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First St NE, Washington, DC 20515, United States Located in: US Capitol Grounds

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Where is The U.S. Capitol Visitor Center?

REVIEWS OF The U.S. Capitol Visitor Center IN Maryland

Teis Aalbæk-Nielsen

Great place and a very good tour

Maya Fetzer

Beautiful building. It was well kept and neat, and very orderly. The tour could have been longer and the tour guide could have given more information on the individual statues that she chose to point out. Otherwise, it was great!

Mary McPartland

Always a madhouse here but lines move fast and just taking in the atmosphere of Americans from all over the country visiting their Capitol is a wonderful sight. Film is informative and the tour, while brief, covers the highlights. Your best bet is to contact your Congressional rep for a personalized, longer and in-depth tour. But if you arrive in the District without a plan and just want a quick visit, this is the way to go! Walkway to the Library of Congress is a great side tour. Don't miss it!

Wayne Gifford

A very informative and impressive guided tour of the public area of the Capitol. The guide was very knowledgeable and took plenty of time to answer questions. Highly recommended and FREE! Note: This is obviously a much visited building and can get very busy. You can just show up for a tour but it's highly recommended that you make a reservation. Also, in peak tourist season, the security line can be LONG! Get there in plenty of time to make it through. For mobility challenged visitors, wheel chairs are readily available and elevators are conveniently located. The visitor center has a reasonable cafeteria, large enough to handle the throngs. Open till 4:00pm

Kathy W

Great tour! I had signed up for passes before the day of our tour and we got there early. They got us right in at an earlier tour time! The artwork is amazing and after you're done in The Capitol Building you can take the tunnel over to the Library of Congress. Highly recommend!

Lauren Brown

The large display hall discusses the role of Congress, the balance of the governmental branches, and the history of the Capitol and DC. The statues are great, but many are hard to see because of the tour lines. Try to book tickets ahead, because there are so many people trying to tour. Buy American in the appropriately patriotic gift shop. You cannot bring in food, water, or bags, because you don't live there and goodness knows what's really in that bottle. Will you get lucky and catch a glimpse of someone in a suit that you actually recognise? It's a big place with lots of walking to do, so it's possible!

Martin Cottingham

Fascinating insights into US history and democracy

Enoch Fai

my tour guide was well spoken and gave a wonderfully paced tour

Chris Shearer

Super organized tour. Got right in to the initial auditorium to watch the starter film. Gave good info and a good overview. Lady herding us in needed to calm down a little. Liked that even though there were a huge number of people, our individual tour guide kept us engaged.

Ethan Stein

Probably one of the best visitor centers in Washington DC, you have to go through a medal detector since it is part of the capital and it is a secured building like all the others. There is a gift shop inside and there is a quick service cafeteria that servers American food and is pretty decent.


It’s really cool the tour guides are so funny

Zaid Abbasi

Great values on which the nation is built .. every American should do this tour

Amanda Kaiser

We just finished our tour of The US Capitol, The Library of Congress and with separate tickets, The Senate & House. It was amazing to see the same rooms we see on TV in person. The awe and goose bumps of seeing the House Floor, where every American is represented.. SO cool. To the guide of our tour, Janet, THANK YOU for being so informative. It was obvious, you love what you do and we loved being on your tour of The Capitol. To EVERY MEMBER of the staff, from security when we came in, to security where we checked our bags to sit in the House, to the Capitol Police, thank you. Everyone was informative and friendly. (Simply following instructions and reading the list of prohibited items saves one a lot of trouble). We left with a whole new love and appreciation of our country, America. If you have the opportunity to take this tour, do it! ❤


Couldn’t go Inside but it looked cool

Kiran Mirle Ramegowda

We were awestruck at the video at the start and the commentary provided in small groups. Our children also could understand most of it. Canteen serves good food though not so cheap.

Ozgur Balsoy

World class visitor center. Must see in DC.

charlie sliwoski

Get a tour through your congressman's office in advance if you can. This is mostly a staging area for those tours, although there are some great statues and a film.

