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Jayden Brewton

I have nothing negative about this place. It has a very positive vibe, the staff, security, and people are really nice to my knowledge. There is a wide variety of animals from different areas of the world. The restrooms are placed everywhere, conveniently, and efficiently. Also it is clean for a zoo. There are very interesting things to see and do here. I have also come to the conclusion that this is an amazing establishment. Maps are located every once in a while. Recommended for any unborn +. Also if you haven't been here you should really schedule a trip

Ed French

I was very disappointed in the zoo. Not very many animals. They where in very poor conditions. Everything at the zoo was very expensive. 4.00 hot dog and a 4.00 cup of water out of a tap and warm. Ripped off badly. I will never be back and not recommend anyone else to go. There is not a number to low to rate the zoo. 0

averie st.germaine

Fantastic zoo! Loved the large selection of amphibians and reptiles, something a lot of other zoos overlook. Also the butterfly garden was beautiful!

Joseph Middleton

A good zoo to visit and spend several hours. The animals appear to be well cared for. This zoo has some exotic animals, but is not on the caliber of some zoos in larger cities. Nonetheless, it is a fun stop and worth a trip if you are in the area.

Deonna Richardson

We went for my 6 year olds birthday, flew in from Texas. The polar bears, grizzlies, arctic fox, and a few other animals weren't even available. It would have been nice to know before spending 50 dollars. The concessions were selling food …

Nicole Meier

I have been to the zoo plenty of times. When we visited it was perfect not to hot most of the animals were active and you can tell the zoo does a great job taking good care of these animals. The penguin exhibit is the absolute best in the zoo!

Marilyn Velez

My husband bought me a family membership for my birthday and I couldn’t be happier! I love the animals and so does my family. The Detroit Zoo is a great way to enjoy your day!!

Domenic Mastrianni

I had a wonderful time here. It was a perfect day and I was just amazed by how active and awesome the animals are. Especially the birds! I might actually get a ticket package.

Dominique Grass

The Detroit Zoo is pretty good. Not as great as the San Diego Zoo or the St. Louis Zoo, though. Have not been to the Toledo Zoo, which is supposed to be pretty nice. Bad: 22 minutes wait time for the train on a week day is unacceptable!! Need to better time the two trains (not back to back) and improve the loading and unloading.

Angie Person

Loved it even though it was a hot day out today there was many places along the route to Stop & Go in doors for air conditioning while still looking at beautiful animals and wildlife. The Flora and Fauna are awesome along with all the different animal exhibits which are very large and accommodating for the animals. And suggest taking your kids here to wear them out

Dave Durand

Excellent places for adults and children alike. Lots and lots of walking to tire kids out but plenty of bathrooms and food/drink spots along the way. There were plenty of animals to see. The rope bridge through the red panda exhibit was exceptionally fun. The zoo included bats, sloth, tigers, lions, giraffe, zebra, warthog, rhinos, giant ant eater, aardvark, wildebeest, gorillas, chimps, snow monkeys, grizzly and polar bear, wolf, and so many more. Definetly a wide variety and everyone seemed happy with the exhibits and how close the animals were. Add to that reptile and amphibian houses as well. Unfortunately the the penguin exhibit is being remodeled and isn't due to open until summer 2020.

Candace Taylor

The zoo is always a nice place to visit. I went with a school field trip. There are some renovations going on but was still a good trip. The penguins, butterflies, seals, giraffes, zebras, bears, kangaroos, lions, and polar bear are my …

M. B.

It's a family friendly zoo. They have wonderful kind volunteers and employees! It is great to see so many animals being well cared for! My kids love going here.

David Perkins

I have always loved the zoo, but they hardly have any animals, and only one animal per area except 2 rhinos, birds, and prairie dogs. No elephants, bears, tigers, lions, and poor viewing of the red panda. They have put more emphasis in landscaping, 4D movies, and the food and shops, that it is losing its feel as a zoo. The new penguin area is very nice, and impressive, but that is the only impressive area I seen. I think they need to do a bit more before I ever come back.

