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Where is Salisbury Zoological Park?

REVIEWS OF Salisbury Zoological Park IN Maryland

TM 26

Very nice zoo and I'm really am surprised that it is free. The animals there seem like they are taking care of very gracefully and also the staff is very nice as well.

John Myers

absolutely the best zoo and it's free !!! free admission free parking wish it would stay open later

Gioconda Michineau

Overall clean, including the restrooms. The animals seem happy; they are kept in a wide comfortable space. I appreciate the fact that the Organizaton gives back to the community by educating us and letting us appreciate animals that otherwise we would never see unles we travel to their habitat. Thank You!

Matthew Barnard

Great Small Zoo.Free admission.Has some unique animals other Zoo's don't.Like Wallabies and Bison.

Jade Christina

I visited the zoo in Salisbury today for the very first time and I fell in love with it. When you turn onto the road you see houses, and even apartments depending on which way you come in, but then you see the Hidden Jewel of a cozy zoo tucked away in a corner of Forest like paradise. I love the feel of the zoo, and I feel it's more interactions there. The animals are closer and it's a nice variety. Parking was fine for us considering we got there shortly after they opened so there were only a handful of us there at the time. I'll definitely be coming back! Five stars!!

Anon Fawkes

One of the only free zoos left in our country... It's been a big party of my life since I can remember and now it's part of my children's memories to.... Thank you guys for all you... Also we all need to pitch in when there and pick up the trash of all the visitors remember to use trash cans!

Gabrielle G

Super fun to see all the animals and they only ask for a donation for entrance :)

Cheryl W.

Nice zoo and we appreciate that there is no admission charge. Donations are accepted. Great for families who are looking for some distraction for their kids. Much improved since we were here over 5 years ago.

Jake The Snake

Had a great time, gift shop was nice and loaded the kids up with thier favorite animals they saw. The pathways are winding which makes it fun to walk from one to another and not annoyed of you double back or make a circle. Monkeys where very active and love a crowd. P.S Fed a Flock of Feathered Friends.

Samantha B-Scott

Awesome place for an early evening stroll. Well maintained

Evan Clark

Amazed at how many animals are there and the diversity of exhibit that are at this FREE zoo. Great time was had by all and plan to return again!

Ron Bowden

Many nice families out grilling and having fun,in harmony. Perfect park environment.

Richard Blake

Go, and make sure you donate. This is a Gem. It seems like I always take my girlfriend here. And it does not get old. After a while you will come to see old friends that are caged in here. When you get the chance check out the Jaguar lol It's a really Good way to spend a solid 2 hours. Looking at the animals and trying to draw them does not get old. It's a great place to get a change of scenery and have a conversation with a friend. Make it a thing to see every exhibit. Then double back and take a longer look at what caught your eye the first time.

Christine Traynor

Great zoo, family friendly, a great playground is attached too! Great place to picnic!

Flatty Latty

Amazing attraction for growing town of SALISBURY. Must visit. My kids love it. if possible contribute anything as u enter there is a box for our beautiful animals which helps meals and maintaining facilities. Anything helps. Zoo It’s Free for everyone . Enjoy SALISBURY small town with big heart ❤️ growing with welcoming visitors.

Jason Thompson

Great little zoo. Totally worth the drive if you live on the delmarva peninsula. They have a wide range of animals that allow you to introduce your children and even yourself to animals otherwise unknown in normal life. But getting to see these animals in person is such a treat. My family and I spent half a day here and enjoyed every bit of it. Not only is it a great free zoo but there is a wonderful park attached to the park.

Rhonda Whitehead

I so enjoy going to the Zoo it's relaxing and fun

David Gomez

Awesome small Zoo. Great way to spend a few hours and it has a nice playground at one end for the kiddies.

Brenda Poist

Small but nice. Easy to walk through.

Eden Hade

It's the cutest little zoo that also has an awesome playground for kids!

Holly Robertson

My son Devin loves this place!!!! Great for a 2 yr old to cut loose n play!!!

Jared Ebersole

Beautiful zoo best thing it's free entry and run on donations

Lynne Schwab Schaefer

A surprising diverse selection of animals for this area. The zoo is small, but packs a punch. It is free to the public, but it helps them if donations are made so it can sustain.

Miranda Collins

Clean, good animal variety, not very many exotic animals but such a fun selection to experience. Small. Great playground attached.

Phil Lesh

Great time with the family! Donation based, fun exhibits with a neat range of animals. No large animals but a great zoo nonetheless with many exhibits and keepers walking through the park.

