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Where is Reginald F. Lewis Museum?

REVIEWS OF Reginald F. Lewis Museum IN Maryland

Thaddeus Gipson

Informative and educational.

Mark Jones

Very nice staff. The building looks beautiful

Lakeysha Ford

I appreciated the look at history, but as I thought it was very overwhelming, informative, but overwhelming

Lori Tornkvist

Wish I had more time to see it all. Need to go back. Veryy enlightening.


Excellent family experience to learn about the history of African Americans with a unique focus on Maryland.

Elise Lewis

A Fabulous place to visit, Absolutely Beautiful, Convenient parking. I Had the Best time ever!!!!


Excellent experience for everyone! Please go and learn.

Hailey Duncan

Great museum and well put together. They are undergoing some renovations. Right now so some of the audio elements did not work. Otherwise I really enjoyed spending my afternoon here!

J Moore

Another historic reawakening in Baltimore. This Richard F. Lewis museum has some very in depth history listed for all African Americans. There are some controversial sections but its important to understand your history. I thoroughly enjoyed the walking through and relearning great moments and turning points of the pasts for education, music, inventions, and struggles of those before my time. I strongly encourage more people to visit and learn those actions and accomplishments from history so you can see it for youself. We as a nation have come a long way but there is still some work to be done so we can be united as a country.

Lakeia Newkirk

They generally have a great exhibit. I really appreciated the kids events and activities when mine were small. Now I can also appreciate the youth events and adult evening activities.

Alkema Jackson

Always enjoy events here. Staff is nice as well. Great information. Will be back to support a great organization.

Wes Guerrier

Inspiring event! Made some great connections!

betty robinsonharris

Another historical gem for African-American history and culture. Gotta experience it!

Beni Dakar

Excellent venue. Parking lot is adjacent to building. A wonderful gift shop. Well planned exhibits and workshops.

DaRae Grant

I guess I should've gone there before the African American museum in DC. I felt the exhibits were lacking and heavily focused on Maryland black history. But overall it was ok, I wasn't wowed

Jamere Miller

Very well stocked with plenty of image's and a book store.

Michael Bowman

Very informative exhibits!

E. Annette Stewart

The African American children's book fair was fantastic. Children were able to speak with the authors and take pictures with them. There were even 3 youth author's. Children were also able to participate in art activities.

Denzelmp Addy

An add-on enlightening experience to that of the National Museum of African American history & culture. A great events place for receptions as well.

Koko Kreates

My daughter and I went for the black superhero exhibit. It was only one room unfortunately. We were pleasantly surprised though to find all of the historical information about Maryland on the third floor. That made the trip well worth it!

Trevor Leach

Amazing curation of African american history. A must visit if you are in Baltimore.

Craig Francisco

Excellent museum. Very enlightening.

Hannah Palmer

While my dad was visiting from Texas, this was a spur of the moment decision to come here. We enjoyed ourselves and enjoyed all the educational exhibits. Admission was very reasonable. We will recommend this museum to everyone!

Barbara McCamie

A great place to learn history of American people.

Nicole Mosley

Awesome tour of Maryland's black history.

Ray Glenn

Nice,clean location.Informative exhibits.Staff was very personable.We enjoyed the gift shop also.

montina wood

The children of MCBC loved the storyteller and crafts.

Evelyn Frances

Enjoyed the documentary about the Green Book, was very well done.

lori james

The lectures, film screenings, and artist's presentations I saw in February we're outstanding.

Mabel Crisostomo

surprisingly we found this black history museum in Baltimore Maryland on I forgot the Avenue but I think it was called presidential hello let me cross it out but it was a nice museum very interesting with learning about not just do play report of black people but the Jazz and resistant to help black people use Music to entertain themselves and their bring yourself up and it was a lot of viewing of black musicians that may pave the way for Baltimore and how they show how music soothes the Mind and Spirit when he was going through the hardship of poverty and all that kind of stuff from kids going up they celebrated people like Ella Fitzgerald Phyllis Hyman names I have never heard of cat cat cat Callaway all kinds of things that shoot a film it was very interesting and the prices was very good they do have ratings for children from from kids to senior citizens they have a short put Out programs for different events that might going later on in the summer or through the year so take the time out and visit that it's on is off of Canal Street and just ask around if I can remember the name I will post it back again because it was very very interesting God bless some history was taught there and like I said it was a surprise toward that me and Kevin together that was very very interesting would have never known that we could visit a museum like that that shows a lot of black history for Baltimore as well as all over the world thanks be to God go see a check it out for yourself I give a 4. 3 stores

Rhonda Carter

Great place to take the family to learn about black history.


