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301 E Randall St, Baltimore, MD 21230, United States

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Where is Riverside Park?

REVIEWS OF Riverside Park IN Maryland

Seth Pearlman

What a beautifully maintained park. Such a nice oasis in a bustling city.

Kelsey Wootten

Clean nice park, view is fantastic my four year old enjoyed the play ground closest to the river.


A very nice park. Great for dog walking. Friendly neighbors. Clean and natural.

Candace Tiara

Nice pool

Ed Rogers

Loved it

Daniel Smith

Such an awesome, well kept park in the middle of Federal Hill. Plenty of happy, playful pups and friendly people.

Jason Scime

Nice park, great place to take your dog to. I Just wish everyone would pick up after their pet.

Casey M

Nice park that is kept up well. Pool is great on a hot day, and cheap to use. Lots of dogs that are friendly, but I wish there was a fenced portion for the pooches. Fun free concerts at the gazebo throughout the summer. Plenty of volo city sports leagues throughout the year. Basketball courts are a little dated, but just fine. We like living by this park.

Peggy Chynadoll79

Grew up right across the street always been my favorite park and the pool is really nice too

matt johnson

Kids playground

Cara Moulds

Fun place to walk dog

Darnell Leake

Great park

javier wilson

My kids like this park, the playground which is usually busy with a few other kids, enough so that it's fun for them but not too crowded either. There's a public pool, when open kids can enjoy a kids pool. I also find it less busy than other public pools. Now, what troubles me a bit is the gazebo. It's the only place in the park where I don't let my kids run or explore by themselves because there are usually people there smoking, drinking and sleeping or a combination of all these. Parking is usually easy and free around the park but when there's an event like a summer concert or movie (which are great) parking is impossible. Also every other month there's a pizza in the park day, great for kids.

Dan Packard

This park has been going downhill in the past year or two. It's likely that you will be attacked by a dog because too many people take their leash off and let them wander off unsupervised. It especially sucks in the winter because most people I see at that time of year are very suspicious looking and sometimes I see myself and maybe one other person as the only people who don't look suspicious. I was even threatened by someone who has his dog wandering loose and I haven't felt safe being in this park since. One thing that can really improve this park is if they have police officers monitoring the park making sure it's safe and everybody has their dog on a leash.

Parrish Ralston

nice big park with a play ground, gazebo, public pool, and baseball field

Cork Hardin

Great park for taking walks. Great playground for kids.

Joslynn Davis

Very clean and quiet neighborhood. Good place for young adults and all dog lovers.

Erik Geaslen

Quiet and active park.

Brian battle


Iyannah Tillman

Beautiful, clean, quiet, peaceful. 10/10

Cyndicy Yarborough

They have picnic tables with umbrellas and you can take food in there

Wolf 410

I love Riverside Park. My family's name is on the cornerstone of the park. "I have nothing but good memories growing up around that place"

Mary Hodgenson

Nice place

Blanca Hinojosa Zuani

So cool to enjoy with the kids


Beautiful park. We love it!

Kevin Althaus

Great family park

Tim Walnutz

Great place to let your pooch hangout with others dogs

Peter Eacmen

Very well maintained public park in South Baltimore. We bring our toddler to the playground almost every day and he loves it.

Stephen Pirpiris

Beautiful park with lots of space and seating.

David Walters

Great place to walk your dog. Hold outdoor events and concerts during the summer. Definitely family friendly.

Mo Robinson

It's a beautiful park with pavilions and a public pool


One of the prettier parks in the area with huge old trees. Lots of shade and a field for sports. Also a pool

Marona Chatfield

Great, great, great..... every time!

Sharon Ayd

Really big and nice for swimming and nice chairs to sit in.

G Gotti

Nice place to take your dog alot of other dogs. Also has swings and slides for children.

Daron Hill

Dog friendly Great pool an kid Gymboree

Alexandra Carpenter

Great park in the neighborhood to enjoy!

Sina Cooper

Kids love it

Nikolas Alexander

A relaxing park to jog, walk or run. It has outdoor workout equipment, a community pool, athletic fields and cool views of the city.

Ashley Straw

Parking is practically impossible on a weekend, ball fields frequently have dog poop on them, and grass coverage on those fields is spotty.

Tom Childers

Fun stop on a long travel journey.

David Scheihing

Really nice and friendly... There are some homeless that come thru at night, but they keep the park clean and chase away the junkies!

Kelli Free-Orahood

Great place for family fun and they have Clam festivals there

Wendy Gibson

Wonderful park in the middle of the city.

Ram Sathi

Great dog park, children park, and sports league location.

Eli Millz

Great place to have a good time

Christian Nickel

Good park, great for walking dogs or just hanging out. Knocked off a star because it needs a dog park, too many people walk their dogs off leash here.



Dar Gollar

Beautiful park wit a public pool and close to home

Linette Wallace

My kids can't get enough

william feeley

Riverside Park is a great place in South Baltimore it has a great playground for small children it has a bike path and a running path and it has a very large swimming pool open to the public

Lara Simmons

Walkable from most fed hill homes. Has a community pool. Good place to bring kids as it has good playgrounds and good place to walk dogs

Orlando Galindo

We go there to swim sometimes I love them swimming pools

Joseph Johnson

Cool park. Lots of dogs. Fed hill people are usually awful. But dogs are cool.

Alexander Czisny

Clean and green.

Melissa Long

I really like the park. It needs some repairs on the playground, but other than that it is a beautiful place for everyone to enjoy!

T_isfor_TERRY Journey

The pool was pretty good. I was a little unhappy that with 5+ staff sitting around for almost 30 minutes while we all witted for it to be open they only decided to clean the pool once they let us in. Also there was a homeless man who smelled very strong sleeping from the time we arrive to when we left on a bench right in front of the pool. Seems safe and quiet and somewhere I would go again.

