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REVIEWS OF Six Flags America IN Maryland

Bradley Tetreault

Not a bad park, felt like the park was on the decline as attendance seemed quite low compared to the three other parks I have been too. The rides were all great and I really enjoyed them including this year's new ride the firebird. Shipwreck falls is hands down the best kept secret for get wet rides and I wish they would bring this to all the parks.

Dena Conyer

The rides were phenomenal and I enjoyed my trip immensely. My only complaint is about the customer service, I encountered several sales representatives who were at best flippant and at worst extremely rude and argumentative (there was a... misunderstanding with one of the servers and their attitude left much to be desired). Dealing with the workers there brought down the overall mood of the trip for my friend group and myself. If I didn't have to deal with the sales representatives this would be a five star rating.

Bob The Builder

We didn't get food from there because it would be too expensive, but I enjoyed the snacks and restaurants around the park and the thrill rides were really nice. I would've liked to go on the Batwing coaster but the line was too long but most rides I didn't have that problem. The water rides are fun even though there are only the Tornado and a lot of water slides, the water park is fun for the kids. My favorite rides were Fire Bird, Joker's Jinx, and the Superman

Diane Wilson

I bought season passes for 2018 and went once. The staff was rude and unhelpful. We were a minority family at that park and discriminated against. It happen to another family of a different race next to me too. I will never go back to any of these parks again. I have tried to can do my season pass multiple times but the website always says error occurred. Then calling customer service I have left multiple messages and never received a call back. I called the local guest relations and explained this to the girl over the phone and she told me I never canceled my membership. She was nasty and told me she could not help me to call the customer service line. Again, I have been paying for a pass for my family for over a year and still can not get a response from the park for help. I am going to the local news next. Horrible experience!!! Find another park to visit. This one is not worth it. Plus, there is no shade anywhere. No arcade for the kids to play games and cool off. The food is a joke so don't even think about the dining pass. The dining facilities are gross and not stocked well. They are also hot and no escape from the heat. We have been to multiple parks over the years, Hershey, Kings Dominion, Knobels, Dutch Wonderland, etc. All of which are by far superior to this park. Don't waste your money or your time on this park. Diane

Nikki Patrick

Where do I start? Definitely lower you expectations for the food and beverage stations. Specifically at the Heritage House Food Court. The employees are children. Clearly they have never been taught about work ethic or being professional. They are more concerned with talking to each other and playing around then the customer standing in front of them. To add insult to injury I paid $10.99 for 1 slice of Pizza and over $5 for a 20oz coke. I did not expect to be bent over without the courtesy of my tears for lube today. When you spoke to the children behind the counter they just looked at you or continued to talk to each other. I have not been here in a very long time. At least 20 years. Service has seriously gone down hill.

Christopher Basso Rodrigues

The Park is divided into a water park and the rides park. As far as the rides park is concerned, it is geared more towards rollercoaster which they have a great variety and are all a lot of fun. But, they do have an area for kids and splash rides. The park is sized well enough so you don't get too tired from walking around from ride to ride and each themed area is well decorated. Overall, it's a lot of fun and worth checking it out.

Bradley Rinehart

Enjoyed the water park. Recommend they install more umbrellas for shade on hot summer days. Kind of pricey to purchase shade. Enjoyed riding several roller coasters.

Roberto Mendez

You will have one of the best times with your kids here and there's something to do for all ages. The staff that I interacted with were very helpful

Quinta T

My kids love it here! I love the water park the best. The food choices here could be a lot better for the amount of money spent for it. I recommend getting season pass with dining pass included or membership if you are a frequent visitor. It most definitely pays for itself after 2 visits to the park. We all love fright fest the best!!!

Angela W

My local theme park is Great Adventure (NJ). America (MD) was the first time I've gone to a different park within the Six Flags chain. The staff at America puts the staff at Great Adventure to shame. At Great Adventure when you approach the staff they usually give you an attitude like they can't be bothered. At America they are friendly, truly try to be helpful, and make you feel comfortable approaching them. Some of the rides look a bit dated, but they were fun nonetheless. I stumbled across the 1950's style musical performance in the saloon and some of the performers were more talented than I would have expected. Overall, if you're in the area and like theme parks I would recommend this as a decent option.