Great books in the gift shop!

Chanel Rosado

The museum is beautiful. The exhibits are kept clean and in great condition. The prices are reasonable. I wish there were more guides that could give you a little more background information on the different exhibits.

Marquita Eady

I loved this place so much because I got to learn things that I never knew before about Reginald D. Lewis and also much more about my culture. Also I loved this place because this famous great man was born where I was also born at. Which is Baltimore Maryland. This man did a lot of good things that made such a great difference in the world.

Ashley Cook

The annual African American children's book fair is an amazing event

Evette Holmes

I was very much impress by the staff,the event and the food service which was catered.

Janine Wafer

Rich history of black accomplishments.

Caroh Holley

Nice museum great exhibits all on 3rd floor. 2nd floor for events (a wedding reception was planned for this evening)1st floor has one exhibit and gift shop (well over priced items)overall it was a nice experience and i learned a lot of Baltimore black history that i didnt know about. Museum could use some maintenance lights were blown throughout leaving some areas very dark

Lamont Scott

Great historical museum to visit with cool exhibits. Even has a cafeteria. Not sure if the restrooms on the second floor are the only ones, but the men's room doesn't have a changing table for infants/small toddlers. Would be a need for fathers with children. Have great fun!

Miss Me

Great photos and tons of information. We spent hours here. Great place!!

Jennifer Miller

I had the opportunity to visit the museum while visiting my sister in MD. It was AMAZING. Very warm, welcoming and beautiful. We've had the opportunity to visit the James Pate: Kin Killing Kin exhibition there and we were blown away. I hope to visit the museum again on my next visit to the area.

Tanya Nichols

Great museum showcasing African American history in Maryland.


Not to be missed while visiting the baltimore harbour....excellent exhibits... friendly staff.

Sonya Z Phillips

I really enjoyed it. Very informative and the collection/exhibits were very personable and relatable. Lots of good history as it relates to MD and the world.

Augustus McMillan

Awesome place to learn about history and culture.

Reggie Hurt

A great historical look at Baltimore and a realistic portrait of the atrocities committed against the Negros who help build this city and defend this country. I recommend this museum if you are visiting downtown Baltimore.

Philip Allen

DJ Tanz and friends always have a very special party.

Joe Halloran

Romare Bearden. Wonderful exhibit.

Jym Right

A wonderful place. Had meant to go for years. Grateful to finally do so. The history is enriching and you lean SO much about life in Baltimore for black people. Worth it for sure

Eddie Howard

Love the atmosphere and exhibits. In addition the RFL museum have relevant events that enrich and enlighten throughout the year.

Mike Smith

Great place to visit, plus a great place to host an event.

Tahani Muhammad

Shirts that say, "We Out" and "Nah" tactless! Religions prior to slavery that came with the slaves... mentioned BRIEFLY once. Worth a visit on dollar days.

Myra McIlwain

Clean, excellent information and displays

Curtis O.

Awesome visited 2x and will return.

Milton Smith

Excellent venue for African American History

George McDonald

Small museum, offers African American history tailored to Maryland. Highlight your was very insightful.

G Aquino

Informative and well worth the two hours. The permanent exhibits on the third floor presented in equal measure the struggles and triumphs of African- Americans from Maryland, including the famous statesman, Frederick Douglass. The museum also highlighted their economic, political, and cultural contributions to the state and the nation. The museum is housed in a modern and spacious building, an attraction in its own right. It is a 10-minute walk from downtown Baltimore's famed waterfront.

Rianna Facey & Tywanna Gardner

The cooking event was not very educational or entertaining.

Kimberly Raikes

Awesome experience. More $1 days for Black youth experience.

Marcus Monroe

Thoroughly enjoyed this place, so much to soak in one day you have to visit a few times.

ABC Driver Education

A wonderful museum that all Americans should visit.

Preston Leigh

Information is clearly presented, good organization and flow. I learned a lot of information regarding how the seafood industry developed in Maryland that I was unaware of. There could be a better utilization of empty space.

Kizzy Hill

Went to a hat day party it was great parking sucked Noe Valley but other than that everything else was wonderful

Sonjala Williams

Awesome Place everyone must go!

