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Shirley Regan

The kids love it here...very open spaces and leisurely able to enjoy each display.Hands on interactions. They offer many programs for members to take part in...vacation activities! But that's all too expensive so can't say how it is...all I know is if you're in Bangor with Lil ones you should go here!

Rebecca Cote

I wish I could make it negative 5 stars was one of the worst places I've ever brought my kids everything is overused outdated and Warren even if it was free admission we would have been disappointed definitely not a place to go if you're looking to have a good time with your kids biggest waste of money ever thankfully it was only $22 for us to get in which I feel they should have paid us they actually forced me to give them one star in order to create this post I would like to take that star away 0 stars for me

Sean Kelly

This 0lace is great and the kid has a blast every time.

Hoai Nguyen

Great little children's museum. Wasn't crowded when we went, so we had some rooms to ourselves. Lots of different things to do, from a water table to dinosaur toys to boat you can climb in, a crane you can use, a "tree house", motorcycles to sit on, and a lot more stuff like that. Not the most elaborate, but great for a town of this size. Not everything functions, but enough does to make it worth while.

Michelle Carmean

Super expensive not worth the price but kids enjoyed it

Michael Aiguier

My family has more than gotten it's moneys worth from our shared annual subscription. From special events to just enjoyable time hanging out in each exhibit. My child is learning from the repetition of visiting the installed exhibits. Would like to see updates, but understand that it will take more charitable contributions. Highly recommend this as a visit, even if just passing through Bangor.

Paul Web

I loved this place as a kid and now my kids go here. I love all it has to offer, but.....all these years later they still have alot if the same stuff as when i was a kid.... Nostalgia yes.... But sad thing is alot of its broken or not working... Drag car, dance screen thingy, stuff in the boat. I understand its non-profit and donations are needed to mantain things just hope to see a revamped museum. I was easy on the 4 stars rating because of this. Im 28 went there same month it opened....

Ryan Schwartz

Not perfect, for sure. But a HECK of a lot nicer than my local children's museum. My 3 year old had a great time (wife and I enjoyed it too).

Michele McLaughlin

Great family place to spend an afternoon with your children. Very interactive, educational and fun for young kids.

Anne Knowles

Lots of exhibits for varying age levels. A few need repairs.

Jillian Sanner

Awesome place to bring any age kids!

Jimi Surprenant

My kids loved running around here. Many interesting interactive and learning displays. Good time for little money. Parking garage very nearby with very reasonable rates. Worth the trip up to Bangor, or to stop in if you're already up that way.

Jessica Feigl

Amazing place for children to play and learn. So many different activities on each floor. I bring my nephew every other month and he just loves it. No matter the age he is always entertained. I highly recommend this place to everyone I know!

Julie Williams Stoner

This place is FANTASTIC!!! Brought my 2 & 5 year old girls and they both had a blast! There was literally something exciting around every turn! They literally had to ask us to leave when they closing, lol! And I love the fact that they "close" so they can offer the space to those who are sensory sensitive.

Kristi Guerrette

Fun museum for kids, lots to see. Many exhibits were not completely functional when we visited (computers down, tablets missing, etc.) but lots to see and tinker with.

Brandon Markie

Fantastic place to bring the kids. Lots to do and see.

Catakang Games

Great for children not for me

Sara Begin

Lots of stuff is broken or doesn't work. My 3.5 yr old had fun, but I wish they would put some effort into repairs.

Philip Rand

It's a pretty decent place to go visit, I liked it well enough for a museum around here. I could wish that they let parents in for's beginning to show its wear, there are some things that don't work very well or that have some visible problems. Still a good place to go with your kids.

Isabel Stevens

The staff and exhibits are always excellent!

Wilfredo Mangandy Lincoln

Great time with the kid's a little bit hot though, it was making the kid's flustered.

Jerrica Desjardins

I liked it took my 2 year old friends kid

Laura B

This place is great for children. Its interactive and educating but i am not a child.

