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Where is Isle Royale National Park?

REVIEWS OF Isle Royale National Park IN Michigan


Great island, wonderful sights but a surprising lack of kangaroos

Max Hietpas

Easily one of the best kept secrets of the national parks system! They love to boast that it is one of the least visited parks but one of the most re-visited, and for good reason. This island has it all: moose, wolves, fox, many species of plants and mushrooms, great fishing, oh yea and vicious mosquitoes. If you can handle the bloodsuckers, you will be rewarded with beautiful sunsets, pristine lakes, and a symphony of sounds to serenade you to sleep.

Christy Young

5 hour boat ride out of Grand Portage with friendly crew of Voyageur II, excellent intro with park staff, Rock Harbor concession brought our bags to the exterior access door hotel room, 2 queen beds, coffee machine, electricity, hot and cold running water and shower and toilet, porch view to the sunrise right on the water, good breakfast and dinner and blueberry cobbler, got the junior ranger stuff, hiked to Mount Franklin and back, borrowed a paddle and enjoyed the water, did nature hike, talked to many backpackers and some with preteen kids, families enjoying the park, guest house with views and board games and wifi. This park is worth the trouble- do it!

Lots Of Laughs

Explore a rugged, isolated island, far from the sights and sounds of civilization. Surrounded by Lake Superior, Isle Royale offers unparalleled solitude and adventures for backpackers, hikers, boaters, kayakers, canoeists and scuba divers. Here, amid stunning scenic beauty, you'll find opportunities for reflection and discovery, and make memories that last a lifetime.

Virginia Càrpenter

Least visited state park. Beautiful. Moose and wolves live here

Daniel Ford

Isle Royale is one of my favorite hikings, though I am too old for hiking now. Still an island still calls me. I'm thinking about taking a boat ride around island and take lodging at Rock Harbor this year.


The island itself was great but the concessions there not so much. If management were to be changed or improved then it would definitely have been a better experience.

Ryan VanderMeer

I was told it is the least visited National Park but most re-visited. After my trip this summer I understand why. Solitude. Heavy packs. Filtered Lake Superior water. Fox, moose, loons, beaver, cranes, merganser. Wild blueberries, strawberries, thimbleberries. Flies and mosquitos. More solitude. If you thought about making the trip you should make it a priority.

Kyra Hoffmann

Great place to visit and get away from it all. Beautiful views, great scenery, interesting tours.

Jacqueline Telljohann

We went for a day trip from Grand Portage to Windigo. It's a 1.5 hour ferry trip over to the island. The ferry arrives around 10am central time (although the island is on eastern time, Grand Portage is on central time). You get 4 hours on the island since the ferry departs at 2pm central time. By the time you dock, go through orientation, and get back early to board, it's more like 3-3.5 hours. The island is nice. Unfortunately, when we were there it was really foggy and then rainy at the end. We hiked to the Grace Creek Overlook which was about 3.5 miles round-trip. It was pretty easy. The views were ok, but nothing spectacular. We also went over to the campground to do some moose watching and we did see one. This was the best part in my opinion. This national park is very remote. It's pretty, but I wasn't wowed in comparison to other national parks.

James Horvath

You just need to experience the backcountry solitude to appreciate the experience. Plan at least 5 days and would recommend bush plane for transport.

Darci Kastamo

So much fun and great getaway from reality! Beautiful scenery!


Perfect place to escape the hustle and the bustle of life in the mainstream - beautiful.

Darius Nabors.

I took the boat from Grand Portage out to Windigo and while it poured the first day the second day was beautiful. The camping at Hugginnin Cove is amazing, definitely worth the trip!