Catricee Duncan

A relaxing,fun filled day for family to enjoy at the zoo. Several animals to enjoy, a gift shop, and a concession stand that sales goodies and soft served ice cream for the family to enjoy as well.

amanda wainwright

This is a nice community zoo. The animals seem will kept, the habitats seem will maintained. The pens seen large enough with exception to the jaguar and baers, theirs seem too small and they tend to pace a lot. Great walking paths. Great playground just outside the gates, Ben's Red Swing Set.

jamey knisely

This was such a fun little family adventure and it was free! It was very clean for being a public free event. We also enjoyed the large playground at the one gate entrance. The gift shop was also very affordable for souvenirs.


Changed a lot over the years. Some good-some bad. Really dont like the new round a bout as it is very small and confusing. The other really bad thing was that when looking at an exhibit there where large amounts of bird poop coming down onto people's heads.

Dagoberto Marin-Perez

Pretty great zoo. Came here with a school trip with my daughter. They had lots of fun. They also have a playground for the kids to play in. Nice zoo.

trudy martin

I fell on the uneven walkway and cut my ankle and knee. There wasn't alot of animals. Staff was nice

Karen Morris

I love going to the zoo! They're always adding new animals to enjoy! My kids love to go here to see the animals and to play at their playground!

Matthew Page

We as a family love this zoo. It never disappoints us. The bison and wolves are my favorite. The kids love the flamingo and McCaw exhibit. This place lives on donations and it shows that the people who come here do enjoy it and contribute to seeing it grow.

donna henderson

It was great the kids loved it we got 2 c alot of the animals this time

Jeremy McNabb

So, before I mention any critiques, keep in mind that this zoo is FREE and I recognize that. It's a great place to take kids, and it's a low-stress way to take small children to the zoo for the first time. That said, the selection of animals was mediocre. Many/most of them were out, which doesn't always happen at any zoo, so that's sort of a plus. On this particular day, it was incredibly hot and the animals looked uncomfortable. The gift shop selections were cheap. We collect magnets from all the zoos we visit, and the only ones in the store were laminated photographs with a strip of magnet tape on the back. The playground at the end was wonderful, with a great variety of equipment. This is a great first-time zoo, and it's a great place to kill 45 minutes. As far as zoos go, there's nothing particularly impressive except the price, but maybe that's enough.

Nikki Johnson

It was an amazing for my daughter to experience with myself, her cousin, her dad and my mom her mom mom.❤

Dale May

Love this Zoo! Great Family time. Beautiful animals.

Justin Wilson

Amazing little zoo staff were very knowledgeable and accommodating

Carolyn Ward

We love visiting this zoological park. They have an awesome herb garden! There are a variety of animals reptiles and birds all well taken care of. The grounds and exhibits are well maintained and some sections are being renovated. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. The Zoo is free to the public but there's a donation box if you want to help. There are educational events for young and old! I definitely recommend!

Amber Sine

I always enjoy going here with my family and friends. Even though it is small, the zoo is very well maintained and the animals are quite peaceful. I haven't interacted with many of the staff, but those I have spoken with are very helpful and polite.

Christine Justice

I love this zoo. So awesome to have a free zoo in our area. Excellent wholesome activity for anyone looking for something to do. Huge play area for kids!

Sue Christensen

Salisbury Zoo is very family - oriented. There's even a wonderful playground for the children.

Zachary Sodergren

Went with a couple friends and had an awesome time seeing all the animals and seeing the great job the zookeepers are doing there. Definitely coming back.

Joshua Lower

I wish they got more money. The zoo has been going downhill over the past few years. It's still a great place but they are losing animals because of the cost. It's free to get into so at least donate some money.

John Boone

We haven't been to the zoo in a few years and we were very surprised that they brought in a kangaroo exhibit the kids love seeing the little guys jumping around and seeing all the wonderful animals they love to walk through this park without having a thousand pushy people running up and down it's a nice calm area to come and enjoy the scenery meet new people and just relax without the stress of going to large zoos all the animals were out and about today so it was nice to see them all..

