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REVIEWS OF American Visionary Art Museum IN Maryland

Suz Sims-Fletcher

WOW! This museum is so very very cool. So glad I found out about it. Walking distance from Inner Harbor, Federal Hill, Science Center - well - lots of stuff. This is a museum that will make your head THINK - you aren't just going to look, you are going to THINK about who made the art, why it exists, could YOU be an artist yourself. It is not cheap (what is these days) but - - if you are going to pay a pretty penny, it might as well be here. NOTE: they DO NOT HAVE a penny squishing machine, but maybe they will consider one!

Myron Canton

Loved the art and it has a nice set up

Crystal McDermott

We were at the "Secret Life of Earth" opening exhibition tonight. The event was over sold. The galleries were so crowded and hot that you could't walk, let alone enjoy the art. What could have been a fun classy event was turned into a sh**t show because twice as many tickets were sold as should of been. There was a party next door to the exhibition with a huge line that was almost completely empty an hour later (likely due to bad music and lighting). Then to cap off the night, as we are leaving the exhibition I am told by staff that my spill proof water bottle has to go. I am 8 months pregnant, but hey, rules are rules, right?


A beautiful museum and collection of eclectic works. This is our Baltimore just as much as the not so savory realities. So much beauty and creativity, one can’t help but admire it all.

Rimu Ahmed

Loved the museum! Very friendly staff, great unique things to see love their little gift shop which is very affordable filled with great things to purchase

Stuart Kaplow

Among the most way cool art museums anywhere on the planet.


Baltimore gem. Don't forget to visit the store. You are up for a big surprise.

Eric Planck

Fascinating art Museum, filled with thought provoking exhibits and works of art. The gift shop is amazing

Hillary Karry

A lot of art to see, but the art is quirky and not my style. Staff was not especially nice or helpful. Great location in a beautiful area.

Tom Markey

Very interesting place & exhibits.

Kat LoBello

Awesome! All the exhibits are amateur artists and almost all recycled materials.


If you're a fan of modern art you'll enjoy this museum. It had several interesting and thought provoking exhibits and the staff was very kind.

Austin Crouch

This museum had a cheap cost, awesome art with history about the artists and best of all, a really cool shop!

Inger Hatlen

A joyful land of boundary-pushing experimental and modern pop art. Exhibits rotate so it changes from time to time. It is an experience like no other. Also the gift shop is ridiculously cheap snd supports local artists! Brought my two kids and they could have stayed all day. My 15 year old niece was so overwhelmed she cried. Go.

Ken Shandelson

Guided through unusual art by wonderful docent.

Jonathan Grimaldi

Something different and entertaining to see. The gift shop is alot of fun itself

Sarah Vanderplas

So fun! Came for an event so to be fair I don't know if it's normally a good value. Don't come here for fine art but if your in the mood for something a little off color this is a good choice .

José Vicente Carrasquero Aumaitre

Beautiful art museum in Baltimore. A very distinctive sculptures and a beautiful facade.

John Marquette

Yesterday was sock monkey day. Free admission annually on first Saturday in December for those bringing sock monkeys. Docent tours at 2:30 pm Saturdays. Great gift shop. And don't forget the adjoining Rouse building.

Jenn Bress

Amazing rotation of exhibits. Great place to get inspired and learn new approaches and techniques if you are an artist

Grace McDermott

It was amazing some of the art work was strange but it’s always cool to see from someone else’s point of view.

Mary Reed

Had a lovely time! I went for a school project to see the Painted Screens of Baltimore. The staff was friendly and helpful in pointing me in the right direction, since the screens were in a different building than I thought. Had a good mix of art that was fun, and art that was heavy and poignant.

Cordero Hinds

A must-see, one of a kind, interesting place of art. Clean bathrooms and amazing views from top floor.

Mitchell Faust

Super cool. Get worth your time.

Marianne Fridberg

Interesting and fun. Not your dad's art museum!

Brianna Espinoza

The American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore had a variety of collections with interesting pieces. There was an altering mirror that was nice to take funny pictures, they have a great view on the top floor (don’t take pictures with flash!!) The gift shop had to be my favorite spot with interesting items like funky sunglasses and coasters that said explicitly funny things.

