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Where is Pemaquid Point Lighthouse?

REVIEWS OF Pemaquid Point Lighthouse IN Maine

S. Emery

Perfect place for a picnic or walk with the pups. Be ready to take photos with the amazing views!!

Dan McGuire

Been there three times great location and even better for true photographers.

Sara Hayduchok

This geology surrounding this lighthouse was incredible. I visited here because it was on Maine's state quarter, and I was very pleasantly surprised. The rocks near the ocean's edge were truly mesmerizing. I and many other guests spent much time sitting/walking around/taking pictures of the beautiful rocks and peaceful yet powerful waves. The lighthouse itself was also interesting and you could climb to the top! Their museum is quite old, outdated, and not too interesting in my opinion, but some other historical parts there were intriguing. Admission charged $3 which I thought was worth it considering the beautiful geology and climbing to the top. The top of the lighthouse was only open at a certain time so make sure you know that before you go.

Bruce Moulton

You get to walk up into the lighthouse. The attendant in the lighthouse gave us a great rundown on the history. The park around the lighthouse and the little restaurant on the edge of the property made it a great afternoon experience.

Rev Myers

Beautiful lighthouse and facilities perched on a long outcropping of multicolored granite that slopes gently to the sea. Flower beds greet you as you get out of your car. Wonderful sight for photographers. Saw loons and other waterfowl, as well as a seal there. Lobster boat also came near. Loved watching the waves crash on and then over the rocks with the rising tide. Also has nice shaded spot to take in the beauty of the rocks and ocean.

David Schlacht

Great location to shoot Milky Way. Accessible 24/7 but bring bug spray!

Rosemary Thomas

Enjoyable place. Lots to see and do included in one entry price

christine kim

Such a beautiful place! They also have a free mini museum attached to the lighthouse. Only 5 people can go up at a time but it's worth the wait. I guess they also have a bed and breakfast above the museum? Would be pretty neat to stay at. Entrance/parking is $5 per person but active military get in free. They have a bathroom and a shop/restaurant there too.

Margie Williamson

Loved the place beautiful ❤️

Brother Lamb

What a beautiful park. Little museum with loads of history on area fishing and lobstahering

Steffanie Brown

Pemaquid point is one of the most exquisite places on the coast. Incredible panoramic views of the ocean and coastline.

Tami Carey-Kretz

Beautiful area, best I've seen so far! A must see!

A Google User

very scenic, great museums and gift shop, picnic area and restaurant

Donna Deffenbaugh

We had a great time hiking on the rock and photographing the lighthouse. Climbed to the top was easy, but super hot.

Kerry Holmes

My favorite place in Maine! Exploring the tide pools and watching the the waves crash...simply beautiful!

Richard Harvat

A nice place to see the ruggedness of Maine coast.

Jordanna Gerraughty

Most amazing breath taking view. The rock formations are really cool. I go every trip to Maine. I look forward to seeing it. I could sit there all day. Climb on rocks, eat a picnic lunch, go back out look at different view as the tide comes in or goes out. It's really cool

Rhonda K

Beautiful area. The great ratings are true. Picturesque area....we were in Maine for a long girls weekend and picked this lighthouse based on reviews. Totally worth the drive just for the view.

Olivia Nolan

Gorgeous lighthouse with gorgeous views. Very helpful and informative staff. Clean facilities. Beautiful drive to get there, too.

Sharon Hardwick

So much fun. We just stopped at this lighthouse bc it was on the way. We had no idea we'd get to go inside. It was such a treat!

Karen Auger

What a beautiful place to visit! And you can go up in the lighthouse! Worth the drive!

Nathan Stiffler

Cool little light house to check out if your in the area and have the time. Wouldn't make a day trip out of it or anything but a neat stop if your in the area.

Leslie Greene

Beautiful place! Lots to look around at. Got some AMAZING pics of my kids here, although them climbing on all the rocks made me nervous! We went early, and not even on the weekend, and it got really packed really quickly.

