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Where is Assateague Island National Seashore?

REVIEWS OF Assateague Island National Seashore IN Maryland

Kevin G

Nice afternoon of hiking the trails, and enjoying the outdoors. We did see some wild horses. I'd bring the most powerful lens (reach wise) you could lug, as well as a great wide angle. I'll be back a few times this summer.

Clyde Osterhout

Great surf, great ocean views, great visitor center. Lots of bugs (of course), no hot showers, and the ponies are pests that steal your food. Little shade. A wonderful place as long as you understand that it can be a bit rugged. BTW, has launch ramps for kayaking in the sound


It gets HOT, and you will want bug spray, but this place is SOOOO worth the visit. The ranger programs are amazing, the night sky is awe inspiring, and watching the ponies makes everyone feel young and alive!

Gordon Eisner

Always such a beautiful place to visit. They have a very nice visitor center, and lots of well kept walking paths. The beaches are clean and usually not crowded. Just remember its $20 per car, but that's good for 7 days.

Drew Newby

Great place to visit when in Ocean City. We had a great time with the Ranger Talk going claming, Crabbing and exploring the bay. Kids also like the the touch tank in the Visitor center. I like the 3/4 mile dune walking trail and the kids liked the nature trail and seeing the crabs on the marsh trail.

Pam Hensley

Enjoyed watching the horses birds and dolphins. The beach was clean with lots of families enjoying the ocean.

Jennifer Ashley

The park is gorgeous. So many places to stop and see the sites. The wild horses are such a beautiful sight to see. The beach is unending. Then moving further in the park, the serenity of nature, the landscape, the animals, the fish, the scent, the view- unmatched. Absolutely incredible place to see. Definitely recommend a visit at least once.

Misty Mount

Beautiful park. Great beach with some great finds, including a sand dollar. Great trails for hiking and biking. No pets allowed, not even in the car, so be aware.

Dox Asoma

Fantastic, it is mid September and the weather is beautiful. Beach isn't crowded at all so we were able to let the kids run around and play a bit more freely than in the peak of Summer.

Andrew Toland

What a wonderful island. The surf fishing was great during the day. The kids played in the water and saw the wild horses. At night we had a bonfire on the beach and did some more fishing. If you have a chance this is a wonderful national park to visit.

Brittany Kane

This place is so beautiful! It's very relaxing. And the beaches are clean and so pretty. It's $20 a car to enter the park. But you can come back for up to 7 days with the voucher they give you. We stopped back on our way home. The horses aren't always around but when they are people crowd around. And they clearly don't listen to the rules. You're supposed to stay 50 feet away from the wildlife. But i seen people and kids running up behind them... As a photopgrapher next time i plan on camping in the park to watch the sunsets and sunrises and get better pictures of the horses when not many tourists are around.

Gabriela Carolina

So many beach spots and so much park. I visited at the end of June, wore 25% deet and only got one mosquito bite (FYI). I will definitely return, the park, wildlife and beach were amazing. I would highly recommend. Saw horses (at a distance in the marsh), herons, egrets, dolphins and crabs. Explore the park and check out the beaches at the back of the island... THERE'S PICNIC TABLES! There are also changing rooms and bathrooms available. Great place to visit (at least in June).

Antimony Angel

I had a lovely time on the island. Cute ponies were everywhere! The beach was nice and big; loved all the walking trails; beautiful views of nature.

Ule Alexander

The captains said they were filling in but you couldn't tell any difference. They were fantastic. Great with kids and getting them involved with the trip

Jennifer Conant

An incredible opportunity to camp right on the beach or near the salt marshes on the island and see a variety of island wildlife! The park is set up beautifully for learning and exploring this barrier island ecosystem, with nice trails for forest, marsh and dune habitats. Also, what better way to enjoy the ocean than watching wild horses roam across it? The campsites were great with well kept restroom and shower facilities, albiet upgraded outhouse and cold shower style. We loved this place and hope to return before long! Don't forget the sunscreen!