Dr.Ratna Kumar Duraisingam

Good zoo to visit. They have spend millions of dollars. Huge polar bear exhibit maybe you need visit when it is winter with plenty of snow. Beautiful penguin exhibition. Great eating areas. Large pathways. You cannot finish in a day

Aditya Murugan

A lot of parking available. The penguin exhibit is amazing and a must see. The Lions and bears were sleeping all day and the wolves were the most active. A lot of places to eat inside the zoo and there was even a vegan food stop. There are 4d shows to try too and much more to explore!

Sid Mintz

Fantastic outdoor exhibit with lots of space for most of the zoo animals. A phenomenal penguin exhibit and botanical aviary. Many animals you don't get to see in other zoos.

Jamie Hines

Have been going to the Detroit Zoo for over 30years now. I love the growth that I have seen throughout the years. This is a great place to get amazing pictures and see so many amazing animals. The food prices are a bit high and so are the drinks. But i love that they have many picnic areas and filtered water stations all over. The volunteers and zookeepers are very knowledgeable and I learn something new every time I go there. The habitats look like good sizes for the animals and I love that they keep expanding them. It's always enjoyable when we go, this is a favorite zoo.

Philip Wels

Zoo was wonderful. Lots of open space to walk, even when busy doesn't feel crowded. Has a great selection of animals. Penguin exhibit was cool. Got to see flamingos, a gorilla, camels, and a turtle. Reptile and amphibian enclosures were awesome. Don't forget to go check out the giant japanese salamanders! Highly recommended. Would visit again.

Matthew Zachary

Such a great zoo! The new penguinarium is absolutely amazing, however it will be closed at the end of the season to fix the leak. The rest of the zoo is fantastic as well. There have been a ton of upgrades over the years as well. Must see place!

Garrett Metcalf

The whole family can have a great time here, if you're planning on coming more than 2-3 times depending on the size of your party you will save money with the membership options! We have been members for 5 years now and we've gotten our monies worth, our 5 year old would go every day if we let him even tho the exhibits don't change the experience can be different every time. I've got a love hate relationship with zoos and the business model but this zoo does seem to have the animals best interests in mind, they work with a lot of rescued animals that wouldn't have a chance in the wild and I think it is a worthy cause to support.

Victoria Mingo-Williams

I's the zoo! Perfect place to let the kids be kids. Plenty of space. We always take a picnic. Highly recommend a wagon or stroller if you have smaller kiddos.

Charlie Regent

ALL the staff that we came in contact with was kind and helpful. It was a hot day so we didn't see a lot of animals but the ones we saw were exciting. If you love animals this is the place to be.

C. Wyl Jones

This is an awesome zoo, definitely worth visiting on a regular basis. Many of their inhabitants are rescues and the areas they create for them feel spacious and natural. The people who work there are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I noted some other reviewers were focused on the price of concessions, but like any other attraction, they are higher because ticket prices alone likely don't pay the bills. I like that they have water filling stations throughout, and you can bring your own bottle. Parking is easy to find and it's easy to get in and out quickly. We had a great time!

Michael Willoughby

We have visited the Detroit Zoo several times over the years. This was the worst experience (as the other times were pretty bad as well.) I normally like to give places a fair shake on a review, but I thought this trip definitely need to be reviewed. We had a small group of youngsters with parents and grandparents in tow. Our hearts were absolutely broken when our kids ran from empty exhibit to empty exhibit. We lost count, but there were over half of the exhibits with zero animals. It looked like they were working on some of them, but they should not charge full price and have the park so empty. I forgot to also mention, the train, of course was also closed up front. To be fair, there are plenty of polite and friendly staff throughout the park, but extremely short on things to actually see for visitors. This is all after the great reviews we read online about how things have changed at this Zoo and how there have been positive upgrades in the last few years. All in all, it was a huge disappointment and we will not be back.

Jessica Vest

Wonderful experience. Love the new penguin exhibit and the variety of animals offered. There was very little that we weren't able to see. Do leave yourself the whole day because that is how long it takes to walk it. Detroit's own Buddy's pizza is offered as a dining choice, as well as a few other tasty venues. This was a great day trip!