Jeff O

Been going there since I was a kid. I bring my kids now. It's fun to climb on the rocks and play in the tide pools :-)

org 2026

The museum is very interesting and the once you're at the top its very beautiful. If you decide to it is very fun to climb down on the rocks.

Giovanni Boezio

One of the first memories that pops in my mind when I think of my vacation. Museum is a jewel, visiting a lighthouse was epic, all presented by 2 passionate and knowledgable persons, the price was low. On the seaside I could feel all of the power of the sea.

john shults

I haven't been to many lighthouses, but this one's on the state quarter, so that's cool. Beautiful area and views of the coastline.

Eric Potter

A wonderful lighthouse and an amazing spot along the ocean. You can go up to the top of the lighthouse in groups of four. It's a steep ladder so be aware. The lighthouse closes early but the park remains open for exploring. this is a great lighthouse to add to your lighthouse tour and you will not regret stopping here. There is a fun restaurant and snack shop with lots of tourist trinkets to buy next door. The grounds are beautiful and well maintained. The parking lot is large and should hold plenty of people and cars. There are a couple of picnic tables so you can bring a lunch with you. There was a small fee just to get in so be aware.

Diane Gauthier

Was beautiful...worth seeing..hubby climbed to the top..

Jim Kiker

Such a gorgeous place, and when the staff is there, you can go up into the lighthouse@

Jennifer stevens

Beautiful setting! And the seagull shop and cafe next to it was wonderful.

Lisa Lane

It has significance beyond being a popular tourist destination.

Jenny Tozier Polches

My hometown natural wonder. One of the most beautiful places on Earth

Andrew Middleton

Great spot to bring a picnic and spend an afternoon. Definitely go up in the lighthouse and explore the rocks.

James Collins

I enjoy history, and this place has it in the attached Museum and light house, but it also shows a prime example of Maine's tortured geology. Below the lighthouse, strange rock formations are seen thrusting out into the ocean. These are formed from layered rocks of various hardness that have been crumpled into ridges over geologic time. The softer rocks have been eroded by ocean waves and frost. Worth seeing for the history AND the geology.

Genanne Brandon

Crashing waves and rocks to clamber. Interesting erosion and formation. Lighthouse to tour, but not for littles.

Sean Nyquist

Most amazing lighthouse I've ever visited. I've been to dozens of them and by far the best.

Toxic Doll

Cutest lighthouse. It's on the state quarter. Nice little museum with a gift shop next door. Gorgeous views and photo opportunities in a wonderful area

Trevor Schoenen

The lighthouse itself wasn't that impressive, but the landscape around it was beautiful. I went in the evening, and the temperature was really nice and the skies were clear. This combined with beautifully eroded rock you can climb and walk on made for a really great experience. Highly recommended if you are looking for a good example of the Maine coastline with a lighthouse!

Cheryl Ramsdell

This my happy place! We come here a couple times a year. Our dog loves to climb the rocks with us. I highly recommend a visit.

Makenzie Wilson

Awesome landmark for Maine. The history but could be laid out better, however, I feel I could have learned a lot more if the museum had some more detail and organization.

Kelly DeLisle

Gorgeous views!! It was very chilly in mid May but so worth it. We went at low tide and climbed on the lower rocks. Beautiful formations and waves

Harshvardhan Bhise

One time watch place. Visit in summer season.

richard desGranges

A cute lighthouse that you can climb stairs to the top.

Mary Lou Alther

Phil really enjoyed the lighthouse tour. Great brunch at the restaurant. Beautiful views.

Michael Coplan

Great history. Great views

Morgan Haskett

My favorite place in the world! Beautiful and peaceful. Watching and listening to the waves are my therapy. Proposed to my wife here many years ago.

Springer Blankenship

Excellent site seeing. $3 per adult. Bit of a climb to walk down the rocks and to the water. Anyone capable of walking on their own should be able to make it.

