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REVIEWS OF Comerica Park IN Michigan

Alfred Brock

The park is very large. It has some parking accommodations. It is well lit and has plenty of seats. The concourse where gifts, food and souvenirs are sold is overloaded with counters and stalls, but still, crowds abound. It takes a while to get anything. The bathrooms are just nearly adequate. For big games they are inadequate. Approach to the stadium is difficult due to the strange traffic patterns around the place The lights are not synchronized either so moving around downtown or exiting downtown is difficult to say the least. Service varies from excellent on the rare occasion to passable, usually, to terrible, from time to time. The games are good. There are some seats with good seating but even the booths aren't all they are cracked up to be. If you like professional baseball and have a couple of hundred dollars to drop on yourself and a date or a few hundred on a family outing of undetermined outcome then this is a good venue. Otherwise the Toledo Mudhens play nearby and there are plenty of AAA teams in Michigan to enjoy as well as some of the more moderately financed colleges that still the play the game and don't game the business.

Chris Klein

Had an amazing time! Came to a game during a business trip visit to Detroit. It’s such a historic ball club so seeing them play was definitely an “X” in the box. The Tigers are in last place, but the upside it that it was so uncrowded that we could sit anywhere. So much fun!

Martha Jacques

Detroit was great. Nothing like the horror stories I had been told. I had a great time.

Terry St. Germain

I was very impressed. This park is beautiful and well arranged. Granted, I have little to no experience with MLB stadiums but for a novice, I really liked it.

shelley lynn schultz

Comerica park is wonderful. The welcoming airy feel is the opposite of the old stadiums. You can see the city and feel the breezes. Super great design. The people are all obviously nice and jovial. The staff are always in great spirits and helpful. They did such a great job on this one. Every year they come up with something new and exciting. Great work. This is a gem in the MLB stadiums tour. Almost every game I see someone that is a first timer or out of town visitor. They all say the same thing Detroit people are so nice and the stadium is a must see. I hope we can be the sports destination, with 3 of the best new stadiums. Detroit is a great mix of historic and new.

Junior Doremus

I've been many times but recently went on a slow week day and discovered area of the park is never seen before. Just a gorgeous stadium. There's accommodations enough to get my mid 70s parents there too!

Jason Taylor

Had a great time. Well organized, the staff was helpful and friendly. It was easy in and easy out! Didn't have to wait long for anything. Go Tigers!

Andrea Not-provided

The staff is almost always friendly and helpful. The facility itself is beautiful. Lots of options for food, drinks, etc.

Kjf Michigan

Great stadium, great ballpark, great time staff and security all was does their best. The staff always keeps the crowd entertained with alot of on field entertainment during the breaks in play. Downside: like most large sports venues you are a captive audience so the concessions are expensive.

Michael Sage II

First time here and it was awesome!! The beer and food is a little pricey but that you should expect at a stadium. Definitely loved my seats in the outfield! Hope to make it back to take a picture in front of the big tiger! Thanks for a great time Detroit!

Mark Adkin

Park is nice- it really is! But- Still waiting to turn that wimpy fountain into a special high rise bleacher section- would be really cool & would be a difference maker! Nice is nice- but difference makers=champions

Adam A

This is a great spark of light for a city that has fallen on harder times. If your a sports fan, then I would highly recommend stopping by Comerica for a game!

James Miller

Great seats. Usher really did his job keep "non-ticket" holders out of our section. Service didn't come around enough, but still over all, great time.

Jeff Martin

Comerica is just a first class, beautiful ballpark. There is literally not a single bad seat in the house. Do yourself a favor and walk all the way around the inside - and the outside of the stadium, it's a work of art that's worth seeing from every side.

Robert Lemke

Went and bought tickets to the last day game,last game of the 26th against the Twins. Used of Tiger's kid club buy one get one. Great get if you have children. Treated us great our first year. Looking forward to next year. And years to come. Thank You Detroit Tigers!

Emari Catlin

I work here so cant really rate the ball park as a fan. I hold them to higher standard because I understand all the processes that need to take place for every thing to run smoothly. Great park overall.