Gaagle Plas

Arrived early and was allowed to go with an earlier group. We scheduled online and the instructions said to arrive an hour early to get through security. It didn't take long at all and if you have reserved a tour already you enter a separate line that was much shorter (at least for our visit). When he saw our scheduled time, he asked if we wanted to join the earlier tour which we did. You watch a short video and then exit the theater and they direct you to one of several guides who the hand you a headset. The guide walks you through the tour touching on paintings, statues and architecture. You can also get a tour through your local representatives I believe. You can also use the tunnel to the Library of Congress so you won't need to go through security again.

Rob Armend

Great tour be prepared lots and lots of walking just to the visitors center before the tour

Maria Andres

Very nice friendly and helpful people, answered every question and cleared up all concerns we had

Jose Antonio Otoya

Good introduction to your capitol visit.

Nakita Richards

I visited the Capitol as a delegate for Foster Youth to shadow member of the House and couldn't leave the Visitor Center store without a Maine-themed pewter bracelet and a piece of leather from the U.S House of Representatives chairs before they were reupholstered. The folks working in the store weren't particularly enthusiastic, however the guides were very helpful when it came to locating restrooms and water fountains.

Tania perez

An amazing Place great experience

Lord Pumpkin

Very interesting and informative.

MaryJane Burgess

Excellent overall. Take time to read and wander.

Miss Peeved

Very well run and amazing place to go to for free tours and visit to senate and House of representatives. They have an excellent first aid facility too. The staff nurse was super duper nice and friendly to help me with my small injury. The lunch self service restaurant was good too!! Big and affordable. Food tastes better than typical attraction cafe.

Carol Still

Well organized. Worth the visit. Wheel chair accessible. Inside includes museum, gift shop+ cafe. We visited for McCain's funeral. Full throttle security: no outside liquids, sprays. Line hidden, as entrance is underground. Observed at least six elderly or business attire (suits) passed out from heat, with immediate emergency responders. SEE THE State Hall of Statutes w 2 statues for each state, the original marble floor, Ben Franklin's secret spot to hear opposing party, and beautiful art work + Federalist decor. Air conditioned, ADA accessible, large bathrooms w ADA access, + clean. Cafe includes chocolate molded into shape of capital, Senate Bean Soup (A+), salad bar, grill, Asian+Indian food, coffee, tea + bottled drinks +fountain drinks. Seating limited and you'll sit close to staffers visitors and Members of Congress (MoC).

Tamie Heaton

It was incredibly crowded the day we went but I had no idea the art and architecture could rival the big cities of Europe in the capitol. Beautiful! We enjoyed seeing statues chosen by the states to represent them and going through the old House and Senate meeting rooms. The line was too long for us to go into the current House and Senate rooms but we enjoyed the live broadcast as we waited for our tickets. Overall a great patriotic experience.


Go for the tour! Highly educational

Tina Hite

Nice tour. It was shorter than expected, but very informative. Jeremy was an excellent guide.

Nau Nz

Its a good place to visit. Parking is an issue bu otherwise its grand and majestic.

Hillel Weinberg

They do a great job! Allow ample time to visit the exhibits. Guides and other staff are friendly and helpful. Hint: Mid- to late-afternoons are probably less crowded than mornings or lunchtime. (It looks as of they are set up to handle enormous crowds at lunch, for example.) We went in mid-afternoon - just before July 4 - and had no problem getting a tour without prior reservations or getting a late lunch. Be aware that there are special interest tours offered periodically - probably there is info on the website. Also, there is a tunnel to the great Jefferson (main) building of the Library of Congress.

Nishant Sahay

It's a wonderful place, being the heart of American history. The tour starts with a 13 minute video about the history of the Capitol Hill and how it came to be. This session is followed by a tour which takes through through three rooms/halls. Each of the halls has amazing sculptures and paintings. The main hall, which has the dome of the Capitol Hill has beautiful paintings, as well as statues and sculptures. It's a sight to behold. It's a must visit place if are happen to be in or around DC area.

Tony Tether

Needs better direction information inside

Anne Marije

They tell you to come early, but if you're visiting out of summer season, you should go a bit later. We arrived around 11.30 and we could just walk in without waiting in line anywhere. The staff here is really friendly and the guide was genuinly funny! She knew a lot and could answer all our questions. They 9/11 memorial is beautiful, made a lot of people teary-eyed. Go and visit, it's beautiful, but you also learn a lot, especially as a foureign tourist!

