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4 Thompsons Point #106, Portland, ME 04101, United States

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REVIEWS OF International Cryptozoology Museum IN Maine

Kit Johnson

An interesting place tucked away behind a restaurant in Portland Maine. I went because my partners wanted to, and it was cool to see and read about some cryptids that I haven't heard of too. But I feel absolutely no need to go back. Maybe a fun thing to do for 20 mins on a rainy day, but don't expect much.

John Ratliff

Cool place, just wish it was bigger!

Stephanie Bolduc

A fun little stop, however it's pretty small and felt more like a novelty.

wells family

Kind of a let down. It cost me and 2 other people $30 dollars to get in. Small, but it was cool to see the big display. Cramped and kind of disorganised. In all this visit kinda sucked.

Heather Sinclair

Completely worth the $10 admissions fee! It is a fun diversion for any who like mythical creatures and off beat attractions.

Kelli Wheeles

Very interesting. Too many sightings not to be real.

Ryan Samson

Definitely not worth the price. Maybe they could cut the price in half and it would be worth it. I regret spending $10 each for such a cheesy small space

Kindra Fontes-May

How did I not review this before? I love this place.

Amber Chase

An unforgettable experience!

William McDonough III

Amazing. Took my girlfriend here for her Birthday and she loved it. Thank you so much.


It's a small place but definitely an interesting place to visit. Try not to take everything so seriously and have a laugh.

Louis Mattei

Not enough interesting things. Too small and definitely not worth the $10.

Anna Kovach

The International Cryptozoology Museum was all I could have hoped and reamed for! Loren Coleman ran the register and was more than willing to answer cryptid questions. Display cases hit all the categories: Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yeti Lake monsters Mothman Chupacabra There's even a photo opportunity with a life size Bigfoot!

Sugar Pop

Was expecting more. It can all be done in an hour. They should add more reading material to what they display. It feels like just things in a store to buy

A. Suzanne Flynn

I mean it's a little junky. There are a lot of items and it can be hard to figure out what your supposed to be looking at. Also a lot of their exhibits went all the way to the floor which made it awkward to crouch down and look at because the space is so cramped.

Dylan Booth

Pretty small place and one of the entrances through the back of a restaurant but its quaint and has a lot of nice models.

zachariah ralph

This was a fun museum to visit. A couple freinds and I drove up to Portland for a day trip as with this museum as our primary attraction, and we weren't disspointed. Lots of fun and interesting exhibits and displays. The museum is not pretentious, and does not try to convince you book foot or other mythical creatures are real but leaves it up to the individuals imagination. This wasn't a big museum it took us maybe 30-45 minutes to walk through. Whether you believe in these types of creatures or not this is a fun museum to visit!

Colorado Girl

Disappointing, price should be half of what it is. Don't waste your time or $$ on this.

Blank Color

Me and my family love this place. even if you go 10 times, there is so much packed into a small place. The owner is so so nice, and 100% recommend this place!

Steven Shine

It was fun to look at all of the crypto creatures.

Candida Robert

Just knowing I was walking on the same floors as Josh gates made it one of the best places I've been it was fun looking around saw some very interesting things I would go again

Richard Schreiber

Passing through plans retuning from Acadia and decided to check this place out. Not quite what I expected, but we made the most of it and enjoyed the collection.

Sandra Marie Nagy

A lot of interesting cryptids that I'd never heard of.

Adam Hogan

Very small. Had a few interesting things. But the worker was extremely rude to me and my 7 year old.

Oscar Cachorro

The “museum” is two rooms of collectibles—-more cryptid action figures than actual information about them. It was all neat to see and I learned of a few I didn’t know about, (Like the Dover Demon) but I’m not sure if you could call it a museum. I do appreciate that they spent time on things that have been discovered, debunked in addition to ones that we still don’t know about. Overall it’s worth stopping by if you’re looking for something cool and weird to do while in Portland. Plan to spend about 30 minutes there.

Nice Guy

Really cool place to spend a few hours. The volunteers are really passionate and friendly. There's also a restaurant and distillery across the street.

Ben Gerber

It's not big but it sure was fun!