Pat Traverse

Pretty amazing place. We saw 12-14 horses. The beach was very clean. The waves were very fun, but not too strong that they would knock you over. The welcome center was very informative. Overall a very enjoyable place to visit

Erin Hill

Costs $20 to get in but it’s good for a whole week! You’re not allowed to pet the wild ponies (obviously) but they’re so nice to watch from a distance! Plus the beach is less crowded than ocean city and it’s a 10 min drive away.

Casey Miller

Absolutely gorgeous, and so enjoyable to camp in the sand and sleep to the sound of the ocean. We didn't see any ponies until we left, but my last trip they woke us up with the sound of them rooting for food around our tents. You never know where they will pop up!

Ginger Barr

Beautiful beach, but very popular. Also, the ponies are always a plus! Over Memorial Day weekend, the parking for the beach was completely full at times. We went early and it was lovely, with porpoises playing/fishing in the surf before us. There is another beach access that can only be reached on foot or by bike. That area is less crowded, but equally beautiful.

Sandra McKee

Great place for a little bit of rough camping! Our pups loved the area because there were no predators except for the ponies that did their breakfast and dinner patrol. Several of our neighbors had their food stolen by them! Keep a safe distance from the ponies and don't feed them. First couple of nights we were mosquito free, but that last night all of us got covered in mosquito bites. Remember to being mosquito spray for you AND your pups. We stayed on the bayside and it was relatively quiet. We could hear the waves but they weren't overwhelming. The fire pits were great compared to other campsites we've been to; they were deep. The campsites themselves are very close ti each other. There are holes for toilets so be prepared for the smell; they do not flush. Only major complaint is that the host was very accusatory of us having an empty water bowl out. They acted like we were trying to poison the ponies with dog food...although according to them, dog food can cause the ponies to get colic and die. The ponies were pretty from afar, but they are covered in fleas and the ponies are not tame. Best part of our stay is that we saw the sunrise on the ocean and sunset on the bay. Absolutely beautiful!

Penny Hartlaub

Love the place. People very friendly. Great camping experience and see the wild horses and plenty shore birds. Highly recommend a day visit. I kayak or to the marsh land. Awesome paddle.

Crystal Obringer

Beautiful place to go with you and your family! We went kayaking today with one of the park rangers and it was so nice! The rangers here are top notch and super friendly! I would highly recommend coming here if you are down in the Delmarva area!

Elise Lauterbach

The aggression of the wild horses cannot be overstated. The rangers understated it. We do not recommend eating food outside of your car under any circumstances.

Whistlepig's Big Adventure

Awesome place for wildland lovers. Not commercialized. No campground. Bird watching delight

Beau Bailey

BEAUTIFUL! Be sure to bring your buffet repellent if your camping but this is mother nature at her finest. Wild horses and a great beach, what more could you ask for?

Oophus Clinterus

Did a clambake on the beach with the whole family! Where else can that be done and enjoy a beautiful uncrowded beach at the same time

Austin Weiler

Awesome beach! If you go in the evening, fewer people are there, and you can watch the beautiful bay-side sunset.

Jarrod Chance

Unique island with a great expansive beach. Nice walking paths through the dunes, the forest, and the marshes. Bike paths, camping, even clam digging and crabbing areas! Oh, and Wild Horses!

Dennis Rothermel

This is a great place to see. All kinds of wildlife deer, birds and the famous Assateague horses. You have the beach , fishing and camping, kayaking whether you have your own or you can rent one there. Great place to see.

Linda Cloutier

Going to Asseteague is always a wonderful experience!!! The water was warm - as warm as ocean water gets - and the ponies were beautiful. Awesome place for kids and grown ups alike.

Tracy Cameron

Very scenic and gorgeous seen alot more horses this year then last year and there were babies also.... the ocean beautiful and it's really cool on how you can camp there also I have never camped there would like to try it

Christine DeVose

Such a wonderful place to visit. Camped here for 2 Nights. Great experience. Could use better signage to the campgrounds.

