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973 S Lubec Rd, Lubec, ME 04652, United States Located in: Quoddy Head State Park

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Where is West Quoddy Head Lighthouse?

REVIEWS OF West Quoddy Head Lighthouse IN Maine

Tolu Oyeniyi

It's a definite must to see the sunrise from this location! It's very worth the experience and it's breathtaking.

Denis Martel

Loved the museum in the light house!

Donna Cassietto

Great lighthouse with a fantastic view!

Mark Matrix

Everyone should go

Brother Lamb

Cool lighthouse with very helpful staff. With a trip to be at the Eastern most point in the United States.

Amanda Johnson

Beautiful! Lots of wildlife, whales, seals and a porcupine!

Michael Hendricks

Being the first to see the sun rise in the continental U.S. takes on a new meaning when you stand there in silence with a small group of strangers sharing the view.

Ric Wheeler

The views from the light house and the walks in the park are truly wonderful.

steve Allen

The farthest place east you can go in the usa. The beach is filled with rounded rocks that have tumbled in the surf. Neat place.

Vipin Singh

Great landscape at the easternmost point of continental US. Next to the ocean offering potential whale watching opportunities too on a clear day

Stephen Eichler

Great park and lighthouse! We visit often. Recently went early to watch the sunrise at the Easternmost point in the USA. Very moving experience.

Samuel Lewis

Incredible sunrise. Beautiful spot

Patricia Tardell

Great lighthouse and visitor center full of history.

Keith Jessee

as far East as I have been in U.S. it was beautiful

Artur Kozlowski

I had the best road trip and this was part of it. Next is Key West, Washington state.

larry cooper

Very scenic lighthouse at a unique location, the easternmost point of the continental United States.

Charles Payne

Unique and beautiful location. Be sure to also visit the state park trails to the adjoining south end of the parking lot.

Marilyn Gould

A beautiful place to visit for the first sunrise in the United States. $4 entry to park.

beverly villanueva


Sara McConnell

Beautiful, amazing views and awesome trails. Don't forget to stop in to the Visitors Center when open!

m T

On a clear day, you can see a whale, and great beauty!

Sherry Abing

Beautiful ❤️

Ashad Shaik - M

The West Quoddy Head Lighthouse obtains interesting history and a relaxful area.

Anonymous Trucking

What a place!!! This is the most EASTERN part of the USA and a lighthouse there to boot!! Not too crowded either like the other lighthouses in Maine. Make the journey... it is worth the trip. There is a small gift shop located next to the lighthouse. Take the path to the right of the lighthouse down to the beach. There are steps that lead to the rocky shoreline. Canada is in the distance.

sherry george

Beautiful sun rise!

Kim McCauley

The walk was like the experience you wish you could have when watching a really cool documentary. Amazing views at every turn.

Karen Saucier

Went in February and even though it was closed, it was stunning.


Cool place to visit and take photos.

W Jones

Awsome place

Heather Walters

Pretty fun, but not much to see. If you are near to should go...

Edward Burke

Beautiful location, well with a vist

Paul Renck

Lighthouse cool. Museum staff very friendly and knowledgeable.

Maria Alaniz

The view and history was simply amazing we visit every year.

Jeffrey Peltz

A spectacular place to visit.

Larry H

Easternmost point of the

Taylor Geffre

The museum is pretty cool to look at. Pretty cool looking lighthouse. The staff are pretty nice. The view of the ocean from the edge is very beautiful! You can see the waves crashing against the rocks and see into the water.

Shannon Harbin

Beautiful area!

Angelika Bochenko

Absolutely love it! You can watch whales from the top

Roxy LaFrance

Had a great time here, beautiful and unique lighthouse.

"eye's only" blank

Good clean place

Waleed Rahmatullah

So pretty

Michael Hicks

My wife and i were there early in the morning it was so nice we were the only people there for hours so peaceful

John Galt

A beautiful place to visit. A little off the beaten path. I went to visit the Eastern most point on the US. Others might come to see the lighthouse.