Mike Bondy

If you are visiting Ocean City and looking for a "different" outing put this on your to do list! Short trip up the highway to something totally different. My wife and I, with two teenagers, were on our vacation in Ocean City looking for something different to do for a few hours after breakfast one day and stumbled across the Salisbury Zoo on Google. We thought it would fit the bill so we ventured out. First, if you don't have navigation, good luck finding it. It's tucked away in what appears to be a little suburban area. Unexpected. Second, it's AWESOME! Very well kept. So many different animals to see. Bigger than you would imagine. Again, totally unexpected! Third, admission is free! There is a donation box at the front gate which we gladly donated to, but there is no actual admission fee. Even the teens were impressed and we got the opportunity to have some family time. Priceless! (if you have teens you know what I'm talking about) A truly great experience for ALL ages.

Barbara Coleman

Great place to hang out with friends and my guide dog In training.

Victoria T

I was expecting it to be like the zoo in my hometown. But this one was a bit more cozy. We didnt get the chance to see all the animals because it looked like a storm was coming. I loved how there is a HUGE park next to the zoo with plenty of area for kids to run and play and maybe have a family cookout or picnic.

Alex Haschen

Depressing. If you want to see a bear pace around stressed out or an alligator "swim" in a 2 foot deep pool that hardly fits it... this is for you. The enclosures are so damn small I felt sick walking around. I just don't see the need for this zoo. Bulldoze and turn into a park.

Jarrod Chance

Wonderful small but nice zoo. Free to the public! Our favorites were the Spectacled Bear, Jaguar, and otters. Flamingos were also quite beautiful.

kevin rebar

Great place....will definitely go back. It's free. There is a donation box at the entrance.

Christopher Smith

Excellent for the kids, and parents too( it's free lol). Great place.

tas t

Always the place to go. The kids love it and its a very nice Zoo.

Lord Hemiram Of Mopar

For 39 years I've had the pleasure of having a Zoo like Salisbury, we've never had to pay or donate to enter Ben's red Swings and the park are free too thanks wicomico

Larry Nichols

They need giraffes and elephants, they need to raise more money in order to make this happen .

Jason Cooper

Been going for years. It's free and they're a small place but it's fun for the kids. Also they've been updating the place lately so there's new things and small changes happening.

Elisabeth Bickford

Always a nice zoo but the have made improvements that have made it nicer.

Greg Hudgens

Need somewhere fun to go that's free!! Look no further than the Salisbury zoo. Great place to take the kids, grand kids, and those young at heart. Good place to introduce kids to different types of animals and birds and they will love walking on the trails to each exhibit. I like to have them pick their favorite animal, go home do some research so they can better understand the animals during the next visit.

Judith Wright

Nice small zoo. Great for older adults and small kids. Admission is free but leave a donation that's how they operate. It's worth a visit.

Laura Hankey

Awesome FREE zoo! So glad we took the family!

Tammy Stearn

This is a great short family day trip ,cute little zoo love it!!!

marcus burkes

very nice place for you and the family. The cost was excellent!!!($0) so if you stay clear of the gift shop, you can enjoy without having to spend a dime, and have a great time too!!

Deborah Shigley

Highly recommend this free zoo. Nice walking paths, great gift shop. Really working on bringing changes for the animals

Derrick Richardson

This is ok for where we live I grew up on this place and they still do a ok job taking care of it but they could do more shows and be more involved in the community with what they have

Melinda Weber

It's become a sad little zoo.. was a favorite when my children were smaller, now the animals have either passed on or are so old, you question why they are there looking so miserable. I understand the circle of life, grew up on a farm, but a zoo..... The wiser in life you become, you realize the sadness and horrid life they have in a zoo..

Ross Young

For a free zoo, this was a great place to walk around and enjoy the morning. Highly recommend getting there between 9 and 10 as the animals are most active when being fed.

Jeanne Ghrist

Easy to visit, long or short visit. They are in need of donations ! ! ! Someone should take care of sweeping the walkways.... update faded signage.

Nichole Clouse

Quick place to get the kids out to enjoy the animals.

Justin Carpenter

I loved it the whole time I was there the zoo employees were nice there was snacks and water available (to purchase) all over the park and park admission was free I still donated and suggest anyone who goes does too

Jim Stein

We're so fortunate to have such a wonderful, free, and educational zoo here in Salisbury! We appreciate employees like Ian who take the time to educate the visitors and make our experience wonderful! Thanks Ian!

Jon Graff

This is a great little zoo. There is an interesting variety of animals from an ocelot to roadrunners, spider monkeys, a number of Australian birds and more. It's also completely free! The animals and their enclosures are well cared for. We spent between 60-90 minutes here.

