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Where is Thunder Hole?

REVIEWS OF Thunder Hole IN Maine

Bob Meyer

Just a beautiful spot on the coast. Try to get there when the tide is high so you can hear the thunder from Thunder Hole.

Steve Wilke

What a beautiful spot but definitely time your visit for 2 hours before high tide.

Brother Lamb

Cool spot. Missed seeing the spray outta the hole. Be there two hours before high tide if you want to see it. Very crowed and very tiny parking lot. Try parking in lot for trail just before and walking down to it because if there is no parking it is one way and you can't circle back around parking lot. Definitely stop and walk around the rocks.

Adrianne Hunt

Beautiful, but nature is fickle... don't be disappointed if you miss the thunder... the views and the waves are still amazing

Richard Brusic

Interesting spot, check the tide Tables and arrive at least two hours before high tide.

David Borger Germann

Worth the stop while taking the Ocean Path Trail or driving the loop. You might be fortunate to time it right and hear the thunder. But if not, shrug it off and enjoy the spectacle of humans watching the tide go in and out, in and out. Bonus: there are bathrooms available across the loop road at the south end of the parking lot.


Beautiful. A must see!

John Turnmire

Overrun with tourists. Its not pleasant during the season because it's so easily accessed. Would be neat if it wasn't so built up, but the end effect is kind of meh, for lack of a better phrase.

Robin Kumar

Check the tide timing before you go there. Best time to be there is 2 hours before high tide.

Melissa Kadorian

Cool coastal natural feature. Right off the scenic loop road. We went during low tide by accident so not as impressive as it would have been 2 hours before high tide (the ideal time to go), but still interesting to see!

Tom Hines

The time that we were there (3pm) wasn't the best time to hear the boom. Still had beautiful views

TJ Poole

I've visited Thunderhole many times on my two trips to Acadia but I cant seem to work out the correct timing. I've yet to witness the explosion of water and thunderous sound of the waves crashing into the cavern because the water always seems to be calm when I visit. While I haven't seen Thunderhole at its peak I can appreciate it for what it is, which is a beautiful spectacle inside my favorite national park.

Mark Baine

Thunder Hole is located in Acadia National Park. To see it's natural Splendor in all its Glory, you need to go during high tide. Otherwise, you will see interesting rock formations but that's about it.

Lauren Hintze

Would of been better if we were there when high tide was coming in, still beautiful views.

Annie Jernigan Goldberg

Amazing scenery and fun to watch the waves crashing down on the rocks. And it’s hard to predict when the wave will make a thunder sound at high tide. There is hikes nearby too. And a shuttle bus that transports people to various places along the route.

Brett Shaver

Definitely a cool coastal feature if you hit it at the right time (when the tide is coming in). But it's very crowded and parking is limited. Check it out before 10 am or after 4 pm

Trang H

It’s a cool place to watch the wonder of nature. It was too crowded (Columbus Day weekend) that I didn’t get a perfect view of it. But I could see the ‘hole’, the waves crashing the walls and the thunder sound they made.

JP Polewczak

Who would have thought an eroded rock formation could be so interesting? Not me, and yet, here we are rating it 5 stars. Located inside Acadia National Park, the aptly named Thunder Hole draws people to its unique maw to await the booming call. I recorded two "claps of thunder" produced by the eponymous Hole and neither proved to replicate the experience on viewing. There is something about standing on the rocks next to the formation and feeling the waves resonate through your body much like the sound of actual thunder that can only be experienced in person. Do not miss this must-see/must-hear/must-feel.

George Trunk Heating and Cooling

I was fortunate enough to have visited on A-day when the surf was High

Randy Smythe

Incredible waves making thunderous booms!

Matthew Feinberg

Awesome attraction. Going when it's high tide makes for the best experience.

peter cressman

Nice place to sit on the rocks and watch the waves with your honey.

Cynthia Newell

Interesting, fascinating, but perhaps a little over-blown.

Karen Walla

Super pretty and impressive! There are great photo ops here, but it is crowded on nice summer days. Must be there at the right times for all its glory, but worth a stop no matter the time you are passing by. Steep, watch your footing and bring your camera!

Brenda Sackett

Nice place to visit. The sound was interesting and the people around the area were so nice.

David Perez

Majestic beautiful scenic view. Worth the trip.

