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REVIEWS OF National Corvette Museum IN Kentucky

Kenneth Adcock

Been on my bucket list for a longtime. Checked off now. It did not disappoint

Sean Eastman

Took my son their to check out the Corvettes. Had a great time. Definitely coming back.

Cindy Morrison

Make this a stop while you visit Bowling Green Kentucky. This is the place to visit for great car history. Yes Corvette enthusiasts come here, if you don't have a Corvette don't shy away. Everyone will find something fun and informative here. You can also have a bite to eat at the cafe. Experience the sinkhole that swallowed up the cars.

Jason Nichols

This place is amazing, never pass up a chance to stop by. Allow for about 3-4 hours to go through the museum if you want to see that part.

Christopher Jeruzal

The kids loved this place! I thought they'd be bored after five minutes. Boy was I wrong! They practically ran all the way through this place they were enjoying it so much. There's a kids play area with a little service center where they can play auto mechanic, ride in a little pedal Corvette, or get their Kentucky Driver's License picture taken. There's also a spot where you can see where the infamous cave-in was located along with some of the damaged vehicles. It's a really special place to have so much American automotive history being preserved under one roof. The owners of the vehicles are very generous to have their cars on display for everyone to enjoy. It was a fantastic experience. If you love Corvettes or just automotive history in general, you have to check out the National Corvette Museum!

Cpt Noobz

Corvettes old, new and in between. You can sit in one or drive one on the private track, they even have go karts. You can buy Corvette pictures, models, parts, hats, shirts, and even cookies in the giftshop. Friendly staff, welcoming atmosphere, clean, well lit, clean bathrooms. It's a must see in Bowling Green, KY.

HT Bentley

For anybody that is a car buff. This is the third time that I have gone and if thoroughly enjoyed it every time. Each time there is something a little bit different.. this time it was the first time I had been there since the cave-in of the sinkhole and the recovery of the cars.

Vincent Parker

Always good to see America's Sports Car, even out mine on the racetrack. Fun times!

m j

Great place with lots of cool Cars and great displays related to the 2014 sinkhole. Worth the trip

Chris Jasniewski

My boyfriend loved the place. The 4 kids with us were amused the entire time, and the place was very easy to find ...easy off the highway and easy on.

Jodi Stouder

What a great museum! Lots of history! The sinkhole story was great ad well! This is something we will be going back to in the future!

Kalie Kidd

Amazing place to visit. So much history that many people dont know about. Beautiful cars! Great price for admission $12 and wonderful customer service. The tour was fantastic! Bathrooms were really clean. I would recommend to everyone, even people who arent car fans!

Wallace Flowers

The Corvette museum is a place that anyone who loves Corvettes must visit! You can see Corvettes from every era there. I was impressed that a lot of the cars in the museum were owned by private parties who felt that museum was a safe place to keep their cars. It was also amazing how many people donated cars to the museum. Another fun fact is you can have a Corvette built, and have it delivered to you at the museum in a special ceremony! The part about the sink hole is sad but it is a part of the history. I was happy that they were able to integrate it into the museum. I highly recommend you go for the tour! You won't be disappointed

Mike Harvey

The must see place for Corvette enthusiasts. Has the most complete Corvette collection anywhere--just down the road from the factory that builds them. All sorts of interesting displays, including story boards on nearly every year and special model. Full display of the cave collapse and scale model showing details of the incident that nearly swallowed the entire museum. Well worth the stop off I-65 between Nashville and Louisville. Also has decent cafe with burgers, sandwiches and salads.

Chad White

We really enjoyed looking around the Corvette Museum. The movie was informative. The cars were beautiful. The cave-in section was impressive. I particularly enjoyed the NASA stuff. It was very cool and worth the money.

Jim Himes

Always a favorite. Very interesting and entertaining if you're a car buff in general

Rachel Stevens

Wow, what a neat and FUN place to visit! We drove by this place going to our beach house for the last 8 years and said one day we will stop there and that day finally came and it was way more than we expected! Soooo glad we made the stop!!

Daniel Reis

Great place to see historic and modern Corvettes! The sinkhole exhibit was interesting to see how deep and wide it really was, but also sad to see the condition of the cars they aren't going to repair. Would go again!