Cassie Cross

LOVE the Detroit Zoo!! I have to say this visit was a little

Tiffani Grendysa

Anyone who gives this place more than 2 stars is crazy. Way overpriced, staff is not friendly, animals are barely out and when they are somewhere that u can see them they aren't active. Should of donated the animals to other zoos and just close down. Toledo zoo is better and worth the drive and also allows all children in a household family to be included in a family membership for no additional cost!

Beautiful JuJu

It was a brilliant experience!! I’ve been to this place several times, and each time I had a great experience, and more fun!! During my visit I learned a lot about animals, explore new things, and discover new places in the zoo. Lots of improvement has been done to the zoo to ensure safety for visitors. It is a family-friendly place, kids will enjoy this place, and can learn a lot about animals behavior, and about the different kind of animals available there. Overall, it was an amazing experience at Zoo!! And I will definitely return in the near future.

James Heichel

It has been cleaned up in the past few years, with a lot of animals to see, and a good place to take a long walk. Most of the animals was out while we was here, and relatively active. I was pleased to spend the day here with my family. I just wish I could've seen the otters.

Cindi Lee

Nice zoo but online it didn't tell us the penguin exhibit was closed also a lot of the animals were inside. Food was decently priced and good. Lots of fun things for the kids to do.

Mike Felty

Great zoo, always making better habitats for the animals with the latest being the tiger exhibit. Also walking the bridge through the red panda exhibit is wonderful

Brian Case

I've been coming to the Detroit zoo for the last 50 years and I'm very happy to see that the Detroit zoo is being turned around into a quality place-safe to bring your families and doing a lot of improvements from one year to the next. I will continue to come to the Detroit Zoo and love the Penguin house and the otter house and the work that they've done there. I was disappointed that the Egyptian art is no longer on the walls of the giraffe house- only one wall. Love the Detroit Zoo!!!

Subathra Vijay

A good zoo. The penguins, polar bear and the seal exhibits are extraordinary. We can view them from a tunnel. We saw them swimming on the sides and over our head.

Bryan Wietecha

Visit the Detroit Zoo. The animals they have there are wildlife rescues that otherwise would not have made it otherwise. The original concept of the Detroit Zoo is genuine. Long ago a traveling circus abandoned their animals and that became the first animals to be protected by this zoo (I worked at the education outreach program). I tell you this because some people do not like the concept of captivity. This facility is altruistic and they are doing right by their animals. Support the good work and visit the Detroit Zoo.

Alicia Clouse

We had a good time. The only problem we had was Buddy's pizza. Very disappointing. Spent $44 on two slices of nasty pizza , a small antipasto salad and 2 drinks. Pizza was so hard we couldn't even eat it. Buddy's is one of our favorite places. That is not Buddy's !!! We'll never make that mistake again.

Mary Pero

Loved going to the zoo. The weather was great, even though not all the animals were out. Can't wait to go back.

Patrick Brannan

We started our annual pass today. We had a great day even though the weather was cloudy and cool. We had fun with our 8 and almost 2 yo daughter and son. There were many new attractions since our last visit. The new penguin exhibit and the red panda enclosure were excellent. Our son really enjoyed the train ride. All of the employees we encountered were very friendly and informative. We are looking forward to many more visits throughout the year.

Sa Kr

Really not sure how it's possible to get fewer than 5 stars on this place. beautiful grounds, especially this time of year. The holidays is the BEST time to come to the Detroit Zoo! Bring your stroller and start walking!

Adham Sindy

Very nice and quite place. Good to take your kids and have them practice their fishing skills. My six year old caught his first fish here!

Claudine Johnson-Eaddy

Fun place to go with or without kids. Paid for the package that included the movie and the train ride. Really wished the train fee was a round trip, but it worked out ok as we walked to all the attractions on the way to the back and took the train back to the entrance. Some really good exhibits, and animal habitats, though some areas were really crowded, and some we not available to be seen. Would go again.


