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Where is Fenway Park?

REVIEWS OF Fenway Park IN Massachusetts

Johnathan Farrington

This is considered one of the most historic ballparks in the nation! And in a recent visit I saw why. Fantastic design, great experience when a game is going, and wonderful history. If your in the area it is a must see whether there is a game going or not!

Kris Eager

Fenway is an old school baseball stadium from an era where baseball was central to life in America. As such, it's quirky design and relatively small size make it a wonderful, if not the very best place to catch a major league baseball game on Earth. As a music venue though, it leaves a lot to be desired. The small size can be listed as advantage to seeing your favorite big-name band, but that same quirky design that makes seeing a game great lends to terrible acoustics for music. Sound bounces all around the stands and leads to a loud but muttled and often incoherent sound. It's still a fun place to see live music, but more modern venues will leave audiences feeling like they heard more of what they came to hear.

Alfred Robledo

Oldest Ballpark in Major League Baseball!! Great Looking park STILL!!! Has the Original brick from 1912. The Monster is A Big Green Monster.. not a bad seat in the house unless your under the rafters then you may have an I beam in the way other then that great view.

BearsForLife F

Really nice park, the historic feeling is really present in this ballpark. It was one hell of a game. The only problem was the ridiculous lines for the food and bathrooms. Great place and if your scrolling through the reviews of Fenway and you come across my review, do yourself a favor and go visit that park.

Amanda W. Acito

There's no other place like Fenway! I love to think that I'm walking on the same ground that fans from 100 years ago trod on. There are only two of the old parks left now. Fenway has found a way to add seats without losing it's history. If you're a sports fan, no matter what your team is, you need to experience Boston's Fenway Park.


Great friendly atmosphere. Historic. Memorable. Staff were very helpful. If you haven't been yet, go there.. if you have, go back! I for sure can't wait to root root root for the home team!

Heather Gaba

Amazing! Absolutely amazing! During an oral surgery conference I attended we got the opportunity to go to Fenway while it was closed to the general public. We got to walk the field (minus the green), enter the dugouts, eat ballpark food and get autographs from 2 players while a live band played. It was an experience I won't soon forget.

Kyle M

What can I say, it’s Fenway. Baseball at its finest. Take the tour if you go, we learned a lot of amazing facts about Fenway. They had a kids are for babies which you do not find very often at major league ballparks. I will definitely be going back.

Ciaran Carton

I wanted the quintessential American sporting experience. Couldn't get to a match so did the tour. First time in Boston and never in a baseball park. Great sense of place and heritage. The stadium felt intimate and family friendly. The tour is comprehensive with lots of photo opps. I Felt like I could hear the echoes of past greats. I'll try to get to a game next time I'm in an American city.

David Marr

My friend and I were in the State street pavilion section . Food was great and staff was fantastic! Also, I take Handicapped people there and Alex from security is an amazing example of 5 star service! I have worked in a 5 star hotel for 30 years and he always takes care of my guests!

jason gomez

Best ballpark experience ever. It felt so much different than any other ballpark I have ever been to. A DEFINITE MUST!

Mike Sovay

An amazing ballpark, love this place. The people are all smiling, beer is flowing, and the amazing smell of dogs and brawts cooking, runs through the air. Make sure to check out each stand. The merchandise store is so cool, tons of memorabilia.

Mikey Romeiko

Took my 9yr old to his 1st Game. Once your seated, you don't have to miss the Game and go get food or drinks, they will walk by you an offer you ANYTHING you can need. Awesome

Alex Deel

First time visiting Boston and had to go to a Red Sox game! The ballpark definitely has that old-school classic vibe that is so iconic. Staff was friendly and one gentleman in particular took a photo for my wife and I, as well as for several other couples. Didn't spend much on food, and didn't get any beverages so I can't comment on how their food/beverages stack up against other ballparks. Definitely a "must do" for visiting Boston!

Didi Cruz

Great place to enjoy a game and indulge yourself into history at the same time. I visited at the end of April and the cold was unbearable... ended up buying a Red Sox blanket, so come prepare if you are visiting.