Julio Garcia

My bag was stolen at the wave pool. It took maybe 10 seconds and I’m not blaming six flags for thief’s but they are horrible at customer service. We found 4 security guards for six flags on their cell phones and did not care one bit of us losing our personal items. They said check the bathrooms and that was IT!! I spoke personally with major Sands and she assured me she would look into it and gave me her card with her number. After 6 calls and four messages have I yet to hear back. They have no cameras in the parking lot and image something worse happening. The police officer on-site was on his personal cell phone the entire time. I watched a family struggling to change a tire and I helped. What ever happen to protect and serve. My advise to everyone visiting this park is to be careful and aware because the stuff here doesn’t care about your safety or even making sure your kids are safe. The management here needs some moving around. Whoever is in charge isn’t doing their job. The place is fun and kids love it but as a parent please keep a close eye because the parks security or police on payroll don’t care one bit.

Sh4d0w Samurai

This is a good experience. The staff are so nice and the rides are in great process. They have so many rides that fit from four-year-olds to all the way to your like 90s. All in all this is why I've given a 5-star rating.

DeLacy Curl

The staff was courteous and friendly, and the cleanliness of the park overall was satisfactory. Wait times for most rollercoasters were reasonable for the most part, but could have been better had the staff added the second set of available cars to the ride. The food was adequate, not about exactly what one would expect from an amusement park. Ultimately, I would return to this location in the future.


I don't know why people are giving this place 4 and 5 stars... The bathrooms are dirty, buildings are run down, the water fountains put out warm water, and there's almost no shade in most of the park. The only upside was being able to ride 8 different rollercoasters and rides in 4 hours.

Kiran KN

Old equipment, some equipment doesn’t work. Long lines at food. Staff not well trained to handle the people. Place is not clean at all. No trees. Expensive, one slice of pizza is $12.99 its a slice not the whole pizza. One 500ml of water bottle is $5.00. Looting money with bad maintenance. Hershey’s is an overall better experience than six flags.


It was okay. The food was okay (I got the dining pass) Some of the rides were fun, like the Swinging Ship, the Zydeco Zinger, and the Lasso of Truth. But, on my first visit in 2018, at the pizza restaurant at the beginning of the park, I saw an employee teaching another employee how to use the computer. I had to wait 45 minutes for the food. In 2018, in August, when school would start soon, the park was so packed and it was so hot, I then ended up choosing to leave and I normally don’t mind waiting. You get what you pay for.

Francisco Padilla Jr

Dirty and the rides would close in the middle of waiting on line for maintenance? It looks and feels old not safe. I went to six flags in NJ and what a difference we had a wonderful time. So much cleaner and everyone was friendly. We are a family of 6 and we brought diamond membership.

Andrew Morris

It's absurdly expensive, but that's pretty much a given for an amusement park. However, if you plan on coming often, it may just be worth it for one of the passes. I came on a Monday and the place was effectively dead. No lines for the main park, and the water park wasn't too bad. Overall I had a great time! They also allow you to bring bags which I wasn't expecting. Will be returning later this summer.

Shari Wilson

We enjoyed spending the day here for our "Family Fun Day". The park was very clean. The park employees were very nice & friendly. Great customer service. The lines weren't long at all. We ate at Johnny Rockets & the food was fantastic! I had the best cookies & cream funnel cake ever! We ended the night at the wave pool & they had a live DJ on site. The atmosphere at this park is very nice. We are thinking about getting season passes. I highly recommend this family friendly park.


