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Where is The Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse?

REVIEWS OF The Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse IN Maine

Rahul Soni

Undoubtedly best place in Acadia for observing sunset. Only minus point about this place is limited parking space

Jason Haring

We stopped to catch the sunset. The lines of cars trying to get in were 30 to 40 deep. The lighthouse is well preserved and you can get close to the base for pics. Not much parking though. Maybe 25 to 28 spaces. A great spot for sunrises and sunsets.

Michael Ruel

Nice lighthouse but parking lot was so small that we parked about half a mile away and walked. Wouldn't do again.

Janet Sparks

Lighthouses are a romantic historical gem. Not RV friendly at all, long walk from roadside parking. But a beautiful view in Maine:)

cherry miracle

The scenery is fabulous but the walk down to the lighthouse itself is difficult. Very steep, although it is paved. Additionally parking is limited, so be prepared for significant wait in your vehicle as you inch toward parking lot.

Jamie Lai

It's hard to photograph the lighthouse and there's not much to it from the presentation of the cultural experience. But headed to the side there is an easy path to the rocks (and some walking paths) that's worth checking out.

Tom Parsoneault

Beautiful area. You can go up to the house, but not inside. Requires a short easy hike from one direction, or you can climb on the shoreline rocks to view the other side. No charge to look.

Kyle Teichert

The lighthouse in Maine is worth seeing. They help ships navigate coastlines, and each have identifiable fingerprints to help seamen guide to port. This one, was very picturesque and a great visit.

Brian Doss

Parking very full at sunset. The walk to the left takes you down below the lighthouse - definitely worth it.

Noreen Guregian

So so beautiful. If you love lighthouses, go see.

Malkah Kaplan

If you like lighthouses it's ok. You cant see too much. Home of a Coast Guard family.

cesar rios

Great like light house to go see if you're in the area. It offers awesome sunrises and sunsets, just be aware of all the other tourists like you :)

Christopher McTaggart

Gorgeous spot for sunset photos, just make sure you get there early! I was lucky enough to get there before the crowd rolled in. I wouldn't have been able to setup my tripod if I arrived later, so keep that in mind! I got some great shots of the lighthouse, but make sure to wear supportive shoes if you're gonna go rock-crawling. I saw 2 people wipe out, so be careful. Also, if you're gonna stand out to get a picture of the lighthouse, make sure the tide is going out! Have fun! It's a gorgeous spot!

Valerie Lazarz

Cool place to stop and take pics, not a lot of parking though.

Rae Ann Gustafson

Very picturesque. The setting is beautiful Maine.

Robbie Littlefield

Amazing Lighthouse, highly recommend checking this one out. There's also a cool little path down the back side of it that has some stairs to get you down to the beach. Definitely makes a great afternoon. Gotts store is right down the road for some great food & ice cream. Perfect


The view from Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse is beautiful. The lighthouse, which is now automated, is home to a Coast Guard family, and there is signage warning visitors not to bother them or invade their privacy by peering in the windows or knocking on the doors. There is a path nearby which leads to stairs to get closer to the water. In the summer blackberries can be found on the bushes near the lighthouse.

George Trunk Heating and Cooling

The charm of an old lighthouse... Can't beat it!

Adam Ninja

Take the left trail to view the lighthouse from the cliffs. The normal path doesn't leave much of a view. It looks out to a beautiful landscape.

Krista Billings

Pretty little light house. Beautiful views. Go early. My only complaint here is they have a tiny parking lot with perhaps 20 spaces, so traffic backs up on the road waiting for someone to leave. Not to bad if you have someone willing to stay and park the car while the rest of your party walks down to the lighthouse. A minor annoyance, really. And you only spend a half hour or so here, even if you hike down to the rocks for a view from.the "other side".


We are not much for the lighthouse thing, but the walk and terrain was most interesting. Going down near the sea on the rocks was fun. Their is a high variance in the rock types, so it was interesting from a geological perspective also. Outside areas are dog friendly. A good walk and climb.

