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10 Perkins Farm Ln, Phippsburg, ME 04562, United States

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Where is Popham Beach State Park?

REVIEWS OF Popham Beach State Park IN Maine

Chris Jackson

One of the best beaches in Maine, high tide or low.

TiaLyn Pelletier

Stunning scenery and the water is beautiful. Great place to bring kids and teach them about the ocean.

steve stockford

Best Sandy Beach north of Saco. Ice cold water.

Chris MacPhee

Great facilities, bath house, showers, and dress rooms. great walking, and sand dollar finding. Great fishing, and some decent waves for surf or sup. No Kites due to nesting birds.We loved our visit!

Barb Yahn

Beautiful beach, stunning views!

Vanan Mani

One of the best in New England!

Jennylee Nichols

Great place to go for the day, clean beach and clean bathroom/dressing areas. It's a long walk through the sand to get to the beach front but the views and water are worth it.

Michele Boisgilbody

It's a beautiful location, great waves and so clean

Nick Griffin

We do an annual camping trip near here and often take a poham day. Still haven't located pink beards treasure but have had a blast looking for it.

Nikki Smith

Love this beach so far. Just relocated to Maine and have been waiting for warm weather to finally enjoy a beach day. We visited this beach on a chilly day in May and although it was a nice little walk on the beach and the rocks during low tide, it was freezing. Recently went back with my kids for a beach day and it was beautiful, still slightly chilly with the breeze but there was barely a cloud in the sky. We went during low tide again so that they could climb on the rocks and attempt to see some sea life (no luck). It was pretty packed when we arrived around 11 and we had to park along the over flow parking outside the parking entrance. Silly me, figured this would mean we would not have to pay to enter so I didn't mind the walk in. I was wrong, they still charge you full price to enter the beach area which I find absurd but oh well. It can get a little pricey the more adults you have with you but if you are a veteran, you can get in for free. Also, Watch out for the seagulls. They are pesky little thief's and will creep right up on you to steal your meal/snacks and then go tell their friends who will them swarm you waiting to attack. The downside, I did notice that many people that attend this beach really lack consideration for others and will walk right on top of your belongings, kicking up sand and what not all over you. I am not sure if they are locals or tourists since it's a pretty well visited beach by both in the summer but just be warned. The lack of respect for other peoples property is not really there. Overall, it's a great beach with so much space and the little water pockets left during low tide in between the sand bars is great for kids to play in. You have amazing views all around and can head just down the street towards the fort for Ice Cream when you are done for the day.

Tracy F.

Popham Beach is spacious with an island you can walk to when the tide is out. It does get very crowded. We arrived 30 minutes before the park opened and there was already a line. Mosquitoes were vicious this year, but they disappear once you're on the beach. Rest rooms, areas to rinse sand off, and lots of parking also.make this one of our favorites.

Robert Breault

Had an amazing day with my family at this beach and loved it! Definitely worth frequenting during our visits from now on.

The HamBone

Really nice beach, but can't fly kites :(

Wrong Question

Cold water, acres of beach, perfection on a hot summer day. Leave in time to stop at market stand for dinner goodies.

Arthur Clark

Very nice state Beach, super soft sand and Crystal clear waters, Be sure to beat the line to get in It's really Bad!!!! And super slow moving

Kelley Driscoll

Lovely beach, water was great. Very clean

Tiffany Leeman

Always love popham beach very clean and alot of room for all

Tina Tracy

Love it there been going all my life since the day I was born 51 years ago it's absolutely beautiful

jess paiva

Great place on the off season to bring your dog. It wasn't crowded at all, I also went in the off season. :) beauty views, relaxing beach. Nice fort a few feet away with beautiful views. Dogs are not allowed in fort. Enjoy :)

Travis Duley

My wife and I took our grandkids for their first ocean beach experience they absolutely loved it and at low tide had fun looking for shells.

