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REVIEWS OF The Capital Wheel IN Maryland

Mona McGraw

It was awesome. We could see DC light up at night and had great views of the harbor. Only wish there was a bathroom close by. Highly recommend doing this.

L.A. Brown

Super crowded but was a good outing for the little ones

Wendy W

We always enjoy going to the National Harbor. Besides The Wheel, there are other fun things to do and see - sometimes for free. What’s wrong with just playing in the sand and climbing the Giant’s arm (or watching the kids having fun)?

Sheleeza Deen

Excellent air conditioning gondolas. Highly recommend to go around the sunset. It's a spectacular view. But don't go late it's completely dark. We have visited a few times in recent years.


Lots of fun, clean and air conditioned! Spectacular views. Only missing a star for lack of information about what you can see from the wheel. Otherwise great.

Dwayne Cole

Such a peaceful the heart of such a busy city no doubt. Loved the view and stillness.

William Bundy

It was a great place for a family event. If your travels take you to National Harbor and you have some additional time, this is a nice add to the trip. The ferris wheel is ~180 ft tall and provides a good view of the national harbor, the airport, Alexandria, and a few other locales. The sightline to DC is not as good as one might like.

Kenney Holmes

Me and my daughter have done this twicem

Tony Stevens

Great place, great views and the environment is breath taking. I look my wife for valentines and she was so happy to see this place. lots of restaurants and shops too.

Sanya Oluwadare

Lovely place to catch some fun for lovers of outdoor leisure. There's ample space for both adults and children to move around. It is a very popular place and can be easily sighted whilst driving by. It is kid-friendly. There's ample provision for several cars to park at the designated parking lot which is free.

Doren Gendron

Excellent view. Great place to take little ones.

Ovidiu Bota

A unique elevating experience in the DC area. Not crowded and family friendly entertaining. Smooth ride.

rakesh g

Gr8 atmosphere .. beautiful sunset and awesome food

Kevin Strong

Great experience! The staff was friendly and helpful. Good family experience and great views.

Matt Wills

Cool attraction to see while in DC. It was gorgeous to look at during the nighttime, and made for a great nightlight outside my hotel window.


Yes, it's pricey (it's the DMV area so that's expected) but, it's worth it at least once. It's not a fast ride (actually thought it was gonna be done when it went around again) and of course, wonderful views. I took a 6 year old on it and it was the highlight of the day for her. Well, that and Dippin Dots :)

Marga Matheny

Long wait and expensive but worth it for the quiet ride and easy time. Best not on as holiday weekend.

Jinesh Dhruva

It takes about 4 rounds per ticket. Is open from 12 pm too 10 pm and igoces good view of national harbor

Nytia Jardine

Very romantic and the scenery is exquisite. Awesome restaurants near by. Short walking distance

Shiloh Morse

Wonder wheel. Great views and a smooth ride. Lines have been short, ac I booths works even on hot days.

Jennifer Holden

It was fun with lots of wonderful views both in the daytime and at night.

Cheryl C. 1969

It was so nice that we did it twice! The second time in the VIP car, the regular car ride price is pretty reasonable $15 per adult rider VIP cost more & the cost is worth the ride. The employees are so pleasant, polite and engaging as they ask if you have questions before riding for those nervous riders & wave as riders circle around. The view is beautiful at night as the colored lights from the wheel reflect on the boats. I highly recommend riding the Capital Wheel then having a few drinks at the outdoor covered bar afterward the bar staff are a lively fun bunch and the bartender suggested Sangria is excellent.


Ride during the day because it was hard to see the sights from three sides of the gondola due to tinted windows. The view from the one side you can see out of was nice, the marina below and some of the buildings in the National Harbor. Many eateries and shopping in the area. Oh, and there is a Casino right down the road. Price: $26.00 for 1 adult and 1 child about 15 minutes .

TheMic Geinus

Are you on a date, family vacation, spring break or whatever time you got to spare with at least someone, then I recommend this place. You welcome

Chris Vergin

It can be kinda expensive but it is worth it, lots of fun, my girlfriend loved it too, we did the date night package and it was nice bringing two drinks on board and keeping the alcoholic sippy cups.

Dorothy F

Good service, time and view. Price is high. They used to have a half priced day in previous years, perhaps they will start up again. They do have a small military discount.

