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519 Main St, Bangor, ME 04401, United States

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Where is Paul Bunyan Statue?

REVIEWS OF Paul Bunyan Statue IN Maine

Linda Milozzo


Frank Johnson

Waiting for blue the bull to appear someday soon

Ashley Fries

Very cool and easy to get to.

Joe Nothanks

It's a Maine thing.

A McDurmon

Colossal lumberjack (Paul Bunyan) statue. The nearby restraunt is appropriately named Timber.

John Stein

Nice attraction for travelers to stop bye and get your photo taken with Big Paul.

Michelle Searles

Paul Bunyan is the shiznit.

Mike Seper

It’s a Paul Bunyan Statue. Do you really need to say more? NOPE

Theresa Doster

Fun site for Stephen King fans


Definetely worth a visit.

Nicholas Culler

Cool statue

Ben Webber

Its Paul bunyan.

Derek Arthur

Across from casino

Jeremy Smart

Very nice location at the right time of day. Great for a picture.

Alex C.

In plain sight.

Thomas Coburn

This is a Bangor staple. If you have not seen this statue you should.

Jehan Jamil

Not much to see except the statue itself, which is very big. Was there for a few mins to take pictures and that's all.

Deborah Weeks

Love taking pictures with it

John Vedral

Everybody knows that Paul Bunyan was a real Maine myth and all of the other false claims are false. What isn't commonly known is that Babe the Blue Ox was really turquoise.

Sara Egan

So cool

Rich Stephenson

This has been here for at least 40 years, I used to drive by it everyday when I was a teenager. I took my children to see it and I was disappointed that there was no historical plaque. There were only do not climb signs.

Emma Ritter

Fun stop to make to see the infamous Paul Bunyan. He's as big as they say! Paul is missing his blue ox, but we won't hold that against him. To get a picture with Paul you can briefly park across the street at the gas station or the small dirt parking lot just behind the gas station. Worth the short detour to check out the impressive statue.

Junu Hada

Good to know the story

Stephanie Hall

Paul Bunyan holds a special place in my heart, as grade school children we used to come from several hours away to see the Paul Bunyan statue. It was on that field trip that we were educated about who Paul Bunyan was , and why he was made into a Statue..There are two other states that claim Paul Bunyan is from their State however The Maniacs no he is from Maine he's right down the road standing right there Big & Tall !!! Well worth a visit...

Carrie Peiffer

Fun stop in Bangor!

Lauren Heffernan

An excellent statue, but who is Paul Bunyan without his faithful blue of, Babe? I cannot in good conscience give this five stars until the two are united, though it is my hope that one day I am able to.

Travis Jeffrey

Paul is always standing strong in Bangor

Ernest Grendell

Not what you would see every day

R.S. Lewis

A must if you're a Stephen King fan

Joyce Dennis

Big statue, no info on why it's there. Take picture and go

Briana Mae Sunshine

It's a beautiful little Park area, and if you are an avid Pokemon GO player there is a gym at this location. Always upkept and a great little place to enjoy the sounds of the city. There can be a tendency of people gathering in small and large groups at this location.

bacon pope

In the great tradition of Bunyan statues--an impressive example.

Justin Sas

So amazing great time with good friends wonderful art !

al king

It was the ONLY cool thing to see when I passed thru Bangor.

Donald Turner

Maine landmark

Joanne Preston

Big statue in the middle of town. Had to park at the gas station across the street to get a quick pic, but still pretty cool!


A true Maine Icon!

Joe Gavenonis

If you're in Bangor,go see this

Alzena Stover

Beautiful statue but missing Babe Blue Ox

John Michaud

Huge mo monument

John Paul Handrigan

Very cool statue located in core of Bangor, ME. My kids knew this chap so it was exciting for them to see as well. We didn't get out of our car due to time restraints, but it would have been nice to get up close and have a few pictures taken. Definitely worth the time to check this out.

Scott Shorey

Great landmark to check out

randy Grindle

Very good statue this things huge

Haru Yamagucci

A Maine Landmark.

Carol Pollio

It's a big statue. It is. And if you're a Stephen King fan, stop by and take a picture. :)

The Valligator

Best Paul Bunyan statue anywhere!!!

Audrey Harling

No place to park unless you go to the hotel Drive by pic

Becca Bickford

It's my home state and this statue is huge!

James Parker

I believe this statue was referenced in a Stephen King novel (Bangor's second-most popular resident after Paul).

Cristina Matei

Cute statue, a bit underwhelming and cartoonish, not much else around, it delivers what it promises

Melanie Pugh

Best Paul Bunyan statue I've ever seen.

