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Where is Two Lights State Park?

REVIEWS OF Two Lights State Park IN Maine

Noah Dion

Awesome place to relax. If you come at the right time during the week you might avoid the touristy hullabaloo. What a nice place to lay in the grass and catch some rays or to hike and just explore along the rocks and water!

Jane Croston

What a magnificent spot on a warm Oct. day. The pup loved it and so did I. We walked trails and rocks and there were few people and even a good dog bowl of water...Lovely. There are lots of picnic tables and benches nestled all around the well kept paths. The rock stairs through the woods and to the sea are natural and just add to the beauty. ( The steps are uneven and no rails, so not a great choice for elders.) There are some good gravel paths that are even and looked easy for several people using walkers. The ocean was quite tame today, but there were lots of passing fishing boats and many sea ducks to watch.

Chu Lin

Nice little park with great view of the water

Luca Nell

Best if you go in winter, there are hardly any people around that time of the year.

Jamie Wood

Very good views. An excellent state park


Beautiful scenery

Ed Klatka

Parking is horrible. Great view. Saw whales right of the shore.

Jefferson Bates

Great coastline and nice trails. Try to go on a day with big surf and enjoy the show. Plenty of tables for a picnic, and a playground. There is an old battery there from WWII, but you can’t explore it. Interesting history, though

Wendy Haltom

Beautiful views. Great trails. Love this spot!

Thomas Brown

Waves rolling in the the coastal cliffs were beautiful!

Karen Bishop

Beautiful place to visit

Appalachia Outdoor Center

Fantastic place to walk along the coast!

Luke Holmes

There are no accessible lighthouses here despite the name. If you are looking for a lighthouse you are probably looking for Portland head lighthouse. It is a great spot. This place is ok for a coastal view and a walk but it's nothing special. We didn't pay in as it was off season but it does cost money usually I believe. The one lighthouse we saw from the distance was very clearly signposted as no trespassers allowed from afar.

Jorgen Hansen

Two Lights State Park does not actually give a view of the two lights and there is no beach access, but they have great picnic spots for families or larger groups. For those interested in bird watching the park attracts a diverse group of migratory birds.

Steve Burt

Interesting lighthouses. You cannot get to the lighthouses because on private land.

Cort Gariepy

One of the best places in Portland to catch striped bass from the shore. Use chunks of mackerel for best results.

albert webb

This park has some very nice rocky shores, has trails and picnic tables. A must visit if you are in the area.

Gavin Hurst

Beautiful walk! Amazing views!

Laurie Rich

Beautiful scenery, wonderful walking path with lots if benches and a play area for the kids are all found at this park. But no lighthouses. A great place for a picnic and a stroll. The grounds are very well kept and maintained. The gentleman I spoke with was friendly and informative. A true delight.

Bill Barbin

Awesome Maine State Park! More trail than you would think. And so close to so many great places!

Sue Arbegast

Could spend the day here myself. Enjoyed the hike and climbing the rocks. And of course...the ocean waves!

bruce Friedel

Nice ocean view.

Giovanni Boezio

Steep price for a small but nice piece of shore, all vintage Military bunkers are locked up, the two towers are not available to public

Erin Slonaker

Love the rocky coast for climbing on.

Tod Bramble

Please don't go here. It's too nice.

Bill Steinmetz

Outstanding rock formations resembling petrified wood are really ancient seabed deposits metamorphosed by continental collisions. Wonderful vistas!

Tim Collins

Interesting park with a little historical value. The views from here are beautiful. Great place for a picnic and a some walking.

Sarita Rupan

Nice rocky shore... Very relaxing place

Troy B

Easy scenic trails that you can do in a couple of hours. There are many secluded picnic tables so pack your lunch and enjoy the view. Unable to see any light houses from this park, but the ocean view is amazing. We bought an Annual car pass for $105 to get us in to all 35 State Parks in Maine this summer. This is for sure one we will go back and visit again.

George Barber

Two more lighthouses and great seaside trails and picnicking. What an asset near Portland.

William Oye

Lovely spot to watch the waves come crashing in and very close to Portland. Only regret is you can't actually visit either of the two lights (lighthouses).

