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REVIEWS OF Detroit Institute of Arts IN Michigan

Carrie Elizabeth

This place is incredible! If you show your Military ID, you're party gets to explore FREE of charge! That was much appreciated! I've been twice, and can't wait to go back. There is always something new and amazing to see! My friend, an artist, actually cried when she saw the Monet's! She's waited her whole life to see his work! Their cafe is phenomenal, as well. The food is superb, and the setting is beautiful, and just so relaxing! There's people that sit there for hours, working remotely, or studying, and I would, too, if I had to choose! Carve out at least 3 hours of your time to see the whole museum!

anna pass

YES! you must see this museum. Besides the valuable works of art that are visible, and that need not my opinion, what is superlative is how the museum is organized. The explanations, the subdivision, the places to rest, everything is superb. I would place this museum among the top ones not because of the masterpieces that it houses, but exactly for the display. Just a note: air conditioning is a bit excessive, we had to go back to the car to get the extra jacket!

Kevin Perry

Lots of fun seeing the murals, special shows and touring pieces. Have a love for the arts and once ran into a private teacher whom I took a class from on my last visit to Taiwan. Building creative skills like my art teacher friend would say is very important. She suggests painting pottery and poetry are some of the liberal arts to learn. I would add music and dance in importance.

George Yin

Beautiful art, great atmosphere, worth a trip if you're in the city.

Lynn Dyer

My favorite place to go and relax and enjoy good sites for free

Garza G.

Beautiful exhibits everywhere. Friendly staff. Special exhibit I went to was "Humble and Human" showing Monet's pieces - - absolutely stunning. Parking was pretty good as well, some garages nearby if the main lot is full for a reasonable price and distance. If you haven't been to one of the best museums in the country yet, go here ASAP!!

L Cullen

Always something new and interesting to see. Just being in the building fills me with wonder.

john giannola

Detroit's treasured museum is free for all tri county residents and open 7 days a week... My community... Clinton Twp. Offers free bus transport for Seniors but you must register for this as a group tour...Very Cool....

K g

Excellent art museum with many attractions. Me and my friend we had a nice time and enjoyed the exhibits. So much history in every room .


Got coffee at the Kresge Court. And enjoyed an immersive art experience. It's a great place to spend some time admiring world art and some history

Karen Von Nordheim

Can you give this more than 5 stars? Had an amazing visit. Can't wait to go back and explore more.

Aaron Michaels

Lots of cool art from ancient to modern. Friendly staff with fun things for kids to do, too.

Luc Poenaru

I haven't been there in a few years, so i was pleasantly surprised when i visited a couple weeks ago and found that there is a Guest Services on the Kirby entrance. They were very accommodating. The DIA, too, had plenty to see , didn't have enough time to browse everything we wanted. But we'll come again :)

Lillian Woods

Paintings were awesome. Art was strategically displayed. The courtyard was fantastic. Many famous works of art as well as cultural artifacts. Architecture was really cool. I highly recommmend this.

Starlit Mack

Amazing place me and my family enjoyed ourself we can't wait to go back again

Samuel Chambers

Awesome displays of cultural artifacts from throughout the world. Senior admission is free. More to see than can be experienced in a day. Very pleasant and helpful staff.

Jimmy Mcpike

I love the DIA enough to volunteer for them. I'm grateful to have it in our community.

Ivory Burks

Love this place..great for the entire family..chess on Friday...hands on activities for everyone...good food..friendly employees

Taylor Heyn

Absolutely incredible. If you have never been here, you need to go check it out! There is definitely something appealing for everyone.


First Friday music at the DIA is one of the greatest events in Detroit. Have seen so many amazing musicians come through and never paid a dime to enjoy world-class music.

Mary Jane Miller

Finally got a chance to go to the Detroit Institute of Arts. I'm visiting from Portland, Oregon. Was interested in 3 areas and was able to see them: Diego Rivera murals, Isabel and Ruben Toledo Exhibit, Humble and Human Exhibit. We also saw all the ethnic art on 1st floor: Native American, Asian, Islamic, African, Latin American. Very impressed. There were so many wonderful and helpful people there. We ended our visit by a stop at the courtyard restaurant. Very delicious in such a beautiful surroundings. Will definitely be back.