Joe Douglas

Absolutely beautiful beach, very clean facilities. We were here at the what seems like the perfect time and weather. It wasn't crowded at all. I suggest bringing some mosquito spray while at the parking lot and bathrooms while it's fine at the beach. There is a somewhat long walk to the water if the tide is remotely out if you have small children or elderly folk with you. Very beautiful spot and you can even see a light house in the distance. SIDE NOTE: WE WERE FOLLOWED AROUND BY A DRONE FOR A SHORT TIME WHILE ON THE BEACH, I'M NOT SURE IF IT WAS FUNNY OR CREEPY BUT I HAD MY DAUGHTER WITH US WHICH MAKES ME CAUTIOUS. I DON'T KNOW IF THIS PERSON LIVES HERE OR WAS VISITING SO THIS MAY HAVE BEEN A ONE TIME OR RARE EVENT BUT YOU MIGHT KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN FOR ONE WHILE HERE. THIS DRONE CAME WITHIN LESS THAN 5 FEET FROM US WHILE "WAVING" AND "DANCING" AS MY DAUGHTER THOUGHT IT WAS ALL FUNNY AND REACTED AS A CHILD WOULD. JUST FOR GOOD MEASURE A REPORT WILL BE FILED WITH THE AUTHORITIES.

David Harris

Very nice large beach. Not easy to find for out of towners like us.

John Ellis

Nice beach, but bring your bug spray. Black flies are terrible..

Tom Davidson

Good amount of beach to move around on, explore and swim

Kelley Irish

Beautiful sprawling beach with wonderful tidal pools and sandbars galore!

Gone Hiking

Awesome beach. Often hard to get parking.

Aaron Franklin

Wide open beach. Watch out for your food: the seagulls are aggressive and will hover above your hand and steal your sandwich!

Susan Bizier

Great day....1st time bringing my grandaughter to the beach..❤

Egan Cheung

Amazing views, soft sand, parking convenient and close walk. Picnic tables with grills available. Fresh water showers available.

Marylynn Garb in

Just a beautiful beach. Never too crowded because the parking is limited so get there early.

Nancy Keefe

My favorite beach anywhere! They close it when the lot is full, get there early.

devanshi trivedi

One of my favorite beaches - soft, clean sand and clear waters. Low tide opens up a lot more parts of the beach to explore.

Jillian Savage

Popham is always the best! Nice beach with beautiful Maine scenery.

Shelly DuBois

Awesome place, lots of sand dollars. With my beach babe Kate! XOXO

Rebecca Phelps

Popham Beach is by far our families favorite beach! Definitely check it out! Major plus is the outdoor showers that they have! Super nice to get the kids cleaned before jumping in the car

Toxic Doll

Love this place. Beach goes on forever, plenty to see. High tide right by the fort is best to swim in. A must stop whenever in the area. So beautiful any time of night or day

Carissa Avery

Beautiful beach, clean, easily accessible. Big waves, bathroom and changing areas, outdoor showers. Be careful for tide coming in if you venture out to the Rocky area. Affordable for the family.

Virginia Van Slyck

Popham is the most beautiful beach in the world! Full stop!

Nikida Wolf

Great place to bring your kids to the ocean and have fun

Paula Bernard

Beautiful beach to relax on. Restrooms were very clean.


Beautiful beach! Plenty of room, nice sand and views! Walking out to the island offshore at low tide is a must! Everyone should check out the fort as well, you can go there for free!

tiffani belisle

Never over crowded & always a great beach day!

Brenda Nelson

Went again yesterday. Been my favorite Beach of any in U.S. since 1970. Beautiful! There is a tumbelow from the beach to Fox Island. Be careful you don't get caught out there when the tide comes in again. Then have a meal at Spinneys at the end of Rte.209.

Laura Rodas

Clean beach, will take care of, professional and well trained life guard staff. Great waves!

Jody Gray

Always so much fun, my family loves walking to the island and finding sand dollars.

David Perry

18 bucks for 3 people. Ridiculous. The walk ridiculous. But at least it was a nice day

Jennifer Jones

Breathtaking beauty! 2 lighthouses, islands, nice beach!

Mark Reid

We visited the beach and nearby facilities. Parking was good. Lots of room for larger vehicles. Facilities to change, rinse of and use the washrooms. Beach is sandy and water was nice. There is an island nearby to walk to during low tide. Would definitely return and recommend.


