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REVIEWS OF The Henry Ford Museum IN Michigan

Philipp S.

It's a museum of it's own kind. Totally overwhelming and I would recommend to go there. It is suited for everybody who is interested in history or engineering. In Greenfield village you also get a really good insight how the people back then lived. They are really cooking meals there, doing the crafting and even growing the crops. You can spend days in there. Also the staff is really friendly.

Christina Vince

We love the Henry Ford Museum. So cool to see all the historic cars and trains. We went to the Makers Fair this Summer and enjoyed all the inventions and ideas. Its something that kids really enjoy.

Nick Aho

This place is amazing. It was the first time I went there and I will be back. There is so much to look at and so much to learn. Highly recommend

Dan Mirza

One of the greatest museums in our country, visited by people from all over the world, celebrates some of the greatest achievements and inventions throughout industrial history. This is definitely a must see for all, especially young people, as it will be an inspiring experience. Check this place out, you won't be disappointed!

T Armstrong

Great place to rediscover our history of innovation. Learn about the struggles and successes of pioneers of tools and technology. If you are into cars, trains, innovation, or a Trekkie, fun place to visit. The Star Trek exhibit is for a limited time...not sure when it ends.

Becca Wildel

My twin and I spent our 53rd birthday weekend here. Had a really great time. Neither of us had been there since grade school. A LOT has changed since then lol. And growing up near Milan, Ohio we always love anything from Thomas Edison on display. I'm also a Bill Elliot fan so of course I had my picture taken next to his car.

Helenore Kelenore

Very detailed, complex museum. Next door is the village, which is a separate admission price. It was worth it as we went during a car show. It's like stepping back in time and very nice! Expect the usual pricey food and drinks though. Look for the hamburger, fries and coke special in the village to save some money.


Henry Ford museum and Greenfield village is always a family favorite. The Star Trek exhibit is something that will spark your interest and is worth going to!! Also a favorite of mine is all of the classic cars and aircraft. The Wright Brother's were a duo of innovation and that is what the Henry Ford museum is all about. Check out the Rouge Factory Tour, if you have time. I would not attempt all three in the same day, if you are trying to get the most out of it.

Sofia Cardenas

Great place for all ages! The exhibits are very well explained and the facilities are very nice. The building is very beautiful and has a lot of history by itself. You can even grab a bite inside at a nice restaurant or at the dinner that looks just like another exhibit, it has that great retro ambiance.

marc j

Such a treasure. A true national historical place. Filled with wonders from the past, and so much to see and do. All of the staff were so helpful and polite. Greenfield Village is timeless, and a full day on it's own to set it all. Frozen custard is a must, must, must, really it's unbelievable. Annual passes are best if you're going to visit more than one day, the discounts on foods and merchandise alone will pay for the difference. Please believe me, a superb place to visit.


this museum is an absolute must. we were pleasantly surprised that the day we visited, admission was free. We were limited by time unfortunately or we would have visited the farm and village. Amazing to see the collections, and very educational. The Rosa Parks bus and exhibit was very moving and emotional.

Justin S

Very cool place. Has something for everyone. Planes, trains, cars, spaceships, and tons of historical stuff. I only spent a few hours here but you could spend a lot more time here.

ashley peterson

My most favorite museum of all time. When we're in Michigan, we always visit this place. I love that they have people dress the part in each house and tell all about the history of the building and era. My favorite place to visit is the Chapel. It's the most beautiful building they have here! The train is really cool and so are the model T's. There's so much here that you need 2 whole days to really see everything and enjoy it all! It's worth every penny!

Robert Colburn

Wonderful experience. Up close and touchable exhibits. Children and adults alike. Only did the museum but you can spend hours with all exhibits.

Hannah Staten

This place is awesome. It was way more than what I expected and we only saw 1 part of what there is to offer. I plan on returning to see the rest of the other tours

Jennifer Eatchel

Amazing displays of American innovation. I was particularly moved by the experience of sitting on the actual bus where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man. The museum docents were so knowledgeable and kind. I loved the gift shop too!

Alex Schoedel

The Henry Ford is a great place to spend a whole day. We went to the Museum and the Factory Tour for around $32. The staff is very friendly and open to questions. I especially liked the presidential limousines and the sports cars. But they have many more things besides cars. A visit is definitely recommended!

lydia hishmeh

We had a great time. Going back to museum again. The Ford Factory your was very good & nice that you could do it at your own pace.

Jordan Richardson

You have to go see this at least once in your lifetime. We were told you could see the whole thing in one day but if you want to get the full experience there is no possible way, especially if you want to visit the little town where he he collected historic houses and buildings as well as the train yard. We stayed at a hotel just so we could come back the next day to finish looking at everything. You can also take a ride around in a old Ford to see what it was like. The best part was seeing all the prototype cars that were built and never saw the light of day.

Diane C

Always something unique at the museum! We visited to see a traveling display, but always enjoy looking at how cars and American life have changed. If you're a history fan, take a few hours to check this out! We've been here many times, and some displays change, but not many. Now, our visits are shorter as we enjoy the new displays better.

Clayton Paulson

Tons of stuff to see and to do, it's not just about cars but about all the great inventors in the past life that lead to the luxurious lifestyle we live today. I would recommend this to everyone to learn and experience life 50 years ago and the milestones we achieved. I wouldn't go back because I feel like it was a one time trip for me but for more history enthusiasts people out there would love to come here again and again.

