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REVIEWS OF National Gallery of Art IN Maryland

Bre Valente

I fall in love with different pieces every time I visit the National Gallery of Art. Everything is so beautifully and intentionally curated and displayed, and you can feel the mood change as you move from room to room. Even the gift shops and cafe are wonderful! I could spend a whole day exploring just one section of the museum and be just as excited to return the next day for more. Photos are a few of my favorites from my visit July 7th.

Helen Bibb

Wonderful gallery with paintings by a huge number of well known artists. Well worth a visit

Carol Kadri

Awe inspiring collection of art. We didn't get a chance to discover the whole museum, as you could get caught up admiring a painting here, or historical furniture piece there. This is a place to visit on a regular basis, to take in all that it offers, but even seeing it once will leave you with new appreciation for humanity's past. I understand that the displays do change every so often which is another reason to come back. Free admission for a walk through history.

CRad Varbs

Amazing national treasure. A wide variety of art and the cafeteria downstairs isn't awful anymore.

Euijin Chang

We can meet tremendous amounts of pictures and sculptures from the middle age to the modern age from all around the world in this graceful gallery.

Ross Ayer

Great museum. Free admission and a good collection help. The navigation is a little tough, but the staff is rather friendly once you ask.

Nirbhay Vig

The lunar photography gallery was amazing! I spent nearly an hour in that room alone. I would highly recommend for anyone who can visit while it is still there. Next month(September 2019) they are adding a sun photography gallery as well. If it's anything like the lunar one it has to be amazing as well.


beautiful paintings and art. staff was very rude. old black security man was sleeping at his post and had the audacity to yell at me for getting a little too close to the art. i just wanted a closer look and didn’t see any borders set up

Abiose Adedoyin

Excellent place to relax and leasurely learn about the past through pictures, sculptures, and artworks. Good food and gift stores downstairs. Great place

freeborn odiboh

It is at the heart of Washington DC government activities centre. There are art shows going on there throughout the week. It is an important visitors destination ,if you find yourself in Washington DC. The Center for Advanced Study of the Visual Arts(CASVA) is based at the National Gallery of Art.

Pam Clough

Never thought I would get to see a Davinci. Awesome place.

Lauren Edwards

We decided to take a day and do the museums and sites in the area and found the diversity of art to be incredible. While some of the exhibits may lack significance to some, there is certainly something for everyone that will touch your heart or cause you to pause. highly recommend taking the time and soaking up the culture.

Jodilyn Owen

Get your culture smarts on! Sprawling exhibits, something for everyone or everything for someone...We took 3 gallery tours in a row. The docents are wonderful with lively stories and intriguing art history. We spent from noon until 4:45 there then took an uber up to Arlington and it was perfect timing.

Erik Sandberg

It's one of my favorite places period! I've been going there since I was a kid and it has had a huge influence on my life and career

J. Halsey Payne

The delicately displayed work of the Impressionists is certainly moving. Particularly, Monet's Woman with a Parasol evokes certain memories of lost childhood which may be hard to access without such a medium. That said, the best work of art in America is Brady's spiral, brother. Go Pats.

William Andreozzi

As others before have stated; one of the best museums in the world. I prefer to go during the week to cut down on the number of people; but certainly worth taking the time out of your day to spend several hours.

Soheyla Stammann

One of the few galleries with a great flow to experience the art. The place is not overcrowded so you can take your time to enjoy the art. The staff was also amazing and helpful.

Nico Betancourt

An amazing experience! Make sure you get a map and prepare for an all day affair if you plan to see the whole thing. It is very very expansive with something for everyone to see.

Lianne Romahi

This was the first time I take my 7 year old (we usually just go to the natural history museum). I was surprised with how much he enjoyed it! The temporary exhibition on Japanese arts was kids friendly and he enjoyed the audio self-guided tour. I’m going to be better at exposing my kids to museums outside the natural history as they often surprise us with new and/or emerging interests.

Michael Brown

Excellent Museum. My suggestion - don't try to see it all in one outing. It's best to go slowly and really look at the artworks you like, else it all becomes a huge blur.

Tony Reynolds

The Gallery has two separate buildings. Admission is free and the Gallery is well staffed with helpful docents and guards. Exhibits are organized by periods and styles. Much attention is paid to old masters. Restrooms are on each floor and well maintained. There are two cafes and a large gift shop. The gift shop is a "wow". The Gallery is your tax dollars at work in the best possible way. Do visit if you are able.