I liked the rides and there's a place for everyone but the amount of lines is long but managable. Also near the picnic area Lots of bugs and flies. Would go again

Chialin Chang

If you like thrill rides, you can't miss this place. For summer, it will also be a good place for family fun and play with warter. Many life guard around the park, I felt pretty safe. Will recommend to get a season pass or membership IF you consider coming more then once. But remember to protect your personal belongings from water, my phone so call water resistant dropped into the water and it's dead now. :(

Joselyne Cantoral

Your experience can be either great or terrible depending on the day you choose to go. The weekends are always packed! It hard to get to the parking lot because of traffic, it also takes a long time to get into the actual park because of the amount of people in line. The first time we went this year was on memorial day and it took us two hours to get into the park. Inside the park, the lines to the rides were super long, the bathrooms were dirty, and the water at the wave pool was also dirty because of the amount of people during the weekend/holiday. If possible, always try to go on a weekday! We went back that same week but on a Wednesday and it was a total 180. Parking was easy and close to the entrance, no lines for the rides, and everything was cleaner since there were less people in the park. Overall, it's fun! They have plenty of rides and an awesome water park. Personally, I think coming on a weekday is a lot more enjoyable since the lines are shorter, you can get on a ride faster, and be able to enjoy the whole park in one day.

Griselda Torres

A very amazing experience my children and I had with the zombies and clowns. The lines were short and we were able to fully enjoy the rides. The dipping dots were delicous and i love how there were multiple stands for them so the lines werent long.

Erin Grise

It is a great park. Rides and water park awesome lots for kids. But sadly only 3 star because of customer service and food lines and the employees. The workers are so slow when getting drink refills they don’t move fast and you can wait in line for a refill for an hour. They really need to do employee training and hiring fast pace employees.

Poorvaja Ganesan

Awesome. Water rides were the best. Good for all ages. There are clothes stores, food courts, parking space for all, few rides were wheelchair accessible. The bathroom were maintained. There are lockers for keeping bag and shoes. No restrictions on clothing for water rides. Water bottles weren't allowed inside.

Dwayne Pierce

Park Needs a good power washing. Fresh paint on existing structures. And PLEASE PLEASE Get better lighting for the park ... rides were dark. Walkways were dark , signage was hard to read. If you want Better....DO BETTER Six Flags

Chris Giaccone

We arrived around 1pm Tuesday. My kids have season passes but I needed to buy a day pass. They have two windows for customer relations. The line was not that long but only one of the two windows was open. We had to stand in 95F direct sunlight for an hour to purchase one day pass. This was on a low traffic Tuesday afternoon mind you. It took me and my three kids an hour after that ordeal to recover to a point that we could actually enjoy the park (2 hours wasted in total). Rain started around 6pm so nearly half our time was needlessly wasted. My feeling is that park management could care less. I will never go back to Six Flags DC. That is for certain.

Chad Potocky

We recently purchased season passes, with parking included. I highly recommend people in the area check it out. Cheaper than a pool membership, you get the water park and the rest of the rides too!


This place is awesome. Practically every part of it. There is a big variety of food, including burgers, pizza, Asian, chicken. The rides are really fun, with a variety of intensity throughout the park. And during the holidays, like Christmas and Halloween, they do special events that are really entertaining and spectacular. My family has gold cards, which is actually cheaper then one time tickets during a sale, so I'd reccomend you get them during that time.

Jayanth Kandukuri

Quite an entertainment. Exciting rides, very friendly staff and wonderful surroundings. Only dissatisfaction I have is the food (not snacks). Very oily and pricey. Drinks are refreshing but contains more soda than taste or original drink. Water rides are especially nice but smell of I guess chlorine a lot. Locker are everywhere and are reasonably clean (not lockers at water rides). Anyway really good place for all age groups and have very fun activities.

Opal Foster

Please let your staff know that individuals with special needs may need more assistance getting in and out of rides. On several rides I had to go buckle and unbuckle my son from rides because the staff didn't offer any assistance.

Brianna Henderson

Hands down the best place in Maryland to work

Crazy Crash

Get the season pass and basic meal plan and go to town. We go pretty often and most of the year, the lines are short and it's easy to do everything you want to do. Best things to eat are the burritos and the bbq; everything else is pretty terrible. But hey it's a good deal!