Patricia Drake

Beautiful ball park with great food, rides, and great views of the game. Nice facilities. Lots of parking in the area. A fun time for all! And while you are downtown, check out the restaurants and other attractions in the area.

Kenneth Wiener

I finally saw a tigers game at comerica park. Excellent stadium. One of the best part of my trip to Michigan. Too bad the Tigers lost the game


Comerica Park is a beautiful stadium with great amenities. Unfortunately it was a small crowd today late in the season with a poor team. There are a lot of bars and restaurants nearby. Ford Field where the Lions play is right across the street from Comerica Park. Little Caesars Arena, the home of the Red Wings and Pistons and a major concert venue, is a couple of blocks away.

J Jones

Of course the Tigers get at least 4 stars! the extra star for the wonderful encounter I had with Scott in the administrative Lobby! Cannot wait for the next time I come here I absolutely loved it. Plenty for the kids to do including carnival rides a ferris wheel, an awesome carousel, elephant ears, hot dogs, cotton candy what else can you ask for oh yeah and there's baseball and beer

Pooh H

Beautiful park. Lots of different options to choose from from food, to drinks. Very spacious and checking in is a breeze.

George Xiromamos

One of the nicer ballparks that has been able to maintain the club's long history in a new site. Plenty of vendors selling beer, dogs, peanuts, etc. but also Servers taking food orders on iPads and delivering them to your seat.

Mike Tuckner

Great baseball stadium! I'm a Twin's fan but I give credit where credit is due. Beautiful downtown setting to watch Gardy chew out some umpires.

jane rooks

Clean facility. good food a little pricey. Parking is very pricey. Enjoyed our seats and the game even tho we lost.

Angela Abernathy

Even if the Tigers are losing any day at the ballpark is a good day. Albeit the overpriced food and drinks are to pay the players salaries, but it's all good. Nice, clean place. Great visuals from anywhere. A great place to go for a fun evening out.

Steve Schicker

What an amazing stadium. We rank this in our top 8. Food is average compared to other parks. Great fans and atmosphere. Prices are really reasonable. Really easy to get from hotels. Really nice area in Detroit.

Jeffrey Buck

Having visited over 25 ballparks, Comerica Park still is one of my favorites. It’s no Tiger Stadium and has its flaws but overall it’s a good viewing experience for fans. It’s location in the heart of downtown and skyline view from home plate pair well together. Several great restaurants and bars within walking distance for pre and post game drinks and food.

Lynne Danielson

Ladies bathrooms have all new interiors doors and new paint. Really nice. Also like the water bottle refill stations with actual cold water.

Dean DeVonce II

Super helpful staff. Great seats no matter where you sit. The team could use some help though.

Tom Vendromin

First time from Canada visiting friends.. great venue. Had a great time. Thanks

Bryan Whoolery

One of the nicest MLB parks in the country. Everyone was friendly and awesome except the manager at gate 8. Very rude young lady!!

Angela D'Alessandro

Fun day, but nothing like when I went as a child. The stadium attendance was terrible. Perhaps making this American pastime more affordable would boost attendance and moral of the players. I cant imagine it feels very good to look out to a half empty stadium, even if there are more losses than wins.

Staci Fitzpatrick

The Tigers won against the White Sox this night! Was hoping we brought better luck for the rest of the season but they are still not doing great. Love Comerica park. Enjoyed our seats behind the batters box and home plate.

Anders Axelsson

The home of the Detroit Tigers provides a little bit for everyone. A carousel and merry go round, a Detroit Tigers themed Statue Of Liberty and a walk around the world in the food court. However, because the Tigers on field product is so putrid, many of the food stands are closed. Understandable when you draw 6000 on a Tuesday night, that not all food stands should be open. Important that when you go to buy your $12 beer, you are blessed with the chance to walk half the length of the concourse with it's abundance of Tiger memorabilia taking you back to the day when the team actually tried to win games and the fans of Detroit were able to support a franchise that tried to reward it's fan base instead of exploiting it with tiered pricing and a lack of spending on talent.

