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321 Port Rd, Wells, ME 04090, United States

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Where is Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge?

REVIEWS OF Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge IN Maine

Phil Chenevert

Most beautiful place on earth

Kimberly White

A wonderful hidden jem. Beautiful views and we learned a lot about the coastal salt marshes.

Kathy Marion

A great place for a short walk. Great views and explanations of the landscape. Salt marsh has plenty of wildlife. We saw egrets, kingfisher and other shore birds. The walk goes in a loop and is really good if you want as little nature and some bird watching without a big hike.

Don Holmes

Beautiful..... The area is very well kept and clean. Love it

Joel Leland

Very nice easy walk in the woods.

Joe Malinowski

The overcast day accentuated features in the landscape unnoticed on previous visits to this lovely spot on the Maine shore. Kayakers glided past waterfowl seemingly unnoticed. Pleasant spot to escape the hustle and bustle that is US Route 1 midsummer. I would recommend this become a stop on your Maine vacation.

Michael Sciberus

Beautiful scenery, a great place to walk in the peace and quiet.

Jim Bowden

Well maintained and easy trail walking! 11 vantage points to take a peek at wilderness mixing with the ocean/marsh lands! Just over a mile in length!

Jerry Leone

This place is great. It will take you about 20 minutes to walk the trail. They have about 12 stopping points along the way for resting or photos. Some have great scenic overlooks. Great for young and old. Parking is somewhat limited.

Greg Burke

Fun spot to walk around


Walking across the swampy areas was very fun.

Jason Cesari

First time here in all the years coming to Maine. Parking is tricky and not a ton but worth the try. Great paths and easy to walk with several benches to rest. Clean restroom too.

Patti Berg Anderson

Easy, well-maintained walking trail. Great for dog walking year round.

sarah jackson

The sand is super soft and gentle waves. The parking was easy distance to beach, $3 an hour that you pay for ahead of time, so plan accordingly. The beach had a LARGE island of seaweed and muck left from high tide on the sand that you dont want to cross, so you have to walk a ways around it. The break wall is cool to climb on. Found some good shells. No tide pools. Bathroom at the parking lot, just a hose to spray off, no shower.

Janet Marley

Beautiful views, free, well kept and dogs allowed on leash

Adam Feisthamel

Really unique and beautiful park. I would definitely recommend grabbing one of the pamphlets at the beginning of the trail to learn about the surrounding area. The trail is well worn and easy to follow and there are plenty of benches along the path to rest. My only critique of this place is that I wish the path was longer and I wish the buildings were open to learn more about the wildlife.

Logan Butler

The trail was lovely, please enjoy this video of our trip

Laura DeGray

Great place to walk and relax. Soak up the peacefulness of nature..stop at each just might see animals.

mike robb

A we'll run sanctuary. Clean and clear walking paths and view points.

Jared Sands

A very well maintained and level path makes this a fantastic trail for a scenic hike if you're confined to a wheelchair or pushing a stroller.

Jason Kurr

Stunning beauty nice peaceful walk must check it out

Diane Pray

I took my grandson and small dog and we were amazed how clean the area was, I would recommend this park to everyone, thank you

Harold Philbrook

Beautiful location. 100% Scarborough

Ken Bleau

Super easy trail (I'd sa wheelchair) with great views

comics 4life23

It's a nice walk around

Chris Bailey

beautiful place supposed to be able to kayak there but no one working there could tell me where to go

Kris K

Really nice short walk through the woods around a salt water marsh. Dogs are allowed but MUST be on leash. The trail is about 1 mile long and easily navigable by wheelchair. It also has viewing platforms along the trail.

Juanita Gomes

Nice mile walk on Carson trail. Great for bringing a stroller and you're in the shade most of the walk. Don't forget your bug spray!

ken schultz

Nice groomed trails with a view of beautiful, coastal southern Maine.

Tabatha Lawson

Loved the plaques which give the history of the surrounding areas. Very pretty looking out to the ocean & mountain scene. Good trails to follow. The mosquitoes were bad so I recommend bringing spray for protection.

Erin Leonhard

Fabulous place to walk (& learn!). It's beautiful year-round, very well maintained, easy path. The loop is exactly a mile, great for meandering or exercise. Dogs on leash welcome & adored. One of my favorite places in Maine.

Donna Sheffield-Greene

Marvelous gem of a place with great visual bang for your buck. Follow up with the incredible Chicken Pot Pie at the Maine Diner.

Joanne McClellan

Scenic spot, can be very buggy, bring your spray.

Linda Crowell

You need to go there and walk the trails and enjoy the beautiful wildlife where tick spray though

Jean Poulin

Very scenic view. Made paddle board in the marsh & saw many interesting wildlife.

Sharmin DeMoss

Closed the day we were there. Totally worth the stop for a beautiful and educational 1 mi, 30 min walk.

Sharon Lawson

Beautiful day for a walk through

Mitch White

A beautiful wildlife preserve on the coast of Maine in Wells. There are trails and they have a visitor center.