Richard Alkemade

We had a great time here. The staff weren't sure how the fast passes worked and we didn't really need them anyway as the park wasn't busy, thankfully we were able to get a refund on them due to them not working properly. The rides are loads of fun and the water park equally good. I will definitely visit again.

David H

This Six Flags is cool and tends to look decent. If you enjoy thrills and want true fear then this is the place for you! Pros. Supports the local community by hiring our wonderful youth. Cons. Supports the local community by hiring our wonderfuol youth. Elaborate? Certainly. Employees. The rides are often operated by the youngest teens, then managed by 17-18 aged teens, and the CEO who is 21. The rides may kill you buuuuuut this is truly a great opportunity for kids to develop social (casual and professional) skills along with managerial and leadership qualities. As many places some employees look excited to be there, others appeared to be in bondage. Discounts. They also tend to have a lot of deals to get into the park with discounts...seeing how the $5 regular sized Skittles or M&Ms is the catch.

Dave Reed

Went on a Tuesday, hurricane harbor was great! A bit crowded under the shaded seats, but managed to find a few. Great slides ans pools! Park was great.. Not too crowded, and lines weren't too long for food and snacks. Rides didn't take long to get on, maybe 10 min wait or so since only one car was running at a time(for the roller coasters) had a blast!

Karim Cabrera

Love this park, 9 COASTERS! The Batwing was my favorite, the G forces are stupendous. Superman is fast and fun. Enjoyed all the coasters. Best part about this location is that Hurricane Harbor is attached. You can navigate the whole park in 1 day and still enjoy the water park. Wave pool and a few slides made everything better. Only drawback for me was 5 or six rides were down for the day. But hey safety 1st. Enjoyed myself!

J-mal Martin

Had a great time! Fast moving lines... Food is pricey...but overall good experience.. By parking and tickets online... And if you go often the memberships are worth it!

Vigi Rodriguez

Very kid friendly park. Really loved the water park. Did not like the bathrooms the 2 we went to were very dirty and smelled. Also a fight broke out among teenagers but security was quick to react and keep crowd under control. Staff could be trained more to be attentive to patrons instead of the phone. Over all a good experience.

K Dawg

Less BS than Great Adventure. Somewhat compact, especially the parking lot. Most of the staff seemed very laid-back. Love that the water park is included with theme park admission!

Jonathan Isett

I live close so we bought the season passes and they are so worth it. We have been twice already and had a great time both visits. Park was clean, and well run, with plenty of staff on site for assistance. Coasters are great, with Superman and Batwing being our favorites. Water park gets busy, but there is plenty of rides to go on. Tons for all ages. Great times!

michael blevins

Pretty shameful amusement park especially compared to other six flags chain parks. There has been improvement but the rides are for the most part terrible and half the time they aren't open. I would like to have a good close theme park but this comes no where close.

Ray Febus

Got a great deal on seasons passes and included parking. Water park was nice. Pools a little dirty but slides are generally fun. Roller coasters are good and there was no line today so that was nice. Will go back and enjoy the park. Foam party was cool. Coke promo right now too.

Stormi Animations [Soon future channel]

It's pretty good! Although there are two things, Its pretty dirty, the outdoor tables arent the cleanest.. And also near the water area (wave pool) I'd say the waves aren't long enough in time. They should extend that too.

Fred Erica Jackson

Had a blast at this park. Hardly waited in line at all. Pay for the big drink and get unlimited fountain drinks.

Gaspare Maggio

Not a bad amusement park for the money and also relatively close to major population areas however this can make it quite crowded during popular times. I would suggest visiting during off times when lines are short. My kids love the water park of course and being able to jump between water rides and roller coasters on a hot day is a big upside. The only downside is the food options which are all basically bad and expensive. Would be nice if they offered a sit down restaurant with gourmet burgers at a reasonable price.

