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Where is Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse?

REVIEWS OF Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse IN Maine

Bob Bennett

Awesome place to visit

Jennifer Rippel

Fun walk out the breaker wall.

Dawn Nichols

Love this place! So beautiful! Our go to visit spot when out of state family comes to visit!

Manuel Alaniz

Nice historical monument to see

Stanley Wood

It was a great walk out the 4300 foot breakwater to the lighthouse.

Kim Barb

Very cool walk. You have to look down the whole time so you don’t fall. Also no bathroom at the end so beware. Wouldn’t want to walk it in rough weather.

Jennifer Antil

Wish the lighthouse was opened

Stevedore Votes

If you are in for a two mile hike, romantic walk to get to know someone, and love the ocean this is the place to adventure. Watch your steps and not wheelchair accessible.

Tena Wood

Wow! Beautiful walk (although rocks are varying heights) out to the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse. About a mile. A must see!

Michelle Campbell

Breathtaking... definitely worth the drive and the walk out. The breeze, bay, lobster buoys, and the history just add to this amazing lighthouse!

Dustin Hickey

A beautiful walk along the breakwater brings you to this cool lighthouse. Highly recommended. Check the tide schedule as the highest tide during full moon can come over the breakwater so that you have to walk through water to get to the end. Should only be a problem around full moon though.

Ryan Schwartz

Don't expect to go in the lighthouse. Otherwise, great walk, nice views. Bring a lunch and picnic out there!

Laura Santagata

Nice place to stretch our legs and walk while enjoying the beauty all around!

Katerina Campbell

Had a blast walking

Dustin Whitmore

Fun little hike, nice place to sit and take in the ocean view and smell

David Wyatt

Beautiful views. The walk out is worth it. Be careful with the walk, the granite slabs are unevenly positioned and there are some large gaps. Take care with smaller children.

Taylor Clark

Nice walk with a great view.

Thomas Peters, II

Ok it's almost a mile long and not an easy walk as the stones are uneven but if you have the energy it free and fun. If you fish bring your pole and bait and toss your line in along the way. I've seen a number of people catch fish. The lighthouse at the end is the goal. Walk it at least once and say you did.

Susan Fritsch

Beautiful, very scenic walk.

Jason Philbrook

Fresh air and ocean, as if on a boat, but on solid rock.

Tanner Paladino

Great place to walk. Love the ocean air hitting you while over the water. Lighthouse was closed, though the long, gorgeous walk was totally worth the experience. So many spiders on the house, pretty cool!

Timothy Lenahan

The walk across the breakwater was really cool. A guy was there flying his drone, and the birds were putting on a fishing show. The lighthouse was pretty cool too, lol!

Ani DeGroot

Fun walk with cool views.

Ellis Redevelopment

Beautiful Maine treasure.

Brandi Potter

Beautiful, historic, & amazing!!

Jon Carnes

It's pretty and unique. It is also over half a mile in the middle of the cove on literal tons of giant stones.

Mike Bluck

A good walk out to the lighthouse along the breakwater. Bracing in winter, rug up well

Dave Mitchell

You can't get into the lighthouse, but the walk out on the breakwater is terrific. Might be rough for small kids, as there are large gaps in the stones used to create the breakwater

scott bruns

Beautiful walk out on the granite split stone to view the harbor as well as passing boats and a beautiful lighthouse. I also highly recommend taking an an early morning walk out on the breakwater to view a stunning sunrise


It's a nice walk on a good (weather) day.

Lacey Howard

We first visited this light house in January. I really wanted to walk out on the break, but it started snowing and my husband swore I would die. It was windy, I will give him that. We were able to come back again in the summer months, this time the weather was beautiful, 80's with a breeze. We walked the mile out to the light house. It's a nice walk, the beach has great rocks, sea shells, and other ocean finds when the tide is down. We spent a good 2 hours there, just walking and looking, chasing after little crabs we dug up.

Josh Crowder

Was not really looking at visiting this but it was on my trip north and I took the 30 minute detour and I was glad I did.

Brittany Bechtel

Beautiful place but it is a long walk in the direct sun so have sunscreen on and a water bottle

W Allen

Great to walk out see the old lighthouse and enjoy the bay

Michael Stalker

Nice little walk out.

Ashley Herbert

First time going here and I loved it. Definitely go on a good day. Rocks can get slippery, sometimes hard to get to with the gaps. Wear good shoes !!!