Wanted to drop in for a 3.30 pm late afternoon visit only... was told by entry officer that it would be $8 as I was an out-of-stater. No thanks.

Barbara Michaud

Beautiful beach. Long walk, clean facilities

Sharlee Renchy

Such an awesome beach! Cost to get in(very reasonable $7 total for an adult and child) and I arrived around noontime (July 4) and only 8 parking spots were left in the gate, after those were taken they shut off the gate and it appeared all the cars had to park along the road. Not sure if this is a normal occurrence at high times, but something to take into consideration.

Crystal Buckman

Beautiful beach! We make it at least once every summer.

Anna Dixon

Nice day to visit! 79 degrees nice breeze not overly crowded. Got there at 12 left at 5:30 enjoyed low tide, walked out to the island and back before the tide came back in

David Pelkey

Peaceful and quiet. Excellent place to walk paths while still on the ocean and experience miles and miles of view with nothing but water.

Patrick Goodwin

Awesome beach great for family times!

Matt Rodriguez

This is a beautiful beach with plenty of area to set up a nice little area to sit and enjoy the beach. When the tide is out you can explore the islands and the tide pools left by the receding water. It is just a really nice and relaxed location where you can easily spend the entire day enjoying the beautiful weather. The water may be cold but it is fun to body surf in the waves once you get used to it. You may even see a few sea creatures. Today wife and I saw a harbor seal pup! It was adorable!!!!!

Jared Boudreau

Lots of sand and ocean. Great exploring opportunities. Saftey controls the fun when closing the low tide island for incoming tide, lifeguards keep the sandcastles undersized, and the park closes at dusk. If you don't have a season pass, a van full of people can get expensive for a quick dip, best to spend all day (although they open late and crowds line the gate). I'd definately go back to enjoy the beach with friends and family.

michelle cramer

This is a very nice beach area and park, the historical Part of park and fort is very cool. Worth going through.

Deb Stevens

Very quiet off season and great walking.

Marc Dionne

One of the prettiest beaches in Maine. The ever changing topography of the river and sand bars adds interest. Popham fills up quickly on hot summer days. So get there early.

Dave's Adventures

This is one of my favorite beaches. There is no commercialization here. It is pure nature. There is a ton of beach space so you are not crowded together like sardines. There is a lot of shells and sand dollars to be found as well. During low tide you can walk out to Fox Island and explore there as well.

David ONeill

Beautiful beach. Had a fantastic day with the family here. Beaches are nice and Sandy and there is plenty of room. When the tide goes out you can walk to an island which really breaks the day up for the kids

Positive Energy News Media.

Great place to just go have fun at the beach

Dorothy Oreiley

I'm a little concerned about the trash pack out situation but it is end of summer and it looked pretty clean so maybe it's gonna work out. Had a great day.

Allison Jewell

Our favorite beach to visit every summer.

Ruth Clarke

Found 3 sand dollars. Small bit wonderful.

Lindsey Allen

I love Popham. The parking lot is easy, the beach is long and spacious, the water is clean, and there are so many natural attractions that make this place so cool. The sandbars and connection to the island is super fun and unique, as are the protected Piping Plover areas. It is a State Park, so there are rules to follow (no alcohol, pets, or kites for example) but it's also what keeps the area so clean and relaxing.

Babs Ketchum

You have to pay to get in. But you can get in for free if you're a veteran of the US Armed Forces. You just need to provide actual proof (like a DD-214, military ID card, or something along those lines) that you're a veteran if you want the discount.

Ashley Allin

I've been going here since I was little and always cherish every minute that I'm here. Limited parking makes it a little difficult as now it's one of the top rated beaches.

David McCrea

Vast and majestic. It's what beaches looked like before the condos show up

Mathew Brown

One if the best beaches in Maine. Plenty of beach so it doesn't seem too crowded.

Rob Ripley

Awesome state park beach! Go at low tide so you can walk over to the island and sandbar. Even if the place is busy, the beach is plenty big enough! Wonderful sandy beach. Beautiful and the perfect place to spend a summer day.

