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490 Steel St, Ishpeming, MI 49849, United States

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Where is Da Yoopers Tourist Trap?

REVIEWS OF Da Yoopers Tourist Trap IN Michigan

Jessica Hatch

This little shop is adorable! If you are looking for Michigan gifts, this place is worth the visit. On top of the gift shop, they have a really cool rock shop as well. Yes, it does have a lot of the typical gift shop items, but it also has some great upper Michigan themed things. It's a nice place to stop when you need to stretch your legs. I didn't get any photos of the outdoor sculpture area, but it's worth walking through!

Chameleon Knight

Terrifying but amazing at the same time

Jerry Fountain

Must stop. Kids need to listen to their music before hand if the don't know who they are.

Jennifer Manninen

Always a great place to shop for yourself or others! A lot of humorous things from the U.P. plus a lot of beautiful things too. Definitely a place to stop and check out!

Kate Borzick

Very fun shop. Entertaining and interesting gifts. Staff was very nice. They even had complimentary coffee and cookies.

Linda Cohen

Great time and free

No Name Given, Thanks

Everytime I go to michigan, I stop here.

jessica campion

Not many people early service slow to get breakfast. Did have gluten freebread though

Ana Gelezeau

Anything you want from the upper peninsula you can get. Great place to take pictures

bradlee clegg

Not as many UP/Da Yoopers souvenirs as I would have thought.

R U'Ren

This is just a fun place to visit...ya aye! Nuff said.

Katie Noelle

Funny and lots to do for a quick or long leg stretch on the road.

Marti W

A fun place to stop and stretch your traveling legs. Interesting items and decent prices.

Tami Stone

Fun souvenir shop. Lots of yooper stuff to see inside and outside.

John Bonetti

Fun place, great selection of tourist stuff, t shirts, bumper stickers, etc. Along with a museum of Yooper lore...

Matt Bone

Lots of fun cool stuff and awesome people

pocahontas Reff

Lots of stuff to look at and buy, or if your handy to go home and make your own. Lol most items are on the pricey to extreme pricey side. But there are some nice items that's at affordable prices. The gift shop and rock shop employees are nice and I love that they don't bug you! There are football items, licence plates, wall decorations, Harley items, all kinds of coffee mugs, jewelry, assortment of items with your name on it (hopefully you don't have a rare name lol), toys, wildlife motifs. And hot coffee and cookies! In the summer there is a path to walk down to see more unique items.

Ryan Barba

Anyone passing through the Upper Peninsula must make a stop at this fine establishment. Great place to grab souvenirs while learning about Yooper customs.

J. Thomas

Nice place to stop by for a laugh and some nice UP souvenirs.

Troy Lawson

Haven't been here in quite a few years. Weather was great and we had a good laugh at some of the exhibits.

Jim J. Jewett

It is, as advertised, a tourist trap, with kitschy art. But several pieces have explanatory signs, either funny or educational -- I've been to a few museums that did less to place exhibits in context.

Shirley Tallman

Funny place to visit. Lots of great art work outside, great variety of gifts for all ages and there is something there for everyone. Rock shop has a great selection for everyone that has a desire and need to collect mineral specimens. Prices are reasonable.

Bernie Lalonde

Nice little place.... some unique gifts

Victoria Cartwright

Lots of really cool things in the yard for the kiddos. Great gift shop too!

Sean Eman

Cool and funny shop

Hugo Hackenbush

Spent almost an hour outside looking at the fun artifacts.

Bernie Maxfield

A visit to Ishpeming isn't complete without a stop here and the rock shop!

Gerald Snapp

Great funny place love it

Jamie Lemke

This place is a MUST SEE if you're in the U.P. make sure you block out an hour or so so you'll have time to see everything. And I do believe Google has their winter hours in the summer they're open an hour later. Call first to make sure just to be safe.

Jordan Schroeder


Alice Hartzell

This place makes me laugh every time.

Isaac Olson

Da Yoopers know how to make a museum ey?

Jae Praught

Nice selection of rocks and crystals, plenty of souvenir type merchandise. Everyone was friendly and helpful.

Cathy Pauli

Its great for browsing and suvineers

Chris Markert

Always enjoy stopping in here every time we are in the UP

Brian Ingalls

Fun spot. Nice place to take a break and get some good stuff

Colette C

Very entertaining

Doug Randolph

Just what it says. Worth a stop. Lots of funny knick knacks

Therese Juchemich

I had the special which was ribs, it was so good & our waitress and service was phenomenal ❣️

Lynda North

This is a great tourist trap with all the usual stuff but it is also a great rock shop and has beautiful chimes, flags and so much more!