Scott Bennett

Good time, super clean, family friendly. The prices for food and drink are way over priced. A medium fountain pop is $6.00 and a hot dog is $5.50. Overall it's a great place to relax and enjoy the game.

Shane Smith

Big tigers fans from Nashville TN. Came up for our first game and I must say Wow... what a awesome park so much fun and was worth every penny! Many thanks to all the staff we encountered they are top notch and very courteous. Can’t wait to come back one day for another game. Go Tigers!

Scott Nelson

It's TIGER BASEBALL !!!! Nothing like a Ball Park Frank and a Cold Beer. You'll find anything you want to eat at the Food Court. Best BEER deal is the 24oz Draft. Peanut shells to eat or toss (I like the CRUSH when walking the aisles) Yes they check for guns or weapons, and always feel safe attending or roaming the Streets before or after a Game.

Steven Roberts

Decent prices on some things here, others can be expensive. Great field, fun environment, awesome for kids, tons of promotions being given and or told about, seats are okay, but that's why you go to Walmart and get a seat cushion, ticket prices are great. Etc. Bathrooms could be a little cleaner and could have air conditioning in them.

Zach Carter

Great atmosphere. Amazing event staff that will go out of their way to help those that need it. Kids love the rides offered at the park and they are priced great. Love it every time we go.

Jennifer Abbas

Super nice ballpark. Great staff, good parking, lots of food and drink to choose from, including a veggie dog and hot fries. I got a free soft drink just for being a designated driver and also got a free Tiger's hat when I walked in the gate. No lines, reasonable ticket prices, lots of fun. Can't wait to go again!

Ellen B

Twins fan here - love this ballpark. We were pleasantly surprised with the ballpark and really, the city of Detroit. We loved the everything. The ballpark is downtown and our hotel was 3 blocks away making for easy walking to and from. There was so many fun bars and restaurants near by too. Stadium had some unique food and beverage options too. The daiquiris in yard stick glasses were fantastic for a very hot Sunday in July!

Edward Vidra

Great ballpark, plenty to see and enjoy. Good people working here to and friendly staff. Team needs work, but the ballpark is beautiful.

Raven Xavier

No matter if you are a sports fan or just along for the ride, this stadium is always perfect. Great food, great service and great beer. Bars and local restaurants provide great variety for outside the park as well. Though with the amount of variety within the park, there's no need to enjoy food and drinks outside. Very clean and family friendly.

Gordon Reiher

Very nice modern (18 year old) park. Really cool tiger sculptures on the outside. Nice amenities (charging stations!) On the inside.

Vanessa Wilson

I haven't been to another baseball stadium besides the old tiger stadium. The park is nice but food prices make you feel you went to disney land. The memorabilia around the ground floor is neat. The scoreboard is nice and big. They did fireworks when i was there. Amazing

Brenda Leas

Though it was wonderful. The architecture is Awesome. It brought back good memories for my husband. His dad and him went there once before when my hubby was twelve years old! Since then his dad has passed away.

Christine Manser

Beautiful and fun to wander. Comerica Park's attractions are almost as fun as the ball game. The prices for food is a bit high, the lines are always long, but the staff is helpful and so nice. They don't have drink carriers, but a staff member got me trays to use while I ran to get lids for the pops. She treated me as though I was the only customer when in reality there were about 20 other people in line.

Mechelle March

Had a great time with my cousin Patty and her beautiful daughter Lillie. Got to watch Lillie and her amazing class sign the National Anthem. It was amazing. Great job everyone. Thank you for sharing your wonderful skills with the public. You are GREAT.

Keith Lindow

First time there. Beautiful park, had fun. Tigers lost, what's new? But still had fun there. I got these BBQ nachos, best $13 I ever spent. It was delicious, big and loaded up with toppings. The beer was ice cold, tasted great but that was a bit on the pricey side. People were friendly and everyone was having a great time. I go back for another game in September, I'm looking forward to it. Construction in the area sucks! Hope it's done soon.

