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Where is Victoria Mansion?

REVIEWS OF Victoria Mansion IN Maine

Clayton & Cindy Putnam

If you find American History regarding 19th century architectural house design fascinating (as I do) then stop for a tour of Victorua Mansion in downtown Portland, Maine . . . My wife and I took the semi-tour through two levels of the beautifully decorated home at Christmas time! There's an entrance fee, but it's worth your time as you walk around to each room open for viewing. A docent stands to the side and provides a summary of the family's experiences & history germaine to the function of room (eg. Parlor, bedroom, living room, etc.) They did allow photos, and answered all my questions. Takes about 30 minutes or 2 hours depending on your pace and interest level.

Adi Avishalom

If you're in Portland. Why not stop by, there isn't much to do anyways. It's a quick walk though and there are always staff explaining the rich history of the place. The gift shop is quite nice, a lot of interesting things for sale.

Chandreyi Mukherji

Wow what a house. Learn about the families that called it home from the wonderful docents. Marvel at the restoration and Gustav Herder woodworks. And the gift shop is charming.

Chris Hale

Very cool history

Christina Arrascaeta

Beautiful mansion with a lot of history. The views from inside are stunning. No photography is allowed and guests are not allowed to wander freely. We were part of a group tour led by a lovely guide. Being in a group makes it harder to see as doorways are narrow only allowing for a quick glance around. The house is filled with mostly original pieces (which is rare). Unfortunately, we could not see the kitchen or servents quarters, as they were closed to visitors.


A faithful restoration to highlight the mid to late 19th century. We found the artistry and craftsmanship absolutely stunning! Knowledgeable and engaging tour guide.

Brainbender Interactive

Stunning piece of history.

Aby Tano

A lot of restoration work is still needed but the guides were very informative and it was a beautiful place to tour.

Virginia Castro

The mansion is beautiful and breathtaking. The ticket price is reasonable especially if you are a student. Students receive a discount. Charlie the tour guide is very knowledgeable of the mansion and answers any questions you may have.


The Victoria Mansion is a wonderful museum you should visit if you love history, the Victorian period, or old houses. The docents are all very knowledgeable and very friendly, excited to talk about the two families who lived there and their belongings being showcased. The interior is absolutely gorgeous, and even the walls are a work of art. Photos are not allowed most of the year, but you can take no-flash photography during their Christmas/holiday exhibition. As you can see from my photos, there is lots to see. Some of the rooms are off limits like the kitchen (there weren't any photos taken of it by Mrs. Morse, the original owner) and the third floor (safety reasons) - and the price is moderate at around $15 for one person. But it is well worth it for the amount of art and history you get to experience. There is a gift shop attached, in the old garage/carriage house, where you can buy Victorian-themed gifts and trinkets. Would recommend to anyone I know. What a gorgeous and interesting place.

Antoinette Martins

Absolutely beautiful Victoria mansion and I am thankful to learn the history behind it. I loved the library room

Morgan Maxwell

So beautiful inside! Everyone should come visit, I love how each room is decorated differently. We went during Christmastime, just wonderful. The only thing, the walkway outside was not sanded very well, extremely icy, which isn't good when you have your great-grandmother with you!

Eric Anderson

Surprisingly well-preserved 1860 house. A short walk from the water front. Lots of original art and furniture.

Myra Little-Porter

Not a house one would expect to see in Maine! Restoration is still in progress but still interesting. Gift shop has some very unique items.

Sarah McCorkle

Very cool place to visit. Doesn't seem very busy which makes the tours personal. Awesome interior, restoration, and information. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon, even if you visit by yourself

Brenda Lane

This was a truly fascinating tour I loved seeing the antique furnishings and hearing the history about this place

Evelyn Stanley

Very beautiful. Staff knowledgeable.

Tammy Waterman

Such a warm feeling in the mansion. Just beautiful.

Rhomni St. John

Love their yearly Christmas decorations.

Ida Perez

It's a great place to visit. I loved the authentic historical items they have. I appreciate that they are consistently renovating to keep things in its original condition. Keep up the great work!

Terry Tuttle

Wonderful time

Micheal Sherwood

Beautiful building. Learned a lot about the structure. There was a lot of time and energy put into this. A cute little date option to do something different. Only downside was that you couldnt take any video or pictures. As a photographer and videographer it stunk a lot. But I do understand it.still just wish they'd allow photos without flash. Otherwise fun, our guide was nice and polite and very educated for just starting out

Ryan M

beautiful and luxurious! apparently the mansion gets decorated stunningly for christmas time. i would love to come back! no photos were allowed inside but they will be allowed for christmas decor.