Lisa Laramee

Thunder Hole is part of Acadia park, the whole park is just beautiful. When the tides are high, it's impressive to see and hear the waves crashing into thunder hole

Claude or Rosalee Fillion

Although we visited three times during our stay, all at different times during the High / low tide cycle, thunder hole never really did its thing. The climbing around the rocks near it was spectacular, though.

Elijah Mcinnis

Beautiful walk along the cliffs. Get to the hole when the tides are shifting for best effects

Melanie Bowyer

Try and go when the water is choppy. We went on a beautiful day with very little activity and it was not thundering at all even right before high tide! Still a pretty place to spend some time!

Jameson Cola

In order to get the best experience, you should go about 2 hours before high tide. My family and I went during low tide but still had fun!

shawn moehnke

Very awesome place to visit. Lots of rocks to climb to get down to the water. If actually there to visit Thunderhole make sure you are there at the right time to actually experience it.

jeff scott

When conditions are right it's pretty spectacular. Different tide levels produce different sounds. Come when the tide is rising and there are some waves coming in. If there was a storm out to sea conditions should be good

Connie Montague

Was an awesome show on October 10th about 9 am

Dave Kupfrian

Very impressive if the tides are low enough and the swells are big!

Andrea Johnson

We loved hanging out here.

Scott Kremkow

We saw two seals just outside the rocks out in the ocean and they did a herring voil with a circled around to the hearings are jumping up and out of the ocean so the seals could Feast on them it was far away but it was still possible to see and very exciting to watch the surf kept coming in and out crashing up against the rocks and the walkway lights to get really close out on the Rocks so you can see the ocean coming and going the rock formations are beautiful

Joseph Yonnone

Very exciting when you get there at the correct time. We did! Worth figuring out when is the best time to be there. Try not to miss it.

Harlie Lane

Hard to tell when you should be there, but was neat to see. Not a lot of shade available, or water. There are bathrooms by the store & parking lot.

Heather Clark

The thunder hole was extremely popular (and crowded), but for good reason. When the seas are right, the incredible boom and spray really is something worth seeing. The best time to visit is when the seas are rough, such as before a storm, about 1.5-2 hours prior to high tide. It also helps when a large boat is sailing past, adding waves to the area, but you don't have much control over that!

Jason Lambert

Great stop for all ages, interesting natural formation. Small gift shop with stickers/magnets and cold drinks. Bathroom area off to the side. Easy hike from the beach area with great views of the ocean along the way. If you are lucky you might find some wild blueberries on the sides of the trails.

Ernest Lilley

Catch this wonder at low tide to get the full effect.

Jeff MacDonald

Lovely spot on the coast of Maine. A bit crowded this Columbus Day weekend.

Santos Ramos

Nice hike in the park. If you are lucky you will hear thunder.

Chris Mortensen

Acadia Park has some of the most beautiful scenery in Maine with rocky mountains that come right down to meet the sea. There are many steps to traverse at this location, which can be a little intimidating. It is so worth a visit.

Joe Medrek

Very picturesque. I enjoyed my vacation here.

Chris Ballantyne

Amazing views. We got amazing pics of kids. Thunderous!

Kimberly Hart

Sooo busy. Didn't seem to matter when we came here there were always tons of people and limited parking. The water is beautiful.

Nathan Deremer

A great oddity of nature - an underwater cave that, under the right conditions, sends water shooting up several dozen feet into the air and onto onlookers on the bottom deck. We were here mid-week during July and found parking to be a bit of an issue, though Thunder Hole itself didn't feel too busy.

Sarah o'shaughnessy

The experience was nice but low tide so we didn't see anything specular.

Shiv Ganesh

Cool place to check out. There are a lot of rock formations along the coast. It is basically an area where you can hear the waves hitting the rocks to make a thunder sound. Can be crowded so plan your visit.

Paul & Margaret Bussiere

Busy place in summer! If the water is calm, skip it. But,..If it's stormy, and the water's rough and churning, there will certainly be exciting thunderous sounds along with ocean spray, dont miss it!

Phil Shaw

Very cool spot. Walking up you hear the reason why it got its name. Not every wave coming in gives the thunderous blast but if you wait, you will get a good one. The tide was fairly low when we were there. Easy to get to right off the road with a good amount of parking or take the shuttle to all the destinations along the park.

