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REVIEWS OF The National Great Blacks In Wax Museum IN Maryland

Barbara Dorsey

So much history & so many facts about the cruelty inflicted on the slaves. Most educational & informative place to.learn about our African heritage. Very knowledgeable tour guide. Great experience.

Ivory Milton

Very interesting place and full of history! It was very informative.The atmosphere is very welcoming. It was great! Visiting here is such a heart wrenching experience.Excellent family place and live with friends.


Great place to learn black history

Maryam Suluki

This was one of my favorite museums. Not at all now. Over priced for the quality of the exhibits. It doesn't appear to have been updated in years. More signs indicating what and how to get to the exhibits are needed. I appreciate the effort but it's moved way down on my must visit if in Baltimore list.

LaTosha Greene

It is not really big but I liked the exhibit they had.

Lillie Jones

It sends you back in time. Sad.

Brittany Wingate

There's a lot to see and feel here. It needs some serious updating though as it's pretty tight in there.

Atoya Tyree

Jam packed with knowledge. Very sobering and enlightening experience.

Wayeman Johnson

Excellent for one's who didn't know about it

Aisha Martin

Great to visit if you dont know your history, but does need work

Andy Reiss

Interesing place. Excellent tour guide

Tiara Powell

I loved it!! Very detailed. Some of the wax figures fingers feel off but hey what u was self girls loved the experience. Even down stairs but some children may can't handle downstairs.. It's very detailed and realistic looking!! But overall a learning experience!

Kevin Mcbride

Lots of documented untold history. Look carefully and see the untold stories

Leigh Gillis

So good! People should make donations to help them upgrade and do some needed maintenance. They have done an amazing job!

Jamere Miller

The tour guide really made this place his knowledge of the statuettes draw you in and beware for your children because he keeps Real!

lul cr



Great lessons about the history of black slaves and inventors

whitney thompson

People need to pour donations into this establishment to help preserve it. It's filled with Rich history I enjoyed with the kids. Quick alternative to the African American museum

Toshiba Greene

A very educational and emotional experience, if you haven't visited you need to.

Gary Payne

Everyone should go check out the artifacts you can learn a lot there,great place to take kids to learn

Allen Mcpherson

This trip is well worth it the information you gain and the people you see and learn about really helps us remember who we are and we bigger then what's going on

Tonia Richmond

I love seeing my History

Sirena Bazile

Great place! More work needed in the customer service area. Great information and exhibits, just a tight place. I look forward to the expansion!

China Doll

I loved the statues and the way they have it set up

Chara The Designer

I love this museum. It's a great place to go. It would be even better if there were restaurants and/or other attractions close by to see and do. It would be nice to keep people in the area and make it an all day thing. It's kinda poor city planning as with a lot of other attractions in Baltimore. If there was more around to do and see there would definitely be way more traffic to the museum. Also... Prices could/ would hopefully be lower for entry.

Tia Seel

The wax figures are well done . The setup is great . I just wish it was a bigger facility in order to fit more wax figures. I brought my pre- teenaged children with Me. And it brought them to tears. They had many thoughtful questions to ask me, once we left .

Barbara Mcknight

Excellent place for black history

lashe hogan

People love to judge a black establishment but never donate funds to keep places such as this current it’s wonderful go visit!

Aziza E

Really cool museum but it was an emotional rollercoaster ride. I definitely recommend that you check it out.

Doreen macklin

They should be ashamed of how they present us to the world! Customer service? You don't greet your guests with your bed scarf tied around your head. So dusty that i couldn't finish the tour. Set my allergies in a fit! You need to do better! Figures were amazing... just disty!

Kesha Archer

Very good and educated experience.

kenneth white jr

Great place full of African American heritage and history...

Alana Nurse

It's a wonderful experience took my son .

Lisa Neal

This is a hidden treasure for knowledge about African American history. Be prepared for graphic illustrations, and original artifacts from slave trade. There are also uplifting aspects where you can learn about what has been achieved through adversity.

KK Dollie Dairies

Great visuals of black history in the U.S. and Africa. One of my top ten museums

Mrs. O'Neal

Awesome place can’t wait for the expansion

R Wiggins

Dr. Martin & her staff of docents does a great Job in explaining the wax figures & their stories.

Nicholas Bellamy

Great experience took 41 high school students and 9 chaperones from Cali. Staff was late but they accommodate our large group last minute and were very friendly. The museum needs some updating but it is very powerful.

Madridy Tammy

Amazing place to visit, wished they would teach more of history in schools.

Kneeceekey Kneecee

Very good placw to visit

Ash Lee

Had such a great educational time

Miesha Collins

This was an awesome experience for our youth!!!!!!! The information was very informative and they now appreciate how good they have it!!!!!!!