Jeremy Rose

Suzanne provided an excellent tour and is a wealth of information.

Jason Safaverdi

Way too expensive to get in.

Tori Seitz

Knowledgeable staff, stunning property. Will return.

Roger Mouton

This is a beautiful house well presented by a strong, local volunteer staff. Unfortunately, the "holiday" decorating detracted from appreciating the manse in it's original configuration and glory. Try to see this during the summer, not over Christmas.

Michael Matatia

Nice Victorian mansion, well decorated for the holiday season. Staff is very knowledgeable about the history. Worth the visit.

Nicolai Ia

Place worth visiting in Portland. An iconic house!

Ryan Clark

Neat looking house, but we didn't go on the tour because it was a bit pricey. Also looked to be under a lot of construction on the inside from what we could see. It would have been nice to allow a quick walk through for a couple of dollars or something.

stan nats

Under renovation..the main salon was closed for renovations and will be for a long time.

Bodie Weedop

Beautiful area and interior

Jasmine Jewell

There is more beautiful but for Maine it is special

Arjun Menon

Interesting visit. A mix of cutting edge building and traditional decor. Focus was more on the stuff in there and less about how the house was put together which by itself has significance when considering when it was built.

DeJesus Family

Really beautiful

Linda Blackman

Always a great holiday experience.

Avinash J

Gorgeous Mansion with authentic and preserved furniture. A must-see on any Portland itinerary. More than 90% of the house's interior, including furniture, fixtures, and more are originals from the mid-1800's, recovered from past owners' descendants. And a bonus is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable volunteer in every room

myRa K

Interesting and beautifully decorated.

Abigail Harris-Culver

Gorgeous and visually overwhelming! Knowledgeable docents and an amazing array of decorations. Not a good choice for large groups, as the spaces are narrow and lines can form quickly.

Marcellin Kopandru

Every "room host" was helpful and knowledgeable. We enjoyed this self-guided tour, because, it gave us the freedom to stick to a room as long as we wanted. Also, we could come back to a previously visited room. That type of flexibility was worthy of the price of admission. The Mansion also still maintains most of its original design, and all else. This "summer house" is a dream "vacation house", because of its focus on details, simplicity, and opulence.

Ceiba Crow

Amazing restoration. The docents are so nice and helpful! I Can't wait for my next visit!

Brandon Oglesby

Well preserved. A little pricey but guides are very knowledgeable of the homes history.

konyin ayuba

We were blown away by the beauty of this amazing restored home. Unfortunately there are no photos allowed in the home but the amount of detail and care the original home owners and the Victorian Mansion restoration team have put in will stay with you. Our tour guide, Kathie, was extremely knowledgeable, passionate and happy to answer any questions we had. Every room in the mansion is breath taking. This tour is not to be taken for granted.

Albert Muccilli

Self guided tour of mansion...not all rooms open to public.

Andrew Graceffa

Incredible residence. An amazing amount of craftsmanship, blending New Orleans with Maine style.

Keely Brown

Great guided tour with opportunities to take pictures.

Cliff Trausch

Wow. Extremely interesting and educational. Makes you wander what would have been the possibility in our country if the civil war and the great depression never happened.

Sarah Awwesome

So far I've only gotten to tour this place once, but it was so absolutely worth it. I would highly recommend visiting at least once. I can't wait to go back!

Nicholas Moeai

It's like walking through a time capsule from the mid 1800's. Very beautiful restoration work. It had it's Christmas decorations still up so there was a Christmas tree in every room almost. Military is free :). Sorry, I don't know how much everyone else was.

Marc Rura

Really great way to spend an afternoon. The men and women who work there are extremely friendly and informative.

Jason Mansfield

An amazing look into the past - definitely far more intricate and interesting than I expected going in. Seeing a house built with the style of hotels of the era is especially interesting, complete with skylight and mult story chandelier!

Sean Fokes

Gorgeous place, partially restored, very much worth a visit. No pictures, don't touch. A really cool piece of local history.

Jared Steele

Very informational. Very beautiful decorations, most are paintings but look very 3d.

Thomas Kotovsky

Very nice and historical

Nathan C

Beautiful historic mansion, and super friendly staff to walk you through it!

L Linfield

The Christmas display was beautiful. More impressive is the continuing renovation of this historic home. They have over 90% of the 1860's original contents; furniture, artwork, dishes, etc. This is an amazing place to visit.

Zachary Flotten


Scott Giroux


Christy Bosco


Kevin White

A truly amazing time capsule, it takes you right back to the 1800s. The tour is great and the prices are very fair. The tour lasts about an hour and is full of very interesting history of the owners and the area.