Emily Bongiorno

Beautiful walk and a cute lighthouse at the end. A very peaceful place to relax and read a book


Nice walk, but long and a little rough. Don't wear sandals or flip flops. We saw some dolphins swimming along the edge right by us! The lighthouse was not open and leaves a lot to be desired. Nevertheless, a very cool experience and GORGEOUS views!

Don Williams

Pretty cool that you can walk out to the lighthouse on the rocks, great views from out there. But alas, yesterday the last 20 ft was washed out. Still pretty cool.

Jennifer Dominey

The view was great. We met a local who shared history about the light house. The walk requires your attention as you step over breaks in between the rock, but it is well worth it.

Sara Leavitt

Great place for families and friends to enjoy the day.

Nathan McGinnis

View on the way back from the light house

s r

Amazing! go at high tide, it's beautiful. the lighthouse was very cool, great history. make sure your shoes have good tread, no flip flops or crocks. the rocks are spaced uneven with the gaps from shifting with tides.

Tracy Sheppard

No the most beautiful lighthouse in Maine to be sure, but it's a fantastic walk out on the breakwater and the views are spectacular! Just make sure to wear sunscreen because you will get burned on the walk---it is a lot further than it looks!

Kristofer Stredde

Wonderful walk down the breakwater (literally a long row of car-sized hunks of granite) out to the lighthouse. They even have a small floating dock off to the side where you can get the perfectly angled picture of the lighthouse.

Dave Lewis

Unique experience as you walk the nearly 1 mile of the breakwater to get to the lighthouse . Can be windy, so consider layers if at all cool

Robin Darby Gordon

Great adventure 7/8 mile walk out to this lighthouse. Great spot to see porpoise.

Nathan Gross

The lighthouse is an iconic landmark and can be viewed from shore, from sea, or up close by taking the walk across the breakwater and out to the lighthouse. The walk is just under a mile each way. It's a longer walk than it appears to be. The stones are unevenly spaced and can be slick when wet. Although level, it is not necessarily an easy stroll and definitely not easily handicap accessible.

Joel Horne

Amazing views of Rockland harbor, Owls Head and North toward Camden. An easy 1 mile walk each way. Love this walk.

richard desGranges

A beautiful walk out on the rocks to a cute lighthouse. Very relaxing.


The lighthouse is at the end of a breaker. It was windy and the breaker is no piece of cake to walk. But I would highly recommend a visit. It was fun and unique. The best views of the light are not out on the breaker as it approaches from the back side. And the walk around the lightbouse narrow so you never fully see the light. The full front view would be off shore.

Matt Thomas

Long 1 mile walk and a bit dangerous but it was nice to be able to do it. Lots of spiders on the actual lighthouse though!

Candi johnson

A great walk enjoy Rockland breakwater. Walk can be difficult for some people. Walk way is made up of uneven granite. ( as shown in the first photo) We enjoy this walk as a family.

Andrea Johnson

Fun walk, enjoyed seeing the lighthouse, the ships in the harbor coming and going. Too bad you can't go in it. Views are nice, hanging out there before heading back, was relaxing, enjoyable.

Allison Shelby

This was the best lighthouse that I’ve ever visited!!

Jennifer Jones

Long, 2 mile round trip walk on uneven, bumpy granite. Don't wear cowboy boots, like I did!

Keith & Nicki Davie/Dunbar

We actually didn't go TO the lighthouse - we were in our sailboat, nearby. Still, a lovely spot, interesting history, and a great place to watch the sailboats and Windjammers!

Ian Witherby

Great historic spot for a quick day trip. 7/8 mile one way. Bring a picnic and enjoy!

Kari Bowen

Great experience

Jonathan Bainbridge

Nice vantage point to watch boat traffic. The breakwater is looong and not a place to casually walk without watching your step carefully. There large, open, seams between rocks. The engineering and building of the breakwater is amazing

Torred 5.7 Claxton

Historic place with great views of the harbor, lobster men pulling their catch, sail boats , fright hauls etc. It was a little windy when we went so the water at times would splash up on the rocks , never got wet.. the walk way is about 10 or 12 feet wide .. there are some big gaps in the beginning , but pretty tight after that it took about 25 min to reach light house .. worth the walk


Worth the walk out if you are capable. Nice walk on a dry day. It makes you appreciate all the work that went into building the lighthouse and the breakwater.

Regina Sokolinski

Very long walk ....pretty lighthouse ......

Bin Zufrieden

Phantastic, especially because it had open house today! The view from upstairs is very nice!

Alisha Tinkham

Favorite place to visit in Rockland!