Dawn Greene

If you love these cars, this is the place to go. Clean, comfortable, but even better, the cars were well lit and beautifully displayed. The cafe was definitely worth a visit if you're looking for some old fashioned southern food.

keith sorensen

We love this place. A lot of history for car nuts. Plane on visiting the race track while you are here.

robux king

Stopped here on the way back from Tennessee to Pennsylvania. This place was very interesting, and not just to the Corvette enthusiast. The sink hole experience was something very different and we enjoyed seeing all the information displayed about it. Especially the cars that made it out of the sinkhole and were not repaired.

Kay Hagan-Haller

Great day here. Loved the cars, the history and the heartbreaking part from the sinkhole disaster in 2014 that crushed multiple one of a kind cars. Will definitely go back! Food in Cafe is also excellent--best fries I have ever had

Kirsten Barnes

We visited in June with a group of seven high school students who like cars. They were excited in the parking lot by the size and noticed that most of the visitors cars were in good shape. We could also hear them test driving vehicles at the factory and that got them even more excitrd to go in. Everone took pictures inside the corvette in the entry and we appreciated that the price made it affordable for a group of school kids to stop by. We loved how they unfolded the Corvette story and the displays were great. We also enjoyed several of the videos if how things are done and made. The sinkhole exhibit was well done. Everyone in our group bought a t-shirt and some other trinket at the gift shop. We were there about 30 minutes after opening and got right in and stayed for 3 hours. We chose to not eat at the museum and went into town for fast food. It was a great place to get out and stretch when driving between Louisville and Nashville.

Lisa Rance

Highly recommend all the wives challenge the husbands to a race in the Vette simulator. Made for great laughs and some awesome bragging rights ;). The museum is a great value for car enthusiasts. If you're not a car person, check it out for the cave experience.

Danielle Hopkins

Amazing place so many opportunitys and fun for children with scientific games and cool cars.

Erin Johnson

After multiple road trips passing through we finally timed it perfectly! We had a fun time stretching our legs and learning about Corvettes. We are not Corvette people but found the museum interesting especially the info about the sink hole. It was a nice stop!

Derek Cromwell

Interesting view of the history on America's only true Sports car. Exhibits change from season to season... something new every time we're visit.

Steve C

Great place to learn about automotive history especially concerning one of America's most iconic cars. Lots of historical pieces and stuff to learn. Special Corvette only parking up front. Plenty of hands on exhibits, fun for car enthusiasts as well as regular folks.

Meri Gallivan

Excellent experience, museum put together very well. Enjoyed everything, and everyone. All deserves 5 stars...except Ron, the one who ran the simulator track. Ron picks and chooses who rides and when..dont waste your time or money if he is working. Ron gets no stars.

Jessica Ross

Great stop on a long road trip. Something for everyone. Enjoyed by my husband and my kids. Only complaint is now my husband has decided he needs to own a Corvette!

Hans Peter Wallner

Cool Place, never thought about Corvette as an interesting car, but in true it is. Could about history of the car, the main people behind and the change of design and technology over time. Impressing was also the letter of the Management regarding the development of the project called Opel by 1952. The cars at display are in a good shape and beautiful to look at. Start to think about buying one,

Gary Whitehead

Great place to visit. Can’t believe I had never been here before since I live so close. I’m in no way a Corvette fan, but you don’t have to be to appreciate this place. Also you can’t beat the pricing.

Cameron Aubernon

It was my first time visiting the National Corvette Museum, and it was amazing! While I was only there for work, I can tell that Bowling Green is lucky to have a jewel like this place. Looking forward to visiting again soon!

Luke Thighwalker

If you're a corvette guy or gal then you gotta visit the corvette museum! Entry Prices are affordable. The exhibits were very detailed and interesting. The sink hole room was very cool. Only minor complaint was the "free photo" scam out the door.

Tema Buryl

Time to hit the highway and visit this gem of a museum! No speeding through this place. There's alot to learn and see. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. A photo op at every turn. Nice restaurant and gift store too.

Ryan Haenny

Awesome museum! It was a wonderful look into the heritage of the vehicle as well as its recent history. Lots of historic and gorgeous Corvettes and it was so cool to see the vehicles that fell into the sink hole.

