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2400 E Fort Ave, Baltimore, MD 21230, United States

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Where is Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine?

REVIEWS OF Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine IN Maryland

Jamie Metzer

Friendly and knowledgable rangers, visitor center well maintained and outside grounds in fantastic shape. Recommend getting there early for the flag ceremony.

Tere E

Was able to participate in the flag change at 4pm; very moving experience. Well worth the admission fee to participate in this ceremony.

Michael Hecker

I visited this historic treasure with a great friend and my mentor. My friend had visited Baltimore many times and I have visited at least five times. Neither one of us had been to Fort McHenry. I am glad that I finally visited this wonderful place. This is a DO NOT MISS attraction if you visit Baltimore. This historical site will help anyone appreciate this country all the more! It is well worth the $15 adult admission. Be sure to start at the visitors center where you will pay the admission and see the movie. The movie should not be missed, especially the unveiling of the flag at the end of the movie. The movie is well done. The staff and volunteers make history come alive.

Casey Scheu

Great walking park to explore. First class, super busy visitor center with a museum and movie. 3 rangers on duty will answer any question. The fort and surrounding grounds have paved paths but require a 1500' walk from the visitor center to the fort. Sunny weather is the best choice when visiting.

the one and only Brayden Siebsen

Great place to visit. The guides are very knowledgeable. It is an at your own pace tour.

John Greenwall

The location on the harbor is beautiful and taking the water taxi from Fells Point is the best way to visit. The interactive exhibits detailing the war of 1812 are very well done. The overall vibe is hyperpatriotic but I suppose that's to be expected.

Eb Kool

It was nice. There is a cute brick path and bench seating up to the fort. We got there in the evening so we got to see the flag ceremony.

Bob Taylor

Interesting to find out about the history of the fort. Nice end to the movie regarding the fort. Different size flags are flown dependent on wind speed. It is a decent walk from parking lot/visitors center to fort. It would be an excellent place to fly a drone or kite but that isn't allowed in National Parks.


Nice, early 19th Century fort in Baltimore Harbor. Worth the visit and great info on Francis Scott Key and the Star Spangled Banner.

Amy Maskulak

This place was awesome a ton of history. We got to see the changing of the flag. It will take a few hours to get through everything but it is well worth it.

Matt Springer

Fantastic nationalist monument with very one sided history on show. Well maintained and some fascinating stories and tales from the life and uses of the fort. Well worth a visit when in Baltimore. If you are an international visitor do some research on what else was occuring during the early 1800s and the true economic impact the war had on the US.

Dean Moore

So much history happened here, more than just the "star spangled banner"...

Joshua Rhone

Stopped at Fort McHenry on the way home from Washington, D.C. The visitor center is small, but nice. It contains some exhibits and is a great place to begin your visit to Fort McHenry. Tickets to see the Fort are $15 for adults. We ended up purchasing an annual membership to the US National Parks for $80–a membership we’ll easily benefit from. Surrounding the Fort is a lovely park area, which offers scenic views. The Fort, itself, contains a number of displays—ranging from the stand-and-read to the interactive. Our 9 year old and 11 year old thoroughly enjoyed it. Also, pictured is the ‘flag presentation,’ which included a number of interesting facts about the flag, US history, and life around and before the early 1800s.

Phyllis Eisenbaum-Apple

The docent-lead tour was so informative...a must, to understand importance of this fort. The fort is well maintained, site view of bay spectacular. A must-see!!

James Lau

We rode on the Charm City Circulator to get there. from Harbor front. We walked from the bus station to the visitor center. It was quite hot in the early afternoon. There was no shade. The visitor center was quite nice. The exhibits were information. The short movie was great, and we were surprised what they showed at the ending. Really enjoyed it.


We had a great time. Nice indoor exhibits with loads of information. There’s a lot to see, especially outside. It’s best to go in the spring or fall when it’s not too hot or too cold.


Interesting, quality experience. Worth the trip for the history. We rode scooters out then Uber'd back since it was chilly. It's windy out there!