Kristin D. Rickey

We planned a stop at Assateague National Seashore to see the notorious wild horses on this beach, with the intention to then head to Ocean City Beach for the day. We were so overwhelmed with the peaceful beauty of this vast beach that we changed plans and stayed for the day. The water, although cold due to unseasonably mild temps, was clean and inviting. The beaches were breathtaking... almost white sand in areas, extremely wide, and completely free of any garbage (although you do have to be careful to not step in horse “droppings!” The lifeguards and patrol appeared to be very timely... we saw them respond to two separate instances with a balance of urgency and compassion. Having visited several beaches in the nation this has by far become one of our favorite. Perfect for a peaceful family (or couples) getaway that is the total opposite of the hubbub of its northern neighbor, Ocean City (we drove up for the evening and were SO thankful we didn’t leave our haven at Assateague). Also, the parking staff was friendly and helpful, several rangers “pony patrol” were about to keep people safe, there were clean restrooms (nothing fancy), and nice outdoor showers to clean off. A extra special bonus... we saw several dolphins within 50 feet of the shore right in front of us throughout the day (we were told this is common)...and my son caught more tiny crabs than we could count! The wild horses stayed in the bay side (we were on the ocean), but a local told us the horses head over to the beach at dusk usually. I would HIGHLY recommend this beach to any family looking for a day trip from DC area... worth the three hour drive for the beautiful scenery, hiking, and wildlife we saw!

thing4 buckner

For a location that is not to be disturbed environmentally it was well taken care of. Beaches are beautiful, horses are amazingly gorgeous. So glad we went and will once again come back...hopefully. You will need to pay going into the park but it is for a 7 day pass.

Beth Thomas

You can't go wrong visiting Assateague. Even though it was windy and drizzling, we still saw the wild ponies and that was worth the trip!

Ryan Murray

This is one of the most beautiful places on the entire East Coast of the U.S. Wild horses roam throughout the Seashore as well as several other species of animals. This is a great birding area if that peaks your interest. The beach does get extremely busy throughout the day but if you can make it there anytime throughout the morning and night, you will certainly enjoy yourself. It offers many campsites but they do tend to get booked out way ahead of time, so plan ahead. I was lucky enough to get the last tent campsite available that day.

Jessica Naranjo

By far our favorite beach in Maryland! We’ve been going for years! Does get full over holiday weekends. But generally you can easily find a nice spot. The showers and bathrooms are very much appreciated! We buy an annual pass every year since we are down most of the summer.


Very nice place, educational. Costs $20 for a week long pass that gets in a full car or SUV of people. Some of the nicest public restrooms I've ever seen. Nice nature trails that you can see a ton of wild life on. Beaches are very nice, clean, and easy to get to and have park benches are BBQ grills. Beaches have limited life guards on duty. Very laid back, calm atmosphere. Very family friendly.

Adam Connelly

Great time in a national park! Cost $20 to get into the fee area. Beaches were amazing and had bathrooms and showers close by. Parking with a little tight on Saturday but fun times had by family and change of pac.


Tent camping on the beach for a week sounded like a great idea.. no electric, no generators, only cold water in showers. It's kinda neat to see the horses, at first.. they warn you ahead of time that they will bite, kick and find ANY food that isn't locked up.. they aren't kidding! The horses were obsessed with where we were and we had to wait it out. The beach is beautiful, the strong wind, sand blowing and horses, not so much..

S smith

Beautiful beach, beautiful horses. Great place for walking, biking, camping, and enjoying nature. The $20/car entry fee is well worth it.

Alysia Shoemaker

Love that you can pay $20 for the whole week of visiting the beach. Much cheaper than going to the inlet everyday. Sometimes the flies are a bother but still a great place.

