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2 Old Orchard St, Old Orchard Beach, ME 04064, United States

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Where is Old Orchard Beach Pier?

REVIEWS OF Old Orchard Beach Pier IN Maine

Manda Coulombe

Very beautiful and fun but shops and vendors are very tourist trap-y. Crazy prices, have to pay to use a restroom, and parking a bit troublesome. The beach is beautiful tho.

Crystal Brown

Worth the yearly visit. Love OOB

Amy Taylor

Very fun. Family friendly! Great beach!

Brian Fowler

I went with my son who is 23 years old. I think I’m just getting to old it just seemed honky tonk to me. Some people like that kind of thing I’ve been there got the t shirt! It’s Great place for single people in their 20’s to 40’s!

Glen Lord

Lots of fun reminds me of a 70s beach seen a good family feel with lots to do and eat

Yvonne Pelletier

So much to see and do. The music was great and good food and service.


Very cute beach. There's a pricey amusement park right next to it along with an arcade, plenty of gift shops and restaurants. Seagulls are huge, it's pretty cool. Really nice!

Don Jesssie

Beach is good, crowded.... close to pier. Best time to go is like 3:00pm. Clears out some and tide starts to come in. Fun waves. Pier is just ok. Small, kind of narrow with shops on both sides. So crowded and hard to navigate. Good restaurants though. Prices are good.

Dan Cole

Great food and atmosphere, little pricey but being a tourist destination..It goes with the territory . Bread..yummy.

Holly Snickerdoodles

We liked it here, but visited during the off season. There was a nearby park and a little carnival that I imagine is open during summer months. Cute restaurants and boardwalk activities.

Laura B

Fun place! Everything is a bit pricey (hello, tourist spot!) But the restaurants are good, the beach is clean, and the parking is reasonable.

Angelise Sleeman

It was such a lovely place to visit. There were many shops, lots of food, and activities to do. Highly recommended that you visit at some point.

Nick Tulip

Under impressed. Super crowded beach, pier was full of shops and restaurants. Nice arcade.

Veronika Klubnika

One of my favorite places in Maine.

robert dubois

You have to visit at least once. Typical tourist destination. If you love the beach, visit.

Morgan Perreault

The beach is very clean. Sand is soft and has gold flecks in it. The area gets busy and crowded, but everything seems to flow well (traffic, food lines, etc.). The lifeguards are attentive. Great place to spend the day.

DeBo'rah Williams

Saw it at night, Ocean right near the beachfront. Beautiful site...

keri walker

Such a beautiful beach with an amazement area, pier and sandy beachfront. Fireworks everyweek in the summer , and lots of stores to wander into. Bathrooms cost about a quarter, and parking can get about 20$ but definitely worth a day trip

Gerry Curley

Huge arcade, tons of rides and games, probably would be a hit with the kids but didn't offer much to this couple in their 60s. It was much more tacky and honky-tonk than I was expecting. We did get a nice meal at the Bell Buoy, though.

Krista MacDougall

OOB is a true new England beach community. Authentic and so true. Been 25 years since a visit. Seeing the Atlantic again is magical!

Lindsay Higgins

The pier and the beach itself is awesome. Super busy in the summer, so I tend to visit more often when things calm down a bit. Awesome bars too!!

Marilyn Gould

Very happening place for a Monday afternoon. plenty of entertainment, restaurants, bars and children's amusements to occupy the whole family. Beach was crowded but clean and comfortable. Take a trolley $1 ride parking there is expensive $10 or $15 and hard to find.

Ida Perez

Great place to visit. Have cash... many places don't accept credit cards.

joesph noonan

It's nice but crowded obviously, good food, tons to chose from, family friendly

Lauren Cook

This is a straight review of The Sunset Deck on the Pier. We on here on our first day and found this on the Pier website. Looked at the menu and saw they had Lobster. Went down and got a seat- waiter gave us menus and a few minutes to look through. When he came back we put in our drink order and then when he took our dinner order (all 3 of us wanted lobster) he THEN told us they were all out of we decided to just get an appetizer and our drinks, so we ordered clams— OUT OF CLAMS!!! Unclear as to why they would wait to tell us they were out of a huge part of the menu until after we were ready to order and had our drinks in. Drinks were too strong and not very tasty. EXTREMELY disappointed.