USAF Bulldog

Best newest ballpark that I have been too. Very neat and clean. The workers and the staff were very friendly and nice.

Elizabeth Draur

This Park is amazing. I absolutely love coming here. It's so roomy. So much to do with kids, but doesn't take away from adult fun. How they accomplished this, I have no idea. Visit! It's worth it. P.S. this is coming from an Cleveland Indians fan.

Mike B

Awesome time for kids and adults alike.. beautiful Park and tons of stuff to do if the game's not going your way.

Terry Garland

The Tiger's game was exciting, the first time I was able to see a game at the new ball park.. THE NEW PARK IS AMAZING GO TIGERS...

Dale Link

We brought our 6 week old granddaughter to a game and the staff was so amazing and accommodating. They told us how to get a certificate for her first baseball game and another helped adjust seats for our daughter and son-in-law to make room for the baby. Much appreciated and a memorable experience!

John Burke

This is a great ballpark. The terrace seats are some of the best seats in the park in my opinion. They are also underneath the upper deck balcony so you are not roasting in the sun and if it rains, you are not getting wet. Now all we need is for the Tigers to start winning some ball games!

Cheryl Cunningham

We've traveled to 15 different ball parks to see the Tigers play. Comerica, by far, has the most beautiful view, things to do, best food and nice workers and fans. So glad I live in Detroit area and can enjoy this beautiful park. Hopefully next year the Tigers improve and a lot more fans will come out again!

Bianca Caparaotta-Heath

Still a good time, even when the home team doesn't win. We attended the Twins game at Comerica Park. Miggy was honored for his annual event that he holds at the park to keep kids in the game and it was Hispanic night. It was cool listening to the announcer introduce the lineup in Spanish. We also got to see a homerun!

Rainy Vaughn

I love Comerica park...especially when my home state of Minnesota is playing Detroit. I can wear my Twins shirt without getting heckled. The food is yummy though everything is expensive as to be expected. There should be a low cost food and drink option to make the ballpark experience obtainable for everyone.

Paul Ellinger

Great place to see a game. Security is both tight and polite. It's a great place to take kids if all ages. All seats have a great view. Even if you're not a baseball aficionado, you can hardly go wrong spending a relaxing time at Comerica Park.

Steve Welgoss

Lots of good sight lines and relaxing places to sit without being in your seat, taking advantage of food/beverage options and various angles. One thing I found that fell a bit flat was the overall showing off of the history of the team. With a newer-style park, just having a few small areas dedicated to decades, plus some statues of the all-time greats, failed to show off the rich history of the Tigers over a very long period of time.

Ryan Kuchenmeister

A great mix between 'old-school ballpark' with modern amenities. Food is everywhere but be careful because some of the really good stuff is tucked away in hiding spots. Absolutely excellent for a game but try to get tickets along the first base line or you'll cook on hot days in the outfield. Concerts are ok, sound quality is generally very good but viewing is tricky depending on the stage setup.

Rama Krishna Tummalapalli

Good stadium, various eating and drinking options, in stadium food sale, good suites. Parking is a bit pain and little expensive. Mind lanes & directions, if you miss then burn lot gas after that. After game roads were choked. Can explore other hangouts as well like river, fox theatre, renaissance centre...

John Jacobs

Consessions prices too high. Even if team was good, they have out priced middle class families. Park itself was fine

Kevin Ashenfelter

Comerica is one of my favorite MLB stadiums. Just about every seat has a great view of the field. Plenty of great food and drink options.

Sally C. Randall

Any time time, place, whatever involves the Detroit Tiger's, I'm honored, privileged and blessed, to be there! Whether winning or losing, I will ALWAYS be a dedicated and loyal fan!!! They are the absolute BEST, in MNTBHO!!!!! The game was great, even though they lost to the CWS 3-5. But again, getting to experience the "Tiger Ambiance," was so very much worth everything!

Liz Austin

Great for Tigers games. I recommend the street tacos/nachos - the best ballpark food I've ever had!