Douglas Birk

Mind you, I'm not a huge Corvette fan. Yet, my visit coincided with this year's Midwest Tesla Gathering, we had the entire place to ourselves for our Gathering's evening festivities. The most amazing part, aside from learning more about Corvette's amazing history, was the sinkhole exhibit. Simply hard to fathom, even with a direct view of 30 feet below and what's left of several precious cars. If you're a Corvette fan or owner, don't miss the opportunity to visit.

Larry Denger

I was visiting lifelong friends in Nashville who love sports cars and had never made the pilgrimage to the Corvette Museum. It is an interesting place as museums go, I generally like all museums except those that insult your intelligence. I was happy to see my friends thrilled and I was happy to be with them! If you love Corvettes, this place is Mecca!

Baz Mercer-Matthews

This was an amazing experience as not only did we get to see a good range of exhibits but the start of the gold rush rally! Then to top off an already fantastic day we got to meet one of the nation's astronaut hero's and sit in his one of only 3 Corvettes ever made

Hessie James

Well worth the 12 bucks admission even if you're not a Corvette guy. Take the tour. Bunch of interesting stories are being told. Cool that they left a couple of the sink hole damaged Corvettes untouched.

Amanda Radcliffe

If you love Corvettes or cars in general, this is a great place to visit! I loved the info about the sinkhole as well. Staff are very friendly.

Brad Vale

Wonderful museum. Inexpensive to visit. You could spend hours there looking at corvettes and the history and development of this classic car.

Gary Simmons

Great displays of vettes. Guide was pleasant and knowledgeable. A must see for any car enthusiast.

Anne Simmons

Rich history of the cars on premise. Beautifully displayed. Worth the stop.

Michael DeCandia

Good place to explore for an hour. A lot of different Corvette's to see. Tickets were $12 for adults and $7 for kids starting at 5 years old. Enjoyed the display of the cars that fell in the sink hole.

Rockey P

We visited this museum on its 25th anniversary day. There were so many corvette owner descended to museum for this special occasion with all types of corvettes. If you are a corvette fan then its is a great museum to visit. There were corvette stingray on display so we got chance to feel the new corvette.

Jessica Stephens

My dream car! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all these beautiful cars and learning more about their history. I would highly recommend visiting the museum. It is kid friendly, and has plenty of activities while you are there. Friendly staff, handicap accessible, and there is even a café. New or old Corvette's you will enjoy this tour

Marchel Rhodes

Husband and I really enjoyed visiting this entertainment history and food all in one place Awesome

Anthony Hill

Over played the sink hole. And seemed a bit pricey for what it was. Especially as the first attraction was trying to get people to pay to ride in a simulator. However the history was fascinating, and seeing the corvette dedicated to fallen service men and women was very moving

Richard Beck

Had a great time. Took the tour. Much better on the tour. Would recommend to any body who likes cars.

Thomas Bafia

Great place to see many Corvettes and learn about Corvettes. I recommend for anybody who has even the slightest interest in Corvettes. There is a cafe, a museum, and the main entry area has brand new Corvettes on display waiting for their owners to pick them up as part of the Museum Delivery option on new Corvette purchases.

Donna Taylor Bouchie

This is a interesting place to visit. I learned about cars in general and not only Corvettes. We spent about an hour & 15 minutes here. Cost not bad, $12 adult. I had forgotten about the sinkhole eating historical Corvettes! A portion of the museum is in remembrance of those lost Corvettes! There's even a re-enactment and a visual of the depth. If you're in the area and have an extra hour, I would visit

Jeff Kirschensteiner

So much history in this one building. The cars are stunning too. What a great American story

Paul Mattaliano

Great place to visit if your an automobile enthusiast or a history buff but particularly if you love Corvettes! Boeing Green is also an interesting city to visit.

Jeremy Hargrove

Great place in America! Corvettes are classic American sports cars. They are great looking cars! Visit this place for a different perspective of this vehicle and the history of it.