Paul P

Incredible part of our nation's history! The movie and artifacts in the museum do a great job of telling the story of the Battle of Baltimore and Frances Scott Key's penning of the words of what would eventually become our nation's national anthem. During our visit, we were privileged to hear Park Ranger Angel's inspirational and passionate speech about Ft. McHenry. His ranger talk was the most infectiously exciting talks we have ever heard at a National Park! It was moving to see a Ranger so passionate about his job of conveying the significance of Ft. McHenry to it's visitors!! Our group ranged in age from 3 years old to 88 and we were all enthralled! Thank you Ranger Angel!

Katie Stuempfle

I live nearby so when people come to visit Baltimore we usually end up here. This site covers a large amount of land. Once you tour the fort, view the visitors center, and partake in the Flag Talk with a ranger, head over to the field by the apple blossom trees and fly a kite, or have a picnic. It is a great way to spend most of the day.

Steven Linley

Excellent free 15 min video at visitor center. Very knowledgeable tour guides.

John Gregorowich

What can I say. Home of the Star Spangled Banner. Very nice visitor center. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the spectacular views of Baltimore harbor and the Key Bridge.

Megan Metcalf

I would give this another star if it weren’t so pricey. Nice gift shop and visitors center. The visitors center is free to walk around, but you have to pay to go into the fort and walk the grounds.

Anna Gonchar

beautiful place worth visiting due to historical significance and breathtaking spacious park area

M. J. Diaz

If this place doesnt bring a tear to your eye or make you run out and buy an American flag......well make sure you sit for the 15min presentation at the visitor center. Awesome experience.

Jeff Jaje

Star Spangled Banner fort. So much history here, plus it's a tour that is neither too long nor too short. Nice grounds, nice people, great place.

Geoffrey Hart

Another fantastic afternoon visiting this park. Did not make it into the historic fort today, but had a lovely walk around it simply taking in the great weather and good people. Always a treat to visit for the afternoon.

Gordon Smoak

The fort staff are friendly and knowledgeable. The facility is clean and well appointed. History absolutely comes alive as you explore the grounds of this amazing place. The 10 minute video is a must and I highly recommend you arrive before 10:00 to participate in the flag raising.

Jay Miller

A lot of history despite only being in one battle. If you enjoy history it is fun. Kids liked the big cannons and the flag presentation. Plenty of area to walk around and enjoy your visit.

Michael Burdelas

If you like History and forts then this is right up your alley. While the fort itself has an entry fee the grounds surrounding it are free and open to the public. The Visitor center offers a nice into Video at the top of each hour. An excellent way to learn more about the Fort and it's purpose. As you head to the fort itself you will find some cannons and some paths around the Fort with some excellent information. Entering the Fort you'll find a few buildings and most are open for viewing. Only a few have been closed since I've been there. Lots to explore and lots of fun to be had. One tip would be to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You can do a lot of walking and the wrong shoes will hurt you later.

Cynthia Weldon

Absolutely have to see this place if you're in the area. My son and I were able to walk on the ramparts of which Francis Scott Key wrote about in The Star Spangled Banner. Gave us both goosebumps thinking of all the history in this location and the turning point it was for the war.

Aaron Cheek

We stopped here just to kill some time and could be happier. What a moving place make sure you watch the movie in the visitor center. Nicely preserved piece of American history. Staff was very passionate about there jobs. Stop and see the home or the star spangled banner.

Mark Wisser

Great piece of history that is right in the city. Even if you don't like history the views themselves make it worth a visit.

Adam Wiener

This place is a hidden gem. Its soaked in American history and the facility and grounds are spectacular. A must stop spot on the Star Spangled Banner National Historic Trail.

