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REVIEWS OF Baltimore Museum of Industry IN Maryland

Theo Kluss

One of the coolest museums period. This place has good view to the outside. Its a good 3-4 hour visit and it has many picture areas.


A wonderful snapshot of Baltimorean history.

Brian K

The BMI is a beautiful venue for a wedding, and their staff is second to none. We can’t say enough good things about Kelley Edelmann in particular. She was incredible to work with throughout booking the BMI, planning our wedding, and the event itself. They were able to make helpful suggestions about everything from photograph locations to processional and dance floor layouts. It was clear that Kelley and the whole BMI staff really cared and wanted to make our wedding a complete success.

Carm F

Seems like the new changes may do wonders for the Buffalo peer. Many people opposed the new construction but the majority we're enthused

Kaster Kit

There on a school field trip with my granddaughter. Museum is fantastic, lots of actual working displays, great history of Baltimore and the industry it once and some it still has. Displays are very professionally done. Tour guide, Miss E, was excellent!

Jason Kendall

Cool place with interesting history and information

Melissa Koltiska

Pretty cool place to check out

Tyese Knight

A great museum with artifacts from Baltimore's history. Reasonably priced, free off street parking and interactive exhibits great for kids. If you are visiting Baltimore and don't want to pay an arm and a leg to get in the Aquarium, definitely check this place out.

Chris Baker

Great museum! Interesting for adults. Lots of hands on activities for kids.


It's interesting for adults, but not for young kids. I wish we could spend more time there, but they were getting ready for a private event and it was kind of uncomfortable.

Brian Dodge

We went to a wedding reception at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. It was an unusual experience for the reception. It's located on Baltimores inner harbor.

Ray Boarman

Went on a fourth grade field trip and it was very nice. The students really enjoyed being a part of the assembly line if oyster packing. It gave them real perspective on how life was life during that time period. We did not have a chance to really explore the rest of the museum, but it did look like it was informative. It's probably better for older children .


What a great place to see: most people wouldn't imagine, which vast variety of technical products originate from this region. Aircraft, industrial robot welder, Head skis, type setter, Black and Decker DIY tools, and not to forget of course the never forgotten crown cork invention. Even a battery electric vehicle from decades ago is pn display. Simply by walking past the displays, there is so much to see and learn. Kids as well as adults will love it. The location itself is so cool as well: an industrial red brick building just by the ex-docks of Baltimore Port

Eddie Vazquez Jr

‪During a school field trip to the museum of industry in Baltimore, as a chaperone, I witnessed and encountered a confrontational tour guide. She had a biased opinion of history and knowing her audience she twisted facts and forced her left-wrong political interpretation on to 3/4th graders. ‬ She: ‪**Blamed the catholic clergymen for prohibiting the distribution of books‬ ‪**ONLY referenced blacks as being treated unfairly during that time‬ ‪**Said the church wanted to keep people ignorant and not teach them‬ ‪she also said even today women aren’t treated fair, blacks are still oppressed, and equal employment is still a topic that struggles, similar to how it was 50 years ago. ‬ ‪She referenced social injustice, racism, sexism, and work place standards. Typically, that’s not a problem but her interpretation was not sensitive to the audience especially when the opinion was one-sided and she placed blame and tied it to the modern day political landscape — simply saying things haven’t changed much today and implying that all of those things still exist on a large scale in America. ‬ ‪When challenged by a teacher and myself, she said she disagreed with facts and quickly moved on to another topic. ‬ ‪I acknowledge that our (U.S.) history has some ugly sides to it, however, we have been and continue to evolve and improve but to say that things haven’t changed is a false interpretation. To also say that that since the civil rights act the EEOC act was ONLY 50 years ago is not factual and is only opinion based. ‬ ‪Educators should state the facts. Educators should educate an audience on the opinions of both sides. They should not be emotionally involved and should be partial to the truth. The museum and the rest of the staff were great. The museum was wonderful. I loved the abundant artifacts and the knowledgeable staff. Our guide, a younger woman with short hair, brunette color, was out of line and it was very disappointing to experience. In my opinion, it’s borderline abusive to falsely interpret history and attempt to educate young impressionable minds with biased facts. ‬

Steve Hrybyk

Wonderful view of harbor. Great place to hold an event or schedule a school visit.

