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REVIEWS OF The Gerald Ford Presidential Museum IN Michigan

McCunications Media

We visited in September, a short time after they completed the fourth "reset" of the Museum. They've done an excellent job of showcasing Gerald and Betty Ford's lives, his military service, time in Congress and one of the most important presidencies in our history. Outstanding, highly recommend visiting here as well as the library in Ann Arbor.


Very nice, well kept up museum.

amy townsend

Excellent!! Very informative and well done. Highly recommend!!!

Alexandra Mathiasen

A well planned and interesting museum. Traces Gerald Ford from boyhood to President. A gracious man who served well. Interactive exhibits that offered a short version of his life with the option of more in depth information as well. Nice videos that gave a wonderful overview of events during his lifetime and the actions that he took. Many artifacts that added to the experience. Plenty of parking but the signage on the interstate was limited perhaps because of the construction. The Welcome Venters did not have much information on the Museum and we almost missed going to it. Glad we went and I think it shouldn’t be missed. A wonderful President and human being.

Joan Stearns

Very nicely presented history of Gerald Ford.

Joel Bungaree

Located on a distant corner of the University of Michigan campus, this building houses the papers of the former President, but does not serve as his museum. (that is in Grand Rapids, Mi.) It is mainly a place for scholars and researchers. That being said, it did have some very nice exhibits about Gerald and Betty Ford in the main lobby of the building. There is plenty of free parking adjacent to it. There is much about his football career and time at Michigan and other memorabilia. At most it would take an hour to visit. The day i was there, there was one other person visiting it.

Gerardo Jilote

Kids loved it! Very good informative displays indoor and out. Right along The Grand River. Lots to see.

Andrew Hare

Excellent dive into the life of our 38th President, highly recommend for any history buffs

Will Jocobsmeyer

Great look into a man that history has not treated as kindly as it should. He assumed the Presidency at a very low point in American history and helped heal a wounded country.


This president museum is superb. Great presentation. We really enjoyed learning about the life and legacy of President Ford. He was a great man and the greatest president of the United States of America.

Carl Johnson

Great museum, really enjoyed my time here. Vietnam embassy stairs are hard to find, display should be reorganized

Wayne Hamlin

Absolutely loved this place. This is my 6th presidential museum and at the top of my favorite list.

Billie Wood

The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan is so well done. They have documented his life with so many details. Lots of memorabilia from his childhood... his high school years... his college years... his time in the Navy... and all of his years in the Congress... Vice Presidency... and his time as President. There is also a lot of memorabilia about Betty Ford. The entire museum is very interesting. We spent about 3 hours in the museum... and could have been there longer. There is so much to see. If you love history.. this is a wonderful place to spend a few hours.

Lucy Hansen

Great exhibit. Brought back many memories growing up.

antonio lopes

O my God I love this place so much especially when they have all the arts in the town.

Robert Konkol

Excellent displays. Good breakdown of the chapters of his life. Videos at every stop very interesting.

Lisa Pappas

So nice to be able to visit the museum and trace the President's life! Very much enjoyed the time there.

Brad Pierucki

Very informative of a very decent man and his wife in a troubled time in US history

Charles Wood

This is a wonderful tribute to Mr. Ford. I wish we had a Republican Party that had leaders like Mr. Ford today.

Mimi Schalich

Amazing stay. Super awesome staff and great restaurants.

Chuck Hoehn

I was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This holds a special place in my heart. So does President Gerald Ford. You can learn a lot of things you may not have known about President Ford here. There is a lot of historical artifacts from his life here. It will give you a new appreciation for President Ford and his family. When in Grand Rapids make a stop here. You will be glad you did. Make sure you visit President and Betty Ford's grave sites and pay your respects.

Philip R

Well kept up. Like seeing how he was shaped and moulded throughout his life for the circumstances and task at hand. I could have spent 2.5 hours, or more here. I shorted myself on his presidential years due to my late arrival in the afternoon. There is something mesmerizing at living through attention grabbing historical events on TV, newspapers, etc. and viewing a principal person's participation in them.

Georgianne Vinicombe

I hate to admit how little I knew about Gerald Ford even though I lived through his Presidency. This museum does a fantastic job of highlighting his and Betty's lives and I enjoyed learning more about him as a man. The staff were super friendly, the museum was nicely laid out. The gift shop was nice (the hubby bought some socks) and the grounds are gorgeous.