Bethany Willey

Great anytime of year!

Jon Schardt

I wish I could have toured the lighthouse, but it was still a great scenic walk. The walk out is approx 1 mile according to locals and not a smooth path! Not the best for elderly or the very young.

Ryan Willette

My kids love this place, went last year when they had the light house open to the public, very cool!

Travis Kelley

Very neat walk out on a rock wall. Walkway is uneven so be careful. Once your St the lighthouse the views are spectacular. Highly recommended.

Trish M

Such a beautiful place to visit with neat history behind it that can't be ignored.

Trish Marston

Beautiful walk to the lighthouse! The hottest day of the summer, 100 degree temps with the humidity, but we were fine. I had sandals on, just be careful of the big gaps between the rocks. Scenery is gorgeous - sail boats, people fishing & dog friendly. Highly recommend! ♡♡

Andrea Iriarte

Be prepared for a longer walk than it appears. However, It is fun and the view is spectacular. I do not believe you could bring a stroller on it, as there are bigger gaps between the rocks.

Phil LeBeau

Huge granite walkway out to the light house. Watch your step. Some big openings in the granite. Lots of walking. Not good if you have a hard time walking. But it's beautiful.

Joe Conte

What a great walk and especially in summer it's a beautiful breeze

J Shockey

It's a fun pleasant walk and great views.

Rodd Ashley Jefferies

Great free activity to get outside and by the water. Beautiful walk around dusk. Be careful though, very uneven ground. Lots of other people enjoying a stroll while we were there.

Mike Eubanks

Magnificent blocks of granite, 7/8 of a mile from the shore. An easy walk.

Meghan Beaulieu

Beautiful Coastal views and a great walk with the family! However, the lighthouse is in desperate need of attention. Completely covered in spiders and webs...not what it was 5 years ago

Ashley Ledford

Long walk but the views are definitely worth it! Wear comfortable shoes!

Fred Kenworthy

Great hike out and back, just watch where you are going. The view is great. I enjoyed it but some don't like the gaps in the stone you walk on.

Cody Drever

Great place to tire the kids out.

Steven O

It's a great walk and you will have great views. You cannot enter the lighthouse and there are no facilities. Its 4300 feet along the break wall and there is no cover. If a sudden rainstorm hits there is no place to hide. Also, after it rains, the rocks get very slippery so watch your step.

Mourad Chtioui

Amazing sights at the lighthouse. Even better on top of it when open. Must visit. Try donating as the place is maintained by a non for profit association.

Stuart Visnov

Beautiful view. A mile walk out to the lighthouse.

Shirley Benoit

A rich and enjoyed walk across the large rough cut engineered stones. Uneven stones are not for elderly that have problems with keeping their balance. Everyone seems to enjoy this, including children and pets: walk this fun walkway up to the Lighthouse. Check the hours of operation for the lighthouse: and make sure the waves are not rough on your adventure out in the awesome open waters of Rockland Breakwater. Oh bring water with you, it can be hot out there. Yes, I see people fishing, also!

Bunny boy

Really cool! Looks a lot shorter then it is. Just under a mile to the end and bring a jacket it can get windy!

Shawn Surma

Great trip out to the lighthouse on the breakwater. Easy parking and dog friendly.

Bill McLeod

Cool thing to do, the Google map instructions are wrong, once you turn off Waldo keep straight. It is a walk out to the lighthouse. The distance walking is about seven eighths of a mile. It is not an easy walk. The Pier is built from large chunks of granite, they are not always close together so be careful. It was raining when we went and we almost turned back but so glad we went all the way! Really

Edna Dodge

A fun hike to the lighthouse.

Shirley higginbotham

Large, even rocks. Easy hike across to the lighthouse. Very pretty scenery and lots of fresh ocean air.

Carl Peoples

The picturesque walk along the 7/8 mile breakwater to the lighthouse is well worth the visit.

Dave Maddox

Stones are put back together and is enjoyable once again

Rick Spires

Great lighthouse and the 7/8 mile walk to get there was peaceful and enjoyable.

Connor McDermott

Its a nice walk and the lighthouse is okay but you can't go in and it's covered in huge spiders

Si Philbrick

I love this walk. Some of my favorite memories growing up have been here!

Leah Griffin

So beautiful out there

Angela McCarty

Do not do this walk without hydration on a hot day.. besides that amazing!

Michael Farrell

Really nice 1.5 mile round trip walk.