SeekaJo Hill

Had an excellent day here with my 4 year old. Like in many other reviews I've seen, several exhibits were unusable, missing parts or broken. However, there were so many things to see and play with that the 2 hours we had to spend here was not enough time. Will come back again!

Saphyre Bissonnette

As a kid you can learn so much knowledge

Audrey Trask

Lots of fun for all ages

Nate Shea

So grateful to the museum for allowing a reciprical membership - we can go to the Boston Children's museum AND Museum of Science for no extra charge!

Bryant Richardson

I have taken my eldest daughter here so many times in her life. While she is just 7 years old each time she is just as excited to check out the same exhibits over and over again. The climbing area is great way to get out some energy of a young child and there is a decent little snack area if none of the restaurants well within walking distance tickle your fancy. If you have kids under 10 I highly recommend checking this place out.


Fun place for the younger crowd up to about 10 or 11 I'd say. Definitely worth the trip if you're in the area. Only knock is that we've been there a few times over the last 4 years and nothing has changed, same place.

Kim Mcdermott

4 hour of busy fun!

Phyllis Sprague

It wasn't bad, but I felt like it could be better. I feel like the admission price should be more graduated. We had a 2 year old in our group but a lot of the activities were geared towards older kids so $7.50 was too much for that age. The whole place could use a sprucing up. I'm also wondering if they wash things, such as the little doctors jackets. We all had a good time though.

Mike Wilkinson

My kids love this museum. They always have lots of fun. There's a snack room so you can bring your own lunch.

Adam D.

My son loves this place and I love taking him. The staff are super friendly and trhe exhibits fun, educational, and interactive. Highly recommend taking your kiddos here.

padme amidala

Went for a friends kiddos birthday. I do NOT recommend getting the cake with your package if you do the birthday package! The cake was horrid. If you like lard and butter with disgusting horrid lard icing decorations the cake is for you..... Even the kids didnt eat the cake it was that bad....... The staff didn't even have the party room ready on time and kicked us out of the room while the children were attempting to drink their drink before going to play. Other than that the kida loved it and it was a very clean educating experience!

Knud Hermansen

Well currated exhibits for kids. Good place for a rainy or hot day. Reasonable parking. Our kids enjoyed the science talk that was offered by the staff. They did some fun hands on science experiments with dry ice.

Judi Russ

Had my granddaughters birthday party there. Had a great time!

Katie Murray

Brough my 8 year old daughter and 3 month old son this morning! We had so much fun there was sooo much to see and do. I really loved how much imagination we could use. Especially enjoyed the little doctor and dentist office

Anne Marie Catanzaro

Fun and entertaining. It does need some repairs.

Tom Dodge

Cool tree house for kids

Nicole Wood

$7.50 to get in and my kids had hours of entertainment. They got to make crafts amd use their imagination. It was a fun day.

Ben Mathieu

Wonderful place to bring the kids they can touch and interact with everything. He was worth paying for the amount of fun the kids have definitely would bring your kids here

Mina Lynn

Fantastic learning and fun center, wonderful staff

charlie pisch

The kids loved it

Samuel S.

Though time has not quite been kind to this place, it's still a fun place for a child to play pretend. It is aimed more at children ages 2+ in my opinion. There is a play kitchen, an explorable Beaver dam, a pretend cargo ship with a crane contraption, an area to put on a puppet show, an area to splash in water and a tree tower with a climbable interior.

brandie berry

This place is so much fun. We enjoyed it

Cindylee Ransford

Kids had tons of fun.

Lewis Giles

A good place to take kids. Three floors of various exhibits that range from dinosaurs to waterways.

Brittani Rebeiz

So fun and cute

Sean Boyd

Great family fun

Alvin Da Costa

Best children's museum in Maine. Very well maintained.

tonya darling

Kids love to visit. Lots of fun for the younger ones

joseph pierce

Getting better. Still need improve ments.