Jonathan Cook

If your a sports care enthusiast or not, you will find this museum worth the effort to see. It was more detailed than we had expected, and gave the whole history around the reason for its creation and history up to current times. The exhibits were impressive and detailed, such as our young teenage kids could understand and follow along. The lay out is easy to follow along and see the progression of the Corvette over time. The buildings and rooms are large and spacious so that it is easy to see most times. The sold corvettes in the lobby awaiting delivery is a neat feature to see cars just off the assembly line and soon to be at the purchasers home. The cafe is nicely done retro style and prices are reasonable if you wish to each lunch there while on tour.

Ethan Livingston

Good lunch place with the diner. Get to see some super nice car on display and they have a simulator that's pretty fun. Normally there's a raffle also going on to win a Corvette. The merchandise in the store is a little expensive but all in all worth checking out.

Krzysiek TheRipper_77

Best place to learn some interesting stories and see many old and new models of the one and only American legendary car, the CORVETTE!! Definitely worth visiting! A MUST!!

Michael Hudson

A great collection of "Americas" sports car, first time I have been in since the great floor cave in. I was impressed with how they incorporated this unfortunate incident into their experience. Do not drive by, even an hour for a quick walk through is worth it!

Chrystal B

We went 3 or 4 years ago and although I love a Vette, I'm not a big car girl... So I didn't think I would enjoy this, boy was I wrong. It was a great experience for me and my car loving husband. I highly recommend.

William Williams

Very nice experience. Also have guided tours. Inexpensive.

David Meyer

This place was a blast. My son loved seeing all the cars and there is a great play room for young ones to build Lego cars and fix Corvettes. I definitely recommend

Mark Benak

The museum is located by the GM plant that produces the Corvette. Took the guided tour and learned the history of the Corvette and it's development. They have a great collection of vehicles with great stories behind them. Highly recommend a visit!!

Clyde B

On our way to Michigan my daughter and I stopped quickly at the Corvette museum in Bowling Green Kentucky. This place is definitely for the Corvette aficionado. We just went into the front viewing area where they had several new 2018 Corvettes on display! On my next trip I will definitely do the museum.

lou scarapicchia

A lot of artifacts to absorb. Very detailed and informative on this Vehicle Legend. Much impressed!

Chessa Jones

This place was awesome. And if you go pay the little extra to eat at the restaurant. You will not regret it..

Maureen Murphy

What can I say? Love Corvettes from the newest to the oldest! You can get all the history you want. The hole left unfilled from the terrible sinkhole which claimed priceless and irreplaceable cars. Also love the clothing they sell.

kitty Segura

Great place for kids to see some awesome cars. And the hole in the floor was cool to look at

Dave Diamond

An awesome tribute to American innovation and the spirit that has driven us to be a leader in manufacturing the world's best sports car. The race simulator was an awesome opportunity to sit in an actual Corvette and enjoy an chance to race against others times. The Raffles are an awesome way to have a shot at owning this beautiful car at a fraction of the price. And of course the museum itself provides an unmatched and intriguing experience to understand the amazing history of This truly one-of-a-kind car.

Kevin Berger

A must see for Corvette buffs. Lots of cool stuff. Reasonably priced

Paulakai Furgerson

Just the pace to stop if you love corvettes! Great people, great conversation and reasonably priced.

Sandra Huelsenbeck

We finally made it and were thoroughly pleased with our experience. Beautifully set up; the sink hole experience was heartbreaking. But leaving some of the cars in the original destroyed condition was a graphic no words could convey. Prices at the gift shop were reasonable, and lunch right there was great.

rick johns

Great place to spend a day. The displays are outstanding with everything you ever wanted to know about Corvettes from any era. Lot to read particularly about the infamous sink hole tragedy that happened there a few years back. Don't miss it. A car enthusiast bucket list item.


Fabulous museum!! Here for the 25th anniversary. They did an amazing job of incorporating the cave in (when a sink hole opened and swallowed a bunch of priceless corvettes). They filled most of the sink hole in, noted the outline of the hole on the floor, left a plexiglass covered view of the bottom of the sinkhole 80' below. They exhibit a handful of the cars as they were damaged - very mangled! And several were restored. The rest of the museum chronicles the design and accomplishments of the Corvette. There are many concept cars. All in all - lots of fun!! And responsibly priced to enter!