S. G.

Great museum with both indoor and outdoor areas. It's a very large museum so you might need several visits to properly experience everything. There is something for everybody to enjoy here, from cars to horses to antique firearms.

Zoe Rush

First of all as a person who hates museums LOVES THIS MUSEUM!!! They have 2 places to eat in here and there both good. The one in the center of the museum have a few options and the menu on the wall is fake. This one doesn’t have any vegan options but the other one does. The museum is amazing and make sure you bring money because there was there plastic replicas of stuff in the museum. They have literally everything including the real Rosa Parks bus. They have an outdoor area with a train, old cars, and horse carriages. They have the Wright Brothers house and Bicycle shop outside.


One of the main attraction in Detroit. This place is AMAZING and HUGE! Nice place to bring family and children to learn more about history of Ford. Some interactive tours available. You could have easily spent an entire day in just the museum

Anirudh Pillai

Don't miss this if you are in Detroit or love cars. I recommend taking museum + factory tour and Greenfield village too if you have time but know that you will almost spend entire day there. Factory tour was amazing and enjoyed watching F150 being finished in front of my eyes. Museum has huge collection of cars, train and planes and will atleast take 2 hrs to view everything. Ford was a revolution in automobile industry, don't miss it for the world!


Wow! This is a must see for people interested in innovation. You can easily spend all day marveling at all the different pieces. It may take a few visits to enjoy it all. It is Automotive focused, but there are many other great areas to explore

Margaret Warren

We love visiting here! So many things to see! I notice new details every time. The Star Trek exhibit is very well done. Always enjoy the Dimaxion house and especially the math exhibit. Definitely recommend it for everyone.

Melanie Wilson

This was even better than I expected it to be. I wasn't able to go to the village or the factory tour because of time but I definitely plan on going back for them. There's so much cool stuff to see and do.

saurabh shegokar

Amazing place to visit. This museum has almost every generation vehicle that Ford has manufactured. It's very informative tour. Entry fees for museum is $18 and this is only for museum. Apart from this there are several things like production facility tour, Ford village. It is one of the recommended place to visit in Detroit.

DoReMi Fabrications

Amazing place, cone for 2-3 days to see it all. Ask if the production plant is running so you can plan to visit when the assembly line is running...truly an amazing thing to see. Tons of old cars in perfect condition. Want to see the car Kennedy was in when he was shot, it is there. Sooooo much to see.

Becky Taylor

Every staff member, interpreter, and guest relations representative all gave outstanding service. Disney level experience for my family. The patient corn husk doll makers, the gift shop cashier who gave my granddaughter a wet paper towel to clean up her chocolate custard covered face and hands, the gal helping with stilts, our waitress and hostess at the Eagle Tavern, a train conductor, the carousel staff,plus just courteous staff we passed walking along the streets, or working in the fields. 5 stars

EmmaLia Mariner

I really enjoyed exploring this museum! The museum takes you into American history through the lens of automobiles and technology and features incredible artifacts including the (restored) bus that Rosa Parks protested and was arrested in. I also enjoyed the Star Trek exhibit that celebrates the 50 year anniversary of the moon landing! The exhibits are varied and interactive, perfect for people of all ages. I recently hurt my back, and I was pleased to find that all of the floors are large, smooth, and easy to navigate!

Will Haapaniemi

One of my favorites places anywhere. I love to go to Greenfield village and hear the people talk in the tin shop or the glass shop. Watch the sheep get sheared, or listen to them make a recording on Edison's cylinder recorder. The trains are amazing and watching them repair them and talking to the guys in the shop tell stories about their time as conductors is incredible.

doug campbell

Wonderful museum. Tons of great exhibits and historical artifacts. WAY MORE THAN JUST CARS. I expected a car museum, and I was pleasantly surprised at the breadth of the material, planes, trains and automobiles, science and technology, American history and innovation. Overall, a fantastic experience and I can't wait to bring my kids.

jane rooks

Went to Greenfield Village. BEAUTIFUL place. Clean very nice knowledgeable workers. Worth getting the all day ride pass. Loved our horse and buggy ride and our model T ride. Great place for families to go!

Dan Rakoczy

If you are a history buff, you must visit this museum. Even if you aren't, this museum is a great place to see. There is a wide variety of displays covering many different topics including, but not limited to, automobiles, locomotives, manufacturing, farming, flight, space and civil rights. There are often special exhibits and there is a theater (IMAX) that features a variety of topics. It is well worth the price of admission.

Oliver Strate

A must-see for every car and technology enthusiast. The exhibition is perfectly organized and yet entertaining. It shows how much love and devotion the museum people put in. A big part is about cars and everything car related. Like the standard American motel or a history of child restraints for cars over time. Of course, you'll also find lots of cool cars from all times and cars with a special meaning. Also, there is a section about farm equipment, about power generation, about guns, and so on. On top of that, there are changing exhibitions as well. In order to see everything the museum has to offer you should plan half a day minimum.

Adrienne Hong

Amazing museum! I love museums and I'm sad that I couldn't have spent more time here. There are so many famous historical items at this museum. Everything was very well laid out, and paced spectacularly. I only had an hour to spend unfortunately, but I'll be back for sure. This place is beautiful, and the space is maintained so well.

