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409 Cathedral St, Baltimore, MD 21201, United States

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Where is The Baltimore Basilica?

REVIEWS OF The Baltimore Basilica IN Maryland

Tammie Hayes

The most beautiful church I've ever seen in my whole entire life

Kathleen Mcinerney

Beautiful Church, worth a trip to see all the art and sculptures.

William York

Beautiful and historic. Great tour.

Tere E

Took the free tour at 11am on a Wednesday. The tour was interesting and the docent was well informed and enthusiastic. The Basilica is beautiful, so much to see and appreciate.

Dee BK

Rick Behun

Try and catch an official tour: fascinating!

Glenn Falcao

Beautiful place of worship!

John Manuel Sampuang

its a quite and nice church

David Sexton

Beautiful basilica. Gorgeous singing at the 4:30 liturgy. Wish more parishes had a mass at that time. Also nice that father is in the confessional just before mass. Super inspiring homily - a tough but truthful call to perfection.

Frances Fischer

Its beautiful.

Joe Haupt

The Baltimore Basilica is a wonderful and historic cathedral located in downtown Baltimore. It was the first Roman Catholic cathedral built in the United States dating back to the 1820s. We took an extensive tour of the building following Mass on Sunday. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable in answering many questions from members of our tour group. Parking was very easy at a large parking ramp close to the building.

Eric Cataldi

Amazing place, the underground area is breathtaking.

MLowela Almasol

Proud to have visited the first cathedral of the US nation.


There's something to be said about the serenity in a church or other place of worship. Very much enjoyed having a moment of reflection. Beautiful in the main part of the church.

John H

Catholic church Beautiful

Vince Fava

Fantastic food

Bob Gallo

Very nice and informative. Don't have to be Catholic to enjoy this.


Wonderful place

Cathy Maltais

Beautiful church and the tour guide was a partially retired architect. He was so informative and pleasant. Take a food donation

anna reyes

Beautiful church inside.

Rod Hobbs

Jane gave us a great tour about this historic Baltimore Landmark. Not only does it represent the Catholic church, but also the state of Maryland.

Tod Bowen

Extraordinarily beautiful old church in downtown Baltimore. We were there for a beautiful and meaningful Christmas Eve Midnight Mass.

Merle Fenton

Quiet and empty

Panca Tattva Das

Great part of town to visit

Will McCladdie

Beautiful property

Lloyd Pierre

Amazing. I highly recommend you visit this basilica. There are guided tours that can be scheduled.

Ankita Ganguly Bhattacharya

A cathedral like none other. Highlights include the crypt and a tiny museum.

Taisha Brown

Nice place

Joe Pricer

Beautiful church, we have come a few times as we travel to Baltimore. Always a great experience.

Francis Lajeunesse

As a catholic and a brother Knight is truly a blessing the Baltimore Basilica

Kateri Smith

I've never been to a mass there but I did take a tour, the guide was wonderful and the Basilica was very well maintained along with the little parks and gardens around it. There is also a gift shop where I was able to find some of the more obscure saints medals.

Hh Ma

What amazing and beautiful place, the very first Cathedral if the United States. The architect was Benjamin Latrobe the same one who designed the Capitol in DC

Michał Winiarski

A must-see place in Baltimore. It's the America's first cathedral, a beautiful piece of architecture, a monument of history, and, most importantly a spiritual center of the city. Make sure to get a guided tour!

Sarah Harris

The most beautiful church! With helpful staff. Just gorgeous and I’ve been to a lot in France, Spain etc.

Anne Chambers

A beautifully renovated and meticulously maintained Catholic Basilica. The surprise lower level basement area contains a rich history, historical photos and a museum like timeline, beautiful artifacts and religious statues, and another Chapel. I love the statue areas on the main floor honoring Mary and Saint Michael. Everyone is invited to appreciate this living piece of history, whether Christian or not, local or out of town. There is also a convenient parking garage around the corner and a very nice little shop next door. Makes a great venue for wedding services.

Bill Fleming


Joyce the Trucker

Beautiful basilica-style cathedral. Wonderful place to worship our God!

Justo Juarez

Just stop to say thank God for everything I got and protect me all time When i am On my road trip.

scott morrison

An amazing place both in spirit and beauty!

Carol Todorich

Beautiful Basilica!

Miguel Barreto

Beautiful place!

Beverly Sukonik

Beautiful architecture and unique history

pay me no mind !!!


Darryl l Gibson. Sr

Beautiful place to see

James Jones

Beautiful and Peaceful House of God

Nicholas Petrillo

America's first and Cathedral! Impressive to think about the history that has been made here. A simple building - not what one would expect, but designed intentionally to blend in with the Protestant culture of the time. The Basilica was restored within the past decade to return it to its original design, doing away with its 'gothification.' A simplistic beauty. Stop in and pray, you won't be disappointed.