Alexander Lukashenko

This gallery is amazing, and I was so impressed. I recommend that everyone visit this gallery, because it is so beautiful. Any person who loves art should come here.

Aneesh S.

While probably not a blast for kids, the Gallery is an amazing place to see famous paintings up close for free. Take photographs, walk around and admire art, or just sit down and appreciate everything, Its a few hours well spent. It's indoor, and you can bring backpacks. They also have a gift shop on the bottom floor.

Tahoma Lewis

Visited the sculpture garden for a salsa concert that evening. The band was from Cincinnati , Ohio. There had to be at least 2000 people there. The diversity amongst the people was beautiful to see. The ambiance was great, the music was awesome, and the sangria was delicious.


Lovely collection of art one of the best art museums in DC. Collection of medieval and renaissance art is amazing and impressive. Been here twice can't wait to visit again. Give about 3 hours to look around.

Arthur Johnson

Great place! I enjoy the great art of this place! Very cool!

Steven Hoodikoff

The art in this museum is incredibly fascinating and it is a great selection for this location. I wanted to know more about of the pieces so I asked one of the employees and they gave me an incredible detailed response with the history of the piece. Going inside the cool building on such a hot day and feeding my eyes with the wonderful artwork made my day. If you go to DC, this is definitely a place you have to visit.

Monica Faucette

The National Gallery of Art is an amazing collection of art. The layout is such that you can find what you want to see, while also wander and see new things. There are two buildings, one with modern art and one with more traditional art. You can go between the two via a beautiful underground hallway. I think you could spend days in this museum. Luckily, like all Smithsonian museums, it's free... so you can come and go. We are lucky to have the Smithsonian museums. Highly recommend a stop at the National Gallery if you are in DC. If you found this review helpful, please "like."

Chris B

The best art gallery in DC. Houses the only DaVinci painting on the western hemisphere, 3 Vermeers and many other masterpieces from Rembrandt to Pollack. Best sure to stop by the rooftop of the East building to see the giant blue rooster statue.

Brandie Smith

Have been multiple times and enjoyed it each time. You could spend hours and still not have seen everything.

Elif Kul Bati

It's beautiful. Enjoyed every moment. Take your time and be slow. There should be lockers. It is not allowed to carry backpacks on two shoulders. For the safety of masterpiece, Just one shoulder. We spent almost 4 hour and we couldn't go East Building. There can be suggested routes it's hard for a first time visitor to find a good route to see every thing.

Michael Shandro

This is a great gallery of art. Much of it is from Europe. To find the American pieces, walk towards the back. Imagine my surprise when I saw a piece that I had seen a few days before at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston! Watson and the Shark by John Singleton Copley is such a distinct painting that there was no way to miss it. Later in my travels through the gallery, a smiling lady working there said hello to me, and I struck up a conversation with her. I described how I had seen the painting with the shark here and in Boston. She said that the one in DC was the original and the one in Boston must be a copy. She even showed me that in the registry. Fortunately, I took a picture of the painting in Boston and the plate describing it. It stated on the Boston plate that the original is in DC and that the one in Boston is indeed a copy that Copley had made. The employee Thames, was correct! She has such an upbeat attitude. It is obvious that she loves her job. Thames made a great visit to the gallery even better! I have attached the pictures to this review. The one with the gold plate at the bottom is the one in DC and the other was in Boston.

Marina Мikheeva

One of the favourite museums. Atmosphere is amazing. Stuff is polite and educated. Collection is exquisite. Absolutely love it.

Chris Hawkins

Huge collection of artwork. Free entry, photos OK. Impressive building, with helpful staff. Large cafeteria with good choices.

Qnam Lee

What a lovely museum!! Lots of collections through most of period. West is before modern, East is on or after modern. Top floor of east, room for mark rothko!!

ujfro 69

Simply AMAZING. Everyone must stop here. Indescribable.

Kay Simpson

Great place to see investing paintings, sculptures, tapestries, photographs and other pieces of art. Family friendly and also FREE. Good spot to get away from the heat for a few hours in air conditioning. The exhibit for the moon landing was pretty neat but rather small. So many rooms to check out lots of different artwork! Also the food in the cafeteria was a pretty nice deal and tasted good except for the roast beef was overcooked.