Derrick Matthews

Extensive survey of African-American history with a main emphasis on Baltimore and Maryland (where it is located). Rotating themes on a periodic basis. Good experience for the whole family, but may be a challenge for small children. Senior and child discounts available. Will have to pay for parking across the street. In museum shop but no food at the time we were there. Seafood restaurant across the street.

HR Hines

I take my son there for the Martin Luther KING activities. I liked how they had something for everyone. It's very important to me that my son understands the great work Dr. King started and it's up to us to continue that work. My child deserves the best no matter his color, and we will continue fighting for our God given right for equality, no matter who states differently.

xXRoblox loverXx

This was my very first time coming however I will be back. This was an amazing experience. I was there for the movie made about the lynching of George Armwood who was my grandmother's close relative. That's to Will and The Museum George will live on. I painting an image of that night as well. This image isn't at the museum. But it's might.

Steve Young

Reginald F. Lewis- A true American legend and visionary

Lisa Furtado Clark

An astounding amount of education packed into a truly beautiful building. The best $8 I spent in Baltimore!


Beautiful space. Went for a private event. Will go again.

Dipak Oza

The museum covers the culture and history of African Americans in Maryland very well. Great location within walking distance from the inner harbor in Baltimore.

CDyches -DHS- Baltimore City

The museum is just lovely. Such a wonderful space here in my city. VERY Disappointed that Reginald Lewis Museum did not take a bigger role in the City Lights Festival. Just to display some lights on that wonderful corner that you occupy would have been nice . Love your programming and wish that there was a greater presence in attendance.

Jonelle Samuel

You need to carve out at least 2-3 hours. Can't wait to come back!

Kristina D. Allen

You have to visit! There are several parking garages around but I found it best to take a Lyft. They have some really interesting and thought provoking exhibits.

honeydew324 Gregg

Had a really good time during the Wakanda celebration! The cost was only $5 p/p, and worth going to learn the history of Wakanda. Good idea for Black History month!

Baltimore Runningman

Attended the Mr.Keith Baltimore Runningman event. Packed house along with BRO organization and Nike rep.

Kevin H

Very nice black history museum.


Great history! Loved it.

Morgan Conner

Very well kept and lit. Very good prices and parking is across the street and can be validated at the museum

Eloise Carter

Beautiful history!

Steven Gregory

I was there, for the 1st time, for a fund raiser for Gov. Larry Hogan and I was able to take a brief tour....and must say.....I was truly impressed.

Robin Lacey

Afro American muse great for Weddings Baltimore Md

Andrew Beasley Jr

Wonderful experience

Miss Curry Cares

The Museum is a horrifying depiction of reality past and present. I was happy to learn about the life and accomplishments of Reginald Lewis and my admiration of Baltimore grew fonder. However, I left there deeply sadden about Africans brought here against their will to be enslaved, and degraded. I left there nauseas and feeling afraid for my life, though not removed from my Faith.

Timothy Brockington

Great place about Afro America history in Baltimore

Corlissa Little

Great and informative reenactment/presentation about the life of Harriett Tubman, learned about codes that were created by our ancestors, and took the kids on an adventure through the "Underground Railroad"...Can't wait to go back

David Egan

Parental discretion is advised; there may be racist stuff too.

Don Grider

Must See. Go with open eyes and an open heart.


Thought it would be an event where I would see art. Though it was more of a health fair. Which was ok too. Maybe next time.

Beate Klösgen

Sad but very interesting,and needed! Very well presented, great people who represent the impact of AA-citizens to the US today, their cultural contribution, and the economic push provided by them.

Melvin Lee

Great place to visit history

Cheryse Johnson

it was nice seeing the history of African Americans and very humbling. 3 floors mainly of pictures and some showcases not a lot to touch or anything, but for a small 8$ museum it's very nice and worth it

Donna Rae Pearson

This relatively new history and culture museum exceed my expectations. I learned so much about the history and culture of Black in Maryland in one trip. Set aside some time to get through it, the exhibit is bigger than it looks.

Teresa B

Nice place with very nice events

Kimberley Oldfield

Enjoyed a great night at the Reginald Lewis Museum, went to an event called Short Kutz , where different people spoke about their experiences at HBCU's. Twas a fantastic show, filled with laughter, good energy, comedy and entertainment. It was a great venue and I would definitely return.