Joseph Carr


Daniel Howard

Nice quiet

joelle woolston

Great park! Summer concerts are a nice neighborhood event and the gardens are always so well-kept!

Fabiana Wells

Great for working out! Many friendly faces.

Ron Puller

I grew up playing in that park. Really good neighborhood.

Sauron The valiant

A great park to walk around.


Lovely neighborhood park people jogging, out with their children, families.

Michael Hunt

Not like it used to be... To many folks with dogs off leashes..

Sheila Lo Monaco

Beautiful playground. Not far from Baltimore downtown . Lots of tree and fun for the kids.

Theresa smith

The area was lovely for adults and the kids, the only problem was that the portapotties where to far from the pavilion.

corey Brian

This park has a nice playground for the kids, and large beautiful fields with plenty of shaded areas to lounge under.

Cafer Orman

Great place to relax in the city

Sierra Barkdoll

There is a park, gazebo, and pool with cheap public admission. Great for kids!

Harry Luo

Not much there. However, this is the nearest free parking area next to the inner harbor

Sywei Doun

This is the less scenic, dingier, and more neglected of the South Baltimore parks, and while the playground equipment is perfectly adequate for young children to enjoy, the condition and proximity of the fencing, various divots scattered about the grounds, and the nearby dingy pool house provide a sense of abandoned unease. I usually elect to make the slightly longer walk to Federal Hill Park instead.

Zane Stiles

Fantastic park, great place for dogs, and the pool is great.

P Jones

good place to drink a vegetable juice. highly recommended.

Pablo Lopez

Beautiful neighborhood park. Public pool open during the summer ($2 entrance fee). Newly installed exercise equipment, softball field, and park kiosk for live music and events. Big trees with abundance shade. Popular with dogs

Alicia Gardiner

One of the best parks to take the family and the family dog for a nice stroll.

D Ro

Nice park to relax, walk your dog, play with your kids

Matilda Flower

Very fun and the trees are great to climb!!

Jeffery Caves

South side for life


Usually a creepy person under the gazebo but seems relatively safe even at night.

William Jones

I have been going here for over 60 yrs. Playing as a child now walking my dog. It's a nice place friendly people.

ronald adams

Great place for a family gathering.

Patrick Monahan

Here for a Birthday Party. Actually had no problem with parking. Park was relatively clean for Baltimore. Locals shared their steamed crabs as we shared Birthday Cake.

Matt Benfer

Huge park with plenty of space to throw the ball with the dog

allison bright

Some of the life guard's are a bit rude to children. Other than that we love it there

Lesulia Phillips

Bomb rec clean park cool pool

Scott Verzier

Beautiful park, nice playground. Public swimming pool

Jeanne Foulds

Nice place to walk. Love all the dogs at the park

Peggy Hbic Adams

Great park beautiful area grew up over here and played In that park all my childhood life plus my kids also its clean big and a real nice pool too

Robert Bates

Very nice and they are working on redoing the sidewalks and streets.

Merry Bailey

Peaceful. Although it has sorta changed in the last few years.

Adriana Laser

Nice playground and fun places to run kids and dogs. but sometimes have to watch who is there in the pagoda...and watch for dog poop!

Kristy Klemkowski

Been going there since I was a child and it has always been nice! Always clean and everyone is doing their own thing.

Ginney Gregory

Beautiful area

Roselyn Stewart

Beautiful seenary


Great views of downtown

The Mad Tatter

Quite peaceful

Gregory Kulis

Excellent place to be if you are homeless and in need of a place to stay dry and sleep under the gazebo on a bench or a table

Sean Connors

plenty of space for dogs, a public pool, baseball diamonds, blacktop bball court. public restrooms are port-a-potties.

Sean O'Maille

Good amount of open grassy space, and large, beautiful trees

Shawn Soviak

The nicest large park I've visited in Baltimore. A short walk from Fed Hill, with a fairly attractive public pool and plenty of open space.

nancy mazan

I love going there it quite and clean

Brendan Little

One of my favorite parks is Federal Hill! Many people bring their dogs and the overall feel is friendly.

Carl Haffner

Saw Desperate Measures band play Sunday evening. Amazingly talented band and a great venue. Family friendly park with a lot of amenities. Will definitely visit again!

Samantha Zerwonka

Beautiful park, very family friendly. My kids love the playground and there are a few good climbing trees by the playground my kids love as well

chrissy bates

I remember going here as a kid with friends and family we used to walk to riverside I was about 8-9years old and then my grandmother and her new husband they would drive us there but he had a little Truck so we had to get in the back of the truck alot of memories.I MISS THOSE DAYS SO MUCH THIS WAS IN THE EARLY 80'S NOT TRYING TO TELL MY AGE. LOL

Joe Dissolvo

Its a park, thats sunny, and well kept up. Recommended if you like being outside.

Rafel Campoamor

Very clean. Very clean. But the swimming pool nearby was closed. Domage!

Barbara luster

Great place for kids. Great staff..

john vice

It's clean, and quite beautiful, it is not huge but really well maintained.

bob barczak

Great place to walk your dog

Helen Freda

A lovely area to hangout when the weather is nice. There is plenty of space to sit and have a picnic or jog around the waterfront. In the summer, donation-based yoga is available. Other events are also held in the area. The only downside is that lighting is limited at night.

Melissa Lee

Very nice place to relax and a wonderful playground for the kids

Andy Flacks

Beautiful. Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder the whole time

Greg Cole

Very nice park along the Ohio River. Great landscaping and walking paths.

Laura Knapp

Beautiful park, awesome pool with lovely people.

Cornetta Kelly

Nice people and clean

Kim Evans

No grills No music. Limited parking.

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