Curtis Carneal

Very nice place too send the afternoon with you family

Andrew Scott

This is a free zoo. Well maintained. Pretty. Pleasant.

william heiland

Great open environment zoo. Yes it is small, but the animals look comfortable. It is well shaded and great to walk around. There is a eating area and children play area.

Richard Polk

Nice relaxing place for a Sunday first birthday party for our granddaughter.

Shana Wheatley

Have visited for over 30 years. Beautiful zoo and parks. Animals are well cared for. One of the last free zoo's in America.

Keyri Menjivar

It might not be the biggest zoo but at least for free admission they have enough animals here. They do accept donations which is for the maintenance of the zoo. Surprisingly the animals looked healthy and had enough space for themselves.

Michael Kaczun

Nice spot to bring the kids and see some animals. Odd that some animals weren't out (no signs or anything) but could have been weather or heat related. The highlight for my kids was the nearby playground.

Linda Frock

Took my grandson there this past weekend and was truly impressed. You turn on to the street for the zoo and it looks like something out of a fairy tale a feeling of the enchanted forest. Parking was great, the entire zoo is beautiful and clean. The staff was amazing we took a lunch and snacks and made a entire day we will be back soon.

Victoria Harris

Interesting and very personal you learn a lot from smaller places I like the one on one activity with the turtle one of the staffers at the zoo let the kids play in touch with the turtle big old turtle at first I was afraid that it wasn't going to be friendly but it was pretty friendly while we were there had a nice time and is also they cater to handicapped people a lot of places to sit down walk and sit down walk and sit down so I really like that there Zoo

Crys Plow

A cute little zoo that is run by donations. We love visiting when we are in the area!

Faith Ebersole

Such a great free zoo. Mostly north American animals like bears, flamingos, deer and such but a couple Australian animals too. Big and small. Best part is that it's free. Went early in January. Weather was decent. Bathrooms clean. Gift shop and snack shop closed for off season but they did have employees walking around with animals to show off. Nicely paved for a nice stroll. I think we were there for about 2 hours taking photos and such.

Delice Waters

Love children enjoy everytime we visit!

Jean Shigley

We enjoed this very much. It was clean. The animals seem well cared for but could use updated enclosures. The gift shop was nice and the most inexpensive I've ever been in.

Zabrina Adorno

A hidden gem if you're traveling on the peninsula. A small zoo, you could probably finish it in an hour or two, but I know I could've doubled back around a few times. Decent variety of animals and good exhibit conditions. Quaint gift shoppe with a nice little book selection. Worth spending your time here.

Angela Collins

The Zoo was free to park and free entry. It was very informative on animals. Very comfortable walking along the paths at your own pace. The restroom was very clean. An excellent staff. Don't forget to leave a donation that help feed the animals.

Matt Eckrich

Always a pleasure! I’ve been coming here for thirty plus years. Changed a bit but for the better in some ways I’d say and the new playground is amazing!! Just wow!

Ashley Howe

We come here often. They are good about having events here for the little ones. Nice place to spend a few hours if you go to the playground as well.

Diana Carroll

Nice little free Zoo/Park. Worth the ride, but we got there too late to get to the gift shop...

Michael Vorhis

Great zoo - some cool animals but also a fantastic playground for your own animals. Certainly enough here to kill a day off from school. Very well done, SBY.

Jessica Stoup

I love this little zoo. It is free, but they do accept donations. They have a pretty herb garden which is fairly new to the zoo. They have animals ranging for Alligators to wallabies. They even have bees there. They have an insect house and reptile house. There is a small gift shop and a little stand to order food and drinks. There are public bathrooms available. I would highly recommend this zoo.

Nicole Dennis

We love going to the Salisbury Zoo and seeing all of the animals. It is very clean and well maintained.

Logan Hawley

Free, but can get hot. Also Zookeepers were very nice

YottaVolte Plays

It was good, though basic. It had enough for a free zoo and was pretty decent

Jaci Fong

Great experience for the price. My son is a toddler and was able to see and interact with all the animal habitats.

Kiki E

The zoo is behind my apartment and I love going there! Further, it's very well kept, never smells like animals as I've smelled other zoos. Animals are taken care of. Even though it's small, each habitat seems to be sufficient for the rescued animal. Their gift store is small and sort of reasonably priced for a zoo gift store. There is a place where you can get a snack or beverage but I haven't used it, so, I can't comment.

Katherine Sweitzer

This is such a nice little zoo. Perfect for younger kids since you can visit all the animals in one trip. Great education from staff members. The playground is fabulous! We loved the herb/flower garden too. We always seem to miss the sloth(s) but b we will keep going back.