Mort Potter

This is one of our world-class institutions. Whether you live nearby or are a visitor to our city, it's a must see. It's well-known for encompassing every genre with depth. Don't bother trying to see it in one day. If you do, you'll miss it all. Enjoy.

Hunter Hockey

Incredible place to visit. 3 hours and we didn't see everything.

Jeff Grose

Some very cool stuff. Baseball exhibit was fun.

Wesley Richman

This museum has an excellent cross section of all ages of art both American and worldwide. I was particularly impressed by the featured artist exhibit by Isabel Toledo. I would highly recommend a few hours here to soak in both the architecture of the museum itself and it's menagerie of exhibits.

Better You Today

The Detroit Institute Of Arts is the best museum in the world. This place is worth checking out you will not be sorry.

Dawn Phillips

The impressionist exhibit was very nice. This museum has some phenomenal exhibits and was well worth the price of admission.

Carl Austin

It has a lot of great art and so much history in that building you will be so impressed with lt and write now they have the great impressions art work till October but. they have three floors of pure beauty words cannot Tell the story you have to see it for yourself the kids will in Joy it too so much history i hope this helps enjoy

Sid Mintz

We went downtown for the Concert of Colors. Most of the events were in or outside of the DIA. It is a magnificent structure both inside and outside. I believe it's probably one of the best museums of its kind in the country. There was a wide variety of Art, sculpture and items to see. Concert of Colors was a great event. We heard lots of wonderful music inside and outside of the DIA.

Denyse Pettersson

They say it’s one of the top six fine art museums in the nation. Didn’t have time to see it all so don’t know if I agree, but I would go back if I had a chance. I don’t think there is any art museum that deserves less than 5 stars.

Joel Dion

Indisputably one of the great North American Museums...architecturally. The collection is great but I hesitate to call it superb. SS-Pons has been remiss in matching the exhibition platforms and agenda of his predecessor, the great Graham Beale. It has taken years for the replacement to work at reaching Beale's level of commitment but things are starting to turn around with the first meaningful cooperative exhibit under SS-P's term: the Human and Humble exhibit soon to be eclipsed by the 2020 schedule featuring Vincent Van Gogh.

Jason Richardson

A nice collection of art. The facility is clean and well kept as expected. My favorites are the Diago room and the pieces by Van Gogh.

Alexander Black

We went specifically for the Impressionism exhibit and both loved it. That was before we got to any of the other great stuff, like Native American art, or the Rembrandts. Such a great place so close to home. Definitely go.

Colleen Vickers

Wonderful place to visit but too far from the bus. Need more help for handicaped.

Daniel Xue

I had a great time and saw artwork that defined the course of human history. What more can you ask from a museum?

Travis Ray

Great! Come here several times a year and it's always engaging. Constantly hosting new things, people, music, changing art, etc. Probably one of the best attractions for the city, imo.


This place is huge and the exhibits areas are spacious. There’s a large variety of art to be seen here and a bit of something for every art fan. The India event was also going on this past weekend during my visit here, which was a nice bonus. I particularly enjoyed the 2nd and 3rd floor exhibits. The help desk staff is nice and helpful and restrooms seemed clean.

John Haley

Free locker storage. Large gift shop with decently sized jewelry selection. Sit down styled restaurant located in front. Great place to stage photos. Would definitely say that it’s cheaper for residences of Michigan and near by zip codes. …

Meagan Darling

A incredibly clean and quiet place with an awesome cafe. The front desk staff was incredibly helpful and nice. The artwork was amazing and the artifacts were fantastic. Like most museums the gift shop was a bit expensive. But it was 14 dollars per person, and was worth every penny.

Wallace Harvey

Great art museum. Worth it for just the Diego Rivera frescoes. Nice cafeteria. Can easily spend all day there since there is so much to see. Helpful and friendly docents who are ready to assist with answering questions and giving insights. Highly recommended.

Zachary Moore

Very cheap weekend date. Access to treasures from all around the world. Logical layout

Jeff Panaka

Every time I come here I never make it out of the Impressionism exhibit before closing. I wonder whats in the rest of the museum.....One of my favorite art museums in the world. An absolute treasure that Detroit holds on to.

Jack Keck

The museum was great. There is not enough bad I can say about those parking machines. I followed the instructions and STILL got a ticket. I recommend looking for a structure or lot.