Gail Davis

Beautiful, remote. Lots of campgrounds and trails. The restaurant is good. The lodge is nice but rather expensive

Jack Van Horn

Went their was the best experience of my life

Dawsyn Ponke

Where we droppin boys

Ryan Cummings

We loved it, beautiful and quiet. Virtually unspoiled. I've wanted to go for 20+ years and am happy I did. With all of that said, it's expensive and time consuming to get there. Once on the trails, the landscape is pretty indistinguishable from the rest of the hiking trails in the many state parks on the North Shore of MN. Unless you have a burning desire to be on Isle Royale just because it's rare, you might want to save your time and money and stay on the mainland. Only 4 hours in windigo isn't a lot of time and we felt a bit rushed to get back to the boat. Sea Hunter ferry service was fine. They make a stop at the witch tree, shipwreck of the America, and the rock of ages lighthouse for a nice photo op.

Jordan Kelly

Amazing scenery and a wonderful experience. Also, the park wasn't very crowded

Bryce Caster

Take the ferry from either Minnesota or Copper Harbor, Michigan and step off into another world. There is one moose per square kilometer and there are thimbleberries everywhere! Truly an amazing place.

Charles Peck

Beautiful but very remote... no cell service and terrible WiFi. Good for camping and fishing and hiking and very expensive.

Tim Clapp

A truly wonderful experience.

Jason Dreier

Unbelievably Scenic and Serene. Wonderful place to disconnect from the rest of the world. Gorgeous surroundings.

Clara Kammann

Being empty water bottels,food available at store, experience with more time

Prakash hebballi [ANNIGERI]

Very good and beauty please

Mohomad Asmin

The island is 45 miles (72 km) long and 9 miles (14 km) wide, with an area of 206.73 square miles (535.43 km2), making it the largest natural island in Lake Superior, the second largest island in the Great Lakes (after Manitoulin Island), the third largest in the contiguous United States (after Long Island and Padre Island), and the 33rd largest island in the United States. It is defined by the United States Census Bureau as Census Tract 9603 of Keweenaw County, Michigan. As of the 2000 census there was no permanent population.After the island was made a national park, some existing residents were allowed to stay, and a few leases are still in effect. Ferries from Michigan and Minnesota land at Rock Harbor on the eastern end of the island; this has a lodge, campground, and information center. Ferries from Minnesota also run to Windigo on the western end, which has a visitor In 1875, Isle Royale was set off from Keweenaw County, as a separate county, "Isle Royale County". In 1897, the county was dissolved, and the island was reincorporated into Keweenaw County. The highest point on the island is Mount Desor at 1,394 feet (425 m), or about 800 feet (240 m) above lake level. Isle Royale is within about 15 miles (24 km) of the Canadian and Minnesotan shores of the lake, (near the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario), and is 56 miles (90 km) from the Michigan shore, on the Keweenaw Peninsula. There are seasonal passenger ferry services to the island from Grand Portage, Minnesota; Copper Harbor, Michigan; and Houghton, Michigan. There is also a seasonal sea plane service. There are no roads on the island, and wheeled vehicles or devices, other than wheelchairs, are not permitted. Rock Harbor has wheeled carts available to move personal belongings from the Rock Harbor marina to the cabins and hotel. Also the National Park Service employs tractors and a few World War II jeeps to move items around the ranger station area at Windigo, Rock Harbor, and Mott Island.

Respectful Living

This is such a beautiful place and we are lucky to have in near Detroit.

Brian Romanowski

Beautiful, well maintained trails, super nice ranger staff, also super nice fellow backpackers. And free berries!

Dean Downey

Breathe taking beautiful.

Kirsten Maki

Stunning wilderness park. Park Rangers are awesome, other employees are friendly and helpful. Just amazing

Dan Hoffman

While there is a reason this is the least visited National Park, it is still a shame. IRNP is a true wilderness wonderland and one that should be explored by all the parkhounds there are in this fair land. It's truly unique and wonderful.

Gabriel DeWitt

this is so coool

Niko Batteesツ

It was fun I saw a squirrel right next to me


If you wanna get lost in nature and have no worries, whether you are young or old you can go ! I went for a full week and it was an amazing time and it was so peaceful and perfect I will make trips annually!