Joseph Speaks

Absolutely beautiful church and the staff has always been so welcoming and kind. I attend mass and receive confession here once in a while and I always leave feeling inspired and refreshed!

Angela Becker

Interesting Basilica. Make sure to check out the basement.

CkeyCkey Games

I really loved it

Kathryn ShawBey

Peaceful place to mediate

Vee Eh En

One thing I love about Baltimore is that there are so many great civic spaces and eccentric buildings from the "old, weird America." The basilica is one.

Nancy Bauer

Breathtakingly beautiful....and soul inspiring.

Joe Elizondo

It is a beautiful Church. Loved it.

Carlin Taylor

Beautiful, historic Basilica

James Freeman

Gorgeous Cathedral! The history behind it is quite interesting! The gift shop was quaint but held much more than I thought it would. Reasonable prices as well!

Cinder Punch

A beautiful building with a wealth of history. It's a cultural icon for the city of Baltimore, and offers a great location for Catholic worship, although it's surroundings may not be the safest.

Gokul Krishnamoorthy

Free to visit. Beautiful inside. First Catholic basilica in USA. The have tours at certain times of the day. The day I visited no one else was there, so tour didn't happen. I explored myself. Plenty of paid street parking was available. There are lot of tourist attractions near by like art museum, Washington monument etc.

Kassie Hampton-Boykin

It's a historical place of worship and the Blessed Mother welcomes one and all to lay their burdens down at the foot of the cross, her Son Jesus!

YellowPeep KingSheets

I'm not a Catholic but I love history and recommend everyone to visit. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and passionate. 95% of the architecture and furnishings are original! This is not an easy feat considering it's over 200 years old. The crypt is open to the public as well. The staff don't disturb you while wandering, you have the Basilica to yourself.

Kleber Loor

Great place a lot of history and make sure to go with the tour guide to learn interesting facts about the cathedral

Gary Long


christina ignatowski

Vary vary nice it. Look like a back then kinda place but its just varry vary good and oh my gid the food was amazing

Stephen Farias

Great historic church. Welcoming environment with a sacramental and community focus.

kelly roberts

Gorgeous architecture!

Lena Harrison

To know and physically see representation of my faith!

Angel Acuña

The most inspiration place for prayer I've ever visited in my life. You feel peace from the very moment you walk in.

Carmela Sofia

Beautiful Mass.

Adam Turner

Went there to try for a apartment no luck as of this moment.

Chris Trinidad

If you have the chance to visit this basilica, make sure you go downstairs and check it out.

Kelleigh Taylor


Christopher Keplinger

Absolutely beautiful architecture, murals, and relevance for the Eucharist. I have been to a number of shrines/basillicas and this one is worth taking the time to visit. We attended a Vigil Mass and it had all the elements of the High Mass.

William Bruan

Not the biggest, but certainly one of the prettiest cathedrals (especially due to the bright color scheme) in the US, with good service and plenty of history as America's first cathedral

Walid Nabhane

Very nice Catholic basilica with Greek revival style. The inside is simple and with pastel colors very soothing. The crypt is the highlight of the church. Very nice Brock arched crypt with a small museum. It is worth the detour to see.

Elizabeth Gall

Worth checking out for both tourists and locals, even just for the architecture and history. (There's a crypt in the basement!) Whether you're a believer or just have a passing interest in Catholic religious items, they have one of the largest collections of modern ecclesiastical art, too. Both exploring by yourself and guided tours are free.

Derwin Brown

You should take the tour the place is beautiful.

Paul Cosgrove


Kareem Moss jr

My Nanna and I like to visit the basilica , it's such a beautiful, spiritual Place when you get a chance, visit,it 's a close as you can get too God

James Green

Said a little prayer there

ItsMikeLa WRX

The place is a must see! Very nice gentleman greeted us with information about the place. Make sure you go and see the basement

Austin Beltrand

The oldest Basilica in America. Check-out the little-known crypts accessible using the staircase to the left of the entrance. In the crypts, red brick hallways supported by arches contain momentos from the history of the basilica, and there is an adoration room at the back. We went to the 8:30AM Sunday mass, which was disappointing because of its largely unintelligible and off-beat music, although the architecture was enough to save the experience.

Nicole Sing

The historic Basilica should be on EVERYONE'S itinerary! The acoustics are wonderful, the architectural details are so beautiful! It is an amazing place to hear a classical concert!!