Stuart Heisey

Air and Space gets all the love, but don't skip this tremendous museum. Incredible architecture surrounds the phenomenal collections. Awe inspiring to see so many famous originals by histories art heroes!

Kevin Alvarez

Beautiful place. It would take a whole day just to see it all.

Patrick Labbe

A real institution. Regularly spend hours wandering through the beautiful building past incredible art. One of my favorite places on the mall. It's also a nice break front he Chaos of some of the other more "popular" museums.

SB Rome

How can you go wrong by visiting this place? It’s the National Gallery! Big fan of the Dutch masters, and this collection is superb. Nice and quiet, beautiful building. Worth your time.

John Mulcahy

My wife loved it. Happy wife happy life.

Brian Bonomi

Striking architecture houses the modern collection, and what a collection. Picasso, Matisse, and many others are on display. Worth stopping to see it. And entry is free, just like the Smithsonian museum

Jacob Miller

This is the best museum in Washington along the National Mall. It is never overly crowded, staff are helpful with information on new and old exhibits, and there is a coat check for persons visiting during winter months. It is truly a temple to art with grand architecture greeting you as you walk up the steps and a breathtaking rotunda once you pass through the doors. Downstairs is a large gift shop with rotating and seasonal items based on their collections, as well as a cute if expensive cafe. A short walk unground through the connecting tunnel will bring you to the modern art wing as well as the more traditional cafeteria for lunch. Recommended stop by: the extensive collection of impressionist artwork located in the East wing. Hidden gems: the collection of American furniture downstairs as well as the sculpture exhibits (also located downstairs) which only people looking for it or who stumble upon it get to see. Worth a full day in itself if you love artwork.

Will Koehrsen

One of the most impressive art museums in the world. The National Gallery of Art has an incredible array of art pieces and everyone will find something here for them! I would recommend planning to spend several days here if you want to take in the entire gallery! This is a great place for anyone to visit - travelers and natives of the city alike. Washington DC is fortunate to have such wonderful public institutions hosting our nation's treasures. If you are in DC, do not miss the National Gallery of Art.

Tushar Sharma

This place has something for everyone. I am not much of an art person, but i spent over 3 hrs in the museum looking at the brilliant sculptures and impressionist art. Loved it.

griff infinity

Wonderful galleries full of the greats from all periods...this Lichtenstein could easily be passed by except for looking up while moving in a connecting corridor. Museum's are about seeing not only the lauded works, but unexpected brilliance around them...

J Taylor Muck

Absolutely love this branch of the Smithsonian. The Impressionist wing has to have the best collection of Marie Cassatt paintings this side of the Atlantic. Don't expect to be able to enjoy the entire museum in a single day. I recommend picking 3 or 4 wings that you want to see and budget your time wisely. And definitely don't try to do both the East and West buildings in the same day. That is just asking for disappointment.

Jessica Jarreau

Seeing some if the work of my favorite painters up close was amazing!

Jeff B

Awesome collection. Security is a bit too lax about people getting extremely close to the art, but they said this is being addressed, and I was glad not to be barked at for leaning in to see brush strokes. Each era of art is well represented with a wide variety. I wish we had been able to do a tour.

Max Robinson

When I was a kid, I used to visit every summer because it was free and I lived in the area. There were a couple of paintings I liked, but really I just thought it was boring. But this past year I watched a bunch of art history videos on YouTube, and for the first time I understood a little about the art I was looking at. The National Gallery really does have an exceptional collection of important art! I thought I would be done with it in an hour, at most two, like every other time I had ever been there. Instead, my wife and I are there all afternoon, and we went back another day for four more hours because we hadn't yet seen everything we were excited to see. Biggest surprise of our trip to DC!

Jacqui London

Prepare to be awed – just by the sheer scale of this gallery. As you walk in, there is a welcome desk where you can pick up handy maps and guides, including kids’ trails. From there you ascend the stately stairway to be greeted by a cavernous vestibule topped with a rotunda, all held up by monumental black marble pillars that would have made any Roman architect proud. At the centre of this great space, is a huge indoor fountain, complete with a golden statue of Mercury. It makes you wonder how the floor doesn’t cave in. Yet the building has been here since 1941 and is still standing. The gallery is divided into so many different periods and genres that I think you’d need a day to go around it all. But what a day it would be. We started in the East building at a temporary exhibit of Japanese Art. The kids’ trail helped us all to navigate through the spaces. From there we legged it back to the French Impressionist galleries, which contain a fantastic collection of inspiring artworks. Then it was back across to the Concourse to grab a speedy lunch in the Cascade Café. This eatery operates a bit like a canteen with tasty self-service sandwiches, pizzas, grills and salads. There is also a restaurant and an espresso bar in the building, so once you arrive at opening time (10:00am) there’s really no need to look elsewhere for food, beverages or inspiration all the way through until closing time (17:30).