Anngellic Dinkins

I attended a class with my granddaughter.

Marlon Rock

Great information on the history of blacks in Maryland

Laura Jones

So much information! You have to visit more than once!

xxx Shadow Hero

Wasn't interested

La'car Gee

Great in every way!

Connie Green

We decided to spend a weekend in Baltimore and when exploring around the inner harbor, the Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History caught our eye. We're glad we went. We only had time for the permanent exhibits on the top floor and a time-limited artist exhibition on the third, but we learned a great deal about African American life in Maryland that we did not know and we look forward to learning more on a return visit. It's down the street from Little Italy, where we had lunch, so you can plan to have two ethnic experiences one right after the other!

Jacquetta Higgins

Very nice. They always have FREE family events that are educational and fun.

Summer Account

Live music. Great food. Good company.

Christopher Snyder

I really enjoyed this museum. Very informative and the visual models were done very well. My only complaint which may be a work in progress but the middle floor seemed pretty bare.

Lisa Leslie

Absolutely love this museum. They are curators of culture. They do an amazing job with planning events that will attract my generation.

GorDon Baker

Went to see the romare bearden was very good.I hope the museum plans to have something nice for the CIAA tournament, when it comes to Baltimore in 2021

Brenda Harris

This is a well designed and well conceived museum. It always has interesting and innovative exhibits and programs.

Vie Armstrong

Great museum, items in the store over price necklace$350.00

Brenda Brooks

This place was nice, but you had to pay for parking. Nice place to visit if you are downtown Baltimore. Close to Baltimore harbour. That was real nice. It was clean and good information.

e harmon

Inwasbamazed at how much history was packed into this place. The Romare Bearden exhibit was great. Not enough time to see it all in one visit. We will be back!

William Pointer

The Mesuem was so relaxing

Dawnya Johnson

Beautiful museum. Good talk

Rolicia Martin

Planned to visit the Lewis Museum today. Checked the website and called to make sure the museum was open. There was nothing stating that the museum would be closed today. So we went there around 1:00PM. Doors wouldn't open. Called inside. No answer. By the time we left, there were about 10 people waiting to see if the museum was going to open. It is now 3:00PM and as I was driving by, I saw two more people go to the museum only to find it closed. Once the hours are updated to reflect that the museum is closed on the 4th of July, I will update this review.

nakoya kabia

New experience on every level

Daryl Nitz

I give this place 5 stars for Donna in the genealogy department on 4. The staff is also very nice. Too much local history for my interest. Some if the art work is anazing. There is a wax museum that I think has broader appeal, just not close. This location and layout is perfect. It's only $8.

Kimberly Maxwell

So informative amazing stories and beautiful displays

Sequoia Taylor-El

My first time her for the 7th Annual AA Children's Book Fair and I am impressed, I can't wait to go back go for more of the museum!!

Jennifer Folayan

Great film screening

Eneshal Miller

O'mazing Your Destination World Spa has the best body scrubs.

Patricia Simon

I had a great time. Everyone should take the time visit this when they are in the area

SharonGordon Gordon

As always the best in Baltimore


Friendly staff....amazing displays...go on a Sunday after'll be able to walk off some calories and learn a lot.

Carl Williams

Great time, good music & food. Looking for a place with great vibe and atmosphere check out Reginald F. Lewis Museum on 3rd Thursdays!

Sergio C.

An absolute jewel of downtown Baltimore!! I found this museum by chance while going to lunch with my wife. It was a treat and historical gold for anyone in Baltimore. To see such history that resonates with the city of Baltimore specifically and cover national historical facts as well was awesome. The wall that paid tribute to young artists from competitions in local schools was inspiring. Very well kept, informative, excellent price of admission, validated parking, nice mementos in the gift shop. A wonderful experience for the family, insightful conversation starter for dates, and a point of pride for all African Americans and Baltimoreans of any race!

George Mckinnon

Walking in the door everyone was friendly, full of information. The exhibits were beautiful. We plan on going back very soon to finish the tour.

Bee Jay Asbury

I attended a beautiful wedding here. It was so educational for my fiance & I to be able to browse the museum after hours; so we could take as much time as we liked at each individual showcase. From letters from Sugar Ray Leonard, to some of the very first seats from the first schools of African Americans, to some of the biggest Pioneers in medicine it was amazing to see, it truly was. I do truely feel that if you havent been able to get here yet, that you are really missing out on something special.