Kim Thomas


Melinda Bednar

A Beautiful experience. A great place to see, check out the crypt.

Mary Beth Culross

Beautiful! Choir excellent at Mass

Martha Nelson

Wonderful historic Basilicata. Restful interior. Don't miss underground area. Chapel and historical burials. Beautiful to boot. But unfortunately guide repitious and not as well informed as one might Wish. Martha I

Sean Mulligan

Absolutely beautiful! A great place to go to mass. Make sure to visit the crypt.

Melissa Coblentz

My friend and I Had a lovely tour here. Learned much more about the history of Baltimore and this amazing structure from a very friendly guide. Would definitely recommend.

Pat Aleci

Very informative. Sacred place.

Brian McDermott

Awe inspiring

Jonathan Johnson

Nice place to go to mass if you're catholic

Melissa Williams

Historical church. It is beautiful.

Faith Ebersole

Very cool to walk through. We went downstairs and got to listen to people singing.

Laura Lupton

Beautiful. Peaceful.

Reuven Zecharia

Don't miss the Crypt and the basement chapel- its truly mystical!

My Self


Jamie Danielson

Beautiful and rich liturgy, the choir was A-mazing!

Phil Guercio


Rosalyn Jordan

I love the Basilics it is so beautiful Indeed.

duffy Laws

Beautiful place to stop in to pray. The bench in the crypt marked as where Mother Teresa prayed is especially nice. 12:10pm mass was nice too.

Danese Johnson

Whatever. Talk to the hand.

William Wisniewski

Beautiful Basilica where Venerable Fr. Michael J Mcgivney was ordained!

Monique Soares


H. Marketing

The oldest Catholic Cathedral in America.

Deon Dickerson

Worth the visit!

Lord Chino

A very good place in design and in spirituality.

D Ro

Beautiful, historical basilica

Hony Telo

I'm been Blessed to be in the 1st. Basilica of the nation and attend the Mass Service.

Travis Shrontz

Kind people and a beautiful place to visit. Recommend a self tour so you can go at your own pace.

David Yarborough

Beautiful church

Tony BlakTiger

Cracker land

Sherri Crain

Extremely rough part of town, parking was terrible and no one was there to welcome us when arrived. Not work the stop.

Peter Somma

Beautiful restoration

Ricardo Lopez

This is absolutely one of if not the most beautiful work of architecture in Baltimore city. Totally ruined for me by the extremely rude security chick. No amount of fancy paintings or historical artifacts makeup for the crappy experience of interacting with people like this.

Christine Wobbeking

This is a tour every American Catholic should take. So much to see and learn. Take the guided tour in conjunction with Mass, if you can. Sunday masses feature spectacular organ music.

Connie Green

Baltimore's first cathedral (later superseded by the Cathedral of Mary our Queen much further north on Charles Street, and in no way its architectural match) is one of the most beautiful church buildings in America. The central dome envelopes you in the womb of Mary, as you share in the feeling of being embraced in the arms of the Blessed Mother of God. It is a superb tribute to the mystery of the Incarnation. Recently restored, bringing a bit of brightness to what had formerly been a little dowdy and dim, it is not to be missed if you are on a walking tour of central Baltimore.

Bella Peton

Indeed it is a Basilica! Come and witness the special touch of living artworks telling the glory of God! Visit to refresh your soul and regain your inner peace.

Edward Papera

Beutiful Roman Catholic Cathedral.

D.A. Gutierrez

What a beautiful, historic building. The architecture is gorgeous and the staff are so friendly and welcoming.

Filip N

Fantastic beautiful landmark

James Doyle

Completed in 1821, this church is the center of the Catholic community in the Baltimore, Maryland area. Considering the virulent anti-Catholicism present in much of the U.S. even up until the 1960s, it is not surprising that a building so relatively new can also hold the title of the oldest Catholic cathedral / basilica in the country. The exterior is noteworthy for a neoclassical design. The interior is pristine, but unremarkable. That said, it is a church first and foremost and a tourist site only a distant second. It all appears very well maintained. It was remarkable to me that the crypt was open to public view and also in very good condition. The church is notable for its association with Mother Mary Lange, who founded the first African-American religious order, the Oblate Sisters of Providence. It also celebrates its connection with Father Michael J. McGivney, who founded the well-known Catholic fraternal organization, the Knights of Columbus.

Erik Weber

The Baltimore Basilica is a nice church to visit. The Gift Shop was small but enjoyable. There was an Underground Area that was really cool and provided history on the basilica, History of the 2011 Earthquake Repairs And More! The Service was great and I definitely will go again.