J. Ervin Bates

A wonderful place to visit. Be sure to pay respects to Pres. and Mrs. Ford while you are there. Nice gift shop, LOTS of photos, and artifacts from the Ford Administration.

kevin rosensteel

This place is awesome. I could spend hours checking everything out. There is more to learn than you can do in one day. Beautiful building and excellent exhibits!

Sally Byrd

I have lived in Michigan for almost 25 years but visited this museum for the first time this past Sunday. We spent about 3 hours exploring the museum and I have to say, it was time well spent.The museum is very well set up to allow you to get the sense of the whole man from birth through his death and funeral and his influence beyond. I went into this experience feeling relatively neutral and ill informed about Gerald Ford and left having so much admiration for this man of great integrity for all of his service to our country. In addition, I was able to learn so much about Betty Ford and all of her contributions as well. I recommend a visit to this museum for anyone making a stop in Grand Rapids.

Benjamin Longman

Always cool to study history and the what a president went through to deal with the impeached prior president Nixon.

Eric Lockwood

Outstanding museum, very worthy of a visit, take the whole route up and downstairs.

Mike Ploeg

This museum tells a story about our country during a difficult time and does it with grace. My teenagers are history nerds and love it here. Might bore young children.

Daniel Burkett

This is a very historical place with a beautiful view of the Grand River.

Sarah Gustafson

Very well done. Nice mix of media to tell Ford's story. Really enjoyed it and learned a lot.

Christa Conner

My daughter had a field trip here and they did an amazing job teaching them about resilience. They had iPad minis that they learned to do a slideshow on and we learned SO much about Gerald Ford and our nations history from their well versed staff!

Brian Ream

I'm not sure why they hold Oath Ceremony in this place. It's obvious they don't want us here. USCIS needs to pick a different West Michigan location, I think. This was, either personally or by museum policy, not a welcoming experience and I believe that was their goal. So two stars for successfully making sure I don't come back.

Kamatara Johnson

Well laid out, engaging displays. Inspiring.

Steve Hartig

Gives a nice view of Gerald Ford and particularly his time as President. It has a full size representation of both the cabinet room and oval office which can give you a real impression of what they are like. Also thinking through his history of Eagle Scout to the Navy in WW2 and then Congress to the VP and finally the President is an impressive path to think about. A great few hours in a very nicely put together museum. My only comment is that this is, of course, giving a very positive view of his time and certainly spot lights the good parts versus the problems but you can expect that at a presidential museum

John Ritter

This museum was amazing. I paid my respects to the President and First Lady whom are buried here. I then went inside and experienced the history of President Ford. If you are a lover of history you must go here, they have THE stairs that led up to the roof of the Saigon embassy. The last Americans leaving Vietnam in 1975 used those stairs. Boy Scouts in uniform get in free, veterans get a discount, nothing for professional members of museum organizations.

James Naas

My favorite President. He made decisions based on what he thought was best for the country...NOT political gain.

Kooter Lee

One of thee most pathetic institution ive ever known....the parking lot is locked after hours when no patrons are even their inside...the outside is lack luster and not worth the walk to view because its riddled with bums and litter....a real shame of a museum...please save yourself from disappointment...and visit many other establishments we have here in Grand Rapids..unless you want to be bored and inconviened.

Keri Throneberry

I attended with Harbor House Ministries, my employer, we came to see the train exhibit. We loved the scavenger hunt, and also saw a bit of the CNN coverage. The ice sculptures outside were cool as well as the memorial walk. Good visit, despite the chilly weather.

Shaun Reinert

While on a recent family trip to Grand Rapids, we purchased the 3-day city pass (name might be incorrect) - but this museum was open and operational on July 4th, so we went. Honestly, I thought my boys (6 and almost 3) would be bored, but they actually had a great time, I learned a lot about Gerald Ford, and overall, this is a great place to visit. Actually, this is the only Presidential Museum I've been to, but based on it, I will visit more, and probably compare others to this one. Very nice staff, very informative displays covering every era of Ford's life and career, a wonderful tribute to a great man.