Sam Whately

One of the best museums along the East coast. The AVAM staff is incredibly friendly, helpful and organized and the museum itself is unlike anything you’ve seen. Such fun! They host the annual Kinetic Sculpture Race and it’s one of the BEST activities to spectate if you want a day long exploration of the area. The race goes all over Baltimore and includes sand, mud, and water obstacles. At the end there multiple awards based on the “best bribe” and “best pit crew”—not just who won first in the race. AND THE MUSEUM SHOP! It has the most eclectic offerings from $1 toys and hand made jewelry to artwork from AVAM artists to things you never knew you needed in your life. If you visit Baltimore stop here, or even if you’re interested in a weekend day trip it’s worth it!

Kathleen P

One of my favorite museums EVER. And the gift shop is a MUST- I could literally complete ALL of my Christmas shopping right there!

Anna Gonchar

interesting experience rather than art

Julia McDonald

Coolest museum I've ever been! It's not your regular art museum! They have colourful paintings and they have embroidery art, they have lots of sculpture, 3 dimensional art made from all sorts of materials! I love the stories behind all artwork here! Really vulnerable stuff. They have the coolest stuff in the store as well. I really love this museum.

Noitalever LLC

Love this place it's so unique and kids love it too.

Scott Gleason

Loved the art work was a very "different" experience and the building itself is beautiful.

Valerie Stephan

Stellar visit as usual! The Visionary Art Museum gives voice to unique viewpoints and tremendous stories. And has the BEST gift shop!

Erin Contour

Hands down my favorite museum and I've been to many... the stories coupled with the incredible creativity are inspiring and uplifting.

Mahesh K C

An unconventional art collection. Worth a vsiit

Geoffrey Hart

Once agai. The AVAM out did themselves. Had a great time at the Flicks on the Hill celebration with the Sound of Music sing a thon. These Thursday night movies at the AVAM are a highlight of our summer.

Jermel Denny

The American Visionary Art Museum is a wonderful, unorthodox & eclectic place! So much to see and we had so little time. We hope to return in the future to see what we missed! Wonderful place!

Maggie Arguelles

Amazing works. The artists’ stories are as interesting as their art.


I love this museum. Such amazing works of art. I had no idea they were having an Alex Grey exhibit. He's one of my favorite painters and it was amazing to see his full size work in person. If you go, be sure to check out the Lusitania made from almost 11,000 toothpicks and the fart exhibit downstairs

Jake Campbell

A fantastic art experience that is as inclusive as it is accessible

Daniel Norman

I had a really good time here. It was not at all crowded on a Friday afternoon. We spend a good two hours wandering through the galleries before making our way to the store. The store was almost like another gallery. It was full of interesting items and the staff was very friendly.

Karen Wagniere

Quite different ftom most Art Museums...thoughtful, whimsical but wish it was bigger, too short a visit.

Lexa Newman

This museum has the best ever quirky, important art museum curation!

Christopher Richard

This place is simply amazing! I wasn't always comfortable with what I was viewing, but art isn't supposed to be nice it is supposed to provoke, inspire and enlighten. I will be back... and now the Kinetic Sculpture Race is on my calendar for next May!

Laura Hanley

Great display on family. Outside displays delight. Fun. Amazing variety. Something for everyone?

Harry Li

Very innovative place. However wish there were more exhibits and contents.

Japheth Wood

Amazing exhibits! Sadly, the flatulence machine in the basement was not working that day. Very eclectic museum store.

Benjamin cusden

This was the highlight to my trip to Baltimore. This holds some of the finest examples of modern off-beat artworks that fill your soul with joy. Three levels of paintings, carvings, statues and curios that come from fresh perspectives and beautiful minds. Some might call it weird or quirky - I call it heaven sent. The gift shop is just as glorious - packed full of goodies, including original art; and the upstairs restaurant / Café is a great place to refuel - full of art and friendly service! Loved this place so much!!

Matthew Lebe

Amazing, really well curated museum dedicated to a variety of art mediums.

Jennifer Kelsch

How did I not know about this place? This collection of outsider/folk art is a marvel of unusual art pieces/installations in traditional and nontraditional media. The stories of how these artists came to their work and used it for healing and survival are heartrending. The outdoor sculptures are original and exciting. The museum store is part magic shop, part import source, part funky book store, and ALL fun. This is a true American treasure. How did I not know about this place? This collection of outsider/folk art is a marvel of unusual art pieces/installations in traditional and nontraditional media. The stories of how these artists came to their work and used it for healing and survival are heartrending. The outdoor sculptures are original and exciting. The museum store is part magic shop, part import source, part funky book store, and ALL fun. This is a true American treasure.

joe hurwitz

Went to a wedding there really an unusual place the art was very interesting.