Amanda Hicks

I love amusement parks. This was my family's first time at Six Flags America. It isn't as large as some other parks I've been to. However, it was large enough for us not to be able to ride everything in one day, even with minimal lines. The water park is great! We could easily spend the entire afternoon simply in that section of the park. Food prices are comparable to other parks, most meals being 12-15$. I recommend the souviner cup( 20-30$ depending on which cup you purchase) otherwise expect to pay about 7$ for a large soft drink. Bottle water was 5 or 6$. One thing I was disappointed about was that they have go karts but they are a separate fee. 12$ for one ride( two person go kart). Alot of the soda machines wouldn't take my cash (or other peoples) and the extremely long, slow moving food lines when all I needed was a damn refill of my drink sucked. But overall we all had a blast and would definitely return. Which we definitely will be we are now season pass holders!

April Morgan

I had a lot of fun with my family. Fright fest was great. The park had many scare zones and mazes. My favorite was The Haunting of Hall Manor. It was a spooky walk through the woods. I have a membership to six flags and I have to say that it is worth it.


Lots of coasters and inexpensive for seasons pass. I would not recommend unless you love local or have expectations that not Disney unless you have never rode Superman coaster which is the main attraction. At 52 dollars for season pass that includes parking it is a great deal.

Lori Cope

Great park. (+) Plenty for kids entertainment. Nice entire section for little ones all together in one area. (+) Awesome for adults. Lots of big rides. (-) hard to do if you have kids of all ages because each city doesn't have a kiddie ride or two to enjoy while the older guests are riding coasters the younger ones could be riding other smaller riders side by side. (-) Shows are less spectacular this year than previous years. No character shows for kids. Nothing great in Gothem city. Just one stint show. Two many sub standard setting and dance. Need more action and need a magic show. Rotating shoes for season pass holders would be awesome like other parks.


BEST DAY TO GO TO THIS PARK IS DAY BEFORE 4th of July!!!! The park was practically empty!! We road several rides multiple times! We didn’t even have to get off the ride and kept riding! We did the Superman ride 5 times! Best ride in the park!! The water park got packed at some point, but the coasters no line!! Great time! To get your moneys worth by the meal plan!! $34 you get 2 meals, and a snack, and unlimited drink refills!!! It pays for itself instantly after the first meal! The cups with unlimited refills are $20 bucks alone! So doing the meal plan you are getting at least 1 free meal and snack! It’s not posted a lot in the park and I know it’s because saving you money and they aren’t making money on you not out right purchasing 2 additional meals

Dawn Summerlee

Lines were short. Man of Steel ride is really fun. Few rides were open at the start of the day. Waterpark has a lot for kids of all ages. Park as a whole was not as clean as it should be. Conveniently out of the lower-priced drink containers at all food service stations and they would not discount the others.

Jonathan Collum

This was an extremely generous 3 stars. Our recent visit to this six flags started off with the outrageous $25 parking fee and went down hill from there. The parking lot clearly doesn't get a ton of maintenance despite this fee. Moving along from that we did get into the gate quickly but were pretty quickly met with all of the things about this park that make it feel like it has neither aged well or been kept up in many ways. While new roller coasters have been added many attractions have seen better days and feel a bit sad. We also went during the day as part of fright fest expecting a lot of things and found that most stuff is limited to the night and also costs additional money to enjoy on top of the ticket price. This was a huge let down to be sure. We also found that there aren't many rides other than roller coasters and kids rides during the fall as water rides are all shut down (keep in mind it was 90 degrees that day) and some rides are only open at night for fright fest activities. We then spent $5 a bottle for dasani water which is honestly insulting. The coasters we went on were fun, but you can only spend so much time doing that. We did go to a show which was unique to say they least. It was sort of a rocky horror rip off, I guess. It featured a very talented gentleman that I assume does "adult" performances during other times. Along with some solid singing. But unfortunately that was a bit ruined by a pointless joke about a Catholic priests being gay that left a very bad taste in our party's mouths. It's sad that telling jokes against Catholics is still a social acceptable thing in our society today. Anyway it was all around just not a great experience. Wouldn't ever bother going back as everything is outrageously priced and you hardly get anything for your money.

