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REVIEWS OF Baxter State Park IN Maine

John Randall

Great park. Lots to do. Mosquitoes were terrible this year though. Will be back!!!

Clayton & Cindy Putnam

If you're up for a challenging hike, the Katahdin summit is ready for all ! 100% nature in it's TRUEST form. . . No snack bars, no kiosks, no gift shops here in Baxter Park. Bring your bug spray, clean water, and power bars . . . You'll need them! Katahdin starts ( or ends) the Appalachian Trail . . . A mile high with several different trails to climb, each is moderate to difficult for most climbers. If you're in training with a mountain goat , don't sweat it, try scaling Cathedral, and top it off with Knife's Edge! For those who don't run marathons or compete in Crossfit tournaments, or showcase their talents on Ninja Warriors , you might stick to Saddle Trail, a long day of 11 miles over 11 hours of hiking. Saddle Trail was closed in June, due to snow! You must obtain parking passes months in advance from the Park rangers. No cost to enter the park, if a Maine resident. Check out the trails on line, please do your research on the trails you are considering. . . especially on line "Go Pro" clips of climbing specific trails. Very helpful in linking your skill level to the trail difficulty you wish to tackle. We tried Hamlin Trail. . . much too difficult for us. Awesone views in all vantage points, so bring your cell phone, or camera. You won't be sorry. Best wishes on your climb!

carlos figueroa

Amazing place to visit!! If you love the outdoors, then you will love this place. Hikers paradise. Strenuous hike to get to the top, but worth the effort!

Mary M

Long dirt road to drive. Plenty of campsites, hiking trails, canoeing and kayaking.

Corey Smart

Even on a cloudy day it doesn't get any better.

Chris Bloomfield

Excellent park. $15 for people from out of state. Junior ranger book was informative and the kids were happy filling it out. The kids earned badges, pencils, animal shaped erasers, bookmarks, and a tracking guide. Great hiking in the park.

Amanda Green

I love the park and it's trails. Katahdin is gorgeous and the trails around it are great. What I don't love is the parks policy. They have you reserve parking online in advanced because the parking lots are small and fill quickly, yet your parking spot that you PAY for expires at 7:05am. If you're paying to reserve your parking spot, then it shouldn't expire an hour after they open. I arrived at 9am because I wasn't doing a long hike that day, only to be told my parking reservation had expired. Probably won't ever reserve it again. Realistically, if you go on a weekday you'll be fine and don't need to bother reserving one in advanced. Love Baxter Park itself, but not a fan of their policies.

Nicholas Culler

Quaint area lots of wildlife

Steve Mathieu

Large park with lots to offer.

Derek Dunbar

Awesome time , great hiking , beautiful views

Aaron Segal

Baxter was beautiful and the hike up Katahdin was amazing. Neither of us had hiked a mountain before but even taking Cathedral and Knife Edge we were able to make it down before dark and had a great time up there. Views at Chimney Pond were some of the best on the hike. Stayed as Nesowadnehunk Field and it was so incredibly gorgeous and remote. 1 hour drive from the entrance and of course no amenities whatsoever but a very enjoyable experience, especially in the lean-tos. Many normally sized tents don't fit in these however, so beware. There is cell service in some spots on the mountain but not in the park. Bringing a water filter was very helpful as there are many natural cold springs around the park. Camping was very expensive (for camping standards) at $32 for a site with no amenities but there is obviously no alternative. Absolutely recommend.

Zachery Rutledge

Dogs not allowed. Seems ridiculous for a state park the size of Baxter.

Charles Hurst

Wonderful views. Awesome trail maintenance.

Luke Spearing

This amazing park’s no service coverage helps to keep out the mainstream of tourists keeping it a beautiful un-littered landscape. A must for hikers with a love of nature and the true outdoorsman.

Melissa Kadorian

We hiked to the top of Mt. Katahdin via Helon Taylor Trail, Knife Edge, and then down Saddle. Incredible experience. Baxter is rugged and wild. True to Maine spirit. Gorgeous views, but you'll have to work for most of them. Come prepared and don't expect to have any cell service. Well worth a visit.

Steve 'Rat' Albert

It's definitely a bucket list worthy place, but the staff don't hurt either. Last night I hit a nail/got a flat on my way out after grabbing Baxter and Hamlin. Rangers Diana and Bruce couldn't have been more friendly or helpful, and considering this was way out in no-signal land that was totally appreciated. My apologies to Bruce for briefly second guessing his mechanical skills.

