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Where is Wiggly Bridge?

REVIEWS OF Wiggly Bridge IN Maine

Enan Del Rio

This was a nice place for a walk by the water. The Wiggly Bridge was a small green suspension bridge. I was anticipating something a little bigger, but still enjoyed walking the trail.

Heidi M

Enjoyable quiet path to walk once we cross the wiggly bridge as well as the fun wiggle...

Christine Cronin

Nice for walking and sunset with kids

Tim K

Super fun with smaller kids. Great place to walk the dog. Very unique must see

Ben wendell

It’s pretty interesting . A good side stop.

Bill Kirk

Beautiful area and a great walk

Linda McSweeney

A hidden gem of a dog friendly park for those visiting the southern Maine coast. Walk across the wiggly bridge to a small island park with short hiking trails. The catch is that there isn't much parking so try early or late in the day to explore.


I always wanted to go there. Try to find a place to park. Almost impossible. The place I did find I was way too far for me to walk. my walking is limited

John D.

Great fishing spot.

Mary Heym

Oh my God I made it across twice and I'm living to tell it.

Ismael Olmeda

Nice little walk

Melissa Davis

Beautiful little walk!

Andrei Menchikov

Fun little suspension bridge that sways and wiggles as you walk across. Endless fun for kids and a quick trail on the other side.

Greg Caldwell

I loved it! I think it was the best bridge I've ever been to! It was so wiggly

Leatherman Jams

Very scenic footpath along York Harbor

Patrice Q

Everyone will enjoy this, from small kids to grandparents. It's just a little wiggly, and very short, so not scary at all but very picturesque. Enjoy a nice one-mile trail in the Steedman Woods Preserve.

Cat Ly

There were beautiful views from the highway, and the bridge itself was easily accessible. It's a fun little stop on a road trip!

Ryan Winter

Beautiful walk in the harbor and through the woods. Good spot for those with 4-legged friends. NOTE TO TOURISTS: Most of the spots here are local permit-only spots so beware as they ticket frequently.

hamish ewart-smith

This is just so much fun and the Bald Eagles have nested ...

Michael Barthelemy

I love this bridge in York Maine it is fun to bring the family and walk the trails and have a nice little picnic out on the trails

Kathy Sylvia


Jeremy Edmunds

Lots of wiggles

Jon Gerten

Great little trail to walk

Lisa Pane

Cute bridge, nice short walk

John Fellian

It's very quaint. Different, as far as touristy stuff goes, but it gets the kids out of the car for a couple minutes and we can talk a bit about marshes, dams and nature.

Lisa Galligan

Great walking trails

connor quadrini

Great skipping rocks. And the bridge is cool too.

Ralph Reed

Thanks a great little walk Super views of the water ways

Plain Jane

Awesome fun walk for all ages and abilities. If you're a geocache, it's your lucky day!

Uji Servai

It's a very cute wiggly bridge that leads to a short peaceful trail loop. Recommend going on a sunny day.

Skip Wilson

Local tourist attraction

David Gomez

Great conservation area, quiet, easy short walk along the harbor and into wooded land.

Mary J Healy

A beautiful place to spend by yourself, or with the kids! funnest bridge, with gorgeous views! A new board walk was added for extra parking!

Sherry Dubois

Learned alot, nice crew

Variant Web

Awesome spot! The kids loved walking across because it lives up to it's name and there's quite a bit of movement. Be careful with smaller children, there's definitely room to slip through the gaps in the railing. Nice walk through the woods on the other side. Park on the side of the road, some of the parking lot is reserved for commercial fishermen.

Patrick Crough

A beautiful little stop that’s worth the walk. Parking is a bit confusing so I’d recommend parking on the other side of the harbor bridge and walking in. We caught it on an absolutely perfect late morning in late September.

Melissa Gifford

Enjoyable walk to the bridge and nice protected nature area at one end. Easy to do

Mary Conant

A must see if you're in the area or better yet, make it a destination Very unique and Fisherman's Trail is nearby. Various wildlife in the area as well.

Chad Anderson

Nice walk to get out and check out

Lael Williams

Beautiful location. Great for the whole family, kids would love it. Nice loop around the Island.