Alain Desjardins

Great fun for the family and always something new!

Ryan Norwood

Amazing place, Knowledgeable and great staff.

Allison Piatt

Staff is always very nice! My daughter got a membership for her 2nd birthday, it paid for itself within just a few visits. There's something there for every kid and adult :)

Erika Thibodeau

This point place is amazing for children. With their many programs going on, and all the set ups, this place really helps to spark discovery and the want to discover more in our children. As an adult, I even loved it. You can always learn more as an adult and the museum does just that.

Steve Czarny

Great interactive exhibits in this well curated and maintained museum. Well worth the trip whether you are a local or visitor to Bangor.

Marissa Willette

It's alright. Somethings are broken.

Pete Christopher

Great place to have a kids birthday party. Super friendly staff.

Betsy Lundy

Rotating, relevant, well curated museum with FREE admission. Doesnt get much better.

The Epic Lalondes

A fantastic way to spend a few hours with your children! Everyone we encountered was very friendly! It was nice that there were very clean washrooms and hand sanitizer stations throughout, and somewhere to hang out coats when we got in. The many different floors and areas for children to play and explore were so enjoyable! The only cons I found were really in the nature area. It smelled very strongly of old mouldy moisture, and I know when we were there, more than a few people did comment on it. As well, the water educational feature didn't seem to be working properly. There were also a couple of exhibits that were broken, so hopefully they get some much needed care and updates, so they can be enjoyed again! (Karaoke studio!!) All in all, we will definitely be back again in the future.

Chris Karlen

Took my boys there and they had fun but the place is a bit run down. Most of the interactive exhibits were broken or just not there. The entire place could use a cleaning top to bottom. The area with the puppets was dirty and disgusting. The puppets get a lot of use it seems and have a layer of greasy filth attached to them. The water wheel featuredidnt even have a had pump to make the wheel work. It looked like where the pump was supposed to be was capped off. I paid 22 dollars to get in I don't feel that it was worth it. If the tickets were free then maybe. The place needs to clean up and repair the broken exhibits. All that said, there was still some interesting stuff to see it wasn't all bad. But it's just not worth the price for admission if they don't keep up the facilities.

Cindi Smith

A lot of the exhibits were broken or missing pieces. I don't mean just a few either. More 5han half. The whole place looks neglected, dirty, and just not taken care of. Also geared towards toddlers and very little to do for our 10year old. Staff was very nice though so that was great. However they were not surprised when we mentioned the broken exhibits. Owners fix this place up! We don't recommend it though and won't be back

Nick Rossignol

Great place and lots of fun for all ages!

Cori Shaw

Took our 2 year old daughter there for a birthday party and she had a blast will definitely be taking her back

Angelica Booker

The Discovery Museum is a wonderful place with lots for the kids to do. My son enjoyed the time he spent there, but his grandmother and I were disappointed that a lot of the fun stuff was broken. There was also a lack of doctor's equipment in the Doctor's Office, and no fire hats in the fire truck dress up. My son kept saying he needed a hat and didn't understand why there wasn't one. Maybe people could donate these things, and the Bangor FD could send some plastic kids hats over?

Carlos Andrés Requena Armas

great place to spend a day with the kids, three floors full of fun and interactive things to play with. Also playtime activities every week. Our 2 year old has lots of fun there and opportunities to socialize with other kids

Sadie Cunningham

A lot of really fun exhbits but some needed to be kept up better and some pieces were damaged!

carla Jung

Lots to see and do. Kids had a great time. The higher you go up in stories, the hotter it gets! If you get claustrophobic, this may be an issue as it was for me. There are very few windows looking out to the street and it was hot inside the upper floors (to me). I would visit again and dress lighter, cooler. Everyone was nice.

Wayne Randall

Great place to learn no matter your age. The human body, space, physics, you name it. It's no Boston Museum of Science, but it's just as much fun. Reserving a room for kids parties is great. The staff even have projects and classes for the kids where most everything is supplied, you just bring the kids. Spend the day or a few hours, you'll be back.