Yolanda Harris

This place is amazing! Big country, God's country. Katahdin was awesome!

Josh Curtis

My happy place

Priya Vimal

Deep inside the woods, without any gadgets, talking with friends and driving in my fav car, showed me the true colors of nature. Well maintained state park... Fall colors were awesome.

Sylvain Laquerre

Incredible. Loop mt Kathadin very hard but totaly worth it

Marsha Fortin

Great place to see, go hiking, see lots of different wildlife, go camping, or just for a day visit with a picnic and swimming.

Rick Boudreau

My favorite place on Earth!


Got to see a make moose swimming in the lake...Awesome!!!!

Ethan Seal

Lots of parasites. You should go if you are a beekeeper and you have one of those outfits that keeps the bees out and make sure that it works with mosquitoes too. Also my girlfriend got a leech on her leg when we went swimming.

Sean Walsh

Big shoutout to Ranger Jen at Chimney Pond Campground for making our experience special! She was incredibly knowledgeable about our route, looked after our belongings while we were out, and made sure we had a safe arrival back in camp. We need more rangers like her!

Kathleen Weiner

Stayed at Abol Campground in lean to site. Took Abol Trail to Katahdin summit next morning. Beware....there is a private campground called Abol Bridge Campground not in park and several miles down bad dirt roads. We accidentally went to that one first! Abol Campground is first left AFTER passing park entry booth. Campground great location for hiking that trail. Primitive pit toilets and no water so bring your own extra water. But clean, maintained campground. Day use parking just outside campground. Abol trail is beautiful. Nice views. Shorter than advertised in park (3.6 vs their posted 4.4). Middle mile is HARD! EXTREMELY STEEP boulder field. Follow blue blazes carefully. Scrambling required. Ended up in cloud at summit and got chilly so bring layers. Use caution if returning down same trail, which we did. Very steep and tricky backtracking through boulder section. Rewarding hike but tough elevation gain over relatively short distance.

Sam Westfield

By far the best hiking trails around. Cathedral and Knife's edge are a must do.

Christy Coffey

Not dog friendly!

Brian Murray

It's camping, hiking, canoeing/kayaking, seeing moose and other wildlife in Maine. Does it get any better... been there several times, great memories. Equip yourself, make some memories and enjoy!

Jatinder Dua

Must do for a hiking adventurer

Judi Michalik

One of the most beautiful places in the state and the entrance fee is free for day use for in-state residents!

Rick W

What a park! I never imagined. If you're hiking the Mt. Katahdin trail, be at the ranger station before 6 am, most days. Have plenty of water and flashlights (and that's when the weather is great...). Hiking the loop is not for those out of shape or faint of heart. Some of the hikes make Mt Washington seem like a walk in the park.

Matt Porter

If your looking to unplug, look no further. I have made numerous trips to the park thought the years. There is not a better place in Maine to ditch your phone and enjoy nature. I have enjoyed climbing Mt. Katahdin, North Traveler and several other peaks throughout the years. Katahdin offers several paths to the summit, all with unique challenges. Try them all! Also I have enjoyed hiking the numerous trails thought the park. The views and wildlife you will see are outstanding, and the cool places to fish off the beaten path are plentiful! All that said my favorite spot in the park is South Branch Pond. The hiking, fishing, views, camping, canoeing, jumping off the cliffs, etc. make it the highlight of my time spent in the park!

Kyle Westcott

Baxter State Park is a "state park" unlike any other typical State Park in other states. The level of remote wilderness experience this place offers is 2nd to none in the Eastern region. It is nothing short of amazing the lack of major development even of typical "state park" amenities you find elsewhere and I'm glad because this is someplace different and special. We don't need all those paved roads and crushed stone pull thru camp sites with 40 amp hookups. If that is what you are looking for you will not find it here. If you want a true wilderness experience without going west or to Canada and Alaska then Baxter is your best bet. The place is full of absolute scenic beauty and serenity in every direction you look. If you are quiet and patient and still it is full of wildlife to be observed. It's a long drive out to "nowhere" but worth every single mile.


Baxter State Park was beautiful. We still haven't seen a Moose, though!

Gj Mulvaney

The land has alot of restrictions placed on it due to the donor's conditions of use.