William McMahon

Great tour of stadium well presented by guide. Excellent facility, well maintained but extremely uncomfortable seats for the fuller figured fans. Plenty of good pubs and restaurants in vicinity and well served by subway at Kenmore which is nearest station. We'll worth a visit for atmosphere alone.

Jared Cruz

Great old time feel. Definitely needs some updating but great views with the small stadium feel. Security was top notch. No sneaking into the green monster section.

Patrice Bergeron

This is America's most beloved ballpark. Great atmosphere and great baseball. A little pricey but worth it. A must visit for anyone who loves baseball and loves some history.

Belinda Edmonds

We are so impressed with all the staff at Fenway Park! I’m having mobility issues so they provided me with a wheelchair and took us to our seats! The same gentleman was waiting for us after the game to take me back out of the stadium!! We had a great experience all the way around!! Everyone was very helpful and friendly!! We will come back for another game!!

Shaun Wimpory

Our first baseball game was amazing. The seats are a bit small for tall folk, but it didn't detract from the overall experience. Note that food is expensive of course so it's worth ensuring you aren't staving before going.

Kimberly Sandoval

Beautiful historical park with plenty of baseball vibes to go around. I went with a group of my girlfriends and we are not even big baseball fans and we enjoyed drinking at the local bars prior to going in and especially recommend a Fenway dog once you are inside. Love the experience and I'm not from BOston or MA

Matt Porter

Although I am a Yankees fan I have always enjoyed visiting Fenway. Fenway is rich in history. It feels like you step back in time when you visit the ballpark

Madeline Coats

Amazing atmosphere! I loved the staff members - they were so kind and personable and authentic. It’s also one of the cleaner baseball stadiums I’ve been to!

Steve Baum

Great place to catch a game. The nostalgia and history here is amazing! I would highly recommend taking a tour of Fenway as well. Any time you tour a ballpark, remember to do it on a non-game day so you have access to more!

Stuart Hutter

So many great historical moments! If you have never experienced a concert in a ballpark, you need to go! Billy Joel was incredible

Will Crenshaw

Our Fenway Park tour was incredible. It was fast but not a rushed feeling. Our host had a love for the park and you could tell in his stories and facts. Great to go inside and go all over the ball park. Seats from the Green Monster were incredible. Press bkx has the best seats though. Lucky people.

Samara Peters

Fenway was quite easy to access by mass transit. I appreciate that all the gates are easily marked and there's lots of folks to help direct you to where to go. The drink prices are just a bit more than what you would get at a bar outside. Really easy to see the field, even when standing in the back.

jaime reipke

Haven’t attended a game yet, but did the Fenway tour and loved it! It was longer and more informational than I was expecting. Our guide was the best. I would do it again as you get a different experience with each guide. Recommend for everyone, not just baseball fans.

Graham Williams

Great place to be during a baseball game!! You can feel the whole stadium shaking from fans cheering on after Jackie Bradley Jr. launches a 478 foot home run. Green Monster is great definitely recommend sitting there if u have a chance

Heather Healy

Fenway is absolutely amazing. I've lived all over the United States and this is my favorite ballpark. You have a great view from every seat. Instead of going to a baseball game this time I went to of Billy Joel concert. Absolutely amazing.

Mario Biancamano

Fenway is a really comfortable place. Lots of food options. The picture attached is the closest you can get to green monster bleacher seats without a ticket. We were able to get accessible seats which were very useful for one of our group members. The staff there was very good at making sure other people weren't in our accessible seating.

Christina Levitan

Generally a good time. Tickets to the games aren't too expensive but you can expect to pay an arm and a leg for food and drinks. That's pretty typical though. Seats are pretty good and better protected. Not stroller friendly. Please don't try and shove your strollers in the isles. Transportation to and from here is very easy too with easy access to cabs and the train station not too far away.

Jenna Vanderhulst

We went on the tour, and there was a lot of interesting facts! The seats (which were designed years ago and are the same as the original ones!) were comfortable, and we got to go to the press room! The guide was funny, and answered all questions. We went around the stadium fairly fast, and we were able to see most of it! The only thing I would add is I would have liked to go to the garden, but that's all.