Danielle Judkins

Most of the museum was great. I was a little disappointed that a few of the displays had broken things. The restaurant cash register didn't work, nor did the pedal heart. My daughter did love building with the nano blocks. I wish the water area had higher steps so smaller kids could use the water easier.

Nalinee Taworntaweewong

Best childrens place in Maine!

Elwood Cobb

It is pretty cool place for kids. Has alit for them to see

Will & Family

A new place i never visited before. Worth bring the kids there.

Sean Hackbarth

Three floors of interactivity for kids. Many of the exhibits were either original to the museum or had been poorly cared for and were in need of freshening up. While there was enough to see, the quality of some of the play things certainly was lacking.

Cricket griffith

Lots of fun for the kids

Mike Revel

A must go to for every family. Friendly staff, ton of exhibits to engage minds young and old.

Anthony St.Louis

Love taking the kid there.

Monique Kahn

My family has been to other children's museums, one in Portland, and one in NH, and neither comes close to the Bangor museum in terms of quality of the exhibits, friendliness of staff, cleanliness of the facility itself, and efforts on the part of the museum to give kids and their families an educational and FUN experience. When my daughter was a toddler, she would spend HOURS in the kitchen play area, or picking carrots from the garden area upstairs. There are also interactive displays that would appeal to older kids, and speaking for myself and my husband, the grown up "kids" have a great time too. There's also a regular schedule of rotating activities, so check out their calendar of events. Can't say enough about this gem, right here in our own backyard! Thanks to the MDM for many happy afternoons!

Holly McDonald

Kids had lots of fun here! Lots of pretend play.

Neil Ashton

Took our 7 year old granddaughters for a couple of hours of fun and exploration. They enjoyed the freestyle play opportunity and could barely contain themselves as they went from one location to the next. It's educational as well, although neither confessed to learning anything. Great morning!

Sarah Christine Croman

It's a very pleasant place. Many exhibits relate to local interests, too. My boys love running around it. The staff is very friendly, and the exhibits are clean. They have a nice area for people to eat snacks you might bring. The membership is very reasonably priced.

Kimberly Rich

It was awesome. The kids love it!

Ben Willey

Great thing for the kids. Affordable and knowledgeable.

Michelle Carlow

Amazing place to take the kids! Lots of fun for the kids.

Caitlin Adams

Such a wonderful experience of fun and learning.... Best part is the time spent with sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, etc.... The smiles on their faces says it all.

Catalina OC

We go a season pass for Christmas, and the kids loved it! Its not too big, like the one in Boston, which came in handy when one of our kids went missing. We found her in a just a few minutes. All our girls had a great time, and there were able to do just about everything in a few hours, but they loved it so much they went back through again.

Nate Madore

Awesome. But the kids never want to leave...

Melanie Richards

Great place for the kids. Wish all things were working properly. But the kids always have a blast

Emily Young

I will never come back to this the kids that were doing the camp were running around screaming and there was no one around watching them, then my 10 year old stuck her arm in urine in the climber it took them an hour before they cleaned it and when I told my daughter she was going home to take a shower the girls at the desk heard me and were really rude this place has gone down hill bad, oh and when I told my children to get their coats the girls behind the desk were like go get your coats it’s time for you to leave, ummm no I tell my children what to do not strangers, but if you want to go to a dirty rude place this is the place to go

Jaime Sandoval

Great fun for young children especially when the weather is not ideal.

Laurie Crane

Very interesting for kids

Jacob Alward

What a great family time! Two hours wasn't enough time to go look and truly play we will deffinatly be back again soon to play longer! Thank you to all staff you were great

Jon B

My children loved it here. Some of the exhibits were broken thgat is why not a better review. My son loved the boat.