Matt Liston

Why choose Baxter state park? For 101 reasons, the first being that if you need a getaway that provides a place of utter peace and tranquility so close to home, Baxter State Park is definitely an option you need to consider. Governor Baxter deemed the park a place to reconnect with nature and get back to the things that really matter all around us, fall is one of the best times to visit, as the colors pop and the views are amazing. After climbing many, many, "hills" in New Brunswick this is the next step that's is so close to home, from Woodstock you can be in the northern part of Baxter State park from Woodstock, NB in around an hour and a half. We spend the first night at the park relaxing around a warm campfire and the temperatures stayed right around 2°c at the lowest, snow on top of the mountains made for an exciting climb aswell. I recommend talking with the Ranger and planning out your hike in accordance with the weather. Baxter state park is like a breath of fresh air in a such a busy world! 10/10 recommend spending a weekend or more there!

Daniel Hines

What a great hike and beautiful view of the mountains

Anton Pugachevsky

Incredibly unreasonable, in accommodating staff with absurd regulations. They make it very hard to visit this park. Lie about cancellation fees. Had a campsite booked for Memorial Day weekend, they closed the campground and trails for no good reason, won’t refund nor rebook for a convenient time. This park is incredible poorly managed and the staff is rude and doesn’t care about people’s experience. Won’t recommend the hassle of trying to go here. Go elsewhere.

Brandon Rollin

One of the best hikes in New England. If you have not done night's edge you need to put that on your to-do list. The views are breathtaking and the mountain will make you appreciate them with its demanding trails.

Christine Barmmer

Beautiful, pristine forest and field.


Great place to hike, camp, fish, picnic, etc. Very well maintained by staff members. Camp sites and day use parking are limited so make reservations. If no reservations it is first come first serve so arrive early (before 7am) There is a carry in carry out policy. Out of state annual pass is $40. Day pass is $15. Tote roads are narrow and speed limit is 10mph-20mph so it takes a while to get most places. Camp sites have out houses. Cabin fees are very reasonable, but completely unfurnished. Lean to sites are great for tenters. Plenty of wildlife to see while hiking and driving throughout the park.

Kyle Henn

Everything about this park is perfect as is. We liked the rugged beauty of the park and in turn keeping it less touristy. So peaceful and pretty. We stayed at Daicey Pond in October. Absolutely the best park we've ever been to.


If you're looking for a short and kid-friendly walk, try the Sandy Stream hike to Big Rock. Breathtaking views and a very easy hike, mostly fairly flat and lots on boardwalk. Not accessible for all hikers, but definitely more flat than rocky. A bit expensive for a casual hiker day pass out of state, but a season pass is worthwhile if you're there more than a couple times. And seriously, can't stress how beautiful it is.


Spent the day in Baxter State Park and could have easily spent the week there. So much to do and see. Beautiful mountains and Hiking trails for any skill set. Unfortunately lack of sunlight prevented me from reaching Knife's Edge but I will be back to try again.

Roger Buzby

A wonderful place to enjoy the natural, unspoiled beauty of the North Maine woods

nic cornett

This was the finish line for my Appalachian trail through hike. The rangers were extremely friendly and the views were worth the price of admission.

P Brunson

The scenery and fresh air was amazing.


Enjoyed this beautiful place my entire life. Thank you Percival Baxter.

Michael May

Best hiking in Maine!

Joseph Calrow, Jr.

The scenery is so beautiful. So peaceful.

Hannah van Schaik

Beautiful. Trails range in difficulty.

Gary Griffith

Beautiful wild area that fulfills it's mission perfectly. Drove the entire park from South to North with numerous stops for hikes up to 11 miles. The mountains are stunningly beautiful. The trails relaxing and quiet. The mosquitoes are super friendly, following you everywhere and buzzing with excitement. I'd rate this as one of the best state park experiences ever. Staff are amazingly friendly and helpful.

Grady Wilson

Hit the golden road through Baxter on the moto. Seems very remote and loved every minute if it.

John Vermilyea

Katahdin via the helon taylor trail is the best hike in the northeast

Edward Ortiz

Beautiful hike to the top of Mt Katahdin! Very friendly Rangers, it hurt to leave.

Donna White

Where else can you see and feel such beauty? Looking and driving through the huge park is a surprise package around every turn & hill! Wish I could hike!