Cindy Bielski

This place was great for history but their were a couple of things that really were upsetting. First was in the parking lot. We pulled in right beside a volunteer that decided they must be better than everyone else and deserve 2 parking spots. Listen you are not better, you double parked close to the entrance instead of far out where if you didn't want your car hit then don't pull close were visitors are constantly coming and going with kids, lastly your a volunteer for the National Park service because you proudly have a magnet identifying your proud act. So whomever is in charge maybe you need to help to rectify this person what it means to be respectful of others by doing the right thing by only taking 1 parking spot. Also to the school's that were visiting and for the viewing of the film. It is a sad thing to see that these kids are representing your schools and their actions are interpreted on what they are being taught and how they act. First the ranger had the hardest time to get them to be quiet so others could hear the film starting. I will give a clap for the only male chaperone that instructed his group if they weren't quite they would leave hats off to you sir, but the rest of all the other chaperones were useless. Kids were so disrespectful and barged their way throughout the grounds to the point that frail older people were pushed off the brick walks because kids walked 6 people across and were not letting anyone else use the walk ways. Does anybody know what common curiosity is? I could keep going but I'll just add one more thing. The gift shop contains fragile breakable items just in case you forgot chaperones. You need to control your group's better and not let children run wild through this small gift shop. Adults need to only allow kids that actually are going to buy and or have no more than a group of 5 kids go in supervised. While I was there kids were grabbing everything while also breaking a snow globe and pushing adults trying to actually buy stuff around so much it was better to leave. This also could be implemented by whomever is in charge that would make this rule for all field trip events. It sure would make things easier for the poor staff. What if a child was pushed by another child into a glass shelf or fell upon that broken snow globe. Have fun explaining to higher ups why you didn't implement safety rules and standards before you are sued by a money hungry parent or an older adult. For all the schools also if you can't retain proper safety measures also for your students you might not be allowed back which would really damper your end of the year activities on how to get rid of the kids in their last days of school while also bringing attention to the parents that while you thought your kids were safe that no they actually are not being actively watched by the chaperones that are getting paid to escort safety your most precious possessions. To the school's also maybe don't plan on dragging a huge group of kids to Fory McHenry, Hard Rock Cafe, and the National Aquarium expecting to finish in 4 or 5 hours hence we visited the Aquarium on Wednesday and it was the same thing they were totally out of control and kids losing their minds. I got got it kids are excited but not to be running around unsupervised. Fort McHenry their may not be much you can do but their is plenty you can do about all these issues I have brought forward so everyone can visit, have a great and safe experience.

Davitron Rudolph

The 10 o'clock flag raising was really cool to watch. That, and the end of the historical video was really cool.

Wendy Stuck

I appreciate how the National Park Service has taken the time to update displays to include interactive media. Thank you for continuing to offer patches and lapel pins for families (we Scout). The Ranger who greeted us, along with others in the Fort, were courteous. Thank you for sharing the history of our flag with us.

Deana Rohan

I loved stopping here while heading back to NY to dip in the river. Area is kept clean, rangers are walking trails, and water is great!

William Lockridge

Great moment in history for inspiring the national anthem. I think all millennials need to visit this place. People here fought for your freedom. It wasn't given to you for free.

Omalika Lipp

Very nice staff and just an excellent place to visit, even without the Star Spangled Banner story. Lovely views of the water, massive cannons, interesting history. Please do yourself a favor and watch the video presented at the visitor center every thirty minutes. Very well done and is an excellent way to start your visit.

Jason Oakes

Fun visiting a place with my kids that I went to when I was a kid. Very well done.

Cody Rutherford

Cool place to take the family or friends for a little price of history. Go in the afternoon and you can see the flag being taken down.

Thomas Andrychowski

Great national monument and shrine. We've all heard about Francis Scott Key and the Star Spangled Banner in history class but to walk where it all happened really puts it into perspective. Prepare to spend a few hours walking inside and out of the fort. The park rangers have really good talks and demonstrations every hour or so.

Wei Chen

Easy water taxi ride to get there from inner harbor. Give you every little detail about how the Star Spangled Banner came about from the 1812 war and British seige of Fort McHenry. You should watch the short film every 30 minutes - it is worth the wait and put you on a different plane of respect to our national anthem. If you got lucky enough, you may be drafted to help lower the flag - which our group did. Definitely worth a 1/2 day trip.

Michael Blevins

Awesome location,filled with history,fun things to do, and a perfect early fall and spring destination for the family!!

Jason Mills

Very cool place with so much rich history. The National Parks Service has done a great job of providing a lot of information and interactive programming throughout the day. Easily accessible from downtown Baltimore, and you could easily spent a half day for more here (I didn't budget enough time). Really fun to learn about the significance and history of this place.