Tessa Reimer

Most interesting museum I’ve been to yet. They didn’t just have cars but also trains, airplanes, houses, furniture, math exhibit, Star Trek exhibit, and more. Absolutely loved this museum.

Arun Chopra

The Allegheny locomotive never fails to amaze. Capable of pulling a mile long train of about 160 railcars. It is the most popular item in the museum for good reason. Diesels and electric would soon make these obsolete but they are a testament to engineering innovation and imagination taking a concept further than you can imagine

Michael Taillard

The exhibit on Cuneiform tablets is amazing alone, with fantastic information about obscure trade routes! I can't wait until I annoy them enough to get hired! Oh yeah, there's a lot of good art, too. Major, world famous classics. Very cool.

Elmer Keiser

Any person with a interest in history or old machines will be in love with this place. The planes, trains and automobiles are fantastic. They really have just about anything to spike your interests. Old and young people were enjoying it together. I'll definitely be going back in my future.

William Giles

A fabulous place to visit especially if you like cars or American culture. The have a helpful and friendly staff you need to try the 50s dinner

Craig Furney

I love history and old stuff. Electrical power plant too. Great village next door Greenfield with much to see and do.

Karl Schulman

This is a must see. This iconic museum is very well coordinated and truly shows the magnificent accomplishments of mankind. The village is very impressive and educational. Young and old will enjoy this amazing place.

David Woods

This is an absolutely amazing place to visit. Not only are there tons of vehicles, but also trains, planes, steam power and loads of history in general. So much to see and learn about. Will definitely be visiting again in the future.

Eric Heidel

Great things to see and for education. Very neat and kept up. Highly recommend if visiting the area.

Elizabeth Solley

This was a great stop on our trip. I would highly suggest this if you have the time to fit it in. My family and I loved it! We were only able to spend a few hours here, but it was 100% worth it!! The museum was organized really well, the displays all had great information, and it was very interesting. Everyone had a great time!

Anders Axelsson

What an interesting museum. There is so much to see and do. They have interactive displays set up for kids, and the division of the museum is very easy to follow and discover all of the artifacts. It is easy to get deeply immersed in a topic and frankly I would try to go over two days to make sure I spent enough time in each area. I was able to bring in outside food and drink for a nice picnic which broke up the day nicely. Check online or call before going, as this particular day was free.

tony faber

A whole day's worth of things to do. For all ages. In the summer, spring and fall it is indoor and outdoor with the Greenfield Village. Fun to ride in a genuine Ford Model-T.

google user

Great place. I hope every one has a chance to visit. It is truly a jewel.

Nar Trippel

Great guide on the Rosa Parks bus and got lots of goose bumps/tingles interacting with these first hand items (such as the Rosa Parks bus itself). The star trek exhibit was also phenomenal, as a lifelong Trekkie myself. Nearly brought tears to my eyes. Would have liked more benches a/o water fountains in the exhibits so I didn't have to exit in order to sit down. Also couldn't find the Thomas Edison light bulb or the Tesla stuff so could be better labelled or directed towards those items of interest. All in all good museum.

Richard Ferris

The Henry Ford is a must-see when in Detroit. I was totally Blown Away buy the collection of steam engines on display. From the earliest Fulton rocking arm engines to the Monstrous power plant from the original Ford Motor Company Factory there was more authentic original steam engines on display here than any place in the world. You love type steam engines this is your Mecca. The museum has much much much much more to see than just stationary steam engines. They have a large railroad locomotive small railroad locomotives railroad cars farm implements farm machinery and all kinds of historic Aviation and Automotive exhibits. We never really got out of the main exhibit building into the rest of the huge facility. They have a whole town set up a small railroad you can ride around outside and lots and lots of stuff to see. You can easily spend two days at the Henry Ford and still have time to see everything. Henry Ford is probably one of the best overall museums in America and if you're into this at all it's a must-see

Dale Berry

This was at least my third trip to the museum! And I still haven't seen everything that I wanted to see! There is just so much interesting stuff to explore that I think one must spend an entire week or more at the museum to satisfy your curiosity and desire to explore! Since we do not live in the area, we will have to return some other time to pick up where we left off. So, if you are planning to see the Henry Ford Museum, try to give yourself several days to visit. It is a spectacular, fascinating place!

Lisa Sills

This place is AMAZING and HUGE! We could have easily spent an ENTIRE day in just the museum. Friendly staff circulating around and plenty of informative signs, detailing the different displays. Being able to sit in the famous Rosa Parks' bus and hear a recording of her quiet words was emotional. Also enjoyed seeing the Abe Lincoln rocker from Ford's Theatre and General Washington's custom trunk cot.

Sarah Coates

Don't buy the popcorn, I think it was old and has way too much salt and butter, and I like lots of salt and butter. But everyone was nice and the screen is great. And it was freezing in there, bring a sweater.

Mary Rajnicek

This is one of my favorite places to visit. I'm fortunate to live close enough to visit whenever I want. Here you don't just read about history, you get to live it. It's one thing to read about rail travel in a history book, but it's quite another to stand next to an Allegheny locomotive and fully appreciate it's size and power. You get to SEE how everyday things have progressed over time. I especially enjoy the automotive timeline. Even if you're only vaguely interested in history, I highly recommend making a trip here. You're sure to find something amazing!