Joe Roy

It's like experiencing history in person. Always sit at infield grandstand 15. Great value, can see everything. Just watch out for obstructed views. I'd also suggest eating before or after. Go early on Tuesdays for a free bobble head when its advertised.

Jeffrey Seidman

What can I say? I am a Cubs fan who grew up on Wrigley Field. Boston fans are every bit as passionate and into the game and Fenway has that old school vibe with rowdy fans and the food is better. Don't buy the dogs on Yawkey way the ballpark dogs are surprisingly better and the all you can eat popcorn and Coke was actually a decent value. Loved the music, loved the vibe and loved the fans. Don't miss it.


A must visit for any baseball fan. Oldest park in baseball. Great music on Friday and a fun crowd that likes to dance and sing. Best time I've had during a rain delay. The crowd loves rain delays.

Shelley Lucier

Fenway. Best ballpark on earth. Always take the train into Boston (we park at Riverside). Billy Joel put on a great concert and had more hits in Fenway than the Red Sox have had this Season. FYI most concerts can only play til 10:30pm so around 10:20 head towards the walkway and then it's much easier to leave. Also the 5 minute walk to Kenmore from Fenway will get you 1 stop ahead of the crowds.

Adrian Bona

An experience worthwhile living. Amazing stadium. Great organized. I would definitively go back for one more game.

Bob Zangla

My first time visiting and I loved it! You only really need a standing room only ticket because you'll want to get up and venture around a bit! What a cool piece of history!!

Sophie Harris

Historic!!! Love this ballpark. Unlike many other ballparks no matter your seat you have a decent view. Maybe it is just the history, the fans, atmosphere, green giant, or being a Red Sox fan but I hope Fenway Park never changes!

Irene magdziuk

The park was very nice. We had great seats. The atmosphere was terrific. And we won so that was the best


The BEST ballpark in the country. Period. I visited this ballpark back in 2002-4 seasons when I lived near Boston at the time and loved it. The atmosphere and the history made the game more enjoyable in my opinion, and this is coming from a lifelong baseball fan. Definitely, worth a visit by any baseball fan.

William Clark

My sister took me to a game there about a year ago. It was fabulous getting to see such a historic ball park and watch a great game. I had a blast and I'd like to see other parks in the future.

Dana Davidson

I'm not a huge baseball fan but I LOVED the Fenway Park Tour. We had the most amazing tour guide who really knew how to get us excited about the park. This was one of my favorite tours I've ever experienced.

Anthony Antosiewicz

I'd give it five stars but I'm a Yankee fan. Great place to see a ball game, extremely nostalgic. This place is the real thing if you want to see a game in an old school stadium.

Dan W

Classic venue with good people enjoying a summertime activity that's definitely not out of style. BoSox lost this night but that didn't stop the locals from having a great time. Amazingly didn't see one drunken fool nor any fights. Typical prices on beer/drinks/ballpark food. Whether you're a baseball fan or not, get a ticket, beverage, hot dog and some peanuts and sing along with the fans!

Gillian Teixeira

Fenway is great have seen Billy Joel 3 times. Sound is great and the place is really hopping. This time I ate at the park and while the food was great the prices were a bit high but to be expected.

Tracy Mushrow

The ball partook is impressive, clean and beautiful. The game was awesome and it was a fantastic way to end theslimmer with my family!! My only negative is how expensive everything is! I just don't believe it is necessary to charge $5-7 this a bottle of water, $10-11+ for a beer and $6 for a pretzel!

Melissa Datre

Fenway is the absolute best baseball stadium in America. Great ballpark. Variety of food choices and it is wheelchair accessible. It's living history.

Sol Cardona

While on holidays in Boston back in August (2019), we made a sporadic visit to this place. Absolutely gorgeous! Even if we were unable to go in because we really came with the idea just at the very last minute, we walked around and I strongly recommend you to do it. There are souvenirs stores and images and sculptures all around. Accessible by metro!