Ellie Bleiberg

Amazingly preserved and beautiful


Beautiful place in Northern Maine. Mount Katahdin is amazing. If you like to hike, fish, swim, see wildlife, I highly recommend visiting this park.


Unspoiled beauty. Maine the way it was

Nate S

Worth visiting for sure. The place is huge. We saw signs of moose everywhere and some great hikes and vista views. Need several days to explore this place at a minimum. Greatly enjoyed our time here.

Darcey Pomerleau

Truly God's Country. The pictures are one thing person it's breathtaking. Truly a must see for anyone. The water and air are so clean..untouched.. it's how our land should always be. It's FREE to residents of Maine.. kid friendly, adult "kid" friendly and must check out ledge falls but bring a bathing suit and slide like the kids!

Jimmy Johnson

Very beautiful park everwhere you look, and the hike up double top was something I'll never forget. My only complaint being that the park rangers which we requested help and directions from were quite rude, which did put a bit of a damper on the whole experience.

Marianne Williams

Knifes edge begins, gets very narrow after this point. Amazing hike

Vivek Patnaik

Me and my friends have camped and visited Baxter and Millinocket multiple times. The best part of the park is it’s serene atmosphere and wilderness.

Xander Skye

Super in love with Baxter State Park! They have done a good job in preserving this beautiful nature. Fall is a good time to visit with the beautiful colors of leaves exploding. As a bonus, i saw not a baby shark not a mama shark, but a baby moose and a mama moose!

Mateusz Borek

Great place for trekking. You can get there through the car with your tent, have a cool relaxing atmosphere and then next day go on one of the mountains. It is safe place, with limited number of tourists, so no crowds expected.

James Windland

A must for any hiker, ended my 7 year section hike here.

Daniel Flanagan

This is a trip we make every year and never disappoints. Definitely need to book the 4 months in advance on the rolling 4 month schedule but worth the hassle. Great camping and amazing hiking on katadin and surround mountains. Lots to see and do. If your up for it knifes edge is amazing and very doable if prepared and only if the weather ris right.

Austin Meyer

(This isn't a review about the park, just the park services). I spent a month planning, reserved my parking spot 2 weeks ahead of time, drove 2 and a half hours, and all it took was 5 minutes past my reservation time (which I was late to because of the 15 minute line) to fill my spot. Had to go to another lot to hike a different trail that I was provided little to no details about. And they let 2 out of staters cut ahead of the line with no explanation? And of course, no refunds...

Robert Carinci

This is a very rural park and that makes it great. The views are gorgeous, there’s a hike for every level, the staff is friendly and helpful. It’s a wonderful park.

Dustin Starbuck

Beautiful. Absolutely stunning beauty. Park was very well maintained

Chris Mahoney

Travelled over 1000 miles to stay 3 days. Purchased anual pass and booked hotel. Barely 2 miles past the south gate, we got a puncture in our nearly new SUV tires. Changed the tire and drove almost 40 minutes to find the first service center. They said punctures were VERY common and that they don't like driving in the park even with 10 ply tires. They should have warnings about this. We are now here for 3 days and are afraid to go back into the park. Plus we have to drive 1000 miles back home on a plugged tire. Severely disappointed with the lack of information and the poor upkeep of the road. Had we been warned about this problem, we would have brought my truck instead of our SUV.

Wil Calero

Breath taking hike

Keith Kyzivat

Wonderful natural setting, beautiful views of Katahdin. Well groomed snowmobile trails thanks to NEOC and the Twin Pines Snowmobile club. The painted rock is a good place to stop by if you're headed through Baxter State Park. The river nearby is really peaceful to watch.

khalil khaldoun

Came here 2 years ago today, can’t describe how much I miss being on the mountains.... it’s unbelievably amazing ... something to put on your bucket list

Shelly Van Camp

Beautiful park!

Susan Fales

Have been going here every year for 53 years. Great for a day visit or to go camping.