Jim Clark

Beautiful small coastal Maine park with very interesting geological features. Perfect location for a day hike, picnic or family gathering. Group areas can be reserved. Dog friendly, with the usual rules. Friendly staff, ample parking and clean, modern restrooms. $2.00 admission for seniors, and very good seasonal rates if you'll be a regular visitor. Use care with little ones, as the cliff access is very easy. Ease your post hike hunger at The Lobster Shack at Two Lights, Cape Elizabeth!

Jeff Cook

A very nice place for peaceful walks and outstanding ocean views. Uncrowded the day we were there, plenty of places to sit and see gorgeous views, and monarch butterflies all around. A great place to recharge.

Dave Houck

Great place to walk trails along the cliffs of the coastline. We stopped at the Cookie Jar for a few donuts and enjoyed them as we watched a lobster boat pull traps.

carol williams

Nice state park..restrooms nice...great walking, picnic areas and awesome views.

Heather Walters

Nice park, but no lighthouses here. No hiking either, but a fantastic place for a family cookout and playing on rocks on the Maine Coast.

Art B

Good coast walk.

Sam Vlcek

very beautiful place to take a walk or have a picnic!

Robert Pratt

We paid to get in but there wasn't a lighthouse there. Just a view of the bay. Pretty walking trails

Will Hodgkins

Fantastic trails and scenic vistas. Very well maintained and clean. Many areas to eat at with charcoal grills. Great place for a day visit with family, friends and pets

Brandon Oglesby

Cool rock formations and some history of ww2 I didn't expect.

Mikell Perry

Nice park with great playground, picnic areas, and beaches. Of season is heavenly! Expect busy in season!

Kimberly Zanchi

My friend Jen and I went to Two Lights State Park Friday night to watch the Meteor Showers. We did see some Meteors. Had a great time, it was AWESOME....

Ruth Bollella

This was a beautiful place to bring a picnic and spend the afternoon! We could not have asked for a better way to spend our last day in Maine. Defenitly a place to return to!!

Stephany Marino

5 dollars per person to not be able to go in the water.

Sandra Roberts-Taylor

This is not a real lighthouse, I really is two lights that were used to help navigate

Paolo Forchielli

Meticulously maintained park with stunning views off Cape Elizabeth, tide pools, trails atop bluffs and in pine forest, lots of little private picnic areas, clean bathrooms and a great playground! Plenty of parking too, add it all up and it's more than worth the price of admission.

Jen George

Beautiful views. Working bathrooms. A win.


Very nice state park

Grady S

One of my favorite places in Maine!! It has a nice Park for the kids and lots of picnic tables to eat at. The ocean views are the best. Go at both low and high tide. We were there on low and we got to walk on the rocks and go tide pooling. It was spectacular! I could sit there for hours... if I didn't have kids bugging me ;). Put this on the list to see. We got the State Park car pass online before coming since we were going to visit several state parks. The pass is totally worth it! My favorite place in Maine! Best part... only 20 people there in July!

Tamara Pierce

The rocks made a natural amphitheatre to watch the waves roll in.

Amy Zacks

This park is absolutely beautiful with breathtaking views of the ocean. Several walking trails that take you around the water. There are many benches and picnic tables scattered throughout the park. Pack a lunch, walk a trail and enjoy the views!

Weston Sythoff

Too good to be true? Maybe. It might have been a dream.

Quina Nunes

Very beautiful place, fresh air.

Sara Ghosh

Unique park with interesting rocks

Bev Stevens

I could spend all day here, so many different scenic spots to view from. Nice bathrooms. Decent kids playground. Good parking. There are clear directions in and out. Its also very clearly marked where to go and its very open. The play area is well away from the water which is good because it opens right onto the cliffs and can be dangerous footing for kids. There is a well maintained trail all along the shore line and plenty of spots to view the amazing coast line. There is also quite an abundance of picnic areas with tables and grills. Each one is semi private so you aren't crowded by other tourists. I was amazed as I walked along the trail that there were so many birds to listen to and the sound of the water was loud but soothing. Top 5 on my places to chill out on a summer day.

Stanley Barre

very enjoyable place to visit.Not only lighthouses but a garden as well, everyone in the area seemed to enjoy.