Rick Kuethe

Great museum for all ages with interesting and enjoyable special programs.

Cheryll Brown

Amazed, did not know there was a place to perform. Our God-daughter was awesome

Treasure Tree Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Great exhibits . Will do again

Binyamin Adam Aronowicz

Excellent museum tour! I came in from New York to visit family in Baltimore. We first went to Aquarium but didn't enjoy it so much and then we searched for other attractions and found the Baltimore Museum of Industry. The price is reasonable and the tours are excellent. Gabi our tour guide was very informative and she used machines that haven't been used for 100 years! There was also a man named Mr A who used to be in charge of printing presses for newspapers before computers. He even made me a custom made printing press stamp with my name on it! This place is a must see especially with the tour and if you appreciate America and the hard work put in to build this country's working class and economy.

Henry Farkas

Very nice museum. They specialize in displaying the industrial past of the Baltimore area. They don't change the show much, but it is certainly worth one visit.

Niel Leon

Excellent museum, lots of stuff for children to see a do. Niel

David Burnham

This was a better than expected experience. My 9 year old son was fully engaged for several hours as he had an opportunity to create and interact with several different exhibits. The staff/volunteers did a great job explaining things and bringing history to life. Currently, there is a video game exhibit which was a lot of fun for kids. I would think this museum is perfect for kids ages 8 to 12. Others would also enjoy some as well. I would say that a big part of this was the weekend volunteers, so go when they are there.

Autumn Carter

We took a visiting family member, a four year old and a year old with us and had a blast. We made other family members so jealous with photos we sent that they are asking to go when they next visit us. It is worth the time and money. They also often have Groupons so look there first.

michelle thompson

Beautiful place for a wedding. Loads of fun facts for all ages

Landis Whitehurst

Great experience. Had fun and learned a lot. Docents were very knowledgeable.

Shelly McCully

It is a very small museum with great visuals and hands on exhibits showing the history of the workforce in Baltimore during the 19th century. There are tables and other areas where people can use to eat meals. You would need to bring your own meals but there is a vending machine. There is a floor to ceiling window facing the Chesapeake Bay giving visitors a full view in which they can enjoy. It is a great place for all ages to explore and learn about the different kinds of jobs during the Industrial Age.

Rose D

It's great to see where we've been and where we are now.


Really nice place to find information and see sights off of the back deck

Lisa Thomas

My son's school went for a field trip. I think the worker activity was so amazing.

Bill Mixter

A hidden treasure downtown. Didn't have enough time to take it all in. We plan a return visit...

Michael Valdivielso

The museum is underrated. It is like a huge attic full of American history. To be honest it feels so much bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside like a Tardis turned into a museum. I could have spent all day there and maybe come back another day just to finish it all off. Well worth the visit for both children and adults. Almost like a huge flea market - just full of old machinery, farming equipment, and signs. IT is the history of industry in solid form!

Kelly Hipp

Had a great time at Baltimore Museum of Industry. Tour guides were knowledgable and high energy. Cool space.

Spencer S.

Super fun place to spend the afternoon. Love the textile and print shops especially!

Brenda Lopez

Nice place, but I would not recommended if you want to take little kids because most thing you can not touch which it's very difficult to make a 2 years old to understand that. However, my 6 years old boy loved it because they had some big kids experiments .

Key Marie

I work a lot of events here. It's a cool museum and venue with an exquisite view of the Inner Harbor.

Terese Winegan

This museum makes me proud that Baltimore is my home.

John Liker

The oyster exhibit was interesting since my great grampa lived near here and did that his whole life

Terri Ritterpusch

I went here with family from out of town. We were looking for a history type museum. It was great, like finding the kinds of things the American Pickers find in old garages and attics. From old signs and bottles from local industry to the machines people used and ongoing tours announced throughout the day that include demonstrations. I found it charming. Also, people are able to rent for events and it is right on the water.