Jeremy Therrien

So I'm canadian and you know the stereotype (friendly people, we often say sorry, etc.). While we really say we're sorry often even when it's not our fault, I do not find my entourage as friendly as I would like (coming from a guy who rarely travel and all he knows is his entourage). I was really suprised when I got there, I mean the rangers are probably some of the genuine nicest people I've met in my life, always smiling, courteous, patient and laughing. The park in itself seems pretty OK and pretty rudimentary. I forgot when I made my reservation that you had to bring all your water and "leave no trace" so you have to bring out your trashes. But there was a river, I had a water reservoir and a filter so we were OK. The bench on our table was broken and they replaced the whole table in the following hour. Though the only problem might be the "out house" are pretty smelly, but clean. I did the Kathadin 3 peak trail and I was impressed by the whole thing. I even was suprised by how unsupported (dangerous) the trek is (I kind of prefer it that way though). You would never find an official trail like this in Canada. The staff makes for the lesser points. Coming from canada where our national/provincial parks are extremely well managed and spot on. I really engoyed my stay. The only real thing that made our week long stay less pleasant is the lack of other activities outside the park. I would go back but not for a whole week.

R Mo

An absolutely spectacular place! Crystal clear lakes and ponds with canoes available, streams with huge boulders and waterfall, lush woods, nice camping shelters and, of course, The Knife's Edge and Baxter Peak!

Stephen Powell

Tough hike but what a day..start took 10 hours..did Pamola to Baxter and down the shoot. Wear good hiking are walking on rocks all day.

Jesse L

Beautiful park. Certain places of the park are still secluded if you can find them and choose not to go to Katahdin

Captain Trips

I think the other ratings on this location have already said more than I possibly could, but I will give a short description of the park in my eyes. Baxter state park is a beautiful chunk of land preserved thanks to the charitable characters of Northern Mainers. As a Maine citizen, when you enter the park with a greeting from friendly faces welcoming you to "your park." At that point you can choose from many different roads to bring you through some truly magnificent country. But the true spirit of the park comes out in what is off the road. The park offers miles upon miles of well maintained hiking trails beside streams, ponds, and up the largest mountain in the State, (debatably the only "true" mountain). While in the park it is not uncommon to see wildlife such as deer, moose, song birds, and so much more. The park is worth the visit for anyone thinking of going, there is nothing better to capture the essence of what the North Maine woods is really like.

Juan Bernardo

Nature, nature and awesome views.

Katie Barvenik

Plan ahead. Look at the website to know what to bring. A gorgeous place to go hiking.

Trent Gary

So Beautiful

Urban Yardology

It truly is an amazing place.

Phillip Tocci

Awesome place to visit for a short while or to stay night after night. Option, range from tenting to leantoo, up to different sizes of small cabins. Little disappointed that only 2 vantage points were created to view the Mountain by driving around and both are viewing the easterly side.Took in most of the drivibal Road Ways. There is around 20 miles of open ways, soon to be more whence gated of section is reinstated to be safe and passable up to more sites people are able to use. Popped a few quality photos (Copyrighted material) for printing. Enjoy my photos, try to find the Duck (hint, floating, this requires H2O), ifin you can, please press the like button, thanks. People are so friendly, its like your on a different Planet than Earth, so laid back and sereen, I emmagen they could be hard butt if you break the rules, searosley. Not only sights there are plenty of places for people to go swimming on some nice Beaches even has accommodations, cabins, close by. There are a lot of areas that are grassed off and flat with accommodations to be used for daylight, dayusage. Some of these areas are Basecamp areas at Trail Heads to the Mountain. From inside the park there are a few places to view Kataden from the western vantage points, you need to exit your vehicle and walk a short distance, some even have off road parking, there is also taken into consideration people who are in Wealchair to enjoy the moment and opportunity, these areas are all around the park, The western Road is a bit winedly, take your time, hard to see around the corner even before folleyage is fully sprouted, cannot drive through, gated access, must return pass paperwork permit at the entrance when exiting. Safety first. I took in the area on opening day. Lowland areas are open and for usage and some are allready occupied. All trails to the highland are strictly Closed due to being dangerous. Some sections still have alot of Snow in the beginning of the Trail. Most of the upper parts (Highland) has alot of snow, footage. I would love to be able to climb just part way up to photograph from a higher advantage point, unfortunately disabled, hard times walking up Hill. The sights must be fanomanabil. Mr. P. Says, Jaw dropping.

Stephen Shaw

The best hiking.

karthikeya reddy vasipalli

One of the best hikes I ever went to. Katahdin was a stellar experience.

John McCall

Baxter is a unique place for everyone and especially those who love the outdoors. There is so much more to Baxter than Mt Kathadin. My wife and I spent the afternoon wading, paddling and fishing Kathadin Lake. Great views of the mountains. Clear waters.... fishing with a bald eagle watching from a nearby perch. Just one of a myriad of great destinations in this beautiful example of the Maine North Woods.