Chris Mushall

Let's take walk back in time. Learn about how we go to this point. All while stretching our legs, walking our steps and returning to a different time. Love the variety of periods and the effort to educate. Food was on point to for the Taste of History. Don't expect a foodie Mecca but the concept in a cafeteria layout was well executed. Kiddos to the Chef and F&B folks

Marium Wilkie

What an exciting,educational,realalistic place to be entertained! It's a must go to place! Do not miss a Museum of all Museums to visit! Has to be the best in the United States! Nothing to compare it too!

Charles Puckett

We went here for the star trek event. It was awesome. The historic car show was also going on a great day for everyone. We then went into the village and even more events going on. I suggest going to the site Henry Ford Museum and get the membership package prior to going I bought the 2 family plus 2 guest and the ride pass. Was well worth it made back what I spent in one day.

Adam Kausch

Always a fun place to visit, between the village, the museum and all the unique events they host the Henry Ford Museum is always a fun place to spend a day. The last event I attended was the fourth of July celebration which was well executed and a relaxing event. They handled security and parking incredibly well.

Joseph Tordella

The Henry Ford Museum is a well-curated collection of cars, trains, airplanes, and other products of American ingenuity. Their collection of Presidential limousines is awesome. You can make a day of it and buy a combined ticket to take a tour of the adjacent Ford factory to see modern cars being built and Greenfield Village, a collection of historic buildings from all over the world.

Brooks Kelley

Very enjoyable especially with specials for celebrating Wright brother and sisters birthdays. Am a member so can visit often. Fun but educational.

Laura Jackson

The staff was professional, accommodating and friendly. My mom needed a wheelchair and the team member retrieved the chair and helped me get my mom in it. The exhibits were great. I truly enjoyed my visit.

Dominica Edwards

The interesting and social relevant exhibits of the Henry Ford Museum are both educational and entertaining for entire families. The museum has a extensive collection that can be enjoyed yearlong. It also host constantly changing exhibitions such as the Chocolate exhibit, Declaration of Independence, James Bond Experience and Star Trek exhibit. The museum also is home to a theater with concession stand, a cafe and a Museum store. The proximity to Greenfield Village and the Rouge Factory makes this ideal for Field trips and mini vacations.

Peggy C

Great museum - something for everyone and not just a bunch of old cars. They really cover a lot of ground and allow you to roam freely. We did the museum and factory tour combo package and have to say we were AMAZED at the factory tour. Who knew it would be so cool to watch Ford F-150's in various stages of production. That part of the tour was VERY well done with an intro movie and multi-media experience that will literally BLOW YOU AWAY!!! Could have spent more time there definitely - if you're a gear head, you could easily spend two days there - we just did an afternoon.

Dennis Kwasny

Very good, and free, on aviation day thanks to Delta air lines. Clean & modern, museum. Not dusty & old fashion. Changing all the time, sit in the Rosa Parks bus, even in her set! Wow the history!

Danny Romeo

This museum is large and has many different things to see. It has something from everyone. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, and more. Definitely a must see for anyone that has the chance to go. Go early and take your time. The cafeteria has great mac & cheese and many healthy options. Spend all day here.

Michael Orta

This is the most interesting museum I have visited. If you're in the Detroit metro area, you should definitely check it out. The cafe was a bit pricey for what you got, but it was pretty cool that it was an original boxcar style diner. Check out the pics ... they are a tiny fraction of all the things to see.

Jaye Yaruss

Gotta see it to appreciate the history of US innovation that started with immigrants shaping our country as we know it today. The Star Trek exhibit is not to be missed, the locomotive and cars were amazing, the farm equipment and the museum building itself was a marvel and when we come back, we'll see Greenfield. Food in the restaurant was all Michigan sourced and delicious with wonderful choices. Great day had by all of us.

Mara Berube

Went on a surprisingly quiet Saturday morning. Expecting to be forced to endure 3 hours of boredom & pushy crowds, but instead found interesting things galore, motivated & kind staff and delicious food. And the other visitors? Respectful and courteous. Our 3 hours to "endure" turned too quickly to; "Where has the time gone?" Needless to say, we will be returning and planning a separate day for the Village and a separate day for the museum. Go ahead and go. You won't be disappointed.

Tario McFadden

First time visiting this museum in years. The museum has plenty of parking with only a short walk to the entrance. The gentleman, Seba, at the ticket counter was extremely helpful and gave us some helpful tips before entering the museum. This place has lots to see with friendly staff. Although it was crowded, everyone was spaced out and it didn't feel congested. The star trek exhibit was cool along with all the other exhibits. Definitely a good way to spend a Michigan summers day.

Kelsey Roe

I love Greenfield Village and all its history and stories. Eagle tavern's atmosphere is fantastic the food is wonderful. The cars inside the museum are beautiful and the exhibits are thoughtfully put together. If you want to experience the entire museum, make it a two day trip!!