Gravity Universe

We came here for food on our DC trip and it was so bad honestly. The chicken is like robbery and bad and the fries are dry with parts that don’t taste right. For the capitol building they should have way better food honestly.

Jason McNair

I had high hopes and they were all met. Lots of people in red vests around that are all knowledgeable and friendly, ready to help. The history is amazing.

Jenee K

During our recent visit to D.C., we visited this place and were quite impressed. There were several tour guides and had adequate facilities. It even had a cafeteria. You can take a tour via the visitor's center or contact your local Congress(person) prior to your visit for a personal tour. Definitely an educational experience.

Tricia Leiker

We were part of the last tour for that day. The security personnel were professional and kept the people moving. Once inside the visitors center people were very friendly and helpful. The guide for our tour was Matthew. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and made the tour fun and interactive. We loved the tour and learned more than we all expected. The rotundra was stunning. Unexpectedly beautiful. Definitely a must see for your visit to D.C.

Jason Diehl

Wonderful experience, highly recommend getting a reservation for tours in advance

Manoj Bhanshali

Great.Very informative for tourists and allowed to take photos.

Anil Maddimsetti

Review from Spring 2013. The sheer size of the capitol is mindblowing and the free tours are great, which give you a great overview of the building and the associated history with it. There is a long tunnel from within the capitol to the library of congress which was pretty cool. Give yourself some extra time for security screening on busy days.

Vijay Ramachandran

Must visit place and it's better to check out the timings and days the Capitol is open for public.

Katherine Trigg

Awesome tour. Added bonus tour Freedom Fighters in the Capitol with Mr. Jackson

Christina Holland

What a great place to visit! We were able to see beautiful statues and art all while learning about History! Lonie was a great tour guide who had great knowledge and a love of history! Awesome visit for the whole family!

Eric McDaniel

The guided tours are great. I would definitely recommend getting Senate & House chamber passes (from your senator or rep if you're a US citizen, also available to non-citizens but I'm not sure of the process). Also take the tunnel over to the Library of Congress to see the spectacular building and exhibits.

Adrian Roo

The Capitol tour offered by the Visitor center is a must!!! The docents are very informative and knowledgeable. This is a great way to learn about the history of the United States.

Calvin Law

We are having a good Visitor our kids having fun the cafe food a awesome.

Jeff B

Gruff security but it's a serious job and visitors seem oblivious that there are rules. Absolutely no food or drinks seems to surprise people. I was glad I called and listened to the restrictions since my bag would have been too big. Great tour, go early

Elwin Sidney

Beautiful place. The power center of the most powerful nation the world has ever known.

Laia Garcia

We had Charles Chen as our guide and we loved the tour! Highly recommend it if you are in DC.

Samantha deManbey

A quick tour, but very informative. Great opportunity to see some amazing art work in The Capitol building. I sat in on a public session of the Senate, but be sure to pick a time when their is activity going on.

Olivia Yoh

the Capitol building is beautiful but if you do a tour here the tour guides don't always know what they're talking about and they're not the most helpful. During visiting hours it's tough to get through security, they're very strict and sometimes rude. I absolutely love the work they do here and respect every one working in building. Definitely visit the capitol while in DC! can't miss it.

Pata Moose

Our tour was very informative and easy to understand. It was pretty packed when we got there, but the tour was still great. I was surprised to find how meaningful and historical the items in the building were.

Christopher Martin

You don't actually get to see too much of the Capitol but otherwise, it's an amazing experience with well qualified guides who really know their stuff. Well organized and you're free to look around certain parts of the building on your own before or after the organized tour. Be sure to visit the adjoining Library of Congress too

Max H

Very well organized and very interesting tour. You start with a security control taking its time to line up getting ur ticket. After a quick film the tour starts and lasts for about 45 Minutes. The tour guide kept it interactive and had some fun facts to tell. Book well in advance as the tours tend to be booked out.

Sri Pabbathi

Loved loved the tour from our Congresswoman's staff. They were very gracious to give a 90 min tour of the majestic building with fine details of various rooms, statues and frescoes.