WGI 3D Media & Marketing

One of the most historic, faith filled, and prayerful churches to worship or just visit to see the beginnings of the Catholic church in the United States.

David Glotfelty

Beautiful place. The music was exquisite.


With little doubt, the most beautiful, majestic and spiritual Cathedral I have visited. Its history makes it even more special. We can not say enough about the tour guide named Greg. Sorry I do not have a last name since there may be more than one. He had a knowledge and delivery of history and facts that are beyond excellent. There are many great things about Baltimore but none better than The Baltimore Basilica. Our only regret is that we were not there for Mass but will return.

Pat Johnson

I love the Baltimore Basilica! Fr. James Boric is a very holy, humble man of God who always speaks from the heart. If you're looking for peace in Baltimore city, stop by the Basilica.

Leonor Castel-Branco

This place is probably the most beautiful, historic and meaningful place in Baltimore city. Is located in the heart of the city, in the Mount Vernon neighborhood. It is America's First Cathedral and that makes it such an historical place. This church is 200 years old. There are tour guides that give free tours of the Basilica and explain the whole thing. Besides the building itself there is beautiful Catholic liturgy and wonderful music. The 10.45 Mass on Sundays has a fantastic choir. The organ is still the original. The undercroft chapel downstairs is very old and beautiful too. There is a crypt with several bishops and cardinals burried there. The gift shop is also great, with very a nice offer of products. There is wheelchair accessible entrances and an elevator inside to help mobility. Sometimes there are very interesting speaker series and other events - they announce everything in the website and facebook page

nana akua

Beautiful place

Cristianna Nelson

This place is breathtaking and it's a step into beauty and serenity from the bustling Baltimore city outside. It is well worth the visit outside of the normal tourist spots of the city. There is a really cool underground crypt that you can go down and see.

jamie bennett

Welcoming and beautiful.

Frank Cleveland

Wonderful Christmas program again this year benefiting senior care in the diocese


Praise the Lord!

Joe Romeo

Fantastic daily mass on the crypt

Aiesha Ajibade


Thomas White

Truly a beautiful church.

Glenn Pierce


Ogeyi Akuma-Ukpo

Amazing, as always!!

Barb Higgins

Morning Mass in the Crypt Chapel was phenomenal! So glad I found it during my brief visit to Baltimore!

Roderick carlie Hough

One of the first Catholic church in Baltimore. A very nice Catholic service. Highly recommend for the traditional Catholic. Has daily services.

leseven guelo

First chapel in US...this a historic monument

Joann Hill

Historically settings

Dorthea Grant

Did not visit this place.

Thomas Kunkel

Great building and mass

Jinmin Zhou

The earliest Basilica in the United States!

James Mullen

Haven't seen it in 20 yrs. What a beautiful remodelling.

Vic Fernandes

Only the security was arrogant and not helpful.

Luwin Macera


Zoe Scott

Had a wonderful time at Mass today.

Courtney Magill

Beautiful piece of history designed by one of the United States' first professional architects, Benjamin Latrobe. Neoclassical style architecture with a light and airy interior dominated by a gorgeous dome. A must-see for any architecture nerd like me.

Marcus Fryer

Went to mass here on a rainy Sunday morning. It was not very crowded. What a beautiful place though! The priest did a nice job with his homily.

Tavis Lemm

Must see- went on Thursday and got an awesome free tour

Jacki Reiff

Beautiful and insightful tour!! Love the personal approach of our private tour.; Fred answered each question my curious students had with extended history. Thank Fred!! Downstairs area was a wonderful surprise.

Kokoy Severino

The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a magnificent historical structure. I went in a couple of times for my daily meditation pilgrimage on my way to or from the National Soccer Coaches Association of America's national conference at the Baltimore Convention Center in January 2016. Something I didn't like is that a security guard told an elderly homeless woman to leave the building, who was sleeping in a pew seeking shelter from the frigid cold, and he didn't offer any information about where she could go...

Bree McCartney

Absolutely beautiful cannot wait to go back. Truly humbling to step foot in such an extraordinary beauty.

Kevin Kenny

America’s first Roman Catholic Cathedral. Absolutely a beautiful church and amazing place to worship.

Jerin Philip

Beautiful. Active with regular activities for young professionals. Strong, community-minded pastor with a vision that includes lifting up the poor

David Alvarado

Well preserved Catholic Cathedral.

Breanna L. Johnson

Absolutely gorgeous. When I travel I love to visit the Catholic churches in the area. I actually attended the Basilica of St. Paul located in Daytona Beach, FL. Seldom do other churches compare but this Basilica was absolutely extraordinary. All the people there were so friendly and informative. Truly impressed.

E. Horm

Absolutely stunning!


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