Clayton Fawcette

Unfortunately closed but looked fun. Hooligans smelled delicious. Wish I ate lunch there


The place is good but Water is very cold. Very expensive to stay with litte kids. Fast food over priced and very thing cost money, even when you go to the bathroom they charge 50cent.

Denis Walker

Most places were closed due to the time of year. I'm sure it's much better in summer.

Joshua Stone

Love it there had an amazing time so much to do

Holly Philbrick

5 stars for the location and the variety of venues to choose from, inside the pier walk and outside all around. The pier itself is just a bit seedy. Which is why it holds onto it's charm. Good shopping and plenty of food, music and people watching! Especially liked the booth from the artisans of Africa.Well made, and heartfelt energy in this hard working well crafted native collection. Glad to own a few pieces of their skillfull soul. Old Orchard has held onto it's beachy honky tonk flavor in a great way! Affordable. Always fun. And the icy water is shockingly fresh and awesome for active surf sports. So I thoroughly enjoyed some serious wave jumping! Gotta love it!

Colleen Caterino

We love Old Orchard Beach. We go there every year for vacation since my daughter my younger. Now she takes her son...

Jessica Lilien

It's pretty and endearingly trashy in equal measure. So like judge your capacity for both. Maybe your boyfriend will play Dance Dance Revolution in public there. Who knows!

Mark.D Murdough

Enjoyed the brief visit, but the are much more family friendly and cleaner alternate beaches available. Feels like Hampton Beach in Maine.

Adam Hosier

Used to be cool. Restroom still costs the same for a poo as a number one, so they have that going for them. Which is nice.

Edward Dodd

Great food and nite life. Had a great time.

Jacklyn Sands

It's beautiful here, I just wish that when the amusement park closed down that they had a little bit more to do. Still had a blast though!

Randy Forszt

Lots to do...lots of food and drink...very nice beach...great shops

Deanna Dugan

Soooo ate at the restaurant at the end. Ordered Calamari... got about a handful for 10 bucks and it tasted like it was processed at walmart and reshaped into rings... gross. wings were good tho. Moist and juicy. Tasty. Had one drink. That was good too but for 60 bucks.... big nope.... service was less than pleasant and non existent once you food came.

Sheena Foster

How old the is the fast but you gotta pick the right time to go 9 turn school vacation or tourist season trust me I've learned my lesson

Todd Andrews

It’s, you know, whatever. Definitely not a fishing pier as the listing says. It’s all shops and food. Only a couple places to look down the beach from on the pier and they’re roped off for people buying food. Beach was more crowded than I cared for on a Monday in July. We walked the 3 miles on the beach to Bayview where there’s a dog friendly, less crowded beach.

DenSueDev Farkas

Nice little beach..not too crowded...very clean

Andrew Baker

The Pier is gross, has always been gross and always will be gross. The beach on the other hand is pleasant although it can be extraordinarily crowded at times. Like the summer.

Tammy Aucoin

My man is from the south and we popped in real quick and he really enjoyed it! We both really enjoyed it and will definitely go back when we have more time! Parked in a great spot for an hour and half for $2.68. We can't wait to get back!

Stephen Bothel

The best place to go fo a walk on the beach Just watch the tides as it isn’t a easy walk at high tide. We start at the pine point parking lot and walk to the pier. This is a 5 mile walk round trip. Also this is our favorite place to go to the beach to just chill,lots of good restaurants within a few minutes walk.

cris roush

A must see for any coastal Maine adventure. Fun shops, great food choices and great picture opportunities.