Tree B

They were closing, but the allowed us to go to the bookstore

Candace Suriano

Amazing place! Three kids were kept amused! They loved the sword exhibit, the video of the young woman holding milk, the picture of the volcano, and more! We spent a half day here and did not get through the whole museum! The only down side was that the elevator was out of commission and older art lovers were stuck on the ground floor.

Alicia Clouse

So much to see. Definitely a two day thing.

Sonya Preprak

One of my favorite places to go when I have a day off work. So cool to explore and see all the forgotten arts :( I wish I could paint like Rembrandt :(

matt rocks

This is a great place to go if you want to look at a culturally diverse and historical collection of art. Even for those who do not find art interesting can enjoy the aesthetic cafe it offers. It costs about $8 to enter and closes at 4, which was my only downsides with the place.

Elizabeth Solley

Great art museum. My kids really enjoyed the Diego Rivera pieces and I found their special collection to be remarkable. I would highly suggest spending a few hours visiting!

Ann Bartig

absolutely wonderful experience- everyone was so nice and extremely helpful!

paul kotyk

Allow at least a day for this. You can't see it in 2 hours. Helpful staff.

Todd SanMillan

Amazing world class collection purchased when the Big 3 auto companies had all the money in the world. Big draw is the Diego Rivera industrial mural. Take a minute and ask questions of the docents available near the mural. They each have a different favorite part or history of the mural.

Basel Hammoud

Wow. What a place. And I thought an afternoon would be enough time to see it. I had to go again to check out the wonderful exhibits. From ancient Babylon and Egypt to the Renaissance to the modern era. Very helpful guides and a nice courtyard cafe to relax. I definitely recommend a visit.

Rubi Tabar

lots of art. would recommend staring at it. very nice tour guide with cool shoes.

prasad rao

I had to be here and I made it a point to be here. Brilliant collection. It's quite huge. I spent 3hrs and still couldn't complete. Entry is around 12-13$ which is worth the visit. Exemplary work from artists from different eras. A must visit if u are an artist and a must see for art lovers.

Xuankang Lin

We had a guided tour by Lynn, which was great! I got to know how much effort a curator has put into an exhibition.

M Douglas Campbell

Fantastic that for the three surrounding counties it's free. The collection punches above its weight. We regularly visit to wonder, learn, and stop for a coffee. The image is from the Kresge Court. It's the shield from the Medici family in Florence.

Jennifer Abbas

This place is pretty amazing. There's tons of stuff to look at and learn about. If you're a resident of Wayne County you can get in for free. Check the Metro Times for special events , there's always something cool going on. Family friendly. Parking is in the back, $7 to park and there is a food court inside.

Viviana Andrade

So much great art. You will not see it all in one visit

Andrew Leaman

One of the best collections in the country. I love spending time in Kresge court with a cup of coffee and some good friends talking about the works we've seen that day.

Zechariah Hargis

Honestly one of the best art museums I've been to. The hype is for good reason. Would recommend

The real Yung Lion

The activities they offer are amazing, employees are very nice, and are sure to help in any way they can.

Michael Pinto

An amazing collection of art from antiquity to the present. Do not miss a chance to visit. The impressionist and Dutch Masters collections are worth the price of admission .

Joseph Tordella

The Detroit Institute of Arts has an impressive collection of modern and historic artwork. The building itself is an architectural landmark worth visiting. The art from the United States, and especially the collections from America’s vast diversity of backgrounds is worth seeing. Obligatory Egyptian mummies, Danish Gold Period, and European Renaissance pieces ensure that there is something for everyone.

Brooks Kelley

Really enjoyable place to visit. Could easily take several days to see everything. Really enjoyed taking the tour to get an idea of what is there to view.

Marc de Montigny

Great art gallery. Beautiful building in itself. This is a multi-day place to view it fully but still a great one day destination.

Tammy Wilson

Beautiful place. Easy parking. Free admission. Nice cafeteria. Souvenir shop is nice.

Jian Yi Zhang

The building is beautiful inside and out with clean and well lit exhibits, stairways, open spaces, atriums, and displays. It felt reminiscent of the Met, albeit at a smaller scale, with its wide breadth of artworks and galleries from all cultures and eras. That said, one can cover the whole museum in an afternoon by walking about at a casual pace. The Diego Riviera court is the highlight attraction in my mind. Parking is readily available (free street parking on Sunday—great). It's worth taking a tour of the surrounding area to admire the white marble walls from the outside and all the nearby buildings.


