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405 Perry Rd, Bangor, ME 04401, United States

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REVIEWS OF Cole Land Transportation Museum IN Maine

Samantha Scully

So much to see!! It was a ton of fun and would live to go again! Very inexpensive and so much to learn

basstubatin 69

I went here on a field trip with my class and absolutely loved it


Best educational museum ever. The volunteer tour guides are so helpful!

Dianne Fleury

Be sure to visit you won't be disappointed,

sarah pinkham

So much fun for entire family

Steven Spivey

Outstanding and educational

Dean Cahill

Had a blast at the cole Land transport ..take your time and read, watch the video.Best of luck with your collection.

Kevin Stecher

Really nice place to spend a day lost in history. Lots to see.

Tess T

Good muzzin

Frank DeCoste

Great if you like transportation

Olivia Vendettoli

This is an Awesome well put together museum. We went in July and was very impressed with the selection of items on display. I would rate this museum as one of the best that I have seen.

Thomas Messina

So cool and cheap

John C. Lavin, Jr,

VVery interesting place for old transportation

Dror Braun

If you never grew up - this is the place for you. You can learn with so much fun about the 'whills transportation' hostory.

Ray Phinney

An interesting opportunity for youth to interact with veterans and learn about local transportation history

Dawson McCoy

It was interesting.

Don Pinkham

Must see!!

Alesia Selby Flemming

Small museum but packed with Americana. Worth a visit if you are in Bangor.

Lar Fly

Great place to go, lots of history to see.


Very nice place for familys (recommendation of Cohen family)

William Andrew

It's like watching "American Graffiti" with snowplows...I found myself often wondering why our modern vehicles couldn't have the classic styling of some of the cars that are on display. Patriotism runs deep at the Cole Land Transportation Museum, it's founder having been a veteran of WWII. I found it somewhat amusing that his wife's Mercedes was on display...a testament to how much that vehicle likely cost him! ;-) A wonderful and enchanting experience that smelled an awful lot like a bunch of tires...

Ernest Grendell

One of the more eclectic museums in the area of variety of vintage vehicles from all genres as well as some heartfelt memorials on the exterior Vietnam, World War 1 and 2, women in the military and Korean

Philyosophy X

Great place

Shelly Wingate

An amazing family place to visit. Learning experience for all. Wonderful atmosphere. You can spend a half day there easily. Been there a few times and saw something I didn't see on the previous visit. This is a place to go if you want a family day or a couples day out. It's worth the visit.

Paulette Cormier Duncan

A beautiful collection

J Backus

Outstanding, can't say enough good things about it. We're spent the morning, went to lunch then back and stayed until closing. Would do it again.

Anthony Duhaime

This is a little gem. Good for the young and old. Such awesome history to learn about. :-)

Adam D.

Great place for learning adventures. My son loves going there.

Rebecca Saulnier

Great place to spend time with the family. Kids get in for free!

Joseph OLeary

Interesting collection of vehicles

Philip Sanchez

Always enjoyed seeing the memorials to wars gone by. Unfortunately the museum was closed when we arrived but even just walking the area seeing the monuments on the well care for grounds made it a terrific visit. Easily noticeable from the road.

Jeffrey DeMarey

So much great detail

Zoey Todoroki

I really loved the information and the antiques in there. I hope you can have a good time just as I did


Very educational and properly honors their soldiers.

Shawn Tibbetts

Packed full of great exhibits. Certainly a must see

Alex eats plants

This was a great museum with lots to see. The kids and us parents really enjoyed ourselves. Kids are free

Tom Dodge

Loved going here as a kid

Joshua Genz

Amazing museum with a ton of great history!!! Thank you!!!

Patrick Simpson

Really cool museum, free for 18 under.

Jacque Ludwig

Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Casual stroll through transportation history.

john p

Very nice. A lot to see

Scott Moffett

Very cool place

Raymond Everitt

This place is amazing. Anyone that likes vehicles must see this museum. Incredible collection of snowplowing equipment. Motorcycles, Cars. Train engine and train cars. Military vehicles and of course Coles trucking vehicles. Including a million miles truck. And the people that run the place are just as amazing. I spent almost 4 hours walking thru the museum. And could have spent the whole day. I had a bit of a tour guide. Veteran Austin Carter. He introduced me to Galen Coles. Both amazing people. Not sure what the regular price is, but the senior price is $5.00 it would still be a great deal no matter what the price of admission was

joseph pierce


Lindsay Harrington

Lucky to have a place like this to bring kids. Lots of education and history.

Hawk Dobrich

Really a cool place . Very well laid out . You will need at least an hour . Vet's get a discount

David Van Twistern

Very enjoyable. Good variety of vehicles. Especially liked the snow removal and transportation equipment.