Nicholas Kucher

Just go

Stuart Utley

Over 1300 moose on the island, but no bears, so no worries about having to hang food from a tree at night. However, many campsites have a relatively bold fox, who will beg for, or steal your food even in the daytime if you are not careful. Great rugged hiking and spectacular views. Northern lights can be terrific!

Justin D

Absolutely amazing place

Bob Geis

This is one of the best National Parks I've visited. We left from Grand Portage aboard the Sea Hunter. The boat ride was fun, but cold. The park is beautiful. I wish I'd arranged to spend more time there. The trail we took was breathtaking.

Jon Bleshenski


Debbie Salinas

Park is phenomenal. The park lodge does not fall in the 5 star category. A park and experience that should be on every hiking enthusiasts Must Do list.

Barry Fuller

One of the best parks in the country. Hikes are very approachable, no bears to worry about, friendly ranger staff - can't say enough good things about this place.

Paul Ellinger

A more pristine place you just can't find. Is it hard to get to? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely!

Peter Sontrop

The park rangers here were awesome and seemed very protective of their gem. We went by boat tour and it was great. Only here a few hours and hiked. Super clean and perfect for elderly folks to campers to seasoned backpackers. Nice store. Bathrooms good. Water filling station right at the dock. Don’t expect internet! Just enjoy nature. Cool local garter snake and animal presentation, almost certain to see a moose or two... Least visited park because of access I suppose but worth going. Just don’t mess with their park by littering or taking or defacing. You will get the well deserved wrath of the park service.


The best national park by far, you’ll probably see a mouse if you’re there for long enough. Great hiking trails and not to mention the biggest fresh water lake on the biggest island on the biggest fresh water lake. We sailed into windgo, and did a bit of explore, (no tics on the island.) Defiantly would recommend visiting.

Daniel Kremer

I loved this place! It's remote and quiet and wild. It's the perfect place to spend a week backpacking or paddling! I'm already planning my next visit.

John Carrico

One of the most fantastic places on this planet. Wonderful trails. Rent an outboard and explore the coves.

Rosemary Seeley

One of the least visited national parjs. Takes a good bit of planning to visit. Good for hiking and out of the way camping. Very limited facilities and quite usolated.

Better Service

This place is definitely rugged. We will go back here every year until the end of time to experience a remote Lake superior original experience

Joey Quisenberry

Wonderful park. Silence and solitude. Lots of wildlife, great views. Rangers are very friendly and helpful.

Tim Wiersma

Wonderful, remote national park. We did day hikes from Rick harbor and just saw a few people on our hikes. Wonderful scenery even though we didn't see any moose. Great view from our lodge room. Good food at the restaurant. Highly recommended.

Scott Smith

Should be the destination of all who are passionate about nature. Kayaking the perimeter, with portages inland is a good way to see more of the island and save energy.

Ahmad Ali

Located in the northwest corner of Lake Superior Isle Royale National Park in Michigan is the place to go for solitude. The park is an island of roadless backcountry reachable only by boat or seaplane – making it the least visited national park in the lower 48 states.

Mark Young

Great Christine national park with much less traffic than many national parks do to how remote it is. I have taken the ferry from Copper Harbor, Houghton Michigan and from Minnesota. I think the Houghton Ferry is my preference, although it takes an hour or two longer, you save the drive up Copper Harbor and have a much bigger boat that handles the rough water is better. If you aren't affected by sea sickness or the weather forecast is phenomenal and you'd like to experience Copper Harbor and the Keweenaw peninsula, go that route with the Isle Royal Queen, sometimes called the barf barge. Staff were always good if not great every time I've taken either Ferry. There are some neat little places to eat add Copper Harbor oh, and a very small Brewpub.

