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REVIEWS OF Garmin IN Maine

Ruchika Arora


Eartha is still there!

Donn Mielcarek

See the super large rotating globe. Nice of Garmin to keep this open to the public.

Mark Boucher Sr.

Giant globe is awesome to check out

Brendan Tozer

Stopped in while traveling to see Eartha. Went into lobby and took some pictures. No issues, it was fine.

Christopher Ihasz

It's a big globe...that's it. It's just a globe.

Monica Webb

Amazing! Really puts the size of the continents into perspective.

Chris Bouchard

They have a giant, multi-story globe. Cool to watch for a bit.

Kim Leighton


There is the worlds largest globe here to see. You can see it through the window if they are we had to.

Paulo Costa

Eartha is closed on weekends, when people have the time to visit. What were they thinking?

Callie Barrow

Just hanging out for an hour studying and enjoying the biggest globe on earth, pretty cool! Open 8:30-5:00 M-F.

James Cameron Cupps

This place is great!

Siobhan Shamlian

Large globe, worth the drive

Nancy Hammond

Miss Delorme

Robert Harris

Hey the globe is huge, this would be great for the kids for a short visit.

Geoff Zub

If you are in the area it is a great pit stop, worth seeing the world record globe.

Tom Cannon

Retail store is closed but they still have the 3 stories high globe.

Jason W

Stopped by on my travels up to LL Bean to find out they have fairly limited hours and were closed but it was super cool seeing the globe. Place is a mecca for fellow Geocachers.

mark decarteret


Andre Pop

Dmitry G


Was a great place to vist

Ben Duncan

Very cool stop, a shame it's just office space.

George Barber

Guinness Book of Records sized and accurate globe moving on the correct axis. Worth a visit right off exit 17 of Rye 295 in Yarmouth.

Christine Vallerand

There is no longer a store here to purchase maps. This should be updated, since google still gives store hours.

Lusi Altman

Great little side visit. The globe is impressive.

Wade Anderson

I'm basically a map person. I love the globe. Really easy off and on the highway. This is a great educational stop when vacationing with kids.

Ase Nsentip

The store is closed but the globe is still open to the public have not visited it yet but will soon and am hoping for it to be an awesome experience! :D

Gith Ghofulpo

Larry Krainson

DON'T STOP HERE. The store is closed. Has been closed since 2016! Eartha the big globe is only partially working and is viewable but nothing else to see. A very disappointing stop.

Goldie C

Emily Liao

Free entry and Eartha is gourgeous! I recommend ppl who are interested in geography to come to visit!

Katrina Morton

The globe is awesome it moves in time with the actual planet

James Schmidt

Not much to see


Excellent place to stop by if you are close. Nice globe. Receptionist was very friendly!


Garmin headquarters is awesome! We saw Eartha, the giant globe and we even left one of our path tags in the display case. The guard was very friendly and helpful.

Rick Wesinger

Jaime Dorman

Lauren Chrapowitzky

Very cool, had a great time looking at Eartha.

Matt Bowers

Why wouldn't you go here?

Jason French

We were familiar with this being a Delorme stop when we are passing through. There had been a gift shop etc. Now; Under Garmin ownership the front door is open to see the globe but there is no shop where one might buy maps, GPS devices, or software. One gets the feeling that your presence is not what they are trying to encourage but rather a bit of an inconvenience for security personnel. I also got the feeling that perhaps the globe is not being maintained like it once was as the panels all appeared to be sinking in.

Sam Keske

The retail shop has been closed for years, but you're still welcome to visit during business hours to see the Guinness Record-holding geodesic rotating globe (the coolest part the the place, anyway). It can be a really quick stop right off of the highway.

Katie Hatch

Worth the stop to see the to scale globe Eartha.

Brandon Anderson

If you need a map, look no further.

Mary Fitzgerald

We enjoyed seeing the globe and how it was built.

Teressa Sherwood

Great place to check out perspective.

John Classen

41ft diameter rotating world globe Eartha. Very nice Garmin staff

Chris _

erika kissack

The Eartha is big. It's cool.

Jamison Graff

Impressive and fun, Eartha brings home facts about distance and position in a way smaller globes cannot. The three viewing levels also help to make the scales tangible, and the location is easily reached from the freeway. It's worth the few minutes of diversion if underway to another destination.

Linda-Jo Diamond

What an awesome experience!