Jeffery Farrell

A fun place in the middle of York harbor. Great view, close to the bald eagle nest, short scenic hike and a great photo spot

andrew damon

It's a bridge that wiggles when you walk on it. Very nice location with parking up the street along the roadway. Highly recommend coming here since it is off the beaten path of most York tourist spots


Fun little walk across the water and onto an island trail.

chris gilpatrick

Great place for small kids to explore. A quite hidaway from the busy beaches

UTC7513 UTR7513

Beautiful trails. Parking was a little out of the way but it was worth it. Great scenery. Never been on such a small suspension bridge like this, awesome experience. After the bridge was some great nature trails, not to long of a walk. A mile the most total.

Jessica Garcia

Fun little bridge and the history behind the area.

Kurt Vanvelk Drone-Partner

Nice little bridge, but don't set your expectations too high, like we wrongly did with a walk from York Beach to see this.

Patricia Knoll

Good place to walk we had our dog with us this time

Hølli Eiríksdóttir

This was cool for a little while. Has a short trail after the bridge.

Bruce Locke

Had a great hike around the trail

Traci Laffin

Not as big or exciting as the tourist guides suggest but was worth a little drive to check it out. There's a little hike you can do once you get over the bridge.


A 10-minute sightseeing stop. We admired nature and some beautiful and expensive houses on the waterfront.

Narmeen Makhani

Fun place for kids. Short hike - can see birds and crabs in the water.


Neat little scenic walk.

Eileen Hubbard

What a beautiful place.

Twinky Atlas

Great place for taking good pictures. Specially during golden hour

Tim Cary

Cool landmark! Really does wiggle!

Can It Slime??

Had too many spiders but great

Robin B

A fun place to visit!

J. Nelson

Cute, short stop to take a walk and enjoy the scenery. You park on the side of the road and walk down the path and across the bridge.

Rich DeTommaso

It's a bridge. And it wiggles. Delivers on all claims.

D'nice Verbicky

Not as much wiggle as I thought it would be but nonetheless a wiggle bridge for all ages

Ian Jost

Fun spot to take the dogs and family on a nature walk!

Donna Eaton-Blouin

Great family hike, easy for young children & fun.

Jen Small

Love this spot!

kevin zaleski

If it's more than 10 minutes out of your way to visit I would not bother

Jevon Crafts

Great place to walk!

Randy Cunningham

Beautiful walk

Sonia Bermonty

Nice trails we enjoyed our walk and the bridge definitely lives up to its name ..might be worth bringing a pole if you fish it seemed like a good spot to throw your line especially if you have a boat theres a boat ramp across the husband and I may stop by again for some dock fishing so not sure yet about that

Magen Morse

We had a wonderful walk through the woods via the wiggly bridge. Not sure where to park, though.

Lacey Cyr

Available parking spaces made for a short walk to this trail. Nice birdwatching area. We saw herons, a cormorant, & an egret. The bridge was short but a really neat place to visit. If you walk the trail loop through the woods on the opposite side of the bridge, watch out for poison ivy.


Very nice walk. My kids loved to throw rocks in the water,not the point of the walk but they enjoyed the walk through

locd_wanderlust 22

Wiggly bridge wiggles, which is where the name is from. Right over the water is fun and a cool sight to see.

Linda Haungs

Nice walk and fun for kids!

Paul T

Chk it parking.... enjoyed it

Obadiah Goodrich

Loved this short walk. From begining to end it has a captivating presence and tranquility. You can choose to make the walk longer by taking the fishermans walk on the new path they built under the road at the start.


A wonderful little nature reserve. I grew up jumping off the wiggly bridge, at thus time you can't jump off the bridge or walk the mud flats, but you can enjoy a walk through the reserve.

Laura Gimby

... everyone needs a wiggle now and then...

Jay Richard

Interesting location and walk

David Jesurum

Along with the fisherman's walk, a hidden gem in York.

Bill Sawyer

Beautiful spot!

Andrew Salvo

Beautiful point on York River, great for fishing, swimming, and kayaking

Megan St. Germain

Shorter walk than I was expecting

Todd Friestad

The kids there had fun and they will have lots of lifelong memories of hanging out there!

Leslie Welch

Wiggly bridge, I give five stars.

Kathy Young

It was fun to walk across, and enjoyed the trail. Parking was the worst tho!!


Lives up to its name

Zach Foote

Family friendly and fun place to explore nature for beginners and experts alike.


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