Regina Robertson

Terrific tour. A must see for baseball fans. There were college scouts there looking at high school players. I got to see one of them hit it into the green monster. Unfortunately the Sox are away so next time I come it will be for a game.

Bryan Abegglen

Dream come true! Number one baseball place to visit on my bucket list. I made it to Wrigley field a few years ago and loved the history. I've been waiting to finally make it to the oldest and best stadium in baseball. Truly awesome.

Debbie Reitz

The tour was fantastic a d the guide was very knowledgeable. Some areas were tough with a walker but there was a staff member helping us with elevators etc. and kept us with our group. Great history!

Marina Sandoval

I'm Dodger fan, but I had to see a game at this historic stadium. Great atmosphere, not a bad seat any where, perfect hot dogs! Fans were cool and kind.

Julianne Leary Cardello

Go Sox! As season ticket holder, I get to visit several times each year. You can feel the history in the building, not as commercialized as many other parks. And remarkably clean women's restroom, with workers continually keeping it that way

Gregory Sweatt

Need a new stadium. It's time. Just an to watch Go to another park the experience is stunning and compelling. Enough with the nostalgia.


Fenway Park is a must for all baseball fans. This beautiful ball park is well known for its Green Monster wall on the left field side. Plenty of history in this park. So far, I’ve been to 75% of the MLB stadiums and this one sits at number 2 right behind the friendly confines of Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Tom Cam

Awesome burger and awesome staff. Samantha absolutely rocked and was very attentive. Good people's.

Will Wright

Fenway is simply one of the most historic ballparks I've ever been to. Everytime I go there it feels like a party. The crowds are lively, the is food on a blocked off street before you even get into the park. People super excited to be there. It feels like there is a great sense of community when you go to games there. It really is a great time.

Sean Hackbarth

Historic ballpark with a friendly ambiance that provides a wonderful connection to the game and the players. While parking can be challenging, the stadium, itself, is easy to navigate and offers some wonderful views with classic baseball feel!

Vickie DiStefano Barrile

Gotta love Fenway (and the Sox)! Great experience, beautiful historic field. Lots of free activities, especially for the kids before the game. Great souvenir selection. Friendly service and good food.

Pravin Charles Vaz

Did a stadium tour that lasted just under an hour. Got to see all around the park and their farms. Around 21 bucks for the tour and then the shop is opposite for all your merchandise needs. Just buy your ticket near gate A and tour begins in the shop. No need to pre book unless you are in the peak of summer.


Win win historic and history in the making, great for sports fans, check out photo worthy Kids deck and ask about family themed and discounted game dates. Food and fare priced to be expected for trending venues. Inside outside worth the views and buzz in street. Tour is great and informative. Public transit option to venue priced random private parking $50 range. Fenway is staple of historic Boston.

shawn wiegand

The green monster is a baseball/ historic legend, that they still play games at! Fenway park is in movies and books, and a great place to see a game. These days, they're having concerts and other events there too! I don't think a year is complete without seeing a game there, at LEAST once!

Mark Bratter

Went to see The Who Moving On tour! Awesome show. Outside of the foul pole on our way, the seats were great. The staff was nice and friendly too. We took the T in from Newton. Piece off cake.

Heather G. Hagen

Though the Red Sox lost, I had an amazing time with my best girlfriend. Our seats were phenomenal; just between 3rd base and home (all thanks to a girlfriend who gifted two tickets to me)! The State Street Pavilion Club was wonderful. The staff was knowledgeable and experienced. The food was on point. In seat service was great... thanks Roberto!

Luis Quintero

Truly an amazing experience.. visit the Ballpark & take the Ballpark pregame tour if possible.. (to get pregame tour tickets (4pm) it’s 1st come 1st serve, ticket booth (Gate D) opens @ 8:30am)

Aimee Quintero

Fenway park is super fun and pretty easy to get a great view of the games! The food is AMAZING! The only downfall is how expensive everything is inside which is somewhat expected! Keep in mind if you are trying to just watch a fun game and not spend too much money EAT FIRST.