Elizabeth Nonya

I absolutely love this national gem! It is remote location, so plan for a few days if you are going to make the journey. The island of itself is generally north of Milwaukee (in central standard time), the island itself is on eastern time, so it's still very bright in the evening in the summer. Admire the moose from a far please. While to moose aren't predators, they are large, territorial animals and you are in their home.

Timothy Jones

Love this place!

Sherri Keller

If you are looking for a place to explore and get away, check out Isle Royal. It is the least, or one of the least visited national parks. The only way to get there is by boat or small plane. You can bring kayak’s or canoes and explore or you can hike and explore. It is possible to do just a day trip but we suggest doing a several night trip. There are many moose on the island, so you may have a chance to see one, or maybe you could catch sight of beaver or fox. We were dropped off at Windigo and picked up on the other side of the island. It was about a four-five day hike, but we put in 12-15 miles a day. Be prepared for portions of the trails to be somewhat overgrown. Some campsites have shelters that you can get on a first come first serve basis but many sights are just for tent camping. The shelters are simple but a great break from having to set up and sleep in a tent. There is very little plumbing on the island, so be prepared for a lot of ports potty sitting. Hiking Isle Royal is a once in a lifetime kind of experience that shouldn’t be passed up. It was serene and filled with beautiful sunrises, lake views, eerie fog, and vistas.

Mike Wood

Great off-the-grid getaway. Fabulous backpacking. Wonderful views.

Danelle Coutts

Breathtakingly awesome!! Thanks for some zen time with nature.

justyce deberry

this sounds like a nice place


Isle Royale is one of the most glorious places I have ever visited in my life. It was more beautiful than I ever imagined. We came across many lichens, mosses, ferns, wildflowers and a moose or two in our hikes and walks. The inviting hiking paths are lovely and meandering, and they take you from bog to boreal forest to beautiful rocky coastlines along Lake Superior, inland lakes and harbors. A daytime boat trip took us to a lovely old lighthouse where we climbed about 60 stairs to stand at the top landing and look over Lake Superior. Staff was friendly, knowlegeable and helpful. Our room overlooked the harbor.

Caleb Haven

One of the Jewels of the National Park system! Beautiful rugges scenery! We saw one moose a fox and many birds.

destiny schwartz

Went there with 22 of my classmates. WE LOVED IT!!! Very nice park rangers... Great out doors!

Marie Ann

I will always have this need to return time and time again. No place like it. Magical.

Anthony Wojcik

It's federal land very carefull

Brian Holiday

As the main harbor on Isle Royale, there is a lodge available, restaurants, National Park Rangers, a small store with limited food and toiletry items as well as camping/hiking supplies. There is a small marina at which you can rent kayaks, canoes, or skiffs, or dock & gas up a private boat. Boat tours on The Sandy depart from Rock Harbor, too. The sunset cruise was definitely worthwhile!

Robin Gowin

lovely national park. difficult to get there but worth the trip. some visitors stayed over night and some returned same day

Braeden Goemer

I had an amazing experience at winigo,I wish you could hike out to lakes easier for fishing but easily the best time of my life.


It was beautiful, but the problem was, when I was there, I was constantly worrying about my dog. I couldn't bring him with us, so the little fluff was in a kennel. I would recommend that if you're worried about dogs scaring wildlife, make the rule that only small dogs can come. :)

lynn donnelly

Beautiful place!!!

Jeff Sheldon


Phillip Ferrier

Beautiful backpacking. A bit more people than I expected, but still tons of wildlife and beautiful scenery.

G. Thomas Wrasse

Don't go. It is to wonderful for the masses to mess up! Stay away.

Chip LeVan

Get away from everything. Hiking trail along Lake Superior is a little tough...but the high ridgeline is easier once you get there and the views are spectacular!