Had some nice trails to walk. Waterside isn't accessible, lots of giant rocks. A view some may enjoy o suppose. Plenty of parking, clean.

Jason Humm

Such a great place to visit, see the ocean, and climb on some rocks. In milder weather, the picnic tables look like they'd be perfect for a family get-together. Nominal entrance fee is well worth the experience here.

Melissa Doughty

A nice place to take a walk by the ocean with your family. Picnic areas with charcoal grills, and playground areas.

errol datuin

Very nice

Danette Morrison

It’s breathtaking. Views of the water from high on a cliff make all the stress go away. If in the area, this is a must stop.

Cody Doyle

Little park with a couple trails. Nice for a small walk through the trees and beautiful coast line.

joel berry

A beautiful place for walking, exploring and enjoying the rocky coast of Maine. Plenty of space for picnics and places to walk.

Dan Fisher

Amazing place to watch surf on rocks. Feels like Acadia but just a short drive from Portland.

Michael Vertefeuille

Breathtaking views. Perfect picnic spot. You can't swim here. Just grab a bench and enjoy the waves crashing. Really cool rock formations. Must be a fun spot for geologists.

Mike Vecc

Nice park for gentle family outing or walking. Nice walking trail along the ocean. Great views. Trail is gravel/dirt. There are picnic tables and charcoal grills to picnic at. There are restrooms and a play swingset/ jungle gym too.

Neera Aggarwal

Off course it's really pretty place, great view but there is entry fees for non-Maine residence of $7 per head. Usually these places should not have fees. These generally are government property, that is why we pay taxes. If u are Maine residence, then u should definitely go.


A great place for a day trip! Very clean, nice hiking trails, picnic table and grills provided. Great view of the ocean. Worth the trip. Light house nearby.

Mark Thornton

Really enjoyed this place. Walked around and had a lot of fun. The lighthouses were cool, and park in general was nice. It wasn't overly crowded in July. there is a side beach with rocks which was fun for scrambling exploring. Easy parking and clean restrooms.

Keri Thibeau

After living in Maine most of my life, for the first time in 37 years I finally came here. I had a wonderful time walking around taking photos and the sunset was amazing. The fall is a really great time of year to go. I highly recommend coming here.

Vlad Polishchuk

Great place to visit and capture some great shots. Must visit

Steve Culver

Great views of the Rocky Maine coast. No light houses in the park but just down the road. Easy paths through out the park and there are ample public restrooms. Great year round

Daksh Randeria

Note that you can't actually see the lighthouses from the park. However, it's a pleasant place, with lots of picnic tables and places to sit on the rocks as well.

Philip Adams

Great place to search tide pools walk trails and picnic. Family loves visiting two lights state park!!

Rachel Kudrick

Went here as a child, in 1980. I have remembered the beauty and peace ever since. I couldn't travel to Maine without going back. I was worried that I would feel let down. It was even more breathtaking now. Watching and hearing the waves crash bright me to tears. The structure of the rocks is amazing and quite unique. I wanted to stay forever.

Noemi Gotay

This is on the coast of Maine. And I went there from Florida to eat a Maine Lobster in Maine. And it was worth it. A Maine lobster out of Maine is not the same. So if you ever go north go a little further and have a Maine Lobster in Maine. You will remember it for a long time.

Andrew Hartmann

Great historical place to visit and a nice little trail to see the grounds.

Daniel Jeffers

Great lookout, picnic location, & interesting history

Sosanna Blocker

Fun climbing over the rocks to see the ocean closer. Nice paths but didn't see any lighthouses. That was disappointing.

Biswanath Roy

Awesome place to visit with friends and family, it has amazing views of ocean. Rocks and trails are there which will take you around the ocean, you can also see the lighthouse there. Very clean and well maintained place, great for picnic. Plenty of parking spaces are there so not to worry about it.

Katie Sterry

Absolutely gorgeous place to enjoy both the beautiful coastline as well as some interesting history of the area. The shelter was in excellent shape and worked perfectly for our family event. The park also has a very clean restroom area and playground for children. Numerous walking g paths and ample photo opportunities.

Ron Glidden

Nice park. Clean and well maintained. Drinking water available everywhere.