Aaron Charbonneau

Beautiful and serene marshlands. Worthy of a slow kayak run. Make sure you head out at high tide.

Gwen Cunningham

I LOVE going for walks here. It's so beautiful. A wonderful safehaven

Joan Donahue

Just okay. Pricey house wines, limited menu. Wouldn't go back.

Ivo Dobrev

Very peaceful and a nice short walk (about 1 mile) for little kids.

Margo Thayer

Perfect little beach away from the crowds and craziness. Out of all the beaches in Wells, this is by far my favorite

Alexander Spainhour

Beautiful as ever specially with the leaves and the Vivid colors

Brian Sunter

A compact, dog-friendly nature reserve. The easy to walk loop trail is just about a mile, and is wide and never steep. There are numerous lookout platforms for viewing the estuary life that surrounds this little gem. There are basic restrooms, and a couple of picnic tables. Trash is carry in, carry out.

Carrie Ann Brown

Not alot to it, but if you bird watch its good place to wait around for that.

Shane Noble

Loved finding rare sand dollars during low tide

Richard Fugaro

Very nice to walk and see the sights

Tina Butler

Nice walk enjoyed are time there

Debbie Broderick

A beautiful and well laid out, very easy trail to walk. The overlook and points of interest areas help appreciate the magnificent views. It was quite busy for a weekday morning.

John Sanders

I loved this place it was a nice place to visit and it was a very scenic place and if you like photography you can get some great pictures

Mark David Webster

For our family is the Rachel Carson Trail was a nice one mile walk around a flat natural habitat. There are washrooms and a small visiting center. Lots of parking and it's a nice break from all the commercial restaurants and busyness along Southern Maine. I would suggest you bring some bug repellent. There are mosquitoes there it is natural. It is peaceful and it is a great place to take the dog for a 1-mile walk.

Briant Gaudet

Beautiful area. The trail is well maintained. The views are spectacular.

Cate La Barre

Grateful for this wildlife refuge. Lovely one mile loop through saltwater marsh and creeks. Excellent trail guide. Easy walk, wheelchair and stroller accessible.

Aree Pearlman

It was a pretty, easy, and different walk -not ocean or mountain, but estuaries kind of. Marshes.

Lise Peterson

Beautiful walk, informative interpretive materials

Emily Blood

Free parking, free entrance, beautiful walk around the park - clean.

Anna Goolsby

Vefy pretty and well groomed

Hans Onsager

If you love nature, you'll love this nature preserve. Cote

Beautiful day. Lots of driftwood on the beach from Saco River dredging. Nice views of Wood Island Lighthouse.

Dan Brillo

Can't wait to get back

Daniel T. Cook

Very educational. Beautiful views and a very nice walking path with many platform overlooks. Before you walk, grab one of the documents explaining each viewpoint. Just beware of the few spots where poison ivy is encroaching on the very nice pathway. Three leaves don't always mean poison ivy, but there's some poison ivy there.

Brent Cutts

Natural habitat

H. John Herzog

What a wonderful place! Lovely easy walking trail, always well maintained. We met some friendly staff there repairing a washed away section and friendly visitors as well. Great views of the ocean, salt marshes and wildlife!

Ed Cloutman

Great place to visit

Alison Taylor

Absolutely love this preserve. Peaceful and serene. It’s a short trail but beautiful—especially during the fall. Well maintained but limited parking.

scott emmerling

Amazing views. Short and easy walking path. You can bring dogs too.

Nathan Sawyer

Nice walk about a mile long with photo opportunities along the way

Michael Cripps

Really pleasant nature walk is the main experience. Mostly flat walk, and easy. There are a number of lookouts with benches. We go there all the time, as it's near it home. Walk takes about 30 minutes and is not strenuous.

Gi na

Perfect location for venturing alone or with loved ones! This is a go to location for our family as it is full of educational things and is gorgeous, serene place.

Jessica Lawson

A great walk with small kids. Our stroller always easily passed through from spring to fall. Trails are well maintained and just a long enough walk to make everyone happy.

Jess Caldwell

Beautiful and educational self guided *easy* trail hike. Grab an information brochure when you arrive or download the pdf onto your phone to learn about the various viewing sites and the ecosystem of the salt marshes. Very cool. Will visit again.

Sebastian Ruscansky

Beautiful location amazing trail walking really nice history there

Garrett P

Awesome! There is 7 miles of trails to walk there are alot of bugs so be ready for that. The beach is really nice wasn't very crowded today. Will totally go back. Admission fee is 5$/person

Debbie Lennon

I loved this walk along the Estuary. The trail is very well groomed and flat. Easy to walk. There are scenic overlooks with benches to sit and admire the landscape. Plenty of Birdwatching. I've always met wonderful people along the trail and I'm always willing to do photo shoots!

