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Where is Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Historical Park?

REVIEWS OF Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Historical Park IN Maryland

Kevin Quinn

This is a great modern museum. It is engaging for people of all ages and a fitting tribute to Harriet Tubman.

Anthony H

It tells you history about Harriet Tubman n her life.

Jade Christina

Visited today for the first time with my mother and sister. It was FANTASTIC! My gosh so enlightening and enjoyable. I learned so much more about Mrs. Tubman. The atmosphere is just right in its hideaway, serene type setting. The rangers are knowledgable, friendly, and welcoming. My mother and I plan on coming down again (we live in Charles County) in the very near future! :D

mary jenkins

Great visit...the kids had a ball, learned a lot, earned a badge and loved lunch under the pavillion

Lisa Belliveau

The exhibits are thoughtfully put together and multi sensory

Kimberly Moore-Jones

Absolutely phenomenal museum, I spent 3 hours there and took lots of pictures. Every student needs to go on a field trip to learn about the Underground Railroad on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Maryam Suluki

Beautifully done, extremely informative tribute to this phenomenal woman.

Theresa Stubblefield

Free to visit (though we gave a donation). Very informative museum with enough to keep kids motivated to visit displays and learn about the history of the Underground RR and Tubman and what life was like for her and those she was close to/ or tried to help. Unfortunately, gift shop was closed due to lunch break. Many figures contributed to the Underground RR, but one of the traits that made Tubman stand out was that despite being free after her escape, she returned many times to help other slaves get to freedom.

Maria Harris

Very inspiring. Very up to date museum experience. I enjoyed the art exhibited which was different from my visit last year. It also had a spiritual impact on me because Harriet appeared to have had a lot of spiritual strength which I saw in the exhibits.

Andre Van Hausen

Awesome museum


Very humbling experience. We took the Underground railroad self guided drive to several of the places Harriet "Minty" Tubman set foot upon. We chose this as our last stop. It was beautiful. She was celebrated with dignity and grace. It's amazing to think about this woman and the people she helped steal their way to freedom. Completing a 500 mile trek with families back and forth for over 10 years. Nearly 300 people saved then after the civil war and the DEFEAT of the confederate states, with the help of the Union Army, where she was a scout and nurse 800 more lives were rescued from the monstrous hate of bondage and slavery!! So, tell me why again is her commemorative $20.00 bill appearance is being held up until 2028!!!

Judy Heap

The history and natural setting is what drew me here. Learning more about this strong amazing woman and her quest to free as many people as she could from the bondage of slavery. Harriet Tubman was a truly awesome hero!

Ray Duda

Beautiful park. Great info on life and accomplishments of Harriet Tubman

DeAtlas A Pigford

I was glad that we did not allow the rain to deter us from visiting the Harriet Tubman's Underground Museum. I learned so much during that one visit. The Park Rangers were AWESOME in guiding us through our journey through the museum. Everyone appeared to be well informed, as to the up and coming events and the nearby monuments. The gift shop worker was also very helpful.

Kesi Chestnut

Awe-inspiring, the wealth of knowledge was immeasurable. Left me proud and encouraged.

S Traylor

Amazing information

R Briggs Sherwood

A sacred and informative piece of the American puzzle that everyone needs to know about !

Ronald Beatty

This blessed woman did a lot for slaves in America

Susan Simmons

Loved learning all the history. Wish there were more places like this.

Whitney Shelton

Excellent! The building told her life story with great exhibits. She helped over 70 slaves gain their freedom.

Mary Landry

Interesting but small. Movie there to watch her life. Various pictures, etc of eastern shore life.

Cristal Lee


Michael Hyde

Beautiful visitor center and very well versed staff. Would definitely recommend checking it out as part of a day trip to the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Nick Crook

What an amazing place. Detailed history and lots of information about Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad. Highly recommend taking some time to pop in and discover some history that has some deep impact on where we all are today in society.

Donald Strong

Great information and insight to local history of Harriet Tubman and all that she went through.

David Young

Very informative, positive and uplifting.

Tee-Tee Thomas

Most compelling place on the Eastern Shore! Harriet Tubman deserves to have her face on US currency. During the anniversary of her death (March 10th), the museum hosted a live reenactment of Harriet's life. It was amazing. Thank you for not allowing American history to die.