David Mason

This was one of the neatest experiences from our trip to DC. We went to fort mcHenry before the Smithsonian so we had learned a lot about the star Spangled banner. It made seeing it in person all the more memorable. When you go to Fort McHenry ask the staff alot of questions, they are very knowledgeable. Very handicap friendly place.

DeAnn Dodds

Taught cub scout for 20 years, the story still brings a year to my eye. Much more history here then just the star spangled banner.

LaVonda Fowler

Fantastic experience at Fort McHenry, great place for historic contemplation and beautiful scenery.

Credible Critic

A wonderful and beautiful maintained fort, telling an important story of American history, of how the people of Baltimore fought against the British in the 1812 war, and how the national anthem was conceived. The exhibit hall tells a good story, the artifacts are well presented. The fort itself is well kept and its ground maintained. A place for all, from casual historians to curious citizens, the place offers many things. It is a very important site, having a prominent place in the history of the nation. You and your family can easily spend 3-4 hours here.

James Parr

Inspiring... Everything I hoped for, and way more than I expected... the interpreters and Rangers have TONS of stories to tell if you take the time to talk

Hella Lucky

I purchased a 15 star flag at the gift shop and they let me raise it to the top of the flag pole at the fort. They also included a certificate of authenticity to go with it. Such a humbling experience to be able to raise my flag at the same location as the flag that inspired the Star Spangled Banner!

Beth Lovoy

The flag raising experience was one I will always remember! History and patriotism. Great combination!

A wolf

Really cool place to visit and spend a few hours and have a lunch. The rangers are very nice and there is a cool museum at the entrance then you explore the fort. It was an overall fun experience with activities happening all the time.

SGP Versluis

Packed with history about the battle of Baltimore and ofcourse the birthplace of the national anthem. Must see stop when in Baltimore tip: the folding of the flag and the weapon demonstration are both really cool

Vicki Tillman

Visited toward the end of the day. It was meaningful to watch and participate in the 1812 flag being lowered and the presidential flag being raised. The reenactors and park rangers were so helpful and friendly.

Nick Schroeder

Great site, nice, informative staff. I grew up right on Fort Avenue and I'm really glad to see this park is still so well-maintained and well-regarded.

Austin Beltrand

The monument charges an entrance fee, but I slipped-in without realizing the fact until it was too late, as they don't seem to enforce the charge--at least, not very well. The fort has a great view of the harbor when standing on-top of the mud works. There's a courtyard of 2-story buildings in the center of the fort with several exhibits on the ground levels, as well as additional exhibits at the visitor center that you walk through on the way to the monument. I also thought it was cool that much of the original architecture of the monument has been preserved, and that there are only a few off-limits zones.

James McFarland

Truly an amazing place that every single person should see. The visitors center is well done with excellent info that really draws you into the history and our flag. The fort is well kept and having reenactments makes it even that much better. This site really makes you proud to be an American.

Orvil Hazelton

A quiet spot to celebrate our wonderful nation's history along the quay walls and green park atmosphere in Baltimore. The docents are most helpful and the museums are well done. Ahhh . . . another fine summer afternoon well spent.

Laura Crabtree

Love sharing this piece of history with my kids. Plenty if things to look and touch for the kids. Nice place to spend a couple hours.

Shonda Robinson

Incredible place! We loved feeling a part of our heritage.

Gaby Ellenberger

This is actually a beautiful place to picnic for free right on the water. The historic park is nice and educational, but the grounds themselves are a wonderful place to spend a sunny afternoon. You don't need to pay unless you're doing the historical part.

andre bosshardt

The grounds were very nice. Great place to walk around. I love history. The price of $15 per person was a lot for what was shown but it does pay for upkeep. Nice to see for the history of this country.

Christy Tromp

Wonderful experience, so much history. The staff was knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions. Was grateful to be a part of the unfolding,and folding of the flag. The history behind the "Star Spangled Banner" song is very interesting.

Johnny P Wert

I loved the fort. We disliked the uneducated people doing the tour. At 15 a person if a question is asked then it should be answered. The gift shop lady was rude. I spent 80 in the gift shop you owe me the free gift bag as I spent over 50 there.