Jamie Hyde

Maine's beauty at its best

Chila Woychik

I'm sure a trip all the way through would be spectacular but you'll need a tank to easily navigate the washboard gravel roads that take you back beyond the pay station. We had a rental car and probably didn't get 3 miles before we had to turn back. After having paid $15 to get in. Scenery before is wonderful.

Elena Munsayac

We loved visiting this park. Stayed at the Abol campground. The Abol trail was the perfect one to hike with a 5 year old. We will come back for sure, this is a very special place.

Martin Landry

Such a beautiful place. The hike up South Turner Mountain was wonderful. Love the views and the almost untouched nature that surrounds you.

Tom Johnson

Can anyone find anything bad to say about this glorious gift Governor Baxter made to the people of Maine many years ago? Answer: no

Jeremy I Hills

This is a most wonderful place to be. It is like heaven to me, and a place where people can be close to God! I climbed this mountain in 1996 and have yet to be able to get to the top again. I am hopeful that I will be acending the mountain soon...within the next month or so. In the meantime here is a bit of a tease from my recent Father's day trip to the outskirts of Baxter State Park. One of the most amazing areas in Maine USA! GREAT THANKS to the Creator and former Governor Percival Baxter, rest his soul, for buying and giving this wonderful area to the people of Maine!!


Once you've hiked you know.

Christina MacCartney

Very nice and helpful staff, gorgeous scenery, and fantastic hiking.


Love Baxter. The wildness, the isolation, the beauty, well worth the drive from the Boston Area.

prashant kurhade

Nice place to spend time

Lauren Gardner

Loved it here. Came when foliage was at peak. Not overcrowded, friendly, helpful staff The views are beautiful!

Gypsy Travel blog

Oh my God I love Baxter state park it is an amazing property I know a lot of people think about Acadia National Park but this park is not to be missed there is so much to do in the spark from camping hiking fishing and nature trails. There are several off the beat paths that you can take that offer some stunning views of the surrounding area. I would defintly go back and visit this park again

Jessica Archer


Sofia Valenzuela

One of the rangers gave us a ride in the back of her van after a long hike, she will always be in my heart ❤ It's beautiful!

Troy Stubbs

Absolutely beautiful. Can't say enough.

Jason White

Probably the most unwelcoming park I've been to. The rangers were very nice but the amount of rules and regulations was ridiculous. It's not technically a state park because it's not part of the Maine park system. So maybe that is why it's so obnoxious to visit. The park itself is gorgeous but beware of the black flies. If the black flies are out you will want to kill yourself. Better roads would be a plus, canoeing was amazing, I just wish it felt like they wanted visitors.

Stephen Decato

I will go back again. So many trails of all levels. And great camping at Roaring Brook Campground.

Paul Lang

Park was mostly closed due to a bad winter...for safety reasons...but the southern part was open....absolutely beautiful up there and well protected...sentinel mountain was amazing....will definitely ne back very soon

Steve L

Would have been a 5 if we had seen a moose but was a nice day overall. Beautiful weather.

Dale Gensler

Great park overall, we travelled 7 hours here with the intention to climb Katahdin but the website does a horrible job making it clear the peak trails are closed until snow has melted. We still were able to climb South Turner Mountain but they should make it more clear online what is and isn't open. We encountered other hikers who travelled there and were disappointed the same as us.

Ken Blanchard

A true wilderness experience with stunning wildlife and scenery.

Toao Taj

This place is a wonderful New England gem...I just love it...sure the rules may seem a tad strict to some because you can’t bring in animals, electronics, alcohol or drugs and they are quite stringent when it comes to pack in/pack out and waste disposal but the trade off is that this state park maintains a small human footprint and therefore is as close to undisturbed as is possible for a state park Camping spots are limited so they recommend booking months in advance but it’s so worth it...$35/night for a 6 person lean-to and a $15 gate fee for out of staters, how can you go wrong??!! Not to mention they have tent sites and cabins available at various campgrounds Oh, and did I mention the pristine outhouses, well marked trails and the kind/helpful rangers? This place is off the chain, It’s glorious!!

Michael Knowles

My favorite place in Maine! The Rangers are pretty strict, but for the purpose of making sure everyone's safe. This park is Sooo much more than just Baxter Peak & summitting Katahdin

David Metzger

Well maintained trails. Natural water slides were a nice refreshing break during the hike.