Kandie Lindsey

Absolutely breathtaking a must see we have people from all over the world to visit our point there are guides to explain every detail of our region with so much knowledge!!!!! They do have a giftstore as well!!!! Please make sure you bring your cameras!!!! The sun rise and sun sets are absolutely beautiful!!!! Most of All we love all new comers!!!! Enjoy make sure you visit downtown Damerscotta lots of shops incl rennys and mainly pawn antiques unbelievable place!!!!!!

Ronald Valade

Pemaquid Point is the picturesque and typically quintessential Maine coastline. High ledges, sea grass, and summer cottages dot both sides of the point and are highlighted by the lighthouse. Lighthouse tours offer a glimpse into the past as the historical society guides small groups into the tower. One of Maine's many treasured locations!

Barbara Michaud

So beautiful. I hope to always remember my time there

Victor Kohnke

Like all the lighthouses in Maine this is cool to look at and fun to visit, the huge difference is that they regularly allow you to walk up into the lighthouse, they have a cool little museum to walk around and the people who staff it are friendly and helpful. Even if the weather is bad you must visit this lighthouse!

Cindy Wolf

The museum is very interesting and the lighthouse is beautiful.

Russell Manchester

One of my most favorite places on the planet. Where the Sky the Sea and the Land all come together. Lots of people know how special this place is, they sit for hours just soaking it all in. It's hard to forget once you have seen a wave crash on the rocks and see the spray go 30 to 40 feet in the air, like today.

Rick Hyde

Very Informative guides very enjoyable

Mary Jikhars

I've been going here since I was a kid. It's beautiful and calming. This is my happy place.

Edward DeMellier

Beautiful views from the lighthouse. The museum is small but very interesting.

Mercedes Debowey

Very unique rocky beach on Maine's beautiful coast.

pat DiGioia

Awesome view of picturesque New Shoreline and light house.

Dave Cheney

One of my favorite places. The ocean, rocks, lighthouse...

Risa Lenney

We go here every single year since I was a child in the 60's. Nothing beats the view and waves. Pic nic area is nice. Always recommend.

Alicia Archer

Gorgeous lighthouse! Our favorite in Maine so far!

Joe Conte

One of the prettiest places in Maine and maybe the world

Karen Brennan

Beautiful place . Lots of history to be heard . Very quant place for a picnic lunch.

Brian Steinsiek

Beautiful coastline views, even though the fog....

LouAnn Neller

This is a very peaceful and beautiful place.

Ian Curley

Nice historical landmark and you can visit the top of lighthouse, tight at the top though

Megan Tripp

The lighthouse is cool to go up in and the rocks are great to play, chill, and take pictures on

Nancy L Stetson

One of my most favorite places in the world!

Adrienne Houel

The real Maine Coast with crashing waves on rocks and cliffs. Always islands and other peninsulas too see in the distance. Spectacular even on an overcast day.

Merrill Pierce

Views are SPECTACULAR! Climbing on the rocks and exploring the tidal pools, fun for all ages.

Judy Gonzales

Beautiful lighthouse set on picturesque rocky Maine coastline. Informative narrative at the base of lighthouse and great views from the top!

Shawn Surma

Peaceful rocky coast with a terrific light house. Lots of parking. Dog friendly and plenty of places to enjoy a picnic.

Mary McCluskey

What a beautiful place to visit for a picnic or the weekend. I had the good fortune of staying here at the Lighthouse for the weekend in September 2018 and I would go back again and again! It’s no wonder it’s one of the most photographed Lighthouses. It’s simply as beautiful and spectacular as the pictures. Stop if you’re in the area. You won’t be disappointed.

S Moose

Quintessential Maine lighthouse on rocky shore.

Katelynn Bowen

very scenic and piecefull. 3-5 dollar admission. You can climb to the top of the lighthouse to see an amazing view at no additional cost. The museum is also free. You can walk down onto the rocks to get a better view of the ocean. There is also a redtaurant and gift shop next to the lighthouse. My family visits this site every time we go to maine.

