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117 Museum St, Owls Head, ME 04854, United States Located in: Knox County Regional Airport

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Where is Owls Head Transportation Museum?

REVIEWS OF Owls Head Transportation Museum IN Maine

Alice Bean Andrenyak

Smaller Museum that off season isn't crowded. Well marked displays of all types of transportation and engines. During the lat spring - fall, there are special event weekends where the planes and cars and motorcycles all are moving outside. Check their schedule. Discounts for seniors, military and children. Great gift shop and knowledgeable docents.

James Griffis

Wonderful museum, very knowledgeable staff. Good exhibits. Take the ride in the Model T, if offered.

Duane Johnson

It's a great place to visit history

Zack Aubin

Awesome place to take the family

Darin Sumpter

Hops in the Hanger...will definitely join the fun next year. Great concept!

Rhona Stockwell

Fantastic museum. Spent about 2 hours and totally enjoyed it.

John Bull

Surprisingly cool museum. Plenty of history plus really, really cool cars

Molly Lee

Aficionados of classic planes and automobiles will love this museum. Honk a horn or six!

Cindy Edwards

Fun place to visit. Very enjoyable and worth the visit

Jamie White

Always a fantastic time. Family friendly and the Wings and Wheels show is the best!!

Matthew Lee

Very nice museum. Some old packards and cadillacs. From the 50's through 70's is mostly Chevy and Ford, few Mopars, no Pontiacs or Buicks. The planes were cool and some old steam machines and some interesting history

Jenn J

Great place. Took dad there for father's day and he loved it. Super clean and very interesting!

Daniel Stewart

So cool

robert messercola

Was at the new England auto auction when well and the workers were friendly and polite

J&D Griggs

Well display of old cars and planes..

Mike Myles

Some great rare planes and cars!

Volker Kossmann

Pretty nice transportation related museum. Nice to be able to check the car/ motorcycle and plane restoration shops and talk to the technicians about the ongoing projects.

Brandon Smith

Spectacular! Sweet cars, planes, and engines that they will start up to show guests.

Anthony Bernardi

Thank you 97.1 The Bear for the 2 tickets to the 2019 Truck& Tractor Show at OHTM We had a lot of fun it was very hot or we would have stayed longer.

Douglas Bode

People were friendly and helpful

Richard Snow

What an amazing collection of cars and planes!

David Bell

Neat old cars .

Jason Degani

Wow good. I wasn't expecting much for a somewhat rural located transportation museum. I am pretty wowed by this place. Amazing cars, beautiful WW1 vintage aircraft that still fly! Great place for kids with stuff that even little ones can touch and play with. And just when I was pretty certain this was one of the coolest museums I had been to they made an announcement that they were actually going to start up the old engines to show how they work. And then, FREE MODEL T RIDES!?! So yeah, this place is wow good.

Jeremiah Titus

Wonderful museum, great interactive exhibits. These volunteers really are amazing!

Philip Copeland

An eclectic collection with inconsistent curation, but well worth a few hours. I'm sure most people will be into the American classics, but be sure to give their lovely collection of MG's a look.

Enock Glidden

Amazing car collection

Denise Wildfortune

I've enjoyed all my visits to this museum. Check their calendar so that you won't miss one of the several events they hold each year, some of which are once in a lifetime.

Terry Burke

The Owls Head Transportation Museum is one of the great delights of visiting the MidCoast. It has an amazing collection of engines, cars, trucks and airplanes to interest all ages. It is a representation of history through the last 150 years and how the machine has changed the way we live. All in a wonderful setting with a fine Staff.

Paul Menager

Great museum with a lot to see, nicely presented. The toys / kid activities along the visit are a great touch for little ones.

David Shane

Very interesting for car and airplane enthusiasts. Went during auction weekend. Very interesting

Nick Torraca

Amazing place for a car buff. So many cars to see as well as some airplanes and motor cycles. Friendly staff.

Janet Copadis

A fun place for car/bike/plane enthusiasts!

Jeffrey DeMarey

Had a fantastic time!

Frederick Andrew

If you're a gearhead or a history buff or, dare I say it, even a bit Steampunk this is the place for you!

String Dalliance

Haven’t been to the museum for eight years, so it was brand new again for me. Really enjoyed it, and always feel that it is worth a visit when I get back to mid-coast Maine. It was a dismal, cold, rainy day. Perfect for staying inside. My only complaint was that the museum was uncomfortably cold, which drove me off long before I had seen everything.