Todd Farias

Save your money. It’s very small and not worth the money. Some of the “exhibits” were interesting but most of the museum was made up of toys and collectibles.

Jeffrey Pope

I woke up here. Not sure what happened.

Bian _

This place was fantastically fun! Not only did I learn what cryptozoology was to begin with, this museum was detailed, professional and above all else... very interesting. Not a place for kids really, there was a lot of reading involved, and a lot of cryptic rules to follow. Worth watching the 4 min introductory video, Loren Coleman... what a guy

Oliver Peckham

Set your expectations; this is not the Smithsonian. One of the entrances is through a Mexican restaurant. This is a hokey, wonderful collection of cryptozoological ephemera only for the people who really enjoy that sort of thing. If you go here actually expecting a bona fide museum, you will be let down.

Steven Demko

Really cool one of a kind place to visit, the owner was really nice and it was pretty inexpensive to visit. We were there for about 45 minutes but we stopped and read most of the exhibits. Would definitely recommend if you're into weird stuff

Jimmy Morin

Fun place to go if youre interested in the subject, but there are not an extraordinary amount of exhibits. What they have is pretty cool, except for the cases full of pop culture figures and toys. Those definitely took away from the experience of it being an actual meseum.

Christopher Lavallee

Unique. Many artifacts and examples to view. Kids were full of awe and wonder. Need to see it once !

Elice Laughner

Love cryptozoology but thos was very underwhelming. Made me wonder if the best pieces were in the owners home. The information was scattered and random at best.

James Johnson

Lots of great stuff. I don't care what you believe.... after you have been here it would be hard to not believe. The Jersey devil, sasquatch, mothman...and lots more.

Aki Riaz

Interesting, not a huge area. Can drive to it and park in a pay & display. One hour will do it, lots of stuffed animals & the life size yeti is cool. Look out for the poo display. Go real slow and look at everything, if you blink you will miss it. Nothing new, have seen most of it on discovery channel. Disappointing for young kids as apart from the poo display not much else to hold their attention. Maybe a colouring in area for kids could be a cool addition.

Michael Frizzell

Definitely worth checking out. Not too big but tons of fun stuff.

Rebecca Wuetrich

If you’re a crypto fan you won’t learn anything you don’t already know.

Dave Uygun

It's rather misleading to call this place a museum. It's really more of a collection of random stuff. Some of which was very tenuously linked to any kind of mythical beast, folklore or legend. There was a lot of souvenirs collected from tourist traps, where presumably the owner has been. The thing that did it for me was the collection of empty beer and liquor bottles including hobgoblin and the kraken. I felt is was a waste of money IMO.

Ian RENOIR Rennie

Manage your own expectations, okay? It won't convert the close-minded, and the emphatic True Believers may be put off by the toys and pop culture 'stuff', but that's part of what the legends and stories have become. Yes, it could be more 'nicely' laid out. That would require space and staff, both evidently in short supply. As other positive reviewers have noted, a key highlight is the abundance of material detailing sightings and encounters with a range of cryptids. You can accept or refute or scoff as you see fit - they're presented for your consideration, not to make a convert out of you.

David Smaltz

Small but quaint and unique place. Only takes 45 min. To go through but in great area to grab drinks or lunch.

Karl Viksnins

I have to say this place is really interesting. I felt slightly duped into paying 10.00 per person to see someones personal collection of "stuff", but it really put me in a great mood... For the rest of the day... fur trout... lol

Gerald Butler

Small place,a little pricey,but was ok


Haven't been here since they moved from downtown, but we had a great time when we came!

Elizabeth Meza

The international cryptozoology museum has oddities, but you can get entertained for an hour or so if you're into Bigfoot, mothman, and more. It is a small museum, so do not expect too much from it, so you won't be disappointed. It's a fun thing to do if you're in Portland, Maine.

Thomas Verreault

Surprised that exhibits weren't hoaky and BS. Love the fact that there is a winery, a brewery, and a distillery all in same location with tasting tours. Makes for a great date: tasting tour, museum, tasting tour.

Eric Dyer

Nifty artifacts, and a good compilation of information about unknown creatures around the world.