David Chapman

I love this beach hard so much

Rosemary Moody

Bit of a walk to the beach from the parking lot, but over all it is a very nice beach, with lots of space.

David Goldfield

Magnificent Maine coast. Can walk out to island at low tide. Not dog friendly in season...great for letting them run free Oct to April.

dragonfly chabot

I love going here. Been going here for years. Prob one of the best beaches to go to.

Dali Palomo

Awesome place, just be aware to bring your own shade

Curt Hunnewell

Such a great beach that changes so much with the rides. Very picturesque. Fun!

Kathy Giddings New & Used Vehicle Sales Gal

This is one of my favorite places on earth.

Deb Korth

Just the best state park and true beach in Maine! We love this awesome beach and so much to explore including the fort, the out croppings (not in high tide), the ocean and much to discover such as beautiful sand dollars. Bring a hard sided cooler that fits all your food and drink to protect against very bold seagulls.

Jack Mccabe

Love it. best state park in the state

Juan Diaz

Awesome place, great for kids too with the small shallow pools for them to play in. Lifeguards were on top of things. At one point a shark was spotted in the distance and they quickly got everyone out of the water.

Hannah Martin

Great beach, nice bathrooms, seagulls were a little ruthless

Ethan Jones

Amazing beach.Low tide exposes a sand bridge to an island. Kids had a blast and it was well worth the drive from Freeport during our vacation.


Always a great time at popham. The main beach fills up fast during the summer. So get there early. The updated facilities are great. Beach is always clean

jessica coldwell

❤️ back again lol love the beach❤️

Rob Wilson

Beautiful views and an historic fort to see as well.

Martha Malik

Love going to Popham. When the tide us low can walk to the island.

Jeff Pierce

Beautiful Beach. 605 Acres of various turns.

Joseph Marin

Great place to watch the water and climb the rock if tide is out. Rest area and snack bar, not sure of hours.

Mary Benford

Beautiful, clean, wide open beach.

Lyn Rowden

Beautiful sand beach, old fort to explore. Avoid at peak times as you won't be able to park in the park. Long walk to water in state park, but by fort you can get right up to it easier for young kids and elders. Nice area, beautiful marshes etc.

Binga MW

The best clear clean and wide open space for a beach. Walks on the beach are endless and never over crowded even though parking st certain times are always ful we always go later when ride is out, parking is good and our kids can walk over to the little island. If you love long walks on the beach, this is one of the best north of Ogunqik. It's longer than that beach. One of our favorites in Maine.


Go here every year with my family for an annual beach trip. Very clean and love that they have a big bathroom / changing building as well as a place to wash off outside under a shower head or just your with with a low spout.

Peggy May

I love the ocean so I'm biased about this beautiful area. Water is freezing cold all year long but the sun and beach are awesome.

Kristen Hammar

Great beach, perfect for kids, plenty of tidal pools. Clean and not too crowded. Great bathroom and shower facilities and a food truck. When the tide is low you can walk out to the giant rocks and get a great view of the coastline.

Chris Potter

Awesome especially at low tide. I would suggest visiting at low tide. But a beautiful spot either way.

Rob Rone

4 stars for the beauty of it! Maybe 5 if I get into the water this summer

Justin L.

Came for a preseason, spring day of walking the beach and taking pictures. $6 for adults and $1 for a ten yr old. Bundle up a it can be very chilly, although we did see barefoot beach goer's. Sandcastles, seagulls and waves. Water was around 35f, and we saw some kids decked out in full rain gear and waterproof boots playing in the waters edge. Note: No Life Guards are on duty. Finished out our trip with a visit to Fort Popham. Beautiful day.

Tonya Stevens

Always love coming here...Maine is gorgeous!

Laura Gleason

Beautiful beaches. The seagulls steal your food so keep a close eye. Not over crowded absolutely love this beach.

Bob Hoagland

Nice Sandy Beach. Has lifeguards and changing area and bathrooms.

Rosanne Gray

Best beach in the area. Plenty of parking ,restrooms ,changing rooms . Very inexpensive to enter! Great sand, views, quiet too!

Elise Faris

One of my favorite places to be!