Neil Cambridge

After more than 30 years of Maine I finally visited the OWT Museum and was stunned by what I found. Who knew! This is just a gem here in Maine. Living here locally now I can appreciate the dedication of the volunteers that keep everything working as in if it's in the museum it still drives or flys. If you've never been make it a point to go. You'll be amazed by the extent of the collection and how beautifully kept it all is.

Julie Marshall

Great history and impressive inventory.

Mason Ide

Great show of historical planes and autos in operation. Had live acrobatics and fly bys on Wings & Wheels days.

Judith Myers

Very interesting and got a ride on a model t. Great fun and educational for the whole family.

steven paradiso

A must see if you come to Maine coast

Paul Domingue

Excellent museum of aircraft, autos and motor cycles many of which I have never seen or heard of before. It's a great place to spend the day with time to view the rocky Maine coast line and there are plenty of good restaurants and bars near by to cap the day.

richard calhoun

Lots of rare cars and knowledgeable volunteers..

Robin Elms

A jewel for old and young. Friendly staff.

Hans Schmid

Wonderful place

Nathan Gross

A great museum tucked away in Owls Head. To get the most bang for your buck, try to visit during one of the scheduled vehicle shows. But it's worth the price of admission anytime. Planes, cars, motorcycles, and a few suprises. Fascinating machines and stories of the pioneering people who pushed the technology forward.

Henry Whicher

Museum was well done. Staff were very helpful

Pat Marsh

Very interesting. Well done. Very clean.

Larry Toler

Great time, safe, food is little pricey but good all round

John Greene

A great place to spend a few hours. You won't be disappointed!

Alex Mattice

This is a great place. So much to see and do and it changes some every year.

Ian Witherby

Fantastic place! Tons of gorgeous history here, planes, automobiles, from Model As to MGs and Packards to Piper Cubs--Sopwiths, Rolls Royces... Where else can you get a biplane ride and a Model T ride at the same place? The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable and fun to be around--they do lots of their own restoration work in-house, and they keep most of the vehicles in drivable condition--very special. Wicked fun family-friendly events--Barnstormers Bash is a 1920s-style formal party, Hops in the Hangar for you beer lovers, air shows, and every year they host the New England Auto Auction, which brings in hundreds of amazing vehicles. Exhibits include the history of energy, human flight, WW1. There's something for everyone here, from seniors to speed freaks to students!

Sarah DeGue

Great museum! My car-loving five year old was in heaven. Lots of cool cars, planes, bikes, and more to see! We were really glad we went on a rainy July day.

Peter Capano

This little museum is a nice surprise for those who get there. It's got a variety of cars and planes and some interesting history of Maine, like racing on the beach at OOB.

Thomas Griffith

A jewel of mid-coast Maine. If you're a fan of things with motors and engines and wheels and wings, this place is for you. Their annual program of events and functions is always engaging and interesting with most of the summer series of weekends being "must attend" if you're any sort of enthusiast. Love this place and the staff, too!

Mike Copadis

Lots of old cars and planes but the best part are the people who work there.

Ray Bonney

Awesome second time I have been there great again

manndy mckenney

Loved it. The Model T ride was amazing!

Cyndi-Marc Levesque

Free if you are retired MILITARY or over 65. Had some really nice car, motorcycles and planes.

Edward DeMellier

Great collection of transportation machines from horse drawn carriages to automobiles and airplanes.

Percy Knowlton

The most outstanding thing about it is that you may see a different " guest" display when you get there. They have excellent permanent displays, but also have themed displays that are on loan from outside collectors. I have been there several times over the years and I have never been disappointed.

Ryan Willette

Always a nice day when you can spend it at the transportation museum!

Jack Harper

Great place and worth your time.

Eliot Field

Great place.

Diantha Wood

Wonderful museum! We are proud to have been members for years! Keep up the good work!

Janice Albright

The displays are interesting, colorful and great fun.

Jon Reed

Excellent museum, perfect for a short visit to learn about all types of vehicles.


A very well maintained and designed museum of transportation.

Elizabeth Kordek

Great educational venue I love bringing kids here in correlation to their passions. Such a great experiences for their young Minds

Rick Yabor

Excellent visit. Lots of interesting cars

Raj Harnal

A great museum and knowledge center. Learnt a lot about older model cars and transportation modes. Has some wonderful auto and flight exhibits. Heard they have a big yearly auto auction.

Carlean Ingram

I loved the cars, planes and the history. The guy that checked us in was wonderful and full of history. Great military man who we made sure to thank not just for the info about the museum but his service to our country.

David Norgard

Awesome selection of cars!