Wallace Harvey

Very nice museum. So much to see and enjoy. Amazing coverage of all subjects and topics - transportation, science, engineering, mathemetics, furniture design, aviation, American history, innovations and more. Very difficult to cover in anything less than a day - especially if you plan to visit the Ford Rouge plant where F-150s are made. Suggest going in the morning and visiting the plant first and then the museum and grounds if you have time in the afternoon. Food options are limited and not the best. But, good enough to hold you over until you get back to the main attractions. Great for the family and kids. Can be a little pricey if you are not members. So, be sure to go when you can maximize your time there.

Stephanie Eller

They have everything. If it is your first time, I recommend both the museum and Greenfield Village. The village has restaurants and cafes for lunch. If you want the experience of dining in the 1800s, I recommend the Eagle Cafe, its pricey but worth it. They offer rides in the Ford Model T, the train, and some horse and buggies. Kids 4 and under are free :) Its a wonderful place to walk around and enjoy the historic houses. They also have a few shops you can buy old fashioned candies and hats and aprons. The staff is super friendly and very knowledgeable about the different histories. Definitely get a map before going in!

Sarah Hartman

An absolutely amazing complex of museums and a village and classic cars! The museum contains cars, trains, and any other tidbit you can think of, something for everyone. The village is complete with buildings, an acting train, a middle school, glasswork and tin work shops, and gardens. A classic car festival was held which included period dress and classic cars from different eras. Absolutely amazing! And of course a gift shop!

Kevin Lawton

This museum was outstanding. Came to see the car collection and realized there is so much more than that. The collection of innovations are simply incredible. Recommend spending the weekend to see everything including the village and factory tour. Great for a family trip. Definitely do the private tour of the museum as it gives you a lot of great information and background on Henry Ford and the museum itself.

Dave W

Everyone who visits Detroit or lives in the area, owe it to themselves to visit this beautiful museum at least once if possible! If you love learning about the history of our country, you will love it here! There are so many interesting things to see and do for all ages, you will need 2 days to properly see it all! It's not cheap, but they usually do have one day a year when admission is free! (I think that is coming up here in September?) Try to go somehow, you won't regret it!

Joshua Chang

A very interesting and enormous museum with many significant and stunning artifacts. Tour was super informative and was a great overview of the highlights of the museum (Stephani was very good). The old steam engines were huge and really amazing. Would recommend.

Jan Poscovsky

What a wonderful experience! We did the first Rouge tour that was available, then came back to the museum and spent the balance of the day there. We were told we would only need 3-4 hours, but we could have spent the entire day there. They also had a temporary Star Trek exhibit that was amazing. So much to see and so much history beautifully preserved. It's not just about transportation and cars, there is a lot more. We visited Greenfield Village the next day. The hotel we stayed - The Best Western Allen Park offered discounted vouchers that were exchangeable at the ticket booth and saved a lot.

Tara Martabano

They remodelled since my last visit...very impressive tons of cars and planes and trains. Great place to take company visiting Michigan. Big so not crowded...lots of room to explore without being bumped into.

Sharon Cox

So much history all in one place! And the people at the museum and Greenfield Village are super friendly and helpful. Special thank yous to Lisa at the Model T's, Ashley in the gift shop at the Village, and Emma at the Cotswold Cottage. It was our second trip since there's too much to see in one!

Eric Renner

A fantastic and educational place to visit. So much history on just one place from presidential limousines, early cars, stream trains and planes. So much to see it can be overwhelming. Michigan Cafe had a great selection of food to appease most people's palettes. The Ford rouge factory tour was interesting. The Greenfield village was well worth the visit as well but I would recommend spending at least a day at each location.

pranav jha

A must visit if you are in Detroit. Amazing collection, specially the presidential cars, vintage cars, sports cars. All cars have some story and history, which was amazing to read. Also watched a movie, 'superpower dogs' at the giant screen experience and it was awesome. You can easily spend 3-4 hours here, if not more. Start early if you are planning to see the village and factory tours as well (there's no factory tours on Sunday's)

Kim Renninger

Fabulous museum! We spent nearly 6 hours here.. so much to see! The trains, planes, and of course automobiles.... loved seeing the presidential Limousines, along with the incredible old machines... definitely a must to visit

Jimmy Morris

This museum holds so much history that it is just amazing. Absolutely a gem. Loved every display and enjoyed the entire experience.

Pavel Snopok

The Henry Ford Museum continues to impess and amaze. Once you know the layout, it feel like the place is not particularly big, and yet you can spend the whole day there easily. We went there with kids thinking they'll be tired after a couple hours. To our surprise, it took longer and they wanted more when it was time to leave. Lots to see, especially if you are into reading every single information piece. The Math exhibition was our favorite this time around.

Sarah Jacobsen

I love the Henry Ford Museum!! It's full of amazing artifacts and helpful information. There is so much to see and do! They have a cute diner that I didnt get to visit this time, but it smelled delicious and I would love to go to it next time. They also had opportunities to press pennies, make rubbings of certain artifacts, and create plastic molds of museum attractions. It's a ton of fun!


Excellent and huge collection of cars from 70s and 80s. All cars are nicely maintained, Big Thanks to Henry Ford & his people to keep car history alive to decades for new generation. You can see how cars evolution happened over the years.

Jacob Brusstar

I have been going here since I was like 8 years old. Even better 20 years later. And experience that should be given at least 2 days to fully take in all the sights and exhibits. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!