Ms Peters

Tickets were $15 per person. No cash accepted at the booth. Wait in line to purchase tickets and the line to board the wheel was not more than 30-45mins total. The wheel ride was about 10mins or so, I was busy enjoying the ride, did not time the actual length. Clean pod, private party per pod, a good experience

Joe Dancho

Very cool experience. Great sites from up top. The wait was less than 30momoutes and the ride lasts for a little over 15 minutes. Cool to try once.

Bernadette Biggs

Great view of the harbor. Worth the cost.

John Mahaney

There is something about a ferris wheel that I will always enjoy.

Khary Alexander

Pretty cool ride and great views of the Harbour and across the bay into Washington.

Andrew Pepper

It was very beautiful. The staff were very nice, and it was very clean. Great experience.

Laura Kaminer

It’s clean and has a decent view but was a little underwhelming

Cici Shannon

2 for $23 on Groupon was a fair deal. The views are good and the lights are beautiful at night. Good addition to date night. Waiting outside in the cold got old pretty quick but the wait was only about 15 minutes.

White Chocolate

A wonderful place for the family with lots of activities. There are a variety of eateries, a gondola ferris wheel and life size statues. There is also a sandpit for the kids when you need a break from walking.

noizebatch nine

- nice view - cool colors - a bit pricey but worth it - cool to see and ride for all ages - I would recommend riding it once for sure

Sabra Luke

Nice place to chill and catch the sunset and food

Mariana QP

Great experience to have a wonderful view from the city. So attractive for kids and adults. The staff is super friendly and organized. Tickets are $15 adults and $12 kids

James Chacon

We stopped in and opted for the VIP package. What a great time! The views of the harbor were really nice and so were the staff. Definitely a go-to for when you want to treat a guest and show them a good time at the harbor.

Maureen Iredell

Air conditioned and comfortable, the wheel gives good views of DC

Anieta Lalwani

Right in the heart of the capital, this is one vibrant harbor. Flanked by serene waters of the Potomac, the capital wheel gives you a splendid view of the majestic skyline of Washington DC. The area around is intricately done depicting the naval force with a dash of modern day architecture. Do not miss while you are visiting the capital city.

Rosie G

Great view. Friendly staff. Well organized loading and unloading process. The car was clean, music was good. While I was there some lucky couple used the wheel to their baby gender reveal. That was pretty cool. If you are staying at a hotel nearby check with the hotel for a discounted ride coupon.

Denise Vajdak

This was a fun ride and we got a good view of the harbor right before sunset. I didn't see the mesh stuff that other people have mentioned, just a medium tint. The AC was nice on such a muggy day. The only thing that made it hard to take pictures was that we went right after a rain and the cars hadn't completely dried off yet. Friendly staff. Decent price.

Regina Kunschman

Hi! Just went on the wheel 2 days ago! If there was some kind of mesh on the windows it is gone now! You are sitting down but feel like you are suspended in air because the windows go all the way to the floor!!! EXCELLENT picture taking but, honestly, there's a view of the Washington Monument waaaaaay in the distance... Not too much else... Maybe if you face the land and it is dark the buildings that make up National Harbor might be lit up. I don't know because we were there during the day... But my 14 year old nephew and 8 year old niece had fun on it...

Josh Wilson

We had a great time visiting the National harbor. The wheel was great. Only thing I would change would be the music in the little compartments. They need volume controls inside. Just a thought. Other than that, we had a wonderful time. The employees were very nice and courteous. Thank you for the memories!

Ralph McLean

Fun. Not good if you dislike heights. A bit on the expensive side, but it was worth it.


A fun time for an evening in town. I suggest doing to the B&J truck on the way out

Olga Chatfield

Cool, but pricey.

Aari Evert

Clean and air conditioned. Kids loved it during the day, wish we could have done it at night when National Harbor is lit up.

A Riley

My first time visiting and I loved it! My family and I will visit everytime we will be in the area.

Kuixi He

As a Ferris Wheel, its good. But this ferris wheel should not exist. There is nothing to see (not even lights within Alexandria). The crew was great, but over all, save your money. Not worth it. It was a fun experience if you are just visiting and want to ride one. Perhaps its better to ride it during the day.

FrenTres McGhee

Awesome view during the day! My family and I loved it. Very short ride for the price, so don't get your hopes up.