MOVED TO Koishi_i and Nelpo

A must if you are downtown Portland, the house is gorgeous!

Marie Jordan

There were no tours today, which was disappointing, especially since we still had to pay full price. There were people in every room that were knowledgeable and could answer questions. It's a very nice house, but it would have been better with a tour.

Michael Russell

So much history here. Great place to take the family for a tour.

Thomas B.

Loved it! Been living in Maine for 32+ years with this experience on my bucket list. Will look forward to some more refurbishing. Hope they avail the third floor!

Raymond Miller

I mega of multi architectural era styles just completely astounding the workmanship throughout the mansion, well preserved Thank You for eye candy!

Keri Porter

The docents were very knowledgeable and friendly. Super interesting history and architecture in our own backyard

Stephen Collins

Beautiful home to tour!!!

Pam Lemieux

If you are only going to visit one historic site in Portland, I highly recommend Victoria Mansion. It was built 1858-1860 and 90% of furniture and accessories are original from 1860.

Dean A. Burley

Spectacular home with terrific volunteer docents.

John Sanders

Just beutiful. Just see it. You will like it. Great history

German Rodriguez

Amazing place. A quick must see in Portland. It will leave lasting memories. Just beautiful.

fitness strength

I love the information. The workers there gave me a lot of insightful I enjoyed it

Janeta Watts

Wonderful visit here. Interesting to see and hear about. Wonderful staff who explained history and answers questions.

Lino Agustín Rallo

It was a wonderful experience, the house was beautiful. It's like a palace. And John, the guide, really loves his work, he knows everything.


Interesting home. One site you can pass on if you are handicapped challenged

Lauren Keen Aumond

Beautiful mansion! We took a tour and the guide was knowledgeable. The main difference between this location and other mansions I've toured is that this one is still being fixed up. I would recommend it for a quick dose of history though!

Gerard Hamilton

Beautiful historical home showcased by knowledgeable guides. Not the most exciting attraction, but definitely a place to stop if you are already interested in history and architecture. They also have discounts for students, seniors, etc so be sure to ask.

Jil St Germain

Intricate and beautiful restoration. The tour is totally worth it. The guide did an excellent job of painting a vivid image of the time.

Ripper Jack

Friendly staff awesome interior.

Julia Tarantseva

Beautiful place, a lot of futures inside for back day.

Pamela Anderson

So beautiful!

Stephen Gowen

This is probably the most ornate house I've ever stepped in. The multi-floor gasolier is absolutely grand.


Nice Victorian mansion to see, but it's kind of expensive for what you get. Only a portion of the house is open to the public to see. Try to get a Groupon if you want to go. Parking is street only.

Suzanne Condon

Such a great place to be saved. We nearly missed it as google shows last entry as closing time. So glad we went by to check. Parking on streets okay just confirm how long on the signs. Lovely items in the shop too.

Victoria Szetela

This place is gorgeous. You can only enter via a tour which is kind of annoying but I understand why. You also cannot take pictures inside

Angie Taylor

Breathtaking ❤️. Loved every Victorian detail in the Walls and Ceilings. So much Art!

Rick Hopkins

Sadly the entire mansion isn't included in the tour. They don't tell you that... also photography isn't allowed.. but your not told this .. only told sternly if your taking pics. Would be nice if they told you ahead of time instead of yelling at you about it. Not really worth the money as the group's are to large to see the rooms. The group's are 13 people and there is barley room for 8 in the roped off areas . Again they are only in it for the money. Won't go again

Karen Callen

Love going here. Absolutely beautiful historical place. Dont miss it at Christmas time.

Christine McHale

I'm a local and Victoria Mansion is a great destination for both tourists and locals.

Nancy Groth

We had a good experience since our tour group was about 12. I'm impressed by original features am glad to know restoration is ongoing. Not fully restored but decent enough. Nice gift shop. No parking.

Ron Dexter

Beautifully decorated for Christmas!

Ashley Gloeb

House was beautiful, had the bad timing of coming in with a tour bus, but there were plenty of rooms. Docents were incredibly knowledgeable, lots of neat history. Gift shop was awesome! So many cool things!! The manager of the gift shop has a great eye! Loving the Halloween and Krampus themed stuff!

Angel Salmons

It was nice and the gift ship has amazing gifts.

Pixie Via

Beautiful and wonderful information.

Soren Oboro

Very very very nice house. The staff is very friendly, and knowledge about this history over the house. Would recommend the tour!