Lingyu Zhou

Don't miss the path by the cliff/shore. It offers the left side view of the lighthouse, which is so much better than the more prominent lighthouse view.

viv Raj

Beautiful place. Love everything thing about this place. Love the rocks!!

Randy Harrell

Small but a beautiful setting. Be aware that parking is VERY limited.

Thomas K

Beautiful, this is probably the second most scenic light house that I have have seen in Maine.

Deborah Kocsis

Iconic beauty of Mount Desert Island, good walkways but Very limited parking

Beth Madison

Worth the wait to see, small parking lot. Go in off season if possible.

Jack Weiner

Very cool place, great picture opportunities. We had so much fun here and all over Acadia National Park.

Kristofer Karas

This is a cute lighthouse at the end of an access road, a good hike if you are energetic, a bit long if you have had a tiring day as a tourist. The front walk is down a steep incline. There is no access to the lighthouse interior. The view of the sunset is obstructed, at least in early September. Expect a lot of tourists.

Katie Burkhart

Lighthouse itself not very impressive, but coastline beautiful- we enjoyed exploring scrambling along the coastline rocks.

Emily Ward

There is a lovely path down to the rocky shoreline where you can get an awesome view of the lighthouse. Be sure to be respectful of the home and property though since there is a Coast Gaurd family that lives there year-round.

Nathan Gross

Beautiful, but at peak season it is a nightmare to wait in a line of cars for a parking spot to open. Very small lot. If you must see it, it is beautiful, but I recommend researching some of Maine's other lights. They are all unique, historic, and picturesque--but not all as crowded as this one.

Neil Shapiro

Beautiful lighthouse. Lots of people there. Gorgeous sunset.

Edouard Sunshine

Small lighthouse on the edge of the bay. Nice drive to the site. The site is mostly closed to the public. There is a public walkway leading from the public parking lot to the lighthouse. Not much else here.

Sean Lynes

Beautiful, picturesque, cliff and lighthouse. Be sure to go out the back of the parking lot to the best view

Vikram Karandikar

The actual lighthouse building is closed for viewing. The surroundings are beautiful. Very remote and you won't even get water. Few spots are good for photography. Overall okay experience.

Nicole Clark Bland

The lighthouse is down a steep ramp and there is very limited space around the light. Better views are from below after descending a new set of steps. Views are still not optimal but climbing on the rocks is a cool adventure. Parking is terrible and is the reason the lower rating. We waited over 30 min to park.

Josh Garber

Very nice place. I imagine if it were peak season it would be very crowded though

Christine Bond

25 min wait to park car. I wanted to get out of the wait line & leave, but the road is too narrow to make u-turn or turn around. Park Service could create a turn-around. Sunset in the fog was beautiful. Difficult to access light house for disabled. Steep slope on west side, lots of stairs down to waterfront on east side.

Sarah Langer

It's a scenic place, interesting short lighthouse. Small area, quick place to visit.

Andrew Malcolm

Can get close to light house. Not overly impressed though. Poor parking.avoid at busy times

Angela Reynolds Hazelton

Beautiful place to visit..parking needs improvements


Go down the path to the left of the lighthouse at the far end of the parking lot. You can climb down the rocks and get a nicer view of the lighthouse.

Pien Roku

You see this light house in so many calendars. Probably one of the most photographed light house in the country. The location of this light house is almost twenty minutes away from the town. it's not easy to find also surprisingly small. It's a beautiful place but is it worth the effort to come? I don't think so. Also be careful, police is there hiding behind a stop sign. You don't want to spoil your vacation with an expensive ticket. Good luck.

Dan Slakes

The views and sounds of coastal Maine are spectacular. Parking is limited, but that's a great reason to pedal your bum there on a bike. Steep stairs from the parking lot to jagged rocks lead to beautiful views!

Bracha Williams

Peaceful, even with people around. Nice trail and ability to be on the rocks next to the water.