C Castaldo

Beautiful! Loved it!

Rick Farnum

This was a cool place

Kari Bowen

Wonderful experience

Susan Treat

Beautiful lighthouse even on a foggy day. The little museum and gift shop are nice, but not huge, but the guy there was very nice. Enjoyed our visit.

Mabel Eaton

We got there on a foggy day and somehow it wasn't a pretty as expected. Poor choice on our parts. No restrooms in the building, but the port-a-potty by the parking lot was clean. Nice walking trails. Neatest thing for us was that it is the eastern most point of land in continental U. S.

Todd Gardner

Who doesn't love coming to the most extreme places in the country. This was an opportunity for our family and yours to come to the easternmost point in the United States. Apparently the only way to get more Eastern is if you go to the US Virgin Islands. Lighthouse is quite pretty and there's plenty to see here. There's a very nice park and walking path as well, with adequate parking considering this is not a huge tourist destination. Obviously to rocky for any kind of swimming. But a real gym to stare at the beauty and enjoy it with your eyes.

Evan King


Jessica Ivy Distad

Cool lighthouse, bro.

Gary Griffith

Beautiful Lighthouse with fabulous views. Easy access. Don't miss the hiking trail to the high overlook just left of the gate going in. It's worth the short walk.

Anthony Gravallese

It makes me feel all fuzzy

Jessica Volz

Great view. The most beautiful lighthouse of our trip.

Erik Swanson

Best place for the sunrise

Judy Kutt

See seals and whales. Breathtaking views. This is out in the middle of nowhere but worth the drive. Stay for three nights.

John Dudley

One of the most beautiful places in Maine. Don't miss it!

Gerald Rhodes

Lighthouse. Ocean. Need I say more?

Jennifer Tapia

Beautiful lighthouse on the most eastern point of the US.

Michael Kuehne

Neat little lighthouse which just happens to be the furthest east lighthouse in the United States of America. If you don’t mind a detour from here, you can head to Campobello Island to see East Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Canada, which is pretty neat to see!

Rachel Jones-Sybor

Beautiful. First time to Quoddy, so happy we made it. Visit!

John E Jones

Enjoyed it

Joe Conte

Must see

John Fisher

Beautiful! Make sure to take the trail to the right down to the beach!

Hal Incandenza

Breathtaking in every way

Paris Wells

Great area, and trails

Carrie Ann Brown

Drove 4 hours to see this lighthouse. It is well maintained, and nice views. Museum is a nice little setup. Although you cant go into the tower, as it is perm closed. Park is large, nice trails. Parking is free, but there is a park fee Dropbox. $4 per person non resident. Resident $3. Lubec is a nice small town. Alot of eateries downtown, evenings brings lots of playful seals If you are lucky, waters cold enough you may be able to see a

Robyn Norton

If you get a chance to come to DownEast Maine, this place is stunningly beautiful.

Shannon Bridges

A beautiful lighthouse at the most eastern point of the United States

Jason Peter

Must visit . Easternmost point of US

Holly Day


Shawn Surma

Great place to visit. We had it on our bucket list. Glad we made the trip.

Ng'ang'a Muchiri

really fun drive through rural maine to get up here. It's also just a few miles from the Canadian border and the town of Lubec: easternmost town in the contiguous US. There is a nice walk down to the cliffs behind the lighthouse.

Diane Crutchfield

Favorite lighthouse, trails, museum, picnic tables, BBQs, restrooms, lots of parking.

Carolyn Heath


Anne Geers

Great hiking trails, along a rocky sea shore.

Michael Bruni

This is a place majestic enough for a marriage proposal. Here you can be among the first in the country to see the day's sunrise or you can stay late into the night after everyone else leaves to have a beautiful view of the universe under the pulsing lighthouse beams at the edge of the nation, with 330 million people behind you to the west. Even if you aren't a strong believer in artificially constructed borders, it's still a beautiful place to be with extreme tides and beautiful views. You definitely should visit if you have an opportunity.