Dina Simmons-Williams

The wheel it self is exciting, but the extra......which is probably overlooked by most. One of the best places on the harbor to just sit back and relax. Great view of the sunset, and when it's cold, enjoy sitting by the firepits.

James N

Looks wonderful from the ground..... but once inside the cars, the vinyl sticker wrapping around the windows makes taking photos of the river or of the DC Skyline in the distance impossible. I thought going on the wheel was a good idea but it's absolutely terrible and I wish I gotten a refund. Would not recommend.

Yader Delgado

Really nice harbor so called national harbor or front water , clean and good environment, you get 5 spin for 15 bucks on the feris wheel so called capitalwheel and you can enjoy panoramic views of the Potomac river from it...better panoramic if you ride the wheel at night

Tracie Cannon

Very nice. Has option to purchase photo in a paper frame. Good view

Greg D.C.

Wonderful ride with my lady had a great time

Dorothee Oberdhan

Nice views from the top but pricey

person, just person

It was nice, just wished it'll go around a few more times.

Betty Underson

Very nice experience at the National Harbor. I used to see the wheel from far but had an experience riding on and its an amazing feeling. The views are spectacular, lots and lot of restaurants and beautifiul shops in the area.

Chin Chiu

You get to ride on the observation wheel for around 5 rounds. So, a pretty long wait for 1/2 ride. Beware of the spiders!

James Conklin

Good views of National Harbor. I thought we’d see more of DC but it was partially obscured. We did it at night during Christmas which was pretty. I suspect the water views are pretty in daylight.

Raja Bandi

Awesome, make sure to get on it before it gets dark. $15 per ticket, 5 rounds for 15 minutes.


I enjoyed the ride and the view.

Sue Lyddon-Hayes

Nice trip with my mother in law and the photo turned out great!


I generally do not have anything to do with a ferris wheel but I decided to let my cousin talk me into getting on. It was fun and scary not that people should not go I am just not a ferris wheel person but we had a good time down at the pier. On the ferris wheel we laughed and laughed and laughed. We had a really good time. I would recommend this place.

John Schreiber

Good view of the city and it is Air Conditioned.

Юлия Казначейская

The view is amazing! Around this wheel you will find couple restaurants and places for pictures!

Stan York

42 cars! The line moved fairly quickly.

Aneesa Hosein

A nice Sunday afternoon mini getaway kinda place

Dr.KC Crusoe

This place was amazing!! The wheel was fairly timed and the logistics were very nice! (Photo taken on iPhone XS Max)

Vatsal Thakkar

Very beautiful place, has open theater and lot of bars and restaurants around... kids play area and beech like feeling.. MUST visit place .. parking is a little challe ge however you can park around for 20$ for 24 hours .. or find street parking if just for few hours.... loved the place.. wear snickers and take a walk to US Airplane .. beautiful scenic walk

Cody McMurray

Went to get a drink at the Capital Wheel bar called flight deck. Passed by signs saying they were open. Got all the way to the bar for a manager to rope off the bar and say they weren’t open. Upon mentioning the sign saying they were open, the manager just smirked and said nothing. I will never be back. Poor customer service and even worse attitudes of the manager here.

Laura Collins

Such an amazing experience! The Capital Wheel has ac and radio music playing. The ride last approximately 15 minutes(5 times around). The view is awesome! We ate at one of the restaurants nearby. Wonderful evening.

Antuanae Campbell

My friends and I had a lovely time on The Capitol Wheel. The views from the top are gorgeous. The ride was smooth and there is a/c inside each car.

Jordon Rustad

Very cool, go check it out

Paul Knarr

Great view of the harbor area. Open everyday till midnight.

Charles Bradley

What an experience we had at the national harbor. Finally decided to do see the wheel, cruise in the Potomac and the experience was magical. No need to wait if you haven't been to the national harbor, you're probably missing out...

pelumi olaleye

Great place for kids and family to work around. There are hotels and halls available for huge parties to be held there as well. Great location for everything and anything especially food.


A bit pricey, but fun for a 4 year old. AC in each compartment is nice on a hot day.

Susana D.

Love this ride and location. The ride is well organized, nice air conditioned cabins, big and clean. The view is amazing, you keep discovering places or land marks, the river, the boats, the restaurants, the sparkling piers, the art...just from the air the fun is excited and after your mind is reset! You will feel happy as a child. Enjoy!