Deli Okafor

Very interesting article. 3rd floor is beautiful for events

Inferior Man

A fantastic location worth multiple hours of your life, the host many fun activities including the kinetic sculpture race which I happen to be participating in at the moment

Tamryn Richter

I love the visionary arts museum. They have a lot of cool exhibits. It's fun for kids too.

Nicholas Madeja

Had a great time exploring all that the museum had to offer... which is a lot! Everything was beautiful and unique.

Matthew Roslevich

It's neat walking around the museum and looking at all the sculptures outside!

Pam Latini

Very unique.. nothing to compare it to in Baltimore..great gift shop

Shamirror Riley

Great museum... A hidden treasure and a must see.

Richard Alderman

Amazing place. Great for whole family

Caroline Hodges

I absolutely loved this place, the art was quirky fun colorful and just so interesting.Such amazing works of art. really well curated museum dedicated to a variety of art mediums.

Cayla Schellin

One of my favorite museums, hands down. It’s far from typical, highly recommend checking it out!

Laura Carrier

One of my favorite places on Earth. Permanent collection alone is worth the admission, and the rotating exhibits never disappoint. Do not miss the fabulous gift store, Sideshow! Stock up on gifts for the whole year. And if it's open, the restaurant, Encantada serves the best in modern American cuisine. Parking is in the back. Pay at machine... when they work...

Derek Kessler

Very fun place. I have been to a lot of museums so far but here was definitely different and special. Highly recommend. Don’t miss here when you visit to Baltimore.

Phantom 8541/0321 One Of The Few The Proud

Great place to pass time and do something with the kids, interesting things they be having in there!

Brigitte Errickson

The visionary art museum was great! The art was intriguing and fun, and the museum was totally welcoming of children. It cost me ten dollars for me to get in as a student in a group and it was totally worth it. It's the kind of place I want to go back to visit soon.

Marcia Klein

Fabulous Wonderful Quirky stuff! Just saw their exhibits themed around "family." They are inspiring!

Nicholas Mullins

Rather underwhelming, especially for the price. Museum feels poorly kept. A precious few pieces are good, but not enough to make it worth it.

Jeffrey Stern

I must see destination. Check out the gift shop, you won't be sorry.


Was a great place to visit and experience an individual artist vision through exhibits. There is a large mirror glass egg that separates the other building full of hands stuff and cool floats. Parking was accessable during the day, overall viddy cool!

Sammi Seaman

Love this place. The exhibits are great and they have the best events both for members and the general public. Movies on the hill, kinetic sculptures, you name it. Check them out if you’re in Baltimore visiting or are a local and just haven’t been!

William Daly

One of the best places to take friends and family visiting Baltimore, it's one of the best art museums I've ever been to. It captures all of the quirkiness of the city and highlights artists you won't find anywhere else. While it can be tough to swallow the entrance fee with some of the other free museums in the city, it's well worth it. Plus it's right next door to Fed Hill which is a great place to sit and watch the harbor from. In the summers they even screen movies against the AVAM so people can watch from the hill, and the entrance fee is waived for a few hours before the movie starts.

Tires 4 Less

Lovely place to see art of all kinds talent I tell you.

willa sumter

Visited this place while at a conference. The museum should be free or l$5. not really worth the price . The outside of the bldg more interesting inside not much happening.

David Zupko

Always an incredible display of modern art with meaning.

Alice Fox

A little pricey. I didn't understand the connection between the different themed rooms in the main building. One was about parenting, one was about children and one was about spirituality. The 2nd building seemed underutilized and a continuation of the spirituality floor, but you had to look up the 200ft ceilings and wasn't readable. The third building was cool, also I didn't understand the theme in that building. There were some cool pieces but what's their connection? Why were they there? The third floor was off limits for an event.

Shaya Talora

The art in this place is called "visionary" for a reason. Its Not like any "regular" art museum. The level of creativity and use of media in each piece or installation is incredible. This is definitely a place to avoid if you onlyt have a short time for a quick walk through. A lot of fun pieces here, but a great deal of social commentary and reflections on human interaction as well. Great for kids and adults.