Mark Coulombe

A must visit when Downeast

Colleen Farrell

Beautiful place. The museum was closed but the view was perfect.

Bill M

Awesome and worth the trip. Great private gift shop on the way up the road before reaching the park. Definitely worth the trip but plan your dining carefully as there appears to be nothing good in the town of Lubec. Also beautiful trails on site with gorgeous views.


Eastern most point of United States. Beautiful but weather can change. Lots of history. Must do once in lifetime!

Brick Fantastic

The easternmost point in the United States is right here! The lighthouse is great, and has good charm, and it still works! There are some trails, which are nice, and a visitor center, where you can learn about the history of the lighthouse. If your looking for souvenirs, go to West Quoody Gifts. There is a Maine state park stamp in the visitor center. It's definitely worth the trip to this lighthouse! The best time to go is on a cloudy, cool morning, but not too foggy. You get the essence of what it's like to be a lighthouse keeper. It's about half hour from Rte. 1, but worth it.

Ronny James

Best place to visit if you're in Lubec. A short ride to the Eastern most point in the continental United States. Check out the lighthouse, generous seaside trails, and quaint gift shop.

Jose Ortiz

It's so cool to see an iconic landmark and be able to go in and take pictures. The scenery is amazing. Knowing you're at the easternmost point of the continental US makes you realize how big the state is.

David Physick

As close to home (UK) as it is possible to be. WINDY! After being blown about, retire to Uncle Kippy's in Lubec for a good, sustainable bite to eat.

Chris Sanfino

Great hiking trail along coast with views of grand Manan island

Michael McGuire

Best lighthouse in Maine. Nice informational museum attached. Views of ocean are great. Worth a visit if anywhere close.

Deepu Issac Varghese

On July 5th on a road trip looking at the thermometer on your car seeing temperature dropping to lower 50s from 80s within a span of 5 miles drive approaching the light house ... An experience u may not want to miss. A light house on coast of a foggy ocean. It was an experience on the eastern most part of continental United States.

Vidyasagar Ponnam

Beautiful light house and well maintained. A good place to visit and also this is Eastern most point in the USA.

jan brown

I love that volunteers have dedicated their time to exploring the past.

Mark Addis

What a gorgeous piece of property with a historic lighthouse on it. We hung out, got a picture with the easternmost-marker, and watched some whales in the distance. This place is like so much else around Lubec, really gorgeous.

Lester Burris

Awesome lighthouse! The house portion houses a small museum with history of the lighthouse and surrounding area. This is also the easternmost point in the US, which is pretty cool.

Eddie Lopez

Nice easy trails.

Anthony Vazquez

The Easternmost point of the United States of America, Awesome!

Martin Hernandez

The Easternmost point in the USA!! Lovely!

Harry Han

This is the Easternmost point in US

Glenn Estes


Tom Sing

Nice area for pictures !

George Lienemann

Probably my favourite lighthouse in the world. The West Quoddy Head Lighthouse and the surrounding area is just a spectacular place to visit.

Nicholas PeterPaul

Awesome place.

Geeg Wiles

South and East down .... North and West to go!

Craig Capello

Unmissable. Must-do.

Pamela LaPrell

Easternmost point in the US! What a gorgeous view!

Orin Knowles

Fun place to visit. Nice views. Most eastern point in the United States.

Duane Edwards

Very nice. Very nice info center. Helpful staff. View is awesome. Be sure to bring some binoculars to check out some of the wildlife.

Ursula Obrien

Nice park and great paths

Nicole Saenz

Beautiful views and a helpful staff!

Lydia Behr

Really beautiful place with a lot of history. Nice walking trails and a wonderful place to watch the sunrise.