Jake Brooks

Always a go to on a hot day! Plenty of room at the beach for everyone. The pier offers a variety of food and merchants. Also you don’t have to walk far for a drink or a ride at Palace Playland. Also, make sure you get there on Thursday night for a awesome display of fireworks at the beach!

Kelly Carroll

Just love all the fun stuff they have... and that ocean air ... its intoxicating

Joe Roy

It's a classic, I used to live in this town and as an ex local, I went during the off seasons or really early in the morning (sunrise) because during the summer its packed. Having said that, the pier is fun, drinks, music, stores, Lisa's pizza also the play place. There are benches. Please use the public toilets down the street.

Kathleen Kisich

Fun place for a few drinks and free live music. Have a rum punch bucket.

Jon Gerten

Don't go on Tuesday. Everything was closed. Still decent place to walk around

Elizabeth Solley

It's just a pier with adequate (at best) restaurants. It is pretty at night, but not my pick for what to do. I have been once and I don't feel like I have to go back.

Justin Morgan

Good for the usual tourist trap stores and bars. We went on Thursday night and they had a great fireworks display!

Larry Mitchell

Great beach area. Parking was an issue, $2 per hour on the meters seems a little pricey. Parking lots were $15 - $25 per day. Probably not bad if you want to spend the whole day there. On the Pier, had a great lobster/steamer special for $20. My first time having to "pay" to use the Pier toilet.

James Ganley

Fun and kitschy, it wouldn't be summer without a trip to OOB and the pier. Never classy, always fun.

Catherine Starkey

Just so lovely. We went off season and I would go any other time of the year. Shops are still open. Prices are much cheaper. Town's people are so very helpful.

Marlo Westerfield

I really enjoyed myself I am allergic to shellfish and I did have a nice time walking on the beach :-( although every time I go to the beach it seem like it's misting and not very clear to see you as far as I can the water wasn't bad it wasn't dirty just wish I could have seen out further in the ocean

Thomas Fluhart

Place appears run down. Visited in the off season so I have limited expectations. Sad because at one point it appeared to have been lively.

Russell Larsen

Nice place to spend the night. I could never make it a weekend. Seems to be a tourist trap/ weekender place. Found better areas along Maine than this place.

Meredith Roth

Only the first bar on the pier was open. There was a gate across the rest. It appears that much of this area including amusement rides is a weekend only attraction. We were there on a Wednesday. Beach is nice

Wade Milinski

Great place to visit in the summer ,always a fun place to get an ice cream ,get beach food and souvenirs and just walk around the strip better to go at night when the sun goes down ,it can get hot in the sun in the day time ,always worth going here in the summer it's a great Maine spot

Ryan Thompson

A really great pier/beach experience. Tons of food and shop options for all. Beach is packed so its smart to get there early for a good spot.


Love this place a lot such a great beach nice golden sand awesome.

Doug80 Whooo

Love love love it, the fireworks, food, entertainment was spectacular. We went to the Myst to eat the Shrimp alfredo was out of this world! Waitress was awesome, super friendly, helpful and very pretty. Although a little over priced, I will go back again.

Deeleen Sawyer

Got there early so it wasn't as crowded as it would be later. A great place for families to have food, fun, and a beach experience. Plan to have lots of money with you as it adds up quickly, but maybe, for you, that may not matter.

Christopher Maynard

Got the seafood chowder which was clam chowder for 14 dollars, and the wife got the shrimp roll which were small, fried shrimp doused with cocktail sauce for 15. We went back later for beer and they gave us these 8 oz, plastic cups for 6 bucks a piece. I’d advise getting seafood and alcohol somewhere else. The service, food and prices here are god-awful compared to some of the other places in walking distance. It’s a gimmick.

JS _06

Decent overall. Needs a little rejuvenation work done but it's great to grab a beer and quick meal by the water.