Sarah Langer

It was awesome!

Walter Gibbons

Love the history

Kari Bowen

Loved it

Crystal Wiltshire

Odd location no story or plaque just a statue

Jesse Hewitt

I thought it was kind of a cool quirky landmark, it kind of fits Bangor.

Abel Sullivan

Its a statue of Paul Bunyan. What else is there to say?

Aaliyah Yarde

I loved the story Paul bunyun just a fun way to think of how America land points were made

Jessica Ivy Distad

This Paul Bunyan statue is right in front of some weird contemporary building. I had to park at the hotel across the street to walk over and enjoy it, which I only sort of did.

Nikolaus Maack

This enormous, creepy statue is surprisingly well hidden. We drove past it three times without even noticing it. Which seems crazy once we finally had it pointed out to us. The statue is hidden behind trees and the corner of a building. What is meant to be charming and campy is vaguely terrifying. If you're on the roof of the casino parking lot, you can get a good view of this weird giant man with too many teeth. There is no Babe the Blue Ox to accompany Paul. Find raising efforts have stalled, over the years, we were told by a local guide. So what you're left with is this big butch lumberjack which I assume the homosexual Bangor residents worship as a homoerotic icon. All Bangor gay pride parades should start or end here.

Daniel Guarín



It's appropriate for Maine.

Domnic Sickles

Used to be a great party but they put up a new building. But much of the original parts from my childhood. All because they wanted a new Civic center. They at least let the statue but only just....

Molly Guest

I'm a little perplexed as to how I could possibly rate a statue. It's kind of funny.

Eva-Lynn Podietz

Ok.not much to do but have a quick look


Just so cool

Brandon Williams

Very quick trip to go and see this statue but love good ole American novelty ! If you’re ever in Bangor it’s worth a stop !

Christopher Coderre

Cool statue

David Dalrymple

If you're interested in seeing a very large statue of Paul Bunyan, this is a very nice one.

Cicely Suarez

It's a massive statue of Paul Bunyan.

Charles Khoury

Every child who visits this beautiful statue wishes to grow up as big & strong as Paul Bunyan!!!!!

Jamie Moon


Garden Lady

Quirky statue! Should have a convenient parking area for geeks like us who want to take a quick picture, though!

the boss man

Great view

Kurt Weidenthal III

big and sexy

Bonnie Morton

Theres always people checking out Paul Bunyan ..taking pictures etc

Shannon Moore

It's just a really tall statue. No convenient parking


A perfect likeness!! Uncanny! And convenient to Circle K!

Paul Solberg

Great photo op, parking not so convenient

Angelica Martincic

Right next to the casino and the Cross insurance center, in the middle of town. There is a lot to do nearby and he's a lot bigger than I expected. It's worth it to go see if you're in the area but I wouldn't travel very far to go see him. There is no parking on site so park nearby and walk a little. The garden area is well maintained and the paths are very cute!

Kevin Durkee

It's a big Paul Bunyan!

Artie Bartlett

Standing Tall for the River Drivers

Cher Bewick

Easy to get to

Scott Lord

Loved it since I was a kid

Alistair Norris

This attraction is exactly what you expect it to be. A large statue of Paul Bunyan.

Tyler Payne

Looks like an awesome statue and if you read the novel Called IT, in the novel there's a part in the novel where Richie is in the park and sees pennywise turn into the paul bunyan statue and taunts Richie and swings the axe and terrifies richie and starts to Chase him around the park.

Mike Salinas

It's so big, ya oughta go see it!

Holli Greenlaw


Patrick Dare

Iys amazing been here so long it's got grass under his feet looks like paul bunyon when I met him that one time

Joseph Boggs

Pretty cool. Not a lot of parking anywhere near this

Richard Grumm

Big statue. Worth 5 minutes.

John Pozadzides

Cool. But meh...

Andrew Trautman

Cool photo op if you're in the area

Tina Hanscom

Always enjoy seeing this statue I remember looking at it when I was little then bringing my children to see it and now my grandchildren and telling them the story about Paul Bunyan great statue in a great story and a great place Bangor Maine

Michael G

Google Stephen King sites in Bangor. This was on the list. He's pretty tall. :)

Holly E. Snyder

childhood memories when my gransmother brought me to see it and living out of state for 15 years then beign a mother myself rasing my children were i once lived. specialness of beigning able to tell my PA classmates all about the history of Paul B. for special essay in history classes.

Travis Connors

I was expecting a giant statue of Mr Bunyan and that is exactly what I found

Joshua Robinson

Standalone statue. Park at the hotel across the street

Kristina Lewis

A must see tourist stop

Barry Dicker

Part of Bangor's History

Tim Stinnett

Best Paul Bunyan statue in Maine.