Linda Pridemore

Furthest East land base in USA

Craig Roberson

Get here! Great views, good history! Nice gift shop and hiking trails

Jim Foley

Spectacular views from the most Eastern Point in the United States

Brian Fix

It's East.

Marolyn Lucy Gentles

It is one of the great lighthouses in Maine. On a clear day you can see Canada. Go after the fog has lifted which is usually after 10am.

Josh Stucky

When in Acadia NP the most eastern point in the USA is only 2 hrs away with a beautiful drive!

Robert Ireland

Had some friends in front out of state,they had a wonderful time there

Judith Baldwin

One of our favorite places to hike in the Lubec, ME area!!!

Angie Richardson

One of my favorite places ever!!! The hikes are so beautiful!!! We got to go up on top of the lighthouse one year...that was a very rare but awesome occassion!!! My youngest has a scar to remind him about that day for always.

pattie mayfield

Amazing scenery! Very interesting historical spot!

Stephanie de Nesnera

My husband has always wanted to come here and we were actually able to make it happen on our way back from Canada. So beautiful and picturesque.

Paul Perrin

Unassuming, but significant point in the US. We had it all to ourselves (other than a hungry, grazing porcupine) when we visited.

Maria Elie

Great photo opp location!

Danielle Thor

Awesome view!

Seng Merrill

My destination spot for most Eastern point in the US.

Karen Lewis

Farthest easternmost location in the United States.

Timothy Ford Malone

Easternmost point of the contiguous United States. Worth stopping by just for that. There is a petty good museum also and a gift shop.

Mark Olson

Most eastern point of land in the USA. Just beautiful.

M Robson

One of a kind place to visit. There's only one easternmost place in the USA and this is it! Volunteer at the visitor center was very nice. There's a nice easy walking trail (about 1 mile loop) out to a nice vantage point of Campobello Island. Expect fog.

Big Kahuna

Most eastern part of the USA right here. It was foggy when we got there. Cool trails with overlooks off great dropoffs. Also to the right of the lighthouse is a small road that has more parking and a path to stairs that lead down to the pebble beach below the lighthouse.

Joe Cavallo

For lighthouse enthusiasts, the drive to the lighthouse is an adventure going through quaint Maine towns. The people were very friendly and helpful, the lighthouse was closed for the season which made it perfect to photograph

ronald mynear

Excellent loved it , attendants very informative,had to be good farthest u can go with out jumping in water,actually border was in water by some rocks sticking up couple thousand yards out.

Pamela Moss

We wemt during off season so we did not get to tour but the property was open so qe where still able to enjoy the veiw and take pics it was beautiful.

Wanda Plume

Beautiful lighthouse. And the trail was awesome.and so much fun. Simply gorgeous.

Steve Schwinn

Wonderful place! Easternmost point on the US mainland.

Billy A

Although we got there on a Thursday around 5:45pm they were closed but we were still able to look around outside. I don’t know the hours that they stay open but still worth stopping and looking at. Beautiful area.

J. Doe

Gorgeous area! Will definitely go back.

Tammy Fairchild

Amazing hiking, spectacular viees

Ted Lund

If you get close, you must make the trip up here! We we're glad we did!

Justin Kray

Limited hours - great views

Tina Boutilier

Closed couldn't go in but it was so beautiful.

Mike DiRenzo

Out of the way, but we'll worth the trip if you like lighthouses.


Quiet, remote Maine in summer is simply wonderful... And this is definitely one of those. Views out to sea are fantastic and this place has great walks along the cliff tops thru wooded forest.

Chris Nelson

Beautiful lighthouse

Susanne Dine

Beautiful picturesque views...definitely worth the trip to see.

Christopher Pike

Awesome area great fog!

Burton Payne

A must destination for any traveler

Maryk Stoddard

Eastern most point of continental usa. Beautiful sunrise

Lily Bartel

Beautiful lighthouse!

jayne waite

Awe inspiring views beautiful place!! A must see!!!


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