Jenna Scalia

A great place to visit to learn about an crucial part of American history. It's also a good spot to walk/run, admire the view, or picnic on the fields.

Laura Lupton

Great historical sites. Plenty of walking. Park service people were helpful. Watch the movie!


This was a fantastic half day experience. At 10am they changed the flag for the large, and at 1045 they did a musket demonstration. Military gets in free (+3 others) with the free parks pass.

Brian Parr

Very interesting and awe wondering place to visit. To see the fort at the waters edge you can easily see how the battle went. To see the flag flying over the fort as you think about what happened there was awesome

scott loving

If you're a history buff this is an easy way to kill several hours. very interesting place to visit and look around. Lots to see.

Jenifer Flesher

Awesome history and presentation. Was thrilled with small children's books in the gift shop.

Christopher Grant

Went w Honor Flight. Staff put on an extra flag education interactive program for the WW2 Korea and vietnam vets.

Kaycie M.

I would come out here again just for the view of the Harbor. Also it's a nice park to walk around and get out of the city. The enter the fort was I think $20. You can go to the visitor center and walk around the waterway without entering the fort.

Jennifer Greenslit

Great experience visiting with my sons. Good parking, nice visitor center with good, informative displays. Great outdoor walking tour with a ranger. Beautiful views!

Robert Martin

Very knowledgeable guides. Excellent displays. The ability to enjoy the Open Spaces and explore the area by yourself if you like.

Thomas Addy

Great exhibits. Well maintained. Courteous staff.

Dan C

Excellent grounds and park. Great for people to walk the grounds and learn about the creation of our national anthem. Parking is convenient and walkways are marked. Plenty of paved paths for ease of access. Bring some food and have a picnic watching the tours and ships on the water.

Connie Green

We arrived on the Baltimore Harbor Water Taxi and went to the Visitor Center not far from the dock. Your don't need to pay to enter the visitor center where there are many displays portraying the history of the Fort during the War of 1812 and later, into the time of World War I.There is a movie about the battle from which the national anthem was inspired. When the movie ends, the screen slowly rises and the flag can be seen flying majestically above the Fort in the distance. It's a very moving moment and Americans visiting should remember to salute or put their right hand over their heart.After that you can walk up the hill to the Fort itself, and pay to go inside if you wish.

Brad Berg

Great place, tucked off in a corner of Baltimore. The neighborhood actually looked safe, which is amazing for that city. It was truly inspiring as a Soldier to walk these grounds.

George A-R

A historic place to see, but I preferred Ft Monroe and the Casemate Museum in Hampton. It more intriguing and has an actual moat.

John Sauer

You may be surprised as I was to connect with that time period and national emotion. Still alive today. God Bless the USA

Filip N

Incredible amazing place! You can to there with whole your family and everyone will find something interesting for himself. You can spend there long hours, walking across the park aleys. And the best one... its not that expensive at all! On the place you will find also very nice restaurant with quite tasty food. There is also playground for small children. Go there with your family for fantastic day!

Tamar Weinberg

Very cool park. Beautiful scenery. Excellent staff. They really engage young learners. The grounds are well maintained and there are ample tours and opportunities for learning. What a gem!

Vicky Miller

It's where Francis Scott Key wrote the poem for the Star-Spangled Banner. Very moving especially if you're patriotic or you served and the military like I did.


I absolutely LOVE this place. In fact, it's one of my very favorite places in Baltimore! The gift shop is fun, the video is informative (and even better when Baltimoreans yell "O" and tourists are confused!), the waterfront is beautiful and peaceful... It's awesome that you only have to pay if you want to go into the fort because it's such a relaxing place to be. I love all the history and learning that is here too. <3

Jed Harris

You could feel a great spirit there. Enjoyed taking part in flag raising

Mic Platt

Brought my family here and was not prepared for the depth of perpectives on display!! The balance of perpectives, the preservation of historic building and artifacts, and their excellent interpretive tours make Fort McHenry a must-stop for all Americans! It's not just about Francis Scott Key! Please "like" my review if you found it helpful.