Went here during my vacation to cannabis cup. Usually we love museums but this was so lack luster. Nothing really special to see and tickets are also $16 which is waaayyy over priced. I paid less at the museums in New York honestly. Stuff didn’t have much of a personality either but that’s neither really here nor there since the museum was disappointing. I wouldn’t come back and I honestly don’t recommend giving this place a go. There are many other states that are nicer in a general sense with better artwork to see and all for a better price. 1/5 would not recommend. PS: the one star is due to the building having AC.

Tim Burke

I recovered 10 tons of granite from the facade of the Detroit institute of Arts when they did their renovation about 10 years ago, they sold my furniture in the gift shop for a couple of years, they sold my jewelry in the gift shop for a couple of years what's not to like about the Detroit institute of Arts they are heavily community involved, have one of the world's best and largest collections oh, it would take a lifetime to really sit down and enjoy and appreciate all of the artwork there I've been going to the DIA since I was 10 years old I'm 60 years old currently.

Oct Vestale

Great selection and variety of pieces. The architecture and decor is excellent. The food is great also. Layout is a little tough so don't forget to get a map or ask one of the many staff.

Brent Meyers

A must visit! When in Detroit. Select one of the many extensive galleries to explore. Self guided and guided tours are a great way to get familiar with all of the choices. A wonderful place to take the kid, workshops or other activities for children or offered.


I just love this museum. Its vast collection takes several (maybe a lot) of trips to appreciate. If you are a Diego Rivera fan, this is your place with the serious murals he did. If you plan on a day visit, pace yourself as you can get overwhelmed with the plethora of art.

Mariana J

DIA is must see for everyone who appreciates good art. Due to the generosity of many great families such as Ford, Scripps, Hudson and more the people from the nearby counties enjoy DIA for free. You get to see over 65000 art pieces many of them from the top artists in the world - Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet, Rembrandt, Dali and many more. Detroit Institute of Art has one of the largest and significant art collections in the United States. The food in the cafeteria is fantastic too.

Sally Byrd

wonderful museum with a well organized and very educational format. the collection may not be as extensive as some of the other great art museums that I have visited in this country (New York, Philadelphia, Smithsonian, Cleveland, Chicago), but I learned so much more here than at these other major museums.I am glad that the Detroit community stepped up to save their marvelous museum during the dark days of a bankruptcy which was not too long ago.Marvelous enclosed courtyard areas with glass ceilings in which to enjoy a meal and coffee. I also ended up having a coffee and danish before starting the museum tour and having a fabulous lunch later!

Quetarshe Historical Contemporary Textiles

The best art work east of Missouri and the best children drop in art work, lectures, films , music in the the North!!

cody pyard

Spent a little over 3 hours here and we rushed through some of it. The cafe is really cool. The building itself is a work of art. They have a nice collection of art from various regions. While we were there, there was an artist doing a live painting. That was pretty cool. Favorite section for me was upstairs, that's were the painting are mostly. Artifacts and sculptures are on the first level. Great place to spend a day.


Great great institution or art displayed all around my wife and I came here about 1yr and 1/2 ago all the way from Austin TX back in Dec 2017. Just getting around to doing a review for this place now but lots to see lots of nice "black art" a lot of the employees were black which was nice to see. Yes I know Detroit is predominantly a black city so I understand that completely of course. Again a really good art institute the staff told us it was ranked 3rd in the nation as far as art institutes in the country! Too much to list good information we also got to see a free hip hop show the night we was there which was a Friday. All around good art and the staff knows the art pieces well and explained everything and answered any questions about the art pieces we had. Great life experience, I would recommend anyone to go to this place that's coming from out if town or locally in Detroit good place!

Tina O'Donnell

A great place to spend a few hours on a hot or cold or rainy day. Free for residents of Wayne County, so we just paid for parking. Love having a snack in the Kresge Courtyard.

Jamie Wilson

Always a fun, educational visit! I love revisiting old favorites every time, like the Mesopotamia and old seals exhibits, Picasso, and older statues and fixtures. I also love how there is something NEW every time I go (once or twice a year …

Myron T. Miller

I haven't been here in years! Likely middle school. Nice atmosphere. Nice tour guide...he was awesome. Can't wait to bring the kiddos.