Jon Meyers

Home of the Detroit Tigers and a great place to catch a game. Ticket prices available to reflect all budget types. Surrounded by an exuberant array of things to do Comerica Park and Downtown Detroit should be a part of anyone's agenda.

Tom Kirkconnell

A great venue!! Parking for team buses secure. Charter buses have plenty of street parking. Lots of ramps for cars. Seats,& sight lines excellent. Mini amusement park for youngsters. Great selection of food & snacks. Friendly, professional staff. Easy exit after games

Kalayah Cage

So I enjoyed eating Chili cheese fries and drinking a small warm cup of apple cider. It was pretty calm the day I went.

Becky Wood

My first visit to Comerica Park and my first Tigers game. I can't wait to go back. Comerica Park is so much more than just a ball stadium.

Rachel N

Tickets are still 25+ dollars even after a playoff bid is nearly impossible, which is why the stadium is empty from mid-July onward. All beer is $10-12, food is good and there is a variety. Overall fun place to you if you have the extra cash.

Christopher Gibbs

It is a nice park to visit. Drink prices are high but as expected I guess. Plenty of restrooms and areas to hide from the rain. Nice fire patio bar on the second deck in outfield during the colder days.

Shawn Kincanon

Great stadium and has an extremely fun and friendly vibe! I'm from Chicago visiting and this was truely a great place to watch a ballgame.

Jessica Billingslea

Comerica is always a great time! Although the prices for beers and food is a bit expensive, that's to be expected at a ballpark. The stands were pretty clean and staff is friendly.

Kevan Murphy

Beautiful Park! Was not prepared for how nice, clean and spacious it was. Not a bad seat in the building and the statues along the outfield wall were absolutely breathtaking.

Tiffany F

Stadium was closed when I went. I heard noises and saw them practicing. The outside is fantastic! There's a parking lot across the street and they charge $20 for the day. You can also park in front and take a quick picture and leave.

Anthony Sparks

Take my wife to her first baseball game here it was a really cool first experience for her I would definitely recommend if you've never been to a baseball game to go and check it out just know that food and other things are quite expensive so just be prepared to spend a little bit of money and they have a few different parking garages which you do have to pay for but all around it was worth it

Dan Vandenberg

Great family venue. Staff is ALWAYS friendly and helpful, as well as knowledgeable about park and seating locations. The team.may be struggling this year, but its still the best baseball around!!

Timothy Bayles

Great fans, and unexpected access to the Tiger Club with my ticket behind home plate! Wonderful experience!

Branden Fitzgerald

Drinks and food are over priced, but that’s expected. Buddies and I always get good seats to enjoy the games. Good place to go for fun.

Jordan Malokofsky

Okay location with decently comfortable seats. Our company bought everyone tickets to the game and put $15 on our tickets to spend at concessions. However, the stadium system crashed and they refused to take the money on it. I had to use my own money unexpectedly. Lot of unhappy people, as they have no fallback plan. Don't trust them with your cash.

Nicholas Argyris

Took our boys to our only game this year. Despite the Tigers not being so good, the park was still a good time. The ferris wheel and merry go round was fun. And seeing PAWS always brings a smile.

Elizabeth Robbins

Had an amazing experience with my 90 y/o aunt who first saw the tigers in 1953 at Briggs Stadium. Beautiful place

John Catlin

Real nice day at the ballpark. Not so much for those losing Tigers. Awesome views of downtown Detroit skyline. Well worth the drive from Grand Rapids

Jimmy Gillespie

Great stadium with lots of space. Concessions are pretty well priced and the atmosphere was fun. Tickets are fairly cheap as well.

Nafez Jadallah

Win or lose this is my team until I die. A great place to take your family and a great place your friends. Nothing like sitting in the sun and watching America's favorite summer sport.

Jennifer Stoepker

Excellent! Clean facility and phenomenal service . Parking was a cinch! Seating was comfy. Great atmosphere. Very impressed.

Paul Skier

Music to loud, need to get back to more of the traditional organ music. You can here all that other pop music everywhere, this place needs to get back to the roots and history of a ballpark. It's a nice park but has no history like old Tiger Stadium, to commercialized and to expensive especially considering the lousy product (team) you're paying for.