Maryann Jefferson

Great place to go with your grandchildren. We all had a fantastic time

Alita Hermansen

Excellent place, great science experiments for the littles. An older group of late elementary students were rowdy and kinda bowled over my toddler & preschooler (but that's more a lack of adults watching them). My boys loved it!!

lordtaco 777

I love this place everytime I go. My kids love it too.

Talushia Duquette

Needs a serious update, is still pretty much the same from when my daughter was in the 6th grade she's 30 now. The grandkids enjoyed it.

Nick Langley

Fun for the kids age 6 and infant, great indoor activity on a windy cold day

Barry Wood

Great place

Tim Cottle

The museum is getting dated. They have had the same exhibits for years. We watched a reptile show, and it would have been great if they had some kind of mic system for the presenter.

Jennifer Carlson

What a great place, affordable, interactive, kept my 7 year old busy for 3 hours, would of been longer but museum was closing. Gift shop was also very affordable.

Christopher Day

A fun place for kids, reasonable admission and friendly staff.

Jeremy I Hills

My ASD daughter and I had a wonderful time here a few months back during a "my day too play" event. It was totally worth the distance we had too travel even on a Sunday night. She had a grand time playing with all the displays and I enjoyed seeing her so free too try new things and happy!! I would absolutely recommend this wonderful place to all parents, but especially to parents who are raising special needs children! There should be more places around Maine that care about our kids too this level! Thanks too all the staff, volunteers, and fine folks who support The Maine Discovery Museum and we will be back again soon!

Kimra Wickline

My daughter and I found this lovely little museum in the middle of town and it was a gem I'd also like to add that the woman working the front desk was also so fantastic cheap and so much to explore the beavers lodge and the dinosaur floorwas our favorite part!

Owen V

Very good place for kids and adults alike

Ralph Tripp

awsome day with the kids

Angelica Winn

Very fun place to take your kids. I recommend this to anyone who does not want to spend hundreds of dollars taking their kids to play. The fare is cheap, but i do wish it would be a bit cheaper. But seven dollars per person is worth it for this fun place!

Farina V

They are constantly and continuously upgrading their exhibits. With three floors of educational fun, there is a wide variety of learning through play experiences. Admission (10$/person, adults are free) is for the entire day, so you can leave for lunch and come right back if the kids still have energy. There are live animals, extinct animals, and everything in between. We go often!

Peggy Bayliss

Lots of fun but alot mot working.

Kevin Asher

Great place for kids and adults

David Kerr

Great place for the kids to learn, I mean play

Matt Platte

Great place for kids. Does need to change some of there displays from time to time

Derek Bizier

Great place to bring the little ones!

Shannon L. Buck

My grandchildren, 3 years and 8 months, had so much fun here! Even the adults did. What a wonderful place!

Ryan Doucette

Awesome place

john furlong

Fun place for kids up to about 12 years old

Diana Helmandollar

My kids love it... the first floor is probably what the enjoy most.

Randy Field

Excellent for all ages

Gabriel Midkiff

My kids love this place. Lots of different things for kids of all ages to do. We haven't been going long enough to know how often they change the things they offer, but they always have different little activities.

J Kersey

Wonderful place to bring the kids to play

Peggy Cooper-Berger

Some good exhibits but most attractions are very worn and I'd say a good 50% of the museum is out of order. We arrived just over an hour before the place closed and there were several employees standing around the bottom of the stairs, clearly waiting for closing time so they could go home. We managed to play with all of the working exhibits and be finished just over an hour later when the museum closed. As we were leaving I approached the lady at the front desk about the bad state of repair of the exhibits and she replied rather cooly that she knew that was the case and that they were trying to raise funds to repair them. Has potential but it's poor value at $ 7.50 per person with so many attractions out of order.

Ly He

Great musuem for the whole family. My 15 month old enjoyed it and explored at his Own pace

Allison Moore

The kids loved all the interactive exhibits. The sea farming exhibit was great, and I learned a lot about the different types of kelp. Definitely a rainy day hit!