Margaret Dowling

A little jewel of a museum with well-curated exhibits, excellent docents and live crafstmen, all focused on past and current Baltimore industries and inventions. During our visit, we watched a blacksmith at work and met Raymond Loomis, who has worked a Linotype machine for his entire career and who helped a visitor volunteer create a line of type on the machine and print her name. The machine is an insanely well engineered machine invented in Baltimore in the 1880s. Go visit, and ask for Mr. Loomis!

Wayne Z

This is A GREAT venue for weddings!

Elisabeth Budd

Interesting museum. Good family outing. Hosts lots of events throughout the year for families...

Carol Bowen

Fabulous museum, learned so much!

David Pittman

I like the exhibits describing Baltimore's industrial history, but they aren't kept up-to-date. For example, Lyons left Owings Mills years ago.

Dov Chodoff

Great place to take kids. Lots of fun. Old machines from different times

Brenda Cotton

It might not sound like an interesting museum to some people, but it is quite informative and enjoyable if you like learning about the history of industry in Baltimore. The museum is quite expansive with many attractive educational exhibits. The city and its inhabitants can brag of a lot of "firsts" in industry.

Florence Thompson

This museum was super cool! The tour guide went over the oyster industry, garment industry, blacksmithing, printing, and they also talked about the great Baltimore fire and put a really interesting spin on it. Beautiful location, and definitely a lot to see. Was there for like an hour and a half with group from work (this place is great for random groups) and could have stayed twice that long. Also there is a cafe if you need a bite while you're learning about Baltimore!

Steve russell

You don't know how huge the Baltimore port was/is to not only Baltimore but to the U.S. until you've been to this museum.

Vonnie Rice

Had an awesome time!

Kristen Rudolph

Great museum for local history. More geared towards older children or adults that can read. Not a lot of hands on or touch things. Younger kids have the weekend worker program and a few play boxes throughout museum. The museum's 4th of July event is worth the price. Dj, crafts, food trucks, and am amazing view of the harbor fireworks.

khamari Franklin

I'm in 4 grade it is really really nice me and my class love it

Harrison Mason

A wonderful place to learn in-depth history of how Baltimore's working class built this city.

Ria Henares Garrett

We went here to attend a robot competition and I'm looking to go back. Everything we have now and all the conveniences and new gadgets are a result of the Industrial Age. This museum is all about this. Displays are very interesting and relevant for all ages. Great for families. Perfect for engineering students and those that are interested in the history of technology.

Robert Dooling

Very nice and a piece of history

Ashley Weaver

I've taken my students to the BMI for three years now and absolutely love it. It's always so organized and easy to follow their schedule. The employees are friendly and engaging. I love learning new things every time I go!

Eros Maximus

I was here for a Christmas party - the company had rented the facility for the evening. Varied and interesting machines, products, and exhibits that showcase U.S. production prowess during the last century. Live demonstration of the machine shop was the highlight of the tour.

Christina Warden

We went here for a wedding and had a great time! It's Hot in there though, be sure to dress lightly

Bob Mixter

Fascinating museum, not far from the main inner harbor area. A must see!

Edwin Medina

Very impressive... Most see when you are in town

A wolf

iv been here at least 5 times and have had the best experience ever. It is one of my favorite places to visit while in Baltimore. I have done a few fieldtrips here they are very interactive and explanatory. I would definitely recommend as a place to spend a few hours.

Hannah T

It's kind of small and personally, I'm just not interested in industrial history. Had to go for a school trip haha. Anyway though, it's probably interesting if you're into that kind of stuff.

Michael H.

Amazing experience. I enjoyed the historical showcases. And the view was absolutely incredible! I enjoyed the food as well.

Amanda Rae Noss Smith

Not many people go here, but its a great spot. Awesome tour!!!