Walter Ray

Had a Great time today at The Henry Ford. We walked through the whole place. Amazing history to be seen and enjoyed by all. We even got to see the Fantastic Star Trek exhibit. A must for any Star Trek fan. We haven't been to the museum in a long time. It was well worth the trip. A Great place to go to a catch a glimpse of history.

Andy K

This is a fabulous museum of American history. They specialize in American innovation and technological advancement. Automobiles are certainly the focal point, but the evolution of technology in agriculture, textiles, machining, etc. are also included. Other American history is also included, such as gender and racial equality. It's just a wonderful museum.

Jim Darrell

An amazing experience. I was in town for business when I visited but I will definitely be back with my family. Even if I had taken a photo of every exhibit you just can't convey the magnitude of some of the items on display. Getting to sit on the Rosa Parks bus was the most moving part of my visit.

Tina Liveoak

I had a Great time at Henry Ford Museum!! I went just to see the Star Trek Exhibit. And it did Not disappoint. Well, I couldn't find a Replica of the Voyager but they didnhave a cool Borg setup and you can stand in it like a Borg!! There's also a Small Free Mission you can reenact. So Cool!!

Tristen Hinchee

Henry Ford museum was great! The exhibits were informative and interactive. The diner service inside was a bit slow. The whole museum was a bit warm, but nicely laid out and clean.

Joanne Nichols

This museum is a MUST see! To do it justice, plan on one day at the museum, and one day at spectacular Greenfield Village. The IMAX theater has a great show on right now about Superpower Dogs! If you enjoy training dogs, this is an excellent choice.

Bob Anega

This is a really great museum. Sort of like a mini Smithsonian all in one building. There are several parts that are undergoing renovation right now, so I can’t wait to come back later in the year and see the renovated areas. The Michigan Cafe for lunch had ok food. The service there, especially from Kirk the greeter, was excellent! We were specifically here on this trip for the Star Trek exhibit which was FANTASTIC! So many cool props and displays.

Dohdoh de Leon

If there's only one place that you will see in Detroit, it should be the Museum + the village as an extension. It's easy to spend atleast an hour just inside the musuem. There are a lot of things to see especially if you enjoy looking at vintage cars at the start of 1900s. My kids enjoyed it a lot and the Village is right beside it where you can ride in a Ford Model T and Model AA bus.

Sarah Clark

Absolutely loved it - so big inside. It was very interesting best part of our vacation coming from Canada. Will definitely be back

chris Mercieca

Clean and super interesting place. I love going to see all history! Must go place.

Dave Schubert

Amazing collection of 20th century technology. Also some items from earlier and later. I walked about 6,000 steps to visit all areas of the building. The current STAR TREK exhibit was most interesting. Senior discounts start a at age 62. The $6 fee for parking is on the honor system, pay along with tickets to the various activities once you enter the building.

Irena Schembri

AMAZING!! Great spot for a growing family. They're always adding, changing and we always leave with more knowledge / information. The boys have enjoyed their creative kids activities. Building paper airplanes becomes new again as time passes and new skills developed; followed by testing their creation on the measured track. (Their favorite was the temporary mini furniture constructing; using tooth picks and styrofoam blocks.) We have had their yearly pass for several years and still can't wait to go and explore more. By having the membership we bypass all lines. (and on some busy days it's paid itself off in gold) The Henry Ford museum is truly a treasure!!

Amanda Lynn

I hadn't been here in over 20 years. Ended up chaperoning a field trip and had a blast! It is a beautiful place that I would love to go back to when I'm not surrounded by kids so I can take it all in!

robert pierce

This is an excellent museum, however it's still stuff behind glass. The village is much more rewarding.

Kennedy H_923

Nice place to bring family and children to learn more about history. Lots of cars to learn about and some interactive areas for everyone. If your there the entire day I recommend going to the outside village and taking a ride on the train. The restaurants inside the village are okay, but definitely not amazing. The glass making building if interesting to watch but there is a lot of heat from the fire inside. Recommended if your in the area⭐⭐⭐⭐

Paul Ellinger

It's called one of the best museums in the world for well deserved reasons. There are amazing artifacts, historical items and buildings and the faculty (both vocational and volunteer) are stellar with a clear commitment to preservation and your experience. Can I rate it 6 stars?

Nancy Herrin

Wow! This was such a great experience. Went with four adults when we were visiting family and we all enjoyed the history, the awesome exhibits, the Diner! and the Star Trek exhibit. Want to come back and check out Greenfield Village next time.

Sedesa Spiekerman

I love the museum! It was fun. I did miss the restaurant where you could buy a hot dog. Are they gonna bring that place back?

Andy & Melissa McDonough

Just a warning, you need some serious time to fully explore everything going on at the complex. The museum alone could take all day but then there is the village (think Colonial Williamsburg) and factory tour (which we did not take). Amazing place and just wish we had been able to devote more time to see it all.

Matthew Eddy

Great museum. Far more than just cars, it focuses on technology and innovation so you can lean about planes, trains, farm equipment, power generation, indoor furniture, and more. Totally worth it and my 5year old daughter loved it. We were there for 6hours an didn't see everything!

Steve Wayne

Super awesome exhibit of American history from pre-industrial all the way up till now. Tons of cars, trains, steam engines lots of great history. Don't miss the Rosa Parks bus or the Kennedy assassination car.