Had a blast! I haven't been here in years since I moved out of state. I was able to come back today with my husband and son. If you have a little one I recommend you bring the stroller or rent one. There is a lot of walking and those legs get tired. We rented one, walked to the back and rode the train back to the front. The Zoo is a must for anyone visiting with kiddos.

prasad rao

Brilliant experience. I travelled with my wife and my 3yr old. The Polk penguin center was fabulous. Just loved watching the underwater. Do not miss the butterfly garden. We loved every bit of the visit. It's a well maintained place and the crew is quite friendly and helpful. Do keep the map handy. All the animals and reptiles are well kept and the caretakers are quite friendly. Buddy's pizza would fill you up for your walk around the zoo. It's filling and really good. Do not miss it if you are in the state. Keep water bottles handy (water filters shut during winters), you might need to hydrate yourself for your long walk.

Stacey B

Such incredible, impacting and purposeful growth in the past few years we have been members. You can find quiet among the crowds and see incredible nature cared and honored. Please support this treasure and the hard work that is given to it every day.


We love our Zoo!! There are so many great things about the Detroit Zoo that I don't have the time or room to put in a review! You need to go and experience for yourself if you haven't been - most of the staff is friendly and polite, so much to see and do, and they are constantly improving their facilities - the new penguin exhibit is

Mike Centala

Great Zoo experience!!! Amazing rhinos and the huge Japanese Salamander was really cool too!! Penguin exhibit is probably one of the best I've seen, but it will be under construction again come September. Food was a bit pricey, but it is to be expected. Two adults and a child ate for $32 including a kid's meal, 2 adult meals, and 1 soda. It was decent food though. Overall, I will definitely go back!!

Fairl Gilland

I think we have the best zoo in the country. I go there every year. Have fun walking around looking at the exhibits and just enjoying the view in general.

Maria Steffes

The zoo is very clean. The animal enclosures are beautiful. The animals seem happy. I love that any zoo employee I happen to talk to can tell me all about the animals we see. I got a zoo membership for my family and we've probably gone 6 times already so it was definitely worth the money. I love the new red panda exhibit. We got to feed the giraffe, which was amazing. But my absolute favorite thing about this zoo is that they take in rescue animals. Thank you Detroit zoo!

Maria Colpaert

Went to the zoo yesterday, I had a great time with family and my two boys loved it. However, hardly any of the animals were out to view. For the amount you charge for people to come in and park and look and view the animals you need to have more or have them out for viewing. My son loved the train ride

Justyn Whitney

I understand that The Detroit Zoo has gone through some hardships. I feel it's quite expensive for the experience. Several of the exhibits were closed (I'm sure for good reasons, no snark), and the park seems quite unkempt, with trash blowing around. Also, like many other zoos and amusement parks, the food seems well overpriced. Actually, it is exceedingly expensive. We packed our own lunch to save due to the arm I left at the entrance. The exhibits, that were open, were enjoyable for our family. I hope to see The Detroit Zoo prosper, but will probably not come again in the future.

Linda Darnall

Love the zoo so many attractions children are just amazed at the size of some of the animals they're as big as they are thoroughly had a fantastic time this is an all-day trip so you do want to pack food and snacks and drinks for your adventure and possibly a blanket make sure you have a wagon to carry everything. They also have carts and mobile wheelchairs for people that have a little tougher time getting around.

Sylvia Daniels

It was fun at the zoo. I loved the tiger exhibit. The clear glass enclosures let you interact without concern for you or the animals.