Laurie Simpson

Such a cool, fun place to come after a day at the beach. Live music, cool shops, rides and arcades galore. Truly something for everyone.

Bev Stevens

I love the Pier!! I would really like more history to be posted as well though. There is so much to learn! I have a picture of my grandparents from the 40's walking on the pier and have always wanted to see it.

Keith Schumaker

I would give a better rating but there is no uniformity to the rules here. I brought my 3 year old daughter and my 12 year old daughter here and my very responsible 12 year old takes my younger one on all the rides. Some operators let them on, one or 2 won't. Some operators let them on once but not the second time. It was rather upsetting to my little one that waited in line for a ride that she was on an hour ago but was told by the same person she couldn't go on this time. If this place was run better I would give it 5 stars but the poor management makes it only a 2 star. There was one manager that did straighten this out on one ride and said the policy is for a responsible person, but we didn't want to bother him every time we had an issue.

Alicia Tenney

Is not summer season but you can find a lots of locals strolling through the beach enjoy the early fall breeze...

Heather Young

Mike's All-American Hot Dog stand wasn't the place to eat though

Matthew Neveu

Not bad, but you need to pay to park, pay to use the restrooms, and the water is always cold. Better beaches are around.

Ashlee Smith

As of now, full day parking ranges from $25-$35. Best beach in Maine, best sand, best waves- that's why there's a lot of people. These two photos are from under the pier Old Orchard is known for.

Megan Tripp

Don't go here a lot but every time I do I always have lots of fun either on the beach, pier, or park. Very glad the place exists.

Trudy Pazzelli

It's a nice place beach is clean lots of shops and food and just a nice place

Hannah Jewel

Sadly came during the winter seasons. It is still an amazing view on the beach, but you cant walk on the pier. I understand it is during the off season but I'd love to still be able to walk on it.

Teodolinda DaRosa

Great place to bring family and make a day of it. Parking not so great but get there early.


Beautiful clean beach. Plenty to do for everyone. Police do patrol which helps for security purposes. Very nice summer spot. Parking everywhere that isnt too far from the beach less than 5 minutes.

Kyla Munro

I love this place and visit every year. Every place on the pier is unique and offers something different. If you havent been I highly recommend going in the summer!! Book a place to stay early (like as early as possible) even if it is a campsite as it is a popular summer spot. Plenty to do and see, lots of options to eat and drink. There is a train downtown that can take you to Portland, Boston etc. Which is a bonus!

Philip Welch

The OOB Pier is a cool place to visit. It's a collection of various small shops and eateries. There are bathrooms as well for a tiny fee of 50 cents, or $2.50 for an all day pass. It's a place you visit when you go!

Steve C

Technically we were at the beach under the pier. I feel weird reviewing the place when i was only under it, but here we are. The pylons were exceptional at holding up the structure. All of those buildings and umbrellas looked good. There was a social media "influencer" having a photoshoot while everybody did their best to ignore her. Good times.

joel berry

Just after the busy season and the shops are full with fresh merchandise. The avenues are clean and uncluttered, and the beach is a beautiful walk with a clean. Excellent off season deals in the local hotels, motels, and suites.

Johnny Miller

Went for a photography class in the evening and was able to get some great pics. Family friendly place with plenty of beach and things to do. Plenty of nightlife also if you don't go to bed to early.

Kyle Rix

Love the beach. Kids had a great time then hit the amusement park.

Samuel Lugo

fairly clean, found a sanitary pad though close to shore, definitely not something I'd like to see walking down the beach

Michael Salesse

A nice place to see. But don't buy, very expensive. You can get the same thing in boutiques off the Pier for waaay cheaper since they are opened year round


It used to be nice, you could walk out and see the ocean of the pier. Now you can't get a view unless you are at a restaurant or bar. Smoking and vaping is allowed on the pier as well, even though it's tight and confined. Honestly it's sad but I can't really find any reason to even go up on the pier now.