Todd Andrews

Meh. It’s just a collection of mythological memorabilia. Parking was $2 an hour. Luckily it didn’t take more than 1 hour. Everything from Bigfoot footprint casts to Nessie keychains. It’s not really well organized. It doesn’t have centralized explanations of each creature. I enjoyed learning about the creatures I didn’t know.

Kayla Raleigh

Much bigfoot. Much wow. Be careful not to accidentally drive off into the ocean. We had a close call. Also, you might think you're in a restricted area, but dont worry. You're not. My family has deemed this museum the weirdest thing in Maine on our nation wide quest to find the strangest thing in every state.

Marty True

Very fun place. Campy. Fanciful. Small but well thought out. You can make of it what you want. You must believe. You'll see things you won't expect. We all had a great time. Great family experience.

Rob Clark

From Portland's own Loren Coleman comes a small treasure trove from a life investigating the stranger things. Fascinating and friendly, and a great location in the heart of Portland.

Jeneen Melo

Really cool, super fascinating! Just very small, and we were there for maybe 30 minutes so a $10 ticket was a little much. But we had a good time!

Lucas Ahern

I am a huge Bigfoot fan and I really enjoyed it. The staff was great and very willing to explain anything. I believe you have to have some knowledge of this to understand it and appreciate it more. If you really do take an interest cryptids this place is great. Ask questions and have a good time. I am very glad I got to go.

Jonathan Nicholas

Some neat stuff, but primarily a place for people that already know a lot about cryptozoology.

Jamie Lindemann

Great detail and exhibits. Museum is a little small and going for quantity in the cases rather than quality of presentation. One of a kind museum, though, with a massive breadth of information on cryptids.

Caitlin Studley

While slightly overpriced in my opinion, this place is worth a stop if you’re into cryptids and folklore. It’s not big, and you have to walk through a pizza place to get to it, but there are lots of displays with different artifacts pertaining to different cryptids like mothman, bigfoot, and others. If you go in accepting this to be basically someone’s hobby and a random collection of mildly interesting stuff, you won’t be too disappointed.

Mark Bishop

Great stuff to look at. Abit of small area but lots to see

Antonio De Simone

Small museum in an industrial area. Amusing, but probably only worth the $10 admission if you have a few beers at Bissell Brothers Brewery next door first.

Jeff Chetkauskas

This place is half dedicated to Bigfoot and for Bigfoot lovers. There are also sections to inform viewers that there are many other species that until the last 100 years were also myths, like the duck-billed platypus. The first floor pays tribute to these creatures as well as many other creatures deemed made up, like gremlins, the chupacabra and the jersey devil. The also have the skin of Wessie, a giant snake that escaped captivity in Westbrook. The second floor is mainly dedicated to the search for Bigfoot. The whole museum takes about 30 minutes to look around. Unfortunately the cost might be steep for the short period it takes to go through the museum. Also some of the parking spaces are limited to a minimum of $5.00 to park.

Samantha Court

Very unique little Museum. There is a lot of stuff, artifacts, and information stuffed into a small place. Expect spend about an hour here. There are some souvenirs for purchase and some interesting books as well. I would go here again. Side note the museum smelled noticeably like mothballs, in case that smell bugs if you.

Ashlyn Ford

This is such a cool little museum everytime I go theres something new in there!! Huge collection of foot prints, a new poop exhibit and lots of cool things to see! If you like the world of cryptozoology this is definatly a must see!

Hank Salvacion

It did not disappoint

Rhonda Major

Hahaha. Great little museum!

Sydney smith

Well my friend and I went one weekend after a recommendation. Not at all what we had expected. For the price it could have been better curated. Very confusing in a strange small space with dusty displays of cheap toys and replicas. The staff was very nice though. Needs to be better planned out if your charging $10 admission. Honestly save your money.

Scott Kremer

Fun way to spend an hour or less if you are interested in cryptozoology. Mostly a look and read type of museum without modern interactive displays and with some artifacts and a lot of campy pop culture . Not really designed for younger kids. We enjoyed it.

Darcy Payne

Very knowledgeable and kind with plenty to look at for the price.

Teresa Presley

It really wasnt what i thought it would be.