Michael D'Emidio

Awesome, awesome, awesome. Clean beaches, we were at the oceanside south location. Horses were hiding most of the week or in unappealing locations for pictures. Regardless we come here for the peace and quiet and haven't been let down yet. We're gonna be back next year.

Adeola Williams

Beautiful, beautiful! My first visit here. The wild horses were out doing their thing. The weather was perfect and the beach was mostly empty. The atmosphere was much calmer than that of ocean city and so was the water. Can't wait to return.

Robert Daggett

Nice hiking. We saw some ponies from the trails but needed binoculars. To see the ponies up close I suggest a boat ride. We used Captain Dan and had a great experience. Lots of ponies up close.

Mukaddam Irgasheva

Our favorite beach so far. We love the wild ponies and nature trails on this island!

James McConnell

Live trapping Peregrine Falcons. Use a lure to bring them in close. Grab the bird. Take a feather, apply a leg band, and draw some blood. Then release the Peregrine to fly to South America for the winter. The Earthspan Foundation has done this over 15,000 times. Sincerely,

Gail Dennis

Never a bad day here. The horses are amazing how they roam free.

Megan Myers

Love this beach. Very clean and others were very friendly I think it's very worth the $20 pass. There is garbage and bathrooms/bath houses and an air pump to use

Jason Conroy

Amazing! Had an absolute blast can’t wait to come back! Every day we were visited by a group of ponies. The staff was friendly and we had an absolutely amazing time.

Vishal Patel

Great private beaches. Better calmer tides than ocean city. Dont forget. The bay side. Get your boat, anchor it near shore and walk to your own section of private beach. Even safe for the 6 year old.

James Filippello Sr.

A beautiful state and national park. Both have long white sandy beaches for tanning and swimming. Lifeguards are provided. There is an entrance fee. Both parks are also campgrounds which are in close proximity to the beach. The unique thing about this park are the wild horses. They roam freely everywhere in the park. They will walk the beach and roadway and the campground. If you're camping keep your food put away, they are wild horses and will take your food if unattended.

Matt Rounds

Family loved it here! It is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of Ocean City or a vacation all on it's own. The scenery is gorgeous and there are plenty of creatures to discover. They have a small shop with a good selection of beach going needs. There are bathrooms with outdoor shower off stations. The park service offers many fun activities for kids and adults alike, such as learning how to surf fish and critter collecting in the bay. Highly recommend a visit.

John Swatkowski

Beautiful scenery. Beaches. Short hikes. Bike trail. Wild horses. If you are in the area it is worth a visit. Things to note: It is $20 a car to enter the national park. Also there is no guarantee you will see a wild horse as they move around the park.

Angela Owoc

Loved Assateague Adventures. Very nice people. I wish we were able to explore a little more but, everyone had fun so that's all that matters. My 8 yr old son & 11 yr old daughter had a lot of fun.

Stephen Mayhew

Such a unique experience, saw lots of wild horses, all different ages, they seem to couple up. Great beaches, good for surfing, bbq, food, drink, bring your pets, lots of areas to explore & find "your own" place.

Julie Petersheim

One of my favorite beaches! My family comes to visit about 3 times a year and we always love it... what’s not to love? Ponies, waves, and lots of sand!

Nicole Izes

Beautiful island only a short drive from Ocean City. If you are looking for beautiful scenes and a low-key beach with horses wandering about this is IT! Can't wait to go back and find more gems in the sand

Kimberly Akers

Park is great. Love seeing the ponies. Only down side, other beach goers! Learn some beach etiquette. Don't plant yourself on top of people. Be respectful of others. Plenty of beach. Personal space is a must for relaxation and mental health.

Conni Miller

This is my happy place! Low key and no commercial stuff at the beach. Just salt water and ponies.

Laura Lee

So beautiful! And we saw a herd of wild ponies. Super crowded in season, but late September on Friday is quiet.