Billy Combs

I have been there several times, and I can't wait for my next trip, when my sons will finaly be old enough to go, this island is a family tradition. Extremely natural. Great fishing, and insanely beautiful. We have found many old copper mine sites, old mine cart rails included, and a lot of moose, had one step right over my tent, and I saw one once grab a loaf of bread from a rangers backpack, while he was waiting for his boat, and stroll of into the woods with his ill gotten gains. A million awesome photos. Plan carefully, don't try to carry much, and you will have a trip you will look back on with smiles, for the rest of your life. There's something almost magical, and spiritual about being someplace that you can only get to by your own power. Just remember to always leave nature the way you found it, so everyone can enjoy it, as well. The animals are wild(even that annoying fox that was roaming around a campsite, daisy farm i believe it was, swiped some poor hikers boot) so they will indeed act wild. However, on a side note most of the notes carved in the screened in shelters are fun to read. Oh, and make sure you bring duct tape! A million uses.


Ever played fortnite before? This is the map you play on.

Fred Stark

There is no place like it. Perfect week, sunny, bugs not out yet and very few people.

Zachary Kaiser

Easily my favorite camping place. Great views and a very rustic atmosphere. Just a note that the sites that are on the lake mostly all have yurts to camp in. They are quite nice especially if it's raining. If you're looking for a secluded back country experience, this is definitely the place to go!

Timothy Guiheen

Not a camper Trails were not very scenic. Ferry ride to and from was an Adventure.

Kevin Ingersoll

One of my top five national parks

dianne kavorik

Quiet, beautiful, not many people, peaceful. Helpful staff.

Tim Goward

One of the most beautiful National Parks in the country. It's remoteness and limited accessibility as the largest island in Lake Superior creates for a unique and special wilderness experience.

Adam Slu

The best national park that no one goes to

Craig Florek

This island is beautiful. There is some lodging and a couple of restaurants. You can rent a boat or just hike around. Lots of little campsites for those hiking the island to put up a tent or even us a hut. Or just put up your tent and enjoy.

George Hadley

A friend and I hiked the Greenstone Trail from Rock Harbor to Windigo (late May/early June). Overall it was a pretty enjoyable experience. One thing worth noting is that the trails are often swampy and muddy, and this can lead to having to …

Garrett Literski

Coming here and backpacking the entire island over two weeks with my best friends was the best descision I’ve ever made. So beautiful and isolate. The best things in life aren’t easy, and usually take you out of your comfort zone, but they make you realize how important it is to make the most of your time in life. I cannot wait to return next summer and enjoy it even more!

C Carpio

Beautiful! Loved it. If you are not comfortable in the wilderness please stay close to the lodge or at least come prepared

Darin Jensen

Outstanding Park. A rare beauty that presents a new face (biome) at every turn a great challenge for any Scout Troop or Crew that thinks they have seen it all.

Katrina Wilson

Very beautiful place

Michael Hrachovsky

Beautiful views. Feels like you are by yourself.

Shelley Goodlaski

There is no place like Isle Royale. Other than the 1 hotel, restaurant and information center, it's nature at it's best. Beautiful hiking trails, wildlife and full of history.

Gang Wang


Don Boucher

one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I have ever visited.

Ben Schwab

This is the official fortnite island 4/10 I died at #78

Stuart Kraft

One of the best National Parks in the country. Hiked on the island for 5 days, outstandingly beautiful. Make sure you try to get away from the lodge and into the back country.

Marlo Opyt

This is a beautiful place to hike it's ever changing scenery and hopes to see a moose or to sit and watch the sunset. It's worth the trip! By ferry or plane. A must see!

Khalid Khan

My first hiking experience. It was short and exhilarating. A must visit for people coming to UP.

Thomas York

Best trip I've ever had

Ginger Ambrose

The absolute best place to disconnect, hike, backpack, kayak, canoe! You won't want to leave!

Nathan Lee

I absolutely love Isle Royale!

Amber Shepard

Perfect get-away in every way. Peaceful, calm, solitary hiking destination.

