented lol

Jackie Fross

It was alright. Nothing spectacular. Great first time if you're visiting from out of state - otherwise save it for the kids. $10 per person for lights and mirrors.

Gabby Dee

That was so cool and easy the one funny thing was how my sister smashed in to the minor!

jon kendrick

This mirror maze is a lot of fun. It will have you confused and it worth the giggles.

Paul Schmitz

Handicap Friendly and service dog friendly.

ether vibes

Way too short for $10. Don"t waste your money. Good thing is, at least you are not wasting your time.

Rob Holly

Totally cool! Get the Groupon.

Cassie Hessenflow

Loved this! Just wish it were larger!

Astri Graceheart

if you're visiting this attraction with your toddler, prepare yourself for enjoyment of the adorable! Also prepare yourself to prevent as many head bonks possible! We have adorable footage of our toddler doing her own dance routine in front of a 6 way mirror. Enjoy!

Logan Lundeen

Another good thing at the mall of America, it's a really tough mirror maze. I haven't been to a ton of mirror mazes, it's not too much unlike them but really messed with your mind and has a cool atmosphere.

vaishali kumar

Its was an awsome experience. We went around multi times


Fun place, I'd say it's worth the $10.

Jasper Jonson

Fun time at a great price. Definitely worth it, especially with Groupon options.

Angela Ernst

This place is just ok. The maze is kind of small. And once you get out you can't go again. It's worth it if you have a Groupon. The staff seem like they hate their job. It's on the 3rd floor at the Mall of America.

Abdirizak Ali

Wonderful experience, I would totally 100% reccomend going here as a fun day/ night out or a birthday day out to anyone. (:

Brandon Wilson

Me and my son had to only pay once and got to go through as many times as we wanted. The staff were respectful and were patient on explaining the maze.

devin mcmahan

Wow this place is actually cool even for adults because the maze is so big it takes u a while if your by yourself its amazing.

Amber K

This maze is built well and definitely worth the price. It's a few minutes long, maybe 10 minutes at most, but you can go as many times as you want throughout the day. The service is always great, and the price is very affordable. Fun, lively decorated, and unique for the area. Recommended for all ages!

Réne Ramirez

Great attraction for the family. The younger they are the more they'll love it. One and only recommendation is to change the carpet to blend together better.

Danielle Saltzman

Looks like fun and would love to try it next time I'm up there

Tammy Leroux

This was a lot more fun than expected. It seemed pricey, but my 6 yr old really wanted to do it, so my husband went with him. They enjoyed it so much they went though it twice, which was free as long as they didn't leave. They said it was hard to tell where the mirrors were because the carpet was cut even when there wasn't a mirror. They got some cool pictures and videos from them playing around.

Ben Wartgow

Neat attraction. Need to space people out more, to many people it's like marching cattle through, no enjoyment then

Rocky MTN Hoods

Tight! Kids went thru at least 5 times. 10 and 12 yr old had a blast.

Faraz Shaukat

Fun for the family. Been here a couple of times. Kids really enjoy.

Erin Hudson

My husband and I had a blast doing this!

keesha jackson

The kids really enjoyed the mazes

Ashish Khadka

Was fun. $9 for entry fee.. if you look at the bottom of the mirror lining you will see black substance that hints you its a glass which will ruin your fun

Christa Flores

Super fun! Worth every penny!

Mai Her

A little pricey for the short maze, but great memories were made there.

Bobbi Bobbi

Haha! So much fun... The Adults even had a blast!

Miranda Burfeind

This is such a cool maze! My family and I went through probably 10 times! We lost each other, found each other, laughed hysterically, and made one unforgettable memory! Definitely a fun stop! Make the time for it when you visit MOA!

Vee H

It was fun but does not take very long to do.

Wil Chavez

It's not as fun as I thought it would be. Wanted to kill some time before movie so it was 10 bucks a person. Ehh

Joel Schultz

This was a very cool experience. My kids loved li t also. Was very amusing to watch them try and navigate through the mirror maze. I even struggled to find my way.

Leroy Amaya

It's ok but kinda small for what they charge.

Fawn Wiitala

Lots of fun. Thankfully the kids navigated well

Adam Ramsey

Super fun place to bring the little ones. Adults will have fun going through the first few times too.

Anna Burnham

The Amazing Mirror Maze is definitely worth a visit! If you take your time going through it and don't rush through, it's a lot of fun. They give you gloves to wear so you don't smudge the mirrors. My kids had a blast going through it. It's also funny to stand still and look into a mirror as you watch someone else walk around. It looks like they are in a Scooby Doo movie where they come out of different doors on different sides of the hallway. It's hilarious.


The mirror maze is a lot of fun and I have gone there a few times with my boyfriend and a group of friends. The lights and music also add a good vibe to the maze experience. The maze is very trippy and fun. Highly recommend fro group events!!

Vee Washington

It's was fun but make sure you get the Groupon because it is very quick but definitely a fun time

Russell Post

The gentleman at the counter was super cool and it was fun but what made it special was the two people I was with!

Shane Larson

Fun for a quick family activity.

Nathan Sampson

One of the most funnest things you will ever do in your entire life if I was you I would totally check it out

Vaast Mitchel

Great place for family activities's fun. Staff always welcoming and prompt to your questions.

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