Sarah S

The pier in old orchard beach maine. Great place to eat fresh seafood at the end of the pier. Sit inside or outside on the deck by day and a lively night life as a club. Have a few shops on the pier itself, clothing and having your hair braided with beads is my personal favorite, i go back year after year. Can walk around on the long beach or go swimming. Great place to go for a date night

Becca Bantly

Love the beach but the pier adds so much more with food and a fun atmosphere

Ryan Ziebart

Fun Pier with lots of little shops. Parent supervision should be required.

Mark Lukenich

Pretty neat place to visit. Not too crowded. Beach was clean

Kristene Mills

Love taking a walk along the Pier, seeing children and adults alike running around and playing in the water.

Bit. Me Mass

Old Orchard Beach good place to take the kids reminds me of my childhood with my mom and dad those were better days

kevin schomisch

Pier fries are legendary! Troy Rocco's pizza while you're down here too. Lots to do around OOB!!

Yaxi Yaxi

Really nice place..a lot of thing to do!

Kathy Grimaldi

When we crossed the bridge coming into Maine we felt all our worries melt from our brains & calmness took over our bodies. We always have a wonderful time at Old Orchard Beach and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. There's just so much to see & do. The wonderful beach, Several places for dining & shops galore!! Even if you just want to kick back & relax with friends, family or maybe just a nice book!.

Hans Cortez

The Pier has great sight seeing and awesome night life in the summer time.. give it a try!

Leon S

Nice beach. Visiting after 30 years out of state

Jennifer Humphries

Stopped here while traveling through the state and found this was a pretty cool area to see. Only thing I did not like is paying to use the restroom! The concession stands were a little pricey I would think the pier could afford to let customers use the bathrooms for free. The little beach side amusement park nearby was a cool addition. Definitely would recommend stopping by.

Kevin Deaton

When the big waves hit the whole building rocks. Cool place to get a cold drink on a hot summers day.

Ronald Santos

Best view of the pier. Surprisingly uncrowded. Food competent. I didn't get the fresh oysters but raw seafood is their speciality.

Edmund Leung

An breathtaking sight, a beach with clean and wide sand bank. The glittering from the sand was truly astonishing.

David Gurevich

It's pretty basic, doesn't look that great. Food seems alright but not something I risked with a sensitivie stomach. The beach it self is alright.

Chelsea Jordan

Cute beach with lots of little shops along the way!

Kim Bronakoski

When planning our trip to Maine one of the things at the top of my list to see was the Old Orchard Beach Pier. I'm a beach girl at heart so seeing this historic pier was something I thought about in the 6 months leading up to our trip, however I failed to take into consideration that in October it would be closed. Alas, what I had envisioned was not to be but it was still cool to see it, albeit right before and after a N'oreaster. The beach was covered with clam shells as large as cantaloupes and beachcombers passing by told us that they are some of the tastiest clams around. The town was pretty much a ghost town but if u closed my eyes I could just imagine what it would look like in the summer time. I was kind of surprised to see an Amtrak roll through town, less than 200 feet from the beach though, nothing I've ever seen on the Delmarva shore. Hoping to one day experience the history of this place in the summer.

Jaime Dellovo

Fun place to visit! Spend the day at the beach then head over for some food, drinks, souvenirs, and dancing. So much to do and so many cute shops for anything you need! Don't forget to go to Pier Fries, the best poutine around!! The picture shows pizza, not from the same place.

brent capener

Empty off season. Nice to have place to yourself at times. Great new years eve events. Some Shops and eateries open year round.

Frank Morgan

We normally come to OOB one a year. Iconic Maine summer spot. Not fancy, freezing cold swimming. Often annoyingly loud. Scrumptious greasy french fries.

Linda Hatch

Really enjoy hanging out here. Good time and fun little funky shops. Drinks are...meh but what I would expect for beach. Love the carnival area every time.

T. Beaulieu

So many good memories here at old orchard beach. I have to go every year to stand on the beach and reminisce. It seems to be raining at times but that doesn't matter to me it still brings such joy.