Jayalakshmi rao.s

The U.S. Capitol is one of the most wonderful historical building which is located at Washington D.C., USA.I visited US Capitol Building on 4th July 2019 and we had wonderful time with family when we saw images , statues and paintings of the great presonalities of USA at US Capitol Visitors Center . It is nicely maintained with all facilities and also a store and restrooms there. I came from India just to see US Capitol Vistor Center which is one of the wonders of the world.

MaiEmpress Marah

Family Thursdays have fun craft activities which is always a win for homeschoolers. We also enjoyed the short informational videos and of course the interactive touch screens were perfect for my sons.

Milton Shockley

Any trip to the capital is well worth seeing. The original Supreme Court, they house and the Senate, the Rotunda and all the history and paintings that are displayed there in United States history is absolutely amazing. My tour guide as well recommended as their knowledge is invaluable.

Rob Long

Be ready to spend a little bit of extra time to get through security. It can also be an area with a bunch of school groups and crowds in general. But once you're in, there is an interesting mini-museum on the opposite side from where you enter in the lower atrium. That mini-museum is almost worth the trip by itself! Of course, you have to do the capitol tour. So much history.

Jonathan Tripp

This is a must visit place. The security was impeccable and the place was clean. I have never been to this place before and I was not disappointed in the least. The history in the area is incredible and this building is state of the art. Definitely a place to revisit.

Faizan Yousefzai

Take the tour. It's free, every 20 minutes. I came out learning and feeling a lot more about the US, and has helped inform my perception of the country and its founding mythos. Our tour guide was brilliant. A must.

Francisco Dominguez

Awesome Exposition Hall is big. Get Capitol tour plan passes in advance from your senator/rep. Also get entrance to Senate and House in advance. Check on line for any special tours that day also. Plan a whole day there. Absolutely no food or drinks allow. Not even water!

Pete Ramsey

Visited the US Capitol to see senator John McCain's casket. Very well organized operation and a fantastic building. I'll definitely come back to look around.

Andy Kreul

Had a great time!

Maureen Elias

Beautiful place to visit. The security staff, while very serious, is probably some of the more friendly staff in the area. We we're at a catered event and they did a fantastic job. The food was delicious. There is also a coat room and the restroom were well kept.


Beautiful building. Great tour recommended by one of the Capitol police. I do have to say the guards at the entry where very dismissive with us but very laughing and friendly with each other. Not a great start. The guards inside were very nice though. I recommend doing the free tour.

Ritesh Kumar

It's a great place to visit in D.C. It is suggested to schedule the online appointment online. Take the print-out of the confirmation. The reception as Visitor center will print your tickets. It completely free. They have guides with head phones for their groups. Your can hear their guidelines and briefing clearly. This is just to avoid getting distracted and group members to follow the Tour guide. It's awesome to see the dome and various statues. Must visit.

joshua gross

Very nice place to visit, especially with a tour guide that explains every detail of the place

Kevin Loeffler

Had an excellent tour organized through my district's representative- definitely go this route if you can for a more personal experience. The visitor center itself is beautiful, full of exhibits, statues, and information. It is bustling with activity so watch out for the people who are hard at work!

Rajasekhar Galla

Nice place, it is good to go for the free tour in the Capitol building....

Brian Ferrick

Washington is always a great place to go

Farris Mirza

Awesome experience only negative is there are so many people they had to cut our tour short. Also you have to pre-request a tour of the chambers from your state rep.. No one told us when we registered for the tour you have to contact your senators office in advance for the more intimate tours.

Karwan Zebari

Very pleasant place & environment. Glad to see our tax-dollars being put to good use.

Anjum SMith


Justin The Redstone Miner

The U.S. Capitol Police are awesome. Very friendly and professional police force. Sgt. Counihan was most helpful and very nice to my family.

Arvind Frøiland

Fun and entertaining. The tour was to short.

Kristina Brown

Great overview with the red coat tour guides. If you wish to attend or see more, go to your representative for tickets. I hope security put more effort in placing signage regarding banned items as they do in moving people from entrances and exits. They are quick to tell you to move. Slow to inform you of newly ban substances.

Raj MS

No. Matter how many times you visit, DC and NYC amuses everyone!