Chris Everett

Nice small historical ballpark. Great venue for a concert. View is from right field box 2 row k.

Jasen Muto

We had a batting practice tour which was amazing. My 7 year old son just lived the experience and they brought him up first game gift bag with a bunch of gifts in it. Just awesome

Chris Cobb

A fantastic experience each and every time I'm there! Great location, try to make a night of it by going to local venues. Something for everyone.

Adalberto Rivera

Any normal size man can not fit in the seats, let alone the lack of leg room! Don't worry about bringing warm clothes on a cool night because the body heat from everyone crammed in on you will keep you toasty. Terrible experience, especially for the price, won't be going back even though I love baseball

Victoria Schulz

Home of the famous Redsox baseball team. The stadium was clean and there isn't a bad seat in the house. Enough vendors with variety for all people (a lot of typical baseball stadium food). There were also a lot of vendors walking up and down the aisles, which was incredibly convenient.

Holly Emrick

Who doesn't love a Baseball game in the fall. Fenway is Fenway. Iconic. Love this place and all it represents. What a great trip with my girls.

Michael Castle

Beautiful ball park. Excellent tour and guides. Lots of history and a nice museum section at the end.

Danna DeMars

Fenway Ballpark tour was awesome. Fun, interesting information and great views. Our tour guide Andy was so friendly and helpful.

Jared Felling

Fenway park was quite the experience. I'm not from Boston but was in town and wanted to go to a game. I sat in center field about half way up. The food was good, beers were great, red Sox lost but I'm glad I got to experience Fenway park and see the green monster. The stadium was packed. It was a Yankees, redsox game. The atmosphere was awesome. I would recommend going!

Alan Mathiowetz

The oldest and best ballpark in America. Most seats are good but some seats have roofs overhead and have somewhat reduced view of the field. I much prefer to get there by the T (green line) than to drive. If you are coming from west of the city you can park cheaply at Riverside and take the green line to the park.

Jared Medford

Fenway park tour was excellent. I never grew up a baseball fan or a fan of the Red Sox but I truly enjoyed the experience. It’s a staple and an a experience I will never forget. I really enjoyed seeing all the different stadium views. So much history in one of the leagues oldest Stadiums. Highly recommend the Fenway Park tour for your trip to Boston.

Luke Cho

Fenway Park is something magical and so historic! Got to catch a game this season vs the Dodgers and it was an amazing experience. The Green Monster is no joke too! Get a chance to go to a game if you're ever visiting Boston.

Jack Nolan

A very unique and old fashioned ballpark. It was like stepping in a time machine to watch a game. Fenway is like no other ballpark and it's uniqeness and charm makes it a great atmosphere for watching a game.

Ken Trendell III

Beautiful park, well maintained and the facility as a whole seems to run smoothly. I've caught 2 Red Sox games here so far and hope to make it back for many more. Negatives: The seats are on the small side, and the prices for food/beer/ drinks are fairly high , but typical for a large sporting venue. I should add, there are numerous food/ beverage stations throughout the park, and while the prices weren't great, I never had to wait in line for more than 5 minutes throughout the entire game.

Wesley Rigot

What is there to say. Amazing baseball experience. One of the best places to see a game. Even better than wrigley field for night game.

Patrick McCarthy

Took the on field tour and money well spent. They take you down to the field during batting practice. They then took us up to the monster. During all of this they accommodated us and our stroller by having someone take us on the elevator. But I highly recommend doing this tour. Go Soxs!!