Joshua Tilson

It was cute mostly some dudes toy collection

DeVuono Painting

Cool place. Its a quick tour but worth the stop. We enjoyed it.

Ashleigh Czarny

Good place to take someone with an interest in mythology. Small but many exhibits. Like that they have a section on animals once thought to be myths but turned out verified.

Michael Lynch

I had such a fun time here. There are so many artifacts here, and you have to take a picture with Bigfoot. Not like a typical museum, but it's full of lots of stories about different creatures that people have discovered, or claimed to have spotted over the years. Go with an open mind, and have a blast.

Jessica Ivy Distad

Very fun stop but the space itself was very cramped. I was very excited to visit here and slightly let down.

devanne hiltabidel

Not worth the 10 dollars. You can see the end before you even was so small and cramped with 30 plasters of big foots foot. It was like a big foot enthusiast moved everything from his basement into a 10 foot long 2 story museum. We got there at 11 when it opened and left at 1112 and that included a 2 minute video we had to watch before entering begging for donations.

Brian Steele

Fun museum to spend about an hour. It’s a bit overpriced for the size and exhibits. They do a nice job of explaining what cryptozoology is and isn’t.

James Mitchell

Not really what we had expected. More of a novelty shop then anything. The displays are pretty much toys. The only real ones were turtle shells. Lost money stopping here. At least the parking was cheap.

Miles Heise

Not at all worth it. $10 for an incredibly small museum, even trying to get my money's worth I was only there for 20-30 minutes and could have easily left in 10. It is less of a museum than a hoarder's closet, with a mix of actual interesting things and absolute junk like old happy meal toys all presented together with very little organization or context. Many of the items don't even seem to be related to the subject, including taxidermied regular animals and, most confusingly, a couple of framed pamphlets about adoption. If they took out 75% of the items and added a lot more information on what things are and what they are supposed to mean it would be much more interesting and informative.

James Winsor Jr

Excellent place if you like myths and legends such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. Second time here, this time u brought my dad. He loved it too.

Kody Wiley

This place was really fun. My girlfriend is obsessed with Bigfoot and Mothman and we had the time of our lives.

MaJa Sa

Ten dollars gets you a self walking tour of various yeti dolls from CVS, homemade dioramas, and other such stuff as if they are museum exhibits.... On the bright side there is an excellent tasting room called the Cellar Door next door that we would not have found save for a visit to this "museum." Hence the second star.

Scott Dore

Was with our oldest child who's a senior this year and chose the museum to get graduate pictures done at , well the gentleman whos curator. Jeff muse was so friendly and helpful we actually went on its off. Day Tuesday and rented it for a certain time this turned out so well and I'm excited to see how they turn out well now about the museum . it has such cool and interesting collection. You gotta take a few minutes to check out this place you will enjoy it like we did


A truly Amazing, Entertaining and Educational place. I’ve been here several times and every time I see something that I’ve missed or something Completely new. It is well worth the Cost of admission. It’s informative without Taking itself too Seriously. It even has Exhibits on Hoaxes, cryptids in pop culture, creatures of legends and in the Video that plays early into the museum, The founder/Owner encourages being Skeptical and not Just blindly Accept anything shown to you. Tip: Look closely in the Mothman Display case and you will probably Spot a Toy Of Mothra from the Godzilla series. I’ve spotted it Every time I’ve come here and as a Fan of Godzilla and Kaiju in general, it makes me smile every time.


Excellent attention to detail but...small...there is a lot of stuff packed onto their building! Loved the gift shop shop too !

Kristen Bronson

Was a fun little diversion but very small. We had a nice little laugh in it after hitting up the breweries next door.

Giuseppe Berlioze

Fake Bigfoots ,, Everybody knows Peter Cain is the true President Of The Bigfoot Society.

Jeremy Grady

We loved it. I have always had a fascination with Cryptids and recently my 9 year old daughter has become interested too because of a Disney show called GRAVITY FALLS. You should direct parents to that show for their children and, to be fair, the show is just as great for adults. I bought the entire series at Wal-Mart for $20, so maybe you could sell that in your shop? Anyway, after leaving your Museum my daughter spent 5 hours googling and reading about the various Cryptids she discovered on our visit.