Brian Larouere

Do not waste your money at this place. The food staff are slow and have an attitude. They don't care about their patrons. Ride attendants are very nice.

Beauty Inside-out

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W. Jones

The park itself was great. But we visited during a heat wave and thats what made things crazy. You can only get free water in the small plastic complimentary cups (according to some employees) and of course most places were out of these little cups. The whole park actually ran out of ice, both days we went, because they buy bagged ice instead of making their own. Near every food service station there seems to be dirty runoff water and boy does it stink, at every food service station. This was absolutely disgusting. The rides were great, wait times were good, do note that in the water park, you have too carry your rafts up the stairs. We had to help some kids get their huge 4 person raft all the way to the top. And then we still had to struggle with our own as well (this is why there's no line on some of the water slides). I enjoyed my visits to Six Flags America. Absolutely love those smoked turkey legs

Gaurav Hegde

The rides were good specially batman but the water park was closed since labor day. Had i known this earlier i would not have over 50 bucks to go to six flags in bowie maryland. They should mention it in their website somewhere. The food stalls there are okay and not really well organized . Pack your lunch and have a picnic at the park instead . Overall a pleasant day but could have been so much better

Joseph Alvini

I love six flags. It may not have the best rides but the lines are never too long and their water park is pretty good. Also their staff is always friendly and willing to help.

Terell Jones

It's your basic Six Flags theme park. Basic theme park food & crowds for a Labor day weekend. It's close to home that's why I visit here the most, I think the park in New Jersey is better maintained and managed. At this park you will see that most of the park rules are broken quite frequently and it's not the prettiest or cleanest theme park. The majority of the rides here are cookie cutter or defunct rides that came from other parks.

Jess Tharp

We had a fun time..I wish there was a little more variety in the water park area. The slides were a little too big for my liking and I like slides where 2 people can go on them, at once. We really did not explore the amusement park but look forward to coming back and seeing what is offered.

M parkle

I went on a day that wasn't too crowded. I don't come here often, it has been at least 10 years since my last visit. The last time I came it was underwhelming. A lot of the rides were closed and Kings Dominion was much better. The staff were unprofessional in my opinion. Today I had a better time than before. The rides were open and the staff seemed nice. Most lines had little wait times.The bat wing ride had a very long wait but it was fun. The food was expensive but theme park expensive so I wouldn't say that is a negative it was expected. The souvenir penny machine near the entrance doesn't work it took my money so there's that. There were yellow jackets and that really sucked. I think I saw traps throughout the park but not sure if it was helping. If it weren't for the bees I would come again this year. I'll try again next year.

Valerie Kessler

Me and my fiancee love going here. Saw a show last rime and loved it. Staff is always nice and never have any issues. Thoroughly enjoy having a season pass. Saves so much money

Anthony P

Its time to paint or recondition all the rides. It looks like everything is old. The day was great but the look is not so good. I was here for an business but would not come back for personal use unless they make some changes.

Brenda Bateman

I went on a Friday, it wasn’t very crowded so the lines for rides weren’t long. I was impressed with the cleanliness of the bathrooms. I bought the dining pass that’s valid for the day. The employees are all miserable teenagers who really need training on customer service, they really need to be reminded to look like they are getting paid, whatever their pay is. I waited in line at Johnny Rockets forever only to be told by the cashier I had to get a wristband in order to use the dining pass. It would’ve been nice if the girl scanning my day pass at the entrance would have informed me. So I had to get out of the line and find 1 of 2 places at the park that give out the wristbands. You ask an employee where an ATM is and no one knows. Finally I remembered perhaps I saw one at the entrance somewhere. It would be nice to see happy, caring, helpful employees who take some pride in their jobs. Food and drinks are overpriced everywhere without some type of pass or deal. $13.99 for a slice of pizza is unacceptable. The dining pass was a nightmare to figure out but I would not have paid the parks prices for their food without the pass.

Patricia Stuckman

Nice park but smaller than some. The employees were very friendly. We used the first aid station at hurricane harbor and the tech was very professional and put our 3 year old at ease.