Karen Zhao

Just off the highway. Free. Three levels of viewing area. I'd suggest 15 minutes max to look & take pictures.

Erik Peterson

Big globe is fun and the map store has interesting stuff


a palmer

Guiness Book - largest scale model World Globe. The map store was interesting with books and gifts for all ages but especially kids. You can view the World from two floors and watch it spin on it's axis. The kids really liked this store and it's worth stopping for all ages.

Dante Luna

This huge revolving globe is located in Yarmouth, Maine! I saw one photo and put the address in my GPS lol They call it Eartha! its a 42 foot beautiful representation of Earth as seen from space. its 1:1,000,000 scale model of Earth. If the Sun were constructed at the same scale, it would 4,560 feet in diameter and 93 miles away from Yarmouth approximately landing in a Boston suburb. From where I was standing taking these photos, I would be approximately 3,600 miles away from Eartha to get this kind of view of the World...I spent about an hour here watching this thing spin lol worth the trip!

Kenneth Johnson

Olya RK

I couldn’t believed my eyes when I saw this gigantic earth looking at us from the building. Even though it was weekends and the doors were locked we still had a chance to take couple pictures and gaze at this big globe.

Thomas E. Mills

Awesome place... Very friendly

Jesus Herrera

Massimiliano Corsi

Da vedere se si passa in zona e si è appassionati di geografia... molto originale

Blake Shaw

Bob Collins

Royce Severson

Fun place for a stop and they have the World's Largest Revolving globe!

Terry Leger

Fascinating - Eartha is huge - free, short stop, worth it

Adam Archer

The retail store is closed with no information on where it went. It is unfortunate I was hoping to see and possibly purchase a new GPS. I still love farming.

craig webster

Giant globe gives perspective of the world that's hard to come by

Bita Hosseini

Martin Bailey

No more map store.

Diane Uzar

Very interesting place to visit.we had a nice time

Isaiah Moran

Kevin Kauffman

drew meyer

Kt Roberts

Great pit stop while in Maine! My boyfriend and I stayed for about 20 minutes and walked to the top, it was bigger than I imagined! Besides looking at the spinning globe there isn't much to do. But can't complain it was free and the parking was easy!

Peter Maranci

A fun store with lots of neat and interesting things; maps, globes, and toys. And the huge globe is totally amazing.

Kristene Mills

Beautiful, very nice when visiting. Pleasant front desk hospitality. Thank you

Terry Dillon

Interesting place.


Love the giant globe.


My father was giddy with excitement to view this attraction. I first believed this excitement to be more than sufficient, but upon entering the wall to ceiling glass structure, I was just as excited to view the largest globe. It was both spectacular and relaxing. There were three separate viewing levels and a variety of other historical novelties related to the globe. We stayed less than an hour, but thoroughly enjoyed every moment of our stay.

Keisha Young

Robert Relyea

Eartha is definitely worth a visit.

Mister Epilito

This place still has 'Eartha' the globe. Even though this place no longer has the map store and everything else it had to offer 2 years ago, it's still open to the public for a quick visit or a place to hang out and admire the worlds largest globe.

Ben Jobb

The worst company ever. Beware they will rip you off then when you realize it they won't let you cancelled their service that doesn't work when you want it to and they hit you with overages for every button you push. Please save yourself the misery and headache and stay away from this crooked sham they call a business.

karen R

Interesting and neat to view!



Nancy Groth

Where Eartha display is housed (3 stories tall and rotates) view from second floor balcony. It even shows depths of mountain ranges below ocean surface. A display of Geo caching tokens are displayed from all over the world.

Michael Chandler

Renato Duarte

really cool globe you can go and take a picture in front of. also their store is a neat one

James McCarthy

Fantastic if you're on the East coast this is a MUST. It's even free

Yiwen Huang

Notice the open time!

Mark Schmidbauer

Fascinating and impressive

Megan Sanborn

The world's largest rotating globe. It's very cool, and definitely an interesting stop. I wouldn't plan it as more than an hour spent there, but definitely worth checking out.