Kirsten Maki

Very fun and interesting gift shop, with friendly employees and a little outdoor display/museum. Highly recommend this place to both locals and tourists.

Veronica Adams-Dotson

This place is great!! Has everything you can think of for a souvenir store...BUT, the pictures you can take yourself are the best!! lol

Troy Zawacke

It is just what it say....a tourist trap. There is a gift shop of course! Also, a very nice rock/mineral shop. Lots of goofy da'yooper inventions to look at on the outside. Funny time.

Frank Wiegand

Quirky and cool.

Cheryl Locnikar

Fun interesting wacky items

Lorena Kurburski

Cool things to look at. Yooper themed knickknacks.

Scott Snider

Just a fun place. I love it when the locals can laff at themselves.

Gloria Crain

Plenty of good Yooper stuff to browse through.

Tammy Rivard

Excellent place to get unique UP gifts and souvenirs. Great and fun place to take family and suggest to tourists where to get UP related items.

Doris Johnson

Lots of unique items. A must stop for the bored travelers.

Jon Bleshenski

G Definitely worth the stop, never know what you're gonna find

Geri Krigbaum

Great place to shop for UP items

Suzie Lange

They have a lot of neat things

Sami Fettig

good place to get out and stretch legs for a quick visit. name says it all. gift shop for all your Yooper needs. pretty nice rock shop too...

Connie Bailey

I have lived in the U.P. most of my life and this was the first time I have visited Da Yooper Tourist Trap! What a hoot! I could have stayed longer! The gift shop has something for everyone. If I bought all the stickers I liked you wouldn't be able to see the vehicle! And the fun stuff outside! The giant trike was one of my favorites! I'll be back when I have more time! Put a smile on my face for miles!

Ashlei Bradley

Fun place to stop! The gift shops have something for everyone! They had some cute souvenirs and their prices were reasonable. On the outside they had lots of different displays to checkout. It’s a really interesting place to visit. I’ve never seen anything like it before. If you’ve got some time you should stop in.

Lindsay Miller

Amazing! Fun, cool little road side stop best merch to purchase for all ages! LOVE lit crystal shop!

Lorelei King

Anything but expected. Fun and full of unique gifts.

Tyler Parker

Da Yoopers Tourist Trap has a lot of character. It's a great place to learn about the history* of the area and spend ALL of your money on souvinirs. They have a unique rock/crystal shop and lots of UP themed items. They also have public bathrooms! *The history may possibly not be entirely accurate.

Melisa Rozanski

A fun spot with lots of great gifts / souvenirs! Even some cool gag gifts there too!

Laurie VanderVeen

The women working here we're some of the nicest I've ever met!

Sandra Hakkila

They have 4 extra large shirts that I love!

Sarah Pusey

Fun, Fun, Fun! BEST place to stop in and visit, or spend the day when coming to Marquette County! They got something for everyone here at Da Yooper's Tourist Trap. The staff here is amazingly fun and helpful. Memorable experience when you come here. I highly recommend stopping in at Da Yooper's Tourist Trap. Thanks Anne! Your Friend, Sarah P./Skyline Publishing, Inc.

Angel Rice

Always a hoot! The shop is cozy and offers a lot of neat souvenirs to bring home and the walk through the grounds always makes me laugh!

Delilah Crespo

It’s a quirky place to stop, chuckle, stretch your legs and buy some fun novelties

Josh Zapin

Worth the stop. So much fun.


Lots of cool stuff to see

Danny Ghanavati

Honestly pretty much everything here is overpriced. If I want a cool looking wallet I have to pay 15$ for it. Or if I want a bracelet I have to pay 13.99$ plus tax. And sure the stuff is cool to look at, but the place that saved it was the rock shop. The rock shop was absolutely amazing, the rocks looked so cool and the prices were good in their. Ahhh just loved looking at everything in their. The rock shops were it's at.

Jewles Livingston

Funny cute shop. Must visit if you are in the area. There are amusing displays outside with various yooper jobs. Inside there is a huge variety of souvenirs and gifts from serious to gag types. Unique fun store!!!

Kelly Brown

It's a creapy but fun experience

Jaci Brown

Kinda funny, kinda corny, but great tourist souvenirs. Would recommend everyone stop at least once!!!