Jonathan Long

Pretty nice for the only pier near by. Several of the shops weren't open yet, but pretty decent variety available. Not to crowded (yet)

Chris Pratt

I love the Pier, but I probably love it more in the off season. I’m not much for the summer crowds, but there’s something about OOB I’m off season that is somehow more inviting.

Jeff Owens

Great beach that goes on for miles. Even on a busy weekend it doesn't feel crowded. Very touristy, but still a fun place to swim and enjoy the sun and sand. Also very near to lots of conveniences. The only thing keeping it from a fifth star is the fee for using the restrooms on the pier.

Nik Mirage

How can you not love the pier? As a local, it's always been one of my favorite places. To go on, run around, swim near, I just love it. Now with all the little shops and vendors, restaurants, and the bar at the end hosting a perfect view of the ocean you can just lose yourself in. Grab a drink, take a seat, and let the views swallow you whole while you enjoy.

John Townsend

Great nightly entertainment during summer. Closed the rest of the year. No fishing on pier. Lined with businesses.

Erica Tucker

I was pretty shocked at how trashy the pier and surrounding area was. It was all so touristy, but dirty and full of carnival type food, smells, and workers. We came from west Michigan where the beaches are clean and beautiful and we couldn't believe that people would ever choose to come to this area. We paid $10 to park and stayed for 30 minutes because the area was so horrid.

Michael Tompkins

The beach is nice but the pier has seen better days. Still a nice place to visit.

Alexander Andro

Great place to walk and enjoy the sunset.

Michelle Cardinal

Itsvalways fun. Plenty to do and plenty to eat. Delicious food and rides.

Tiffany Marie

It would've been much more yummy with meat added! But we were so hungry and tired after a lovely day at the beach that we forgot to request! Friendly service, great music, and lovely restaurants.

Rema Hage

Superb place to visit. Water is cold but walks on the beach are wonderful. Relaxing getaway for sure!

Christian Golden

Fun family atmosphere. Parking prices were pretty reasonable as long as you park a couple of blocks away. Lots of good places to eat and plenty of rides as well. The beach gets pretty crowded by 10am, so get there early for a good spot.

Michael Varney

The actual beach is wonderful, but the pier is horrible. The pier is over commercialized. Barely any room for people to walk and no views of the ocean unless you are a paying customer at one of the establishments. Google has it listed as a fishing pier. No possible way to fish from this pier as every square inch of available space has a business of some sort. As proven by the world's smallest candy shop which is about the size of a closet.


Got stuck on this wooden monstrosity and couldn't even get to the beach for most of the day. My daughter touched a seagull and no one stopped her. Where are our protections?

Chrissy Hudak

Quick stop at this beach today but the sand felt great! Walked barefoot the whole time. Water was quite chilly but it is the beginning of June. An amusement park next door and looks like lots of shopping and food.

Justin Charbonneau

My Favorite Place In The World. Love to vacation here. (They just need more public FREE bathrooms)


Nice beach and tourist area. Beach security weren't hard-o's about enforcing open container rules, even on weekends. Me and the boys were ripping natty daddy shotguns all Saturday.

Jesse McNally

Always love visiting!! Great time for the family. Food is good, shops are fun, beach is beautiful!

Sharon Culley

So awesome. So many memories. The fries are still the best!

Denise Paradis

Few tourists this to me or year. Took myself new pup to see the enormous waves...very impressive. Glad we went!

Hina Garg

Sandy beach, Cute, small and less crowded which was perfect! The pier has good bars as well!

Syd Letko

Omg best vacation place I have ever been the food on the pier is pricey but the pier was still a great place to go

Jean Dupre

Great place to people watch. Lots of parking; public $2 an hour and private $10 a day and up. All the usual east coast shops and eateries.