Jason Carter

Terrific place for wildlife and a walk

Lacy Berman

Three mile paddle to Higgins Beach and a real shipwreck, lovely rolling breakers.

robert crawford

Great place to relax nd enjoy nature

Renee Richards

Beautiful park with well manicured paths.

Steven Dumont

Nice 1 mile walk with information about the saltwater marshes along the way. Saw some Canadian Geese and a large Great Blue Heron. Easy walk for kids and dogs.

Bert Robbins

Outstanding view and experience. The ocean and are wonderful !

Benny Maynard

Beautiful area but was very crowded memorial weekend and several folks had issues with their parking in no parking spots which led to difficulty getting in and out pulling a travel trailer. Beware of parking lot, it's not RV friendly.

Gyslain Gaudet

Nicest beach ! A lot of sand to play with.

Marcia Cummings

Even on a rainy day the beauty of this place is amazing! Lady slippers and Jack in the Pulpits and all sorts of beautiful plants! Don't miss it if you are in the area!

Jessica Haggerty

A nice little walk with good views of several different tidal flats and marshes. Didnt see too many birds while we were there but it was very windy and a bad time of day/year. Informational signs throughout. Would be great for young kids and pets

Nathan Weeks

Fun nature walk on the outskirts of busy ocean town.

N Garber

Very nice place to walk. Small clean and well kept. Visitors center isn't all that great or helpful for the park. It's also only one small loop, you can walk it in 10-15 min.

Cheryl Foster

This is a beautiful area to visit. We did the hike and very much enjoyed it. The walkway is well maintained with plenty of benches along the trail. We had a lovely time.

Dale Langa

Best place in Wells to take your leashed dog on a scenic one mile circular walk thru the trees overlooking the wet lands. Parking is limited, so get there early.

Larry Oliver

Great place to relax and enjoy a walk.

Charlie Giammarco

A very serene slice of the Maine coast line. A well maintained walking path offers sights and sounds of various vista's and habitats.

Cole Hughes

Very short easy hike. Great views of the marsh. Small parking lot. Very simple visitors center.

John Daniels

Fantastic scenic hiking trail around the wetlands and estruary. Lots of native plants and well-cared-for trail.

Mark Landry

Great walking trails with wheelchair access

Danny Jones

Very flat so its a easy walk. The set up I'd very safe. Great way yo to experiece the woods in Maine.

Audrey Noble

Beautiful walk. Clean area. Dogo loves it too.


Great nature walk on gravel path through the woods. Ok to bring the kids, dogs are fine on a leash. Free parking, no entrance fee.

Karen Smith

Easy walk to see estuary.

Dinesh Gundu

Absolutely love this place. 1 Mike trail well maintained with 11 lookout spots. Bird cries are very soothing and musical. Good photogenic place. I wish there was more infirmation about Rachel Carson's history/contribution for the unknown. Perfect detox from busy life. Good number of parking spots as well. Binoculars recommended to watch some wild birds.

Veronica Ferris

Amazing marshes and trails! We had a great time! And it's free!

Samuel Wiese

Too many ticks and mosquitos, the marsh stinks and there are no dogs allowed.

Kevin Harding

Great place to spend some quiet time

Jessica Gaines

Incredible views of the estuary from the trail!

Laura Gimby

Beautiful! I'd totally live here if I was a bird

Cole Iafolla

This is not a bad place at all to spend a morning or afternoon in nature. If I could, I would probably give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars, simply because of the lack of diverse footpaths. But, for what you get, it's quite a good little loop. There are also some plaques that give a deeper look into the history of the area, or other natural landmarks that are worth noting, which is a fun addition.

Matt Reams

It's perfect. Except for the people.

Tony M.

It's pretty. Offers a window into what coastal New England probably looked like 500 years ago.

Dave Hazen

Beautiful place. Trail guide was helpful to understand what we were seeing.

Cynthia Tierney

Beautiful nature walk. Flat easy to follow trails

Audrey Bernier

Great place to take children. Even grade for an easy mile long hike with learning stops for ecology of the marsh and it's abundant wildlife.

Chad Tower

Hidden gem in a gorgeous location. Easy one milk walk with spectacular views. Limited parking.

Tony Sanches

Great place to take the family. Well marked paths with excellent views and places to learn about nature.

Dave Frost

The sheer lack of human intervention is a rare sight to see in the modern world, and Rachel Carson represents a battle that has been won in the war of nature conservation. The views are exquisite, and I would visit again.

Mike Donow

A very enjoyable trail overlooking the estuary. We were there at high tide. Monarch butterflies were everywhere. Super awesome!

Leslie Welch

I give Rachel Carson's five stars when I am here time passes by very quickly as I walk the path and enjoy the views this place is very relaxing

Zachary Blankenship

Simply beautiful. The trail meanders through the woods with viewing platforms that look out over the wetlands.

Sharon Penner

Just peaceful and serene and a very nice nature walk

Tony Hart

Visited in October during the week and parking very limited - very enjoyable walk with nice seasonal foliage and views

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