Steve Moses

Fascinating museum to visit. You could get lost in all the exhibits for hours. Well worth your time to see this.

Reino Hornson

A great museum with loads of information about the industrial and economic history of the Baltimore area from the 18th century. Panels, self guided or museum tours, and interactive exhibits and workshops make this place a go to destination in the Baltimore or D.C. The staff is very friendly, and the BMI is also very affordable. I really liked this museum.

Marc Gordon

This is a great small museum. It provides the history of Baltimore industry in a fun and interactive way. My 8 year old grandson loved it.

Dana Harris

Thread talk was in an awesome place. I love industry and technology. Thanks Ms. Angie you made the tour amazing

Dania Ramirez

We purchased the Fourth of July that included parking and museum tickets. You could bring as many people fit in the car and a picnic. It was a great time! The museum provides a great space to accommodate guests. You can bring all your picnic necessities like tables, chairs, coolers etc and find a spot on their outdoor decks. There’s also a pavilion where you can “park” your family if you want. The Car parking was easy and really close. We found a great spot to have our picnic and just enjoyed our snacks.Then, we walked over to the museum which has memorabilia and artifacts from the industrial era in Baltimore. It was fun and educational. The museum also provided music and activities for kids out in the pavilion. People danced and kids enjoyed themselves. Everyone had a great view of the fireworks and the inner harbor. In attendance were an diverse group of families but everyone was friendly and peacefully enjoying our holiday. I don’t want to forget to add that the museum has great bathrooms too! I highly recommend for everyone of all ages!!

Eric Dow

Extremely informative and fun for the whole family.

Alexandra Gehly

Came for our friends' wedding today. The venue was beautiful and the staff was attentive and great. Highly recommend!


The guided tour is really nice.

Those Crazy Everharts

Neat place to see

Andrew Tan

Excellent musuem with hands-on exhibits Great place for kids.

Daniel Baker

Visited the museum from out of town. I wouldn't necessarily recommend that. If you're local it is worth a visit. It likely takes most 2 hours or less, but if you read every sign like me then closer to 3 hours. It would make a great date paired with dinner after. Those who are in engineering or in manufacturing will enjoy themselves.

Magnima Andele

It is an awesome museum to visit, small but full of interesting artifacts to entertain kids. Will definitely go back there with my kids to have a fun exploration.

Andrew Zembala

Great museum, with awesome exhibits and interactive history!

Vibha Sagar

Have been to this museum few times. It is located in downtown Baltimore with free parking facility. It has an ample space to host holiday parties for corporates.

Catherine Luo

Although a small-sized museum, the artifacts and information displayed truly bring you back to the industrial ages. Upon hearing the name of this museum, I thought I wouldn't be impressed and would be bored, but I could not have been more wrong! I loved every bit of this museum and all that it had to offer. Must visit!

eileen welsh

Great history of some iconic Baltimore companies.

ginny bolling

The people working here make the magic. Would love to see more funding to make it even more engaging.

Anissa Carlston

Fun and really cool people where nice


Awesome museum, lots if really cool things on it and a great gift shop with local artist work in it.

Tracey G

Though the subject matter didn't really interest me, I very much enjoyed this museum. It's affordable to visit and has several interactive features for adults and children. I would recommend a guided tour, as staff can demonstrate some of the machinery. The gift shop is fun to browse too.

Steven rotundo

Very cool look into the lives of those who lived and worked in early baltimore.

Gregory Norris

Not well known gem in Baltimire. Small museum with a lot of great Baltimore machine history. Excellent for school groups

Gary W Ballard

A easy spot to miss on Key Highway, but a very nice place to see the industrial exhibits relating to the Baltimore maritime industry. Historic tug boat Baltimore is there. A great view of the Domino Sugar Factory across the water. Easy parking and nearby restaurants in the Fort Hill area nearby!

Bernie Gidich

Very interestig venue. Learned alot of history of industry in america.