Jason Stade

Bark in the park was a lot of fun. Friendly staff, lots of happy dogs and puppies. Would recommend and definitely go again

Matt Szadek

I love baseball and Comerica park is one of the best places to watch it. Too bad beer is $10 and food is priced way to high. I suggest if you want to eat there then bring in your own food, yes it is allowed check their policies.

Robert Hidy

It was a cool experience but sweet mother of God is the food awful. The little cesar's is not anything close to what they actually are, I bit the pizza and the entire shape of the cheese came off in one solid piece. It was hilarious. It's probably not Comerica parks problem but they should really consider looking into better food suppliers.

Mark Kane

Great ballpark... very scenic... no bad seats... and the staff is very friendly and helpful to customers with special needs.

Orlando Hodges

Tigers won. Negro league game was wonderful. Good tribute. People at the games are cool. Friendly and fun. Fireworks are spectacular.


Excellent park to catch a game. Very well laid out to gain seat access. I flew in, took an Uber and was not disappointed. The city is clean and people are friendly. Will visit again!

Scott T

Very nice ball park. Since Tigers aren't doing well we picked up great seats behind home plate on the cheap.

Morgan Vanslambrich

Great evening with the family. First time here for a game and we all had such a great night. We will be adding this to our family entertainment list for sure for next years season. So much fun.

Elder C

Tiger Stadium was the best experience I've had with downtown. My grandsons and I went to see the Tigers today, our 1st time being there the atmosphere was awesome the fans were exciting and the best part was the Tigers won today. Detroit people don't give up on us.

Joseph Haykus

Great place, friendly staff. Miss the old stadium though. Still had lots of fun.

Andrew Schramm

Nice stadium. Reasonable to walk. I only ever made it to one game at Old Tiger Stadium. This one seems much smaller. And actually I would have expected it to be quite a bit bigger. We live in a nearby AAA team city and our stadium feels only about half as small. That was really my only criticism; that I thought it would have been bigger being major league.

Kyle Hankinson

Took my grandpa (86) to a tigers game for the 1st time. He loved it! Staff was great and super helpful.

Kathryn Scott

Comerica Park is a fun place, great food, and a wonderful place did you bring the whole family. You get to meet Paul's and I have your picture taken with him. And if your in the right row there's a car that drives around and shoot t-shirts in your directions. It is so amazing and a whole lot of fun.

Matthew Weise

Comerica Park is always a fun time. Nothing better then seeing a ball game. The park offers a wide selection of food and beverages that add to the game. There are events and programs for families. The park is often used as a concert venue as well. Parking in the area is not free, expect to pay 20-50 dollars to park. The park has handicap access and amenities.

Bill Conrad

I love this place. Now if only there was a good team there. Also, lower the prices please. I know you have us by the short and curly's but do you have to rip them out?

Greg Schertzer

So much to see and do in and around the stadium right in the heart of downtown. Very family friendly park. Brought my boys here for a ball game and we had a blast. Highly recommended.


Detroit is so underrated. Their downtown with Comerica/Ford/Little Caesars Arena is the trifecta of awesomeness and convenience. Very well planned from a city perspective. It's hard to beat a summer evening game in Michigan--fantastic! Comerica is a stellar ballpark with unfortunately a struggling team...sigh....go Tigers.

Nicole Gall

Huge venue, large spaces for walking, great variety of vendors with good food, service, and fair prices. Quality facilities in every way, a great family day out! Go Tigers!

Eric W

Take me out to the ball game! Had a great time. Attendants helped me thru my app issue with downloading tickets. Perfect weather, pleasant fun vendors!

David F

I really liked the park. There's a great view of the downtown skylight from the park which is kind of unusual for a baseball park. Normally you feel blocked in. Maybe it was because the game attendance was low but everyone was in a great mood. The bathrooms were nicer than most. We were in the tigers den seating section and the extra room, larger seats were so worth it. You'll get better quality food and experience getting it yourself. The view from the seats was awesome.