Amy Allen

I’m kind of biased since I am an employee here, but today I was able to work the Dream Nights which allowed autistic children and their family to come into the zoo free of admission (had to register online before hand) along with what I was …


I've been here countless times and I've never had a bad experience. Feeding the giraffes is awesome. I've had a polar bear directly above us in the tube on several occasions it's amazing. The penguin house is absolutely phenomenal. Food and beverage prices are outrageous. Wear comfy shoes

L Mercan

Detroit Zoo is a great place to go. It's especially good for a full day trip to get your money's worth. Souvenirs can be pricey so use discretion. All-in-all a great day

Michael Perulli

Disappointed. Tiger exhibit closed. No grizzly bear. No polar bear. One lonely gorilla. Two lazy Rhinos. Admission was expensive. Food was expensive. Place was absolutely packed. We bought tickets at the self serve touch screen kiosk but that was absolutely pointless because even though you get your tickets you still have to wait in the line with everyone else who needs to still purchase their tickets. Why even have those kiosks?

Rebecca Clark

Beautiful grounds. Nice place to walk and take in nature. We enjoy a ride on the carousel each time we come. We typically purchase a membership and go often. The Christmas lights are gorgeous if you have the opportunity to come around then.

Big Pen15

I voted to support this zoo with tax money way back when it was going under. Detroit always has got a wrap on how much of a dump it is but they have really done unbelievable work on this zoo. I go here once a year and each of the recent years they keep making it better and better. Tons of places to sit. Clean clean clean. Professional staff everywhere. Well maintained enclosures and good looking animals. Fair rate. Thank you Detroit zoo staff for making great use of our funds and giving Detroit a better name.

Megan Staples

There are so many new exhibits there that are so beautiful and amazing. The penguin house is so much better than it was in the past. The food is still really expensive, but they have put a Buddy's pizza and an American Coney Island in. Also I wish I had known that taking the train from the African Safari section would have taken me back to the front of the zoo. I probably would've waited to take it until I was ready to go back.

Kelly Reutter

Love the Detroit Zoo since the Historical Society took over a few years back. The animal environments seem well maintained and the animals all appeared to be in good shape! The visitor areas were quite clean as well. We ate near the Polar Exhibit ( outdoor food court type place) and the burger was pleasantly ( and surprising) great. Restaurant quality, with tasty and fresh,hot french fries. You can even order a beer or other assorted alcoholic drinks ( hard something or another) to add to the enjoyment of the experience. Prices seemed reasonable to us for the basic entry and train ride. There were interesting sounding extras as well, some kind of simulator ride and a 4D movie experience I think it was called? ( We didn't have time to try these this trip and they were an additional charge). Not a large Zoo compared to some others around the country but the staff was friendly and super helpful and approachable if you had any questions. Great experience for families with children and you can even bring your own food in if you like (not sure about your own alcohol, I doubt that) even the gift shop had style, not just cheap junk, some items were unique and of higher quality even. Overall a great experience!


Such a great zoo! There’s so much to see and I like how it’s not spread over such a huge area like a lot of other zoos. It’s very organized and run well. You can also feed the giraffes for a small fee. I always enjoy coming back to this zoo.

Kyle Doty

Tons of different wildlife to see! All indoor buildings are air conditioned. The free water stations are a GREAT addition. Highly reccomend this zoo to anyone in there area. Whether just visiting or a resident this zoo truly provides an amazing experience.

Beverly Kittrell

Oh, WOW. I had a gr8 time. A lot of walking, so be prepared if you go. Food a little pricey, hamburger, fries, drink almost $20.00. Pack a lunch, comfortable shoes, have fun.

Carol Voakes

I love the zoo. If you have a bigger family the yearly pass is the way to go. I love all the animals and things they have to do. They are currently redoing habitats which makes me happy. Friendly staff around at the different venues. Nice and clean.

Earl Porter

The Detroit zoo is a great experience for the family. We spent the whole day and saw all kinds of animals. The only disappointment was that the gorillas and chimps weren't out. We got the value pass and saw the Shark 4D experience and that was also a ton of fun!

Karen Koop

We have a membership so we try to come to the zoo often, when the weather is permitting. There's nothing like a nice leisurely walk through the exhibits together, stopping for lunch at Buddy's. Makes for a great date-day:)

Colin Lamb

A great zoo. Nice exhibits and well laid out. Always a pleasure to go there. Love the water bottle filling stations


Love the zoo....but it's a bummer when half of the animals are not out. Takes a pretty long of a walk to get from exhibit to exhibit, then to find out the animals are gone...perhaps eating or whatever, im not sure....the penguin area is amazing, as well as the butterfly building.....We go to the Detroit zoo because it's closer for us.....but Toledo is a bit better!