Awesome Museum - I've been several times for the special event weekends and loved it every time. From air planes, motorcycles, bicycles, cars; they have it all and the best part is everything runs! Definitely worth going to; plan to spend quite a few hours to read all the history.

Nora Oros

Fun! We visit every year

Jordan Zoretic

So much to see and such a worthwhile experience.


A great way to spend the day !

Kerri Oberhauser

Wonderful treasure!

Amy Curtis

Great place to take your Family!

Richard Ruggiero

An absolutely amazing place, all of the antique aircraft and vehicles actully are functional. Very educational, a trip back in transportation history. With both war birds and conventional transportation aircraft ,motorcycles and vehicles.

Paul A. Legasse

A great place to bring your kids had a wonderful day .

Marla Lojko

Awesome place!

Walter Joncas

If you like old aircraft and old cars, this is the place.

Anthony Nichols

Me and my dad have been here twice, last year and this year for the truck show. Great place to experience and to check out the old antique cars and trucks, fun for everyone!

Dan Kimble

Was only able to spend a few minutes but will definitely be going back when I have more time.

Jaywant Subramaniam

We drove to the Museum and were pleasantly surprised by the collection of vintage cars and planes.. Very well maintained and the place is huge. For $14 entry fees - This was time well spent. Fun fact - do find all the horns and blow them !!!

Bethany Shute

Awesome vintage bike and car show. Planes too!

Marietta Dawson

This is a sweet little gem near Rockland, Maine that is worth the nearly $20 to venture into if you are a car or plane enthusiast. The tour includes the invention of the wheel-it was a huge step toward that gorgeous Tesla you wish you could afford.

Rick Farris

Something here for at least 4 generations of enthusiasm. Incredible value. Kids admission is free!

Lyn Hodgdon

Not as much as before.. hopefully they will add more exhibits.

Marc Edwards

But there when I was a kid and had so much fun I brought my daughter for the first time and she loved it

James Hargreaves

Nice medium sized museum. Great early engine section. Covers 1400 to 1900 with great displays.

Stephen Hoy

Lots of excellent transportation artifacts to explore here: carriages, bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles, airplanes, even the racing shell used during the 1924 Olympics. The engine room is a remarkably instructive demonstration exhibit on the development of early technology. Restoration rooms and a library. The museum has several multimedia stations & a few hands on horns for the kids, but most of the displays are stationary with detailed written explanations.

Isabella Bishop

So much fun. Lots of history & so much interesting things to see.

Matthew Snow

Fantastic place to let oneself slip gently back in time

eleanor dewey

Awesome place.

Roxanne and Mike Germain

Had a great time we tip our hats to all who volunteer!

Naomi Seastead

Sunshine or s rainy day this is made for the whole family to enjoy! Many car, truck, motorcycle shows and so much more to see and do! And then there are the opportunities to volunteer....A must see when you visit Midcoast Maine..

Animal Weeks

Very good place to educate youngsters and see awesome history!!

Bret Smothers

Wow!!!! What a fantastic Museum!!! Plan on staying a while.... Bring the kids... So much to see and check out!!!! Some interactive stuff for the kids... Bought a raffle ticket for the Thunderbird!!! Didnt win but was fun day dreaming about... Great time had by all of us... (82 y.o. to my 14 y.o.) Maybe next drawing.... Its a Gotta stop and plan on spending time...

Don Ho

Can't go wrong visiting here, very educational with the most happy friendly staff. If your in the area don't miss it.


Great visit-- interesting look into the past

chris farthing

Great place to spend a few hrs. Check out there events calendar. All there museum pieces work/fly lll

Aubrey Knorr

They have interesting things for the kids and a lot of amazing vehicles!

Jane Hall

It may be off the beaten track, but it is an outstanding transport museum. Virtually everything runs. Loved talking to the head maintenance man. A true gem.

David Dickman

Lots of cool old stuff. Some really nice classic cars, classic planes, a huge stationary steam engine, and more. Get there before noon and you might get to go for a ride.


Wonderful exhibits, took about 2 hours to go through everything, but you could spend longer if you read all the information presented. Will be bringing other guests to this museum.

Genevieve Truxes

A great museum dedicated to the history of transportation. My favorite part is the Gypsy Caravan

Anthony Pendergrass

Very cool place.