Doug Delaney

Might have been a fluke but for a Thursday the park was not crowded at all and the weather was perfect, we felt like we owned the park for the day. Rode every ride, most at least twice or more. The staff was friendly and helpful. We had a great day. Thank you Six Flags America


We had a great time at Six flags for the experience of the rides. 4 stars as the food and service was bad in the park. The Superman ride of Steel was a personal favourite and certainly does a good job of feeling like you are swooping through the air at speed. Not for queasy stomachs!

Pamela Dishman

I’m being generous. Long lines for both food and rides, systematically close each of the pools for hours at a time when temperatures are near 100 degrees, no cups or drinking water, no spoons for eating cup or bowl of ice cream, no cooling stations. Security guards will not even let you bring in mints, fruit chews even if you are diabetic.

Dia S

It’s been a few years since I’ve been here but I absolutely loved this amusement park. Admission fee was reasonable. There was plenty of dining choices, they serve alcohol here, there’s a water park, games, kiddie rides and they have 12 coasters for thrill seekers: Jokers Jinx and Superman were my favorite. it’s easy to navigate your way around the park and staff was very friendly and helpful. The guy running Jokers Jinx was so entertaining and let everyone continue to ride because there wasn’t anyone else waiting to get on it. Had such a great time here and definitely got my money’s worth being that it wasn’t crowded and no long lines.


Lots of fun rides and a variety, for different age groups. Plenty of parking. Season pass best if will do repeated visits. Very convenient, especially for locals. Can even get here on public transportation.

Jacob McIntosh

Good amusement park for all ages. 4/5 when the water park is open, 3/5 when it’s not. If you want thrill rides, they have them. If you want kids rides, they have them. If you want something in-between, they definitely have it. Service could be more friendly, food service could be quicker. Overall, it’s a great time waiting to happen, as long as it’s not packed. This park is not built to have gigantic crowds. Water park is fun, I love the lazy river. Lots of options for slides with and without inter-tubes. *My advice its to get a membership. It’s $5-7 a month and includes free parking and admission. Parking is usually $25 on its own, and daily rates vary. Trust me and buy a membership!


The rides are fun. We were lucky to go on a very slow day, still the park was filthy and none of the staff are the slightest bit friendly. Every staff member looks like they are miserable. Security needs to be increased, we witnessed kids jumping over barriers into prohibited areas, people threatening staff members, and just unacceptable behavior. We made the day enjoyable, but it could have been so much better.

Orlando Lockett

Loved this place and the lines were not long! Definitely will be back! Haven't been since I was a kid. Great and friendly staff

del pa

Bathrooms are too dirty. In the places o eat there are so many flies. The trash cans are full of trash to the top and there are many trash outside the trash can. In the entrance there are no welcome salute to the visitors. And when you left there are neither a good bye salute. There are no places with air conditioning to the people eat and but comfortable. The wave pool have many leaves in the bottom. The floor of the wave pool are made with an excellent material. There are no people to give instruction in the roller coasters.

Angela Bollich

My 12yo son and his friend had a blast! Lines were not long and fortunately lots of shade for breaks. Meals were a bit pricey but tasty. Staff were nice and helpful. We will be back!

shahid sheikh

Now this is an amazing park. It's not crowded. Short lines. Fun rides. Spent the first half of the day on water rides them did the other half of the park later. Definitely going back here again but next time.. I'm getting a two day pass and I recommend the preferred parking. It's$25 compared to regular parking costing$20.

Bhavesh Vora

Had a great time, went in the last week of September where they had fright fest, it was well decorated.. Was disappointed with the food and service was super slow.. may be they were under staffed and it was expensive for the quality of food provided.

Chike Tabugbo

The prices are a little bit high but other than that, it was a fun place to be. We enjoyed it. They close at 6pm on the weekends, that was a little bit unusual. You'd think that an "amusement park" would be open a little bit longer on the weekends since it's summer and the sun is still out at 6pm, but that's not the case here. Nevertheless, it's a fun place. Variety of rides and activities for ALL ages.


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