Meredith Jones

Cool natural feature. We didn't think to check the tide schedule before going & it was low tide so a bit underwhelming. Glad we got to see it, just wish it had been high tide & more dramatic.

steven peacock

Beautiful Rocky coast. On a day with big surf from offshore storm, the view is mesmerizing.

Joseph Bullinger

Acadia National Park is amazing. And thunder Hole I Would strongly recommend to see a high tide

Drew Petzold

Thunder Hole is a natural landmark found inside Acadia National Park. It is located on the southeastern part of the park. This was one of our stops during our tour of the park. Across the street from the main attraction includes parking, gift shop, and restrooms. My visit here was on October 2, 2019. When we got to Thunder Hole, it was busy, but not overcrowded at least. The weather was cool and overcast with temperatures in the 50s. The timing of the visit was a little over an hour before high tide was to occur. We were given about 20 minutes to visit this area. Most of my time here was taking in the views and video of Thunder Hole. I did get one good one while there and could work well as a white noise machine too. The views were breathtaking. Thunder Hole was made through natural rock formations. I was able to hear the thunder a few times as the waves were forcing the water out. Some of them came up looking like a big geyser exploding. This makes it a beautiful natural phenomenon. I was on one of the open paths down toward the hole area up until where the sections below were closed off for safety reasons. During the visit, there were quite a few people also on the rocks there. For the most part you would be fine on the rocks, but make sure that you aren't on any of the wet or black rocks. You could get swept out to sea. However, they do provide for some great views. Overall, Thunder Hole was definitely the highlight of my entire trip through Acadia National Park. With the stunning views and sounds, what is not to like about this place? Just be sure to time it right with the tide cycle when you visit. I would love to come back at a later time where I have more time to visit this place. If your travels take you this way, this place is definitely worth stopping and visiting.

Angela He

It was nice, but I went when it was low tide.

Nathan Ralston

It's a neat place. I've been other places that have the same thing. It makes a good sound for being as small as it is.

Adam Adams

Definitely a must see while in Acadia. Parking lot across the street is the best place to park. The action of Thunder Hole varies by the tide.

William Stowell

What a great feature for this park to have. Ample parking most of the time staff is very friendly and the scenery is Amazing!. The wonderful sound of thunder hole is amazing. Area has a splash zone with solid metal handrails if the weather is warm and the kiddos want to cool down.

Shawn L

Great site to see an underwater cave. Be warned it's a classic site BUT: if you want loud "thunder" it needs to be when there's a storm (dress in something you don't mind getting wet). Erosion has kind of worn it out but I always visit it when I'm in the area.

Matt Hohrath

While the waves weren’t popping when we went, there was some good thunder booms!

claudio rios

Worth visiting, i did not visit at the highest today effect, but i was still mesmerized by the sounds

Jesse Fout

Pretty cool, you should go about two hours before high tide for the beat "thunder". A big slot in the cliffs ends in a cave and every few waves an incoming wave bounces the outgoing water back in to slot building up to a cresendo of thunder as the water fills up the slot. Don't be an idiot, stay on the trail.

Jason R

Place is cool, just gets packed during peak "boom" hours. Best time is about 2 hours before high tide for both loud booms and to get splashed near the railing.

Titania Martinez

Fascinating! You have to make sure to get there at just the right time.

Giovanna Marshall

Very cool spot to see.

Michael Serrano

Awesome place you can feel the force through the rocks that your standing on.

Farhad Ahmed

Nice place to take a break and watch how the waves are coming forward to you.

Neil Ashton

Awesome power of the incoming tide makes this place. That's the time for thunderous crashes of water and plumes of surf sailing into the sky. It's been touristed up with bars and railings, so some idiots had tried to wash up and need protection, but it is still a great spot to visit on your trip to Bar Harbor.

George Ball

Nice spot to sit and watch the water.

Jim Pritchard

Waves not large enough to enjoy this day

Bob Benson

Awesome waves crashing into the rocks as tide was coming in today. Must see if your in Acadia. Bring a camera

Eve Hausleben

Beautiful but you have to go at the right timing of the tide. The fall is beautiful you think you in a oil painting the leaves look fake!