Ryan Ziebart

Great place! Lots of fun tide pools on the rocks. Just be careful it can get slippery!

Joel Slutzki

A nice lighthouse very much recommend to visit

Amanda Cairns

Amazing view. The lighthouse is beautiful, has a museum that shows a lot of the history in it. They also have a gallery on the premises that has exquisite artwork from local artists. A small diner and gift shop as well so you can truly make it a day trip to explore the whole area.

Brett Wright

Great place to go see. Awesome views.

Lisa Kemp


Barbara Viencek

The light house is beautiful and so are the surroundings just sit and listen to the waves crash against the rocks is awesome

Shawnnarae St,Amand Drayton Dumont

Any place next to the ocean has five stars for me

Jared Avery

Awesome spot to enjoy the scenic coast of Maine. We toured the light keepers house, climbed to the top of the tower, explored the rocky shore and completed our visit with ice cream next door! Great stop for us.

Brian m

Beautiful landmark with scenic views and a lot of history. Far off the beaten path.

Edie Barthelmes

Gorgeous vistas and wonderful historic location.

Christopher Bensch

A gorgeous place I always enjoy returning to.


Lovely lighthouse! Finally able to visit! One of the only lighthouses you can climb. $3 charge to enter the park. But more than well worth it. 5 people allowed up the tower at a time. A very nice lighthouse museum.

Lynette Eastman

A very well kept beautiful area to explore. One of Maine's prettiest light houses.

Phillip Tocci

Quiet and out of the way from the hustle and bustle of every day life. I took it in at the crack of Dawn to find out we were going to have an overcast day. Oh well. P.

Aaron Gumm

This is one of my favorite places. If you're nearby, go, but do so at low tide so you can see the rocks sticking up out of the water. Be careful if you choose to climb out on the rocks as I did. Some people have gotten caught by the tide or pulled off the rocks by the sea never to be heard from again.

Ron Montano

Beautiful area and accessable lighthouse.You can sit under the pines,plenty of picnic tables.Employees friendly.Also a art studio.Beautiful grounds.

Margaret Hayter

Worth the drive down the peninsula to see this lighthouse. It is much more accessible than most lighthouses, with plenty of parking. Plus it's a bargain at $3pp. Kids are free. This lighthouse is owned and maintained by the town of Bristol. This iconic lighthouse is the one depicted on the Maine state quarter and the one seen on just about every calendar with lighthouses.


A great park with a museum , great views, historic light house and other attractions. 3 bucks a person gets you in but be sure to have some cash to donate to the lighthouse keepers they do a great job. Come tour the coastline take in the historic structure and learn about the areas mairatime past in the fishing museum and be sure to talk to the knowledgeable volunteers before you go up in the tower. A note the tower is separate from the park so if you visit they would love a donation.

Jared White

Nowhere does it say you can't take your child up the lighthouse. Not on the website or on a sign there. Drove 90 minutes out off the way for nothing. I can go walk on some scary rocks by the ocean below the lighthouse but no walking up stairs with a kid strapped to you. I've been up it before there's no hazzard.

Colby Edwards

Voted best lighthouse in the state. It did not disappoint. Highly recommend.

John Dell

Always a favorite lunch spot for the family when in the area.

Narmeen Makhani

Beautiful lighthouse. We visited after it closed but the walk and views are amazing.

Dulcey Darville

Beautiful coastal scenery, great location for a picnic, family reunion, or wedding.

Linda Rae

Beautiful day at one of our favorite spots!

Peggy Brown

Love this place every time we visit. Sitting on the rocks overlooking the inlet is beautiful

Tatsiana Miraniuk

Amazing place! Felt in love with it. So relaxing to just sit on the rocks and enjoy the views

Rhonda Spellman

This is definitely a destination location! I think the season is just about over but put it on your list for next year for sure. The gift shop is a destination location all in its own. This is a fantastic gift shop with very unique items at wonderful prices. The art gallery is truly incredible with high quality art from local artists and you don't want to miss the Lighthouse Museum that is full of historic pieces and, of course, take a trip to the top of the lighthouse!