Lance Thomason

I love everything about this museum - the building architecture and the art work. Its all so beautiful.

Alexis Frank

It's free for certain counties. They have drawing in the gallery, free tours and free pop up kid art activities. It's pretty cool.

Tarun Sai Bhadri

I’ve been to the Louvre and I can confidently say that the DIA is only bested by the MET. The Rivera Murals are breathtaking large and detailed about the automotive industry right after and during the Great Depression. Nothing else like them anywhere else.

Matthew Laurin

Exceptional exhibits especially the ancient Egyptian mummies. Beautiful museum full of priceless treasures. A must see in Detroit.

Tom Kirkconnell

Wonderful venue. Group enjoyed exhibits & a movie!! Great cafeteria& staff

Deb Narcio

So much to see all interesting. A great learning experience

Andrew Martin

I haven't been here in almost 4 years. It's definitely nice to go back see all the amazing art work. Unfortunately I wasn't able to be there long but I definitely want to go back soon

Linda Bohlen

Thoroughly enjoyed the museum. Electric carts are available for handicap. Very important to support the art and your community.

Tomas Nosal

Been there multiple times and always love the art it provides! YesterdayI went there and there w as a group from Chicago, mainly playing the horns, playing in the Rivera room and they killed it! The off beat, but still together, vibe that …

Michael Hickey

This is a fantastic art museum. Prepare to be lost in it, and prepare to spend several hours if you want to see everything. There's a LOT to see! Free admission to this place is a wonderful perk if you live in either Wayne, Oakland, or Macomb counties. Even if you don't, $14 is definitely worth the ticket price. The food served at the CafeDIA is also very good. Trust me. You will work up an appetite, looking at everything here.

Ang G

Residents of the tri-county are free entry. Amazing place to visit.

Kelly Cummins

World class museum. We’re lucky to have it. Lifts my spirits every time I visit!

G Morgan

I need many months to fully explore ! Very impressive

Maserati Lisa

Great and knowledgeable staff, so much to see! I've been here several times and I still always see something new. 5 stars as always!

John Crist

Nicest museum around! Staff is very friendly. And food is very good too. It's a great family time. Plan on spending at least half day there.

Rose Bebbington

Superb exhibits. Well worth a visit

Shane Pearse

Absolutely amazing, me and girlfriend came here for the first time ever. The security and staff walking around are very friendly and able to direct you around if need be, very beautiful and rich of art and history. A very fun outing!

climate change for dessert

really lovely staff. loved the collection. they had well-composed and diverse exhibits, and it wasn't too crowded. good price too.

T Kizewski

My favorite place to just hang out with friends in Detroit. Make sure to stop in at the Kresge Court. They have a great selection of herbal teas and wine. And actually a few Thai Noodle bowls and tapas that are quite tasty. It's a nice place to take your laptop and study, or just sit in a pretty place and have some deep thought-provoking conversations with friends. Make sure when you walk about the museum that you check out the corridors that go on the outside of the building they let in so much light and are really great for group photographs. Take note as you travel around e the museum that many of those windows look down into the Kresge court. if you're really adventurous you'll find some of the tiny secret circular staircases. They're very neat. And it's kind of cool.

Heather Walker

A treasure in the heart of Detroit! Some iconic and beautiful works of art. Especially love Diego Rivera's murals!

Adventure Detroit

The DIA is on my list of Top 3 places in the city. I often spend countless hours exploring the exhibits and very much enjoy every moment here. It really is one our most under-rated treasures.

John H

World class art museum with fine art from all over the world and all time periods. Must see is their large set of murals called "Detroit Industry". Powerful, beautifully drawn and touches on several themes. Museum is very strong on European and American art. Also a lot of beautiful decorative arts; furniture, porcelain, etc.

Matthew Eddy

Took my 5 year odl daughter and had a great time. The docents were pretty amazing. Three different docents at three different times helped to point out some interesting kid friendly features to my daughter and got her interested in the art. Super awesome!

Jone Catchings

I love the DIA for its variety of art genres. There is always something new and exciting to learn. Sometimes I visit just to see special exhibitions which I enjoy. I am equally surprised when I just decide to visit for no reason—just get in the car for a day trip. Also, the food is delicious.