Derek Dalrymple

We enjoyed the view but were disappointed visitors were denied access to enter the lighthouse. Nice hike to the rocky coastline. Over used, under cleaned bathroom. Not worth the drive unless you are visiting other spots on Quiet Side.

Peter Babel

Unique and handsome lighthouse. It's perched on a cliff so to see it the way postcards show it, you have to take a short climb down a brand new staircase (smells so fresh!) and some heavy-duty rocks in order to get a great, clean and full view. Definitely plan on getting there early, as the parking lot fills up fast and you can't park along the access road. We were there at 6am and no one bothered us but the pesky mosquitoes. Also, the best time to come is during a low tide, so you can get down to the lower cliffs. While we only saw this light in the morning, I can imagine that the views are equally beautiful during a sunset.

Judy Kutt

Very pretty and great views. If doing the hike to the left of the light house, expect lots of steep steps. And for a better view you will need to climb over rocks.

Billy Whitt

Maybe the most photographed part of Acadia and a must see. One path takes you to the front of the Lighthouse....go to the end of the lot near the bathrooms for the adventure. Climb the rocks and capture the perfect shot!

Sam Nelson

Absolutely gorgeous views at this light. I visited twice during my stay in Acadia National Park and had the opportunity to see the light both on a clear day and on a foggy, rainy day. I love my lighthouses and this one was no exception. The tower isn't open to the public except under special circumstances, but there's no extra fee to get to the light once you've paid for your park pass. Make sure to arrive a couple hours early if you want to get sunset or sunrise pictures, as there's a pretty small parking lot that fills really quickly and this is one of the more popular picture places in the park at those times.

Narlo Schiesser

We just love lighhouses... would be great if we could walk near it.

Jonathan Dowd

Great lighthouse with breathtaking views. Horrific parking that you just try and find anywhere to park and hope they dont tow you or someone hits you.

Nathan Deremer

An iconic emblem of Acadia, this lighthouse is beautiful at almost any time of day. Be sure to take the path to the left of the parking lot to go down to the rocks and view the lighthouse from below.

Dave's Adventures

Sunset views are absolutely incredible here! Take the little path at the end of the parking lot and walk down the steps onto the rocks. You will face West with the lighthouse right in front of you on the right of the frame. The parking lot is small so arrive early to try to secure a parking spot

Michelle Raggett

Get there early as there isn't much parking. There are two paths to take. Make sure you go down the trail to the left, it takes you down to the rocks for a backside view of the lighthouse. The splashing against the rocks as the sun was coming out was magical.

Shiv Ganesh

Cool little lighthouse by the ocean. To get a good view, you need to climb on several rocks, so be careful. Getting a good picture also really depends on how many people are visiting. I would still recommend coming here for the tranquil atmosphere.

samrat lamichhane

I like it. Very nice view from here but i didnt like the fact that we had to wait 40+ minutes for the parking. It was a July 4th weekend so that makes sense too. View is pretty good from here

Melissa Meier

Unique lighthouse. There is another trail along the fence that leads to wooden stairs. Small area, but a real sweet taste of Maine.

Shilpi Gupta

Beautiful lighthouse. Hard to get a good shot

Kathryn Hashem

A short walk from the parking lot, this was a good first stop on our Acadia day.

Jonathan Leo Connor

Make sure you take the trail from the north end of the parking lot, don't just take the trail right next to the light house. You actually get a better view and better photos from a little further away.

Christy Epperson

Pretty lighthouse but wish we had viewed it from the other side as well.

Kris Behringer

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse is worth the drive to see. However, visitor beware: there is limited parking!! If you are there during busy season, you could potentially be waiting a very long time in a line to park. We waited 25 minutes...people park, go see the lighthouse and then leave, which opens up a parking spot. The good news is that it's a pretty quick stop, but, if you choose not to wait in line, turning around from the line on the narrow road is challenging. A plus is that there are restroom facilities available, albeit a building with porta potty type accommodations. The lighthouse is beautiful! The views are beautiful! Be sure to take the path near the potty building to see more stunning sites at the ocean edge. There are a lot of steep steps, so warning, don't go if you can't do steps.