Jason bolingbroke

Parking is a mess but the site is super cool. Low tide is the best to hear the thunder

J. Maintz

Take the bus tour,... Mother Nature at her best!.

Stevenlibby Newton

While we were there, it wasn't doing much even though it was 2 hours before high tide which we had been told was the best time. The area around it is beautiful and absolutely worth it!

Lynette Eastman

Catch this attraction at incoming, mid-tide and it with thunder away for you. We always enjoy our stops on the park loop road in Acadia National Park.

Morgan Pakatar

So beautiful! Incredible spot to see all the ginormous rock faces. Breathtaking

Vidyasagar Ponnam

An interesting place to visit. We couldn't hear the thunder sound as it is all about timing but this place is very nice to visit for scenic views. Just few steps walk from the parking area or the park road. Definitely one of the must visit places in Acadia.

Paul Timuscuk

If the tide is right, it's a great place to hear the "thunder" as the waves hit the rocks! We were warned that we could get wet if we are going to the lower rocks.

Sam E

If you manage to catch it at just the right time it's apparently a great sight. Nothing to see here otherwise.

Mark Cooper

After paying $30 we had to park 1/4 mile away because they don't have enough parking. Even worse at the light house ☹️

Anon LulSec

I was here in a Thunderstorm a week ago. It was beautiful, serene, and definitely to be desired. Some times we couldn't tell if the Thunder was making noise, or if it was Thunder Hole. Acacia National Park is my most favorite place on this planet. A must go. Trust me, you will NOT want to leave if you are one who is "in touch" with nature.

Brad Hanisch

Neat view, the thunder is more like a whisper. Worth the stop.

Ross Antisdel

Quite breath taking g if you catch it at the right time of day.

Cindy Spain

No 'thunder' today, just some 'drum beats'. Pretty view though:)

Kyle Wichtendahl

A nice spot, but often crowded. Conditions have to be just right for it to live up to its name, but when it does it is very impressive. Don't get wet!

Mason Lugo

Cool place. Wasn’t as crazy as I thought it would be, but maybe it was because the tide was low.

Kathleen Freeman

Beautiful place but pretty tight. I recommend you visit a week or so after Labor Day or you will face a real crowd and not be able to get around very well.

Matthew Brumfield

We had to come back a second time to see it thunder, but it was worth it. An Acadia NP ranger told us to come 2hrs before or after high tide to see it at its best. Also, you need to time it to find the best set. Well worth going.

Patty Levan

Very pretty...great tour stop. Not quite as "loud as thunder"

Kara Fung

Not what I was expecting... But nice viewing point

Rich DeTommaso

One path is safe, and has stairs. The other path is safe, but quite rocky. Marking the difference world be appreciated!

Edward Stevens

A cool experience. What a beautiful place. Want to see it at full high tide.

shanna Wyatt

Beautiful spot!! Sat there for about a hour and watches the tide come in. Sand beach is nice also and literally around the corner.

Ginina Vitucci

Wish we could give it 5 stars...evidently if the seas are calm there isn't much to hear. The park rangers also mentioned winter is the best time of year to hear the "thunder". Still interesting to check out though!

Janis Tubbs

Spectacular! Takes your breath away!

Zach Locks

Really neat to see. I went back when the waves were bigger and it was worth the 2nd trip. Be prepared to get a little bit wet if you go to the bottom.

Brad Bogus

Really cool stop in the forest, booming wave cave hole.

Michael Carvalho

What.a great experience you have to check out. Thunder Mountains will leave you with a jaw-dropping mouth. The water is refreshing and beautiful to see.

Yan Gu

You need to have a luck or good timing.

Ashley Faidley

Beautiful and does sound like Thunder. However it is a super crowded area. Tried 2 times to get closer and wasn't very successful. Hard to get any good pictures with people climbing all over the rocks. Pack your patience for this spot.

Jacob Bradley

You have to do a little bit of research prior to visiting, to ensure you see this place in it's prime time. Personally, I'm not a big fan of overcrowded areas, especially with a ton of tourists driving around like maniacs. Aside from that, Acadia National Park is a beautiful place and I'm sure if you found a good day during the week you might be able to enjoy it more, without all the people.