CJ Wolfe

Free parking. Fun for kids and adults. A lot of hands on exhibits and information. Everything is densely packed into one floor or busy and interwoven stations and rooms. Printing and blacksmithing demonstrations are a favorite. The new video game exhibit allows people to create a few levels of a playable video game. No eatery, but there's a room you can snack or have your lunch in. Inexpensive compared to a lot of things downtown. Membership is a good value and there's reciprocity with other historical museums. Recommend combining the visit with a trip to the farmer's market under the covered pavilion next door on Saturday morning (summer).

Tony Carney

Wonderful Museum to visit,!! It is small but full of interesting handicrafts to entertain kids. Will definitely go back there with my family and friends to have a fun exploration.

chaitanya sree

Very nice place, my kids enjoyed alot

Laura Budzinski

Awesome wedding venue!

Tisha Veale

Never been and it is a very nice museum and the location is awesome.

Bonnie Gilbert

Went to a wedding here, ceremony outside was gorgeous and lots of cool history inside!!

Edith Morris

A neat place to learn about all the industries that started in Baltimore and the surrounding areas that shaped the harbor and employed the population.

pat mulhern

Wonderful experience here. Was the venue for a wedding. Absolutely perfect on every level. Best wedding ever.

Dori Fraser

Amazing way to spend the day. So much interesting information. Hands on stuff for kids. Make sure you pick up the IPods at the front desk that are free with admission they add to the experience. Saturday demonstrations and hands on workshops for the kids. Great place!

Travis Worsley

Great, nd full of informations

Tasha Stevens

My son's school went for a field trip. I think the worker activity was so amazing. The kids really enjoyed it. I grew up in Baltimore and never went on this field trip. The extra perk was that our tour guide was so personable. She remembered kids name and really knew how to keep them engaged. Also, the space is gorgeous. Awesome views of the harbor. This is definitely a hidden gem for Baltimore. We need more field trips like this instead of the science center and the aquarium. I loved it.

Kaitlyn Boll

Enjoyed my time here on our school trip. Very well put together n the tour guides are very friendly.

Linda Redmond

Very interesting. Great Tour guide

Zale Tabakman

Great museum of history. Great exhibit with what a manufacturing operation looks like.

Connie Green

The Baltimore Museum of Industry is a hidden gem sitting in plain view along Key Highway and a good reason for people not to stop their visits at the more tourist oriented northern side of the Baltimore Inner Harbor. The combination of history and art is impressive. The recreation of stores and workshops takes the museum beyond traditional displays to helping visitors what a bakery, grocery or tailoring business was really like. Educational facilities include mini theatres and classrooms. Free parking is ample. The fact that all displays and activities are on one floor makes it easy to move around. The theme of stressing the value of work of all kinds flows throughout along with that if introducing visitors to the unique role Baltimore residents did play and continue to play in building the state and the nation.

Breanna B

Fun little museum where you walk through the history of our most important industrial inventions. My friend and I went together as two adults and really enjoyed it, but it looks very kind friendly too, lots to see and touch

Doreen Andrews

I having a great time

Ed Fields

Beautiful venue for events.

Victor Perry

I thought this place would be dry and boring. Big fat WRONG!

Shaina Hardy

Great place for an event. Definitely need to take my kids back here!


Field trip with my child's 7th grade class. I find the industrial era to be fascinating and really enjoyed the museum.

Edward Stevens

I've not toured the museum,i take classes there but I've seen what there is to see from the outside. It's worth the trip. I plan to take a tour in the near future.


So interesting even though it is a relatively small place. If you are into the history of how things were made long ago this is a place to visit. I would recommend following the tour guide and they know alot about what is there and how things were done. How they made newspapers long ago was my favorite.

Mary Beth Dobrzynski

I was actually the many months ago. This time I was just passing by on one of my daily urban treks (hikes). Yet, the last time I did visit the Museum it was a bit overwhelming, in a good way, as the was so, so much to see and experience. It's definitely a Museum in Baltimore which requires more than one visit to "experience it all".