Minh Do

One of the best area to visit. Amazing petrified wood beach

Daryl Lowry

This is a small but secluded park. It is a great place to take the family for a nice cookout. There is a playground for the kids and great views of the ocean.

Heather McKinnis

We actually got lost here when looking for a different place, so we went in anyway, had lunch, and looked around a bit. Beautiful views of the ocean! The water is pretty mean in this area, so I'd definitely listen when they say to stay at least 20 feet away. A fun little place to explore! There's a playground and bathrooms near the parking lot. Once you go in towards the area overlooking the ocean, there are picnic tables to eat on. These lighthouses aren't that exciting, but the park is beautiful!

Robert S

Quiet, beautiful views, lots of oceanfront picnic tables and grills

Sarah McLean

Ok hate giving a state park such a low rating, but it was not a good value for the entrance fee. We paid $14. The restrooms are clean and the trails are well taken care of. However, we finished the walking trails very quickly and found there was not much else to do at the park. It was a too overpriced for that short walk to the waterfront, which can also be viewed down the road for free.

Chris Porter

There is a fee to enter, beware. Also no lighthouse on property.


Gorgeous park with great views of the ocean. Lots of parking, large network of walking paths. Picnic areas with charcoal grills make for an excellent space for groups, family gatherings, parties etc.

Christopher Reiter

Beautiful... Battery 201

Kelly Trapani

Been going since I was a baby. A very special place to me. Stunning coastal views. Great restaurant right next door. Can't say enough about it. Relaxing for sure. Love the warm rocks to sit on and eat. Bring a chair or a nice pad to lay out on.

Adam Leader

Small waterfront park with unusual rock cliffs. Former WWII battery to protect Gulf of Maine. Nice picnic areas. Fee for entrance.

Rudri Randeria

Location : easy to get to, using Google maps. Ambience : beautiful park. They have an amazing view of the ocean. There are many picnic benches spread apart over the park So you get your space. Great place to hang out. They even have individual slots for barbecues next to the benches. Restrooms are clean and Sanitary.

Chris Pratt

This a great park to visit pretty much all year round (baring major snow fall). There are some stunning views, especially from the top of the ‘fort’ area. There’s also a playground for kids, and lots of tables and benches to stop at. My only issue is that some of the stairs in the park have become a bit unstable to use and my friends/family and I had some trouble with slipping and stumbling. Other than that, it’s always a great experience at Two Lights.

Olga Romanov

Beautiful place to visit and relax by the ocean

SpongeBob SquarePants

Beautiful !

Samantha Hope

The park is nice but it's impossible to get to lighthouses. That was a huge disappointment

Jack Hammer

Awesome, awesome place... Beautiful, crashing waves, large outcropping of rocks, lots and lots of flora, as well as some exquisite captivating views of the quintessential rocky Maine coast... If you're looking for some photo ops... This is DE PLACE

Barb Labombard

Raw ocean at its finest. Not crowded.

Justianna Andrews

We saw 2 Mink Whales!! Beautiful hiking trails, amazing views. Very special afternoon

John Dixon

Amazing views and natural scenery. We enjoyed coming here.

Robert Wilson

A must see.

Rachel Walsh

It's so beautiful and peaceful. A fantastic place for a picnic with the best views!

Kevin Hall

Love it great place to walk and see The ocean view and woods also great for a picnic


Simply amazing!! The view was breathtaking. There is a picnic area super close from the parking lot and the ocean view there are also water fountains. This is definitely a nice spot for a wedding or a romantic day The tide was low and I was able to go close to the water.

Sonia Bermonty

We haven't actually spent a day here yet but what I saw I loved...multiple sitting areas spread out on the rocky cliff overlooking the ocean..beautiful!

Patricia Fodrocy

I love to spend two or three hours sitting on a bench or at a picnic table eating my lunch, reading a book and just let all of my problems go out to sea. It is the best nerve pill that works every time.

Matt-Air Atom

Great place for a picnic. Wonderful views and public restrooms.

Issy Gervais

What a beautiful place to visit. We watched the tide come in last evening. Spectacular!!

Janice Halpern

Lovely park with lots of trails through woods and overlooking the ocean. Playground. Plenty of picnic tables set at good distances for privacy. You can climb down the rocky coast towards the ocean to get up close to the crashing waves. No beach, not safe for swimming.