Bradley Flemming

Take the tour... I'm not an American but found it very interesting.

Jason Puett

You are hearded like cattle into lines while you wait, easy reservations made on line or you can take your chance in person. There is a cafeteria with loads of choices to eat in the basement. Nice theater gives you a presentation before you start. Our guide was excellent, tour was short, but worth the visit. Very crowded with tours, slightly claustrophobic at times.

Jackie Stugart

Had the absolute best tour guide. Retired history teacher from the south who loves his job. Easily the best guide at the Capitol. Gave some very interesting facts about that gorgeous building. If you go, ask for a gentleman from Arkansas with the last name McDonald.

thanh pham

I strongly recommend this site, and make sure don't forget to book the Capital tour. It's free and very informative. If you have teenagers, make sure book this tour for them. Great learning experience and eye opening. In addition, the capital cafeteria is a good place to have lunch after the tour. Variety of foods and much cheaper than outside.

Ricardo Vaca Gianella

Professionalism and Excellence Staff Guidance, very well informative background and National Civics foundation USA COUNTRY., impressed at all and thankful to the authority Police. From Chaplaincy of Ministry

Ansu Singh

Great experience.Please visit if you find time.

Bryan Free

Fun to do once. Disappointed that it only goes to more historic areas not currently used by Congress and senate. Worth doing once and is free. I wouldn't do again.

Benjamin MacLean

No water allowed, no bag drop off, so couldn't go in. Useless.

GopalaKannan Rajavel

Must visit historic place

naftali jacobs

Received an awesome tour by Stephanie Seecharan! So informative and knowledgeable, the tour was worth the time!

Mandy Salotti

Awesome tour thanks to Representative Conaway's interns!!!

Jessica Betz

Absolutely Beautiful inside the statues the history the excitement is amazing and worth a trip. The cafe is however a bit pricey so do eat elsewhere. Take the family you'll enjoy it.

Zoltán Somogyi

Nice experience, very helpful staff...we had advance booking for a morning slot which also helped, finished with an early lunch in the restaurant, tasty food for good price. The only annoying thing was the different security protocols for the senate and the house visits....they could do it better. Btw, we were very pleased how smoothly we could arrange for those visit despite being tourists from Europe.

Mark Werner

A place that all should visit. Tells so much about the history of our country and the federal government.

Marcus #1

Very nice short and sweet tour......tour guide didn't point out speaker of the house office.... somehow I believe that was intentional.....regardless of which party holds the speakership, that should always be pointed out during tours

Julian Gudger

Attended the 400 Years Commission program commemorating the arrival of Africans in America in the auditorium. Beautiful space and awesome program. Grounds and personnel were awesome.

Ericouto Steinmetz

As a heads up this place doesn't allow any food or drink, even closed packaged food or water bottles in your bag. If you're doing a day of touring and brought snacks leave these with someone or give them away before entering. The tour was neat but nothing monumental. The statues were interesting.

Chris G

The craftsmanship of this building is absolutely phenomenal . My mind was blown at the attention to detail from so long ago. This place is gorgeous and just an amazing work of art.

Nathan Williams

Joy joy happy Holy Sabbath day to you the art photo goes to washroom DC for free donated copy right a Paton! Ideas take a copy of the art photo to a t- shirt making business and Paton the shirt and you could had some out or complementary t-shirt or any positive ideas you all have my friend I thank of youre friend ship compassion like a song :-) lol my have asome weekend from you friend Nathan w.

Harry Vasels

Interesting but too limited. I did expect more. Guide was very good.

Amy Minear

The visitor center was really interesting. The food there was good. It was also fun looking at the statues they had in it. We just had to wait in line for like 5 to 10 minutes to get in (it was outside) on a really hot day.

Algis Marcinkevicius

Amazing free tours and very cool things to see! Must visit if you're in D.C.

Valerie Sabo

Great experience! We reserved tickets for a tour on 8/22/2018 and the check in process was easy. The security check to enter the building was quick. Give yourself plenty of time, though, because the facility is large and it may take a bit of time to get to where you need to be. The visitor center is very clean and well-kept. The food prices in the cafeteria were very reasonable for the area (we paid around $18 for a cheeseburger with fries, chicken fingers with fries, and a lemonade). We did not have a stroller or wheelchair, but there seemed to be plenty of assistance and accommodations available. The staff were all very friendly and knowledgeable. We really liked our tour guide.