Veronica Boller

Upon arrival to this free Smithsonian museum I went to the front desk. The volunteer there gave me a map and circled the things he thought I'd have interest in. It would take a very long time to see it all! There was way more art than I was expecting. But to see original works by such famous artists was absolutely a one of a kind experience. No food or drinks permitted inside, so drink up before you go in. They do have a beautiful restaurant inside.

Melissa Wyderka

The examples of the masters seemed second rate. It was well organized, but did not have many famous paintings. The cafeteria food was good, but closed around 2 pm. Many exhibits were closed .

Janet Long

So much to see! All the staff & volunteers were very nice. It's a beautiful place.

Sabrina Corpac

The National Gallery of Art is a must-see in DC. Contains pieces of fine art, contemporary art, and their sculpture garden. Admission is free. The West Building contains fine art, featuring sculptures and paintings from the Renaissance to the 1800s from European and American artists. The contemporary art in the East Building is very diverse and unique in form. If you have time, take at least one Guided Tour. They only take about 50-60 minutes, but you're informed on the historical context and the symbolism of the pieces. The famous sculpture featured in the film, Glory, is in the fine art side. The museum is well-maintained with their employees and security. The food in their Cascade Cafe has a variety of options.

Alex Jain

Great place. Reliving history. Walking through the area feels nice. Great place must visit.

Anica Spasic

Plan this visit, and either plan to spend an entire day over here or even two! It is worth your time.

Lula Turner

My friend and I recently had a quick trip to Washington DC and wanted to enjoy a few things that our kids wouldn't like. There is no better place than the National Gallery of Art to act like an adult. We aren't schooled in art, but we most definitely appreciated the talent and history of the amazing artists featured here. Some paintings even gave me goosebumps, especially the religious art that would cover an entire wall. There is so much to see in DC, but spending a few hours here makes you feel cultured, classy and maybe a step closer to God.

Kristy Hunt

One of my favorite Smithsonian branches ... especially the East Building where the modern and contemporary galleries are. Always have amazing works and artists. There's usually works by amazing artists of color!!! It's seems sparse upon entry but there's way more than meets the eye upon first sight. Make sure to check out the permanent collection in the basement as you crossover to the West/Main building....which you absolutely must do!!! ...the light installation in this pass through is worth seeing and worth every step!!!

K Jennings

I could spend days in this gallery They have an amazing amount of work and I want to see every piece. Unfortunately, unless you just walk by it, its impossible to do in one day.

Josie Sacramento

This place is exceptional! I love the elegance of the interior and exterior of the building. The pieces of art were really taken care of. The place was huge! It has art works that are displayed all over the place. You cannot explore it in one day, you'll need at least to days to appreciate the beauty and history of each piece of work inside the National Gallery of Art! Excited t o go back here!

Michael DiDomenico

Good collection. It's amazing for free. I wander on whenever I am close and wander over to my favorite things just for a quick look. The writing and drawing salons are another great offering!


Incredible collection of art through the ages. You can find everything from Italian Renaissance paintings to french impressionists to modern art. You can easily spend half a day here and entrance is free.

Mike Snyder

Very good. A truly great experience. Come out and enjoy some culture.

Laura Garofalo

Outstanding variety of paintings and sculpture. Takes about three hours to do the full museum at a brisk pace. Atmosphere was mostly quiet. The building itself is also beautiful. Allow yourself enough time to visit both buildings that are part of the gallery - connected by an underground tunnel.

Mark B

All the Smithsonian museums are 1st class. This one included.

Amanda Dennis

Why can't I give it ten stars?! Just great! Huge, beautiful, lovely cafe in the lower level with a lovely fountain wall. A little confusing to get around, but that's what gives it such lovely architecture. Go, even if only for an hour, find the exhibit and art that speaks to you! <3

Edward Rosales

Very extensive. A whole lot of art and sadly could not see it all with the time I had. Will definitely be making time next I visit.