Gabriel Crooker

A place to hike Katahdin, Travelers, and the other great mountains. You can also fish, kayak/canoe (no motorized boats), and bike in designated areas.

Tor Olsson

Wonderful views of Katahdin

Glen Clark

Huge park. Loved climbing Mt Katahdin on the conclusion of my 2015 AT thru-hike.

Peter Lai

This is a very authentic natural park. It feels less touristy. Climbing Mt. Katahdin is a must. The staff are very helpful and friendly. The hikes are dream-like beautiful.

Jackie Levesque

This park is absolutely beautiful, but I do not like the way they do things here. It really wouldn't hurt for them to pave the main road that runs through the park, and it would also be helpful for them to mark the trails better. I do not think the trail distances are measured correctly, which is very frustrating when you are on a long hike. It would be great if they could re-measure the trails and periodically put up signs on the trail that say x amount of miles until the junction with the next trail.

Joe Christopher

A very special and iconic place.

Linda Maynard

It rained and was fogged in but still wonderful woodland paradise.

Kelly Gagnon

Heaven on earth!

Debbie Catanzarite

Awesome beauty! Lots of hiking trails. Enjoyed our time here

Daryl Bergmann

Excellent hiking in the early spring. Getting ready for my hiking this summer so taking a few days hikes to get in shape.

Kat Yohe

Absolutely beautiful!

Neal Schendel

This place is beautiful and awesome! I wish we would of had more time to be here but we will for sure be back!

Keith Tharp

We hiked up to Chimney Pond to photograph an elopement. The hike is pretty challenging in that the footing is loose jagged rocks for quite a bit of the hike. Because of this the hike can be pretty tiring, both physically and mentally, be prepared if you haven’t been hiking in a while. The view was gorgeous, we got lucky at the pond to have a window with no other hikers to conduct the ceremony and get photos in isolation.

Kerri Heineman

Katahdin Lake Trail, to be exact, was an easy and interesting hike. There were views of Mt Katahdin, as well as S. Turner and E Turner at the lake. The mushrooms along the trail were fabulous!

Rory Benjamin

Visiting Baxter State Park and hiking up Mount Katahdin is an absolutely stunning experience that everyone should experience at one point or another in their lives. The park staff were very friendly and willing to help if needed. Facilities and the park itself were clean and pleasant.

Benjamin Guidi

The winter Baxter experience is top notch. It's no walk in the park, but find your self an experienced group and check it out. Bring dessert.

Donnie Lesh

Beautiful Park. Remote. Hiked hunt trail from Katahdin stream campground.

Joanna Pennypacker

Absolutely beautiful

Lisa Field

Beautiful country

SavyGames G59

Climbed the knives ridge in 7.5 not bad clouds but when they cleaned the views

Joyce Currier

Love it. Everyone should visit Baxter State Park at least once a year if local or once in your lifetime if out of state/country. My favorite time for visiting is in the fall when the leaves are turning. There can be limited parking if you don't make reservations, and you may not be able to take the trail you intended, but you may find a new, beautiful sight/trail.

Samuel Cosman

Very nice state park. Need to go back and explore some more because it is so big. I have hiked to the peak of Katahdin (Highest peak in Maine) and arguably the hardest summit of the Appilation Trail. Up Hunt trail and decent down Abol trail. This is a very strenuous hike, bring food, plenty of water and change of clothes as well as rain gear because it usually rains once a day. I have also hiked up to Horse Mt. Overlook and you get some great views up there. I would say the view from Katahdin was better, but once I hit 4000+ ft in elevation, visibility was maybe at 10-20 yards. Horse Mt overlook is also covered in blueberry bushes which is a nice surprise snack. Pretty easy hike if you're in decent shape. The trail is not too long at approximately 1.3 miles I believe. Awesome Southwest view from the north east corner of the park. I stayed one night at Daicey pond campground before hiking Katahdin to get an early start. I rented a cabin that was pretty nice. 2 double beds, and a wood stove for heat and oil lamps since there is no electricity running through the park. A porch with the pond only 20-30 yards away with a fire pit in between great for cooking. Cool veiws of Katahdin, and a pond you can swim and canoe in. They have canoes available at the campground.

Ben Elliott

Most beautiful view in the North America outside of Alaska

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