Joseph Davis

He played for the University of Michigan! Nuff said! Lol

Nguyen Binh

Park near museum is so wonderful. There is bridge for walk, from here ability observe the river and a conner of town.

Bryan Newman

I have been to seven presidential museum's, this was by far my favorite. Great setting right on the river, great exhibits and love the size of it. Highly recommend it.

Jaime Alpuche

A great educational experience. A fine exposition into the life and great contributions to USA by President Ford.

Aimey Nystrom

Came here for my daughter's 7th grade field trip. We had a blast, even though a few of the staff we not friendly at all to the children or us chaperones. But it's a great place to visit to see a piece of history. Love the addition of the Betty Ford part.

Dennis Kwasny

Not a Gerald Ford fan. But a nice Museum, great water fall & fountain.

Adam Newsted

The oval office re-creation is awe-inspiring!

Kenshin Yang

If your into history, president or even politics this is a great place to visit.

Levi Anderson

This place was a very great visit. It is super informative and i learned so much about Gerald Ford that i didn't know before. It made me feel very Patriotic. I will visot here again and recommend it to everyone.

Ellie Van Keulen

Excellent good to see the values that President Ford treasured! Country before self/compassion/integrity/ example for all of us Americans!

Sandy Adair

Best museum! President Ford had several crisis during his time as president, but handled them with dignity. That's something I miss with the chaos that passes for our government now. They could learn a lot from studying those years.

Kimberly Meadows

What a great life! Fantastic museum for learning more about the history surrounding Gerald and Betty Fords Service to their country. The employees were helpful but not very friendly, luckily it’s a self guided tour.

Candie Reece

It's beautiful to walk around outside they have a nice water fountain it's right by the river downtown very nice.

El Bean

It was clean, interesting, and it there was a lot to look at. I spent 4 hours just looking and reading everything. I would totally recommend go to this museum if you are visiting or even live here.

mike young

Great history been there many times take out of towners there when they come to visit it was closed for about a year made a complete change over it was like going there for the first time

Emily Ann

For my first time tending it was amazing! Everything was clean and beautifully displayed

Nathan Lemus

Lots of interesting artifacts and beautiful pieces.

Lady Kitania

Very, very beautiful. Wonderfully well maintained, inside and out. The staff are very friendly and outgoing and explain things if asked. An amazing tribute to Gerald R. Ford and a must see if you visit Grand Rapids.

Paul Bachrach

This was a well presented museum. Very professional job, we enjoyed our visit here, the information materials are well done.

Barbara McAdoo

Beautiful location right along the Grand River. Final resting place of president and Mrs. Ford.

L. DeGrau

okay visit great if you are really into gerald ford otherwise.....

jim johnson

Worth a visit. Lots of great history to remember.

Ralph Grubbwheeler

Real tribute to a man and his wife who saved the United States from self destruction because of then Presisent Nixon. Saved from those same types who currently attack President Trump with unfounded prosecution by developing a COOP during the Obama Administration against our Constitutionally Elected government.

Alexandria Moran

Very well organized and interesting. Lots of movies, written materials, and tableaus that give you lots of information in easily digestable bites.

Darrell Louks

Very interesting and moving! Took me back to the time that events happened in my lifetime and where I was and what I was doing at that time! Incredible building, history and beautiful outdoor grounds! Good job Grand Rapids!

Vincent Romano

Upfront, I should say I haven't been to any other Presidential Museums so I can't be comparative. Having said that, I have to say that this is a very good Museum. Its exhibits are excellent and its materials are very interesting. Seeing an exact reproduction of the Oval Office is really cool. The Presidential communications are often enlightening. And the President and Mrs. Ford are buried side by side just next to the Museum.


A really interesting museum that sheds some intriguing light on politics and the inner workings of the White House. Having never been to a presidential museum, I don't know how others compare. But the Ford museum was very well laid out with lots of artifacts from Ford's early life, through his time in the White House and up until his death. Staff was friendly and helpful and the museum was clean and well-maintained. They were also in the process of adding a large new display wing. Excited to see what that will contain when its finished.

Sheridan Llewellyn

Great place if you want to learn more about the presidency of Gerald R. Ford. Also a great venue for ArtPrize.

Kathleen Wachter

Great exhibits. Much better than before.