Ellen Sheppard

I want to come back and give it five stars when the area if fully built out, but can only give four stars now, because there's just not a lot there yet. What IS there is wonderful, however, though not really focused on Harriet Tubman or the Underground Railroad. For a peak into nature and into the topography and biology of the Eastern Shore, it's great. We were in the area for a wedding, discovered this treasure, and carved out a few hours for a visit. The area has been/is being lovingly and thoughtfully developed. It's clear that the science & scientists behind the park are top notch & skilled in their fields. The trails are generally well marked and interesting with lots of attention paid to the educational makrers, turn-by-turn description brochures, etc. The visitors' center was staffed by 2 amazing volunteers. There is a decent film but it's not advertised; we had to ask if there was a film. But once we did the two volunteers (husband and wife) knocked themselves out getting it going for us! Neither was very familiar with the AV set up and it took about 10 minutes to figure out how to get it going but they were very apologetic and didn't give up. (It would have been easy for them to simply say 'sorry; it's not available.) It was worth waiting for and very informative. The Osprey Cam in the visitors' center was a real treat. Though the Ospreys have left for the winter, a bald eagle lighted on the Osprey platform - just inches from the camera - and we watched him stare at the camera and at his surroundings for 15 minutes! The volunteer staff took lots of time telling us about the various trails, and even loaned us a nice set of binoculars to take on our drive (of course we had to leave a credit card as security.) The visitor's center building itself is beautiful and the exhibits very professionally done and modern. This center is well worth a visit if you're in the area, but if you're planning a trip, wait until there are additional exhibits. And go knowing that you'll learn a lot about the Eastern Shore, but not much about the underground railroad.

Kim Trentler

Nice place to take the family, to learn about history

Barbara Coleman

A must visit for everyone. You will like what you see.

Ann smith-reiser

Beautiful sight and knowledgeable rangers! The displays give a good overview of her life and her tremendous courage and contributions. I had hoped the introductory film would give more history of her life an acts' too high level. The rangers filled in a lot of info for my grandson who had questions.

Kieren Searle

Well put together displays that provide short snippets of interesting information. We did everything in about an hour and learnt a lot

Harland Abraham

I didn't know this was made into a National Historic site. It was very informative. A great tribute.

mary mims

Off the beaten path but a beautifully done museum.


Outstanding museum. Very well laid out, very informative. Was packed when I was there, which limited the enjoyment. Funny thing I heard: African American lady at the information counter, talking to the ranger. Ranger says "No, ma'am, there's no train."

Godfrey Jamie

Great opportunity to see some historical events and gain some insight about Harriet Tubman.

Roland Lomax

We only had a short time to spend, but the crew from Frederica Senior Center totally enjoyed the visit and can't wait to come

Marcus Monroe

Enjoyed the experience. A nice attraction to visit. The only suggestion is to call ahead of time to plan out your visit and make it worth your time.

Caleb Shoemaker

A well organized museum, interesting to see.

jacquelyn downes

Looks brand new. Very well put together. Informative and inspiring.

YellowPeep KingSheets

I visited the Auburn, NY Harriet Tubman National Park and was not pleased with the lack of knowledge AT ALL! So, I came to this park hoping to learn about Harriet Tubman. They have information unattainable through the Internet or anywhere else. They have a video with her descendant's, the original wanted ad for her and her brothers, original news articles, and excerpts from her autobiography. Their gift shop is very good too and affordable. My favorite part of this museum was the collage of all of Harriet Tubmans pictures. There was music playing (no lyrics, just instrumental) which made me feel every emotion Harriet Tubman possibly felt. It is a very spiritual part of the exhibit.

Marian Stier

A great learning opportunity.

Steph S.

Free admission. I recommend making a donation at the front desk, as it is a quality exhibit. Fairly new building and clean. A sobering bit of history anyone can learn from. Some materials are interactive; much of it requires reading. Tour is self-guided. Has a cute little gift shop. Support the museum by purchasing something from it! There are recycling recepticals for small amounts of trash. Don't bring any trash, drinks, or food into the building.

Tamina Dilling

We did the park quest which was very well thought out and we learned a lot of new information.

kathy emmert

Nice exhibit about the life of Harriet Tubman. Good video to start. There is a gift shop. Clean bathrooms. Ample parking. The exhibits show how she escaped from slavery and then returned to Maryland to help others escape. This exhibit is part of a driving tour about her life and travels. The last stop on the tour is in Philadelphia.

Tyler Cole

An abundance of information. Well put-together and displayed.

dig dug

They did a great job in the museum

Louis Winbush

Amazing to think that this woman had done for her race and to be recognized by this museum!

Sunset Blue

A must see. Very educational. We have nothing to complain about.


Came with a group of 15 people celebrating my dad's birthday. The staff was friendly and knowledge. What a powerful visual.