Stephen Peckiconis

Enjoyed the day where docents were in each room the answer questions or point out interesting items. Bus came right after we arrived in the morning, so we came back a few hours later and had free rein to move around.

Daniel sweeney

Interesting place. A one time visit will do you good.

Jason Hollinger

Very interesting place to visit. If you enjoy history this place does not hold any particular significance. But does offer a historic look into Victorian architecture.

M.E. Gray

Definitely worth visiting. The story behind this museum is incredible. 80% of the furnishings were from the original owner when built in 1860. The home is stunning and preserved from a day gone by.

Hunter Foote

Absolutely phenomenal. The highlight of the trip to Portland. The volunteer staff were very helpful showing us the rooms in explaining some of the unique features of the architecture and furniture. I would recommend it to anyone visiting Portland. Five stars.

Bryna Erickson

Sarah was a fun, relaxed, and knowledgeable tour guide. It was such an unexpected treasure in our trip to Portland.

Alden Poole

They host a great Christmas tour. Our group was impressed by the preservation of this historic landmark.

Shawn Lebrun

Gorgeous this time of year, we always check out the Christmas display at Victoria mansion. This year, the theme was "Christmas through a kid's eyes" and it was beautiful. I highly recommend going to the mansion if you want to get into the holiday spirit.

Melinda G.

I added the mansion to our list of activities because my husband loves this sort of thing - I didn't realize I did either until I went. Kind of a bummer you can't take any photos because the restoration is pretty breathtaking, but honestly photos probably wouldn't do it justice. Our visit was short, but worth the admission fee. Everytime we revisited room it seemed like there were more details we didn't see the first time. So sad the kitchen and a few other rooms (including the third floor) are not on view.

Claudia Slusser

Worth while stop

Nancy Brotko

Beautiful mansion with well informed guides. Thoroughly enjoyed the tour.

Greg S

It looks great from the outside (I haven't been inside)


This is for any and all history buffs to check out. The tours are nice and the staff knows alot of facts. Be sure to bring your military, student ID or AAA card for discounts. The home is well maintained and provides a look back into how life was back then.

Anne Shaw

Beautiful structure, we'll worth touring.

Joel Hassman

It's an amazing historic place, but you can't take pictures! So, I hope your brain can remember the memories, the book to remember it is 15 bucks, not sure if it's worth it, we didn't buy it

Jackie Apostolopoulos

Worth walking by and grabbing a photo. Plenty of beautiful houses in the area to also view.

Allyn Elkin

Nice restoration going on of home of fan of general Robert E Lee. If you have any respitory issues, stay out too much mold and mildew in the air.

Stephanie Miller

Very professional and knowledgeable staff. We have been on many mansion tours and this one was top notch. John took his time and it was clear how much he enjoys his job. Very enjoyable tour.

brett saltzman

Had great visit just wish it was formal guided tour and not self guided

Jessica Muccilli

A bit pricey for what you can actually can't visit the 3rd floor...cant see the kitchen.....what is done is nice.

Christian Read

A mansion built by Morse family with commissioned furniture and wall paintings. Some rooms are under loving restoration.

Ellie Martin

Self guided tour for the day and they were smart in the fact that they kept a tour guide in each room for you to ask questions and to give the history behind each room. They are currently working on restoration for some of the rooms, including the parlor at the time. Would recommend if you love architecture.

Jennifer Molloy

What an incredible historical landmark in Portland.I loved learning the history of this home. The guides are super knowledgable. Cute gift shop

Cheryl Weaver

Beautiful ornate Victorian home. The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly.

Thaddeus Greene

A gorgeous look back in time. You Must go during Christmas

Gordon Whittemore

The Mansion is located on Park Street and Danforth Street it's something that you've got to see

Carlos Vargas

We were in Portland for a day and decided to stop in and do a self guided tour. We were greeted by friendly and very informative guides that explained the history of this local treasure. A must see in Portland. A must See.

Christopher Eling

a fascinating house with lots of history, with knowlegable docents to guide the tours

amra ananda

Beautiful Mansion with authentic and preserved furnitures.

Emily R Majusiak

Fascinating historical home, with amazingly ornate paintings and furnishings throughout. The staff were very friendly and helpful- it was worth hanging back after a crowd passed through a room to ask questions and learn more from the guides.

Matt Davis

We had a fantastic time here. We showed up early and got a tour for $14 a person. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions. The mansion had some beautiful furniture and magnificent walls. If you like architecture and art, this is definitely worth doing while in town.

Frank Palazolo

Great history

Dan Lemly

It's cool I guess

Matt Stone

Being originally from England, I've seen my fair share of historic homes. Been in Portland nearly 2 years and this is my first time here. It was better than I hoped. Beautiful restorations. Mostly all original pieces. The staff were exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend Victoria Mansion as a place to see.