Kristina Vakharia

Nice venue for an anniversary part. The food wasn't good but I guess that's not their fault. Beautiful harbor views!

George Ronkette

This is a pretty cool museum/venue. Or friends had their wedding and reception here and it was very nice.

Vincent Donia

Something interesting on a rainy day

Bryon Buckland

My 24 year old son Brady Buckland and myself went to the Museum of Industry and we learned things about Baltimore that I did not know at all! Which I am a fax person so that is hard to do but anybody, anybody can go there and have a great time and learned a boatload of stuff about Baltimore at the same time. I suggest it for all ages whether male or female. And also tell them somebody from Baltimore suggested you go there. The history and that place is amazing

Valentin Besse

Very interesting tour and very funny. So many things to discover. I would not recommend if you visit it with very you by child.

Amber Darlene

My favorite museum in Baltimore. I love it@

T. McMullen

Great place! They hosted a children's entrepreneur fair that was awesome! Can't wait to attend this event next year. What an awesome thing for Baltimore!

Jones On The Spot LLC.

Went on a field trip with 4th graders very nice I love how they kids get to be hands on!

Tonya G karaoke

My daughter and I had a great time looking at the history of some of the areas of Baltimore.

Allie King

Awesome, interactive game design program. Really cool for kids and adults! A lot better than I anticipated.

Nilay Sheth

A very interesting museum with lots of different topics. You don't see many museums of industry around and it's a cool idea

Sierra Crawford

Small but packed with information and awesome machines! Would definitely come again. The staff were knowledgeable and friendly. And the view of the harbor cannot be beat.

Josh Miller

Great venue for weddings, conferences, and networking events. Provides an interesting environment filled with past inventions and machinery coupled with views out across the harbor into fells point and the inner harbor. Plenty of area for party sizes up to 150 people.

karyn bitzel

I grew up in Baltimore and my family goes back several generations. This place makes me feel such love for a city that is seriously struggling right now. It has struggled before, and it will pull through again. So many firsts occured in Baltimore, and the BMI is faithfully holding on to an amazing historical record!

Dk Dk

My 1st time going and wow it was amazing. So much history and culture that i had not known before about our city. The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. And the displays was amazing. The location is even awesome over looking the water and the boats. I really enjoyed my time there. I would recommend to anyone who has never been to take time to visit. They will be blown away by all the history and technology and industrial age that we came from.


The staff in the print shop showed visitors the old printing presses and gave hands on demonstrations of the old typesetting machines. Got a guided tour, guide was very knowledgeable, very interesting

Jordan Weaver

They have an amazing facilities. The amount of information that they have there is innumerable. The only drawback is that there was not a lot of time in each station, but besides that, I recommend this place for anyone looking for a good learning experience.

Kat Hajduk

A hidden gem museum of Baltimore. Interesting information and beautifully immersive exhibits. The permanent exhibits of a cannery, pharmacy, garment loft, printing press, and grocer are so detailed. The temporary exhibits are just as fascinating and interactive so adults and kids will enjoy. Plus, if you visit Saturday morning you can also enjoy the Bmore Flea located right next door.

Ellie Cullen

Baltimore Museum of Industry is an excellent museum to visit. This museum is small but it is a great museum of history, a great exhibition with what a manufacturing method looks like. It is an interesting place for adults. Lots of hands-on activities for kids.

Gene Taylor

Awesome jem in B-more. Safe, fun, educational, blast from the past with harbor history, old canning building. Staff professional and local, they take pride being there too. No Aquarium lines and CLEAN inside and outside. Great views parking!

Ty Williams

Great learning experience. Baltimore has a ton of history.

doug brown

Good exhibits. Informative friendly staff. Good hands-on activities for students on a field trip.

Chrissy Christian

Very cool learning experience!

R Justice

A nice little museum, very interesting for history buffs.

Reese Butler

Very interesting place. Well worth going. Especially if you like history and you have kids

Todd Foust

There for a wedding. Unique venue. Loved it.


Great space for private events

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