Lee Mills

Great time with friends or family. Depending time of year and game the ticket prices will vary. But well worth it for something different to do. If you're hungry, give the Fenway Frank a try, a classic brownish-red tube of pork and beef slapped on a New England roll (steamed white bread).

kayla the galaxy wolf

Awesome place to see a baseball game or concert. Plenty of refreshment stands. Numerous restaurants and bars surrounding the local area. You can take the train to the park as well.

shawn martin

Always good to visit a new stadium. Very loud ballpark but that's what baseball is about. Good experience as it was my first game to Fenway. Food prices we pretty cheap. Boston police were also very helpful as a visiting team fan.

mike wood

We only got to appreciate Fenway from the outside but this historic place still deserves the review. I've never seen a park that was so accessible from all directions. There's plenty of history and honor in the form of statues and banners but none of it is overdone. The cleanliness of the surrounding streets and sidewalks was pleasantly alarming as well. From what we could tell, the stadium is in a good part of town and it's accessible by way of all public transportation. However, there's free and easy parking during non-game times. Perfect for photos and a quick study on baseball history, by way of the plaques.

Dalton Crabtree

Fenway park is one of the best ball parks in America! Red Socks fan or not; the feeling, history, and experience is similar to old Tiger and Yankee stadium before they were replaced with modern ball parks. Love it here!

Gigi Harmon

Justin was our tour guide and he was amazing. He was knowledgeable, thorough and detailed. The history of Fenway Park is deep and to be congratulated to the Boston area residents. What a treat and you will not be disappointed. I am so very glad that we took this tour and would recommend it to everyone with a love a history and a love of baseball.

Sarah McDade

Seriously though- it doesn't get better than Fenway?! ... coming from someone who was NOT a baseball fan. This place is so cool- you can't beat the atmosphere. If you have kids make sure to wander to gate K (located behind right field) - they have $5 meals for kids- including drinks and there is a clubhouse you can go to during the 3rd-7th innings- it's almost hidden though so when you are in the kids concourse make sure to ask someone. Get there right when the gates open because you will want to wander the park- you can walk all the way down to the field, visit the 2 team stores inside and check out all the history and memorabilia they've placed throughout the park

Mike Hamblen

Great ballpark, so rich in history and truly an American icon. Game day is fun with all the bars and shops surrounding the ballpark. I could not be happier with my time at Fenway.

Craig Roberson

The field was blocked by a lot of concert rigging and staging, it would have been nice to know when we booked the tour that this would have been set up. The tour guides were absolutely amazing and made the trip worth it. The guys at The end of the tour seem to have many obstacles that they had to overcome. They were courteous and very patient with us. we had to wait over an hour just to get our pictures, because the photo printer was on the exact opposite side of the stadium that the tour exited.

Bridget M

This is an absolute must. Fenway is an awesome stadium. Went for the Redsock / Oriole game and I had the best time. The game and the people were great. I will definitely come back.

Kathryn Kelley

As much as it's the home of the Red Sox, it's an awesome venue for concerts. Caught Billy Joel this summer and every seat was taken along with the entire outfield in front of the stage. It's amazing to scan the field and catch the enormity of the crowd. Great restaurants just outside of the park: get here early!

Ben Roth

Beautiful ball park, great ticket prices and the concessions are not as bad as I expected. This was my first visit to Fenway and I had a great time. I’m from Colorado and Coors Field is pretty hard to beat, but Fenway was at least very close. Very easily accessible by public transit, I would recommend parking at a station on the green line. It’s cheap and you avoid the worst of Boston traffic!

Michael O'Connell

Can't beat Fenway for a game! Beautiful, historic, a fantastic evening all around. Was given tickets for the Pavilion Box section, which was great. High above the third base side, unobstructed view and a great food and beverage server. Unfortunately we got there too late for Brock Holt Bobble Heads... But it was still a good time.

Paul Keating

Crowds are heavy but pretty well behaved. One of the oldest parks in the country, it has an unreplacable charm that never fades and is a great place to watch baseball. You have to go at least once even if you're not a baseball fan!!

Nicola Cage

Didn't get to see a game but invited as part of running the Boston Marathon. That wall is massive, the trophies are massive, my portion of fries was massive! It's was brilliant and that's without seeing one ball hit!

James Fogarty

Had a great time at Red Sox game. My first time there. Decent eats and drinks. Good time had by all!

nick v

Great place. The history this place holds is crazy. We had a blast there cant wait for our next game. People around us were pleasant and make you feel at home

Keith Santos

Great as usual! Amazing atmosphere, great people and expensive beer. Even in the rain it's a great time. Brought my 6 week old daughter and we had a blast!