Chad Williams

Beautiful beach that's worth a visit. Stop at the lighthouse to get a great view of the entire area. When crossing the bridge to the beach look to your right and you'll probably see the wild Ponies. You'll need a pass of you want to drive in the beach. Far fewer people so it's probably worth it. Tom's Cove is very calm and the water is a bit warmer then the ocean.

Ali Zacker Gale

We've been going as a family for 10 years, Chincoteague and Assateague are some of my favorite places to be. Just got back from another very affordable vacation. Saw 2 bald eagles, tons of horses and young ponies. The beach is pristine, people are so friendly. Love it. If nature vacations are for you this is the way to do it on a budget as well

Shubhendu Dey

Heard a lot about the wild horses which roams on the white sands freely. Very amazing story but went on July 4th vacation and there were campers all over the place. So was unable to capture any glimpse of the horses. Whole returning back got a quick glimpse of them

Patti Hujsa

Been going here for 4yrs and always a great time...its $20 for the week. You 95% of the time see the wild horses. There is a campground there and a shore line...lots of other wildlife depending when you go...birds, bugs, butterflies. There is also a place where you can drive on the beach...a bit pricey but there is a air filling station for when your done. Natural toilets everywhere in the park. Beautiful scenery


Beautiful natural wide beach. Water quite a bit warmer than Delaware or Maryland beaches. Gradual slope so can walk pretty far out before gets very deep. Always lots of parking. Portable toilets.

Angela LaTourette Dunn

Wonderful beach and National Park

Ahsan Q

One of the best beaches i have ever visited. Clean water and the waves are just perfect. The animals here that you see also make the trip very enjoyable. I saw ponies and a spotted deer family.

Frankie Valentine

I visited to take photos of the night sky and was really impressed with the beach. The was like sugar and there are plenty of trails, scenery, and wildlife to keep a photographer busy for days. The facilities were also well kept and clean. Bug spray IS A MUST in the summer months. And, while the ponies are cute and appear tame, please remember they are wild animals; they spook easily and kick!

Andrew DelRusso

One of the coolest looking places ever... The National Park is definitely a little better than the State park too...

Bryan Friedman

Really great experience that everyone should enjoy once. Beautiful beaches (although no lifeguards @ the south end)

Eric Beauchea

You need to go during sunset to see the best views. Look for the sand patches on the side of the road and pull off onto them. If you have a 4x4 I recommend getting an OSV per it for $90 and spending some time on the beach.

Lynsey Tapp

Quite and uncrowded. Parking was not close and sand was HOT with not much of a path to get to the water. Day was great but the biting flies came out as we were packing up at 5pm (and they hurt!) My daughter has been here 3x and never seen the wild ponies, this was the lucky trip as 4 were munching grasses along the road as we were leaving the park.


A beautiful place for relaxing. We loved seeing the wild horses! We saw 18 horses throughout the island. The beach was very clean.

Tara Casanta

I went here for the Blueberry Festival, but enjoyed much more. On my way to the beach, i saw the ponies grazing in the field. I had a delicious take out meal at Captain Zack's twice. They were very helpful & the food was delicious! The island people have a laid back, caring attitude. This is a beautiful place to be.

Richard Iorio

Had a great time backpacking on the beach. The flies can be rough though. Be prepared with repellent and protective layers. Though I really enjoyed this place I probably got 20 - 30 fly bites on my arm one night through the wall of my tent. Crazy. Worth it, but crazy.

Boyd Hehn

Amazing place to visit. We were lucky and horses were waiting right across the bridge. Definitely plan on doing the hikes. The interactive part with your phone is worth doing. We were luck & saw more horses during our hikes. The horse patrol was incredibly informative & added to the experience with our second horse encounter. I wish we had been later in the season to enjoy the beach/national seashore.