Warren A

Free parking. Really small lighthouse. Would probably look so much better from a boat

Judy Gonzales

You actually have to climb the rocks to get this view but we gladly did that and enjoyed some wine and cheese while taking in the view of the beautiful lighthouse!

Barrett Thompson

Quiet, serene. Soothing sounds from the bell bouys nearby. Be sure to take the gravel path to stairs for fantastic view.

Jim Harings

Nice little walk and some great views if you take the trail down to the Cliffside. Lighthouse is not open for tours inside.

Xander Skye

One of the beautiful lighthouses in Acadia National Park. Its old and it still working! At sunset its a nice view to see, there is just a lot of people in the boulders below the lighthouse trying to take photos of the lighthouse at the same time the sunset. Visit this in the morning if you don’t want crowds in your shots and in your way. If people noticed, lighthouses in Maine are a little bit smaller than other places. This may not be accurate but Maines higher terrain is the reason they need not have lighthouse taller.

Ronald Lamp Sr

Very interesting. Have to wait to park. Worth the wait.

John Willoughby

Be aware that the parking lot is very small and there isn't much room to turn around, be patient with other visitors. Take the trail by the rest rooms to get down to the rocks by the shore. It is not an easy climb down or on the rocks so if you have mobility limitations you may want to skip that part.

Cher Bewick

Beautiful photo opportunity, but the line of traffic to get there is ridiculous, their parking lot does not come close to holding the amount of traffic going have to wait for a car to leave before you can park.

Marcy Garman

The food was very good. The only drawback was having to stand in a line outside to place your order. Greatful for the bug spray as we waited in line.

Aree Pearlman

Not muxh of a hike. Great view, famous view of lighthouse.


Scenic. Very few parking spots.

tricia mannix

Parking was difficult, wish the veiw of the hpuse was easier to get to.

Ryan Obray

The lighthouse is pretty but is not open for tours as it is actively manned by a military family. The trail was closed when we went so we were unable to get a better view.

Michelle Brakenhoff

Loved our vacation there

Pat Bustle

Beautiful lighthouse, and it was really cool to see it during a sea fog.

Eric Wang

If you are thinking about visiting, it is a 30 minute drive from Trenton, the entry point to Mount Desert Island. My family and I were visiting the Acadia National Park and decided to stop by. We wished we hadn't. The claim of fame of this spot is a lighthouse on a rocky Maine coastline. Other than that, a visit to this place does not make a trip highlight wheel. The lighthouse structure is not open to visitors so one can only walk toward the coast line on a path next to the lighthouse. The lighthouse is on the small side and there is no special construction feature to be marveled at. I was hoping the coast line might make the drive worthwhile but alas that is not the case. The area surrounding the lighthouse is also quite plain. We were there on the afternoon of September 27, 2018, presumably near the beginning of the fall foliage season in the Acadia National Park. There were maybe several dozen visitors when we were at the lighthouse so it was not crowded, given it is a tourist attraction. The parking lot is quite small so there were a line of several cars waiting near the entrance to the parking lot both when we arrived and when we left. The drive to the lighthouse, however, was not a total waste as we stopped at a place called 'Upper Deck' on the way to the lighthouse for lunch. See my Google review if you are looking for a place to eat when traveling to or back from the lighthouse.

Barbara Bainbridge

Enjoyed seeing this Maine lighthouse, different from those in NC. Parking lot not very big. In summer, could see back ups

Jacob McGurn

Nice views. You are able to get up close to the lighthouse and you can also explore the rocky shore line.

Bob Benson

Nice views, pretty much a 1 lane road in, not much parking. Nice spot on low tide. Follow fence to small trail.