Phylicia J.

Learned a lot on the audio tour

Erik Snoeijers

So much to see and very friendly and helpful staff. Just ask what you want to know or see and they will tell you and, if possible, take you to what you wanted to see.

Steven Power

Always well done. I recommend that you use the professional tour guides instead of accepting a private tour from your political office's interns. The tour guides know an incredible amount is accurate and interesting information. There is almost no benefit to the smaller group setting that your senators or representatives may make available to you.


Really great center. I did get pulled apart from the rest of my school with no warning for extra screening so that was a bit annoying. The cafeteria was overpriced, crowded, and took over an hour. Besides that the center was great. I recomend you don't eat there though!

Samuel Miranda

Security seems too strict. I had to go through a metal detector AND a body scanner. I also had to remove my belt, watch, belt, and everything from my pockets, including my wallet. At least I was permitted to keep my shoes on, and I didn't have give up my shoelaces. (I was there for a meeting, not a tour; but I think the same security is applied to all visitors.) I think that such measures would be more effective on certain members of Congress, than on the general public.

David Hauffman

Great experience! Went on a raining day, got a tour without a reservation, did not get to see where the House of Representatives or Senate meets (because it was a Saturday), and still had an awesome time! Highly recommended!


Amazing building - great guided tour. Full recommendation.

Brian Jackson

Great tour: it's free, you don't need a reservation, and the lines move pretty quick. They take you through the rotunda and the hall with all the statues in it. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. Be warned there are a TON of people here!

Arun Balakrishnan

Majestic building. Efficient tours.

Kimberly Morgan

Interesting facts. Knowledgeable staff. Friendly lady that worked the gift shop. We read that we could take pictures at the Oval Office replica, it was at a different gift shop down the road. But it worked out because the gift shop was across the street from the White House.

Greg Davis

Book in advance but on the quiet days you can turn up without a reservation and walk straight on to a tour as we did on a Friday. It’s worth doing. The rotunda is fantastic. For international visitors it’s easy enough to get to see the extras (house of senate and House of Representatives) - just give your photo ID to the appointment desk. But note that no cameras are allowed in either of those last two places and it has it own security.


The place looked beautiful with statues everywhere but the food in the cafeteria was not great. My apple wasn't ripe and the pizza had little to no sauce. It tasted like plastic. Other than that everything else is okay. Staff there are kind and will help you with everything. They have good security as well so no need to worry.

Tony Cuomo

First, let me start by saying if you're going to visit any federal building at the Capitol do not bring water, a back pack, a lunch nothing to be carried in except maybe your wife's purse and even then it better have very little items in it. Now that I think about it tell your wife don't even bring a purse just put her ID and credit cards in her front pocket. To make your visit to the Capitol Building more enjoyable contact your house representative and go to their office, sign-in and ask to have one of their aides give you a private tour of the Capitol building if they are available. Very historic and breath taking. On another note, the police dogs are working do not pet them, some people SMH...

Mor Himi

Excellent tour, highly recommended

Ben Davis

My wife and I took a tour of the Capitol building and it was great! If you're going to go contact your congressman and they will assign a trained guide to take you through Congress and the Capitol building. You get your own private guide! How cool is that? Make sure you remember to not bring a pocket knife or anything like that because they do a rigorous screening for entry into the building

christy geiger

Got tickets for the tour. was easy to find and quick to enter. The movie is wonderful and deepen appreciation for country. Marcus Cook did our tour. He was awesome! Educator and entertaining. A beautiful tour of 3 main rooms of the capital. Very Enjoyable and a must do when in DC! Thanks Marcus!!

Andrew Nik

A lot to see, well organized bearing in mind the numbers but a bit too crowded.


The classic. Awesome, that they give free tours in an 15min intervall. you don't have to wait in queue which is nice. Look out for the astronaut statue, there is a reason, why it's standing where it stands.

Charlie Wrx

The free tour was excellent.