Mike Sparrow

I’ve been to Isle Royale twice. The first time I was dropped off at Hidden Lake Dock and hiked back to Rock Harbor over a few days. The second time I backpacked from Windigo Harbor to Malone Bay Campground, where a boat greeted me the following day to bring me back where I started. Both trips were awesome and unique experiences. I didn’t see any people while hiking from Hidden Lake to Rock Harbor for the first two days, which is in contrast to the second backpacking trip where camping spots along the trail filled up early in the day, leaving late arrivals to find someone to share their tent site with. I used 99% deet to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Brian Blinn

We did Greenstone Ridge, in order to get back home from Rock Harbor I was forced to walk a staggering 45 miles from one end of the island to the other. Several times I tried to ride a moose but they always ran off before I had a chance. There's something magical about hiking to a lake, on an island, inside a lake.

Rachel Kristy

Beautiful and wondrous. We saw moose and had a lovely hike.

Joel Bonin

First time out, definitely won't be the last!

Clarissa Ward

Gorgeous natural wild! Lots of flowers and wildlife. Great scenic views every corner. Forests, swamps, lakes, rocky slopes, and cliffs. Saw a moose! Breath taking.

Will Miller

Great wilderness experience. Wildlife. Snakes, toads, foxes, moose and fish.

Lara Szpak

Perfect escape from the modern everyday, with enough creature comforts to keep things easy (pit toilets, thank you!). We enjoyed the challenge of the Minong Ridge Trail, and spending some time at Washington Creek. Saw many many moose visiting the river to eat. The trails are all well marked or have cairns that kept us on track. Gorgeous views of forests and lakes the entire way. I understand why so many people go back!

Joseph Schenk

Great hiking! Beautiful scenery, lodge was old, cleanup of room poor

cory kujawa

Quite serene place. One of a great past with a lot of history around this offshore gem.

Grandpa's Garage

Grandpa's Garage Studio 7 suggests to get over here and get healthy.

Hannah Meiklejohn

Beautiful scenery, wonderful for hiking and camping.

Michael Dick

Most beautiful place on earth

Miles Mu

Amazing scenery, vicious animals that might bite your head off too

Minong Maniac

Best place on Earth.

Nick Kostas

Outstanding Park.

Kelley B

Mother Nature at her most beautiful!

Robert Peters

Rustic and natural, the beauty of the island can't be described.

Shelby Marter

Favorite national park! Backpacked here with a friend for 5 days and it was amazing, but not for the faint of heart. I got to swim with otters at Moskey Basin, watch a sunrise in Chippewa Harbor, and hike through a torrential downpour. Downright amazing and can't wait to go again. If you do backpack- do some serious research on your hikes and be willing to leave early to grab a shelter (if you're not packing a tent). If you're staying in the lodge- you should reconsider (unless physically unable) There's so much to see on the trails and in the remote sites that you just can't see from the quick hikes near the harbors.

Marc & Casie

We camped for one night. It’s a great getaway. We were shocked we didn’t see any moose but you’re likely to since there are 2,000 on the small island. Hikes were great. We stayed on the western end which has more rock scrambles. The boat ride was fine on the way there but 6 ft seas on the way home. One poor guy threw up repeatedly.

Jaison Varghese

A perfect place to escape. Better to carry own food. A wild place with spectacular views and very adventurous. This park has many designated wilderness campgrounds. Some campgrounds in the interior are accessible only by trail or by canoe/kayak on the island lakes. Other campgrounds are accessible only by private boat. The campsites vary in capacity but typically include a few three-sided wood shelters with floors and roofs, and several individual sites suitable for pitching a small tent. Awesome place to stay away from Apartment life.

Benjamin Plesh

I went with my family in June and besides the mosquitoes, it was a wonderful trip I would take again and again. We were lucky enough to get up close to a cow moose which was the highlight of the trip, in addition to the breathtaking views all around.

mad zax

National Park Service does stellar job operating this treasure. Professional, friendly , and they have it together. Worth paying taxes in America for jewels like this place. Keep up the good work!! We'll be back!