Jenifer McCauley

Bring a picnic and watch the sunset

Jessica Beaulieu

Fun place to come and climb on rocks. The kids always have a blast and enjoy the playground at the end. Perfect place a picnic!

Angela Krisko

Great views. Beautiful

Hai Nguyen

Great place to hang out and chill. Enough space for everyone. Great breeze from the ocean. No swimming so it's a good thing actually Hihi less crazy running around the place. More peaceful.

Aryn Leighton

Like something out of a dream. We grew up coming to Two Lights for picnics and to experience nature in a true natural wonder. Bring an Italian from Amatos and look out over the wild & wonderful ocean. You’ll be so glad you did.

Ana A.

Beautiful views gorgeous day. What more can you ask for.

Miss Tish

First timer and saw whales!!!! Very nice staff let us know there were whale sightings earlier in the day, lots of parking and restrooms. Beautiful walk by the beach. Dog friendly (on-leash!) as well. Sure enough, after sitting by the water for a few minutes we saw whales swimming and diving very close to the shore!! We watched them for about an hour, very exciting! Be sure to wear sturdy shoes to navigate the rocky terrain. We will definitely go back often!

Kyndra Morris

Great park to hike a little and enjoy the view.

Paul Kroska

Don't type in Cape Elizabeth to Google. Go park at Two Lights instead and you can have an amazing hike along the uneven coast to the Cape Elizabeth area where there is a restaurant and gift shop. So much fun but definitely wouldn't take my grandma because of the uneven rock(sorry grandma). For everyone else that's abled bodied it's a worth while 5 stars.

Cheryl Presser

Lots of big rocks beautiful beach. We also went to Popham beach rented wet suits and rode the waves. No surf boards just ourselves very, very fun time. Water was about 60° but had a blast playing in the waves.

Megan Ayers

I didn't eat there but I went to the Lobster Shack side of Two Lights. Highly recommend. There's a little beach like area, you see a light house, and with low tide TONS of rocks to walk and climb on. Lots of fun and it's beautiful!

Tommy Leung

Nice hiking areas, clean restrooms, and beautiful scenery.

Lindsey Ho

This is not a place to go swimming, but you can walk along the rocks and catch little crabs and other marine life. Kids need to be very careful while on the rocks, but have plenty of room to play in the fields and trails. The playground is very nice as well.

Chuck Craig

The scenery alone

Isabel S. Churchill

My favorite park in the greater Portland area. There is a cost to enter but I believe it's worth it. Beautiful views of the cost and tons of place to do pic nic. They even have BBQ and areas for an event. Great spot to walk dogs.

Suzanne Reamer

Spent a wonderful day here. Lots of walking and just taking in the magnificent views.


Amazing, but not deserved the entrance fee .!

Paul Labbe

Great scenic location for meet ups with friends, families. Huge selection of picnic tables and great for photo shoots

Ken Alden

A great place to spend the afternoon enjoying the Maine coastline. There isn't a lot of space to roll a stroller, and you will want to keep a close eye on very small children or toddlers. But over the past few years they have added many new benches making it easy to find a place to snuggle with a loved one or cuddle up with a book while enjoying the breeze and Sea sounds and smells.

Nicola Isgro

Gorgeous! We went to say a family goodbye to my Father who passed away and loved the ocean. The place was clear of litter or debris, the lawns were cared for,the picnic spots were clean. It was really beautiful.

William Snyder

Amazing place to hang out and enjoy the ocean! Go at low tide and walk around the tide pools and look for crabs and such. The WW2 base is really fascinating to walk around and see.

Tom B

This place was beautiful! Did not stay long but will go back up and pack a barbecue lunch. Cook on the grills. The cascading like stones that you have to navigate your way down to get to the water was awesome. Very much say you should go here.

Ashleigh Goodman

Beautiful views of the coast, one of my favorite places to be

Antonio Colon

Fantastic Views and Scenery

Justin Smith

There is a lot of awesome coastal rock at this park. It could be a good place to see the sunrise, but I'm not sure if you can get in that early. The building indicates a fee to enter, but there was no one there to collect and it seemed everyone was just going in without paying. We did the same.

Charles Harris

Great ocean views

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