David Levine

Before Garmin acquired Delorme, there was a great store at the site that is no longer open. That's too bad because both Delorme and Garmin have terrific products and it would be great to see them in person. I hope they re-open a well stocked store in the future. Eartha is cool and nice attraction for just a couple minutes and a few pictures. As a geocacher, stopping here to log a couple caches and a lot of neat trackables was the highlight for me and the main reason for the stop. If you are a geocacher, you'll want to come in and log these items. Re-open the store and I'll return and update my review to 5 stars. Visited Oct 2017

Dave Mitchell

Great experience

Justin Riddle

OC Tech

There used to be a great gift shop. It’s closed now, so only 3 stars because the globe is cool

Jake Faust

"A large globe, it rotates." Not from here, so I mainly came for the map store, which apparently has been closed for some time. Stayed here less than five minutes.

Geeg Wiles

We were on our way to the Eastern Most Point and heard about this hidden gem. Worth a quick stop in! It will make you ponder how small we really are!

Linda Rimmer

Gideon Coltof

Globe was cool to see, but there is nothing else there.

Zeb Dawson

The world's largest rotating globe can be found here!

Cynthia Ford

Nice place for kids to visit.

Mike Whalen

Globe is amazing!

Francis Oreim


James Guerra

Used to be a great store full of great educational things. No more! Thanks Garmin! Globe still worth it!

Susanna Ceccuzzi

everett buron

Rich Basher

Had to stop while in the area. The giant globe is pretty cool and it is a geocache.

flat luigi

Jay Tall

Honed of the largest globe in the world. A fun quick stop Thru Maine.

Konrad Von Hochstaden

This is a great idea is a tourist trap for a world mapping company. Put a huge freaking globe in your lobby. Map store inside was recently closed after DeLorme was purchased by Garmin. But enjoy the clean restrooms!

Angelia Cote

Katherine Lawson

I only gave this four stars because they closed the store. The globe really is amazing to see, and you definitely should see it from all three levels, but it is really disappointing that you can no longer buy their products or souvenirs of your visit while you are there.

Eric Johnston

Very cool a free big globe to see. Clean bathrooms

Jish Haynes


I would not make a detour to come see the largest globe f the world, but if you are around you want to stop by and take a look. Also enjoy the map store that has an amazing collection

Nicola e Pina

oggi chiuso.

Deb Walsh

Biggest globe in the world amazing!

John McCabe

The store is gone. It's only a matter of time until Garmin shuts the old DeLorme location down completely..

Panda Monium

Great place to stop and take a look at the huge spinning globe.

Jack Ding

Like to go back

Lucas Braunschmidt

Free, really big globe, easy to find

Meredith Lewis

teriffic stop just off I-295. must see Eartha!

Michael O'Neill

An interesting place to stop, reflect, and collect your thoughts in the way to other destinations. The curious little gift shop is no more.

Heather Harmon

naveen pawar

Can't believe that we live in 2016, and still have companies with such customer service. Last year, I used their service for one weekend with a friend of mine, and requested them that I don't want to be charged ANY charges in the future. Then, just last weekend I saw an annual membership charge from them that they they say would provide me service for the NEXT one year. Called their customer service and politely requested that I don't need their service for next one year, so please don't charge me. The customer service lady (Monica) said sorry, this charge can't be reversed (because of technicalities that i didn't cancel my order in writing last year)! I told her that I spoke with their customer service team last year and they had said that I would not be getting charged ever. She just smiled and said sorry. Now I am forced to give one star rating where I really want to give 0 stars. Big trap...folks beware, and stay aware from them.

Hector Rivera

Bradford Megquier

Stop in and meet Eartha

Susan Souza

This is inside a research and development building for Garmin. The public is welcomed to come in, take pictures and read information. Takes about 30 min. Well worth it!!

Chris Stauffer

Great place to stop with the kids. Giant multi-story global rotates in the center of a large room showing good detail. When you have to walk around the globe with your kid to show them different things or even wait until it rotates, it has much greater impact than when you are sitting on the floor with a 1 foot globe that they just want to spin. Store is ok as well.

Andrew Garland

The giant globe is amazing! 41 feet diameter, with ocean floor topography too. Nothing else to see (at all) but totally worth a stop if you're a map geek.

liya qiu

Angeline Zamorski

It sucked. Nothing there.

William Hogan

Drove by before and decided to stop in. The globe is very impressive. I think there used to be a Delorme gift store here, but garmin owns it now and the building seems empty. If there was more to the exhibit or a gift shop I would rate it higher.


Worlds largest globe! So neat! We all loved it. Just a quick stop!

Heather Jones

Ruth Kenneway

Love the replica of the earth!

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