Chiamaka Obioma

I came here with my brother for his extra credit school work. I’m glad we went, we had a good time and appreciated the art work. We will definitely go again, still have more grounds to cover.

Carl Global

Cafeteria much nicer than newseum Cafe ( across street). FREE soft drink refills! This feature is absent from the newseum Cafe


Absolutely gorgeous. I really enjoyed the modern and contemporary art in the East Building. Clean restroom facilities. There is a beautiful rooftop area with a nice view.

Sheila Lo Monaco

Beautiful building, huge you have to have time in here to be able to see everything. Clean and comfortable. Everyone is very friendly. The arts are unbelievable and it’s always easy to get in no much line .

Millie Kwan

The National Gallery of Art is always worth a visit even if there is not a special exhibit. In years past I've seen Rothko, Calder, and Singer-Sargent. The regular exhibits are otherwise spectacular and they have art for every taste. This gallery is also free so even better. Make sure you budget a couple of hours if there is a special exhibit. They're are guards who will look in your bags so be prepared for this as well. Easy to get to if you take the Metro to the Smithsonian stop. A must go for at lovers if you are in Washington, DC.

Sally Allan

A treasure that is open to the public for free. Wonderful collections.

Be Mo

Lived in Paris where I had the very best art available. This is the best American art displayed I have seen by far. One complaint: I have a service dog and the staff who watch over the art in each of the rooms containing art were always anticipating my service dog was going to do something wrong (which never happens....ever) and they were anxious to catch it in the act. It was hard to relax and enjoy the art when someone is doing that to you in every room you enter over and over and over for hours.

Brent Thomas

Incredible. The place is huge and one could spend many hours there. Any famous artist you can think of will have works displayed here. My favorite are the Renaissance paintings. There was a special room dedicated to the work of a Venice master painter named Tintoretto who is my new favorite. Incredible talent, amazing details and choices of color. Entry to this museum is FREE

Kayo Ramirez

It was awesome!!! Beautiful everywhere. I would love to come visit again.

Chris Ingersoll

We decided to take a day and do the museums and sites in the area and found the diversity of art to be incredible. While some of the exhibits may lack significance to some, there is certainly something for everyone that will touch your heart or cause you to pause. highly recommend taking the time and soaking up the culture.

Ryan Cantrell

This place is HUGE! You could literally spend all day in here. It’s big, beautiful, clean and the staff are very friendly (unlike many of the other Museum staff in DC).

Jeffrey Kelley

Our first but definitely not last visit. We had a great time. It is refreshing to see real art with incredible depth and beauty. Since visiting, we built our first easel. We both had favorite paintings and we discussed why we liked the pieces. We look forward to future visits.

Lexy McCauley

Amazing museum with a wide variety of both modern and older art. There are a lot of levels but the staff and maps are super helpful to find your way. The security guards are pretty serious so make sure your backpack is not on your back, and that you don’t have water bottles out. Would definitely recommend as a free stop during a trip to D.C.

Pia Maschio

Wonderful place in the Capital. So much fantastic art and it is still free. Well, the taxpayers are paying, but it is a fabulous museum.

David MacDougal

The best gallery in the world. I've been to the Louvre. This gallery is more elegant and less crowded within significant art

Dondré S

This art gallery is absolutely incredible and free! It has a great array of art and sculptures. Even work from Picasso. The museum is open and huge with a lot of natural lighting. There is a terrace with great views of DC and sculptures. They have an underground walkway that goes between the east and west ends of the building with gift shops and a full cafeteria. One of the coolest things about this underground tunnel is the waterfall that comes down and crashes into a glass wall.

Thomas Campbell

By far one of my favorite stops on our trip to DC. We tried to hit multiple places which may have been a mistake, but this was the most peaceful. It was busy, but not so crowded that it was hard to walk through. Lots of great pieces to see here and had a serene atmosphere as well. I recommend this to anyone coming to just tour DC, especially if it's your first trip.

Bonnie Cortes

My favorite museum in DC. Have works that I love and special exhibits are always good. Staff is very helpful and friendly.

Cameron Burke

Just go. Find what you love. If you don't.... then maybe you hate art.

Telondra Reynolds

They had a beautiful building with breathtaking works. There was plenty of areas to stop and sit and large open lobbies to relax before looking for more artwork.