One of the coolest places I've ever been to very nice park nice and clean a lot of attractions shaded spots plenty of places to sit down nice little gift shops a couple places to eat the butterfly exhibit was pretty neat definitely go to the 4D experience. One other thing the place is very big it takes atleast 3 hours to see the whole park You definitely get a very good value for your money.

Natalie Buono

We purchased a membership this year and it is well worth the money. The kids love going at least weekly. It allows us to not rush and enjoy our visit. It also gives us a chance to see all the animals since sometimes they aren't always out.

Rachel Kulik

Disappointed in my visit the other day. Hardly any animals were on display. And then I had to pay an arm and a leg for food, admission, and souvenirs. Then they don't give out bags for the gift shop or straws at the food stands! I can understand the straws, but no bags, really?? I had to lug all my gifts back to my car hoping I wouldn't drop anything and break it. Kind of ridiculous.

Stitched Pumpkin

Don't buy the food. THIS REVIEW EXCLUDES THE GROSS FOOD. Bring some trail mix and water. Animals are in pretty good shape, zoo is becoming more eco friendly, tries to in-source food from the grounds, they're moving out species that shouldn't be here, letting group home species move out to larger places made for groups, disability friendly (be it wheelchair or gas mask), very good with events, educational, feeding times, trying to become a pollinator habitat, great maps and markers, long walk to the back but optional train back to the front, and overall wonderful place.

Rachel T

Cleanest zoo Ive ever been to and spacious for animals to roam. Only minus is that animals have so much room to hide that they tend to do so.. therefore sightings are limited to animals moods. However I'm ok with that if that means more comfort for the animals.

Rhonda moses

The Detroit Zoo is a must do! Please take your families. Excellent public view of all natural wildlife. Tropical butterfly Exhibit displays love it. Staff well informed. Your ticket fee goes as a small donation in helping maintaining the highest level of service to the Zoological community. Wish I could work there. Love it!

Nicky Stowe

The zoo gets better ever time we go. The new tiger exhibit is awesome and there is always so much to enjoy.


Lots of new remodeled structures throughout the zoo. We had lots of fun and enjoyed the pizza. They had a live band and koala bear bridge we walked on. 10/10 would go again.

Ami B

Nice zoo with great landscape. Pretty good variety of animals, small train to take you halfway around the area. The penguin exhibit is a must see. We also saw baby Jane, a two-year old chimp

Corey Smith

We love going here over the summer. There is a lot of parking. The exhibits are amazing. You shouldn't skip the penguin house or the butterfly garden. There are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat, ranging from little kiosks to sit down restaurants. The food of course is pricey, but that can be expected.

Yunsun Lentz

Zoo is beautiful but they need to work on the cafeteria system. So insufficient!! It is a busy, last Sunday here before school starts and tons of families with young kids are here in a line that moves like an inch worm. People are …

Kristen Gutierrez

We love going here over the summer. There is a lot of parking. The exhibits are amazing. You shouldn't skip the penguin house or the butterfly garden. There are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat, ranging from little kiosks to sit down restaurants. The food of course is pricey, but that can be expected.

Sheila Kloski

Going in the morning when the temperature is cool is the best. The animals were awake and active. We really enjoyed our time there! Plenty of parking available. :)

Adrienne Brady Walker

We have been DZS members for the better part of a decade, and we enjoy our visits every time, without fail. Even if the animals aren't active, it is on of the best places to get in 10,000 steps. Also, not only is this zoo perfectly family friendly, it is extremely Earth friendly! Everytime the Detroit Zoo makes a new stride in "going green", I take note and investigate if we can make similar changes at home

Melissa Eagen

It’s expected to pay more for concessions, however it’s great that you can pack a lunch and bring it into the park! We have a zoo membership which pays for itself within two visits. Highly recommended for anyone that has little ones or does photography regularly. Likewise, with the membership we don’t hesitate to just pop in for half a day to see the New Tiger exhibit or check out whatever animal my kids are interested in at the time.