Keena Minifield

This place is amazing! There were a couple figures and descriptions missing but nonetheless, the tour guide was knowledgeable and the museum itself has history! My dad took me here when I was little and I took my kids two weeks ago, the same figures are there and that's amazing to me! I do feel they need some funds to help preserve and update the museum.

Andrew Apperson

An incredible visit that every visitor to Baltimore should make part of their trip.

Mike&Leita Cotton

Recommended everyone visit this place if your in the Baltimore area. Black and or white needs to see this.

It is so beautiful .Andrew Pernia Pernia

I have been there 2 weeks ago and I really love this so much and have a lot of interesting things to see what people did in the past. My girlfriend Angela also went along with me and she really love this as well and it is really awesome and beautiful . Nice people to help us out with many things to discover the history from what happened in the past .

Rose-Lajuan Clark

Intimate tour, a great introduction for some. Donations would definately be appreciated I'm sure. Need support it appears.

Marcel Anderson

learned a great deal, but man walking through some of the exhibits made my skin crawl. out past is so terrifying and creepy af. its a needed experience, but one I wish we didnt have to take in order to know the truth about out history

Marilyn Rutledge

I don't want to be negative, but it was in no way what I expected. The website is very misleading. "museum" is in very shabby condition and unclean the stairways very dark and unsafe. It was like, I have your money now so what. The staff upfront was just there. I was disappointed. I would not recommend a visit. Needs updating and to be handicap assessible.

leesha roberts

Great place of knowledge.a must see if you are a first time visitor to DC.

Steve Young

A trip every person should go to. Black history is American history

Morena tunky

Still looks the same. We're all should be donating to keep this going. I was here over 20 years ago and it was important the children saw it also. Great experience.... I won't share all the photos... you need to see it physically! It's a must

Nikki R

I haven't been since I was a kid. I was a bit disappointed. The information they provide is great, but the displays are not in as good condition. I saw many of the figures wit her broken fingers, fallen in their displays, and the audio for the slave ship wasn't working.


There is a lot of very good information there. Very educational.

Stephanie Warren

Spirit filled, never before seen, simply awesome depiction of African Life and History!

Brittany Fleming

The museum was better than I expected. We took students to the museum for a field trip. The tour guide was great. The students learned a lot and they were very engaged.

Sarah Jones

Bathrooms were filthy and card service was down. Very low budget I wish they were better kept and more professional. Was also cery warm for a wax museum

Tahishia Clinkscale

The history is rich and informed

Mia Millers

The National Great Blacks In Wax Museum was so fun honestly. This place has so many spots for pictures.

Ray Ray

It was very informative. I had a great time.

Kelo Josh

Very historical and educational

Harry Spruill

Great information and use of space!

Charlie Ellis

The National Great Blacks In Wax Museum is a great experience. It is very informative in depicting black history and culture. I would have gave it five stars if it wasn't for the building and some of the information needed to be updated. Other than that a great experience.

Donald Ewing

The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because the wax figures were kind of lacking in the realism I was hoping for but I learned things about my people and our continuing struggle that made this place fantastic. It's s must see.

khaleemah mays

It was an awesum yet heart felt experience...Very Educational, could use some upgrades...would definitely go agn!

Trinity Davis

It was very emotional for me especially being a black woman. I wouldnt suggest taking children here... But they must know how our past was shaped. Very informative and realistic


Hard pill to swallow... but very educational

Claire Conger

A very interesting place. Convenient to get to. Good displays. It could use some updates and a sprucing up. They should try to do serious fundraising to bring the place up to date

Claudette Roachford

This is truly an amazing place that stirs all kinds of emotions. One had to be really confident to remain grounded. All in all an educational experience

Tam M.

This museum needs TLC and funding. The majority of the talking stations didn't work and some of the exhibits needed work. It was very disappointing and looked abandon. If I had additional funding I would definitely donate to this cause.

Ms. B

Great messages to the cultured community! However, it couldn't hurt to update the appearance and maybe add more "interaction points" (push a button to start narratives and lighting effects). Takes the stress off of kids not wanting to read, but still take home a message!

Ogechukwu Williams

This place is awesome. Very educational, informational, and evocative. Every black person in America ought to visit this place, and anybody interested in genuine history ought to visit too. It showcases the two sides of black history in America...the sad and the triumphant. It celebrates the achievements of many black people and even has some wax figures dedicated to Africa's exceptional leaders. Those wax figures are real enough that you'd think they were real people at every turn. The museum also covers America's unfortunate histories -lynching and Slavery. You think you know a thing or two about the History of slavery and yet a visit to the slaveship leaves one stunned! As for the lynching section, I just didn't have the stomach for it but I still visited. I was glad to see parents and their kids walk through the museum, and listened curiously to the kids' questions about the historical characters that they encountered. "Know thyself" is well said.