Derek Kroetz

I was told I was too close to the art 2 different times, even though I was at least 14-16 inches away. I then saw an older gentleman with a suit on(I'm 29 and came in with jeans and a hoodie) get easily within 2 inches of it, and no one said a dang thing to him...very disappointed with the profiling there when I was already informed about the profiling. Otherwise, very beautiful exhibit and would go back again if everyone was treated the same.

Alexandra Rola

One of my favorite art museums, both the building itself and the collections are beautiful. I go fairly often for the special exhibits and they recently renovated and expanded the Asian art gallery. The kresge cafe is also worth a look if you want a quick bite.

Nathan Cena

This is one of the greatest art complexes of all time. I come here 2-3 times a year, and the exhibits always change, while some have always existed ever since I started coming here. If you want to see aesthetically pleasing art, the Detroit Institute of Arts is the place to see it.

Ellen Finn

I was actually at the Detroit film theater. They're always showing some very interesting films from all over the world. Things that wouldn't normally be shown at the average movie theater. This place is quite a gem. Is also a great little cafe upstairs to get snacks light meals and drinks. A lovely place and see great movies.

Jasmine Joseph

Everything was good except for the little not quite ready guide app. Their wifi was poor.

Max Schaffer

This is easily one of the absolute best modern art collections I’ve ever seen. It’s also just architecturally a gorgeous building. You definitely need to stop here if you’re in the area, it’s just a fantastic museum. The famous full room mural is also just spectacular.

Blai Saleta

Fabulous art selection, including comprehensive Diego Rivera's best murals enhanced by jaw dropping AR/VR experience. Topped only by the awe inspiring courtyard/wine bar.


Excellent museum! This rivals many European and East Coast Museums. You can even stop in the cafe for a beer. Come to Detroit, visit the DIA and check out downtown, lots to do!

Eric Ulsh

Love the art. Love the price. We got the membership, which is pretty affordable, and we go for date night or just to check some things out. The best part about membership is you don’t feel like you need to see EVERYTHING while you’re there. You can just come back and see it next time. If you aren’t a member it’s still super affordable to go once, twice, three times a year.


An incredible collection of ancient sculptures, European and American paintings, and so many more surprises. The staff were extremely friendly (not always the case in museums but here yes) and the food hall was nice. You will get lost and find your way out along with your new discovery of art.

Arthur Gabhart

Beautiful artwork and responsible staff. Unfortunately they are not paid well. Probably bad management but the city of Detroit can change this in a heart beat

Norine Zimmer

Outstanding afternoon at the DIA. Marvelous exhibits and poetry/rap contest. We had So much fun ...

Robert Frost

I was amazed at what they had to offer, very reasonable cost as well.

Monique Roberts

I’ve always had an amazing time at the DIA. We had some of our wedding pictures done here, outside and inside. One of the best shots was just outside the Rivera exhibit at the Wisteria Gate ! Perfection ❤️

James Demko

I have seen museums around the country ...around the world. The DIA is really special. I gotta get my fix.

Matthew Weise

Love going here. Took my 6yr old for the first time....he was not into it, but again he's 6. Still a great place to visit history and enjoy a afternoon. If you live in Macomb, Wayne, Oakland counties you get in free. A food court is on site for your enjoyment.

jeremy scott

Wow, just wow! The display were very well thought out. We're here for a wedding and this Venue is absolutely beautiful! My mind is blown!

David Goleb

Fun to be able to experience the history of so many different cultures.

Margaret Howarth

Some wonderful exhibits. Well worth visiting. So much to see allow plenty of time

Hannah Hilborn

Huge, great exibits. Beautiful place with helpful staff. I could spend forever here. Atmosphere is wonderful and upbeat. Very educational and fun. I love that they have so much dedicated to different cultures. They even offer tours based on specific cultural interest which was great for a Freedom School I volunteered for that focused on minority, specifically Hispanic populations.


Always beautiful. Always amazing. Thank you for bringing works I have only seen in books to our city the Impressionist exhibit was beautiful.


great place to check out history so much beauty in one place

Felicia B

There was so much to look at and do, I could have happily gotten lost in the museum for a few days. We got there about 11am and didnt leave until the place closed ❤

Nancy Pennington

Such a breathtaking experience! Staff was friendly and had such amazing culture and art.