Varunan Sundarapandian

One day is not enough to do the full round of visit to the gallery. Marvelous collection of arts and sculptures. Finding parking space is difficult near to the gallery. Be prepared to spend one day in the gallery. It gives nice experience. Enjoyed it. Bit crowded during weekends and holidays. Plan to go during weekdays.

Ajay Ramachandran

Lovely collection. It's a lot less crowded than the natural history museum. They have some fantastic landscapes by American painters that they tend to downplay. To me these are a bigger draw than the European painters...

Jim Hurley

You must visit the National Gallery of Art. So many famous paintings and sculptures, and so many famous painters and sculptors that your head will be spinning around as you move from room to room. The gallery itself is a work of art, huge, and rambling. It could take a day or a week to get through or you can be more precise and visit one section at a time. A must stop and see. Pictures are allowed, drinks are not. Water fountains for the thirsty.

Craig ChampSr.

great place to see The Monuments free circular bus rides bike rentals evening concerts and events must see in DC

Nerelly Lowe

Excellent gallery of great artworks both traditional and modern. Great cafeteria for lunch with great artistic features all around.

naomi weiss

Absolutely breathtaking. The museum itself is beautiful and the exhibits are stunning and unique. It features a huge selection of exquisite art from all over. There are also lots of free guided tours and audio tours available every day and the staff are knowledgeable and friendly. Definitely worth a visit or three.

Etel P

Museum of this calibre has the most uneducated stuff. Art sections are set not in order of country, or time period. When you ask stuff members and even information nobody can tell you particular artist's work whereabouts. The best they can do is to look at NGA website and if work of art is not on display - you will never find out when it will be on display again. I was surprised but not in a good way.

Eric kim

Quiet, wonderful place to visit. It's also a good place to take photo (engagement photo)! Just know that no tri-pods are allowed.

Gary Rohrer

Not a big art fan but I found a lot to enjoy here, especially seeing all of the Masters

AJ Dumas

Lots of beautiful paintings, statues, and sculptures! This is a quieter museum with less people. The fountain in the middle with the large dome ceiling above is a sight to see!


A must visit, but take enough time with you to be able to enjoy the fantastic exhibitions.

Melissa Sullivan

Such a peaceful place with beautiful artwork. Try out the cafe on the lowest level! The food was delicious!

Andrei Nikulin

Great gallery. Free for public. Great collection of paintings. It will take at least 3-4 hours to go through the main floor. And there's more...

Sabrina Castillo

Very beautiful museum with many lovely artifacts and exhibitions! I thoroughly enjoyed myself <3

Caleb Persia

A place you could visit every day for the rest of your life, and still find something new to be wondered and moved by. One of the most diverse selections of artists, mediums, and styles means that there's something for everyone. Its amazing to see kids and teens falling in love with art, and this is a place where that happens.

Przemek Klosowski

Seriously, Smithsonian is one of the Seven Wonders of the world. I love the National Gallery---both wings. We've been coming here for thirty years and we feel at home. I hope I will be visiting it with our grandchildren.

Steve Myers

Mind-blowing. The spot is enormous and one could spend numerous hours there. Any celebrated craftsman you can consider will have works shown here. My most loved are the Renaissance works of art. There was an extraordinary room devoted to crafted by a Venice ace painter named Tintoretto who is my new top pick. Unimaginable ability, astounding subtleties, and decisions of shading. Section to this historical center is FREE

Mary Kubicek

Must see! Favorite! It was a gorgeous day! Walked through the garden to see the unique sculptures throughout the nicely landscaped garden. Also walked around the huge fountain that attracted many to sit around it. In the winter they freeze it over for ice skating! We stopped for lunch at the cafe on the premises. The chicken salad on croissant was delicious! Highly recommend!


Very good place with a lot of beautiful and precious arts. It’s a shame that the self portrait of Vincent Van Gogh was lent out during my visit, but a kind staff gave me a map covered with it. (Thanks a lot!) I’ll definitely come here when I visit D.C. next time!

Salvador Menjivar

Undoubtedly a gorgeous classical building, unique and first rate collection and relax well spaced lay out of exhibits with a grand air of intimacy in each room despite the colossus collection they house in every level. Simply worth travelling to Washington DC just to visit this magnificent jewel worthy of praise and admiration. Allow at least 3 to 4 hours just to see highlights as it is an unending rollercoaster of masterpieces of so many diferent periods.