Todd Allard

Great museum all the great local legends. Check out their website.

Lauren Hanson

A museum after my own heart

Kaileigh T

It's pretty interesting but it's also very small and there aren't many options in the giftshop

Keely Sir-Potato

Fun place to look around, interesting information, cute gift shop.

Normandy Halvorson

We really enjoyed the layout of the new location. Always a fun museum to visit and let our imaginations freely wander into the unknown. Great for kids that love science, phantasmagoria, and mythology.

marisa kos

Basically shows you examples of lots of the claims made of seeing Big Foot and similar creatures. It's small and the cost is 10 bucks ahead. . Pretty much shows that the claims are mistaken.

Matthew LittleFarmer

This is the third location for the I.C.M., located in an old industrial building. It's a narrow space with two floors and might be tight going for a wheelchair. The collection is attractively displayed although a bit crowded. I love the museum and plan to visit often!

Rafael Guerra

They have a very limited collection. If you remove the merchandise, the fake stuff and the plastic skulls, you have less than a small bathroom of repetitive content. The main focus is on big foot, they should rename it “Big foot museum” and charge $2.

Gavin Ayling UK

There are two many items on display that are trash, kids toys etc. There's not much room in the museum because of this trash, and it means there's not room for well curated signs. A little research would make this a good museum, but as it is, it's just mildly interesting.

Lois Esrey

We had a great time visiting

Cindy Holton

Very small, not worth the $10 admission fee. Very disappointed at all the plush toys in display cases. Not worth your time!

Stefanie Gerardi

Not worth the admission. Not a museum. Very few artifacts. It’s like someone grabbed a bunch of junk and put it together and charged admission. Not worth the 5 mins it takes to walk through. Very disappointed.

Nick Marko

I loved it

Alex Hewes

Not as cool as I expected. Bunch of old toys and seems like a personalized tribute to the owner.

alison winfield

It was much smaller than we anticipated. A fun place for whimsical travelers. Expensive tickets.

Jackie Ransom

A fun and exciting museum with a good amount of amazing cryptid exhibits and displays! Nice staff and a great gift shop too. It's very bizarre to enter from the parking area. You'll walk into a restaurant at first. Continue through and you'll find the museum.

Natalia Bastian

If you decide to visit this museum, immediately lower your expectations. While the museum was interesting and fun, it was nothing super special and honestly made me very frustrated. My entire visit was filled with me having critiques on the organisation and overall atmosphere of the museum. In order to enter, you must go through a back hallway behind the front area of a cafe and the smell is peculiarly bad. The fee was a little high for what the museum was and I had no clue what was really happening the whole time due to how crowded the objects were placed. Informational cards were scarce and hard to read. The museum seemed to have no overall purpose as it mainly just housed anything having to deal with any cryptid ever. I was fully expecting to learn interesting facts and leave knowing new evidence for why cryptids exist. I actually left feeling underwhelmed and confused. If this museum was redone then it would be fantastic, but as is you need to come with a lot of prior knowledge and low expectations.

Russell Hoyt


Meghan Fofeghan

Very small. Not very interesting. Charge way too much for what is there

Bionic Lime

Small, cramped, and goofy little museum. The kids may get a kick out of it, but adults can skip, unless you are a Bigfoot enthusiast. Pricey entry fee for such a small place.

Dana Lynn

Any fan of cryptozoology should go here. Awesome collection of everything cryptid.

sue middaugh

Not what we expected. Not worth the price to go in.

donna amato salvacion

This was a road trip for my husband. Very pleased

Tom D'Agostino

One of the weirdest and most fun stops in Portland. They also sell the best finger puppets you'll ever see.

Melozi Scott

This was a really fun place to stop and learn about different cryptid stories. The history was fun and well detailed when you'd read the plaques. There were plenty of displays and diagrams. They do have a few incidences in history also mentioned that I'd never heard of. So it's not all common stories like Big Foot and Chupacabra. It's definitely smaller than I expected. $10 seem pricey for how small the museum is but it does go directly back into Loren's research.

Nicole Rivers

Fun little place interesting and informative!

Kathy Seniw

If your a person who has interest in big foot this is the place to go!