Julia Koberlein

Quick trip, mostly for gift shop and buying souvenirs for people back home, very busy

Tania Ler

Great place. The tour guide was very well prepared for any questions

Tawnya Trunnell

Great place! So stunning. You come here feeling so excited and leave with a new respect.

Bernard Ho

It is nice to go inside the capitol to see how it is. The cafeteria inside was not too bad actually. I was expecting way worse, but it is like an upper end corporate cafeteria. It has a nice exhibition of how the American political system works, very educational, along with a history of it.

Willie Wreckit

Awesome experience! Our tour guide know every intricate detail about the history of the capital building. He was intelligent, funny and very personable.

Leslie Allen

Best place to visit and work!

Rona Wang

Extremely helpful staff! Before we even had the chance to ask, they immediately noticed us and directed us to the right direction. Very interesting tour and learnt a lot about American political history.

Jim Willis

Good tour, friendly. Accessibility good, told them I used personal FM, they loaned me one for tour. Tell them your accessibility needs in advance. Our guide was knowledgeable, interesting and engaging. Learned lots of history in a fun way and understood what we were looking at.

Evelyn Lees

Excellent! We spent the entire day there.

Caitlin Hunt

Our your guide (M. Bartley according to his nametag) was amazing!

Jonathan Caddy

Really enjoyed the visit here. We pre-booked the tour, but can can just attend, it just may mean a queue at busier times. The tour was excellent, with a short film to start followed by a good 40 minute walking tour around sections of the building including the Rotunda and the original Congress. Our tour guide (Janet) was fun, and incredibly knowledgeable. We also booked separate tickets to see the HoR gallery, but that meant quite a bit of waiting, which we decided against. The centre also has a tunnel connecting to the Library of Congress.

Ketki Modi

Another awesome place to check out the Capitol from the inside. It is free of cost. There is a 12 minute movie before the tour starts. It is followed by small guidedgroup tours. Our guide was really fun and very informative. Over the 30 to 40 minute tours, we traverse through different rooms with rotunda being the main attraction. Be sure to capture the tiny intrinsic details on the ceiling of the dome.

Rob Roy

Thanks to 9/ can't walk up to the capital steps anymore but instead a vistor center that has a long history of nothing...thanks Islam!

Michael Paez

The most marvelous place in the world

Chastity Perdue

Enjoyed our tour led by Congressman Bradys office.

Appleton Fryer

Every American and foreigners too should see the movie and take the tour.

Eric Lindsay

Very well done. Must see for every American.

Deanna Alcorn

We scheduled a tour time in advance and someone in our group was late, causing us to miss our tour, but they were able to get us on another tour when that person arrived. Our guide, Shannon, was very informative and patient with my slow-moving mother in law. This was out second visit to the capitol and each time is a whole new experience.

Janessa Retzer

This tour is so informative and really gives you a respect for the building and what happens inside of it now and in the past. If you are lucky enough your tour guide will be British John (my name for him- his name is just John but he is British). He was a fantastic guide and I highly recommend this experience.

Prof Gee

Yeah, it is one of the most remarkable locations to visit in the US. Enjoyed my time there, loved the staff working at the place, very courteous and polite. I didn't get to see every nook and cranny of the building but I think I saw enough. really loved it and the pictures I took were stunning.

Ajeet Kumar

Lifetime experience.Wonderful and amazing sculptures inside.A movie about the American history followed by guided tour who will take you to dome and all other important painting and sculptures.

Lauren Conrad

Very educational and historic! The statues are amazing and the tour guides are very knowledgeable. Sadly you cannot bring any food or drinks into the Capitol, and they don't have a storage area, so that's unfortunate. They do have a cafeteria but you can't carry out of it.

Alex Chaumont

Our tour guide was great. Very informative and encouraged our group to ask as many questions as we could. Pro Tip: Ask questions! Most of our guides answers were more informative and interesting than the standard tour. However, you only get to see the main rotunda and that's about it. They don't take you into the two houses, even when Congress is not in session.

James Mcgregor

Lots of information, unbelievable craftsmanship in the buildings, take the tunnel to the library of Congress.

Jayesh Shah

Very nice staff there.. we got a tour which was awesome. Good experience

Alan Houghton

Well worth the tour to see where government happens,

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