Mariko Hayashi

Beautiful grounds. I went for the start trek exhibit, which was a lot of fun. But I know they have a lot of other cool exhibits, as well as green Field village next door, so I hope to go back soon!

Barbara Opdycke

I can't say enough about this outstanding museum. From the Henry Ford museum to Greenfield Village to the Ford factory tour, where we saw the 2020 F150 trucks being made. What a fantastic place to visit. I highly recommend all 3 places. If you love history this is the place to visit.

Andrew Z.

The Henry Ford museum is awesome. Presidental cars, trains, airplanes, machines and much more. I also toured the Rouge Factory that makes ford F-150's. I highly recommend it. I also loved the machines that make plastic figures like the Kennedy presidental car.

Fe Te

I've wanted to see the Star Trek Exhibit since the opening! It was terrific, as was the rest of the museum. We only had a few hours but enjoy the museum thoroughly!

Jagan Gnanasambandam

The Henry Ford museum is one of the famous engineering museum in Michigan. There are science section, automobile section, mathematics section, flight section and a collection of things during the 20th millennium. There is a puzzle play area for kids and hands on science to play with. This museum has the historical collection of development of agricultural equipments and flights. The place is amazing and time flies by in this place.

Lain Rhoads

Pick a spot and walk, you will find something amazing. Love the stuff in there. Great for kids.


Fascinating look at wide swath of innovation history (mostly automotive and manufacturing) over last 200 years. Impressive exhibits and collections of rare and period accurate machines from history. Collection of steam machines and engines is broad and quite impressive, definitely is a highlight of museum. Automotive collection is good, mainly because the pieces on exhibit do a good job of tracing the arc of automotive innovation from beginnings to current. Definitely a destination trip and well worth attending if you appreciate history, innovation, engineering, or viewing the foundations of an American business icon.

anthony garrisi

This place is an amazing experience for the entire family. I like the fact that everything (activities and performance) are at a relaxed pace. The historic value of the Museum is unprecedented. The fees are high, but seeing my kids enjoy themselves so much was well worth the expense.

Susan caddle

Great history artifacts and buildings in village. Craftsmen actually making things or explaining how things were done. Good for school age children

Rachel Polant

If you enjoy history, you’ll really like this place. It’s also a great place to take children. It’s kid-friendly and a great way to start good conversations with them. Also, the cafeteria here is surprisingly good. I believe they use locally sourced produce as much as possible. It’s pretty pricey, though, so be sure to come early enough to get the most time and enjoyment out of the museum.

Cynthia P

The Ford Museum, Factory and Village An incredible experience. We spent the entire day and didn’t see everything. The exhibits are vast and incredibly well done. I couldn’t believe the cars, trains, carriages, clocks, furniture-the list goes on. Seeing the assembly line in progress was very interesting-I’d love to know more on the logistics side. The staff is helpful and informative. Don’t miss Lincoln’s chair, Kennedy’s car, Rosa Park’s bus and the Edison light exhibit.


This is the perfect place to take visitors to the Detroit/Detroit Metro area who love history. I've been to the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village (which is right next to the museum), many times. The village is much more hands on than the museum. It's an incredible place for children and adults to visit. They even have an amazing playground so that children can take a break from all that walking and just play awhile. The museum, on the other hand has incredible exhibits and IMAX movies. Their galleries contain important historical pieces such as the limousine that President John F. Kennedy was shot in and the Rosa Park's bus. I'd highly recommend both of them.

becky tepper

Love coming to this place! Always learning something new. It's always clean & the staff are full of interesting knowledge

Jason Satterly

Excellent museum with exhibits dedicated to automobiles, trains, planes, industrial motors, agriculture, furniture, pop culture and independence/civil rights. If you are a wander around and occasionally read the signs type of person, then you will probably need 2 to 3 hours to "see" everything. If you care to read and learn, you are going to need 6 to 8 hours. That does not include time for movies, the Rouge tour or Greenfield Village.

Lynde Fisher

Been many years since we've been here. Had a fantastic time. The exhibits were incredible. Highly recommend a trip here!

Steven Thode

Hadn't been there since I was a kid, but decided to go for the Star Trek exhibit. Once I got there and explored the rest of the museum, I ask asked myself why I waited so long to come back. Very interesting and looks like they are continuing to add more. Highly recommend going early, especially on the weekend.

Tom Corbett

Might be nice if village had numbers on each site that corresponded to map. Well worth the price. I was impressed that museum paid tribute to other manufacturers and Ford's early struggle before he accepted UAW union.

Paul Perrin

I came to the museum expecting to learn a little about cars, and left having learned A LOT about inventiveness, ingenuity, and technology in general. This museum was a fantastic surprise, and is a definite must-see. The artifacts are top-notch, historically important, and tastefully presented. Most shocking of all was how thoroughly I enjoyed the exhibit on boilers and early steam engines. I would have dismissed this off-hand (in what universe could boilers possibly be interesting?!?!--apparently this one!), but I came out of this experience with a new and real appreciation for the creativity of individuals who had to figure things out and create solutions the hard way. Excellent exhibits, beautiful building, extensive collections all made for a singular experience.

Ambrose Nnaemeka

One of the most important tourist attractions in Metro Detroit. There's a lot to see here. Great for families and groups. One day may not be enough to cover the village. It's a place to savour much more than just the automotive history of the motor City.