Jessica Simpson

Been a member for the past 5 years or so. Never found a friendlier, more accommodating group of volunteers and staff. Always try to get to the auto auction in August and usually get there for another event each year. This year we joined almost 50 other vehicles in the Spring Auto Tour. It was a great day, driving to Fort Knox, having a BBQ lunch, touring the Fort, going to the observatory on the new bridge and circling Verona Island and back to OHTM. This is a must see destination when visiting in the area! You won't be disappointed!

M h

Very cool place

Karen Comeau

Great rainy day visit. Love the assortment of antique cars, planes and bicycles.

Bruno Coppola

If you're into cars & planes or anything to do with motors. You'll want to make a stop into this Museum! We were there for wings and wheels, the exhibits and demonstrations were very interesting.

Dylan Agosta

This place was really cool! I felt like it was reasonably priced for the amount on exhibit. The planes were cool but I was definitely more into the automobiles. Lots to see. The woman at the counter was very friendly and gave us information about upcoming events.

Tim McLaughlin

Very cool little museum. Great collection of antique planes and cars. Kids had fun finding the horns and looking at the wagons and trucks you could climb in. Very cool energy room with examples of engines. Our favorite was the 1923 model T with the off road package, skis on the front and tank treads in the back. Highly recommend for a couple of hours when you're in the area.

Adriana Gonzalez

Very nice place. The kids loved it.

Oscar Jones

A great place to go for one of a kind exhibits and experiences

Sandra Hall

Great place. Extremely clean. Staff excellent. Just loved it.

Karen Dube

Went long ago. Cars were amazing. Especially like the old planes

Florence Weierbach

Nice museum, great display of all types of transportation, even got to ride in a model T ford, would definitely recommend for anyone who loves old cars

Colin Smith

Great collection of American, and some British cars - lots of MGs, well displayed with early planes, bikes etc..

Kitzi Benner

Well maintained. Great exhibits of past transportation.

Mathew Longanecker

Fantastic museum. Lots of cars from different era's along with several vintage airplanes. The cars and planes are excellently displayed and I really enjoyed several areas in the museum that displayed videos related to the exhibits. Great place to visit for both kids and adults. We will be sure to visit again.

Mary Linda Mahoney

Very impressive and informative. We were given a wonderful tour by a knowledgeable guide.

Brian Best

Pretty cool museum, curated with kids in mind. Early autos, trucks, motorcycles and airplanes displayed in a spacious building. Plenty to make adults say, "Wow!", also.

Ryan Colwell

Very good museum with lots of exhibits, worth visiting


A hidden gem of a museum. Don't miss the engine demonstration

Sandra Hayden

Never been disappointed yet

Kelly Jones

Very clean. Very interesting.

David Walton

Also has planes,an engine room and a hanger with a working repair and restoration shop. Very well organized.

Laura Cabot

A uniquely different museum. World class!

William Fernandez

Amazing place, well worth a short drive from Town!

Jonathan Murray

Fantastic museum. Wish we had a whole day to spend here!

F. Carl Mahoney

Extraordinary well-curated collection in a perfectly delightful space. Not too big, not too small, just right.

David Rollins

Great place to see vintage cars, motorcycles and planes. Most of the collection is up to about the 1930's, but there are a few really cool 1960's and 70's cars depending on what's up for auction. There is a good section on racing here too. I think the real gem of this place is the volunteers and there vast knowledge of what's on display. Got to ride in a Model T and 1933 Packard! For free!

Nigel Price

A very interesting museum of pre WW1 and WW1 aircraft and cars UK as well as US cars.

Josh Underdown

Always a wonderful place to be, lots of cool things to see

Adam Fisher

I go here with my family every year and it is always a pleasure. What a great place.

Uncle Tommy

Very nice car show with the old time vintage race

Rose Moreno

We went for the 1st time on fathers day. It was a great experience. I have 4 boys who age range varies and it was a hit for everyone. Free for 18 and under so it was really worth the drive if coming from a distance. So much fun. Recommended highly.

John Thornton

Very cool!

Erin Ames

Rely neat. Lots of old cars and planes. And for the most part nice staff!

Leah Moss

Spectacular collection. Wish I could have visited longer. There were rides in antique cars offered a bit later in day. We couldn't stay that day. I would love to go back.

Peggy Carlock

A lot of beautiful old cars.

Lorrie Frost

Couldn't believe how much history in transportation they had along with some interactive things. A must see when your in the area or a destination

Jamila Hudson

Very interesting. Helpful staff and a kids area too

ashley Maskell

Great museum. Staff is wonderful. Must see!!!


Learned so much about the history of transportation. My husband who is a car and history buff really enjoyed himself to and even learned more about engines and car designs. Beautiful cars and planes.

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