Larry Stunkard

The parking area is too small to accommodate the volume if visitors

Sreeram Eachambadi

Not really accessible for picturesque limited parking spot during peak hours

Blair Wright

No the typical Maine lighthouse, the views of this one are limited and it's smaller than most. The trail to the left side of the light provides the best views but can be a bit dicey once you get down to the rocks

abhishek mishra

Good place, one time visit

Michael Castle

Small lighthouse. Can't go into it, but there are some good views of the ocean.

Rick D2

Beautiful place to visit. The view was amazing!

Ian McQueen

Takes longer to park than it does to see the lighthouse, and when you do get near it, most areas are chained off. Took ages to park due to tiny car park for about 12 cars, access is via a single track road.

Jace Birschbach

Very, very small parking lot so people have to park about a mile away and walk down a very tight road which was lined with cars waiting to park making it dangerous since there is no walking path on this road. View is okay, but not worth the parking hassle.

Kyle Kay

Beautiful walk out to the lighthouse. Difficult parking during season but well worth the wait. Make sure to take the less obvious path to an easy rock climb to a beautiful view.

Dunwoody Bells

Cute. Compared to rest of Acadia this has just decent views and one can not spend a ton of time at location. I would recommend 30mins for views and walk about. Spend more time in rest of park and see this on the way out.

M Bob

I honestly do not get what the hype is all about. There are more accessible lighthouses in Maine where you can actually go inside. It was a big let down.

Betty Piazza

Views were nice, but couldn't get close to lighthouse unless went down long path to water edge. Not especially worth trip.

sivananda chowdary Akkina

Thought this place is west side of Acadia it's worth traveling to that far. There is side walk into the rocks for scenic view of light house from the beach. Don't miss it. Parking is difficult again.


A great light house to stop at. Part of Acadia national park you can quickly visit and take in the sights and read about the history of the light and the keepers obligations. Be polite and do not knock on the door or otherwise bother the coastguard Family who lives in the keepers house.

Austin Floyd

Great little stop and short "hike" to see the lighthouse from the rocky shore. Actually really like the small trail in the beautiful woods

Pamela England

Great view, good information posted, but very limited parking.

Narmeen Makhani

Very crowded parking lot but worth the visit. Also enjoyed seeing it from the ferry.

April Corley

Beautiful!!! Fairly easy to access but you go need to climb on rocks to get the best photos.

Cindy Spain

Iconic spot for Acadia pictures

Annie Wood

A really fun spot to see. We were there on a foggy morning, so you can tell why the lighthouse was needed!

Heath Larson

I have visited a lighthouse or two and usually been disappointed by the view, crowds, or both. But thus was the best one yet! We loved listening to the buoy bell, crawling on the rocks, and getting the perfect lighthouse photo. Not too crowded during the Wet evening we were there, too. From the rocks, we saw HUNDREDS of porpoises in the harbor, and multiple seals out hunting too.

geordy daws

Cool lighthouse with a short hike down to the water below

sean gill

Nice views. Small parking lot. Can get crowded quickly when sun comes out after a few cloudy days in fall

Susan Armstrong

Needs more parking area. It was worth the wait.

Stan Levenger

The lighthouse itself is unremarkable but the coast like is memorable. Trail that exits the PL heart the restrooms has two options. One trail is rustic and traverses along the coast wit remarkable views and multiple access points. The other is the steps that go down to the water with a dry nice lighthouse view. Not handicap accessible to these two sites. Paved path to other side of light house is accessible. Visit is highly recommended for access to water and views.

jennifer vernier

It's beautiful. When we got there on Thursday June 20, we waited 15 minutes in a line of cars to get to the parking lot. In this area, you take a bit of a walk down to the right to see the lighthouse sorta at the side. Not the best view. Then from the parking lot, walk over to the left for a trail & wooden steps down to a rocky area. There's a decent side view for those of us who aren't brave enough to get a real photographer's shot. Still, beautiful area.

Katie Davis

Super cool lighthouse with fun little trails around it!