Edward Miller

If you are into the subject it is a lot of fun. Went there today with my wife and son we had a blast. It is small but has some really cool stuff. Definitely worth the visit if you are into this kind of stuff. I just wish I got to meet Loren Coleman.

Greg Hardison

Fun collection of cryptid artifacts,toys, ephemera and more.

Celine Moray

way overpriced and very cheesy

Giant Catbass

Cryptozoology is the study of hidden or unknown animals, and you have discovered the world’s only cryptozoology museum. We have a wide range of exhibitions from rare, one-of-a-kind scientific, zoological specimens to popular cultural homages to the relevant anthropological and psychological acknowledgements of the sightings and folk traditions to be found within hominology and cryptozoology. As part of our scientific and education mission, we preserve native art to contemporary souvenirs. If you don’t understand why something is in our exhibits, please ask.

David San Antonio

This place is wonderful! It is the only one in the world like it. They have over 10,000 different artifacts of different cryptozoology cases. It is a little small but offers a lot of to look at. The entry fee is $10 so it is kind of expensive, but it is totally worth it!

Virginia Cupit

Cute place, definitely worth it.

Bert Bingel

If you are an SF/UFO geek this is definitely worth the trip. Small but full of slot if artifacts we have never seen.

William Philbrook

A small but dense collection of the world's odd and unknown creatures. Took about 45 minutes from start to finish, though we took our time with everything. Worth the ticket price.

Kalen Larson

Displays look more like a garage sale than a museum. Disappointed with how thrown together everything was. Also very confused about the mixed messages saying take pictures but don't take pictures because of copyright. Way too expensive for what it is.


So fun! My son and I had a great time, and while it really only keeps you occupied for about an hour, it was totally worth the $10 for me and $5 for my son. The gifts I spent $45 on were absolutely worth it. The prices were good and the souvenirs were actually all really cool, and my son loves his Orang Pendek footprint cast that we're taking when we go again so that their resident cryptozoologist can sign it:)

Oleg Tsygan

Am definitely a skeptic.

heather polese

This place is so fun. So much to look at , we spent almost an hour here even though it’s not a huge space. It’s located next to some lovely spots to grab a drink or a fresh doughnut so you can spend a few hours here if you’re sightseeing. Definitely recommend stopping in to see the neat creatures and the friendly staff

Gavin Ayling

Interesting and fun, but poorly curated, labelled and organized, with a lot of silly junk amongst the treasures.

Tahir Karmali

I know its supposed to be fun or whatever. But i was not a fan of there being no wall text for the objects. They have these West African masks that are completely taken out of context and have nothing to do with the topic of the museum - its really offensive. Its literally just 2 rooms filled with stuff that is not even explained. Its like a yard sale.


It's good for adults, but won't hold kids attention for longer than 5 minutes. Lots of great information about Cryptids especially local creatures in Portland area.

Elgon Dodson

Don't waste the time, small "museum" and not easy to find. Was hoping for more!

Suzi Mancil

Very interesting and informative museum.

Daniel Wolin

It was lightly entertaining.

Rick Mills

Had a fun visit to the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland. We took the Amtrak Downeaster from Dover NH to Portland. The museum is on Thompson's Point, within sight of the train station; an easy walk. The museum spans the width of a large building, so there are entrances on each side - the side nearest the train station opens directly into their lobby, the other entrance is through a restaurant (but they don't mind). It is a quirky place and you should approach it with an open mind and a sense of humor. These are static displays, well organized, so little kids may not get much out of it; but it is fascinating for grownups. We spent about 90 minutes there. Second floor does not appear to be handicap accessible. Spacious restrooms (with showers even!). Lunch hint: From the train station, walk down Sewall St. to Ananias at 1227 Congress Street for Italians. Then we caught the next train home. Great day!

David Erickson

One of a kind. Don't miss.

Rick H

Fun and interesting

Daniel Keenan

Just dont go. Over priced looks more like a stuffed animal musimum than anything. I'm all about the unknown but this new location is not for the better.

Marshall Travis

Goofy but amazing. Can walk through in about 45 mins to an hour if you stop and take in all the creatures. Highlight for me would be the PT Barnum "mermaid" and the first bigfoot foot cast. For those who want to believe.