Jimmy V

Cool ride. Amazing view. Line goes by quick.

Comedian Maria Sanchez

I was on a crusie with Damien Ministries performing comedy. The wheel was too expensive almost 15 dollars. I declined!

Tyler Zwolenik

Didn't ride it because it was overpriced. I'm sure it'd be cool being all high up there and all. But the main attraction should be the ducks around there. Adorable, funny, cute. Fun for the whole family. They'll come over to you and you can sometimes hold them! Sometimes they get angry about that though. If you want to test it's temper make sure you poke it first! RIP Steve Irwin

Michele Emmanuel

I had a great time on The Capital Wheel! Despite the gray skies it was still a wonderful view. I hope to be able to visit again during a sunnier day!

Unique Monique

I always have an amazing time hen I come here with my friend, we didn't ride the wheel just sat had drinks and watched the sun set... Well be back at the National Harbor

Lucy Lopez

Positive Point- You get to go around about 5x, ~10-12min ride. But it's just Okay, because it's quite expensive for the minimal view you get. $15/adults. I went at sunset so it was great but the windows have sun protection film so you have to squeeze a pic through a small emergency hatch window & There is NOT a view of DC or monuments.

Bambino The Great

Awesome place to just chill back and check out the sunset! The views are spectacular! And you absolutely must go during the Christmas season!!


Fantastic experience. Highly recommend checking this out during the sunset.

Gail Johnson

The staff were all very friendly and helpful. The ride itself was quite nice, nice views and you went around multiple times. The cars seemed relatively new and the one I was in was clean and in good repair. They took a picture of you as you …

Steve Wilks

Had a blast at sunset. You go around about 5 times and have some good views. Really not a bad deal for $15.

Twinkle Mehra

Best feeling ever. Affordable and the view is to die for ♥️

Philip Plunkett

Great views of the DC area. Seats are air-conditioned and heated.

Michael Atwell

Good view. Could have been a longer ride.

Passant Ahmed

Very nice.. Makes u happy. Must try. People there are very nice. Smiling and chatting to people in the waiting line.

Julie Mills

Lots of fun! Very nice place to visit. Very clean area.

Lorenzo Martinez

The wheel is pretty huge. The pods on the wheel have this mesh stuff on the windows that makes it hard to take good pictures. But wow, that view is still stunning. I recommend going at sunset. Also, it's not so bad, since there are two small windows on either side of the pod without any mesh covering. It's much better to take pictures through those. The sun sets in the perfect spot to be able to use those small windows for good pictures.

Wolf Wud

Definitely a great place to take a date!! Go later in the day to catch the sunset, absolutely beautiful!

marilyn newcomb

Less than an hour there! Took video with my (offline) video camera, though! And this is John!

Karen McMillian

Be on the lookout for spiders. Other than that it's a nice ride

Anil Kapu

Bugs, cob web, heavy smell like vomit, no cleanup. I would give -5 stars, if possible. Charges $15 per adult, but not clean at all. Avoid.

Avalamanda Satish

Nice place to spend a day. Great events every evening during summer.

YourLandAndCruiseExperts Travel

Great views. I stayed in National Harbor for a weekend in late November so we could go to the Ice show at the Gaylord. While we were there, we went over to the Capital Wheel for the night time views. Really beautiful - especially with the Christmas lights everywhere. My kids liked it so much that we went back during the day for the daylight views of our nation's capital. Lots of stores, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment within walking distance. If you're in town for a show at the MGM, add this on to your visit!

Esteban Rodriguez

Excellent views of the National Harbor and good place for relaxing a few minutes with the friends and family

Troodon Rex

The view of the Potomac river is beautiful and when you reach the top it's amazing that you could see the entire National Harbor. Amazing and if you go in the evening time the view is breathtaking. I recommend this site for tourist and locals alike. The National Harbor has some wonderful attractions and this is one of them.

Phylicia J.

Absolutely magical and what a view. The line went quickly and the experience was amazing

Shannon Arnold

Nice wheel, as those things go but a bit of a misnomer. I would expect views of the Capital based on the name. The only thing in DC visible from the wheel is the Washington Monument in the far off distance.