José Pita Juárez

Please do yourself a favour and go look at the sunrise. It is absolutely breathetaking. Moonrises are also spectacular. Fellow photographers, do not forget your wide angle lenses, tripod and gradated filters!

Monica Le

Nice long jetty. Really enjoy our walk

Alexandria Joyall

This is a beautiful spot BUT there is a lot of walking! If you aren't up for a long walk on uneven terrain or if you get sea sick and wobbly legged easily this is not the lighthouse for you. Be aware there are no bathrooms anywhere around so be prepared! The lighthouse is not open to the public but there are benches and the view is wonderful, and on a hot day it is far cooler at the end then on land. Well worth the walk just make sure you and everyone else in your party is up for it before you set off!


Beautiful scenery and the lighthouse is a nice place to sit and enjoy it! Wear shoes, flip flops made walking a little tenuous in some places. Recommend a sit at the floating dock by the lighthoyse, also a great lighthouse photo opp.

KS Keeney

Great lighthouse, the walkout was amazing, we saw a lobsterman picking up his catch of the day.

Mike Wileczek

Even though it's a tourist attraction this location is really just something you have to see for yourself. I enjoyed every second of watching that sun set as we had our feet in the water.

Jesse Mcfadden

Every family should walk it at least once a year.

Lorenzo Phillips

Nice 1 way 0.8 mi walk. Not much happening at the end though.

Carole Rosenbaum

Oh my! It was a LONG WALK! (Almost a mile each way... It did not look that far!) But it was worth it, I walk with a cane and had to be very careful because the huge stones are quite uneven and many crevices! The lighthouse is beautiful, but hard to get a good photo when you are out go as far as you can safely go away from the front to get a good picture. WOULD BE BEAUTIFUL PHOTO BY BOAT! Glad I walked it! Enjoy!

Anthony Pendergrass

Awesome place but go in the summer

Matthew Welch

Awesome walk with a view!

Piyush Ozarde

It's nice old lighthouse middle of the creek, about half a mile walk on stone jetty. There was no access inside the lighthouse when we visited. Go in cooler weathers.

Jim Lee

Rockland Breakwater was a fun fascinating miles short mile walk out into the bay lots of people we saw fish Birds lobsterman trapping we spent 3 hours out and back just because if you're in and around Rockland Rockport it's a must-see and two great restaurants very much nearby

Thanatos vX

This is a pretty great place to go to on your free time. To find parking is the first ting you must do on this journey. It can get crowded very easily. It's probably best to go early in the morning. Then you must walk on a half-mile man-made trail composed of large rocks to get there. So you must watch where you step so you don't get hurt, and when you do get there its a bit of a disappointment. All you can do is walk around it since you're not allowed to go inside. So I guess it's just okay.

Laura Bolduc

Such a gorgeous day for a walk out to the lighthouse!

Dawn Light

Beautiful! Loved walking out there!

Patrick Chambers

I've been here a few times now and always enjoy the 7/8 mile walk to the lighthouse at the end. A fun way to get active and offers great views, especially of the sunset. There are some gaps between the granite stones that make up the breakwater so pay attention to your footing. Sturdy shoes are recommended.

Jamall Oluokun

Every time I come to Maine in the Summer, I make sure to visit the Breakwater Lighthouse. Gorgeous views and very good atmosphere. Great for both families and couples

Robert Price

Nice. Lots too see. Its a must see

David Brannen

Long but accessible breakwater out to a beautiful little lighthouse. Unlike other local breakwaters (Spring Point in South Portland) the rocks are smooth and flat and very easy (if not a bit tedious) to walk across. Great place to bring kids for a little adventure!

Shari Lockhart

1 mile walk on the breakwater to get to the lighthouse. Amazing views! Close to downtown Rockland.

John Matthews

This is a fun place to visit and walk out to see. FUN FACT FOR KIDS: There is ONLY ONE STONE that goes all the way across the breakwater from one side to the other. See if you can find it.


Wonderful experience! Maine is a very beautiful statement. The lobstas are uber fresh, the haddock is huge and LIGHTHOUSES are absolutely a treat. Don't forget to put on good walking shoes and there are lots of photogenic opportunities too!

Elaine Terenzoni

Nice walk on the breakwater out to the light house.

Jamie White

Wonderful walk. So beautiful, and great history!!

Wanda Rusiecki

An easy .8 mile walk from shore over the breakwater wall to the lighthouse. Ample free parking when you follow the signs vs. Google Maps. Great views around the lighthouse but no access to the inside. A fun family walk keeping in mind there are NO guardrails or fences along the breakwater wall.