Andrew Florez

Very well done museum. Fair admittance fees. Gift shop needs less clothing and more collectables specific to the various cars produced.

Wes McClintock

It's been a 11 years since I've been there. But I loved it and it's on my list of places I want to go back to! Had a great selection of historic Corvettes, great staff and nice place!

Pennie Wilhelm

It was very interesting! Would definitely go back again. Lots more to see than I had expected.

Chip Robertson

Nice museum if you are any sort of automotive fan let alone a Corvette fan. Lots of nice cars on display. Heartbreaking to see the vehicles damaged by the sink hole but nice that they put them back on display where they were before the cave in.

Betty Taylor

Really cool place to take the entire family. Auto exhibits are fascinating and so detailed history lesson included free! Lol. Since the sinkhole opened it has been converted to an interesting exhibit in itself. The partially buried cars are right where they fell. Great gift shop too

Dave Seibert

I took my father as a surprise. He loved it. Great displays and exhibits. Definitely worth a visit.

Durk Reinsma

Loved it! Great experience. Can't get over how many beautiful antique corvettes there. And then the sink hole. The cars that weren't able to rebuild. Love Chevys Corvettes.

Josephine Willis

We have been coming here for the past 7 years for our anniversary. We really enjoy it. The staff is always very pleasant.

Rob Carter

Lots of beautiful examples in the museum. They made an entire exhibit of the sinkhole incident. Fascinating & heartbreaking! The area around the museum has grown considerably since we last visited 16 years ago. Corvette simulator is impressive.

Doug Light

Fun place to visit to see, touch and hear about the history of the Corvette and learn all the features and nuances about all 8 generations. It's the only museum devoted to a single car brand and well worth a few hours to visit if you're passing by on I-65.

Scott Smith

Very cool place. Things can be a little salty on the wallet. Nice facility though.

Ty Fleshman

It was a pretty good experience.. Not only did you get to see the display of vetted but also the before and after of the collapse of the museum's floor. The technical repair of the hole and what caused it and displays of just how it happened and graphic designs of how the structure was done using a media blasted glass concept. It was really amazing work.. It's a recommendation if your passing by or vacationing in the area..

Rick Craig

If your a Corvette person. This is the Holy land. Take the guided tour, great information. Then go back around yourself. Also visit the road course.. Lots of fun..

Frank Simms

What an amazing experience! I've wanted to go since visiting Bowling Green, KY last year and the visit was awesome. The history of the Corvette and the Corvette Museum was very educational.

Mike Thornhill

If you're a Corvette or a car enthusiast, or even have a moderate interest in sports cars, then the Corvette Museum would certainly be well worth the price of admission. It's a self guided exhibit that covers the past, present, and future of the iconic American sports car. We chose to have lunch at the diner within the Museum. We found the food to be good at a price you would expect to pay. The line to order moved a little slow.

Steve Botschon

Simply incredible, if you love vettes! This is just awesome! Great detail of the history and people who influenced the idea, concept and build of the most ironic American sportscar. Now I just have to convince my wife to invest in one!

Mike Brock

Complete awesomeness. Wish they had a 2020 to look at but the rest are amazing. A MUST see for any person who loves cars.

same. beStanley Kenney

Bc we love & r corvette owners. They did a fantastic job of remodeling it. The 25th Anniversary was awesome!

Kenny Hensley

Everything was awesome! Very nice staff very friendly neat and clean. Will definitely be back!!!

Tiffany VanDyke

This place is great. Considering what they been through to use that as part of the display just makes it so much more fascinating.

Reegan Street

So cool to see all the cars. Definitely worth visiting. The sinkhole exhibit is really cool

Laeloni Sprague

Definitely a place for car lovers to visit. The sink hole experience was cool. We enjoyed ourselves there. Everyone was very friendly and it was fair priced. Kids would love this place

Wendy Davis

A lot of history here. So glad we stopped. The information provided on the sink hole was amazing. Got a few nice things in the gift shop too!

Jonathan Fernandez

Had a great time with the family. Not far from Nashville. Good selection of corvettes as well

Randall Investments

Really awesome and wish I had more time to experience this really unique museum. Still under construction in some parts and made you feel like you were experiencing everything. I visited in Jan 2019 and could have been fixed by now.