Tim Shafer

It's a big statue in front of a building. No museum or anything.


Tall, statuey.

Sophia kk Kelley

This statue once stood with nothing but a field behind it.

Pamela England

It would have been nice if there was an information board!

eSpacioShop com

Being a Pennywise movie fan, this statue was a MUST.

Kelley Sedgwick

Pretty cool. This statue is huge!!

First Last

A tourist's must see!

tracy roman

It was a statue. Pretty impressive in size.

levi quinlan

Go to see

Steven Loeffler

There is no parking around this statue! However statue is very cool.

Lorne Keith

Interesting monument, found in down town Bangor Maine

David Susen

Fun for taking pictures

Colleen Stock

My life is complete. I have seen the statue of the great Paul Bunyan. Cute little park.

Janice Bills

It's smaller than it used to be & they're missing Blu ox but happy still he here

Top Gun

A Maine Landmark.

Michelle Hammond

Paul Bunyan Statue you get what you see. I expected a plaque with some information of why there was a giant Paul Bunyan statue located in Bangor, Maine without having to Google it. No such luck!

Jennifer Mikus

Always a favorite stop when we visit Maine.

Alan Wainwright

Pretty cool to see. Parking was an issue the day we went to get a picture with the statue.

Brian Fox

The best ever

Tracy Kratzer

Huge and well taken care of....however, the statue was one of the only high lights of Bangor, which was disappointing to me

Allison Moore

We tried to walk to the statue from the Children's Museum, but the stretch of road was a bit sketchy.

JD Moby

Huge and cool statue. Great for a photo opportunity.

Mark Reynolds

You suvk

Jared Mauch

The one and only!

Alethia Ellis

Interesting detailed statue. Lovely weather.

Cindi Breidt


James Fletcher

Hey its Paul Bunyan!

Baddazz Toyz

The statue is definitely cool

Jessica Brountas

Its a bangor landmark

Robert Lurbanke

My eyes have seen the glory of his magnificence. Blessed be those touched by his axe of righteousness. It was true love.

Alex Wiezorek

Cool statue lots of detail! Could use and explanation plack.

Laura M

I drive by it every day...he hasn't moved yet...

Laurie Abare

This statue is right across from the casino in Bangor, Maine. It's pretty amazing to see, it's huge but very detailed and life like. Very cool!

Alexis Elizabeth

Cool to see. My daughter loves it

Karlanea Brown

So cool.

Charlie P

big boy

John Blakeman

I enjoyed the area very much. Seeing the big Paul Bunyan Statue made me kind of wonder to what happened to all the pulp trucks you use to see on the road. And why all the paper mills closed

Emmanuel Brûlé


Robin Salant

If you are a lover of the book “It” and Stephen King, you need to see this statue for yourself — you will feel the fear of the Richie as he strikes his sharp axe down! And as a plus, there’s a wonderful restaurant within a minute walk — Timber Kitchen and Bar at the Marriott.

Led Zep

Easily accessible and very cool too see, especially for fans of Stephen King's novel It as it features in part of the story. Across the road from the casino on the main road.

Rodney Douglas

We had a great time in Bangor. Enjoyed this statue and taking pictures of it. Bangor made me think of Amarillo Texas. We had just eaten at a good Mexican food restaurant. We drove thru some of the neighborhoods. People would stop what they were doing to wave at us. We were a long ways from home yet felt at home.

Amànda Wilson

Statue itself is cool. However we didn't expect it to be in a busy commercial area. There's really nothing else to do there except for the statue.

Anthony Stinson

Very interesting

E. Hotchkiss

Loved showing off our "big guy!"



Gordon O'Brien

The man, the myth, the legend!

Judi Nortrup

A Maine trademark.

Demetria Midkiff

This was a neat experience. We are huge King fans and we did our own tour through Bangor. We liked seeing the statue because of it's mention. Other than that, it's just a statue. Only SK fans understand.

Kimberly Vandervort

It is a very large statue but has no informative plaque and designated parking.was difficult to find.

Priscilla Lefort

Was pretty cool to see this statue!!

Dennis Sheffield

Big statue, nice for the children


Stephen King was telling the truth

M Napier

Tall.... very tall. :) Take pics from casino parking garage.... with a Stephen King tour (SK Tours) with Stu!!!

Patrica Portale

I read this is one of the best statue of Paul bunyan

Pat Longway

Paul has been in Bangor for as long as I remember!

Mac Strasser

Its maine. Its amazing. Its wonderful

Michelle Carmean

The fair

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