Garner Overton

The Capital Wheel was a fun experience. However, the prices are a bit steep at $15 a person. We got to go around the wheel 3 or 4 times, and the views were very pretty. You can't take great pictures of the water though because the windows are tinted. 8 people to a cart.

John Tran

Went around like 10 times. Good for your money. Great view from the top.

stephen andersen

Wonderful time at such a great area. Concert was outstanding, Bond 45 a great restaurant, Capital Wheel was spectacular and drinks at the Pilot Deck ended a perfect evening. A gem on the Potomac.

Edna Frimpong

There's a lot to do at the harbor in general but the Capital Wheel can be an awesome experience. If you're not afraid of heights, go right before sunset or after it gets dark. It has amazing views and can be pretty romantic as well.

Sydney Herron

My mom and I rode the Capitol Eye last night. It showcased beautiful views of the resorts and waterfront in the area. We were able to go around six times.

Chase Matthews

Cool wheel. Enclosed seating. They have a $50 room for the 15 minute you'll be on the wheel with lights and a bluetooth speaker if you feel you need to makeup for looks on a date.

Dr. Akbar Zubairi

Great view from the wheel. Nice ride.

Tonya Bishop

Very nice place. Very beautiful. Family or date day or night acceptable

Aranzazu Aleman

It's not bad, but the cabin smell really bad also it feels very dirty. $15 for about 10 minutes ride. It's a nice thing to do only once in your life .

Stephen Puckett

Great attraction! You can clearly see the National Cathedral and the monument. Comfortable gondolas. Seems very safe. I was skeptical but it was worth the price. I believe you get at least 5 full trips.

Alex Nguyen

The view was okay. The ride was about 10 to 15 minutes, a good time. Has flashy lights

Michelle Mason

It was fine, I'm very chlosterphobia, but it was comfortable to my liking, a wonderful experience

Dee Davis

The ride was cool just so many spiders on the inside and outside

Mazarati Yung

Recommend you go if you never been

Dorian Frost

I have been to the capital wheel before. Its was plesent until we got into the gondola's. They had placed mesh screen on all the windows. This screen messes with your eyes and causes you to get sick! Who's idea was it to do this. This screen also messes with you looking out onto the bueatiful views of the city. It totally ruines the experience. I have taken pictures of what my view looks like. Please guys remove this!


Unfortunately the quality has gone down. It never quite felt like a full ride, just a bunch of starts and stops, then maybe two rotations and the ride was over! And they were having issues with the souvenir photographs...I had out of town guests so personally it was a disappointment from just a few years ago from my first ride...that was awesome!

Michael Hastings

Great place to take the Grandkids.

Mike Wann

Air conditioning with view and music. Relaxing

Alishia Zimmerman

Lots of fun. Had a wonderful evening with my children!

Anton Čiháček

Very nice view on the city, especially during the night. One ride takes about 15 minutes.

Scorpion Immortal

Beautiful. Good for anytime of the day!

Kevin Chronister

Great view, for a family of 5 though SUPER EXPENSIVE, the one in Vegas is 1/2 the cost and a better view IMO.

Ben Large

Good to see the sights but I felt it went around a few more times than needed

Dee S

We actually didn't get on the wheel but the view was great. Quite a few places to sit and it was a Friday evening so they had a DJ out playing music on the pavilion. It's a great location to enjoy the sights.

Gina Kretz

I'm sure this wheel would be pretty awesome...if it weren't decorated with decals covering the entire pod (minus the doors) for the World Cup. We couldn't see anything out the windows on three sides of the pod (including D.C.) because of these screens. Definitely a waste of $ today.

Curtrice Dorsey

Nice ferris wheel but not a good view of anything.

Lindsay Wiseman

Great views and a fun activity. Plus its air conditioned!

Jerrold Parsons

VIP experience was great. Elexia, Voss Water, glass floor, and comfortable leather seats

Megan Kalocinski

Very fun experience (it goes around many times, so you get your money's worth) with a great view and very comfortable cars. I like that they offer drinks as well. Would love to do it again.

Adam N.

A good time. It’s $15, which is reasonable, but can become a burden with a big family. Nice views. Friendly staff.

xiao liu

This place is perfect for you to come up with good things to celebrate here because you will feel very happy when you quietly see the night city at your feet! Because you think that you are a wonderful member of these lights.

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