Roger Simmons

A magical place. We visited after 5 and the beach was very sparsely populated. You could hear the piping plovers. Great facilities so a shout out to Maine State Parks.

Deneen Fleming

Beautiful beach. Weather was perfect. Should get there early for parking. Very popular place to go. Nothing better than hearing the lil waves crash on the beach n smelling the fresh salt air.

Jeremy I Hills

My daughter and I had a great time at Popham Beach and Fort Popham today. The place was full up when we arrived, but a very nice private land owner let us park in her space for 10$! Having traveled for two hours to get to Fort Popham, I was Very grateful!! We spent a couple hours at the fort, and then enjoyed the beach area next to the fort. Then we went over to Popham Beach State Park and spent two hours+ playing in the Atlantic Ocean, on the beach, and Wolf's Neck Island. It was a beautiful day to there. I love this location has been there many times and will absolutely be returning again! I'd highly recommend that anyone go here! Handicap friendly, changing rooms, showers, and bathrooms are available, and the fort is amazing. Thanks State of Maine for a absolutely perfect day!

Ashley Levasseur

Drove a few hours to get there to have to drive around to find parking almost was a waisted trip until they finally allowed us to park inside the gate.

Briana Wagner

An incredible spot that was so peaceful, beautiful, and fun. Long walk wonderland with views of tree covered islands, lighthouse, calm water, and silky soft glistening sand. Absolute gem of an afternoon. Easy parking, perfect place to sit on the beach and turn your phone off.

George Fontana111

Love taking the family here so relaxing

Donny Lowe

One of the most unique beaches I've ever been to. Watching the tide go out and crossing the sand bar to explore the island was such a wonderful experience.

Trella Dubetz

Beautiful, long swath of sandy beach and a cool rock formations you can climb at the end of a sand bar. Super lovely and family friendly.

Matthew Brumfield

The beach and island were amazing! Services were limited, but they probablyare better prior to Labor day. Well worth going either way.

Brad Larsen

Great beach. Parking fills up fast...but it's best to not let it be overcrowded I suppose.

Trisha Watson

Great beach in mid coast Maine. Two sets of bath houses, loads of room for walking, striper fishing spot just past the west beach, and beautiful views of islands just off shore. There was also a food truck there the August Friday we were there, food smelled great!

Troy Ancona

The State Park, at Popham Beach, offers great swimming as well as an opportunity to stroll on a sand bar at low tide, plus plenty of opportunities for sea shells and sand dollars, at the right tide, of early in the morning. There are picnic tables, a nice bath house, changing area, and plenty of parking. But beware as on hot days this big lot fills up quickly! This is not to be confused with Fort Popham, which has free access but is not a great swimming spot! The State Park does have an entrance fee!

Roxann Tyger

It was a pretty and sandy (not rocky) beach. Facilities were good and the beach was not a far walk from the parking lot. Would've rated it higher except for the entrance fee. Even getting there at 4pm we had to pay and paid the full rate. Coming from a state where parks are free, it upsets me.

Jason Pellerin

Family friendly, lots of space and lots to do.

dima ru

Beautiful beach! Low tide can walk to the island.

Donald Gervais

Gorgeous sandy beach.

Stephanie Abrahamson

There is plenty of parking and when the parking lot is full, they do open up a lane on the road coming in, to park on. Popham has bathrooms and changing areas. Dogs are allowed. There is no lifeguard on duty, so swim at your own risk. There are no picnic tables or shade down on the beach, so make sure your prepared. Right down the road is Fort Popham which is fun to explore. Also, more beaches and a walkway. The area is very clean and beautiful. Very, very sandy, not rocky. When the tide is out there is an island you can explore. Great place for families with kids. One of my families beach staples.

Debbie Tybush

It was so beautiful. We got to watch them release a seal back into the ocean. Need to come back in summer when it's warmer. So worth the trip.

Tom Dentremont

This is a great beach, not an amusement park. No boardwalk, no rides. Just beautiful sand and ocean and views. This year for the first time there IS a food truck but I didn't try it. (Salty Boyz)

Keragan Marie

Popham is my favorite beach and I greatly enjoy coming here. The beach is family friendly and is a joy to walk on. Fox island is a beautiful view as well! One of our favorite things to do here is to catch sand dollars and to boogie board! Would recommend to anyone who loves the beach and wants to have a good time!