Mikey wilds

A great place for the kids

Sharon Elaine

What an awesome place for kids! My daughter and I are members and visit monthly. Always something exciting and engaging to do! The staff is amazing at what they do! We always leave with smiles on our faces :)

Matthew Tessier

Great place for kids, especially if you go during a scheduled activity. The exhibits sometimes need work but it's got enough functional ones to keep kids busy for an afternoon.

Adam Wojdac

Very kid friendly and fun having kids run around to discover things about their world.

Diana Miller

Took 5yr grandson he Loved it

Laura Delaney

Best for toddlers. Many broken items. Staff are very patient and sweet.

I.M. Daniel

My daughter Eva Leaden took me for a tour recently. She has been a patron, a summer camp participant, a student, and a volunteer since the museum opened. In recent years she has been employed as a summer camp counselor. The museum has evolved over the years but it is still a comfortable place for her to be with many of our favorite exhibits such as "Goodnight Moon". She enjoyed showing me the new installments and she reminded me of how much time we spent here in here youth. The Maine discovery museum will always have a special place in our family memories. All the best, The Leaden Family.

erin Burton

Great place for kids to explore and use their imagination

Elena Metzger

Our family loves our visits to the discovery museum.

Shanna Bernier

Great spot for kids. Fun activities.

Amanda Anderson

Good place for kids. Could have a bit more as far as exhibits.

Nitya Manish

Tickets are expensive considering the place only has kids specific fun/activities.

Michael A. Aiguier

Great place to learn and get energy out!

Laura M

The kids always love it! We try to take advantage of special activities they offer!

Kirra Crabtree


Michael Emery

Great hands on Museum for kids.

Ryan Gerry

Great spot for kids! 3 floors of play and learning. We make great use of the membership pass all year and enjoy the benefits when we visit the Boston Children's Museum and Science Museum. Great value!

Tanya Emery

A delight for kids!

Cate McDonough

Lots for kids to do and see.

Debbie Belanger

A wonderful, educational, fun filled adventure!!! Worth the visit!!!

Nathan Sawyer

Affordable, kids enjoyed it. Could use some upgrading as some of the stations were worn out and didn't work properly.

William Martin

Beautiful museum. The little one loves it. There is so much to do and see.

Sean Joyce

Fun for the kids for the most part. The large cargo boat is my boys favorite.

Mark Wolf

A fun museum. 3 floors of interactive exhibits. Well worth the price.

Leeta Law

This was a total hidden gem that we stumbled on. Definitely will be back if in the area again. Parked in the nearby parking garage and walked over. Very affordable pricing per person. Little coat room available. First floor had a fun tree house to climb, a beaver house, some little critters to see, a mock fisherman set up and an area for water play. Other floors included a dino dig, a pretend doctor office, a sound room for singing, a play diner, puppet theater, and so many other fun things. Definitely thought there were things available for older kids as well! My kids age 4, 3 and 1 all had a splendid time and we saw other families with older kids too. Even the grandparents had a great time at this. They have rooms available for birthday parties too!

shirley lowe

Cool place for kids but WAY overpriced. The exhibits get boring if you go more than once because they've had most of them since they opened years ago. They need upgrades to keep people coming back.

Walter Akers

Great place for fun for the whole family!

seth mclain

This place is great for the kids in all of us. Even better on cold or rain days to let the kids get the bugs out!

Atalie Alvarez

The ac was not working when we went but we used our pass discovery pass from wisconsin. The kids had a blast.

Alicia Tapper

This was a great place to spend several hours on a windy day. There were so many different things to check out that my 3year old was entertained for over 4 hours without complaint!

Tami Stokes

Kids love it

Kelli Wescott

Geared towards 2-4ish age kids. My sons love being able to run around and explore.

Crystal Johnson

Fun place run out energy and have fun

Corrie Lynn P

Fun place! Nice staff! Good assortment of activities!

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