Susan Treat

It's packed with vehicles and contraptions of all descriptions. It's great that they've saved all this stuff. We didn't have a lot of time, so give yourself some time to listen to all the audio stuff and read about everything. It's definitely a great place to take school children to learn about history.

Rowena Shlosman

When you come to Maine. Try to visit Cole Transportation Museum. Was a great experience.

Rey R

Business was closed for the season. Must check their schedule before making the trip. We were in the area and stopped by to see the exterior military vehicles and memorial.

James Mitchell

I went as a chaperone with one of my children. I have since gone back on my own a few times to see the displays I missed on trips past. The guides are very informative and pleasent. I enjoy it every time I go. Cant wait to go again this spring when they reopen.

Dayakar Repala

Cole Land Transportation Museum knowledge good

Ron Quebec

Fantastic place, definitely worth the time.

Stephen Howe

Super cool place with fun guides. Field trip went awesome.

Ryan Willette

Good example of times gone by, lots of equipment, autos and trains to check out. Very affordable, plan to spend a few hours.

Teresa Littlejohn

A pleasure meeting Mr. Cole today!

Baz Rebell

I learned that the rock and roll bands Buffalo Springfield and REO Speedway were both named after construction equipment. Absolutely love this place.

Paul Lalancette

Incredible and diverse collection. One day is not enough time to see it thoroughly.

Martin Bell

Great place for a rainy day or a sunny day.

Paul Altman

Very cool

Rishav B. Roy

A hidden gem. So much information about Maine in the first half of the 20th century, it's like a window into the lives of working people then. Will definitely be back

Jami Stephens

Very fun for the entire family

Chris Scully

Amazing. My kids loved it. Camera did before we got through. Will have to go back!

Tammy Kuhl

Great museum, they even figured out what "baby junior" was.

Larry Jones

On a school tour our, students met with and interviewed veterans. They learned a lot from the experience. The tour of the museum was conducted by a veteran and would be interesting to anyone with an interest in history, especially an interest in the history of transportation.

Richard Vinton

Good history lesson

Michael R Martin

A tremendous opportunity to take a step back into history, kids really love it!

Roy Ducker

Grand place to visit and really interesting with varying theme's about transportation through the years.

Martha Howell

We spent about 2 hours here. Could have stayed much longer. Trains, trucks, plows, farming, delivery, bicycles. We'll displayed and described. Loved the station house. My husband is already planning his return visit.

Alex Lastra

A great collection of American and Maine vehicles, lots interesting history, and enough interactive stuff to still make it interesting for kids!

Deborah Nelson

Everyone loves this place from 2 years old to 102!

Patrick Flowers

This is a really great museum. They have so many different things related to transportation in here to see. It was very quiet the day we went so we had the entire place to ourselves. The ederly couple at the admission booth were so sweet and kind to us, you could tell they adored children. Being a gear head I could spend the better part of a day at this place. Next time I'm in the area I will be back to visit for sure!!

Christopher Whelan

This is one cool place. Many lifetimes of history under one roof.

Elena Siniavsky

Amazing, great place! Recommended absolutely!

James Hargreaves

Love this museum! This was my second visit.

Regina Merrick

Awesome history.

David Anderson

Great place to spend a couple of hours at.

Dustin Lagrange

Like big trucks and trains? Want to learn the history of transportation in Maine? Want to learn about military history? This is the place to visit! Great for all ages.

Nich Die

Should be free.

Chelsea Pinette

This museum is beautiful and very well organized. It is staffed mainly through volunteers who are excited to show off the exhibits. The tour guides were happy to show them around. I have brought my kids (5 and 6) many times. The first time was at just over a year old. They love it! We always bring a picnic lunch to have out on the covered bridge.

Supr Lal

Great place for history buffs and kids.

Lynette Eastman

What a wonderful transportation museum!! So much care has gone into the creation and displays here. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

Larry Rochester

Nice vehicle museum

Hollis Redding

Amazing museum. Will definitely go back.

Angela Munson

It was a really nice place with friendly staff. Our kids loved it and didn't want to leave. It was free for kids 19 and under and only 7 dollars per adult.

Craig Florey

Great place!

Russell Carr

Fun place for the young and old. A walk down memory lane.

Joan Beaulier

Very nice museum. So educational. People were very nice n very Helpful

Brenda Norris

Fun place to go, will go back

Stuart I

A great stop right off the Interstate, it provides a nice place to walk and stretch. The memorials are well kept and interesting to walk around. Inside the Cole Museum, there is a wealth of historical vehicles and equipment. It is worth an hour to stop and explore.

Diana Young

A trip back in time!

Tom Sing

Very nice museum ! People are very nice there !

Kristy Shepherd

Beautiful museum, very well kept. If you have small children (2-5) I recommend not going. We felt very unwelcomed, and followed around by the docent, reminded of the rules 3 different times. This is more of an older family's stop even though the adverts say children under 19 are free, they probably prefer children 10 and up.