If you are a history buff and are looking to learn way more about American history from an African American perspective, then this is the place for you. This museum offers facts about Harriet Tubman that you most likely didn't know. I learned so much about her early life, family, quest for freedom and the pivotal role she played in the Civil War. The museum also gave me new insights into the lives of African Americans, both slave and free, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Slavery in this part of the country was very different from the large plantations of the deep South. Stop by and visit, walk the land, see the waterways and marshes that nurtured Harriet Tubman.

Theron Frederick

You can learn some much history about Harriet Tubman. They have theatre rooms that display Harriet. They also have phones with audios that talk about different events from Harriet Tubman's life.

Diane Albanese

Just an incredibly engaging museum. A long time coming, the Harriet Ross Tubman museum is a testament to a strong, fearless, faith-based woman who lead her people to freedom. She escaped slavery. Again and again Harriet returned to this Eastern Shore location to lead almost 70 slaves to freedom. The large bronze statues and slides teach us a little about her world. This is a story not to be lost or obscured. The Underground Railroad was real and managed by many compassionate and caring people. Visit here, get your National Park stamp and read more about this courageous woman.

RJ Walters

Excellent trip for our school's students. Ranger Harris was excellent. The activities were thought provoking, as well as, educational. It is a drive past Cambridge, so add about 20 minutes travel time when planning.

charles e.t. ross

Great museum, not because she is my Great Great Great Aunt, but because her history made it so.

Anthony Cohen

State of the art museum experience of the underground railroad on Maryland's Eastern shore and the legacy of Harriet Tubman. If you think you know her story, you don't. Go and see real back story of her life and accomplishments. Chesapeake Tours is one of several tour companies providing step on your services there.

Tejuana Doy

This was well worth it! Very detailed and educational

Marilyn Lay

This is the cornerstone of the Harriet Tubman "heritage site." This site introduces visitors to Harriet's story and serves as an encouragement to visit various locations along a 125 mile car route. This is a new national park, operated in conjunction with the state of Maryland. Well worth the stop. A long stop here is not necessary.

Steven Paris

Moving...a powerful portrayal of the horrors of slavery

Raul Cruz

Very nice and educational building and park but also a bit sad to know all that Harriet Tubman suffered during her life as slave.

Tondelayo Beaulieu

Great experience, only 1hour away. Africans were enslaved, never born slaves. Thanks for the tour. Tondelayo Beaulieu

Rob Fowler

The museum it self was very nice. The State employee at the desk was rude to nearly being harassing.

Edith Morris

Very informative and they had a great activity to help my kids ponder on the times and events of Harriet Tubman and other slaves.

Ago Silverman

Recently opened, good to visit for an hr or two. Lots to read and ponder. short video slideshow kinda too basic but OK, Walk around at your own pace, ... small NPS gift shop. Easy parking, handicap accessible site is way out past Cambridge, a small eastern shore picturesque town. Picnic area avail for large groups.

Natalie J

Moving experience capturing the life and legacy of Harriet Tubman and her work freeing nearly 10 slaves....every black child should be exposed to her courage and selfless service and all Americans should know the impact she had on abolition. About a 40 minute self guided tour beautifully executed using the most modern art and technology

Elmus Bernard

The "Tubman Experience" was informative and educational. Learned a lot about an exceptional woman who was extremely brave in spite of the many challenges and obstacles she faced on each trip to lead her people to safety.

Sean Clarke

Very nice place. Glad to see Harriet Tubman finally get this recognition.

Kristal Wortham

We were fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of Ross descendants as they left the Visitor Center. What an honor!!! This is a remarkable destination that clearly demonstrates the National Park Service's commitment to commemorate this nation's …

allen tweddle

...well worth the visit! A shining example of how to honor a great American...


Ladies at welcome center are the best!

Jeanne Long

Very interesting, well planned out museum.

Paul Ranger

Very educational trip. The info wasn't overwhelming but handled the basics and also covered little known facts. The two hour trip gave great insight into the life of this heroic woman.

Antwon Pannell

Beautiful location. Building and the displays thoughtfully designed. I will definitely go again. I love Cambridge anyway, definitely worth the drive from there. Bring a picnic, they have a nice outside area to sit and eat. No movie yet as the website said tho, that's coming in 2018 I was told. Will definitely be back

Thor Mccammon

Interesting displays including a couple short films about Harriet Tubman's life and accomplishments. This is a must stop when you are in the area. Great restrooms too if you need a bathroom break for you or the family.

Tom & Gretta Germroth

Amazing woman, want to go back when they finish the park.

George McClain

Loved it. Bookstore staffer was especially helpful.

Jaheem Thomas

Amazing place to visit and learn. Looking forward to spending even more time there.