Ramon Luna

Cant wait to try the ancestry tracker next time I go. I was here for a corporate event and got to go on a cool tour of the two main levels

Sadira Stroman

Wonderful educational experience about Maryland's African American history.

Sharmaine Gervais

Excellent location

Brittney Harrell

Its interesting maryland history.

Octavia Carroll

Attented a wedding there, it was AMAZING!! The best catered food ever

Harold Peters

I really like this place and it was very inspiring

Victor Wang

Absolutely amazing museum filled with a ton of artifacts. The space is not very large but it's packed full of descriptions, videos, and everything is well laid out. Staff is friendly and the admission price is extremely reasonable. Love the comfy couches that they had in the 2nd floor exhibit. Not very crowded when I went on a Sunday.

Everett J. Smith

Love it a must see for yourself

Dawnyell Snyder

As I was driving away, I could see the museum easy from the traffic around me. So, the R.F. Lewis museum is very easy to notice.

Diane Corbett

I Wish More African American Would Take They Family There. The Problem I Have With Reginald F. Lewis Museum Is The Price For Senior Citizen Should Be 60's Year and Beyond.

Octavia Dargan

I've had the pleasure of attending events as well as just visiting the museum. It's a great environment.

Asya Shaheeddavis

Nice place to have an event. There are multiple rooms as well as outside.


Very cool place. 3 levels of amazing African American history. Highlighting the milestones and achievements with such rich history, hard to believe most of that was all within the last 75 years. Plenty to read, memorabilia and hand made quilts in an amazing building inside and outside. Well worth the $8 admission.

Lucky Weaver

Went here for an event and really enjoyed the layout. The cafe is really worth trying. See all the art collected over the years and approximate the history that this building brings to Baltimore.

darleen hicks

Got there late. I thought the staff would be upset but they welcomed my family and I there with open arms. They gave us great tips on how to see as much as possible.

Cassie H

I went there on a university field trip for Black History Month, and it was such a good pick. There was so much information not taught in classrooms. I walked away learning a lot. The art exhibits were a wonderful surprise because I love art. They showed a few high school pieces, which were all incredible. I felt so inspired and motivated after viewing there pieces. The location of the museum is perfect. It is right next to Little Italy, and a short drive from the Inner Harbor. It's a great destination if you plan on visiting Baltimore

Obdulio Oden

Awesome, learn your history folks!

Al Hathaway

an interactive museum with significant information about the contributions of African Americans

Kate EbunOluwa

Very interesting and historical

Slytherin Pride

It was really boring because since all the paintings was literally in one room. They explain every picture which was boring since it so many paintings

Ben Maerzke

Great exhibits that dive into the unique history of Maryland. Add to this the very knowledgeable staff and live history performances and you've got a real winner.

Liz Resha

Very enlightening and interesting, would highly recommend

Dan Hamrick

Offers an eye opening perspective of Black America from the early days of slavery to current history.

Etolia Biggs

This is an extraordinary cultural museum representing African American contributions to Maryland, national exhibits, local live museum and excellent food. They have it All! I'm happy to be a member.

Tennille Blue

Loved the atmosphere!

360' King Bay Ray Tip Toe Man

Greeting, the best museum with the most black history I have ever witness. Visited during my Family Reunion. Peace Be Unto You

Vikki Rideout

Awesome experience! Lots of great memories come ti mind looking at the exhibits. The exhibits are well with the trip!

Lin Romano

A wonderful overview of those people and events that impacted African American history. Not as heartfelt as the Great Blacks in Wax Museum, though more "professional" in presentation. Worth a visit, and plan for about 3 hours.

Ebony Bouche-Pearson

This museum really touched my soul. Seeing the photographs, reading the literature and the over all experience gave me an additional sence of pride and dignity.

Dair Brown

I was looking forward to this and for good reason. The museum absolutely lived up to my expectations and then some. The RFL Museum does a great job highlighting the many contributions of African Americans to Maryland and beyond. I passed a group of white people at the intersection right before I went in. They were all talking about how it was “on their list.” If it’s on yours (and I hope it is), move it up the list! You won’t regret it. Totally recommended.

Doreion Colter

Excellent event this evening.

The TasteTee Life

My father had his birthday party here and my aunt had her wedding and reception here. Both times we had wonderful experiences from the staff and all the departments. I'm considering having an event here one day

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