Sister Soldier

A beautiful local place to learn about the history of African Americans.


I visited Baltimore recently and it's always inspiring to take in a museum. The cost is very reasonable and there are quite a few exhibits to see. Lots of reading on small signs however which I think could be distracting for kids and difficult for the elderly or sight impaired. A few figures were damaged as well. I did learn a lot throughout my visit. They are advertising for contributions with the hope of expanding and refurbishing. With any luck I hope they are successful in their efforts. It's worth a visit for a great cause.

B Lewis

It was a great visit that young man that we had as a tour guide was very knowledgeable and spoke with passion. I can only hope the rest of the staff are as passionate about it as he is. The lady that seemed to be in charge that day should work on her people skills.

Wender Headley

Okay this is an interesting place to visit however they need to do some work to the place. Also the staff was none existence when we were leaving people was coming in and there were no one to collect the entrance fee. Poor. There were no one inside to even ask questions. Could do much better.

Kyia Mcm

This place was and eye opener a definitely must visit we had a great experience take your time and read everything to understand the history

Alan Lilly

A great place to take young children as well as older children to inform them of how things were at one time in the past as well as how much things have changed, currently.

Connie Green

Had the pleasure of going on a discounted day and given the honor of meeting Co-founder Dr. Morgan. This place is a critical piece of African/African American history. It's an enlightening timepiece that spans "5,000 years through history". There are wax statues dating back to ancient Ethiopia and Egypt along with sections depicting the horrific experience of the trans Atlantic slave trade through the American experience.While choices of wax statue figures can be debated, there's no doubt that this place has done an incredible job. For my children, it was great to see the varied culture experience in America that depicted positive and difficult truths. I would recommend this place a must do for any tourist or visitor.

naomi mom

A great experience. I will be returning for as long as I am physically able. Great lessons of our history and excellent displays.

Cherished Vessels

It's located in a part of Baltimore that may be less than desirable for some, but this museum is a must go to for those interested in the African Diaspora and the history of their descendants in America. It's truly a one of a kind place with some of the most disturbing images that I've found on the subject. The museum is small (we were able to get through it in 2-3 hours) and can use a bit of updating as some of the exhibits are showing wear & tear. They do not have an eating or dining area & the gift shop was closed on the day we visited. The only bathrooms are located at the exit/entrance & they look like elementary school restrooms, but they were clean. Overall, a great day trip! I'll never miss a chance to enjoy this museum & hope that they can remain open & continue expanding their exhibits.

Mz. Bailey

I just love this museum and the founder Dr. J. Martin. I've visited this place several times throughout the years learning something new every time concerning our history.

Sheila Bryant

Wow. so much African American history..

Kay Jay

This place has been the same since I was a kid but I still really enjoyed it.

Sandra Evans

Very impressive Museum.The owner and employes are very knowledgeable.

wesley strickland

Wheres the great whites of wax museum. O my bad that would be racist

Mwalimu Priestly

Very interesting place. I felt a connection to this museum years before i even decide to visit.

J S Eggleston

Informative, but worn. You are on your own here. Rough neighborhood.

Charles Hoyle,Sr

Very good place to have visited.Lots of history to see here.

Sunshine Wright

Looking life like exhibits with overwhelming information they are very informative

Daryl Nitz

Very small museum. Interesting and thought-provoking. Sparsely-run.

Wayne Myers

A great display of black history with very vivid details of our cruel and unjust treatment. And also a very brilliant display of our best achievement and discoveries however some of our achievements, the patents have been stolen by the less intelligent people, "!!!

Felicia Jenkins

Very impressed by the wax exhibits, especially Barack and Fredrick Douglas...

Bay Blake

My family and I came here to share the experience with my daughter of how her ancestors coped with life and what we had to endure. Some of the exhibits are falling apart and they desperately need to be maintained. Outside of that, we still enjoyed our time there and it's just as I remember when I was in school 20+ years ago.

Ryan Mastrangelo

Well worth a visit. Unique collection, where the passion of the owners is evident throughout. The museum itself is a work of art, and the huge number of wax figures covering a wide range of topics. The exposition of the slave experience in colonial America pulls no punches and is better for it.

Eric Ducksworth

Excellent experience..

Andrae Taggart

Love the place! So much history in the building does really open your eyes. Makes you want to be a better person and help others also.But building does need a remodeling job soon. Maybe we can all donate when we leave at the box so they can fix it up. Thank you guys for the history. We will be back!