Jill Tesman

Well worth the time and money. Lodge didn't have any warm or hot water for showers when you wanted it. Still worth the money.

Jina Kim

Beautiful! Difficult and expensive to get to, but totally worth it to be in the remote wilderness. Park rangers we're so nice and helpful. There's also bathrooms and drinking water on the island. Gotta love America!

Jason Hoffman

I decided to drop in the woods but there was too many elk, plz nerf god, I chose the wolf class and my squad almost instantly died.

Dale Schultz

It was a great 3 hour Ferry ride to Isle Royle. Once you arrived there, there was a lot to see & explore. Take your time & enjoy it while your there. You will return with friends. Have a great time!

John Clift

A beautiful fall with no wifi, phone service or much civilization except fine beers from the commissary. Moose encounter was semi terrifying.

Rashith Tech

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Skunk W3rx

For all the people complaining about trail conditions its because they only have 2-3 people servicing all of the trails on the island so id say they are doing a pretty damn good job for only having 4-6 people servicing around 150-175 miles of trails.....just saying. Its an amazing island and i would recommend it if you like hiking and appreciate well preserved parks.

Nathan Strodtbeck

I took both of those photos of this amazing place. I really suggest you plan your trip on the island before you go there. It can be a bit pricey so you want to receive the best experience you can. I also suggest you get as far away from Rock Harbor as you can as soon as you can because it is ALWAYS full of people and definitely ruins the fun. Check the weather too because it is always changing and can cause for some dangerous travel situations. Have fun while you're there because not everyone gets to enjoy this sort of experience.

Terry McDonald

It is just awesome!

Richard Smith

A perfect place for getting away from the ever day complexity of life. No TV. No cellphone service. For those who have given up the tent-camp stove life; there are several lodges and two restaurants . Many come to the island to hike the island camping at different locations. For those staying in one of the lodges there are easy day hikes. The weather is on the cool side, even in the summer. Be sure to bring warm clothing and rain gear

Izzy S

Beautiful must see island treasure. This island caters to both rugged back packers and those who like a soft bed and hot shower. If you prefer the later, check out the Rock Harbor Lodge. The lodge is rustic but comfortable enough with heated rooms, housekeeping service and two dining options. As far as wild life, we saw more than I can list. The most memorable, our close encounters with wild bull moose!

Cody Lensing

I don't really want to give this place a positive review, because I want it to remain the National Parks Service's best kept secret. However, the Park Rangers were too phenomenal not to call out. We bombarded them with questions after spending two days hiking and thinking up some good questions. Some how the rangers knew all the answers. Their presentations were amazing. And they were just so happy. I don't think I have ever experienced people who were this happy doing their job. I believe it was a Ranger Val and a Ranger Katie that really stood out as stellar. Great work rangers! Thank you for making it such a wonderful experience, and taking care of such an important American resource.

Mark Perschel

We backpacked from Windago to Rock Harbor and Back.... Awesome!!

Elliot Stephens

Possibly the only National Park in the USA with no cars, I loved the place. Look for wolves, moose, foxes, thimbleberries, pristine forests, crystal clear icy waters, and shipwrecks. Breathtakingly beautiful. Use ultralight equipment, but bring warm clothing and rain gear even in the summer.

Ryan Otte

From my conversations on the boat ride from Grand Portage, MN, I have learned that there are two types of people, newbies to Isle Royale that haven't been there yet, and veterans who have revisited three or more times. This seems to play into the Isle Royale Nat. Park statistic that the rangers like to quote about this park in that it is the least visited, but has some of the highest return rates from those that make the voyage here. I am still the newbie, I imagine, after my first stay there, but I do indeed daydream every so often about going back. I took the "six day backpacking sampler tour" as I like to call it, from Rock Harbor visitor center area at the east end of the island, hiking 50+ miles to Windigo visitor center on the west end. I daydream or in the evening take out my map to plan out a sea kayaking tour to circumnavigate the island. In any case, this is a wilderness-focused national park, extremely so, in that there are no vehicle roads or fancy accommodations. I hear the Rock Harbor lodge is pretty nice, but that is it so far as hotels as I understand it. For that, I personally love this park, because it is a backcountry playground. Others that do not like the idea of backcountry camping or at least day hiking to see the sites nearby Rock Harbor would probably not enjoy the stay.