T Kuilan

Very windy and needed to wear pants/jacket/glasses just to protect from the blowing sand... but there was a neat boardwalk inland and we could ride bicycles to the bayside and enjoy nature that way. The horses came right up to the campsites and campfires to see what we were eating. We are to leave them alone, but they didn't get the same memo

Tiffany Liu

Wonderful! The sand fine, soft. The beach is clean and not super crowded. Look for the wild horses hanging around!

Donna Zumstein

The Assateague/Chincoteague islands have been a favorite spot for our family for many years. The beach is long, easily accessible, and protected by lifeguards. Dolphins can often be spotted from the shore For me, personally I love the drive to the beach. I pass small beach shops which sell everything from beach towels to cheesesteaks and ice cream. Then I continue on the drive across a small marsh and channel to the National Wildlife Refuge, still heading east to the beach. I'll pass the lighthouse, walking and driving trails. I'll see many birds, squirrels, and, if I'm lucky, wild ponies. The drive is enchanting going either direction.

Wolf Stalker

Amazing place, beautiful beach, the wild horses are the cherry on top. It is very popular though, so plan accordingly to get a good spot. The horses can be seen periodically throughout the whole park so don't be discouraged if you don't see them immediately after crossing the bridge. There is a small fee to enter the park/beach area but it is well worth it to help with the upkeep of such an amazing place.

Ken Hudak

My wife and I love Assateague Island! The experience is just unequivocal. Sunshine, sand, and horses makes for a perfect day. The Visitor Center staff is also very enthusiastic, very professional. Such gracious hostesses. Special praise to Miss Karen, Park Ranger. I can hardly wait to return! Thank you!

Lewis Sullivan

Awesome place. The beach is fantastic. Wildlife and Camping areas are great. If you want the Boardwalk and attractions, Ocean City is a short drive from there.

Fatima Mun

This is for the Maryland portion of the National Park: really clean, beautiful white sand beaches. Plenty of parking. We saw a lot of wildlife besides the ponies like deer, crabs, and birds. Ambivalent about it being a good summer spot as the marshy part of the island has a lot of mosquitos. We didn't see as many horses as we thought we would and those that we saw were mostly along the trash cans foraging.

Darlene Rathman

Wonderful Place! Drove through just before sunset with kids and saw several herds of horses in different areas of the park. Got beautiful pictures. There are camping areas and relatively short trails. Well worth the $20 National Park entrance fee. Note: keep receipt and you can re-enter up to 7 days.


Went for two days mid-July. Amazing beach and sea. North beach has lifeguards and slightly more amenities, but is more crowded (bigger parking lot and right by the entrance). South beach is a bit further down the road, no lifeguards and less amenities (although it still has two showers and a few toilets), but has a far more relaxed vibe and fewer people. We found south beach has more predictable waves and surf as well, and in that sense better for kids. Did not do any of the hikes, but plan to be back soon and will do them then. The sea was cool, but not cold and you could swim for hours without any problem. If you are coming with kids definitely think about getting body boards, ours spent the two entire days playing with them. We also saw a lot of wild horses, including some on the south beach. All in all an amazing place for everyone (families, couples, etc).

Hector Valle

This place is great, although the horses are loose as long as you keep your good items mainly covered and out of reach, they will not bother you, and yes there are horses here that are native to this Island and they aren't tame that being said. Don't get near then or try to pet them, they are used to people but they are still wild, other than that, people and horses enjoy the beach and the waves, the beach is fine you just have to pay a weekly pass to park in there, it isn't much and it helps then maintain the park.

Steven Baily

Awesome if you have a 4wd and a permit to get away from the crowds. Reminds me of the outer banks the further south you go. Avoid the ponies and lock up your food. They'll raid your cooler. No guards when you head south so swim at your own risk. Great surf fishing down below the guarded beaches.

Matt Miller

Family friendly with natural surroundings. I like this beach because I can escape the commercial atmosphere of other areas. Can get full of people. Just come a little earlier.