Jhanay L.

Love the Tigers Den seats. In the Tigers Den section, skip ordering from your seat, just walk and get it yourself; it is cost effective and quicker. Overall would definitely recommend Commerica Park. Lower baseline seats were too cramped but decent view.


Minus watching the tigers get constantly routed, pretty good stadium. Amazing architecture around. Great displays to celebrate history. Has a classic feel. Standard prices as far as stadiums go.

Greg Smolka

Our family goes to Comerica Park every year and love it! The staff is friendly and helpful. The venue is spacious. The Tigers always put on a show and we have yet find bad seats.

Stacy Hess

A beautiful ball park in downtown Detroit. Tons of food, kid friendly areas, awesome staff. Clean. A bit pricey but, what ball park isn't? Parking everywhere, most is very reasonably priced. Will return.

peter paul

I received tickets to a Tiger's game for my birthday, so I went to Comerica Park on August 6th, 2019. It was my first time here, it was a great experience, I had four tickets so I brought my two kids and my wife, they have never been here before either and they too had an excellent time. We got a free Detroit Tigers winter hat each. Bought us each a Souvenir Tigers cup with Lemonade and a Pretzel and Nachos and a Hot Dog, the food was Great. It was a Memorable experience with my family. Comerica Park is a really nice and clean, and the staff is so friendly and helpful.

Matt Corrigan

Everything was great! Beautiful park, well thought out. Concessions and restrooms well located. Only complaint- everything is too expensive. I Recommend getting your food and drinks before you get there unless you plan to pay top dollar.

Michael Sebastian

It's a nice ballpark, everything is well kept and the museumequse historic displays are very cool. Little expensive, but that's the cost of running the park. Also we didn't win when I went..

Eddie Morris

I was visiting from Cleveland and I have to say what a beautiful ballpark. The open air concourse and just the look of the ballpark was breath taking, I will make the journey here again

Chris Popiel

Fantastic stadium! I recommend walking around the whole park if you have time. There is some nice bits of history sprinkled among the various food and merchandise vendors. Our tickets were great and they were not that expensive. Food is the standard price you expect at a sporting event. Great experience overall and will definitely be going to more games in the future.

Jason Lee Richert

The Tigers actually Won! It was pretty empty and the staff my family and I interacted with were very friendly. It was game 2 of a day/night double header. It seemed like there were a lot of closed food places but we were able to make do.

Brandy Schwab

Love the feeling of being at the game! This place has everything. My son even got to see how fast he can pitch.

Sheila Mickens

Amazing ❣️ My grandson and I had a wonderful time. We will definitely be back a thousand times. Valentino was so excited and happy. Now all I need are some discounts. ♥️

Jeff Chiapelli

Great ballpark. Now if they could figure out how to put a semi-competitive team on the field.

Cheryl Cole

Great game! Extremely hot! The stadium was very clean and the restroom always had an attendant making sure they stayed clean. We had a blast, hopefully next time it won't be 94°

Sheena Fulton

Beautiful stadium with great views of downtown Detroit. Open air stadium. Usual sports stadium food and beverage fare. Try the cinnamon sugar almonds from the many stands, they are delicious. They also have daiquiri and margarita vendors!

Kristin Frasier

Super friendly and helpful staff when my autistic son had a meltdown. They really went above and beyond to make his first baseball game a memorable one with a wonderful, positive experience. Thanks!

Ann Ellison

Was a great stadium, even in section 212 there was great views. Food was good and the weather was perfect for a baseball game. Will go back for sure

Laurel Browne

Had fun with a 3 year old. Even though we did not watch the game there was so much to do. Restrooms had hot water!!

Sean Moor

Great ball park. Lots of amenities. Team isn't so good this year. Haven't seen them win yet. But still a great place to grab game.

Justin Potter

Loved walking around and seeing the statues and history of the franchise and its players. Beautiful park to watch a game. Beer and food prices were also more reasonable co.pared to other ball parks I've been to.


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Comerica Park
Comerica Park
Tourist Attraction - Michigan