John Reiker

Extensive collection from all transportation elements and a first rate display of all. Very well kept up.

First Last

Okay, if you like that sort of thing.

Daniel Lovejoy

As a veteran, seeing the memorials outside was welcoming. I didn't go inside to tour yet. Waiting to take my grandchildren.

Silvia Koch

Something for every one

Bill Buehner

Grear place to go highly recommend

Georgianna Gatcomb-Pass

Such a wonderful experience. Only adults pay and vets get a special gift

Joe Adams

A wonderful Museum showing a great variety of Transportation history.

George Eastman

A great trip back in time to the early days of all types of transportation. A must see for children and adults.

Katherine Desjardins

Fantastic. A local treasure.

Nick Tanski

It's a good stop on the way to bar harbor for kids to walk an learn

Roger Boyd

Great museum we spent 5 hours and learned new details about many types of transportation and the Cole family

Jamie Venezia

Staff made the trip worth it Rainy Mothers day in Bangor ended with a wild idea to check out that tank place we drive by every day. Inside we could not have prepared ourselves for the magic inside, the staff. Everyone in my caravan took an activity and it was 5 hours of find this and that. My mother took the hardest one which was numbers, by the end she had 3 staff members helping her find the hidden objects and eventually the 3rd caved in and went to ask his wife at the front desk for the answer key in the scavenger hunt. The man was so nice he bought my mother a coffee because he enjoyed his time with her running around the museum. Absolutely fantastic. Fun for all ages, and i do mean all ages. even the teenagers, young adults, special needs adult and the parents had a ball. Only tip: Bring a jacket, the AC was running high.

Rainbow The Macaw

I loved it, but then again, I everything cars....

Ly He

Under priced for the value this place gave. Definitely requires more than one visit to fully take it in. The scavenger hunt are great for all ages

Jay Wisdom

My Girls and I Loved this place. It's Awesome, Cheap, and Provides so much more than just history. There's much to be seen under Mr. Coles Roof. He has such an awesome collection of toys. The Coolest part is a Real Train the kids can climb on and imagine being a conductor. That was my favorite part of the Cole Museum Experience.

Kelye Stadther

The memorial and the grounds are beautiful we arrived at 4:25 to take some photos and examine the memorial the gentleman who works in the museum stomped out shut down the bridge the covered bridge and then put ropes up across the parking lot at only 430 when the museum didn’t close till five he said nothing to us and made us feel extremely uncomfortable to the point that we wanted to leave not realizing that nothing is closed until 5 PM extremely rude totally uncalled for

Amanda Cole

If you like machines or have a child who likes machines, this is a great place to go. Lots of great stuff to see and some things you can climb on. They have some gift shop type toys at the entrance.

Zachi Klopman

Very nice selection of old and older vehicles, in a compact space. An hour is probably enough to view everything in there. There are some videos as well, which could take an extra hour. Entrance fees are reasonable.

Va Ve

Thank you Cole family for preserving part of the land transportation history!

Ed Robichaud

A most interesting and educational collection, as well as a great value. A real semi-hidden treasure!

Cynthia P

I wasn’t sure what to expect and was totally amazed. The museum has some incredible displays of trains, vintage cars, trucks, fire engines, buggies, toys and more. The displays from WWII were informative and interesting. The staff is friendly and informative. Well worth a stop.

Dan Morse Sr



They need to be open more. Sad their closed until May. I work long hours april- mid Nov, looks like I'll never be able to see this place.

Ray Husthwaite

Rainy day in Bangor? Great activity undercover, lots of parking, immense exhibition. Absolute must for transport and history enthusiasts.

Brandon russell

I have been here multiple times throughout my life and I always learn something new. Ive always felt a very personal connection with the Museum. Highly highly recommended.

Chrissty Elliott

Nice museum

Ruben Stemple

Great museum with very informative signage and helpful staff. Check the wall near the entrance for information on how the museum was built and historical photos of some of the equipment on display. Small gift shop but the items are not unreasonably priced. Some free informative booklets and postcards are offered. Well worth a visit.

alex gustafson

The concept of the museum is great, and our son loved seeing all of the cars, trucks and trains. Not as much of a hands on experience for him as he and us would have liked, but he still thought it was neat.

William Martin

Excellent collection of vehicles and history. They have scavenger hunts, where you look for other of a specific type across the museum, like how ornaments or signs. Very well managed and maintained.

Matthew Johnson

Love this place. The cars and other vehicles, the history and the people who run it.

Julie Stroba

Great museum learned a lot could go back and learn more.

Anne G

Great piece of history.

Joel Finkle

Great curated exhibits

Jeremy Cotnoir

Awesome bit of history here!

Corrie Lynn P

Great time, kind helpful staff!

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