Randall L.

If you're a fan of art, you must go. The exhibit featuring early American furniture was cool, just don't get too close or an automated message will scold you. That thing went off constantly!


A most fabulous museum. We saw the Animals in Japanese art exhibit. Outstanding!

Arun Immaneni

Lovely exhibits and programs for adults and kids. Educational programs are awesome for kids that adults even learn. The museum interiors are awesome and easy layout. It's pretty huge and is one of the best buildings in DC. Cafeterias are nice too.

Ricardo Gonzalez

Awe inspiring! Went at peak time and it was still pleasant and not crowded at all. Works are arranged by century, no picture can do justice to the wonderful colors and lines. Went in more to cool down and liked it more than air and space.

Kent Ramthun

This museum showcases some beautiful works of art. The history of the building and the man who conscripted the building were all interesting. It is truely amazing to see what gifted, wealthy and USA loving people can do, and have done for their country. Maybe more people like these individuals will continue to show the world and America that their extreme wealth can be used for the benefit of all.


One of the best collections of art in the world. I have to thank Andrew Mellon for donating his collection, the building, and his efforts to make our National Gallery possible. It is not very large, but it has quite a few masterpieces. It took me two full days to fully appreciate it. I cannot wait to go back.

Adriene Archibald

As an avid art fan, this place went beyond all expectations, it was wonderfully engaging and beautiful. Sculpture, stained glass, paintings; all presented in such beautiful surroundings. I felt so peaceful there, can't wait to go back!

Rich Moser

This is one of the most beautiful and unique of the museums on the mall and surprisingly less-known if asked by Word of Mouth the concept of the art in this Gallery is more modern but very innovative and very thought-provoking it was put together spy a brilliant staff that is second to none in the Arts Administration community in this part of the world they have indeed made this a world-class facility. Also, RIP. To its brilliant architect and Visionary I.M. Pei

Valeria Lombo

Had the pleasure to see the show “Life of animals in Japanese Art” while visiting, and spend most of my time in there.... not forget to mention that the Gallery is outstanding and has a good collection of modern and classic art

Valerie Barber

This museum has a lot of great art. I loved looking at all of the paintings and sculptures. My favorites were the paintings by Van Gogh. You can easily spend the whole day exploring the museum.

Jacob G

Hours and i only explored one corner of only one of the buildings of the museum. They have all the art. All of it.

Teri Matzkin

Very special treasure of Washington DC and the whole US. Changing special exhibits throughout the year. Come once come often. Just saw special unique photo exhibit - By The Light of the Silvery Moon. Incredible "close up" pictures of the moon and its surface, taken in the late 1800's, early 1900's. Tip to visitors: enter via West Entrance on 7th St. NW for little to no crowds and easy access to special exhibits on the ground floor.

Maria Andrews

Amazing selection of art from around the world. One of my favorite Smithsonian institutions. A bit quieter than the other museums (probably due to there being fewer small children, since it's art), so it's more enjoyable. Will take a few hours if you want to see everything.

T. Hutchins

There are not enough words to describe the wonderful experience that one can have in this gallery it is a must do for all ages.

Karl S

Far less crowded and far less kids running around than the history and air and space museums. It felt like a nice retreat from crowd and the art is world class.

Anthony Hennig

Wonderful exhibits! Check out Hiram powers in American sculpture. They also sell cheap full sized prints of beautiful art

Terry Lange

Wonderful...don't miss it if you're in town

Shilpa M

Must visit if you've got some extra hours to kill in DC. Also, do not skip grabbing a map and a pencil at the information desk else you'll be going round and round and skip out on something you mighy have actually been interested in. Mark off the gallaries you've checkout. There is no admission fee and the place has standard security check. There is a extravagant cafeteria- Cascade Cafe and an amazing photo opp of a Cascade in front of the dining area. West building mostly exhibits ancient sculptures and paintings while east building exhibits modern arts and sculptures. So start with the building you are more interested in ( I was interested in exhibits in east wing but made the mistake of starting with west amd wasting hours there only to reast east building towards closing).

Adrian Tan

It is a wonderful and beautiful museum with many unique exhibits. The special Japanese exhibition was on during our visit. As usual, we probably covered only 20% of the museum in a visit. It gets overwhelming after that, so need to given the old brain a break before resuming the feast of the eyes on another day.

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