Cara Fulton

I had a profound experience looking at the exhibit by Esther, a Holocaust survivor. The parenting exhibit also moved me greatly.

Sherri Crain

A truly unique and interesting museum, not like any other. Paid parking meter and lots of nearby construction but otherwise easy to find.

Awilda Torres

Unique Museum. A MUST SEE

Sylvia McDowell

Very interesting. I loved it

Connie Green

I really enjoyed this museum located at the base of Federal Hill (the quieter side of Baltimore's Inner Harbor). The art within is engaging, poignant and unique, I kept wondering what surprises would be around the corner on each of its 3 floors and adjacent buildings. At the museum's entrance I was confronted with an installation dealing with parenthood which wrapped around the wall. As a parent myself, (probably haven't done the best job at being a parent either!) I was faced with thoughts and experiences from others that made me question my own performance as a parent. That one really created a strong emotional reaction in me but then again isn't that the ultimate goal of true art? Shouldn't it be heartfelt when created by the artist and should that sentiment not carry over to the artist's audience? Another installation that caught my attention and will probably linger in my memory for longer than it should was a piece that consisted of a model house showing the placement of the murdered family members of one murderer who decided the world was too evil and he would be the hero by killing all his family to save them from this horrible world! There they lay in what at first glance looks like a doll house,each family member as the police found them shot to death.

Joel A.R.

Beautiful place. Very creative. I love the little biographies of the authors right besides their art pieces and even some pieces have an excerpt of how the author conceived that specific piece. A place with something for everyone to admire. Didn't had time to try the restaurant but looks awesome. The shop has so many interesting gadgets, it's hard to leave empty handed. I will definitely come back with friends and family.

Ricky Hanson

Amazing, full of colorful interesting creations by extremely talented artists. This place is packed with all different kinds of modern and unique art like no other. You could spend hours reading about each piece or just take in the beauty. My favorite part was the large pieces like the sculpture of Divine.

Lauren Moore

Amazing place! I could have spent all day there. If I ever go back to Baltimore, I'm totally going back. I highly recommend the restaurant if you have the time.

Caitlyn Johnston

This is fantastic! It showcases the art of untrained, non-professional artists and It's all really incredible.

Tracie Anderson

Have been going here for many years now. Beautiful and interesting!


Fun and interesting place! So much to look at! Ample metered parking behind the building.

Bridgette Bullock

Great artwork in my favorite place the inner harbor, awesome place to have events Weddings,proms,listening parties,etc..

Bamboo Songs

Lots of creative works. Very unusual. I liked it


Can’t wait to come back! Fun to just walk around the grounds and check out the art outside if you don’t have time to go in. Or just check out the gift shop!!!! You could spend hours browsing the trinkets in here .... they have great special events going on here throughout the year like the Woodstock celebration with music and the Van that we recently went to!

Steamer 12315

Place for enlightenment. Adults and elderly's will defenitely be pondered about the arts meaning and the creativity of the place.

Marcelo Francia

A great journey through art and the mysteries that surround us!

Jill Ferris

Hands down, this is one of my favorite museums to visit! Every year the thematic exhibitions combine and interpret art in interesting and exciting ways. And the gift shop is not too be missed!

Laura Plenzik

Colorful, fun and interesting. Really enjoyed my visit. The shop is quirky and full of different things.

Jennifer Baker

This is not your typical art museum. All of the artists are self-taught and have a story. The museum has a theme, and then some standing exhibits. The theme right now was parenting. Some of the stories were incredible - sad, overcoming, unbelievable.... but set the tone for the art. I am not an art aficiando as far as museums, but I enjoyed about 2 hours of this. We got 50% off admission with a Groupon and coupon so worth it. Neat stop. Would not plan a trip around it, but cool for a few hours if in the area.

Kenneth Page

This is a museum of Visionary Art, defined as "work created by self taught individuals whose work arises from an inate personal vision that revels in the creative act itself." The works you will see may be much less technical than a traditional art museum, but they still make a deeply emotional connection. The museum is very well curated, telling the stories of the artists and their vision. A delightful place to spend a few hours.

Daryl Nitz

This is one of those "Must See" museums. Not everything here will relate to children. However kids will enjoy it just as well. The gift store is phenomenal!