Irsan S

Nice place to hang out We came here otw back from Portland ME and Mt Washington auto road NH

Lori Berube

Great place to visit when the weather is nice. Lots of different foods to choose from, average prices, parking can be tough, gets crazy busy around holidays in the summer. Lots to do in a small area. Beautiful beach and amusement rides, tons of shopping, lot of options for spending the night...must book early around peak season!

Dan Villeneuve

Always a fun and relaxing area to visit! I go up every Father's Day weekend and walk the sandy beach, people watch and grab some food by the pier. Sunrises are well worth getting up early for.

Elizabeth Robin

If you're looking for Jersey Shore tacky in Maine, this is it. Crowded, bustling, rides on the pier, lots of shopping and food. And yes, lobster! A little too energetic for the laid-back beachgoer--15 minutes down the road you get that at Pine Point Beach.

Jennifer Curtis

This pier was once amazing. It's now a tourist trap.

Emily Smith

Love going during the off season but also super fun during the summer a bunch of stuff to do there!!

Samantha Orlando

Drinks are reasonably priced and there is a good variety of music and/or comedy standup. MOST IMPORANTLY, the staff is amazing. The door men and bartenders are awesome. Shout out to the Pier staff for keeping my water cup full while I boogied to Radio Revival AND to the security for not being creeps. There are good people left in the world and some of them work here!!!

Kimbry Nou

Great scenic view.. and not as packed. They have alot of activities for us to do as a family.. and alot of good food all in one place.. highly recommended

Miriam Fitzpatrick

Great place to visit in the summer. Family friendly during the day. Great night entertainment for the adults.

Fashion Gems

Had a great time! Beautiful neon lights created an amazing environment for a first date! So many people walking their pets, met one special poodle though! Lol

Roxanne Harvey

This time of year it's closed but wonderful to sit on the beach and watch the waves crash

Sarah Ivory

Love vacationing in Maine and taking my kids to the pier for rides, fries and fireworks! I have never had a disappointment in all the years we have gone up, and this years 4th of July fireworks were on point!

marie deforest

Love view think prices went up on beer and all, but a lovely place to go and watch people on beach having a good time, plus the shops around are fun to go through. You have to check out shoe warehouse on top of the street, most all shoes $9.99 dress and summer sandal s

Brian McMullen

A good time in a touristy spot. It's sad that you can't just hang by the edge and look out at the beach anymore, but but some views can still be had if you are willing to look past the overcrowded vendors.

Kellsey Hartmann

When you go on the pier you may wait a while for food. The bathrooms could definitely be cleaner but I've never had a bad experience with anyone that works in this area and the fireworks are always fun.


Great beach. I love this place and want to come back with my family.

Susa Bernard

A nice pier. Clean, free, no loitering, little cute shops and a restaurant at the end as you'd expect a good old American pier to have. From the outside it does look a little eclectic.

Rebecca Wright

Closed down when we came by sept 24. I came here many years ago and was really looking forward to see it again. Every thing was totally shut down, couldn’t even walk out into the pier.

Kevin McKeown

Very nostalgic for me, love the pier fries! It's getting warmer so I love to go and walk around on the beach. The vendors are all very nice down that way.

T Perry

A fun stop for the tourist crowd...Souvenirs are a plenty and some food stops along the pier.... Check out the beach from the pier it's quite the visual...

zhenobia hyre

Great family place to visit. A little something for everyone! Great food, great spirits, great entertainment, beach clean, good waves, nice little novelty and gift shops. Just a bit pricey, be prepared to spend money.

Diana DelGiudice

So much to do and lots of good food... Thank goodness there's near by free bath rooms for the disabled and elderly.

janet markos

Love it here had a great time and I do love to shop and that is not a problem there. I would go back every day if I could.


Beautiful beautiful love it there. Too bad it was cold didn't get to enjoy the water


We go every year its that place you dream of when your bored in class. Got on all the rides and so many restaurants to choose from and stunning views. Go at night! So pretty

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