John Rankin

Great beaches, finally got to stick my feet in the Atlantic ocean

Martha Logan

Nice bathroom and great bravh

Katie King

One of the best beaches to go especially on low tide. Usually its not too busy especially in the off season, and if you love searching for sand dollars and shells its a good place. Lots of seagulls and hermit crabs and even a couple islands you can walk to ( tide permitted). It has some crazy waves with some dangerous undercurrents so be careful!!

Christie Goulet

Great beach, lots of room no matter how many people are there. Our go to beach

Tony Shives

Amazing state beach. Will return again and spend more time next trip

Walter Tarbox

Nice place to see the ocean

Catherine K

One of the best beaches in Maine! Restrooms and changing rooms are available. And a food truck is there some days, too!

Gavin Mills 05

Great clean beach will go again

Dana F

The best beach in Maine

Kalie Hess

Even when it's crowded it doesn't feel that busy, and the waves are great for swimming, boogie boarding, and skim boarding. Water is cold, but if you stay in long enough you go numb and it's fine! ;)

John Bates

Lived walking in the beach to the island. Don't get stranded when the tide comes in !

Ember Kleen

Pretty crowded, great fishing and accomadating

Andrea Wallace

My favorite place in Maine! Beautiful beach very well cared for. At low tide you can walk out to a small rocky island. The views from there are wonderful! I take my kids there a lot!

Angelo Sandman

I'm a beach lover and I'm glad I visited this beach. It is beautiful and this might be my favorite beach in Maine I say that because I have not seen all of them. We went there on a weekday after 10 and I'm glad that we were able to get in as most people say to go there early. There were acatually a lot of parking spots when we got there but of course weekend is a different story. I would love to go back and will recommend.

Mark Kidwell

Nice beach, easy access and beautiful scenery.

Jenna Carlson

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been here and I’ll be coming here more frequently. The beach is amazing, very sandy, clean, and lots of space. We went on a hot day and I was worried it would be packed. We were still able to get parking and there was TONS of space free on the beach. When it is low tide you can walk out to Fox island a I would say it’s like OOB without the massive crowds, traffic and overpriced food. There are bathrooms here which are very clean. And unlike at OOB you don’t have to pay to use some of them or go into a nasty port-a-poty. Since it is a state park you have to pay to get in but children are free and Maine residents are $3 an adult. Not too bad really.

John Gastonguay

The best beach in the state. Lived here my whole life. No attractions. But you've got wildlife you can witness and the most georgeous view and walk any where in the state . Plus you have the Popham Beach forts a mile up the road. Just a great spot for the whole family. You have to wait and see with the tide in and the tide out. Totally different.

Breanna Decker

This beach is so scenic! It's a great swimming beach bc there are lifeguards on duty. There are restrooms and an outdoor shower. FYI, you pay per person, not per vehicle, to enter the parking lot for a day pass.

zeb beattie

This beach has a lot to offer and a bathroom. But the bathrooms are not directly on the beach. There at the entrance. You have to pay to get into the parking lot. If you park outside you can walk in for free.

adam fuller

First off this place is one of the best beaches in Maine. The landscape is always changing there, the beach is simply amazing. When it is low tide Fox island is accessible and fun to walk around. Plenty of shells to be found, you can also enjoy fishing too. Snorkeling can be done and you can find alot hermit crabs and regular crabs. The parking does fill up fast so make a plan and get there early. Onsite bathrooms and food make it all the more better. Lots of beach room so you won't need to worry about being to close to other people. Staff are great,friendly and very helpful. Enjoy your day at Popham Beach!!!

Bradford Meehan

EXECELLENT greeting by staff ,helpfull,informative,and friendly. Bath houses, large,modern , handicapped accessae....

Seth Wilschutz

One of the best beaches in Maine. Huge beach allows people to spread out even when busy.

Nancy Hunt

One of many Maine's treasures. Beautiful beach .

Tye Wilhelm

Beautiful beach but lots of people


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