Ashley Swindell

Great little place to stop and get souvenirs! I highly suggest checking out the rock shop there!

Phil Davenport

Give it a whirl! Imaginitive and entertaining displays abound, and the merch selection + prices are good. A nice road diversion.

Catherine Stiller-Giles

Fun place to go.. Alot of neat stuff to buy

Tim The Enchanter

Nice rock shop

Ronald Stouten

It's great place!

Robyn Fowler

How much fun was this. This place is awsom. Really the best tourist trap ever. You can find something to take home for everyone one.

Moose Clark

Campy, fun, neat, hilarious!

Jason Appleby

A little pricey but had good attractions the rock shop has alot of neat things for sale

joe mcglynn

Best tourist trap in the U.P.

Heather Darabos

Great variety of minerals. The shop is cute. Nice staff. They sold me some batteries that were theirs to help me out. Deffenatley worth a stop!

Ron McClain

Very interesting and a variety of products. Was worth the time stopping by

Brenda G

Always funny to see the unusual items.

Megan Simmons

Fun place to bring the kids for a quick stop.

Matt Preston

Very neat store. Large variety.

Jeffrey Letherer

Trapped at the trap

Richard Dobis

Always something new every time I go there. Can't come out of there without buying something.

Ali Khan

I was skeptical w business name " tourist trap". But I liked what I saw and prices were good (about < 1/2 price from California). End up buying about 6 minerals and fossils. Owner is nice. Repending for not buying one special piece (Little expensive, but still reasonably priced). Flying back home, after I had checked my language w airline, TSA kept my laugauge for two days. I guess they may not have seen heavy rocks (Hematite) packed in between cloths. I am glad i did not buy Metroit ( space-rock, about 10 times heavier than heaviest rock on earth). But they did not damage any thing, and every piece was repacked nicely and tagged "inspected".

Lorrie Dalton

Great place. Ready to go back

Calista Pinette

I almost didn't want to review this place because the rock shop has the best specimens at the best prices in the area. Worth the stop *every time*.

Joshua Peterson

Customer service is excellent all in all just a fun place to visit for adults and kids.

Patricia Sayger

Loved it

Marcy Colombini

Super cute place, lots of gifts for the family and yourself.

Michael Carmody

A "must stop" for all things tacky and hilarious. In one hour you can decipher the Yooper mystique. And where else can you stock up on " Roadkill Helper"?

Cindy M

This is always a great (kid friendly) stop to run around while in the area.


Sooo much fun!! Even for us yoopers!!! Love the friendly-helpful staff. The Yooper rendition of the "Christmas Story" major award is hysterical! (White longjohns tucked into a green swamper boot is ingenious). Always find something to laugh at and feel obligated to take it home.

Nova Belle

Fun little kittchy place to go mess around in. Isn't quite what it used to be if you went there years ago but still worth the stop. It's sort of a right of passage of the area.

Dawn Woods

Great place to stop for clean bathrooms, to stretch your legs and shop for unique gifts.

Tiffany M.

This place is such a fricken cliche and i absolutely adore it with all of my heart. They have the cliche giant lawn chair that you can sit in and take funny pictures in, the sculptures are fantastic, and the entire store is amazing. I always recommend to friends and family that they should stop here while in DA YOOP.

David Door

Fun place to visit and great gift shop

Robert Polkus

Fun store! A must see!

Jason Black

It is awesome

Jon Hodge

It's a really fun place to visit

Scott North

Typical tourist trap, but enjoyable. Lots of cool rocks, gifts, and funny scenes staged in the yard to look at. The Yooper Civl War was hilarious.

Wahmhoff Technologies

Wanted to stop since I was a kid, the lady in front of me in the check out line was rushed because the guy had stuff to do. Then I tried explaining how much the place meant to me when I was growing up, I might as well got eyes rolled at me... I was completely ignored. Needless to say I didn't purchase a thing. Pretty darn rude

Dusty Kwakkel

My sister lived in the UP for 30yrs , our good friends are from the UP. this place is hilarious!!!!

Rusted TinMan

Yes it's 'Tourist Trap'. But a fun one!!!

Tammy Kelley

A must stop for unique gifts, souveniers and experience.

Andrea Gishler

Great fun place!

Paul Searing

Awesome place to stop

Steven T

It is what it says, but always worth a stop. If you're going by and need to get gifts/souveniers it's the best place to stop.

Braden Simpson

Cool place to check out for unique gifts.