Chirag Shah

We didn't hear any "Thunder”, but the views are incredible. Scramble down the rocks on the side (if you're able) and you'll be rewarded with awesome vistas of the ocean waves crashing onto the rocks right up at your feet. You can even find a shady spot and just hangout and watch the ocean. And if you get lucky and are there at the right time of the day at the right time of the year, you might even get to hear the booms this location is famous for.

Christopher Zalewski

If you're on the coast of Acadia you should stop by and visit Thunder Hole. The entrance is hard to miss as it's the only protruding trail that is clearly built up (as is signs , benches , and fencing). If you go when the tide is right (1:30-4pm) the water will be crashing so loudly it's almost deafening. Although a short experience it's still one worth seeing (and hearing) if you can.

Jennifer East

Beautiful day, but we missed the thunder. Go 2 hours before high tide when calm waves. Missed that tidbit prior to going. Don't park outside of a space, (not us) you will be ticketed.

Daniel Lovell

We missed the best time of day to see it, but it is quite an amazing sight. A few too many people there, but the natural wonder is, well, wonderful.

Douglas Leonard

Go when the weather is bad, or high seas. You'll be in for a show. Beautiful any time of year.

Dave Roche

Make sure you go about 2 hours before high tide. It's sure to be crowded as well, but if you can catch Thunder Hole in action, it's well worth it. Nice little gift shop and plenty of places to explore along the coast.

Brian Leong

Pathway is very crowded with people. You can get a better view by going to smaller trails. If you do this wear good shoes and walk on the stone. Don't step on the vegetation for you will kill the plants.

Arka bhattacharya

One of the major stops on the loop road is Thunder hole. But we missed it on first day. Reason is we were not able to find the place. We do not know that that we need to park on the parking lot and walk to the Thunder hole. Now what is Thunder Hole. It is technically a small cove. Water came inside the rock and created a hollow space. So when in time of high tide water rush into the whole and come out with a loud noise and splash. that's all about the Thunder hole. it is not worth when there is no high tide. Check in Acadia website to understand what time you can go there. We went there at the end of the high tide so we didn't see the beauty of it. but I can imagine how awesome the sound and splash can be.

Alex King

Fantastic hiking! Stay on the left side of the road when travelling.

Marc St.Germain

If you're going to come here, come before a storm or two hours before high tide for the best show

Abhishek Master

Probably one of the highlights of Acadia National Park. It is a major attraction point where you can see the thunderous power of waves. Also, you have to be lucky enough to be there at a day when the waves are stronger such that you can enjoy the Thunder hole even more. The key is to around 2 hours before the high tide timing. So check the tide timings beforehand and plan your day accordingly. There are decent number of parking spots around the location too.

Monica Lenarcic

The sound the waves make entering and exiting this site are very unique.


Nature ..... Nothing man-made can compete. Stop by Thunder Hole. You'll enjoy the experience.

Akshay Hinduja

Great views of the east coast of the island. Crashing waves on the jagged coastline are a sight to behold. Plenty of access points to walk over to the rocks to be closer to the ocean spray and picturesque views. Lot of parking spots available nearby as well if one does not want to walk the entire ocean path trail to access the view

Kim S

God has given us so many wonders to enjoy

Will Altena

Honestly probably the most overrated and lame spectacle in Acadia NP. I cant believe it has its own parking lot. Not saying you should skip it but after 2 minutes you will see what I mean...Could be cool during a strong storm but every time I go in summer an hour or so before high tide I leave a bit disappointing. I would post a photo but I didnt deem it worth of pulling out my phone.

Michael Abramczyk

Simply incredible. "Better than a theme park ride!" This, according to one of our kids. If you enjoy getting soaked, stop by as the tide is coming in. Pro tip: Bring a poncho.

Sean Downey

A very beautiful place I will definitely come back one day!

Donnie Lesh

Acadia is a beautiful place. Lots of hiking trails and things to see. Thunder hole gets popular when the tides are right.

Julia Huff

It was a perfect late afternoon to visit. The thunder sounds are real when the tide and waves are right! Acadia National Park is a must see/bucket list if you love nature!

Deba Sahoo

great spot to stop by on Park Loop.

Rich Carpenter

Interesting natural formation. I was not there at the optimal time for witnessing the full effect, but did get to experience it at a bit more sedate level.

Susan Nelson

A wonderful spot along the Acadia National Park coastline

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