Ron Barnes

Extremely unique experience. I have been here many times. If you are a true automobile enthusiast you will appreciate the history this museum has to offer. The displays change regularly so check their website to see what they are featuring. The facility itself is beautiful and the staff is has always been kind and ready to answer any questions. The Corvette Cafe is "ok". I have eaten there once, and if you are visiting the museum for the first time you should eat there, but don't expect to be fantastic.

George Bell

Better than expected. Lots of history about Corvettes and even about the sinkhole. Cars from the beginning to now. There are two movies one about the history and one about the manufacturing process both were enjoyable.

george patton

To start, the museum is easy to find, the parking is free and admission is very reasonable. We decided to go on one of the free guided tours. Our guide was very knowledgeable and interesting. The cars are gorgeous. The food at the restaurant was also good. Enjoyable "pitstop" on our way to Louisville.

Toney Smith

It was a very informative museum with lots of substance. I liked that it explained a lot of the history and wasn't just all cars. But it did have a great representative of their product!

David Beaudoin

If you like cars, then you need to come visit the museum. Great place to see history of the Corvette and also the sink hole. Only 12.00 to enter.

Tamara Szafranski

Very Interesting place to visit, and even seen infant corvettes leave the plant. Also their was no 2003 model on the show room floor at least that we could see or the ladies working knew of. So very interesting

Derek Kesler

One of my favorite places in Kentucky. I have so much pride in the Corvette and its origins here. Always love to go through and look at the history.

Mike T

All --- ALL --- of the employees were both friendly and helpful with any question I had. I love this place.

Michael Gerhold

A one of a kind museum. A car guy's place You get to see all things Corvette. First class place.

asha agrawal

It is nice but I prefer to have guided tour. I like to know about history of Corvette and new editions but It is not fun reading about every single car. Headphone tour will be good in my opinion. It was a nice museum but takes too long to go through each section if you start reading.

Glenn Hermann

Fantastic! There is a great variety of exhibits that cover the history of an iconic car. It is a must for any true automobile fan. There is a nice gift shop and retro style cafe onsite.

Joe Patton

Had a great time looking at the style changes Corvette has made over the years.

Michael Flowitt

I have probably driven past this place 100 times on my travels never stopped in until now. I do have to say it is well put together and if you are a fan you have probably already been here. It made news when a sink hole opened up and destroyed 8 one of kind Corvettes they have rebuilt that area and you can see the damaged cars. There is lots to see and learn and interact with. Even if you are not a huge car fan you will enjoy the trip through history as the corvette has played a big part of Americana.

David Niemeyer

Awesome experience for any level 'Vette fan. Very approachable and hands-on exhibit with lots of beautiful cars. Great embrace of the tragic sinkhole incident of 2014 and history lesson on the first 7 generations of Corvette. They're planning the museum's 25th anniversary for next month, complete with the new C8. Will have to come back. Took about 2 hours to walk the full tour with lots of stops for reading and pictures.

Gavin Smith

I loved this place. Great history even if you aren't a car fanatic. The earthquake exhibit is very immersive and interactive. Also testing the car simulator was nice and exciting. I even got 7th place when I was there!!!


Very cool old and new corvettes, this place is great. $12 for adults (13-50) $10 for seniors (60+) One star gone because gift shop prices are way to high. $184 for a model car? $50 for a Lego car? The pens even cost $5 each.

Sharon Doyle

Awesome cars & history. Would be improved if cars were displayed in sequential order & if every year was represented

Charles Perkins

Had a great visit here. Although I am not a big Corvette guy, I must say I did learn some good info about them. The tour was offered as part of the entry fee. $10.00 for seniors and $12.00 for others ask for other discounts as well. Be sure to dine at the 50's style caf'e the food is good and the prices are very reasonable. Rock and roll music is the norm. Although the young blonde waitress weren't wearing poodle skirts they do make you feel like you are in your teens again, so be prepared to enjoy your visit.

Lorraine Bennett

Even if you are not a huge car fan this is well worth the stop. The history and story behind these cars is laid out beautifully. Very family friendly place. Oh and you can feel really good about visiting because it is run by volunteers, really good ones.

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