Carol Douglas

Always a perfect place to walk, beloved by visitors and locals alike.


Very cool place!! Nice place to go for a walk out to the lighthouse!

Patrick Sullivan

Enjoyable walk you feel like your in the middle of the ocean.

Brian McGann

Great walk, fun place to visit and see

Jim McGilligan

Great walk from parking lot. FYI: No restrooms anywhere. Small narrow one way unpaved path to jetty. Do not under any circumstances walk this from town! (As the cartoon "Discovery Map" shows. It will put you out on a major road with no sidewalks!!! No signs, not a scenic walk in the least. Don't do it.

Regina Kennedy

The walk out was beautiful, but it was a bit too long for our 4 year old.

Melanie Oge

Great walk (0.8 miles)!

joe franke

Majestic and tranquil! Absolutely beautiful

yung plum

Very nice. I dont get cold cuz I'm not a coward but you might so bring a coat.

Dominick Raimato

Spectacular views with an easy walk. Worth taking the time to visit when passing through the area.

Tracy Brehmer

Fun walk to an amazing house

Ruth Emmett

A long walk yet worth every step. Folks were friendly.

Leonard Martin

Beautiful! Nice walk. Need to be careful walking on the breakwater out to the lighthouse! But worth the walk.

Fred Seelig

It's a unique, nice easy but challenging walk.

Robbie Campbell

A must see if your visiting or from maine. I will say to pick your day and weather wisely the journey out is rough with lots of big gaps between rocks and high ocean waves it can be dangerous just be careful.

Big Kahuna

Cool lighthouse breakwater walkout. You walk out a long way on big flat rocks to the lighthouse at the end. Parking is limited to maybe 20 spots but we got there and there were many spots left open.

Jeff & Dana Clary

We were on our journey from Portland airport to Bar Harbor and stopped here to stretch our legs. Such a beautiful and pleasant walk. Great place for pics and to enjoy the view. Wife did the walk in flip flops but really, highly recommend tennis shoes! Great hour break or a worthy destination if you are a lighthouse lover!

Kyle Lechtenberg

Amazing! The 3/4 mile seawall is an awesome walk even if the beautiful lighthouse wasn't there. This is an absolute must if you are in the area. The walk is not difficult but it is not a casual walk. Wear shoes with good traction and watch your step.

deb galvas

Amazing views and refreshing walk( quite an uneven walkway though)

Chrissty Elliott

My cousin and I got to the end of the breakwater in time for pictures with our Grandfathers old schooner The Victory Chimes

Tina Maynard

We loved navigating this breakwater. The view was breathtaking and the lighthouse was cute. Could be challenging for some people.

Anthony Balladon

Beautiful place for a weekend walk with stunning views

Pam Kenniston

Nice walk on jettie/breakwater, but disappointing lighthouse. The benches at the top were a welcome option.

sam davis

Nice walk out into harbor

John Gareri

Well worth the walk

Von Kanel

I always enjoy the walk to the light house. I've done it in snow, rain, grey and of course sunshine. Great views and an unusual experience for most. Well worth the drive from Bangor or other points.

Jody Pence

Great exercise, long walk on big slabs of rocks. Just disappointing you cannot take any good pictures of lighthouse when you are there. Better by boat.

Jennifer Whitten

This is a beautiful place to go it just might be difficult for young children and older adults to walk out to the light house. The walk to the light house is well worth it if you physically able. just a warning my husband thought it to be fun to jump around on the rocks and broke his foot so it is definitely not something I would advise. We took are kids when they were around 6,7,8 and they were able to do the walk with help in some places the rocks are far apart from each other. People fish of the path out to the light house if you like to fish.

Andy Bryan

Wonderful experience. The walk is nearly 1 mile over large square rock blocks which can be uneven but decent to walk on. Watch out for the tide as water will cover portions, we ended up walking thru couple hundred feet of below ankle deep water near lighthouse. Thought it was well worth the effort.

Ashley Goff

Long walk!!!! Worth it tho.

Duane Landry

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes to go out to the lighthouse and be careful of the huge cracks in the granite. You'll love the trip , 7/8 of a mile.

Christina Higgins

Beautiful. We take a family trip with my family from Mass every year. Wish the lighthouse was open in Sept when we go but the walk is great!

dan conatser

Get lighthouse to visit. 1 mile hike (one way) along the stone breakwater.

Vanessa O'Neil

Love this place. We go at least once every year. It's beautiful.

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