Frank Thompson

Perfect little zoo with a park in the back my kids completely enjoyed it.

Matthew Wolske

Truly one of the nicest free zoo's in the country! Check it out!!

Grace Osborne

Best free zoo I've ever been to!

Muir Boda

One of the only free zoos in America, our Zoo is an important part of community and we are very proud of it!

Bridget Bercegeay Trahan

Great little zoo for an afternoon out. Very clean and the animals are well takin care of.


Nice place to visit. And it's free although they do accept donations.

Stephanie Kowalski

Amazing for a free Zoo! Lots of informational signage. Good variety of species.

Asiyah Muhammad

Nice little zoo. Great place to take the family for a day trip.

Ginger Culver

Wonderful Zoo with so.manh new animals. U saw my first Cusbarra

Mandi Fay

I feel like the zoo is failing. Very sad. Looks like it's getting run down :(

Meagan Raghunanan

A nice small zoo. Too far from our house to justify going very often, but nice zoo if you aren't too far from there.

Taunja Smith

Visited with my granddaughter on Earth Day and enjoyed many of the activities. Particularly enjoyed the Native American exhibit of the Lenape Tribe.


It's free, nice strolling layout, and a cool playground right between it and the city park.

James Brewer

Lovely unique zoo with free admission. Donation boxes are at the entrances. Definitely worth the trip.

candice J

This zoo has really lost animals over the years. If your local its a nice family day out. For people like us, it's not worth traveling almost 2 hours for.

Tasha Irvin

If you are in the area definitely stop by this zoo. You get a more up-close experience with the animals. Also it is free. You can’t beat that. They had some different animals you don’t normally see in bigger zoos.

Jeremy Chambers

If you are in Salisbury and have an hour or so to burn, this is a great way to do it! My family really enjoyed our visit to this little zoo. Animals were easy to view, with a good variety, and in nice environments. We enjoyed get up close to most of the animals, especially the flamingos and the wallabys.

Beth Wolff

Great place for a stroll or run. Large playground and nice little free zoo.

jonah parks

I've been going here since I was a child. I now enjoy going with my children, especially since the addition of the large playground at the West side entrance. Wonderful place to visit, especially during special event days

Ashley Kraska

We are in Salisbury visiting family and took our kids to the playground to discover it was a free zoo also. This place is awesome, wish we had something like it close to home.

Kimberly Taylor

Loved it, beautiful day and a great place for a picnic while the kids play on the huge playground.

S Gardner

Great for kids under 8 years old. Not a lot of animals but a great walk. Be ready for the mating. I guess the animals are bored ot its matting season for like every animal there. LoL

Eric Wright

Great place to visit. Free admission, donations appreciated.

Janet Carbajal

Very nice place to take kids or just go for a walk!

Charles Downs

Awesome free zoo. Definitely a family must see

Sheila Kemp

Had a great time with my son and grandson they had some new animals and it was a great day we had a picnic and they played at the park.

Jesse Schwinn

Fun pitstop on the way to Chincoteague! Free, well maintained and a great playground for the kids to stretch their legs!

Jay Barton

Great fpr relaxing walks. And i love all the animals

Ren M

The enclosures aren't very nice. I feel bad for the animals who were clearly very hot with little coverage. There is also a lack of places where guests can cool off. But it's free

Kristina Kramer

It's a nice little zoo to take kids, family, or friends to. They need to spend more time cleaning and stocking their bathrooms. Other then that was a nice school field trip

Cathy Jones

Very nice zoo. I like the animals habitat areas

Jane Pippin

A friendly zoo... kids love it here

Darlene Watkins

Nice small zoo, but has plenty of workers for the sorts and all seem knowledgeable about their work!

Vani Samaroo

This zoo was less crowded less capitalized and actually had animals to view up close! They had more animals and small variety. This zoo is way better than the one in dc i think.

Amie Smith

Small and alot of shady spots to sit and rest, as well as a place to buy food and drink, cute little gift shop.

rich rose

Not a big zoo at all, nothing impressive. Great for a walk through the park, to pass time. No charge.

Nicki Yoder

Love this place. It's always clean and maintained so well. Can't beat the fact that it's free and there is a beautiful play ground for the kids to blow off some steam. Make sure you look for blue heron nests!

Blue V

Small Zoo not to many animals but, it's wonderful for kids and there is a fairly large playground right outside it that's fenced in and very nice. It is also all free so you get a good time with no cost for the family.