Mr. Ages

Unique, educational, a couple of hours well worth your time.


Historiical building in Portland. Must see place .

Greg Hilbert

Went here to get some local history and loved this mansion. Restoration in process but what a great story. They have recovered 90% of the furniture and the details are amazing. Worth the $16 admission.


First of all, the mansion was so beautiful! The restorations are lovely and so many beautiful things are original. The staff was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and friendly.

Harris Kagan

nice - but a work very much in progress. A bit overpriced for what it is - but then again they need the money to fix the place up

Brian Harris

A slice of history come to life. Lovingly restored "home" from a bygone era. Well-preserved furnishings, stunning collection, brilliantly presented by volunteer docents. Breathtaking detail offered with carefully researched details from the Civil War period. Delightfully friendly gift shop staff top the experience of this charming tour stop. A must-see.

Robert Zulkeski

This is a beautiful Victorian-era landmark. They even offer student ($7), kid and senior discounts! Unfortunately I was not allowed to take pictures of the inside, however if you get the chance to take the tour, I highly recommend it. Apparently they do a festive showing during Christmas time and you can take pictures of the inside then. We also learned a lot on our tour, like who owned the house in the past and who chose to preserve it. Lots of advanced technology was put in for the time it was built.

Lydia Zhang

So delicate and elaborate. The guide is nice and friendly. It’s a pleasure to have such wonderful experience!

Dana F

really cool place - tours are ~45 minutes and there is plenty of history to keep it interesting.

Michael Rubens

Stunning Victorian mansion. Guides are well-informed and motivated. Special thanks to Sabine for doing such a great job and explaining everything with passion!

Kristen Saddler

Very cool and interesting tour worth seeing if you're in Portland.

Vickie Chapin

I didn't get to go in but from the outside it looks beautiful

secret de femme

A place to visit once in a lifetime

Jaskaran Dhiman

Its an old house maintained to some extent

Angelo Sandman

Wow! This is just beautiful. The story of how the things in the house was slowly recovered to be back in the house was just amazing. I like that you are accompanied by a tourist guide who explains to you about the history of the house. She was so good and very accommodating. Would be back again if I go that way again.

Karsten M

Nice building with interesting tour Unfortunately, no photographs allowed inside.

Deborah Zak

Beautiful house in a different time and way of life

YenYen Chang

Kind of small not lots of things to see.

Rigo De La Rosa

Great place. Friendly guide. Go check it out.

Lindsey Green

I love going there to see their annual Christmas display. Not reccomend for small children.


Don't miss this gem ! Make it a stop on your visit to Portland. At Christmas time it becomes a designers show case and the decorations are stunning. There is a gift shop with plenty of charming affordable gifts .

Colin Dilts

Lovely mansion though a little expensive for how big it is and how long it takes to go through. The masion is beautiful and well maintained I loved the quality of preservation though great place that I'd go back to if the opportunity presented itself.

Ivan Schmidt-Vitale

I kind of feel like you have to be a certain type of person to enjoy a place like Victoria mansion and I didn't realize it until I actually stepped inside. If you are a fan of cool-looking furnishings, interior design, or just want to see what an old bathroom and toilet looks like, you should go here. Overall the whole place has been immaculately kept, restored, and displayed. I found it difficult to look at the fireplaces and mantles cause I wanted to run my hands all over the place. The designs on the sink basins are absurd. Why don't they make sinks like that anymore? It's the coolest thing you could possibly put in a bathroom. Kind of a bummer but you are NOT allowed to take any photographs, which I figure is that it takes away potential business so I'm happy to keep my phone in my pocket. But still, the marble, the stained glass, the cloven-hoofed parlor room furniture. It's nuts. Go.

Sally Forcey

Very cool historical building, nice gift shop.

Gerardo Garcia

Beautiful historic mansion. Very happy that it was preserved.

The Queen

This place was beautiful. I would love to see it when they are finished completely with the rehab.

danielle elliott

Very nice, mostly plaster and paint decor. However the staircase, stained glass, furnishings, fireplaces and statues were stunning.

David Cox

Interesting history, amazing architecture, loved our guide


Beautiful mid 1800's home with an interesting story. At the time we visited, there were about 8 rooms accessible for viewing. Individual, couple and family rates [Check Groupon, we got half off] • 45 minute guided tours only. • Gift shop • Street parking [free] in the area and metered parking further away. • In the midst of renovation as of July 2018 with 2 of the 3 floors accessible.

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