Mona Kimble

It was a very nice experience, first time been there. Will go back again in the future.

Karen Li

I loved this park! The volunteers were great and knew a lot about the park/shrine. I definitely learned a lot about the Star Spangled Banner and American history. All of the exhibits were very well-maintained, as well as the fort itself. I got to participate in a flag unfolding event with the volunteers and they taught us a lot about the flag and the war. The flag was huge!

Burt Strickland

One's American pride is always rejuvenated after a visit.. Especially after watching the guest centers movie

Jennifer Baker

To understand our nation a person must understand its history. The struggles and successes remind us of those who have gone before us. Ft. McHenry National Monument helps put those predecessor’s activities in context. The War of 1812, the origin and inspiration of our National Anthem and the influence of the fort in subsequent wars all are laid out to visitors. Walk among the ramparts, imagine “the rockets red glare” and re-live the conditions of the time. Don’t miss it!

Spencer Arias

Our favorite place so far. Great to learn about the flag and Francis Scott Key. The movie in the visitors center was very moving. Well done. Loved it

ken logsdon jr.

Not overcrowded. Nice 15 to 20 minute historical interactions by costumed presenters. Ladies and men working in period dress and demonstrating, cooking, washing, musket firing, and drill. Fife and drum inside the fort was a nice backdrop to the flag and fort life. Great views.

Tonia Tracy

Knowledgeable people, it was amazing. I always get tears in my eyes at a specific part of the Star Spangled Banner. This just really touched the soul even more. Great little tour allowed for sitting for those that needed to take breaks. Cute gift store

Random Traveler

This is a great historical site that's best remembered for the Battle Of Baltimore in the War Of 1812. Not only was the city saved from further invasion but Frances Scott Key witnessed the battle and wrote the Star Spangled Banner to reflect how he felt when he saw the American flag flying instead of a British flag. The fort has seen lots of other history as well. During the American Civil War opponents of the war were imprisoned there. It was also used as a hospital during WWI. Visits are self guided however ragers are on site and do have programs to help the experience.

Nicoline Smits

Beautiful views over the water, and history, of course. Did you know that to this day, if a British navy ship visits, Baltimore, the Ft McHenry park rangers troll them by hoisting the biggest stars & stripes and firing blanks?

Connie Kelly

A mix of video history and historic items to help you understand the significance of the monument.

Susan Johannes

We did the flag raising st 10am. The kids and We loved it. New changes that are great. Thanks

Andy Byrd

Love the history of this place. Great views of the water and very peaceful.

Bryon Buckland

My 24 year old son and I visited Fort McHenry. We enjoyed the history lesson and the tour guide was very knowledgeable I have been there a bunch of times and I know a lot about the War of 1812 but if you do not? Please go to our Fort McHenry and you will learn things that Amaze you! And it is under construction making it better for the visitors.

Prayash Raj Koirala

Nice place in Baltimore to visit and relax for a while. You can also get an annual pass at a good deal if you intend to visit more than once. The pass allows an extra person along with the pass holder.

Erin L

Definitely a must see if you are in the Baltimore area! Birthplace of our national anthem, beautiful, peaceful and full of history. Right before closing (I think at 4:30) they have a little ceremony to take down the large day time flag and fly the overnight all weather flag. We happened to catch it and I highly recommend trying to! Especially if you have kids!

Sang Lee

Nice park. It has things to see and/or do inside and outside. Great to have a picnic on the grass.

Lisa Shafer

Very cool place to visit. Lots of walking! Always watch the movies before going out into the fort!! So uplifting to see people standing and hands are on hearts or saluting the flag, when they finish the film with our wonderful national anthem!!!! The flag talk was really cool! Loved the musket demonstration and the fife and drum demo! More fun to go and see when this stuff is going on!!

Courtney Gordon

Great visit for any one wanting to learn more about our flag and national anthem. The museum is free but there is a $15 charge for the fort for anyone over 16. We had six kids with us and they loved pretending that they were defending the fort from the British. There are tons of places in the fort to explore. It got a little windy out by the water so you may want to bring a jacket.