Susana Schaad

Great place for kids. Go with a lot of time because there is a ton of walking between exhibits. They have indoor and outdoor exhibits. We got to visit kangaroos with no barrior between them and us, so much fun. They also had a beautiful greenhouse fill out butterflies, so fun! I was very impressed. The best stuff is in the back. We got discounted tickets at our local library's website.

Matt Schweitzer

This zoo is huge. We entered the zoo with a half off ticket becuase of a membership with John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, MI. The maps are very helpful it takes several hours to cover the entire park. Our kids loved the splash pad/fountains near the penguin exhibit. The park also has a abundance of wide paved paths, lots of shady spots and so many benches there was never a spot we couldn't find a seat. The restrooms also have permanent steps for the kids at the sinks.

Alex Reynold

People who complain about the Detroit Zoo are ridiculous. Of course the animals aren't always out, especially the polar bears if it is the middle of summer and 90 degrees. The costs of admission aren't unreasonable as the Detroit Zoo is a non-profit organization and costs to maintain the animals and zoo also have to be considered. The animal's at the zoo are rescued from environments in which they would have otherwise never survived, like circuses. To those who complain about the limited viewing ability and say they'd rather visit the Toledo Zoo, fine. But realize the Toledo Zoo is HALF the acreage of the Detroit Zoo, so their animals have less space to roam around. Of course the animals are sometimes difficult to see, they have more than double the living space as most zoos around the country and are often times hiding in the trees in their cage-less enclosures or inside getting shelter from the environment. As for the gift shops, no one is forcing your hand to buy anything. In fact, the gift shops are a complete different entity from the Detroit Zoological Association. I like this zoo because they give their animals ample space and aren't just worried about having them out to maximize their profits and please the people. They put their animals first, and if you come back enough times, you will eventually always see every animal.


This is a great zoo! Definitely a must visit if you find yourself in Detroit! It is huge! Most of the exhibits are outdoors so be sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. The admission is also very affordable. We visited in the summer time. We had a great time here as we visited Detroit from Florida.

Patrick Cates

Disappointing for my 3 year old & 18 month old children. Showed up for the movie screening at the exact time the attendant told my wife we should arrive and was informed we had to wait another 40 minutes for the next screening. Would have taken that in stride if not for the fact that we already waited 1:20 after missing the earlier show by 8 minutes. If you want to see the show, arrive early so they don’t shut the doors on you. Needless to say, kids didn’t see the shark movie they had been looking forward to all morning. Money and time wasted. To top off their disappointment, they wanted to see the tigers while we waited. Walked over to that exhibit to discover tigers are not available for viewing during construction. Save your time and money. Rent a nature special on Netflix.

Melissa Burack

Still love our Detroit zoo. I recommend taking the train to the back of the park and making your way to the front... So much fun. Don't miss out on the carousel!

Pyruvate Tuber Deficiency

Amazing place. We always try to go at least once a year and my kids (19, 14 and 11) still love it. Love the new concept and the variety of places to eat. Definitely one of our favorites was the penguin exhibit. We can't wait for the new exhibits.

mathew gorst

The upgrades they made are awesome! Wish there was more then one place to smoke in the entire OUTSIDE AREA lol. However I understand it of the respect of others who don't smoke or who have kids! But they should have one each corner of the zoo. Other than this very very very small issue, we had an amazing time! Thank you staff and security and police for making a great experience!

Brad Dunn

I'm biased since I've been coming to this zoo since I was a kid. That being said it's never disappointed me. With a new penguin exhibit that is truly world class, a wonderful arctic exhibit, and a fantastic layout with informative signage this zoo is well worth the price of admission. If you live in the area, it's well worth the price of a yearly membership!