Ligia Gonzalez

it is a good place to visit there is a model of bigfoot and the fur trout that you might like to see kids 12 and under are 5 dollars each and parents are 10 dollars each seniors are 8 dollars each babies who can't talk or walk are free.

Ashley Niewiera

This place is a tad overpriced, and honestly is really cool. Unfortunately the addition of toys to most of the displays cheapens the experience. I went in looking for a scientific view of mythological creatures and urban myths, what I found was a collection of road side trinkets mixed with some interesting things sprinkled in.

Bob Wallace

Too much money for what it's worth I

Tristan McKenna

The museum is in the back of a restuarant. I saw low reviews online and felt I would be upset with myself for not stopping in to at least see it, but didn't really enjoy it, it was cheesey, small, and awkward if there's more than two small groups. Also, why are you paying for parking in an industrial area, more a complaint on Portland at large.

J. W.

I was really hoping this place would be quirky and weird and a new favorite. Instead it was disorganized and cramped. There were a lot of silly items mixed in with "artifacts." For instance, ninja turtle merchandise, and plastic dino figurines. If things were presented in a more orderly fashion (without all the clutter), it would have felt much better. The coolest item, a life size bigfoot is crammed into the corner instead of taking center stage. The space is not big enough and at points you have to walk single file. The girl at the front was very nice. And it was funny that they hand out maps, considering how condensed it is. Ripley's does a nice job of displaying and setting the scene for their oddities, this museum would do well to learn a lesson from them on presentation.

Debbie Catanzarite

It was ok. Not sure it's worth $10. I don't really think I left there any more convinced Bigfoot exixts, which is what I was most interested in. Was entertaining. We were there maybe an hour. It's very small.

Eric Salmonsen

Much smaller than what I was expecting. A neat personal collection, but not really worthy of calling itself a museum, or collecting as much as they do for admission.

Samantha Sigelakis-Minski

I love it here, just wish it was larger.

Heather Hedrick

It was a fun visit. I'm glad I went.

Susan McCarthy

Disappointing. The museum was filled with items that could be found on Ebay and etsy which made the place feel more like a thrift shop that wasn't selling anything than a museum. If you haven't watch TV shows about cryptids then you might learn something otherwise nothing new. We drove 2-1/2 hours for a 20-minute vist.

munky curtis

Its a very awesome idea but for the price should be a bit better crafted everything was plastic and costum like

Sean Downey

Awesome place I wish it was in a bigger location with more artifacts


Only disappointed at the size.

Frank Hodson Jr.

Somewhat underwhelming size, but a very interesting collection of the bizarre.

Mark Zornow

To call this a museum is an insult to actual museums. It is, at best, a collection of junk and, well, more junk. It is a tiny, poorly arranged collection of worthless knick knacks that should be in a box in someone's basement, not on display for $10/person. Do yourself a favor, instead of this, go outside and watch the grass grow ... It will be more interesting.

Christopher Quillen

Was expecting a bigger place. Heard about it on last pod cast on the left. Saw it during our vacation in maine.

Richard Spreitzer

Interesting items of Bigfoot and other such creatures. Small location easy to access off of the interstate.

bryna Chalmer

The art is fun and the person who put it together clearly loves the subject.

Catie Wytychak

Not a museum, it's actually just one man's shrine to his own "scientific" expeditions and his own personality. Just a bunch of action figures and stuffed dolls haphazardly arranged in shelves. Very little information about possible monsters and undiscovered animals, just every random thing this dude could find that reference Bigfoot, Mothman, lake monsters, etc. Very disappointing, can't help but feel the $10 entrance fee just goes straight into that guy's pocket. Very interesting topic for a museum that could be very cool if they put some effort into it.

Willa Neal

Fun for a laugh, but for $10 a person I was disappointed. Basically just two tiny corridors filled with plastic figurines and some old fur. Took about 15 mins to see it all.

Nelson Cho

unique and interesting but admission was a little bit $$$...

Meghan Wilson

It is small and a bit pricey for admission, but very cool. Take a selfie with Sasquatch! The clerk was knowledgable and very nice, and there's a lot of really cool things in the exhibit!

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