Husband's Dad's and Gaming

This place is amazing. Make sure to plan you visit to take part in flag talks and the discussions on the battles that took place. Its amazing to see how this fort has become an important piece of history and how its become a shrine.

Virgil Owen

I was not excited about going to this place but I am glad I did. The park rangers here are incredible. The story behind this place is a great read. The National Parks people did a great job with this park. When we were done seeing the park there was a free bus at the entrance that took us back to the other end of inner harbor.

Miranda Benetti

Beautiful park - walking/running trail along the water, with lovely views of boats and the city across the water. Great place to bring a picnic blanket and eat with your family, under the shady trees in the soft grass.

Michelle Dunn

Great part of Charm City and a must see. Beyond the history, you look across the harbor view from Inner Harbor to Fells to Camden. Drive there and park for free OR take the water taxi as part of a day trip seeing all above mentioned neighborhoods. Note- though one of the water taxi stops, you CANNOT start your taxi rides here- they aren't gonna let you smarty-pants like me try to take advantage of free parking to see all the stops

Jessica Sachs

Wonderful preservation and historic presentations at the site that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the poem that became the Star Spangled Banner. There are many volunteers and NPS rangers that effectively bring history to life at this fort. The fort is most known for the role it had in 1814 when Francis Scott Key famously witnessed the American flag being raised and knew the British had surrenderd, however the fort has had a role in every war through WWII.

Neil Westervelt

Very educational. Lots of parking. Very well maintained buildings. Great views of the harbor. Really great visit! Darn birds like to poop on the cannons!

BillandKaren Fisher

The visitors center show and exhibits are very well done and very informative. Make sure to make time for the flag raising and the flag talk. Do your homework about the days activities before you go.

Mary Jane Lavin

Beautiful day spent with an 11 year old at our local national monument. The Park Rangers and volunteers are friendly, informative, and helpful. The Fort itself is beautifully maintained. No matter how often I visit Ft. McHenry I am touched and moved to tears at the end of the movie. I think every Marylander should make appointment of visiting the home of our National Anthem.

Logan Altrichter

Super cool fort directly across from the city of Baltimore. Will take you a little more then an hour to explore the entire property. They are very strict on the rules, which clearly helps maintain the cleanliness of the property.

Chris Gibson

Absolutely loved this place the rangers are very knowledgeable and the story of the Ft. Is amazing. I recommend being there at 5:00 p.m. because it is when they change out the flags for the evening. And you can be apart of it as well.

Keith Weber

We went there on a whim and we're very pleasantly surprised. We got there in the late afternoon and they were changing the flag. My boys helped fold up the big one and they raised the small one. Super fun! Would definitely recommend it.

A small cat

Great place for history buffs to learn about the American flag, Star-Spangled Banner, the war of 1812, Fort McHenry, etc. We got a chance to participate in the Ranger's Choice Talk (4:15pm) which was on the American Flag, etc. We held the American flag with over 20 other people while the ranger talked and at the end she asked questions (a quiz) on what she talked about and every question we got right we got to roll up a stripe on the flag. We also got to see the Evening Flag Change - Star Fort event which was at 5:00pm in the fort. The fort itself wasn't huge to me especially for over 1,000 men but they have removed a lot of the buildings that were once on the entire property (as you will see when you go into one of the buildings in the fort and see the old picture of the property). My boyfriend really loved this place because of the history. He loves history. I loved walking around and I enjoyed the views of the city and other scenic views right by the waterfront and in the fort at the top. The price to get in to the actual Fort McHenry grounds for us since we did not fall into any of the discounts was $15 each. They have other events that you can take part in / watch such as morning flag change, other flag talks, battle of Baltimore talk, etc. The first one starts at 10am. The fort and visitor center actually close at 5:45pm, just be aware. The fort and grounds are extremely well-kept and clean except for some bird mess but you can't control that. There is a gift shop that you can get into for free that has a ton of American and Fort themed gifts including postcards, pens, shirts, pencils, figurines, tokens, etc. There is a museum that is free to get into that is right across from the gift shop. The bathrooms in the visitor center (not any once you enter the fort grounds so make sure you plan accordingly unless you are going to make a trip all the way back to the visitor center) are very clean and several stalls, all the soap, etc. are fully stocked. There is a water fountain and also a water bottle refill station. There is plenty of parking and it is free. They have a Star-Spangled Banner National Historic trail that you can walk/hike, run, or ride your bike on that is over 200 miles. We walked on part of that that is inside of the fort/national monument/shrine. There is a monument of the General (Armistead) who led Fort McHenry during the war. His monument is outside of the fort grounds so you do not need to pay to see the monument or take a picture of it. Go here to Fort McHenry if you love history or want to visit a huge attraction in Baltimore.