Joel Allen

I loved this place.. worth the price of admission! World class car collection much,much more. Price includes tour of one of the auto factories

Mr. B

It’s more an industry museum, showcasing also aviation and trains, plus furniture, history, farming etc. About cars you get the feeling there are more cars from other manufacturers than Ford cars on display. Don’t expect a pure car museum. It’s huge, it’s nice. But the exhibits are a bit erratic. Parking fee charged 6$ when you buy an entrance ticket to the museum. At least the parking they could offer free of charge. The museum price is already steep enough. So, overall ok but we would not go a second time.

B.C. Cole

We went specifically to see the Star Trek exhibition and if you are a fan of the original series you will love it. You will be amazed at how the props look so good in the episodes. Someone is set up to video you in an adventure beaming you on board another ship and back again. They have costumes from all the different series and models of all the different ships.

Carlo Chalhoub

Extremely friendly and professional staff. Pretty clean facility. Educational and instructive. Highly recommended as it helps to understand several critical historical landmarks the USA has crossed.

Jeff King

40 years wanting to visit. 2 days isn't enough time. 3 day minimum. Bring the children. Loved it.

Tessa Y

An amazing experience. This museum is very expansive, covering all aspects of industrial engineering throughout American history. They have an IMAX theater on site, special exhibits, and excellent options for grabbing lunch at the museum. If you have never visited, you should definitely experience it at least once.

Richard Carter

GREAT! If you love history this is the place. It is huge. You'll need at least one full day. Well worth the visit. For Greenfield Village also part of this complex, you need 1 full day, if not 2. I just loved it!!

Natalie Wiegand

There is so much to see!! The artifacts are fascinating and it’s an amazing collection that keeps you engaged. DEFINITELY do greenfield village too- that place is an absolute gem. So charming and you are really living history. Leave a lot of time for both. You’ll need the entire day. So much to see!

Eric Yarger

Planes, trains, and automobiles... great museum for seeing the history of transportation. Old furniture and a walk through the past decades treats visitors to a walk through time!

Anna Kwon

The largest museum in the United States. You can learn several things about the history of American industrial development. The village also not to miss. To fully enjoy the museum, it would be necessary to arrive in the morning and stay all day.

David Lumsden

I love this place! Don't go here expecting to rush through and see everything. Take your time. Slow down and take it all in at a leisurely pace. Christmas and Halloween are great times to visit.

Gerald Burton

Just about the most incredible museum anywhere!! Originally named the Edison Institute of Innovation, it covers just about every aspect of our history and lives!! From transportation to furniture innovations, together with the most incredible collection of historic artifacts. A MUST SEE!!

Bonnie Flynn

The museum is great. We took the Ford Factory tour which was neat to watch F150 trucks being assembled. We did Greenfield Village which was nice. I don't recommend all three in one day.

Eric Schwartz

We spent two days doing the "Main Attraction" package of the museum, factory tour, and Greenfield Village. We spent about 4 1/2 hours at the Museum one afternoon. Then we did the factory tour first thing in the morning and spent about 4 1/2 hours at Greenfield Village in the afternoon. The museum was excellent. Everything seemed very modern and updated. All of the people working were very informative and friendly. After about 3 1/2 hours my 7 year old started losing interest, because she wasn't reading everything, but our 10 year old loved it. The factory tour was a disappointment. If you skip any of the three, skip this one. The historical movie and the innovation movies were interesting, The observation deck was also interesting. Touring the actual factory was a letdown. I don't know if we were there on a bad shift or what, but of the 30 minutes were were in the factory, the main line was probably only moving for 5 minutes. It would do a car, and then stop. The employees were laying down inside of the vehicles they were building. Greenfield Village was great. We wished we would have spent more time there and less at the factory. All of the staff here were also very knowledgeable and friendly. My complaint is they didn't give us a schedule of events for the day when we got there. I pulled it up from their website on my phone, so we could see all of the plays, singing, and historical reenactments. There were so many things we didn't have time to do everything we wanted to do. We also didn't ride any of the rides, but they are all an additional charge.

Daniel Edwards

Had a great time. Did factory tour and the museum and that's a full day. If you want to do the village plan for two days. Well organized and the museum was much more than just Ford.

Marco Ramming

The Focus was not so much on Ford as I expected. I would have appreciated more cars and a red line to follow going through the museum. For example next to great cars there was an exhibition about ancient american furniture or even mathematics. I left kind of confused but also pleased about seeing some nice Fords.

Bonnie Fielhauer

They upped the admission to $28 a person, when hubby and I were there no costumed employees were outside of any homes. Horse feces was in the streets. Oh and now they have a taxi service to shuttle you from one side of the village to another. It used to be my fave place in the area, now it's mediocre at best. The farm takes up most of the village now. They do have a giant play area for kids now. The water under the covered bridge was so green and slimy I doubt there are fish in it anymore. Ruined a lifetime of wonderful memories for me.

David Salamas

One of the finest history attractions in the United States! I have been going to The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village since I was a young boy. It has been updated and now includes a playground and paved roads. The train and Ford Model T rides are really cool. The other neat thing is the railroad roundhouse. You can actually turn a locomotive yourself! The museum has one of the finest collections of Americana you will find anywhere. I highly recommend The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village!

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