Michelle Charles

Absolutely amazing and fantastic and still need to go back and finish seeing the rest

Meredith Beck

Sort of hard to find your way around, like there isn't a logical path through the exhibits. I thought some of the art is repetitive. The way different artists drew people was the same in a lot of different pieces. I didn't go to the second building because I was tired but anyway. The gift shop is really fun. They have locally made stuff and imported stuff, books, cheap jewelry, eclectic stuff.

Carolyn Gustin

Definately check out the gift shop. It's like a separate museum of its own. There was a lot of cool stuff in there. Sixteen bucks is kinda steep given the number of free museums of a higher caliber nearby. We went near closing time where the entrance fee is donation based. I would recommend doing that.

Bill Anderson

Good but more than I'd normally pay.

Andrew Wiley

Awesome place if you ever get the chance to go.

Alicia Gonzalez

This place is kind of off the wall (visit the magic flatulence post), weird, unpretentious and totally fascinating. Even though it's "outsider" art, the artists are very clearly very skilled and oftentimes tell really interesting stories with their work. I really enjoyed the parenthood exhibit and will be sure to return.

Sergey Danshin

Great place with relevant exhibits. Family themed and fun.

Rekisha Pootoon

Simply perfect! I recommend everyone to visit here once in their life!

Tiffany Liu

A weird, but cool collection of art. If art museums aren't your thing, this isn't a "normal" art museum and you might find yourself enjoying this one. Multiple galleries to view each a little bit different and unique. Check out the gift shop for chotchkies all of all kinds!

Nina Roberts

A must visit - def one of the most unique museums ever - Baltimore is lucky to have that place as a remarkable collection of innovation. Check out the gift shop as well, you won't want to leave!

Sebastian Gael

Inspiring And unique. High quality of expression and motivation.

Nick S

Would not recommend for those who prefer older or traditional art, but I would highly recommend this if you're into modern ways of expression. I'm fairly traditional and didn't much enjoy it myself, but my sister, an art student, found it to be very interesting and entertaining.

Bonnie Wesselhoff

Loved the opportunity to support these self taught, creative and excellent exhibits . Great gift shop.


They need to be more respectful of people with mental illness. They actually called an exhibit 'Obsessive Compulsive Delight' as someone with this disorder I can't quite get into words how I believe the only type of person who could act like there's anything good about the condition is one who has never suffered from it. There is *nothing* good about having OCD that outstrips it's impacts on someone's life and to be 'cutesy' about it is not okay.

David Peacock

Love this place. Went during the parentng excibit. Not only is the art beautiful, they feature many local artist and the parenting quotes were hilarious. Gift shop is the most reasonably priced gift shop ever and chock full of interesting things


An incredible awesome place! Art that entertains and makes you think!

Kevin Ryan

So powerful! Exhibit on parenting was an emotional roller coaster. I laughed at times, winced at others, and was moved entirely by the thoughtful creativity assembled herein. Well worth the trip!

Rachel Wade

The exhibits were fascinating and varied, with something everyone can enjoy. Definitely worth a visit!

Debra K Slate

Visually beautiful with variety of art, including plaques to provide details. Very interesting. I truly enjoyed my time there.

Alan Dai

One of the coolest museums I've ever been in. All sorts of amazing art and interesting stories/artists to go along with them. There are multiple buildings, each packed with art (some restrooms even have pieces scattered on the walls), all of which can easily make for four or five hours of entertainment. There's a great shop attached as well, which sells merchandise for the museum and all sorts of amazing thrift-store knickknacks. I would come back to Baltimore just for this museum!

Thoma Riviegravere

I've been to the Louvre, Prado, National Gallery, Tate, Guggenheim, Metropolitan, MOMA, Stedelijek, Rijksmuseum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Denver Art Museum, Art Institute of Chicago, and more and still rate The Museum of American Visionary Arts as one of my favorites. Viewing and interacting with artwork by untrained people who are/were socially and culturally out of the mainstream and art world is a wonderful treat. And visit the gift shop which is another fun experience.


Love this places with the current artist. I love out of the box ideas and unique creations. Some are not my taste but the paintings are so amazing and lots of the sculptures are really amazing. They also appreciate Military service and give discounts. Thank you for that but at the moment they only give free admission to active duty which is really insulting to those of us that are Combat Veterans. Just because we are retired doesn't mean to just spit us out now that we are not active anymore we are survivor's so please don't forget us especially when some active Soldiers haven't even seen Combat. Please remember the Veterans also they are worth the free if fees also.