Brian Misnuner

Definitely worth a visit if you in the area. New, modern yet well architected, with rustic design. Very insightful and provides just the right amount of history without being overwhelming.

zahra williams

Harriet Tubman is so deserving of a space like this to preserve her memory in the area of her birth and childhood. Architecturally an awesome space, unexpected for the geographic location. Loved walking through the center and surrounding meadow landscape... take a trip to nearby backwater if there's time.

Heidi Pepin

So well done! The exhibits were beautiful and well done and it's worth the visit. It's really meant for those who are able to understand history - to appreciate what Harriet Tubman suffered and worked for - and to have some knowledge of slavery. My son, who is 5, was unable to appreciate this park while my 9 yo daughter was fascinated by Tubman and all she accomplished. It is a beautiful exhibit but in my opinion, meant for older kids who might also appreciate it.

Skip Hill

Very thought provoking history. I loved in a college dorm named after Ms Tubman.

Jennifer Beilman

Our family liked it. If this were in any other place in the USA it would be a don't miss, but just outside DC, there's an embarrassment of riches of museums. If you're within a 30 drive - make it happen! It was too cold for us to do the walk around, and I speculate that would have made it a 5-star for us.

John Webster

A great museum about an incredible woman! Very friendly staff.

Nancy Fisher

Amazing! Well thought out museum that is easy to digest. It’s location is way out in a field surrounded by country farmland and marshes.

Joi Jackson

This was an awesome experience! The stuff is very helpful and friendly. I truly learned a lot. This is a must, American history.

Softail Deluxe

Very informational place.... It's a great place to bring yourself and children

Sha'Tia Marine

Awesome experience! I took my 7 year old and 11 year old and the activity book keep them every interested as the wanted to complete it so they had to read and watch videos to obtain the answers. Staff was very friendly

Mary Dennard

Very informative

Sean Brown

What an awesome place! I was there tonight for the premier of the new film for visitors and if you havent been yet, you NEED to go and take your kids or your friends' kids! Harriet's story needed to be told like this film tells it for so long. She was so much more than just a conductor on the Underground Railroad! And the setting of this museum is just beautiful! Make a special trip, or include it on your trip to the beaches, but whatever you do, go and visit this museum which is now so enhanced by the film about Harriet's life!

Audrey Hansen

A wonderful and emotional and inspiring place :). So much to see with large protected pavillion for a picnic and grounds with a beautiful trail. Also Blackwater Refuge next door. A must day trip!!!

Mark Cyr

Very well done museum. Very interesting and informative. And free!

Joe Schechter

Good introduction to life and work of Harriet Tubman. Lovely location near Blackwater Wildlife refuge. Fields of buttercups in bloom today!

Barby Berkley

Awesome place. Definitely download the self-guided driving tour from the map outside map. I wanted try it but was with other people. Some other day, but I have it saved. Museum was inspiring. Harriet Tubman is an inspiration.

Mary English

That is a remarkable place everyone should go there and visit at that place a lot of history is behind that place everyone needs to go and visit that place a lot to learn

Ron Gordon

By far my favorite place visited, what a God led woman she was

Patrick Kelly

We drove 2 hours out of our way to visit and it was well worth it. Excellent exhibits and beautiful park. Loves the rangers as well.

Cynthia Lee

Informative, emotional and well done!

Regina Wilson

It was interesting and informative. It was a self guided tour.

Andy Buchanan

Great history place.

Adam Lewandowski

Great place to visit and learn the history of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad.

Suzanne Yates

Great mix of media that told of an amazing woman. Modern, clean and well done!

Katy Johnson

So glad we visited this museum. Worth the trip. Fun place to learn history.

LaWanda Townsend

This museum is wonderful. It was extremely informative and deeply moving. I loved every moment here.


informative and worth it for a good hour for a break from driving

Bernard Williams

It's a important piece of history that had definitely been overlooked! Kudos to Maryland state and the Cambridge MD community for pulling it all together! Ms Tubman is a true inspiration!

niecy pooh

A small but well thought out and nicely laid out National Park. It has a beautiful/tranquil setting There are a few interactive exhibits (great for kiddos!), directions and maps for a self-guided tour on HT's trail, a bike/walking trail, a food pavilion, and a very nice souvenir shop. An open and inviting space for all. Highly recommended!

David Cannon

Very interesting information and history of this amazing lady.

Kim Washington

Ran upon this place by accident. Boy...what a nice treat! Amazing photos, and narrations. A great place for a history lesson. The facility is handicapped accessible, and has plenty of seating if walking is an issue.

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