Sean McKinney

Nice little lighthouse tucked away is some impressive shoreline!!

christian weakley

Pretty property. Most of the paths are blocked off so we couldn't see the whole property.

John Durham

A craggy piece of the Maine coast that's easily accessible, iconic and wickedly beautiful!

Zach Locks

Cool little Lighthouse, but there's no way to get a good view of it without going on on rocks right at oceans edge and risking a big wave knocking you off to your death. You can walk right up to it from otherside, but don't expect to get the view you see most people take without exposing yourself to some danger.

Linsi Locks

There is a path to the right that takes you right down to the lighthouse so you can get an up close and personal view. The path to the left gives you a bit of a glimpse of it from the side as long as you are willing to climb over some rocks. To get that iconic lighthouse picture you must have to go at low tide, the water was too high and strong for us to go out.

Karthik Sethuraman

Decent view, overhyped! Seems to be a haven for photographers. Beware of them though, you get blamed to enjoy the view as you are in someone else's frame.

Napo O'Brien

Parking lot could be full depending on the day and time. Easy walk to get to lighthouse building. There is a more adventurous trail to go and see the back part of the lighthouse, that include a stair case and walking on rocks.

Ron Osborne

Well worth the visit. A picturesque spot within a short walk from the parking area. We also spotted a seal or two in the harbor.

Yan Gu

The trade mark of the state of Maine or Acadia National Park.

Hina Garg

Small parking lot and long waits for a tiny lighthouse so have to consider the worth! We got some good views of the ocean and a few islands.

Jenifer McCauley

Beautiful spot but uneventful when the lighthouse isn't open.

Carol-lee Fisher

We went on a cold breezy afternoon. For the annual once a year when the light house was open. The local fire department directed traffic which was quite a job as there was very little parking and small area to turn around but it all worked perfectly and we meet the young coast guard s men that voluntered to tell us all about the light,what it is like on an ice breaker and how to check the bouy lights.

Nikki Bowen

Crowded and hard to get a good picture.

Atul Chaudhari

Even in a bad weather this place looks amazing. This was my first time here and it was raining. The short hike from parking lot wasn't bad. A bit slippery but manageable. There were a few kids and couple families hanging out on the rocks. Will definitely visit again.

Dave Roche

BEAUTIFUL. There really isn't much more to say about it. Definitely check it out if you're in Acadia, and don't forget your camera!

Patrick O'Leary

Super nice place to visit, parking is limited

Jeff Wilson

Very cool place for sunsets, get ready for very little parking and a crowd of angry photographers

Jonas Klink

Nothing special. Long line to get into the parking, and while the history is interesting and the location has a nice view, it's nothing compared to the stunning views of the rest of Acadia. I'd recommend skipping, unless you've got time to kill.

Liz Warner

I was expecting a gift shop but there wasn't one. There is a path by the bathrooms (fancy outhouses) that will bring you to big rocks by the ocean. Make sure you go there if you visit this location.

Kimm Wright

Beautiful trails and scenery. Great history lesson.

Mark Dunham

Small lighthouse but a great location, you will need to walk down some wooden steps and scramble across some rocks to get a picture but well worth it.

Tamara Plimmer

Beautiful view of the sea. Two trails give you a view of the Lighthouse from opposite directions. Dog friendly.

Christine Gardner

Cute lighthouse but crowded like everything in the area. Still worth visiting though.

Jacob Pinkston

Kind of disappointed as we couldn't go in am there wasn't too much to see. But still well worth the trip!

Carol Lau

Couldn't enter the lighthouse. Cross the parking lot and go down the stairs to the rocks to get an awesome view of the lighthouse. Would be hard to get a good view if mobility is an issue as you have to scramble on the rocks near the water to get the views in my photos. Saw seal lions in the water.

Ryan Clinefelter

Very cool overlook.

A Kernaghan

Cute little light house. Wish the walking trail was better maintained and defined.

ethel lamela

Excellent place for sunset pictures. Stairs are new

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