Lisa Peterson

Excellent experience. You can buy a flag in the gift shop and have it raised right next to the big flag! What a memory and keepsake. All employees were very helpful and friendly. A definite must go.

Thoma Riviegravere

Do start with the ten-minute introductory video in the Visitor's Center. Not only does it give you an overview of the history, but when it ends with the "Star Spangled Banner," the projection screen is raised to give a view of the flag waving over the fort. This was stunning! Wandering through the fort, you will see rooms furnished with period furniture, the battery room for storage of gunpowder and cannon balls, and the view of the harbor. Everything was exceptionally clean and well-kept-up.

Kathy Bacon

Lots of history and some this ol gal had forgotten. Good walking for exercise for those of us who need it and the volunteers are very informative and always have a smile. They're great people.

Nosferatu Dracula

Incredible history, nice walk, friendly park volunteers. This is the fort that was mentioned in the star spangled banner. It held off the British from invading Baltimore during the revolutionary war. One really cool thing about this area is that there is free parking and a water taxi that comes every 20 or so minutes. The taxi will take you to fells point or the inner harbor. I recommend watching the video they have in the main center and walking the path through the fort. Also, this place is in the Fallout 4 game!

Jacob Hamilton

I went here with my wife, in-laws, and 3 kids under 8 years old. I really enjoyed learning the history of the fort. They had a few people in 1812 attire who were doing live demonstrations of life on base. Most of the original buildings have been maintained very well, and you can walk through them. Each building you can walk through has descriptions of what it was used for, and a biography of some of the more famous people who lived there. There is a short movie in the visitor center that describes how Francis Scott Key came to be on a British Navy ship during their assault on the fort. Then he witnessed something that inspired the writing of the Star Spangled Banner. Highly recommend a visit if you are in the area. We spent about 2.5 hours walking around and talking to the park staff.


I really enjoyed the inside exhibits and cinema as well as the outside trails to explore on. The $15 entry fee is a bit over priced in my opinion though (I would be more likely to return and pay the entry fee if it were around $10). Makes me really appreciate all the free historical sites and forts in NC. I could only hope a lot of that money goes into livable wages for the staff as they are very friendly and informative. You can glean a lot of information off them if you take the time to ask them questions. I would say that if you live anywhere near here, it is at least worth one trip in.


A little slice of heavenly Americana in the heart of Baltimore. A very nice multimedia presentation for free in the beautiful visitors center about the history of the fort and the star spangled banner.

Filippos Zofakis

Entrance costs 15$, but worth it to visit once to learn more about American history and the war of 1812. The movie about the story behind the star-spangled banner was the highlight of the visit. You can also view guns, flags and soldier uniforms from that time. Up the hill and inside the fort are the old barracks, which span multiple time periods/wars.


It's a small Park but very beautiful. You can walk around the grounds, but to get into the fort you have to pay $10. When you are in the museum part and watching the production of a 10 minute video, at the end there will be a surprise which I will not tell you what it is. May I remind you when the time comes, please stand. There are signs of ask you to do so. A way to show our American pride with the most beautiful song that America could ever make. Worth of visit and when you get a chance come and check it out.

Dallin N

I only took off one star because I feel like there's more that could be shown and told here. Other than that, this is the place the Star Spangled Banner originated from. An important part of this young county's history.

Kath KMS

Visited for a few hours on a very hot day. The grounds and visitor center are free to visit. You will need to pay or have a National Parks membership (have it physically with you) to get into the fort itself. The info center is very good with lots of interactive things. I listened to the ranger talk on the Battle of the Chesapeake. Very good.

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