Eric Goddard

Yearly visit, love the rock flows. Don't remember having to pay $3 a person. But I'll still keep coming to see the power of the ocean and millions of year old rock flows.

Beth Dail

This is a gorgeous place to visit!

Austin Page

Got to go to top of lighthouse, also free to explore the area and rocks and get some great photos. Epitomizes Maine’s beauty.

Trisha Watson

The rocks in front of the lighthouse were fun to climb around on, we did not climb to the top of the lighthouse or go into the museum, too busy, but the fun of climbing around the rocks was worth the price of admission. Portland Head Light is still my favorite for the scenic beauty.

Mark H

Second visit here. Spectacular views of the coastline, sea crashing against the rocks. An iconic Maine lighthouse, well worth the drive. Explore down the rocks at low tide, but watch out for the waves particularly with small kids. Nice picnic area. You can climb the lighthouse and interesting little museum, ask a few questions and you’ll be amazed at what you learn. Kept the whole family (from 9 to 75 yr olds!) interested for 1-2 hours.

Danette Close

Beautiful vistas, nice ocean breeze, and a traditional New England lighthouse. Simply gorgeous.

The Nintendo Bros

This place is just beautiful...clean, well maintained and perfectly situated. We visited as tourists and loved it so much we went back two more times during our trip!

Sharon Lee

This is a lovely park at the edge (duh) of the ocean. You get incredible views of the ocean and the shelf -- that famous "rocky Maine coast." There are a couple of picnic benches, and art gallery inside the park. There's a museum in what used to be the light-keeper's house. Wonderful day trip for those of us who live here, and absolutely worth a visit from all lighthouse fans. I got my first stamp in my Lighthouse Passport at Pemaquid Light.

Leah Labree

This is one of my favorite lighthouses! The view is superb, the fare to get in is reasonable, and climbing on the rocks is awesome!!

Jennifer East

Just beautiful and you can climb it! Great views

Christie Goulet

Easy access to a beautiful light house. The rocks are easy to walk down to the coast, favorite spot

Beryl Southerland

My favorite Maine lighthouse. I go every time I'm home for a visit. The grounds are gorgeous. Museum is excellent and the man who was there the day we visited was very knowledgeable. The gift shop never disappoints.

Birgit Zeus

Stunning! Worth the drive, and real bathrooms

Emily C

Beautiful views! Extremely nice and helpful staff. Very clean area.

don jensen

Great time we were there just about dusk perfect

Jill Lowe

Worth a detour. $3 cash per person (over 12y) for car park... but the local council (who own the car park) does not own the lighthouse. The Coast Guard who own it ask for an additional ‘donation’ to climb the lighthouse. However still worth it IMO.


Worth the trip, nice view of the ocean and amazing old structure ...

Pam Kenniston

Beautiful setting, nice drive and fantastic view - and not to be forgotten, the picturesque lighthouse!

Scott Zellner

Beautiful scenery. Very peaceful. The art gallery is lovely. The restaurant next door is good. Parking is easy and its 3 bucks a person cant be beat.

david cousins

Lovely old light house, you can visit the top, nice art gallery and fisherman's museum. Great place for a picnic.

Pradnyesh Patil

This lighthouse got a beautiful surrounding..nice garden, rocks that go into the sea.... Great place to spend time reading, listening songs or photography!

Karen Adams

This is my very favorite place. I think it's the most beautiful and serine place. I go every year. The little gift shop and restaurant is awesome and the food is good. The people are very friendly

Dan Boehm

Great site to see and picnic. This is the lighthouse on the Maine quarter

Katherine Hines

This is a nice lighthouse with a gorgeous view

Branden Wynant

Pretty cool spot. You can go in the lighthouse. Only 3 dollars a person. Be careful on the rocks!

Jon Matt

Always a fun place to visit if you are close by!

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