Connor Dudas

Admission and food process weren't as exorbitant as I've seen at other zoos. The exhibits are nice, and very big. However, the layout of the zoo itself isn't ideal. It's very long and the signage could be much more clear. Still, it is a lovely zoo.

Rebecca Ferreira

The Detroit Zoo is always fun. My kids always have a great time and they are always updating stuff to make your experience much better. My family & I try to go once a year but we are considering getting the membership so we can go more than once a year.

Joel Pallay

Family favorite and I have to highly recommend the membership for family's, it's paid for itself in 2 trips or less and don't forget to mention if you live in the tri county area for a $10 discount. The new penguin exhibit is great but I guess it's getting shut down for a repair in September 2019 that should last 6 months, which is a bummer but understandable. They are currently doing a REALLY big update to the tiger exhibit which appears to be amazing and the recent update to the red Panda exhibit with the rope bridge is very cool! Also don't forget to bring your own refillable water bottles as they promote conservation and food and drinks on the grounds are definitely not cheap. The one thing that drives me crazy is I have yet to ever see a life Beaver at their exhibit but they are somewhat nocturnal which is understandable.

Abir Hossain

Great place.. enjoyed will full family.whole day activities. I believe outside food is ok. We missed to take that. There are some picnic table around


Nice variety of animals. Quite a few were not out which was disappointing but I went in almost 80 degree weather, so it was expected for some. I wish they had a rule about adults watching their children. So many kids running rampid and screaming at the top of their lungs with no parents in sight.

Bruce Seiler

I love all the space the animals get here. We love our visits and time walking through all the different exhibits. Well worth the membership so you can spend more time with the exhibits.

Nick Hogan

It's was a fantastic day to make memories and be happy with the family doing something exciting and cool!!! The zoo is put together nicely with some new attractions yet to open....some of the animals were either shy or just not hanging out staying cool in the shade today but that's ok. All in all great day, great weather, and a great time!!! The water pad in front of the new penguin exhibit is a blast haven for the kids. Train wait was super long

Jonathan Racic

Great zoo. My wife loved the penguin exhibit so much that we had to go through it twice. The walk through the kangaroos was cool also.

Haris Sljivo

Awesome first time experience. Water refill stations everywhere (and free). Greatly landscaped with ample outdoor seating for family picnics and for my kids to run around. Tonnes of shaded areas to escape the sun. Very clean and well taken care of. Every staff member I encountered was also very friendly. "I'll be back"

Krissy Sanders

It is usually always a great time going to the zoo! I feel that its better to go when it's not so hot though. You will see more of the animals out and about that way. They have a park area for the kids. If it happens to rain while you are …

Gena C.

I love the Detroit Zoo! My family goes very often, we have a membership. We love to walk around and see all the animals. Such a great family outing!

Shakhawatul Chowdhury

The place has changed alot over the few years or so. So much more to do and see. Had an amazing time with my family. There was definitely more animals than last time I visited with my family. Also, the staff that work there are out of this world amazing, absolutely made the trip better, very kind and sweet and very very helpful.

Jeremy Peppler

Love the zoo. Animals are asleep most of the day during the hot summer months. Fall and spring are the best. Penguin exhibit is my fave. So majestic.

Abigail Gatzka

Wonderful time at this zoo! Plenty of picnic areas, great penguin and seal exhibits. Fun Red Panda suspended bridge to cross and a wide variety of animals to see.

Autumn H

The zoo is one of our favorite places to visit! Not only is it good exercise, but you get to learn about the rescued animals and see them happy in their new habitat. We love to walk through the wooded areas and sit with the butterflies and the birds. It's so peaceful. The volunteers there are so great and helpful. Whenever we have questions about a certain animal, they're quick with their answers. They've added so many great additions to the zoo, too. We're lucky we only live 10 minutes away, because we're there so often!

Jack Gadzala

Very nice zoo; about what you would expect for a mid-sized metropolitan area. Reasonably priced. Although the zoo is of a modest size, several of the exhibits are quite impressive. The butterfly habitat is one of the better ones and is a must see. Many helpful staff and volunteers to assist you.

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