Maria Fernanda Bula

This place is amazing. They allow a certain amount of tickets to be sold online which leaves another amount available to be purchased the day of the game at the box office and gives others the opportunity to attend the game as well. We waited in line for over 4 hours to attend the Red Sox vs. Yankees game and it was a smooth process. It was so worthy the wait. The park is so nice and traditional inside. If you are a real baseball fan you cannot miss this!

Siddharth Shekhar

A bit difficult to find the seats. The directions are not super clear. The game itself was pretty good though. I wold imagine the leg space is not enough for someone taller.

Brain Box

Great and fun atmosphere. Service in the VIP was good but not stellar. Food options were good, but limited to mostly ballpark eats. Lobster rolls were a great addition to the menu though. Unless you are familiar with the park, the signage and wayfinding needs tremendous improvement. All in all the experience was great.

Lee Ouellette

I consider Fenway Park like a summer home. If I have not been there, summer has not yet arrived. I like when they put up on the screen "America's most beloved ballpark." That is how I feel too!

Michael Alfaro

Beautifully old! This place has so much history and must do in a town like Boston. Will have to say its not the beat stadium I have been too. Seats are extremely uncomfortable but i enjoyed the atmosphere and the fans. Would definitely recommend coming for a night game. This place gets really hot and the tight spaces doesn’t make it any better

Nick Tolson

It's Fenway Park. You feel the energy when you walk in. The best stadium to watch a Baseball game and the best team. Take a tour or catch a game, either way you're sure to have a good time here!

Tony Butch

Cool spot. Glad to have made it here to see it. Great history, but kind of dumpy. While I appreciate it, I’d rather have the layout and amenities of citizens bank park.

Finton Hanks

The game was exciting and interesting and the atmosphere was fantastic. It was really easy to get food at any time during the game, and people didn't mind at all if you got up during the game. The announcements were clear and easy to understand. The large screens made it easy to see what was going on, especially of you missed something. The toilets were also large enough for capacity to not be a problem. A fantastic night out.


You can feel the history of the place. Might not be as modern as some others but as a Newcastle Utd ( and the TB Rays ) fan from the UK, if you love genuine sporting arenas this is not to be missed. Done the tour and took in a game against the twins. Once in my lifetime experience. Beer a bit pricey mind!

No. 9

What can be said about Fenway that hasn't already been said? Classic baseball stadium only two years older than the iconic Wrigley Field. Open air, as baseball should be played! The seats are tiny so prepare to be smooshed a bit.

barbra piskadlo

Love this place!!! It always feels so homey being here. They definitely have the greatest fans in the country. It's such an experience. Food is great, people are great.

Mark Price

This is an amazing piece of living history. Very grateful to have been able to be part of the tour & event for the evening.

Michael H

Great place to visit but not a great place to watch a game. To many seats you can't see the whole field. I am a local so I do love Fenway Park but it's time to put the old girl to rest. We need a new park about 55,000 seats and every seat must have whole field view. Much better bathrooms. I remember the old days. The men's room had troughs. Nasty.

Diego Rodriguez

Best ballpark in the U.S. The people there are pretty lively. They had lots of food and drink options. It was great overall.

Danny Cox

What can I say. We are Red Sox fans and we always enjoy the oldest ball park in America. Special thanks to Peter and David in ticketing! You always make sure we get great seats at a price we want to pay! Love this Ball Park and the people who make sure we have a great time win or lose.

Michael Misiaszek

In 1980, (and about every 20 years), there was talk of building a new baseball stadium in Boston. Fenway has been modified to increase seating & amenities multiple times and this gem of a ballpark remains a shining example of what baseball was, is and will be. Fenway Park IS baseball in America.


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Tourist Attraction - Massachusetts

Historical place

Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Tourist Attraction - Massachusetts

Shopping mall

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Tourist Attraction - Massachusetts

Art museum

Boston Common
Boston Common
Tourist Attraction - Massachusetts