Joyce Hammer

Amazing museum. A must to fully understand the history of AA

melony Holmes

I really enjoyed the museum, but I also feel it should be restored inside. The history was truly a wow, and awesome experience

New song M

I took my daughter here a few years ago and every time we visit Baltimore, she asks to go back. This museum shines light on the true past of our country as well as the current conditions. It’s so important that our youth today come here to be compelled to be apart of the change and a positive future that is in their hands.

Minchington Israel

What a great educational tool to learn about Black history from the beginning of time through the slave trade and the civil rights era to the very present. There is scope for improvements and maintenance so let's hope benefactors will step forward to help out.

Everett J. Smith

A must see I'd you visit Baltimore

Baraka Porscha

My family and I really appreciate the experience we encountered at this here museum. We got a chance to see firsthand what our ancestors went through. Mr. Eric Cherry staff member was also very helpful and kind.

Shana Thompson

A Historic Experience. Though the place is small and dated it is more than worth a visit. I went with my 9yr old son and 12yr old neice and it was a moving experience for us all. Some of the exhibits even brought tears to my eyes, like the lynching exhibit that both the children chose to see. You would probably spend an hour to 2 hours if you read everything.

Lisa Dent

I've been to this museum twice and both visits were profound. Very educational... parts of US history that many want to forget but should never be forgotten. This visit began with a guide that spoke about the initial exhibits. He was awesome in his explanations. We were then ushered into a replica of a slave ship where me met one of the founders who gave details on this part of the museum. She was great and provided a feel for what it was like to be kidnapped and enslaved in this way... after that we were left to roam and read for ourselves. Most of the exhibits were well captioned. My issues were the crampness of the museum and the low budget feel... other than that it was very educational and interesting to see so many familiar faces in Wax.

brenda russell

Original info on black experience. Guides to answer questions. Adult prices normally $15. Easily reached off of Caroline st

Obdulio Oden

Awesome! Learn your history folks!

Mr ICanTakeAPunch

This is everything I wanted to learn about in regards to African Americans who contributed to America's success and history


It is incredibly informative and heartbreaking at the same time. Our history should never be forgotten. Sadly our young people are not interested in our beginning. The struggle was and is hard upon our race and we cannot just dismiss it. The fight must continue, our culture must be reignited and never be forgotten. A different note: the place can use some sprucing up, the cashier can use some enthusiasm, price not bad . The experience was rewarding.

Kyle Davis

Overall this museum provided much more than I expected (in a good way). It’s not just wax figures but lots of little known history packed in to a small space. The wax figures definitely makes all of it come to life though. I will say this - probably not a good place for young children, because some of the history told here is very graphic and disturbing, and they don’t make an effort to sugarcoat anything for G-rated audiences. Anyway I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because the dust / allergens upstairs was so bad I started coughing uncontrollably. So I left. Other than that, awesome experience - but also very sobering.

Mary M

Historical figures of prominent blacks. It takes one back in history. It is a graphic view of dress, styles, culture and era of different time periods. It is a breath taking experience. It is a must see.

Leonard Johnson

A must visit. Very educational

michael m

You got to go. Good Exhibit

Patricia Branch

Excellent!! Everyone should visit and please make a donation as the work here is exceptional! It would be great if they would expand.

Elisa Kranwinkel

Learned alot good exhibit. It was my first time there we had to stand outside 1 1/2 hours to get in and staff were not the friendliest but once inside we were able to focus on all the exhibits . Glad we were able to take pictures and reflect on things alittle better from the past so heartning

Tarika Gray

The museum itself needs work as its outside appearance doesn't do the history within its walls any justice. It is however a place all African Americans should come to visit, the young and the old. Truly people from all walks of life should make it a point to visit this museum. The history and the message that lives within these walls are profound. There is one exhibit that says...."Now we lynch ourselves!" Introduced by a sign that says..Blvd of Broken Dreams. This speaks volumes!!! Black lives do matter!! So if this is as true as the words itself, we need to love one another and stop killing ourselves and each other. This exhibit is powerful and worth seeing! The tribute to President Barack Obama is beautiful. This museum holds alot of great knowledge about our history. Inventions by black people that you may not even have about. It's worth a visit!

Jennifer Anderson

Beautiful Museum!! Great history lesson!!

Carol Callanan-Uhl

It pulls a variety of aspects of the African American experience under the light of words and three dimensional representations in a self determined museum experience environment. A good stop for people who can understand and read US English. The museum relies on donations and is not OVERLY commercial. For this reason it is a bit high dollar "Disney" or Smithsonian experience, but a must see for those unexposed to the sad details of slavery, or as a way to introduce your kids to the topic. I recommend parents be prepared to witness the shameful past, and also guide the kids to see the positivity in the message.

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