Alexandra Ciola

Love it. Parenting exhibit they have right now resonated on so many levels, definitely check it out! Gift shop is always a fun treasure hunt too. They have awesome vintage style posters :)

Steve Ward

I would tell you if you are only going to see one museum in Baltimore, make it this one. The exhibits are constantly changing, I've been going for years and there is always something new. Especially if you like Visionary and surreal art. Also the restaurant is worth checking out as well, it's not the typical "catch the tourist while they're hungry with overpriced cafeteria food" affair. It stands on it's own as a great place for good and drink. This place is a "must see" in Baltimore.

Ursula Young

This museum ALWAYS has something new and fresh to offer. The "Christmas in July" showing of "Home Alone" as an outdoor movie is a great example! Part of the museum was open during the screening, and the ice cream truck added a nice touch!

Pavlik Mintz

This is an eclectic museum with pieces from artists without formal training. The stories are fascinating companions to the artwork.


The American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) is an art museum located in Baltimore, Maryland's Federal Hill neighborhood at 800 Key Highway. The museum specializes in the preservation and display of outsider art (also known as "intuitive art," "raw art," or "art brut"). The city agreed to give the museum a piece of land on the south shore of the Inner Harbor under the condition that its organizers would clean up residual pollution from a copper paint factory and a whiskey warehouse that formerly occupied the site. It has been designated by Congress as America's national museum for self-taught art.

Dan Hamrick

Thought provoking art and stories.

Kathryn Burgess

Truly unique artwork. Like walking through a creative brain.

nine nautonnier

Not worth it. There are better museums, with better staff. Some of the pieces were decent and/or skilled. But overall it was like walking through an elementary school "art" exhibit. I think the front desk girl was either hungover or still drunk.

Renan Evans

A beautiful museum and collection of various works. Lots of different things to interact with. Fun and entertaining much to explore. The staff are friendly and get along with kids well. ! I recommend everyone to visit here once in their life!

Erik Nilson

I would highly suggest going during a tour. It was so much fun.

Jenna S

The outdoor portion is free; the inside exhibits are not. I thoroughly enjoyed my time inside and out!

Jyodie Shrestha

I absolutely loved this place, the art was quirky fun colorful and just so interesting, I wish I had a Whole day to go through each of them with depth, but I spent about 3hrs and it was just enough, they have parenthood exhibition going on right now, pretty cool a very different perspective on art, the restaurant upstairs is closed, ever the restrooms were full of cool art pieces loved it, the store had some stuff to but i spent almost half an hour just going through the quirky store, a must go museum!!! Great for kids, young adults and adults

Eliza Judge

Beautiful. Cheap entry. Great place to go to on a weekend or day off. Kid friendly because of the gift shop, but it's definitely geared more towards young adults and adults.

Matthew Ulm

Kids love it. Lots of things to explore, touch, see, and hear. Both our kids want to come back.

Doc Meadowcroft

Eclectic at museum with pieces by self taught artists and those with mental illnesses. The stories behind the exhibits are as compelling as the art. The store is filled with novelty and kitsch, worth multiple laughs. The building itself is a marvel, Alex Castro (the designer/architect) created a masterpiece.

Zack Schneiderman

Really eclectic museum which allows it to stand apart. It's definitely very different than any other museums I've gone to and that's a great thing!

Jason L

If you are a student PLEASE bring your student ID for the discount. A quiet museum with no cafe at the top. Bathrooms were hard to find but a very nice museum and since the weather is cold there wasn't much of a garden. The Parenthood theme is 5/5

Eileen Miloff

Went specifically to visit/shop at art bazaar Thanksgiving weekend. Lots of unusual items and bought several nice things. Looked around the building as well. Not a run of the mill art museum but enjoyed exhibits very much. Will return another day when in Bmore again.

Amelia Louise

Wandered in here from Federal Hill Park and paid a reasonable entrance fee. It could've been easy to walk right past the service desk without paying since it looked like that's what others were doing. But, there are two buildings the entrance fee gives you access to and you get your hand stamped so you can wander between them as you'd like. Was amazed to see Alex Grey's work featured right at the start! Genius. Make sure you carefully visit every corner, every wall, every staircase or you might miss something.

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