Caleb Post

Great tourist stop with comical sculptures and displays. Worth stopping by to look at and see what's new.

J.R. Gilligan

Great place for a laugh. Lots of funny stuff and reasonable prices

J Hutchens

Great store. So many fun items. Great gift ideas.

Diane Conley

Could have spent more time here if we we're not traveling. Always a great fun place to stop. Nice restroom too !!

Jason Palmer

Must see!

Gina Sheppard

Such a fun place to visit! It's always on our to do list when we visit the U.P.

Penny Hamacher

The staff was not friendly at all! Not one said hello to us.

Renny sharp

Great place to check out while traveling thru.

Bonnie Hedrick

One of our favorite stops in the UP. Great gift shop and oddities. Don't skip the rock shop next door. There's a good Pasty shop right down the road.

Stephanie Wentela

It's always fun!

Dale Johnson

Nice up der

Kathy Grisham

Great place. Good selection of products and gift ideas. Will definitely be back.

Victoria Brown

Very interesting. The kids love stopping here and checking things out. They also have a very cool gift shop and free restrooms.

Daniel Knutson

Quite enjoyable! There were so many hilarious lawn set ups we enjoyed strolling through. There's also a well stocked gift shop and rock store on site with a great variety of souvenirs!

Eric Nelson

SO many things to look at! One could easily spend over an hour in either shop. The rock shop is amazing. Fair pricing

Eric Conley

If you happen to be in the area it's definitely worth stopping by. I wouldn't go out of my way to visit. Very unique. A bit funny, a bit creepy.

Dee Schneider

Weird place with great souvenirs

Stephen Polter

The best way to describe is "wild!". It's a trip! Hilarious all around! Great laughs, fun, and gifts. Love a place with a positive sense of humor and can laugh at selves in a healthy wholesome manner without getting all politically correct. Well worth the visit. Highly recommend

Becky Hardesty

Affordable and a lot of varied souvenirs, staff was very friendly

Ron vance

Love this place.lots of fun for young and old

Christina Johnson

Always a fun place to stop on the way back home to Texas. Lots of great UP souvenirs.

Bill Stewart

One of a kind. Lotsa stuff from Yooperland. You have to do it once.

Aaron Johnson

Every souvenir you can think of.

mat keto

So much stuff

Christine Saunders

Fun for kids

beat shona

The rock shop has some great items. The tourist shop next to it has, as the name implies, lots of touristy UP stuff. Not worth a great detour, but a good stop if you are passing by.

K. Bloom

Beautiful rocks and crystals.

Darby Horgan

This place is just down right fun!

Ricky Gargonox

Full of fun and useful memorabilia. Cant wait to see it again.

Jeremiah Bush

Very interesting place to visit. They have a very good souvenir store

Laura Heimes-Brown

If you like that type of thing it was great Just not my thing

Paul Sorah

Worth going to, once.

Dan Morris

Best place to get Yooper shirts, stickers and gifts.

Doreen Weaver

Great selection of unique and humorous gifts.

Kelly Feuerstein

Always come here every time I go up in the U.P. Best Place for Gifts too. A Must Visit. Will Always Come Here & recommend it to others.

Laura Clingman

What a fun stop for the whole family, definitely more than meets the eye!

Aaron Vennard

Absolutely loved our visit here! Very unique and great pricing! Especially friendly staff and owners!

TheHamlinHooker Resistance

What a fun time. Read some funny things and enjoy some UP "history".

Unagi Unagi

I love it!

Eric Rudberg

I stopped here to check out Big Gus (World's Largest Working Chainsaw) and Big Ernie (World's Largest Working Rifle). It's definitely worth the stop. Inside is what one would expect in a "tourist trap."

Matthew Bruster

great tourist attraction for shirts and stickers

All Ash

Exactly what I expected. A typical fun touristy shop.

Thomas Barclay

Love this place always stop and get girls before heading back to CT

Caleb Ward

Eh least they put tourist trap in the name. This place is just that, a trap. None of the scenery is that astounding and all the items in the store are generic and cheap. The clothes that are there are the most basic and stereotypical types of clothing you find in gift shops and such, i.e. Thin sweatshirts with Michigan on it but for $30, mugs, flashlights, etc. I guess the only real reason to give this a visit is to say you've seen the biggest chainsaw in the world.. but thats about it. Don't recommend this place to stop at. You can see most of it just by driving by it.

Liz good

great photo OP and fun

Charlie Given

Awesome gift shop and oddities very unique items.

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