Michael Hartsock

A very good experience. Very informative and interesting

Michael Horner

You'll come away with a whole new perspective on the presidency of President Ford. And a new appreciation of the man and leader that he was. I now believe he's one of the most important presidents of the 20th century.


Great if you are interest in G.Ford. Not my cup of tea.

Jennifer Martineau

It has been years since I was here, and it certainly did not disappoint. Such great information and interactive for the kids field trip. We had a great time and learned some good history.

Abb Xyy

If you want to have a taste of American politics through the lens of Republican leaders, then this museum will meet your needs. In the ground floor, they also have a shop where you can buy historical replicas of US Presidents. In the top floor, you can view videos, pictures and art pieces of government landmarks like the White House. Additional bonus: great location next to a park and lake. During Art Prize event, this museum usually has top art exhibitions worth your time. Please remember free parking next to the museum is limited and difficult to get during peak times. So, plan to pay for paid parking unless your visit is during non-peak hours.

Timothy Baumann

Well laid out and maintained. Incredibly educational. A true look into the history of the 1970s.

Matt Morley

I really enjoyed my time at the museum. This place is packed full of information and artifacts from his life. I enjoyed taking the time to read every little thing I could, and to soak up all that was offered. I will say, this probably isn’t a place fore younger children. I went when it was free admission, and a lot of families were there to take advantage of that, understandably. I just don’t think that this museum caters to the children very well, and they were getting bored. This was most frustrating when I was at the exhibit detailing his death and funeral. During the touching and somewhat emotional video of his eulogies, parents were heard screaming at their children who were running and goofing off in this particular exhibit. I gave them 4 stars, instead of 5, due to the gift shop being kind of “hokey.” There were a lot of things that are red, white, and blue themed for the older ladies and their pets, but very little literature, t-shirts, or hats. I settled on one of the two coffee mugs that were offered, and a magnet.

G Kelly

My first visit to a presidential museum, so I can't compare it to other presidential museums. It was very well laid out and organized. It made learning about his years as president very easy and interesting.

J Ellen Franklin

Worth the trip. Worth the money. Senior price $1 less than regular. If you like history, you will like this museum. Good parking area adjacent to museum. Visit Pres.& Mrs. Ford's graves on the property.

Jared Mantia

Awesome! Learned so much!

Brent Malmquist

Fantastic place to visit, very educational too...

Cynthia James

Easily accessible, elevator available if needed, each section has ample space for people to get around, informative, just a very enjoyable experience.

Ashton Chapin

Great way to learn about Gerald Ford, very well upkept and nice-looking museum with welcoming staff.

Donna Funk

Really enjoyed this museum, much better picture of Gerald Ford than I remember from my youth. Loved the Oval Office replica and the chance to sit in the President's chair in the cabinet room. Did a pretty thorough job and it took about 4 hours. Free parking directly in front of the museum. Google maps shows a parking garage that is a good block away and $8.00 for the day so don't get confused. That's where to park if the free lot is full.

colleen wisniewski

So much to learn and appreciate. Beautiful grounds and facility. Truely reflects and respects the man and the president. Enjoyed every moment.

Eleni M

College students pay $6, otherwise it’s only an $8 museum. With it being so cheap I didn’t really know what to My expectations were exceeded. It was well kept and there was so much to see. Highly recommend it. There are so many original pieces in there, along with videos from the time.

Angela Brakke

My kids learned a lot about President Ford. It was amazing to see some of his history.

Michael Anspach

Very interesting exhibits, well presented. Informative videos. Attractive building. We wished we had more time there. We will return.

Blue & Green Traveling Team

Very impressed with this Presidential Museum! It was beautifully well done inside and out! I loved learning about President Ford's life and history! I highly recommend visiting this place if you are visiting Grand Rapids.

Sonny Brabez

I really liked how the Gerald Ford Museum was laid out and its fair amount of information to read and/or watch. It was a very nice tour of maybe 2 to 3 hours to do if you are trying to read or review every piece of information.

Jen Brown

Great information! We learned so much about President Ford, his life, and his presidency. I would highly recommend a visit no matter your political persuasion.