Jane Stormer

I really enjoyed my experience at the Detroit institute of arts. This museum was full of really wonderful pieces and I especially loved the print exhibition. I was kind of confused by the yoga that was going on and the Diego Rivera mural room because I could not enter the room fully to enjoy the murals. I'm all for more people accessing art but it's kind of hard to appreciate art when you're doing downward dog. As a visitor to the city I didn't have another chance to get back to the museum so I'll have to take a trip back to Detroit and make sure to not overlap with a yoga session.

Bob Payne

New impressionist show going on, ends mid October. Can't get there enough!

Bi-polo Lori

I do love it here, so much. This day I brought a friend who had never experienced the DIA. She was uncomfortable and I was embarrassed; there was a security guard who kept following us. We were dressed casually,we did not give the appearance of being uncultured or careless to damage anything. She was scowling and rude for absolutely no reason,on several occasions. It was like we couldn't get away from her. She acted as though we were going to touch the pieces and kept shaking her head. She was ridiculous. Had I not had many good experiences there in the past, I may have reduced the number of stars. It's a shame that a new visitor had to feel uncomfortable.


Kresge court is a beautiful place for an evening drink. One of the gentleman behind the bar counter is pretty rude. Shouldn’t be serving people if you aren’t going to even remotely be kind or patient. But Friday nights at the museum and court are very cool.

Gwen MCG

I love this museum. My first job was at the DIA....and although I no longer live in Detroit I still visit often. What an amazing collection of artwork, great restaurant and there's also a film theater inside. There's coat check and $7 parking in the back lot.

Vincent Josik

I've been here a couple times now and it never fails to impress. You don't need to be a scholar of the arts to appreciate the breadth of the collection. Admission if you have to pay is more than worth it. Be sure to climb (or take the elevator) all the way up to the top floor!

Janis S

Gorgeous building holding a wonderful collection of art from a wide variety of eras. Has over 100 galleries, with the rooms often reflecting the artwork themselves. Has a small cafe in the center courtyard surrounded by lovely Renaissance architectural pieces. Can spend a long time in this museum, exploring all of it nooks & crannies.

Oden Isbell

What an incredible day. Art, culture and peace of mind. This is the perfect place to experance the things in life you look back and say to yourself, "boy I'm glad I had that experience to help me through all the hard times and by my side during the good times" Thank you to all of the staff and care takers of this world class museum my heart goes out to you.

Joann Donahue

I had not been there for many years as I am unable to walk long distances. But I found out they have motorized carts for use. Everyone on staff with whom we had an encounter with was friendly and knowledgeable. It was clean and of course the exhibits were WONDERFUL! I might buy a membership.

Laura Schmitt

Such an amazing museum. The art is constantly changing which makes it new every time you go.

Otto SixtySix

My wife and I with our youngest all took a Thursday Skip Day and went to the DIA for the 4 new exhibit. It was fun. The picture is the back of the Rodan figure that sits out front.

Mrs G Warren

I attended a live play about Motown, presented by Mosaic. Good sound system. Clean environment and beautiful decor.

Matt Linville

This museum has an excellent cross section of all ages of art both American and worldwide. I was particularly impressed by the featured artist exhibit by Isabel Toledo. I would highly recommend a few hours here to soak in both the architecture of the museum itself and it's menagerie of exhibits. The cafe and the food court both serve outstanding food and drink selections.

Jay Thaker

A must-see if you’re in Detroit! Get a tour with a docent if you can, especially for the Diego Rivera room. It’s incredible!

Celine DeMeyer

More than you can see in a day, the collection is breathtaking. A cafe, activities for kids, docents nearby to answer questions. Love this museum!

Terrie Dignan

Oh my! So worth the stop. Spent $40 for our family and spent 5 hours there. Never made it through the whole thing. So much knowledge to learn and Art to see. I highly encourage visiting here. The kids just loved checking out every room.

George Muscat

Fantastic displays and a suprising quantity of them. Recommended!

Lawrei Chandler Wayne Oakland and Macomb county residents....feel free to make a donation. The art is spectacular and varied. Ate at Kresge Court. Nice quaint spot to woo'sa

Mary Penberthy

I learn more with every visit. There is something for everyone here.

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