Tania Cesari

The Salisbury Zoological Park is a great place to visit in the Delmarva Peninsula... And the admission is FREE!!! It is a 12 acre zoo, that feels not too small neither too big. You can walk around the whole place in less than an hour, or you can take your time and spend a couple of hours or more. Their trails and sidewalks are wide enough to move comfortably between animal exhibitions; and there are ramps for wheelchairs and strollers. It is better to visit on weekdays because it is less crowded than weekends. You will also enjoy it more on nicer (mild temperature) days. But there is always shaded areas and benches to sit if you need to take a break. They have a food stand that operates at different hours than the rest of the zoo; and the bathrooms are always available to the public. Don't forget to stop at their cute little gift shop before you leave!


a great, free zoo for all ages! cheap refreshments and beautiful scenery. the only downside was that some exhibits were closed for renovations and the animals were real sleepy around 1:30pm hahaha

osei kareem acheamfour

Spacious place with free WiFi connection, plus the zoo app

Steven Baily

Good selection of animals, especially considering admission is free. Easy to walk paths. Some animals weren't to be found, maybe because they were hiding from the 90 plus temps. Worth a stop if you're in Salisbury and not in a hurry to get somewhere else.

kristin staples

We absolutely love this zoo. It is always clean, the animals seem well cared for, and staff is friendly and knowledgable. They have added some really great exhibits over the last few years too!

Martha Daniels

Nice place just wish the animals were there though itsfree there were lots of empty exhibits

Sarah Clark Robinson

Really loved the zoo. I would happily pay admission to help better their habitats. Some seemed lacking. The animals were happy and healthy except for the kids screaming... This is their home please teach your children to be more respectful. Maps would have helped, but we found the little one on the post and took a picture. You can print the one from the site if you know you're going in advance. Don't forget to donate and check for tics after.

marcus page

I try to visit the Zoo whenever I get to Salisbury. The location is shady for the most part, it borders a park and a nice playground for kids. You can cover everything in an hour including the gift shop. The animals are mostly from the Americas. In recent years they added an Australian area. The zoo is reasonably maintained, but could use some upgrading to the enclosures if money was available. As funding is from the city and private donations, there is probably not a lot available. The Zoo charges no admission fee.

Gt7 cuppels

It is the epitome of a small-town zoo. The location is Drop Dead Gorgeous and has walking trails

Elana D

Are you looking for a small zoo adventures? If so the Salisbury Zoo is the place for you. It has multiple exhibits including monkeys, bears, llamas and birds of all kinds. The trails are shady and at the end there is a huge playground. My daughter loves our trip here and we will be going back again.

Rob Loper

We had a GREAT time at this zoo! It is no charge, but donations are accepted, and please donate! The animals were out, seemed happy and well cared for with plenty of space to move around. Plan about 2ish hours (at least that's how long it took us without kids). The gift shop is actually good! Normally zoo gift shops kind of suck. Not true about this one! And the prices were reasonable! They even have items that you can purchase that were painted by the animals who live there. This zoo is a must visit.

James Mullen

Great day! Zoo is free! They have docents everywhere to answer your questions.

Brittany Johnson

Really nice as far as free zoos are concerned. They have a good range of animals and the younger kids really enjoy it. And having the park nearby is great as well.

John Peletsky

Love this place, it's beautiful here. And love bringing my family

Amanda Green

Great place to take the kids for the day. Just wish the entrance to big red was only one and not 3.

Angela Stephens

My grandsons loved this zoo. They loved the kangaroos. As well as the playground!

Linda McGinn

Unbelievably it was my first visit and I loved it! Very nice atmosphere & it seemed less commercial than other zoos. The smaller size also made for a nicer experience!

Jane Unbehagen

Could not believe it was free. It was great exhibits and even had an owl you could see up close. We loved the playground too

Dezrae Reynolds

Cute little zoo! I recommend going when everything is green and the air is warm. ❤ If you take time to read the banners and learn about the animals, your learning experience is much better.

Katland Stoltzfus

Was nice they need more animals other then birds they are how ever adding on and upgrading

justin sipple

Always a fun place to take your kids for a few hours! Your kids will love the playground area as well!

Sari Kress

Beautiful zoo right in my backyard. Free to get in, free to park. Great place to take your kids for the day. Highly recommend

WILL Kernodle

Nice family zoo that is free. Wish they would fix more the exhibits. And feed the deer...they hungry.

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