Chunky seal

Me and my bois went here and had an epic battle royale it was very epic

Crystal Witherell

The park is awesome. Lots to do and see! I wouldn't recommend for small kids but we were two adults and it was great. The only frustration we encountered was with boat rental- they have a million restrictions and none of them are posted or seem to be known by other people working in other areas of the park. We wanted to do the short canoe to a small island nearby but were told we couldn't because they don't let people canoe out there because of other boats coming and going. They were also really strict about any kind of possible weather with renting a motor boat and isle Royale had crazy weather so the chances of it being really good and kind of slim.

Ken and Alicia Lund

Isle Royale National Park is one of the crown jewels of the U.S. National Park system. It's isolation and the difficulty in getting there helps keep it pristine. The islands and cliffs jutting out of the crystal clear waters of Lake Superior offer outstanding coastal scenery (even punctuated by some picturesque lighthouses), and the inland lakes and woods, with abundant moose, fox, and loons, offer an authentic and untrammeled North Woods experience. I backpacked here and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Beautiful park.

Anthony Castellano

Truly wild and wonderful park where human impact is very minimal.

Anthony Hebert

Home sweet home

Ohin Haque

Located amidst the waters of Lake Superior near the U.S. border with Canada, Isle Royale is known for its stunning natural beauty that take the breath of its visitors. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the classic American scenery with a huge variety of plant and animal species. Cleanliness of the local nature makes the island equally attractive during the all four seasons. Here amidst the dense pine forests live also some large animals such as foxes and even elks! The location is perfect for camping because of the purity of the local nature.

Jeff Boone

Beautiful gichee gumee lake

Nikolos Gurney

Very good national park

Daniel Sandhoefner

Wow! Coolest thing I have done. Just be careful. You are in the middle of nowhere.

Taylor Klink

It is sooooooo pretty i luv it

Casey Passant

This was my favorite spot on my last vacation. You really can get away from it all here. Lodge was great, plenty of trails to hike, truly peaceful spot.

Nathaniel Wallen

I spent a week trekking half of this island with two other friends and the experience was unforgettable! You feel very secluded from the world and you aren't interrupted by many people on the island. We did not see any moose unfortunately but there was other wildlife all around. The shelters are clean and very convenient. Great place to kick back and read a book between hikes.

Rick Bess

Great place to backpack and explore

Tony Wagner

Beautiful park with lots of great views. Depending on your skill level of hiking it would be good to ask about the trails and their growth levels prior to booking your trip. We selected a trail that after completing staff referred to as "the jungle" which had we known at the time would not have made the list. There is a good amount of elevation change on the trails so be ready for that along with plenty of fluids.

Zach Laporte

We visited Isle Royale via ferry from Grand Portage over the Fourth of July weekend this year, 2016. We completed the Feldtmann loop trail in four days, three nights with a total mileage of 30 miles. The island itself has no cell phone …

Jennifer Kachinski

Beautiful park!

Daniel Kingsley

Amazing. A t ip to get to but very few people there and plenty of solitude!

Herb Houser

One of the most beautiful and serene places I have ever been!

Kealyn Powers

Just an amazing place everyone should go spend time here at least once in life.

Nicole Roser

Canoed around the east end and camped for 8 days. Outstanding. Bring extra dried food.

Matthew Jankowski

This isolated wilderness is so remote and quiet that few Chicagoans dare visit it. The six hour ride on the Ranger III gives a chance to experience Lake Superior.


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