Caitlyn Hess

there is a little concession stand where you can purchase bug spray and sunscreen and toys for the beach and ice cream and other supplies. It's a bit pricey but convenient if you are not prepared.the parking is a bit pricey but the pass is good for 7 days and also gets you into cincoteague wildlife refuge. The beach is very and the water is very nice. Miles of beach so there's plenty of space to swim. Great experience!

Elizabeth Jenkins

One of my favorite national parks in the country. Enjoyed an overcast summer day recently and took advantage of the ample parking to walk out to the beach and look at the ocean. The south beach parking lot is smaller but is always a favorite because it is less crowded. There is a well maintained boardwalk leading from the parking lot directly into the beach. There are also showers and restrooms at the entrance to the beach. On the bay side there are kayak rentals and several docks to walk out on where you can crab or fish or just take in the scenery. Luckily on our way out we were able to see a few ponies! Always a highlight. I highly recommend this park to anyone who wants a break from the chaos of OC.


Absolutely beautiful!!! We saw quite a few horses. It's so peaceful and relaxing on Assateague!

Bess Keaton

Visited the Light House and spent a few hours at the beach. Great views from the top of the Light House and an awesome time in the water and relaxing at the beach. We saw lots of horses during our visit. Would like to visit again.

Mara Nelson

Great National Seashore. I camped here with a group of 6 others at the beginning of August and had a great time. I will say - some of the members of our group were aware of the bugs that come out at sunset here and knew to cook dinner the campsite before sunset, and then head to the beach for campfire to avoid the bugs. I would definitely recommend this, otherwise I've heard the mosquitos are insane in the summer. A few of our group went surfing and skim boarding while we were there and caught some great little waves. This seemed to be a good surf spot. The horses are all around which was cool, but they do come towards the campsites looking for food around dinner time so be aware and just shoo them away. Parking is kind of tough here. Each campsite gets one car so half of our group had to park a bit away, which was mostly just an annoyance having to carry our camping gear in the heat of August. The employee who comes around to give parking tickets was also kind of rude and short with us when we tried to ask him to explain the parking situation. Knocking one star off for the parking and employee being rude. The heat and the bugs are to be expected - and the ocean helps with both of those. Overall, definitely recommend a one night camping stay here during the summer months. It's a beautiful beach.


If you're going to Assateague, here's some info that will definitely be helpful and that I wish I'd known before I went. We were hoping to see the famous wild horses and that was our main reason for going. Sad to say that we only saw one horse and that was before we even entered the national park. An employee of the park told us if you're hoping to see horses, you're chances are better if you go to the national seashore park part, rather than the state beach part. You pay $20 per car to enter the national section of the park, and you can use the pass for 7 days. They have a couple moderate trails to walk and there's lots of beautiful, clean beaches you can access for sitting, sunning, and swimming. They do have some lifeguards on duty for parts of the beach if you need them, but not for all of the beach. You can also surf fish from the beach, but you do need a MD fishing license w/a bay and coastal fishing stamp. We just sat on the beach and went into the ocean for a swim, since the horses were off being wild somewhere and didn't want to be found. If you're mainly going for the horses, it'd probably be best going if you'd be able to go back for more than just one day, to increase your chances and get your moneys worth. We would've went earlier in our vacation, if we had known all this, bc we went the day before our vacation was over, unfortunately.

Arina Gulieva

This is a very unique place. You will love it if you love beaches and animals. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because there are lots of biting bugs/insects and the showers are cold.

Sari Kress

Beautiful beaches with even better waves. My family and I actually prefer these beaches over Ocean City beaches. Clean soft sand. Beaches are pet friendly & you can also buy a pass to drive on the beach. $20 for the week, $40 for the season. Wild ponies roaming throughout the island. Please ensure that you keep the proper distance between you and the horses. Make sure that you stop by the Visitor Center before you come on the island. Enjoy!!!

Jamie Lanning

Forst time here and it was an amazing experience. The beaches are very clean and not so crowded. Seeing the horses roam free is great!

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