Sam Rogers

Visited the library in Ann Arbor yesterday, this is the separate and bigger museum. I didn't know much about Ford prior to this other than his pardon of Nixon. The museum seems to stick to the official story of being necessary for the healing of the nation without really discussing the controversy. There is an oval office recreation but you cannot actually step into it. There is a cabinet office recreation you can sit in which is nice. The museum focuses a lot on his early life and seems to struggle to find things of note during his term. It was well made and modern but lacked substance overall. Free parking. Friendly staff. A shame it appears to lack the confidence to discuss the controversy.

Sean Howell

Great experience at the museum. Really eye opening. Great location on the river front. Just watch that first step.

Gerry F

Great review of the history of the mid 70s, a time of transition in us politics. Ford was a gentleman and a great leader for the time. Too bad he did not get a second term and they dont have politicians like that anymore.

Glenn Youngstedt

Excellent, informative, I will definitely go back.

Sue Dankovich

Very well done, informative, thoughtful and honoring of our president.


Very nice, perhaps not very entertaining for some of the smaller children in attendance, but an excellent memorial and an hour well spent.

John Hsieh

The Gerald Ford Museum is located on the west bank of the Grand River in downtown Grand Rapids. It's a relatively small museum with mostly exhibits of collections related to the late President Ford. I'm not quite sure if it's really worth the $8 admission to actually enter the museum, but the area surrounding the museum is quite pretty and parking at the museum is free. There's an excellent view of downtown Grand Rapids from the green space right outside the museum that offers a view of the river, the pearl street bridge, and the skyline. Otherwise, the fountain outside the museum is a nice place to just relax and look at the Grand River.

Steve H.

For only being President for 3 years there were a lot of accomplishments and stories that are are told here. The building is in a beautiful setting next to the river. I would have liked to see more displays of items. Most of the museum was just his written history on wall displays.

Gerald Whitehead

Great museum dedicated to the life of Gerald Ford. Lots of pictures and videos, recreated oval office and cabinet room. Visitation time depends on your interest level.

Christine Segard

Loved singing for the celebration of the Mid -Michigan Honor Guard

Tom Urich

Great Learning Experience about true American democracy.

Michael Caldwell

Beautiful facility, but be aware it has a very limited scope of history as it is focused on the life and presidency of Pres. Ford.

tom wilcox

Small but well done. Excellent story of the life of this dedicated public servant.

Nic Molchan

Great museum, not too big, but still a lot too see. Very nice and lots of interesting information.

Le Ru

Amazing exposition!!! Easy to go, nice parking lot, Rightly recommend for all ages. The quality is impossible described!!!

Michael Powers

This a large outdoor playground for children to play and have fun. They have restrooms and a drinking fountain.

Jim Mosley

What a beautiful, well thought out exhibit. Very helpful people work here that really add their knowledge to make it even more interesting!

Wesley Machiela

Was here for a showing of a play for my Middle school students and the staff was very friendly and helpful. The museum has many cool exhibits including a portion of the Berlin wall! My kids enjoyed their time at this museum, we will be returning!

Ed Weller

Great background story of what is without a doubt one of the greatest presidents this country has ever had.

Robert Jacobs

One of the better Presisential Museums. Free parking available to visitors across from museum. Go pass the pay to park parking structure.

Marcell H.

Had an amazing experience becoming a citizen.

Keith Wallace

While we didn't actually go into the museum the act of kindness from the museum is worth mentioning. I was leading a non for profit event and used the front of the museum as a staging point. A security guard understandably came and asks us what we were doing. I said we are a non for profit that serves veterans and we are hosting an event to show our solidarity as one to stand against PTSD and other trauma veterans face. At the end of the event the museum brought out to us free entries to the museum for everyone. Thank you Gerald Ford Museum!

Jay Ervin

Such an incredibly wonderful place to visit. The presidential museum for Gerald R Ford, our 38th president. Be sure to stop by and pay your respects do both president as well as mrs. Ford while you're there

Tom Flora

Its was very interesting and informative, we all had a good time

David Ratz

Good to remember when public service was all.

Robert Lemond

Very nice museum, my tour guide for the Oval Office was a very fun guy to talk to

Cecil Bray

Read the letter Sara Jane Moore wrote as to her reasons behind the attempt. The museum is very informative with great artifacts.

Bill Sweeney

I visit any Presidential Museum that I get close to in my travels. This is one of the better ones.

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